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Chapter 45

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

My five ladies were putting on a lesbian show that could get even limp penises on marble statues to rise. Then Michelle had the idea to spur my dick back to full size by licking and fondling my shaft and balls some more. Ruby soon joined in.

I was still in an oversexed, post-orgasmic stupor. I doubted I could get my act together enough to even lift a hand. I was so comfy in the Dream Chair that I could have spent the night there. But, incredibly, my penis began to grow erect again!

There was simply no way I was ready for any more sexual activity, after what had just happened. I had to stir enough to stop them before they got carried away. I said forcefully, "NO!"

That surprised everyone, since it was the first thing I'd said since my great big orgasm. They all stopped playing with each other, and with my privates, and stared at me.

I tried to not sound so harsh. "Sorry, what I mean is, no more sex now, please. I mean it! That was awesome, but it almost killed me. Really! I don't care if I'm getting a boner again, let me rest for a while!"

Sue Ellen asked shyly, "Didn't you say that after the meeting was over, Cindy and I could play with you for as long as we wanted?"

"Yes I did, but... sorry, things change. Maybe later, but right now... please!"

Sue Ellen and Cindy looked disappointed, but they nodded.

Hoping to cheer them up, I added, "Look, you all try really hard to practically blow my brains out with sheer sexual euphoria. You achieved that in spades! So take little victory lap while my balls recharge.'

That put smiles back on their faces.

Michelle, still holding my dick, said, "Daddy, that's fine. We don't mind, really. But how long is this break going to last? You told us that we get to play with you the rest of the day, and then tomorrow who knows what'll happen? It could be the start of some kind of King-less nuclear winter!"

Ruby added, "Yeah! There's no telling. We could go without your big cock in our mouths for DAYS! We have to make the most of our opportunities."

I sighed. "I know, I know. But I'm only human."

Mindy spoke up for me. "Girls, let's not kill the goose who lays the golden eggs. Or shoots out the sperm from the golden balls, as the case may be." She smirk-smiled at that. "Let's help him recover. Michelle, go get him something nice and cool to drink, and maybe a snack. Ruby, get a damp towel and wipe his sweaty face clean. Oh, and let's start moving things. The more we can move the remaining possessions of Sue Ellen, Ruby, and Cindy here, the less he'll feel obliged to do it, and that means more cocky fun time."

Michelle pouted, "But look. His cock is still fairly hard in my hand. We can't let it go flaccid. That's just... criminal! We're cock slaves. This feels like failure!"

Cindy shook her head slowly. "Mindy's right. Sometimes you've gotta lose the battle to win the war. Come on, let's get our act in gear. We can still have hours and hours of fucky and sucky fun if we act as a team."

With that, they all stood up and got busy. I felt like some kind of invalid when the Gruesome Twosome came back with a glass of pineapple juice and a damp towel. But then again, it was kind of nice to be pampered and just rest in the very comfy Dream Chair. When I was feeling a little better, Michelle even brought me a "drumstick" ice cream cone to enjoy.

I asked Sue Ellen to stick around because there were some things I wanted to talk to her about in private.

The others all put their clothes on and left the house, apparently to work on moving some things. I wanted to help out, but I honestly felt so weak that I doubted I could stand. Even though I'd only sat still through their five-on-one orgy, it had totally wiped me out! I had come to learn the hard way that rising right to the edge of orgasm and staying there for a prolonged time can be very physically and mentally draining. For instance, my heart had been racing just as fast and hard as if I'd been running at top speed the entire time.

I had been thoroughly cleaned, from my face to my crotch. The Dream Chair had returned to normal, with my legs brought together again and the "trap door" under my ass closed. Sue Ellen had also washed up and combed her hair. She looked fantastic, especially since she remained buck naked but for her high heels.

She stood in front of me with her legs spread out wide and her hands pinned behind her back. "Master, I heard you want to talk to me?"

"Yes I do, and relax. You're not in trouble at all, and you don't need to stand at attention like that. We're friends and lovers. It's cool."

She smiled widely at that. "In that case, can I sit on your lap?"

