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Chapter 44

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

While I was busy thinking, Cindy lovingly kissed my piss hole. From there, her lips started to stretch wide, and I could see she would soon have all of my cockhead in her mouth.

However, I was curious about something Cindy had said a short time ago. So I asked her, "Before you do that, you mentioned something about the 'toothbrush trick.' What's that?"

Mindy said, "Let me answer that so Cindy doesn't have to stop at the most frustrating moment. That's a trick all your cock slaves have been practicing for the past few weeks. The way it works is that whenever you brush your teeth, brush your tongue all the way back to the edge of your gag reflex too."

She paused, because Cindy had all of my cockhead in her mouth by now. Sue Ellen had given way and Cindy was starting to bob on me.

I was briefly out of it while my eyes rolled back into my head and a surge of lust roared through me.

Seeing that I'd more or less "endured" that, Mindy continued to explain with a delighted smirk, "Keep doing it every night, and slowly but surely that terrible gagging feeling will lessen. Then, as much as you can, expand the area further back. It's supposed to take about a month, but eventually you can desensitize nearly your entire gag area! It's a trick all sword swallowers do, believe it or not."

I panted, "Really? I didn't know that."

Mindy smirked. "And you don't need to know it. There are a million little things a cock slave does to become an even better cock-stiffening sex slave for you. It's better you don't know the process; just appreciate the effort and the result."

"So why'd you tell me about this thing?"

"Because you asked. But in the future, I'd advise you to think twice about asking. Sometimes it takes away some of the awe and wonder, just like learning how a magic trick works."

"I see your point. But someone mentioned the 'fist trick,' and I saw Cindy clenching her fists hard her second time she went down on me. I have to ask about that too."

Mindy said with obvious appreciation, "That one IS magic! If you close your thumb in your hand and squeeze tightly, it somehow helps the gag reflex go away. It's especially true for your left hand. No one knows why. It's one of those weird things where different parts of the body are linked, like with acupuncture."

Sue Ellen said while licking my sweet spot, "I've been doing it, and it works for me."

Cindy had stopped her bobbing and was back to licking all over my cockhead with Sue Ellen. Not only that, she was licking my sweet spot despite Sue Ellen beating her to it. They simply shared the task, despite the fact that their tongues kept touching. Their fingers were sliding all over the rest of my shaft as well, without any discord.

Since her mouth wasn't crammed full of cock-meat, Cindy was able to say, "It worked for me too! I forgot to do it the first time, so I noticed the difference when I did it the second time. And the toothbrush trick helps a lot too. But Master, the main barrier for me was psychological. Now that I know for a fact that I can do it on your actual cock, I'm not afraid anymore!"

Sue Ellen giggled, "Or at least not much, I'll bet. Admit it: Master's cock is so gloriously thick and long and all-around huge that it's always kind of scary. And doubly so during a King Dong attack!"

Cindy giggled too. "Yeah, but it's a good scary. Like, every time I try to do this I think I'm not gonna make it, and then I do!" With that, she engulfed my cockhead again and resumed bobbing on it.

Sue Ellen seemed put out because Cindy went down to near a deep throating depth, leaving her with only the lesser portion of my shaft to work with. But when she noticed that Cindy had let go of my balls at the same time, she licked her way down there and took one in her mouth.

Mindy clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Okay, folks, we've got things to do. Back to the meeting. Hubby, what's next on the agenda?"

I chuckled and waved my hands in the air. "You can't expect me to resume the meeting like this. If you so much as touch my shoulder, I'm gonna cum hard! I figured that we'd gone off the rails about the time Cindy started her deep throating."

Mindy playfully touched my shoulder, and smirked when I didn't cum on the spot. She said, "See? You're fine. I DO expect you to resume. In fact, I say this is how ALL harem meetings should go. We should have started the meeting like this, just like we told you. Think about it: you're the harem master. You love to get your cock sucked. We're the slaves. We love to suck your cock! It's a match made in Heaven. Why waste any time NOT getting your cock sucked? What's the point of that? Seriously. What does it prove?"

I thought, That's a very persuasive argument, especially with two talented mouths on my privates! Why do I always worry about something or another? Why not surrender to the pleasure?

