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Chapter 43

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After I finished my Coke, I went back into the living room and surveyed the scene. I was relieved to see my women had lost the wild, animalistic looks in their eyes, and they were all sitting in the chairs in obedient poses. However, I frowned, and said, "Better. But you're still all partially naked."

Indeed, all of them were still topless with the exception of Mindy who wore a bra. I was a bit surprised that Ruby actually put on shorts, because the rest of them wore nothing but panties. And those all had to be very wet panties. The smell of aroused pussy filled the large room!

And I was amused to notice that while most of their clothes were still scattered here and there on the floor, all of them except Sue Ellen were now wearing high heels! Where did those come from? (I presumed Sue Ellen couldn't find a pair that fit in time, since she didn't live here yet.) Obviously a "conspiracy" to arouse me was afoot.

Cindy said, "Master, please be reasonable. You said make PROGRESS on putting on some clothes. We've done that. We've all put on at least a little." She lifted an arm to show how she'd pulled her shirt on - all the way to her wrist on just that one arm!

I chuckled. I thought, I love how Cindy has gotten to be as incorrigible as the rest of them. And with Nicky gone, why not live a little? I deserve a reward after fighting temptation non-stop these past couple of days. Frankly, even if the meeting completely falls apart we can just discuss things a few hours later. Today is a day I can both relax AND enjoy myself. Tomorrow is when things will get tough.

So I relented. "Okay. You got me there. I'll have to be more careful with my words next time. Besides, I'm enjoying the view. Just don't dive off the deep end and it'll be fine. Okay?"

They all agreed to that, so I sank myself back deep into the comfy Dream Chair. I said, "Let's talk practicalities. Does anybody have to work today?"

Sue Ellen raised her hand. "I do. I have a shift from two until ten."

I winced. "Ouch! I didn't know that. That kind of ruins all my plans. Is there any way you could change that, or at least come back earlier? Like, say, at eight?"

"I don't know. I could try. Why? What's happening?"

"First of all, I made a promise that you and Cindy could play with my cock for as long as you wanted after this meeting ended. If you consider we still need to eat lunch, we won't have much time for that. Secondly, we won't be able to help you move today. You'll have to wait until tomorrow, at least. And thirdly, I have an extra special event planned for tonight that you won't want to miss. Here's a hint. It's going to involve a lot of harem sex!"

Sue Ellen's eyes grew bigger and bigger while I was talking until they seemed to be the size of saucers. With a stunned look on her face, she said, "I'll see what I can do!" Then a crestfallen expression hit her. "The problem is, I already changed my shift twice in just the last week to be with you! I'm on thin ice with the other waitresses as it is."

She intensely pondered that with a furrowed brow. "But I think I can cut the shift down to just five until eight or nine. The thing is, the restaurant doesn't really need us all those hours, but they're required by law to have certain shift lengths. All they really need me for is the dinner rush. I'll bet I can make a deal. Can I go make a phone call right now?"

I said, "Hold on. Does anyone else have to work today?"

Michelle spoke for herself and Ruby. "We both have to work a bunch over the next few days, but that doesn't start until tomorrow."

"Good," I said. "I think you two will be helping with a lot of moving today then. Cupcake, please make that call. We'll wait."

For the next couple of minutes, I discussed the logistics of moving Cindy's stuff plus more of Ruby's stuff. My ladies were much more interested in hearing more about the "extra special event planned for tonight," but I wouldn't budge on discussing that until I found out if Sue Ellen would be available.

While still waiting for Sue Ellen, I noted to the others, "Both Cindy and Mindy accompanied me to church today, and sat on either side of me. That raises the question of what we are going to say to the outside world if everyone is living in one place. It'll be hard to pretend us Coopers have merely taken on some roommates or something. What do you think we should do?"

Mindy said. "I think we need to be careful. What you'll be doing with Michelle when you start fucking her could mean prison time. The odds of that are very, very low, but it's not zero. It's not plausible that you're having sex with everyone BUT her. And we have to worry about what Nicky will think. The 'limited hangout' plan is the only thing that makes sense with her, in my opinion, but it's in its early stages. What if our neighbors find out something, and then it gets back to Nicky later this summer? That could be a disaster."