I flashed back to my private discussion with Nicky last night, when she'd sat on my lap out by the deck. That had been awkward and frustrating at times because the two of us had hardly been wearing any clothes at all. This time, both Sue Ellen and I were buck naked. However, I decided the situation was totally different since she was my obedient cock slave and I didn't have to resist. I said, "Sure thing, Cupcake."

She happily crawled up on me and sat on my upper thighs with her lower legs hanging off the side of the Chair. She cuddled up with her face and tits against my chest, just like Nicky did, except that she tilted her head up and managed to maintain eye contact with me.

She sighed with deep contentment. "Aaaah! This feels good! I could stay here forever, just like this."

I sighed contentedly, because it felt pretty darn good to me too. Since I was tired out, we simply relaxed with our eyes closed for a few minutes. We were alone in the house, so it was almost too quiet. But it was good. I could appreciate Sue Ellen's remarkably fit body by running my hands over her, yet my penis remained flaccid and sex wasn't on my mind.

Finally, I opened my eyes and nudged her a bit to get her to open her eyes too. "So, Cupcake, let's talk. Like I said, you're not in any trouble at all. Far from it. I just wanted to get to know you better. I feel an intense love for you, and technically I've 'enslaved' you to me, and yet in many ways I feel like I barely know you."

Her smile was a mile wide. "'Intense love?' I love the sound of that! I feel a great big love for you too, Master!"

"I can tell, and I love it. But I must admit, you're a mystery to me. You've been a great, loyal, and obedient cock slave to me, proving yourself over and over again. But why?! Everybody's got their issues and agendas. Everybody's pushing for one thing or another. Except you, it seems. Why is that?"

She said confidently and passionately, "You're right, everybody does want something. But what I want is the exact same as them: I want to be a highly-prized cock slave who you love, trust, and treasure forever. I want to be an integral part of this family and your harem. I want to skillfully serve and pleasure your cock to the very best of my abilities and keep you high on lust all the time. Most of all, I want you to love me and control me, for the rest of my life!"

"Phew!" I shook my head in wonder. She's so sincere! She wears her heart on her sleeve at all times. Clearly that's not just sex talk. She means every word. WHOA!

I said, "That sounds great. But again, why? That's not normal. Nobody really wants to be a slave."

"Forgive my insolence, Master, but that's not true. We all love being enslaved to you! Even Mindy is finding herself increasingly drawn towards embracing her slave-wife status, I noticed."

I couldn't deny that. She definitely wasn't going to give up her special wife status for anything, but sometimes she had fun being just "one of the girls."

I asked, "But why? Why, why, why? Here, maybe I could make it easier by changing the question. Before the day I won you in Mama Mia's, what did you think was wrong with your life? What needed fixing?"

She pondered that thoughtfully. "A lot, actually. On the surface I seemed happy, because I'm a naturally cheery and easy-going person. But deep down I had issues. I still do."

"Ah! Now we're getting somewhere. Such as?"

She sighed, and got comfier leaning against my shoulder. "I didn't have the best childhood. My parents loved me and they were good to me, but they didn't seem able to show it. They're very stern people, always frowning, always worried. Sometimes I felt like I must have been born in the wrong family, because my personality was the total opposite. I wanted to hug, to smile, to live life and be happy. It was worse because I didn't have any siblings to share my life with. And my parents discouraged anything fun, so I didn't have many good friends."

"'Discouraged fun?' What do you mean by that?"

She frowned. "It's not that they were against fun per se; I reckon it's just that they grew up poor and they worried to death about every last thing. They were always fixin' to find something 'responsible' for me to do. As you know, I grew up in a teeny tiny hamlet in the middle of nowhere, so there weren't many potential friends or things to do in the first place. The whole place is slower than molasses running uphill in the winter."

I chuckled. "That sounds slow."

"It is. The only way I could hang out with friends was if it was in the context of doing homework or a school project or something like that. And luckily they saw sports in the same way, so that's probably why I excelled in them. There aren't that many social opportunities with homework, but being on a team was kind of like a new family for me. I loved it!"

I nodded in understanding. "And what about dating and boyfriends?"