She added with increasing emotion, "Remember, you have FOUR cock slaves, plus me, plus other girls to come who would love to help out. Imagine watching a three or four hour-long football game on TV. Imagine how much MORE enjoyable you'd find it if an ever shifting assortment of girls kept your cock in their hot mouths or deep cleavage the ENTIRE TIME! And when you team scores a key touchdown or something like that, you could grab the nearest one and fuck her cunt into submission to celebrate!"

She gesticulated for further emphasis. "You can DO THAT! There's nothing stopping you! I certainly won't stop you! The girls would love it! Unless you really are a total blockhead, you WILL do that, a lot! And not just for football games! This is the life of a harem master!"

I felt more powerful shivers down my spine as her words sunk in. Yeah! Why not?! Why the fuck not?! There must be SOME reason that can't happen though. Physical limitations? Them getting bored before long? The danger of getting caught? Karma for the gross unfairness? Something! No life could be that good!

As I tried to come up with an answer for that, Cindy suddenly pulled her lips all the way off my pole. But just as suddenly, Sue Ellen took over and then bobbed down to the same spot Cindy had been bobbing at. Cindy obviously meant for the switch to happen. She contented herself licking and fondling the rest.

Mindy said proudly to the Gruesome Twosome, "Did you see that, girls? That's a perfect example of what Cock Slave Rule Number Three is all about!"

Ruby whispered with envy, "'Share the cock.'"

Michelle just bit her lip. She was busy masturbating, but that wasn't enough. She looked like she was on the verge of pushing everyone else away so she could take over.

Mindy smirked at me. "Sorry for interrupting. What's next on the agenda then?"

I shook my head in disbelief. I thought, The crazy thing is, why not? Nicky's gone; we can go hog wild. Why NOT try this 'match made in Heaven' and see if I can really get something done like this? Besides, I'm in a great place right now. I'm tantalizingly close to cumming, and it feels almost as good as a low-level, yet endless orgasm! But I'm still not panting hard, so I can talk, more or less, and I'm thinking clearly too. I fact, I feel totally alive and bursting with energy!

Plus, they're all very keen on this. Michelle told me that this sort of thing was all part of her big Dream. And Mindy told me before that her objective is to see me with my cock plunged inside of at least one of my cock slaves almost all the time, like whenever she wants to talk to me or we're sitting down at dinner time.

I know I have my human limitations, and they do too, but still, why not try to see just how far we can take this? The only thing is, even though this is all a dream come true, even now I have to be in control. It's a matter of maintaining an attitude that shows I "own the room."

I looked around at the others and saw the same telltale arm movements I'd noticed before that showed they were still masturbating themselves. Even Cindy and Sue Ellen each only had one hand on my privates, and I could guess where their other hands were. If they can do it, I can do it too. I should give it a shot!

I cleared my throat. "Right. So, uh... Next item. What is the next item? Aaaah... Let's get back to Cindy's initiation tonight. Min, I considered trying to keep that a secret from her until the moment it started, like we did with Cupcake, but I figured that wouldn't be possible with Cindy here and moving in all day and such. Plus, now we can work together to get everything ready in time while making it super special for her. I want nothing but the very best for my favorite cock slave mistress!"

That last sentence would have been contentious except for the fact that I included the word "mistress." I could call Cindy "my favorite cock slave mistress" because she was also the only one.

Cindy tapped on Sue Ellen's upper arm. She pulled her lips off my balls and growled at Sue Ellen, "Gimme that!"

Sue Ellen slid her lips from sucking my cockhead, and laughed. She laughed even more when Cindy started to bob on me with a passion.

Normally, Cindy's words and actions would have been seen as a gross violation of the "share the cock" rules, but Sue Ellen knew that Cindy was just reacting to my compliment and initiation plans. Besides, it was about time for them to switch positions anyway.

In fact, everyone had a chuckle at that, including me. Then I said, "Min, I'm putting you in charge of the initiation preparations. Just let us know what you want us to do, and when. Make it a memory that she'll treasure forever."