Damn! I hadn't thought of that. To be honest, all this harem stuff still seems so unreal that I've never bothered to carefully think through such possible implications. It's time I change my tune on that, and fast.

I said, "Excellent point."

Mindy continued, "That said, I think it's okay if you slowly reveal to the neighbors who care that Cindy is your mistress. There's nothing illegal with that; it's just somewhat scandalous. And that'll explain why both Cindy AND Ruby live here now, since if she moves it makes sense her daughter would too. That just leaves having to explain Sue Ellen. Hopefully we can put off revealing that outside the family for a while. But eventually we can tell the curious that she's a live-in maid. We're rich enough for one, and some of our neighbors have one or at least they have full-time day maids. With more people living here, it'll make even more sense that we needed to hire some help."

I nodded with appreciation. "Brilliant. You sound surprisingly sensible. What's up with that?"

"Despite my cucquean fetish, I'd like to think that I'm still a mature and responsible adult."

I quipped, "We'd all like to think that. World peace and harmony would be nice too. What's the REAL reason?"

She smirked impishly. "You got me on that one. I'm driven to be more responsible on this because I want to see you develop an impressive and successful harem as well as fuck lots of other women on top of that, but all my cucquean dreams will be shattered if we get caught and there's too much scandal. So yes, I want sexual wildness, but done in a prudent and clever way."

I nodded. "Now, THAT I can believe. You've been carefully thinking this through, haven't you?"

She showed her usual happy smirk. "But of course. This is all relatively new for you, but I've been thinking about your future harem for YEARS. Cindy was always in my hopeful sights. Sue Ellen is the big surprise, but I'm more than happy to roll with that wonderful addition."

I thought, Hmmm. Someday I'm going to need to find out what exactly was planned when. "For years?" That doesn't really jibe with everything else she's told me, does it? I thought she got involved during the late stages of the Plan. More importantly, at what point do these plans reach fruition? Is this the end game, now? Somehow, I strongly doubt it. Crazy! She may actually want the harem to grow bigger! Doesn't she realize I'm just one man?!

Mindy smirked extra impishly. "And that plan will give Sue Ellen a great excuse to wear a French maid outfit, when she's wearing any clothes at all, that is. Remember how she wore one for you?"

I nodded in fond remembrance of the time I hung out at the ocean view deck with Mindy around sunset while a French maid outfit-wearing Sue Ellen blew me. Good times!

Mindy said, "Well, I already have some specific outfits in mind that put that one to shame. Maybe it's more accurate to call them parts of outfits." She snickered at that.

I shook my head in wonder. "Take a cold shower before you spontaneously combust. I think your overall plan sounds reasonable, but no French maid craziness without my permission first. Yes?"

She nodded. But somehow I knew she'd already bought at least one extra sexy French maid outfit, plus the one she'd given to Sue Ellen already.

So I growled, "And don't push your fantasy on poor Sue Ellen. If anyone is going to wear such an outfit, it might just be you."

To my chagrin, that seemed to arouse her even more! I thought, How is it that whenever we talk about anything at all, it somehow turns into something super sexy and arousing?! I would be pissed at being distracted at every turn if it wasn't so fucking FUN! Just the same, starting tomorrow I'm gonna have my work cut out for me, trying to establish real control over this wild bunch.

Happily, I was able to steer the discussion from French maid uniforms to practical concerns about moving in. And we kept on waiting for Sue Ellen to get off the phone and rejoin us.

At one point, after it became clear Cindy and Ruby wanted to move absolutely all of their possessions and right away, I asked them, "If you do that, what will you do with a totally empty house?"

Cindy said brightly, "Rent it out, of course! That'll mean more money for the harem. The mortgage is totally paid off, so anything you get in rent will be profit, minus some taxes and bills. You'll actually be able to make a big amount of money every month!"

I asked, "Did you say 'you?'"

"Of course. You're my master. I'm your slave. That means you literally own me, and thus you really own anything I legally own. If you ask me, there should be one pool of money and possessions for the entire harem, and you should be in total charge of it. And before you get all upset, know that that's something I'm NOT going to budge on! If you refuse, then it's like you're saying you don't truly own me and this slavery is just pretend. And that's about the most hurtful thing you could possibly say to someone who has committed to being your slave for life!"