"Oh, they hated that. They didn't totally prohibit me, but they worried so much that it made things very difficult. They worried about AIDS and other diseases, they worried I'd get pregnant, they worried the boy was no good, they worried I'd be raped, and on and on. Every time I went on a date it was like I was breaking their hearts with worry. Things didn't change until I got into college and started living away from them. But before long I hooked up with Mike, and that was kind of a disaster in retrospect. I feel like I've only been able to truly live and experience sexual joy since I met you."

I nodded again. "That makes sense to me. It seems to me that your parents are well meaning, but made mistakes, like all parents do. How 'bout when you moved to California. That must have been a big change. Did things improve for you?"

"Oh, yes, that was a BIG change! And it was much better. I lived a very sheltered life before, and since coming here my life has been chugged full of new experiences. But it's been a mixed bag. I've been really lonely, so I usually haven't had anyone to share my discoveries with, and that kind of takes the luster off of the whole thing. People here are really different. I haven't fit in, except on the surface level. Everybody likes me on the surface because I smile and I'm pretty, but it's so hard to go deeper and find REAL friends, you know what I mean?"

I nodded. "That's a problem with California. We don't have the Southern hospitality or manners. People usually don't know their neighbors or care that they don't."

She nodded back. "True. But then again, I don't really miss home either. Everything there is SMALL! Including small minds. I couldn't wait to get out, and I've never regretted leaving. It's just that I hadn't been able to find 'home' here."

"What about Mike?"

She made a sour face. "Please. Let's not talk about him. In retrospect, I feel into that relationship too fast because I was lonely. And while he was good on the surface, he didn't really warm my soul, if you know what I mean. Ultimately, I think he liked me a lot, but he didn't really care about me, if that makes any sense."

"It does. It seems you're searching for more love and happiness. Maybe you can find that in your new harem life."

Her face lit up. "Totally! I was just getting to that. Everything has CHANGED now! It's totally different. Not only have I found you, but I've found a whole new family and I love them all! I've found SO MUCH love, and SO MUCH happiness! Every day, it's like I want to burst with joy!"

Even though we were already cuddling, she pulled in tighter and gave me a firm squeeze. Then she kissed me square on the lips and we necked for a minute or two.

She eventually pulled her head back to resume eye contact. "Oh boy! That was nice. How lucky am I to be able to sit naked in your lap and kiss you like that whenever I want? You're like the dream man to me. You're kind and understanding. You never yell or even get very upset. You're fun! Everyone here is always smiling and joking around. And you have a big heart." She reached to my crotch and found my flaccid penis. Even though it was flaccid, she joked, "And big other things!"

After getting a good giggle out of that, she continued, "I knew from the beginning that you were only lusting for me at first, but that it would turn into love before long, and I think I'm already proven right with that. There's just so much love here! Sure, there's a little trouble here and there, like the way you butt heads with Michelle and Ruby, but under that is a deep love you all share for each other. Compared to most people I've known, y'all have your acts together. I'm used to mean or cold people who only care about themselves. I love being in this house because I can feel the love everywhere, like it's a physical presence!"

I asked, "Do you feel a kind of culture gap between us and your small town Georgia ways? Do you worry about fitting in or having things to talk about?"

"Only in the most trivial ways. The thing is, we're all united in a great mission: serving your cock and being your ideal sex slaves! I reckon it's like being one of the astronauts in NASA. You could have practically nothing in common with the other astronauts, but who cares because you're all united with your space missions. You could spend all day and then some just talking about and relating about that."

She added, "But luckily, it's not just that. That's like the bedrock. From there, we can build all kinds of great stuff. For instance, I'm into country music and the other girls are mostly into classic rock, and you are too. But I've been playing some that they end up liking and they've been playing some stuff that I've liked. It helps we all like Johnny Cash already." She giggled.

I grinned. "Everybody can enjoy his music."

"Yep! But the great thing is, I totally want to like something new just because I find out you or one of the other slaves really likes it. And they're open to something when they find out I really like it. So, right now we don't have THAT much in common, but that's changing fast!"