Mindy laughed. "Here's some wise advice from Benjamin Franklin: 'be careful complimenting a girl who's sucking on your knob, or she'll probably start deep throating you some more!'" She laughed even more at that.

Cindy stopped her bobbing. It seemed like she was considering doing just that.

Mindy snickered, "At least I think that was Franklin. It could have been Churchill."

I snickered at that too. "Probably Franklin. They say he was quite the randy bugger."

Then I gently put a hand on Cindy's hair, since I could sense she was on the verge of another deep throating attempt. "Please don't. We really are going to get back to the meeting now, and I can only take so much. Let's see, what's next on the agenda? Hmmm..."

I was drawing a blank. I could barely think with Cindy sucking my cock and Sue Ellen licking my balls!

The something came to me. "Like I said earlier, the reckoning will start tomorrow. Today, though, is going to be a day of rest and recovery, and then there's the big celebration tonight. Personally, I'd like to do a whole lot of nothing between now and then. However, that's not gonna happen, due to the need to do a lot of moving. That's going to take most of the afternoon, I'm sure."

Mindy looked very abashed. She mumbled meekly, "I've got a confession."

"Uh-oh. What now? Good grief!"

"Don't worry, it's not really a bad thing. It's just that, well, Ruby and Cindy have already basically moved in. They've been moving their things in bit by bit for days, ever since you enslaved them. They don't have very much left at their place. It wasn't that they planned on moving here without your permission, but they figured they'd want a lot of their stuff here since they've be here so much of the time anyway. Plus, Ruby's already had a bunch of her stuff here for years. So I think this'll take less work than you think."

I sighed. "Typical. I'm always the last to know. And there's always a conspiracy against me."

However, I couldn't get upset at all this time. I knew that I'd been stubbornly holding off on letting them move in until now. As usual. Even after I'd mentally decided they should move in, I still didn't tell anyone for days. I cling to denial of reality longer than anyone else, it seems.

I took a few deep breaths, trying to cope with all the sucking, stroking, and licking. After some long moments, I asked, "What about with Sue Ellen?"

Mindy replied, "Similar. She's moved in a good half of her stuff. But she didn't want to move in all the way because she thought you were serious about making her live at her apartment. Silly girl. I knew it was just a matter of days before you'd come to your senses. But the really good news is that she just doesn't have much stuff. She's got a bunch of furniture - Cindy and Ruby do too - but we're not going to need any of that from either place. It's typical starving college student basic stuff. So we can give that to Goodwill or whatever later. We don't have to do that today."

Mindy continued, "Frankly, I was amazed how few possessions Sue Ellen has. Considering a bunch of her stuff is here already, you could probably fit what remains and what we could actually use in one big box."

I looked down at Sue Ellen and Cindy. Seeing that Sue Ellen was just licking my balls, I asked her, "This is a delicate question, but is that because you can't afford much?"

She kept on licking through her answer. "Not really. Sure, I'm on a tight budget. That's why I have to work as a waitress. And I'm going to keep working there, period. I know you're rich, but I want to contribute to the harem finances!"

She waited to see if I'd object, but I didn't. I would have to think about it though. Having her work during the summer was good for the same reasons I insisted on the Hellions working summer jobs. I appreciated Sue Ellen's hard-working attitude. But I wouldn't want a job to interfere with her studies and athletics during the school year. I wasn't inclined to get into that topic right now though, in the middle of a great double blowjob.

She continued, "But the main reason I don't have much stuff is that you know how you develop a growing pile of possessions as you go through life? Well, most of that pile is at my parents' house. And most of it is silly kid stuff I don't need anymore."

I thought, Wow, Sue Ellen has parents?! But of course she does. She's way too young for them to have passed away, unless there was a freak accident or something unusual. But the thing is, I know absolutely nothing about them! I don't even know their ages or names or where they live. And yet Cupcake is my totally devoted slave. I really need to learn more about her life, and soon!

Again, though, now didn't seem the time for that conversation. I was trying to get through the rest of this meeting fairly quickly so I could enjoy the double blowjob without any distractions.

So I said, "That's good. What about Cindy and Ruby?"