She crossed her arms under her bare breasts and stared defiantly at me, indicating she was determined to fight hard for this point if need be.

Ruby immediately said, "The same goes for me! I don't care about money or stuff. I don't need stuff. I don't even need clothes! All I need is my master's collar around my neck, his big fat cockhead sliding about four inches in my mouth, and a place to sleep in this house, and I'll be happy!" She blissfully caressed her neck as if she was feeling a collar there.

I thought, Sheesh. There she goes again about a collar. I get that at least once a day. How many times do I need to explain that such an outward symbol of the harem is too dangerous? Maybe, if they really insist on that, we could do something less obvious, but I can't figure out what.

Michelle, being the drama queen that she is, stood up and then bent way over and pulled her panties off (since that was all she was still wearing). "Me too!" As we all wondered what she was doing exactly, she lingered in that pose, letting her twin torpedoes wobble and dangle straight down. Even in that pose they retained a remarkably round shape.

Standing up straight again, she tossed the panties in my general direction. "You can take your stupid clothes and burn them! They only get in between my master's huge cock and my cum-hungry body! Just give me my master's collar, some sexy high heels, and a spot to kneel or lay down on right in front of my fully erect Daddy, and I'll be happy!"

Ruby said a bit apologetically, "Oh yeah, I forgot about the high heels. I need those too!" She was still wearing the pair of shorts she'd put back on a short while ago, but she stood up and pulled those off along with her panties. She looked at her feet and seemed extremely delighted that she in fact was wearing high heels right now, along with all the other women.

Then she spread her legs wide while keeping them ramrod straight, and put her hands on top of her head. Finally, she thrust her massive E-cups forward by arching her back slightly.

Michelle saw what Ruby was doing and struck the exact same pose right next to her.

I thought with a strange mixture of arousal and alarm, Oh no! Position Number Two! They know how much I love that pose. That's a low blow. And in fucking high heels they're even MORE fucking hard-bodied bombshells!

It dawned on me, My erection isn't going to subside until well after this meeting is over. In fact, It's almost certain that I'm not going to go flaccid until they've coaxed a cum load out of me. I certainly don't mind ultimately "losing" to their lusty desires. Still, we have to get some important things decided first. I need to hold out a little longer, so at least all the main points get covered.

I waved my hands. "Whoa! Whoa! No more taking off your clothes. No more standing up for dramatic statements. And NO MORE super sexy poses!"

I paused until the Hellions lowered their arms and went back to a more "at ease" pose. (However, their legs remained spread unusually wide, much like the woman in the famous poster for the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only." And I swear their legs looked just as good!)

I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, because I almost couldn't breathe at all while they were standing like that. I resumed the discussion. "This money and possessions issue is a very tricky one. Remember, you don't have to be rich to be my girl. You don't have to be cool to rule my world. Ain't no-"

Ruby cut me off with a heavy, disgruntled sigh. "Good grief, Daddy! You're about to make a joke out of this by quoting the Prince song 'Kiss.' But this is no joke! We're dead serious!"

I conceded, "True, I was trying to lighten the mood with a joke. It always seems to work when Mindy does it. Anyway, I absolutely want all of you to keep your money and stuff because what if being in the harem doesn't work out? We've been doing this literally a matter of DAYS! You might tire of it, or find someone else, or whatever."

Cindy stood up and put her hands on her hips in an indignant pose. "'Tire of it?!' 'Find someone else?!' Are you crazy?!"

Remembering that I'd just said "No more standing up for dramatic statements," she reluctantly sat back down. But she remained defiant. "Master, I want you to take those hurtful words back! You have no idea how much that hurts me!"

I started to say, "I'm sorry. I'll try-"

But I was interrupted because Sue Ellen rushed back into the living room from where she'd been using a phone in the dining room. She was bouncing with excitement. "Good news! I CAN limit my shift from about five until nine tonight. Maybe even eight if it's a slow night, and Sunday nights are often slow. Ain't that the berries?!"

Thanks to all her exercising and athletics, Sue Ellen had legs that outdid Tina Turner's in her prime. Those legs looked even better when she was wearing nothing but panties with a noticeable wet spot in front, as she was doing now. But I noticed something made those legs look even sexier yet, and I remembered she was wearing high heels too!