I ran my hand through her hair and smiled. "That's great to hear. All I can say is, slave or not, I'm just glad that you're in my life, in our lives. Cupcake, just seeing you walk into the room always warms the cockles of my heart."

She purred, "Oh, Master!" They she looked at me wolfishly. She still was holding my flaccid penis since her "big other things" joke. She looked down at it and gave it a squeeze. "Let me warm your cockles right now!"

I deadpanned, "That's a 'cock,' not a 'cockle.'"

She giggled. "Close enough! And speaking of which, then there's the sex. As if you're not totally lovable enough already, it turns out you're a total fucking STUD! I would love having sex with you even if you had a small penis because you're you. But the fact that the King is so huge has me feelin' like I'm living in high cotton all the time! You know EXACTLY how to treat me, so I'm constantly hitting sexual highs that I didn't even think were possible!"

I cut in before she went off praising my sexual skills to the high heavens. I could tell she was getting excited, especially since she was stroking my dick to full hardness.

I asked, "What about the submissiveness factor? Before I claimed you, was that something you were interested in, or fantasized about?"

"Definitely not! I didn't have any thoughts in that direction at all. Heck, even now, just thinking about if I would have been submissive to Mike the way I want to be submissive for you gives me a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. He would have taken advantage in the worst way, but you take advantage in the BEST way! So I can honestly say that before I met you it wasn't even on my radar."

She stared into my eyes while somehow also blissfully getting lost in her memories. "But then, that day you took control of me, it was like... magic! Like divine intervention! Every single thing you did took me to another planet. I knew right then and there that I had to have more. I had to have you! So there must have been something in me that just hadn't come to the fore yet."

I nodded some more. "What amazes me is how obedient and loyal you are."

She smirked. "Not all the time. For instance, what if I do this?" My dick had just been stroked erect. She was already sitting directly above it, so she simply held it in the right spot and then sank herself down onto my stiffness. She let out a long exhale of contentment as I was fully sheathed in her.

I should have been mad at her. I should have told her to stop. What I actually did was flex my boner inside of her, reveling in the warm, wet tightness of her actively throbbing Kegel muscle movements. The sensations felt better and better as she continued to lightly bounce on me, settling into a more comfortable pose so my cock could completely fill her. Apparently, my prodigious girth was still something of a challenge for her to accommodate easily.

Despite my enjoyment, I still felt obliged to complain. I gave her an unhappy look. "Didn't you hear anything I said about needing to rest, and wanting to just have a normal talk with you?"

She looked sheepish yet defiant. "I know, Master. I'm really sorry! I promise I won't start anything too arousing if you don't want me to. It's just that I'm feeling so close to you, so loved by you. And feeling you inside me like this makes me happier than you could ever possibly imagine! Please? Pretty please, can't I just stay like this?"

I shook my head, but said, "Very well. But stay just like that, okay? No bouncing or churning! I honestly couldn't take it. I feel I'm about two steps away from being sexed to death."

She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight. "Thank you, Master! See? It's like I keep telling the others: you're the best master ever!"

I grinned. "And how would you know that, since I doubt you've met any other masters?"

"I just do." She was all grins. "And don't worry, I promise not to sex you to death. But anyway, as you can see, I'm not totally obedient." She dropped her head a bit bashfully.

"Maybe not," I replied, "but that probably will just make me love you more..." - I flexed my hard-on powerfully within her - "...deeply."

She grunted lustily in response to my flexing.

I stopped doing that because I didn't want to encourage her too much and have the fucking take over the conversation. "Anyway, let's get back to what we were talking about. Do you think your obedience to me has something to do with the way your parents raised you?"

She considered that, gently milking my erection with her internal squeezing for a little while before answering. "Yeah, I suppose. They definitely expected total obedience. 'Snap, snap. Do it now.' And I was never a problem child. I always hopped right to it. I guess I'm just that way. I never had a rebellious streak in me, even though I was pretty miserable at times. I mean, they're my parents. How could I say no to them? Instead, I pretty much counted the days until I could live on my own. That was a big deal when it finally happened!"

"How are they now? I remember you said they live pretty close."