Mindy replied, "There's more still to move, maybe five or six big boxes. But remember they live right down the street. I'm sure it'll be more of a case of gathering their stuff from various cubby holes already here in the house, bringing that all to the right rooms, and then unpacking and organizing. I'd guess half or more of the packing work isn't something you can help with at all, since it's a matter of figuring out where to put things in a room. Women love doing that, and we're good at it."

I nodded. "Fair enough. So maybe I will get a chance to relax today, after I help with the heavy lifting part. And here I was thinking I might have to hire some professional movers to help out."

Mindy chuckled. "Dear God, no! Especially since we want to make this house as much of a 'no man but Dan' zone as humanly possible, and most movers are males. We can't have men coming and going through the house when you'll be getting your cock sucked most of the afternoon."

I snorted, "Yeah, right. I wish."

Mindy had generally been speaking to me while looking at the double blowjob from close up. But now she looked up at me and even held my chin in her hand. "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You are the MASTER! Your wish is our command! Use your power! Abuse your power! What good is being a master of a bunch of very willing, busty, and beautiful slaves if you don't take full advantage? You even said at the start of the meeting that you'd do just that from now on. What happened to that spirit?"

I didn't have a good answer to that, except maybe I still felt there was a point when too much pleasure was downright unseemly and possibly even morally wrong. That was especially true if I was just kicking back in my ultra comfortable Dream Chair while they were doing all the work, as I was doing now. That made me feel guilty - not so guilty as to stop the endless pleasure train, though! Thinking about my hypocrisy about that made me feel even guiltier.

She continued, "They'll feel sad and unappreciated if you don't fuck their faces nearly as often as you say hello to them. That's what they signed up for when they agreed to be your SEX slaves! Your COCK slaves! They're not your gardening slaves or your cooking slaves, although I'm sure they'll do some of that too, by and by, since we're a functioning family as well. In case you hadn't noticed it yet, they're all about getting loads upon loads of cum out of you in the most pleasurable ways humanly imaginable!"

Sue Ellen and Cindy stopped what they were doing and nodded up at me. Michelle and Ruby also nodded from where they knelt beside me.

Cindy said, "What she said! Master, maybe we'll get tired of it someday, but right now at least the words 'getting your cock sucked most of the afternoon' sounds like a perfect dream day to me, as long as I'm one of those helping with the sucking!"

There were more serious nods from all four slaves.

I shook my head. "I guess I still don't fully understand some of this. I can't quite believe you. It's too incredible! But I'll try harder, I promise."

Mindy asked, "Can't you see how much we're all enjoying this too? This isn't an orgasm competition where you're not allowed to have one unless we have three or some crap like that. We're all buzzing with endless pleasure the whole time, exactly like you are. Plus, just because I'm not cumming like a wailing banshee right now like Sue Ellen did last night doesn't mean I'm not having at least small orgasms all along."

The others all nodded in agreement.

I noticed the telltale masturbation arm motions from all of them, including Mindy again.

I said sincerely, "That does make me feel better. The unfairness of things like this Dream Chair bothers me. How can I reciprocate when I feel like I'm buried inside a giant marshmallow? I'm going to slowly die of thirst here if someone doesn't pull me out!"

They chuckled at that. Mindy patted my arm. "Don't worry; we'll bring you drinks from time to time. And food, too!"

"Gee, thanks."

But no one responded to the serious part of my question.

So I continued, "Anyway, speaking about sucking cock this afternoon, that brings me to my next good news item."

I looked to Michelle and Ruby. "Since I'm declaring today a day of rest and celebration, I'm also declaring a unilateral truce to the sex boycott, from now until tomorrow morning. Girls, you're going to have to break your boycott anyway to take part in Cindy's initiation if it's anything like Sue Ellen's was, and I'm sure it will be. So you might as well have some more hours of fun leading up until then. Consider it your amnesty day. And since my reckoning doesn't start until tomorrow, that means today we can have a sexy spanking later. Enjoy it, because it might be the last fun one you'll get for a good long while."

The Hellions didn't pay much heed to that last comment, as they were so excited about everything else I'd just said. Michelle and Ruby looked at each other in amazement, and then up at me. Michelle asked in awe, "A sexy spanking AND unlimited cock play fun all day long and until tomorrow morning?! Pinch me, I'm dreaming!"