I wasn't familiar with some of her Southern slang. I asked hesitantly, "Um, I assume it's good for things to be 'the berries?'"

She laughed. "Of course, Master! You silly!"

She stopped walking closer and noticed the increased nudity of some women, as well as some annoyed looks targeted at me. She asked in confusion, "What did I miss?"

Michelle said in a pissed-off voice, "WE, the slaves, have been talking about how WE don't need any money or possessions. Those belong to Daddy because WE belong to Daddy!"

Cindy cut in, "He owns us, so course he owns what we have. How could it be otherwise?"

Michelle nodded, and griped, "It couldn't be! The very notion would make a mockery out of our lifetime commitments. But HE is being a stubborn jackass about the whole thing. As USUAL! ARRRGH!"

Ruby asked Sue Ellen, "Where do you stand on the issue?"

Sue Ellen spoke like she was puzzled this was even an issue. "Well, of COURSE everything I have belongs to my master. Who ever heard of a slave with money or possessions? Besides, I would be offended by the very idea. It's like Master wouldn't think we're serious about our eternal slavery!"

Cindy said hotly, "That's exactly right! I just said the same thing. Master, I gave up EVERYTHING in my life to become your slave. It wasn't some momentary whim. True, I decided quickly, but for a couple of days just about all I did was ponder that decision. I have totally redirected my life to serving you and your cock! Don't belittle that decision with talk of partial slavery or some wimp-ass crap like that! Don't give me some fallback plan; I don't want a fallback plan! I'm in this all the way! Hard core! Till death do us part!"

I could see I practically had an insurrection on my hands. The other slaves looked like they were just waiting for a chance to express complete agreement with what Cindy had just said. Even Mindy was looking very upset with me.

I decided I needed to quickly change the topic. "Let's table this tricky money issue for another time. Cin, I'm glad you said 'till death do us part,' because now that we've found out Sue Ellen is available, I'm ready to announce what tonight's big event is going to be."

That got their full attention!

Building up the drama, I said, "Cupcake, please sit back down."

Sue Ellen hurried to her seat. She wobbled a bit on her heels as she went. It looked like she wasn't used to wearing heels quite that high.

Then I said, "As you know, we recently had a formal and official slave initiation for Sue Ellen. It's not right if she's the only one who gets one. Michelle and Ruby, you two are still locked in battle with me over the sex boycott issue, amongst other things. So the time isn't right for either of you yet, especially since an initiation ceremony involves a lot of fucking. But Cindy... Cindy has been a living doll lately. She's been very giving and understanding and sexy and all-around wonderful and lovable. So I think it's high time that she has her initiation ceremony."

That was met with stunned silence, bugged out eyes, and gaping mouths. It seemed all my women took their initiation ceremonies VERY seriously!

After a long pause, Mindy asked breathlessly, "Tonight?"

I nodded, "Tonight." Even though I was the one making the announcement, I could feel my heart pounding fast as I got caught up in the moment. And my pulsing dick was dying to celebrate already.

Cindy dramatically stood up and clenched both fists in the air. "SON OF A BITCH! FUCK ME! FUCK!"

I was dismayed that she seemed distraught instead of delighted. In fact, it looked like she was about to tear her hair out in frustration! I asked, "Is there something wrong with that?"

"Hell no! I LOVE IT! It's a dream come true! I'm so happy! I think my heart is about to burst! I didn't think I'd get my own ceremony 'cos I'd been grandfathered in! This is totally unexpected!"

Yet she still look stressed out and agitated. I asked, "Then what's the problem?"

She was pacing around in agitation, like her entire body was about to explode and not just her heart. "It's just that you won't let me suck your cock! How am I supposed to take that news and NOT suck your cock?! And I find out I get to sleep with you and Mindy every night, and I still can't suck cock for that either?! UGH! AAARGH! Hell, according to you I'm not even allowed to stand up!"

I laughed mirthfully at that. "Tell you what. I'm the master here, and I'm trying harder to act like one. I can make the rules and I can break them. You have my permission to suck my cock for the rest of the meeting."