"Yeah, they do. About an hour away."

"How it is they moved out here too?"

"They'd been wanting to get out of Tuscumbia for a long time too, but they felt obliged to stay due to my schooling."

I interrupted, "'Tuscumbia?'"

"That's the small hamlet I grew up in that I've told you about. I guess I never mentioned the name. Anyway, once I graduated, they were free to go. And I'd done a lot of research about Southern California after getting my volleyball scholarship here, and I'd sort of praised the place to the high heavens. So it made sense for them to want to come here too."

She added a bit shyly, "Plus, I think they thought they'd be near me and pretty much continue to parent me. I don't see them much though. I wanted to strike out on my own, even if that meant being lonely a lot. I didn't want to remain under their thumb. I cherish my freedom."

She did a double take at that. "Whoa! Isn't that ironic? I just said 'I cherish my freedom,' and yet I've never been happier than being willingly enslaved to you. And I don't want to be under their thumb, but I totally love being under YOUR thumb!" She looked down at how my cock was buried inside her, and smiled even more.

Feeling like a psychologist, I asked, "Why do you think that is?"

"I don't know. It helps that your 'thumb' is eight inches long, thick as a Coke can, and always hot and delicious! Plus, being under it is the best way to get to your sweet spot!" She giggled, and playfully licked her lips at me.

I chuckled. "Besides that."

"Hmmm, I really don't know. Everything here is bathed in love and fun and sexual pleasure. I trust you more than words can say. Y'all are just good people, and that counts a lot for me. I know deep in my heart that you would never hurt me. So it feels right and good that you control me. I don't have to worry, and I can just live life and be free!"

She furrowed her brow, deep in thought. "Huh. Interesting, don't you think? Being enslaved to you kind of feels like freedom to me."

"That is interesting," I said. "You didn't feel that when your parents were ordering you around?"

"Oh no, not at all. Just the opposite. I felt this heavy burden, the weight of the world. They filled me with worry all the time. I truly believe they can never be happy. If every single worry they had was taken care of, they'd just come up with new ones. I kind of looked at them and decided I wanted to be the opposite of that. They're very unhappy people. Now that I'm effectively gone and they don't have me to worry about and order around, it seems they find problems in each other instead. I'm pretty sure they're headed for divorce eventually."

"That's sad," I said. "But I'm proud of you for rising above all that, and coming out of that with your spirit intact."

She nodded. "Like I said, they weren't bad parents. They love me. It's just that they went overboard. And in a way it was a good thing, because they gave me the example of how NOT to be. A big thing I've decided is that I don't want to be a worry wart. Living in your harem is easy as pie. All I have to do is love you and serve you with all my might, and keep your cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure, and everything else will work out."

So far, she'd been keeping to her word that she wouldn't do anything with my stiff rod except keep it balls-deep inside her. But after she said that, she couldn't help but give it a few powerful squeezes with her pussy walls. She grinned impishly afterwards. "Sorry. Force of habit. Actually, it's a habit I'm trying to cultivate." She giggled.

I gently brushed my lips against her cheek in approval. I murmured to her teasingly, "That's okay. I like your... habit. You do it very well. I hope this becomes seriously habit forming."

Sue Ellen rocked her hips against mine, once, letting me know how she felt about my being so understanding. "Me too! Thank you, Master. Anyway, it's not like it's any kind of burden or bother for me to serve you loyally. I absolutely love doing it! I love you. I love the sex. I love the harem. I love my slave sisters. As far as I'm concerned, I'm the happiest person on Earth!"

"Wow, that's pretty impressive. But are there any things you worry about?"

"Well, yeah! The state of your cock is a constant worry for me. Is it erect? Is in the mouth or cleavage or cunt of some busty hottie? Is it throbbing with great arousal? And what if it's not erect? What can we do to change that and how long will it take? I could go on, but these sorts of worries are on my mind nearly all the time. You may say I'm too obsessed, but that's the life of a cock slave. It's who we are. Besides, I LIKE worrying about these sorts of things. For instance, if I'm standing around doing nothing while I'm waitressing, the time just flies by when I think about all the things I want to do to your cock the next time I see you, or I fantasize about what your other cock slaves are doing in my absence."