Ruby breathed in awe, "Make that: fuck me, I'M the who's dreaming! MMMM! DROOL!" She tilted her head back, as if she had to do that to stop the drool from running down her chin.

I was secretly amused and flattered at their enthusiasm. I said, "I don't know about the tomorrow morning part."

Michelle pointed out, "But you just said 'from now until tomorrow morning!' Besides, don't deny us the morning tickle attack. That's, like, the best part of the day!"

I clarified, "I suppose having one more tickle attack wouldn't hurt before I bring the hammer down. But be mindful though that the terms of my truce are not totally unlimited. I'm still not going to properly fuck you until our dispute is resolved to my satisfaction, of course. But titfucks and blowjobs, sure."

Ruby looked at Michelle. "Aaaah! Titfucks! I've been looking forward to Daddy vigorously fucking my E-cups even MORE than a good long blowjob! And a titfuck-blowjob combo! The BEST!"

Michelle said back to her, "I know! The combo really is the best of both worlds. And think about doing that WHILE your ass is burning red from a good spanking! I think I'm going to cum again right now!"

Mindy said, "Girls, I know just the thing for you." She bent down, and I realized she was adjusting one of the mystery levers on the Dream Chair again.

I felt my legs spreading wider and wider. Before long, I was splayed out about as wide as physically possible, like I imagine a woman does when being inspected by an OB/GYN.

That wasn't too surprising, since I'd been told the chair could do that. But then the cushiony area my ass was resting on seemed to split in two as well! Within seconds, I felt a large gap open up directly beneath my ass crack! There was still enough cushion below me to hold my weight, but not by a whole lot.

I exclaimed, "What the hell?!"

Mindy snickered, "You like that? This chair is top of the line."

I still couldn't believe it. "They actually make chairs like this?!"

"Not really. I had it special ordered, and I worked with a designer to arrange some... unusual features. But that's a story for another day."

I thought, I'm afraid to ask what that means! And just how long has she been preparing this?! I clenched and unclenched my ass, trying to figure out what was happening down there. "What's this for? Is it like a trap door?"

"No, silly. That's as wide as it opens. It's so one of your slaves can lick your ass crack."

Sue Ellen said, "Oooh! I'd like to do some of that!"

Mindy raised an eyebrow. "Really? Good then. Let me get the pillows arranged for you. I've got this figured out so your head will be at the perfect height."

I shook my head. "I don't believe it!"

Mindy was all smirky (surprise, surprise). "Oh, believe it! There's room for FOUR between or around your legs, and another under your ass. Which makes guess how many? Five! And what's one wife plus four cock slaves? Five again. I'm going to take part too, to make sure we get our money's worth. If there's a sixth, she can sit in your lap and kiss you. I tell you, there are reasons this is called the Dream Chair!"

I muttered, "Well, I'll be damned!"

Mindy snickered, "If 'damned' means getting your cock, balls, and ass licked and sucked by five women at once, then yes, you're about to be 'damned!'"

I let my dick take a much-needed break while a lot of repositioning of the women took place.

Mindy briefly left the room to get some pillows from where she kept, as she put it, "all the Dream Chair accessories."

Oh boy! There's another potential can of worms I'm afraid to ask about! What else can this chair do? Fly me to the moon? On one hand I love it, but on the other hand I'm getting annoyed at my wife always leaving me in the dark only to hit me with surprises. Enough surprises, already!

Michelle and Ruby in particular were beside themselves with excitement at this chance to have fun with my cock despite their sex ban. I saw them whispering to each other. But that didn't last long, because with their faces so close they wound up French kissing while running their hands over each other's naked bodies.

All too soon, Mindy came back and carefully arranged some pillows under the chair for Sue Ellen. She also handed me glass of water. "Here, hydration is important. Your joke about dying of thirst reminded me."

I quickly gulped the water down.

My wife added, "Oh, girls, and don't forget the supply drawer."

I had to ask, "'Supply drawer?'"

"Sure. It's built right into the chair. We've got lube, oil, handi-wipes, gloves, and more. I would say condoms too, but you should never need those with your slaves!" She laughed joyfully.