"YEEEESSS!" Cindy moved like lightning. It seemed like I blinked and she was already between my legs, with my pants pulled down to my ankles and her hands on my cock! However, she just held my shaft while she pulled her shorts and panties all the way off. (She was already topless too.) "Master, you will NOT regret this! I promise to be the BEST slave I can possibly be! You've made me SO VERY HAPPY! It's like every day is the best day of my life, and this is the best day yet!"

She started stroking my erection with both hands and licking around the crown. But she didn't start sucking yet because she had more to say. "I love you so much! Oh! I love this cock so much too! OH! I love serving you and this fuckin' huge monster cock so VERY, VERY MUCH! UNGH!"

With that, she couldn't hold out any longer and she suddenly engulfed my cockhead. She immediately started bobbing on it with a frenzied pace.

Within seconds, I had to clutch her head with both hands because the resulting surge of pleasure was too intense for me to handle and holding her head seemed like it might help somehow. It didn't, but that was okay because there were plenty of worse things than being overcome by too much erotic joy!

My eyes were shut tight as part of my effort to cope with the incredible rush. But I heard Mindy say, "Honey, you have to understand that your slaves love you with all their hearts. A big way for them to express their love for you, probably the main way, is through sucking your cock. If you don't let them do that, it's almost like you're rejecting their love."

Ruby added, "Yeah! Sure, there are other sex acts, and we love them to pieces too, but cocksucking takes a LOT of effort on our part and none on yours, so it's the ideal way for us to prove how much we love you until those sweet tears of effort are flowing down our faces!"

The others murmured in agreement, with Cindy loudly moaning into my shaft to make sure I didn't miss her feelings on the matter.

Cindy continued to suck like she was possessed by a succubus that needed my cum to live. Holding the sides of her head came in handy because it wasn't long before I had to slow her bobbing pace down. She was going so fast and furious that I was liable to blow my load in a minute or two if she didn't ease up.

Plus, when I looked around, I saw all the others staring and fingering their pussies. That didn't exactly help to cool my ardor.

Cindy did ease up, in a way, but then things got much more intense in another way. She pulled all the way off, and took a few deep breaths. Then she said, "Here's something I need to get right before tonight, because it should be part of the ceremony! MY ceremony!" Then she squealed, "I can't believe it! I can't believe it's gonna be official!"

I was tickled pink. Who'da thunk that Cindy would come to rival my other slaves for sheer sexual enthusiasm? Mere weeks ago, she was acting five or ten years older than her real age, because she'd been burdened down with her troubles and doubts. Now, it's like she's a teenager again! She's so happy all the time, how can this lifestyle be wrong?

I felt a presence to my left side. I looked and saw Mindy kneeling to the side of my Dream Chair, with an elbow on it near one of my thighs. She'd taken one of Cindy's hands in hers even though it was already wet with my pre-cum. She squeezed Cindy's hand for support, and said, "You can do it! You can go all the way!"

I sensed someone on the right side and saw that Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen were kneeling there, with their bare breasts all in line! None of them were holding Cindy's other hand since she was using it to hold and stroke my long shaft. But it seemed like they were there for support too, because Sue Ellen said, "I know it seems impossibly thick, but if I can do it, you can do it too! Just remember Rule Number One: 'pleasure the cock!' Think about your love for him and your love of serving him. Let that be your inspiration and guide. Show him what a cock slave can do by pleasuring it to the max!"

Cindy nodded with a mixture of fear and determination. Then she took a huge gasp of air and plunged her wide-open mouth down my shaft.

I was buzzing with such great arousal that it was like I was high on drugs. So I wasn't really thinking at all, and I didn't understand what they were going on about, since they were all so talented with blowjobs already. But it became suddenly clear what they meant when Cindy's lips kept on sliding down and down, until there was no cock left to be seen! Just like that, in one deep lunge, she'd completely deep throated me!

The four other women reacted like Cindy had hit a grand slam home run to win the World Series. As they high-fived each other and cheered, they yelled things like "YES!" "She did it!" and "Cindy, you rock!"

Mindy, who had let go of Cindy's hand by this time, looked to me with a very smug and superior expression. "I'll bet you didn't think she could do THAT, did you? She's never done that before in her entire life, and she just did it for YOU!"