I winced. I didn't know how to respond to that level of devotion. I muttered, "I mean... non-penis related worries. Non sexual altogether, in fact."

She suddenly got all bashful. "Well... there is one. A big one."

"What's that?"

She looked away. "I worry that I won't be fully accepted by you or your family. I don't think you'll kick me out of the harem altogether, but what if I just hang on the edge? After all, I'm the only one who isn't REALLY part of the family. Ruby is officially your daughter, and Cindy is her mother and your mistress. The harem is basically two merged families... plus me. All y'all have known each other for years and years, and I'll always be the outsider by comparison. That worries me a lot."

She dropped her head down and sadly confessed, "I can't help but fear that I'm not good enough."

I immediately protested, "Nonsense! How can you say that?! I treasure you so much!"

She suddenly looked me in the eye again. "I know you do, but... I mean, look at them! They're all so sexy! It's like, if you could pick out the most beautiful women humanly possible, it would be them. They're all so tanned and curvy and stacked! Like Michelle with her F-cup boobs! Or Ruby and Nicky, with their E-cups."

I said, "Hold on. Nicky's not in the harem, nor will she ever be."

Sue Ellen grumbled, "Maybe so. But still, I kind of feel like I have to compete against all of them, including her, just to be worthy of being here with you. It's like this is the house of movie-star-like genetically perfect people. Plus me. I know I have a pretty good body thanks to all my exercising and athletics, but my face is only 'cute' instead of 'stunning' and 'jaw-dropping' like the others. And they're all so sexually talented and enthusiastic. And they're all related to you! They all benefit from the incest taboo, except me. I mean, if you're going to fuck me or your own daughter... it's no contest!"

She looked downright sad.

I thought, Okay, now we're getting somewhere. The other stuff was interesting enough, but that was more about the past. This is something I can work on.

I said, "I understand where you're coming from. I'll bet your insecurities are part of what drives you to be such a good and loyal slave."

She said uncertainly, "I guess. I don't really think of it that way though. I love serving you, regardless. Can't you see how happy I am being one of your slaves? That's not faked at all! Look at me!"

She flopped her arms up and down. "Here I am with your big cock fully sheathed in me, AND you're asking me all kinds of good questions, showing me that you really do care for me as a person. How can it get any better than that?!"

She grinned impishly because she couldn't resist giving my boner another squeeze or two. "How could I NOT love it here?! I honestly don't understand how anyone could feel differently. But... I suppose there's a sense of competition that kind of gives me a little extra motivation."

Her face turned glum again after admitting that.

My hands had been wrapped around her back, but now I brought one to her ass and pulled her into me a little closer. "I'm very proud of you for telling me all that. It's not easy to admit your biggest worries, I know. But let me tell you that you're not on the 'edge' of the harem. You're an essential part of it."

"Thanks." But she still looked glum. Clearly, she thought I was just saying that to make her feel better.

I realized she probably would dismiss more comments along those lines. So I tried a different tack. "You know, it's funny. Cindy feels the exact same way. She feels like she's on the edge of the harem, that she's the least essential member."

Sue Ellen lifted her head in surprise. "Really?! Why would she think that? She's Ruby's mom! AND she's your official mistress now! She's practically your second slave-wife! Not only that, but you've already come right out and told her she's going to be sleeping in bed with you beside your WIFE! What greater honor is there than THAT?! How could she possibly think she's riding on the edge when her place is LITERALLY in your bed?!"

I replied, "If you put it that way, it does seem silly to think she'd be worried about her place in my life, but she does. Think about it. Yeah, she's all that. But she's also nearing forty. My three other slaves are all under twenty! She really worries about her age."

Sue Ellen said, "But that's silly! I reckon that's actually a plus. She's the same age as you and Mindy, and that gives her all kinds of advantages. Y'all have so much in common, so much to talk about. And you have a long history as friends! Plus, she still has the body of a college student, so it's like she's got the best of experience and youth. She's got nothing to worry about. You'll grow older together. Anybody can see how much you love her. Whereas what do I have that Michelle and Ruby don't also have, and then some?"