While fingering Ruby's pussy and playing with her tits, Michelle exclaimed, "Hurry, hurry! I NEED Daddy's throbbing cock-meat to completely fill my mouth!"

Ruby was similarly fingering and fondling Michelle. "God! Unnngh! That's the best feeling ever, choking and gagging on too much Daddy cock! Especially when it throbs with heat and life!"

However, Mindy seemed to be taking her time with the pillows. She was smirking, and I guess she was secretly delighting in drawing out the anticipation.

Ruby suggested, "Mindy, we're going to be doing this group cock slave attack on Daddy in his chair a lot from now on, I hope and presume, so it needs a name. Let's not call it 'being damned.' That sounds like a bad thing. Instead, I say we call it 'getting the Dream Chair treatment.' Or the DCT for short."

"I like it! I approve!" Mindy said happily enough. "I especially like the 'doing this a lot from now on' part." She finally decided the pillows were ready, and stood back. "Come on, slaves, let's show him how rewarding being the master truly can be!"

My much-needed penis break turned out to be shorter than expected, because they were all so keen to get started.

In fact, mere seconds after Mindy said that, Michelle broke from Ruby, fell to her knees between my legs, and crammed the top third of my erection into her mouth! She sighed with orgasmic delight as my cockhead filled her oral cavity. But she also immediately started bobbing with lots of tongue work.

The others all immediately and loudly complained.

Mindy calmed them, saying, "Give the poor girl a minute. Your precious sister slave well and truly loves her master's cock, and she's been separated from it for far too long. She hardly even got to touch it during Nicky's visit. Well, not much anyway."

She leaned in closer. "And look at her go! I see a few tears leaking for her eyes already. That kind of spirit should be encouraged. But Michelle, the others are antsy too. Let's give Ruby the same amount of time to get reacquainted with it, then we'll ALL share. Unselfishly!"

"Sweet!" Ruby exclaimed. She quickly took over, and bobbed down deep enough on me to make some curiously arousing gagging noises. However, she let Michelle still fondle and suck on my balls to keep her reasonably happy too.

After maybe a minute of letting Ruby have a field day, Mindy said, "Okay, that's enough. Remember, girls, you're part of a harem. 'Share the cock.' Pull back and give your master a breather before we REALLY blow his mind AND his cock!"

They left my privates alone temporarily as they got into position around the Dream Chair. They were brimming with excitement. Ruby spoke for them all when she said, "Just think: FIVE tongues at once! I feel like I'm about to take part in something historic!"

Mindy said with smug satisfaction, "You are! In the years to come, I hope and expect that we'll share more DCT fivesomes than we can possibly count, right here!"

Sue Ellen exclaimed, "Well, hush my mouth! I do declare, I'm so excited my heart is fit to burst right out of me! I'm gonna cry even before my next chance to gag on the King!"

My wife looked into my eyes. "Honey, how are you doing? Is there anything else to say or do before we get started?"

I scanned my mind to think if I'd covered everything I wanted to discuss in this meeting. There were a few minor issues, but I wanted to find out what "DCT" felt like as much or more than they did. So I said, "I officially declare the first harem meeting has come to an end. Now it's time to just have fun!"

Mindy held a hand up, signaling she had a little more to say first before unleashing the slaves on me. "Correction: have fun AND eat lunch. But don't worry. After all five of us get you properly warmed up-"

I interrupted, "'Warmed up?' If I get any warmer, you'll be able to light a match on my skin!"

Mindy smirked at that, and then continued, "That's how we want it. As I was saying, once you get properly warmed up, you'll stay there and enjoy a good three or four tongues on your cock at any one time while we hand feed you the meal that's ready to go already."

I exclaimed, "You're kidding me! Sweetheart, you're spoiling me rotten!"

She cackled with glee. "Maybe so. But I'm not only a cucquean, I aspire to be the best fucking cucquean of all time!" She raised both arms high up in a V-for-victory pose, showing off her bare rack very nicely. "Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night, is in the house!"

Then she nodded approvingly. "Go get him, girls! I'm going to get the camera for a few pictures, and then I'll join you." She quickly walked out of the room.