I couldn't speak since she'd left my breathless, but I knew this was a very big deal indeed. So far, only Sue Ellen had been able to successfully deep throat me. Michelle had done it too, but only for a few seconds. She hadn't been able to build on that due to distractions like the sex boycott and Nicky's visit. I recalled the incredible prolonged pleasure I'd felt when Sue Ellen had repeatedly deep throated me while under the table at Mama Mia's yesterday. If Cindy could do that too, it was too astounding to even comprehend. And if that suggested the others could learn to deep throat me as well... that truly was a mind blower!

Ruby pointed at where Cindy's lips remained wrapped around the base of my shaft. "Look how long she's holding it! She's really hanging in there!"

Sue Ellen said excitedly, "Cindy, don't just hold it like that! Your throat is your second cunt! Fuck him with it! Slide your lips and use your tongue!"

Cindy's eyes were shut tight, but now they bugged out Roger Rabbit-style. Tears were pouring down her cheeks, and her facial expression looked desperate, but her determination was strong. She started to slide her lips up and down about an inch in each direction. I could feel her tongue moving against the side of my shaft too.

God, it felt great! When I'd allowed her to suck my cock, I hadn't expected a show stopper like THIS!

But it seemed like it became all too much for her, or she ran out of air, or both, because she suddenly pulled all the way off. Then she gasped and choked for air.

I guessed she'd lasted about twenty seconds before giving up. And every second was pure ecstasy for me.

Mindy soothingly ran her hand over Cindy's bare back. "That's okay, you did it! That's the main thing. And if you did it once, you can do it again and again!"

Sue Ellen said with approval, "GOOD JOB! I didn't do nearly that well on my very first time. You must be a natural! I could see you were even using some tongue there at the end, weren't you?"

Cindy nodded, but she was still panting too much to speak.

Michelle pouted, "Oh, man! I TOTALLY want to do that! That looks like the ULTIMATE act of submission, even MORE than titfucking!"

Ruby complained emphatically, "It probably is, but I'm scared. It's so HARD! Daddy is just too THICK!"

Emotions - and lusty passions - were running very high. You'd think they were discussing life-and-death matters. And the smell of sex was so thick in the room that you could have cut it with a knife.

It seemed that Cindy had still been wearing her panties, because I heard a ripping sound and then I saw Mindy holding up a torn pair of pink panties. A few drops of cum fell from the soaking wet front panel. My wife said with her usual smirk, "I took the liberty of destroying these 'cos you won't be needing them anymore."

Cindy just nodded in approval. However, I was now concerned that she was still holding her neck and having some trouble.

Uh-oh! That concerns me. Just what is it like to take a cock that deep? I feel bad about my thickness. Those don't look like the good kind of tears. How difficult or painful is it for her?

Finally, Cindy was able to speak again. She gasped out, "OH GOD! That was... intense! ... UNGH! ... I love it!"

Mindy tapped me on my knee. "Honey, don't just sit there in your cushy throne like the lord of this house that you are; say something to her!"

I said, "Cindy, that was GREAT! I'm so impressed! That can't be easy. How did you do it?"

Cindy waited some more, as she was still catching her breath. Then she said, "I've been practicing, but I've been having trouble. I've been doing the toothbrush trick every day, but that hasn't been enough. But then I thought about the initiation tonight, and being able to live here full-time forever, and getting to sleep in the same bed with you, and so many other incredible things, and I just thought: 'FUCK IT! It's time I totally submit to the power of my master's cock!'"

Cindy was about to say more, but a thrilled Sue Ellen gripped Cindy's upper arm and said. "Just think: tonight, you'll be deep throating him at the VERY MOMENT he pronounces you one of his official slaves! Just like how it happened to me! What better way to show your total devotion and utter submission to every last inch of his master cock?!"

Cindy didn't say a word in response. Instead, she immediately closed her eyes, took another big breath, and enveloped my cockhead again! She went down, down, down, all the way to the base!

The others cheered.

This time, she didn't waste a second before she got very busy with her mouth. She began deliberately gulping in a way that caused her throat to repeatedly contract around my thickness. She was fiercely determined to prove herself to me.