"Tell that to Cindy," I said. "Seriously, tell that to her! I'm sure she'd love to hear that from you. But you're wrong that you're some kind of also-ran to Michelle and Ruby. Cupcake, everybody is falling in love with you. Everybody! Not just me. You're so adorable and lovable and all-around great that I can't stop thanking my lucky stars that you weren't already 'taken.'"

She grinned. "Well, technically I was, by Mike, but you soon took care of that. You swept in, took my bra from me, and had me naked and begging for your cock within minutes!" She squeezed my cock with her pussy walls a few times before she remembered to control herself.

"That's a bit of revisionist history. In any case, what I said is true. Did you know that Michelle and Ruby are jealous of you?"

"What? No! NO WAY! That's a lie!" She pushed against my chest.

"No it's not. You've really impressed them with your loyalty and obedience. You're actually living THEIR dream of being the perfect cock slave more than they are, and that frustrates them. Plus, they're jealous of how strong my feelings are for you already. Michelle in particular has issues with your 'Cupcake' nickname. She wants a special nickname like that."

"But you're the only one who gets to call her 'Shelle,'" Sue Ellen pointed out. "Besides, I would KILL to trade places with her and be your true daughter. Not to mention to have her rockin' and outrageously busty body!"

"Maybe that's how you feel, but I'm telling you how she feels. It just goes to show that everyone has insecurities and self-confidence issues. For one thing, you're already a fully initiated cock slave, which means we can fuck anytime we feel like it. She isn't, and she can't do that yet. Don't you think she'd love to be right where you are now?"

Sue Ellen whispered with wide eyes, "Oh! Yeah, that's a biggie! Boy oh boy!"

I gave her one of her ass cheeks an encouraging squeeze. "Since I'm the one and only man and master in our bunch, it seems you all are competing for my love and attention. I must admit that I like a little bit of competition to keep things interesting, but I truly believe that I have enough love, cum, and attention for you all. You don't have to worry, Cupcake. Not only are you not the 'outsider' in the harem, you're actually kind of the glue that keeps it together. Frankly, I don't know if it would work without you in it."


"Really. Because the Hellions in particular talk about being loyal and obedient slaves, but that's only true when what they want aligns with what I want. But you, you want the walk and you talk the talk. Already, they look to you as an example of how a good cock slave should behave."

She blushed at the high praise and dropped her head shyly. "I don't know about that." She was smiling widely.

I continued, "Furthermore, I love you dearly. I'm never going to let you go. Never! Since you're one of my slaves, I'm going to take full advantage and fuck you more than you can possibly imagine."

She was beaming like the Sun. She quipped, "I don't know about that either. I can imagine quite a lot!"

I quipped, "Yeah, you and Han Solo."

She didn't get my obscure Star Wars reference, but it didn't matter. She threw her arms around me and squeezed me like she was holding on for dear life. And since my cock was already deep inside her, she got busy squeezing that too.

I couldn't see her face anymore since her chin was resting near the base of my neck, but I could hear the strong emotion in her voice. "Master, I love you so very, very much! You make me so very happy that it's a no-brainer for me to spend the rest of my life serving you and keep you endlessly riding high on sexual pleasure! I love being one of your sex toys, but I love even more that you're treating me as more than just a sex toy and you're showing you really care about me! That makes me want to serve you and suck you and fuck you even MORE!"

She was so worked up that it seemed she couldn't stop rhythmically squeezing my cock with her talented Kegel muscles.

True, she'd promised that she wouldn't do that, but I didn't mind. My body had been recovering all the while, and I was feeling better. Her squeezes felt damn good, and yet it wasn't so intense that I was breathing hard or even exerting any effort at all. Plus, it made my heart soar to make her happy. So I didn't say anything.

In fact, I started to more actively fondle her tits and ass. She wasn't the only one getting sexually and emotionally worked up, and with her flawless body in my lap, I simply couldn't help myself. I'm sure she took that as a green light to keep going with her increasingly overt fucking motions.