With the others closing in on my stiff cock like a pack of wild wolves honing in on their helpless prey, I shut my eyes and sat back so I could fully bask in the upcoming pleasure tsunami.

Sure enough, within a matter of seconds, I felt one, two, and then three tongues on my erection. Then all three tongues met right at the center of my sweet spot, like swords crossing before a sword fight! Those tongues began licking at that one intense pleasure spot, plus the immediately surrounding sensitive areas. The owners of those tongues were over the moon about this new development, and they moaned and slurped extra loudly.

Furthermore, a seemingly countless number of hands tickled and stroked every last inch of my shaft and balls, all at once! I also felt lips here and there, and soon most of my cockhead was being sweetly sucked. It was a hopeless task trying to figure out who was doing what.

Then I felt Sue Ellen's tongue underneath me! She licked right up my perineum (my "taint"), and then deep in my ass crack until she reached my anus. It was a good thing that I'd made a habit of getting totally clean in such places ever since the harem got started. Even so, I had to appreciate her boldness in willingly licking all those normally taboo areas.

She got my anus good and wet with her probing tongue. But then her tongue disappeared and a gloved index finger pushed in deeply until it was touching and stimulating my prostate! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, that feels INSANELY incredible!

I thought, Any normal man would have cum by now. Heck, mere weeks ago, I would definitely have cum by now. Three tongues AND a prostate probe at once?! Fuck, I'm lucky I can remember to breathe! But the thing is, they've been training me every day to "withstand" more and more stimulation. Min secretly trained me for years! It's just like training for a marathon run or anything else. It's gotten to the point where I can't even believe the sheer amount of pleasure I can handle! No human being was ever meant to feel THIS good! Fuuuuuck!

It seemed that my cockhead was always inside one mouth or another. But whoever was bobbing on me usually didn't go below the crown very often, so one or two other tongues could still focus on licking my sweet spot much of the time. Lips brushed against tongues and then against other tongues, because everyone wanted at that spot. Sometimes I could tell from personal style and quirks who was doing what to me, but that was rare. All my slaves were such good cocksuckers that nobody really stood out, and I was too blissed out to pay close attention.

I heard the sound of Mindy with her camera. I opened my eyes and saw her naked body moving here and there around the Dream Chair, taking pictures from many different angles. At times, she crawled all over me and other women so she could get very close close-ups of my crotch and all the oral action.

At one point, she said, "Slaves, you're gonna LOVE these photos! Ohmigod, his cock is DROWNING in cum and saliva! I can barely even see it, at any angle, because you're covering every last inch. Remember this moment for the future! THIS is how you properly treat your master!"

Sue Ellen was licking and fingering my ass crack and perineum from time to time, but mostly she was focusing on fingering my prostate. That left her mouth free to talk. She said proudly, "Mindy's right. We are COCK slaves. We're a special, elite kind of sex slave. We're the best of the best! 'Pleasure the cock.' 'Share the cock.' "Master's needs come first.' Never forget those rules! Never!"

Mindy said while taking more pictures, "Very good, Sue Ellen. I must say I love your attitude. Remember, our goal is not to get him to cum, it's to get him to ride along the very edge of almost cumming for as long as humanly possible! Don't be afraid to play with your nipples and pussies as well, because the more you cum, the more horny and inspired you'll be to serve your master even better!"

The others took that advice to heart immediately. I felt the number of hands on my privates suddenly decrease by about half. I was more than glad. It seemed crazy that they were focusing so much on my pleasure. Master or not, there was a fundamental fairness issue. I wanted to know that they climaxed over and over.

A couple of minutes later, my eyes were closed again as I enjoyed the erotic rapture, but I heard Mindy say, "Okay, Honey. I'll bet you're thinking you can handle four mouths at once. Let's see how you do with FIVE!" Then I felt her scooting in with the Hellions and Cindy.

I thought, Jesus H. Christ, have mercy! On a fucking pogo stick! I'd better hang onto my hat, because this is gonna be one wild ride!

I laughed out loud as another thought came to me: This is NOT how I expected that meeting to go!