I was just hanging on for dear life, because it felt beyond fantastic! The comment about her throat being a "second cunt" rang true for me, because my cock felt just like it was sheathed inside a tight cunt! Once she got going with her throat squeezing and her lip and tongue work, it was just like I'd thought with Sue Ellen's deep throating: all the pleasure of a fuck and a blowjob at the same time!

I glanced over at the three beauties on my right side. I couldn't see below their fantastic, jiggly racks because of the Dream Chair blocking the view. But I could see a lot of upper arm motion for all three of them that helped explain why their bare breasts were jiggling so much. It was an easy guess that their cunts were all getting fingered some more. I looked on the other side and surmised that Mindy was playing with herself too.

Damn! I hope they all have lots of big orgasms. They deserve it for treating me so wonderfully. If there's any man on Earth treated better than I am, I want to meet him!

I looked closer at Cindy and noticed no one was holding her hands this time. Furthermore, she had both hands up in the air and she was clenching her fists tightly.

One of the others said, "Look! She's doing the fist trick!"

But before I could wonder or ask about that, Sue Ellen said, "Look! She's bobbing! AND licking! See the bulge in her cheek there? That's a busy tongue!"

Michelle said, "Wow! Awesome! I wish I could do that! She's pleasuring every inch of Daddy cock at once! I'm so fucking jealous!"

Ruby grumbled to Michelle, "It's not all about you. Be happy for her! Besides, you'll catch on soon enough. Both of us will, if we ever want to be initiated."

They looked at each other with renewed worry after that. Clearly, they must have been thinking, "What if I never learn how to do it?!"

I wanted to assure them that that wouldn't be a problem, but I couldn't really speak at all because I was hanging on for dear life again. I'm sure it didn't actually help, but I was clutching at my Dream Chair armrests like I was trying to break them. The pleasure from Cindy's deep throating was so fucking intense that I think my grip would have crushed most normal armrests!

Sue Ellen, as the one woman of the group to have deep throated me (or anyone) before, was trying to be a good advisor for Cindy. She told her, "Keep it up like that! Just like that! Remember, you only have a minute at most down there, so make the most of every second! Remember, this is your MASTER'S cock! You HAVE to do your BEST!"

Mindy sensuously ran her hands across my chest. (I still had a shirt on. That and the pants which had slid down to my ankles seemed to be about the only clothes still being worn in the room, except maybe for a few pushed-aside panties, plus all the high heels.) While watching Cindy's throat, Mindy purred to me, "How do you like being a harem master, hubby? ALL your slaves will be able to deep throat you soon. I hope you love it, because they'll want to practice on you daily!"

With all the talking going on, plus the sheer erotic blast of the deep throat itself, I'd been too distracted to think about how long Cindy was lasting. But in finally occurred to me that she must have been at it for close to a full minute, if not more!

Just as I realized that and was about to comment on it, she pulled all the way off and gasped and choked desperately for air.

Mindy was concerned by Cindy's trouble breathing. She looked at her with worry and ran her hand soothingly over her back.

Sue Ellen noticed that my privates were completely untouched while Cindy was recovering, so scooted around my leg and found a spot between my legs pressed right up against Cindy's side. Then she reached out and stroked my long shaft to keep me stiff. Undoubtedly she would have done more, but it was easy to see that I was dangerously close to the edge.

At the same time she was doing that, she advised Cindy, "That was great, but maybe TOO great! I think you almost passed out there. Remember, you don't HAVE to last that long. Please don't push the envelope, because we're not medical experts here. Two lunges of thirty seconds each feels just as good to him as one lunge of a full minute. Maybe better, what with all the sliding on and off. Right, Master?"

I was in a state of bliss and thus a bit startled by the question. But I managed to reply, "Oh yeah, definitely. It's all good."

Cindy noticed Sue Ellen's hand pumping up and down my shaft. She was just holding her neck and breathing hard, like last time. But she finally managed to say to Sue Ellen, "I think I need to rest. I'm feeling a weird kind of heartburn. Can you bob on him for a while to take care of him?"

"With pleasure!" My Cupcake immediately swallowed my cockhead and then some, while also stroking my shaft. But she didn't try to deep throat me, nor did she even go all out. Undoubtedly, she knew I was still too close to cumming. Plus, she knew it wasn't really her moment in the sun, so it was like she was just "keeping the engine humming" until Cindy could take over again. However, a mere "good" blowjob from Sue Ellen was still pretty damn great!