I can't even begin to tell you what happened after that. I think I reached a plateau at or near the maximum amount of arousal a human male can enjoy, and I stayed at that high level for an inordinately long amount of time! I was truly delirious with sexual euphoria!

I'm not sure how much of an effect Mindy's participation mattered. Being pleasured by four women was so great already that one more didn't make that much of a difference.

What did make a difference was the way Sue Ellen fingered my prostate. When the stimulation of my cock reached an "unbearable" level, I could flex my PC muscle to hang on some more. But I didn't have any way to counter how the way prostate stimulation made me want to cum, and right away.

Luckily, when I finally lost it, Ruby happened to be sucking on one of my balls, and she felt my scrotum tightening up. She pulled off and screamed, "He's gonna blow!"

Ruby, Michelle, Cindy, and Mindy quickly lined up with their faces cheek to cheek so they could all get their faces painted.

I was in such a blissful stupor that I was in no shape to remember my name, much less target the direction of my cock blasts.

Happily, Mindy saw how out of it I was. She held my boner and aimed it this way and that so everyone got their "fair share" of my cum.

The only problem was that Sue Ellen wasn't included. She'd still been under me and the Dream Chair. When Ruby yelled her warning, Sue Ellen was such an awesome slave that she kept on fingering my prostate through my entire climax rather than try to come around to the front in time. Although she wouldn't have had a prayer of making it in time anyway, because getting out from under the chair wasn't easy.

She did come around immediately after the "fireworks" were over anyway, maybe to see what the others looked like and/or maybe to take part in the snowballing and face licking.

I was in such a state that I couldn't do anything but pant hard and stare at all the cummy faces. It was such an arousing sight that my mental orgasm of sorts seemed to still go on after my physical one ended. It helped that I'd shot out a sizable load.

Luckily, Mindy said to Sue Ellen, "Oh dear, just look at you. Your face is far too clean. Girls, let's do something to fix that! Let's share the cummy love!"

The others immediately teamed up on her. They took turns snowballing cum into her mouth with French kisses, and they also rubbed their spermy cheeks against her clean ones until every face was equally cummy.

The women had such fun with that that they started kissing and rubbing faces with each other too. I hadn't had enough cum to "paint" their chests as well. But at one point Mindy said, "This is great, but let's not forget each other's tits too. Dan has gone flaccid for now, but if we get our big tits all cummy and rub them together too, I'm sure he'll get stiff again in no time!"

The others loved that suggestion, and before long, all their breasts were as shiny and pearly as their faces! They kept on fingering each other's pussies, rubbing their hefty racks together, and French kissing and generally touching and loving each other everywhere, and all while kneeling right in front of me. I was glad to see that Mindy was just as uninhibited as the rest.

Michelle exclaimed in erotic ecstasy, "Dear God! I feel like Daddy's cum is on me everywhere! I've never felt so OWNED! So enslaved! I feel like I've been spermed from head to toe!"

Sue Ellen said, "Me too! I can't stop cumming!" Indeed, she was shaking while rubbing tits with Mindy.

Cindy added, "I can't either!" She was running her sticky hands over Michelle's ass, trying to get her cummy there too.

Ruby chimed in while pumping two fingers into Sue Ellen's hot cunt, "Same here! And the thing is, if we keep this up, Daddy is gonna get erect again, and then his thick cock will overpower us again, and then he'll cum again, and drench us in even MORE cum!"

Michelle eagerly added, "And then he'll see us covered in his fertile seed and get erect again, and cum again, and the cycle will just keep going and going until we've all been totally spermed and his balls are completely drained dry!" She turned her head and licked a streak of cum off Ruby's forehead while playing with Cindy's clit.

Cindy exclaimed, "But his balls NEVER run dry! He's making new cum all the time! It's a race we can never win! We'll be sucking and fucking the King FOREVER!"

That resulted in a loud roar of approval from everyone but me. I was in a post-orgasmic daze.

The five of them were basically having a lesbian orgy, but it was of a peculiar kind, because they were clearly posing for me all the while, trying hard to get me stiff again.

I thought, Jesus Christ! What if they're right and this does keep going and going?! The mind boggles! What a day already, and I haven't even had lunch yet!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Markgr, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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