Michelle and Ruby stared at Sue Ellen's sliding lips from up close with great longing. They repeatedly licked their lips and watched every move Sue Ellen made, as if they had a million dollar bet riding on how well she did. But clearly they were trying to get back to their sex boycott now that Nicky had left, so they stayed silent instead of volunteering to help out.

Cindy's breathing finally recovered. But she didn't have much to say just yet. "Phew! That was... Wow!"

Mindy asked her, "What was that you were saying about how you just decided: 'fuck it?'"

That got Cindy talking. "Oh yeah. Imagine seeing a bowl full of live tarantulas and scorpions and every other kind of nasty creepy crawler. Let's say you have to reach something at the bottom of the bowl or you'll die. So finally you just say 'fuck it' and plunge the hand all the way in, and damn the consequences! There's no point in just going half in; that'll only make things worse. I went all the way down to the bottom of the King from the very start, and I think that helped."

Michelle asked curiously, "Do you think you'll want to do it again? Did it get easier the second time?"

"Yes, and yes! Definitely to both questions! Of COURSE I'll do it again. I'm a cock slave, after all. So thank God it really did get easier. It's just so WEIRD though. It's going to take some time to get used to it, and learning how to breathe and everything. To be honest, I think I'm done for right now. But I know for a fact that I can do it, and that's the main thing. My biggest problem was the fear that I'd never have the nerve to do it, or that his thickness was simply too much to physically overcome. We know Sue Ellen can do it, but that doesn't mean all women can."

I reached to her face and tried to wipe some of her copious tears away. I asked her, "But the big question is, did you enjoy it? I don't want you to do it if it's an ordeal."

Cindy started fondling my balls since Sue Ellen wasn't doing anything to them and they were practically in her face. "It IS an ordeal, but it's a GOOD ordeal, if you know what I mean. We LIKE the challenge. I'm already starting to hope I never get used to your thickness like Mindy has, so I'll cry tears of struggle each and every blowjob."

I said, "I can kind of get that, but some things are just too tough. I could jump down from the roof and I might not even break any bones. But it's still not a smart thing to do."

"Master, it's not like that at all. It's more like an extreme sport, like mountain climbing. Why do people do that in the first place?! Why climb a mountain when you could just sit at home and watch it on TV? Sure, the view from the top is usually nice, but people mostly do it for the challenge."

She continued, "This is the same kind of thing. I don't have a bunch of nerve endings deep in my throat. No woman does. But the mental thrill is huge! I got such a big RUSH! I don't even know if I came, but the feeling was better than cumming anyway. Just knowing I'm deep throating my master's ridiculously fat cock is like winning a marathon race! And then managing to bob with my lips and tickle you with my tongue at the same time? Priceless! Goose bumps! The difficulty of it is half the joy!"

Michelle and Ruby were hanging on her every word. Clearly, they were chomping at the bit to do what she'd just done. But they also looked worried that they might not have throats large enough for it.

Cindy chuckled a bit. "That said, I'm ready to relax with just some normal cocksucking for a while. True, I'm done with the deep throating, for now, but you did say I get to suck you all through the meeting." She tapped on Sue Ellen's shoulder.

Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my hard-on. But she didn't really give it up. She kept on licking the side of my pole nearest to her, while Cindy seemed happy enough licking the other side. Sue Ellen also kept pumping a fist up and down the lower half of my shaft, and Cindy kept on fondling my balls.

I chuckled quietly to myself. Fuckin' unreal! I'm being pampered so much that I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't actually happening to me. And the really crazy thing is this is just the start! Take the Dream Chair. There are like five levers and a couple of buttons and who knows what else on Mindy's side, and I don't know what most of those things do, but I'll bet they're meant to enhance my pleasure somehow. What are they going to do to me to drive me out of my mind in the years to come, in this one chair alone?!

I sighed silently as Nicky popped into my mind. How are we going to get through the rest of the summer with Nicky here most of the time? How far can we push the 'limited hangout' plan? Could we even explain to her what this chair is really for? I think not!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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