She pulled back enough to resume eye contact. "I'm going to think a lot about what you said. I know that I'll still feel like I'm on the edge of the harem. Maybe Cindy and I are both on the edge. Right now, I'm using that as motivation to be a better slave, so I don't see that as a totally bad thing. I'm sure though in time I'll feel better and better about my place in your harem and your heart. I know that you're a good and kind man and you won't get rid of me or try to sell me."

"Never! Sell you?! You're a free woman! You can walk away at any time from any bad relationship you don't want to be in. Please never forget that. Cupcake, frankly, I'm amazed at how strongly I've come to love you in such a short time. I'm sure that our love will only grow and grow."

"Oh, Master! You're my everything! You're my world! Serving you is my greatest joy!"

She was so emotionally worked up that even continually squeezing my cock wasn't enough. She kept doing that, but she began unexpectedly alternating it with the churning of her hips.

As she did that, she continued to ponder her situation out loud. "I know I worry too much. Maybe I still have some of that 'worry wart' from my parents in me somewhere. I know I'll never be one of your daughters, but as the number of your cock slaves grows over the years, that'll become less of an issue anyway."

I put both hands on her ass to still her churning hips, so I could steadily look her in the eye. "Wait. What did you say?"

She started to repeat, "'I know I worry too much-'"

I interrupted. "Wait. I know what you said. I was referring to your comment about the number of my cock slaves growing over the years. Where did you get that idea?"

She shrugged. Seeing that there wasn't some big crisis, she resumed her pussy squeezing. "I didn't get it from anywhere; it's just obvious. You've been sexually unleashed by your wonderful wife. There will be other busty and beautiful women to come along. Naturally, you will want to fuck them. Naturally, they will want to be fucked by you. And once that happens, it's all over. Do you remember what Ruby whispered in my ear right before you fucked me for the first time?"

"What's that?"

"She said, and I quote, 'I want to see Daddy ENSLAVE you! Once he's fucked you, you'll never be free!' I remember those words exactly and I think about them a lot because it's so true. I will never be free of you because I don't want to be!" She grew sad when she said, "If you were to throw me out of the harem I think I would stop having sex altogether, because my body would still belong to you and you alone. It would be such a hollow existence that I can't even bear to think about it!"

That admission took my breath away, because it sounded like she really meant it.

She continued, "Furthermore, after Ruby told me that, she licked my ear so sexily that she almost made me scream to the high heavens just from that alone. And that's important because it shows that it's not just about you; it's about the entire harem. No woman who gets a taste of the harem life with you will be willing to settle for anything less. So of course your harem will grow and grow. And that worries me too, that I'll get lost in the shuffle with all those other slaves. But all I can do is keep on loving you with all my heart and soul, and hope that you'll always save some of your love and cum for me."

Remarkably, even as these emotional words poured out of her, she stayed busy with a terrific mix of pussy squeezing and hip grinding. It was like those motions came so naturally to her now that she didn't need to think about it. But my body was definitely enjoying the results!

I said, "Cupcake, you're way, way off! I think the harem is perfect now. It's a two-way street, you know. I wouldn't be happy leaving any of you unsatisfied, either sexually or emotionally, and you all have a great capacity for love and sex. So I don't want any more slaves. Really!"

She shrugged. "Maybe so. But they'll want you. You'll see. Anyway, I love that I get to fuck you while we talk. You don't mind what I'm doing to you, do you?"

I chuckled. "It's a little late to ask that now. But don't worry, I'm good. As you can see, I'm feeling better. That said, don't get any more energetic, please. This is perfect."

"It is! Mmmm!"

I reached up and cupped her breasts from below, and that made her coo with pleasure.

I said, "So... Tell me more about your childhood. And your parents. I want to know more about you. Are they very religious? Is that why they're, well, the way they are?"

"Not really. Yeah, they've got the whole Catholic guilt thing going on, but they've never even gone to church that much. Frankly, I think they like to worry, and eternal damnation is just one more thing they get to worry about."

She kept on talking, telling me all about her childhood years, going all the way back to her birth. I learned lot about growing up in Tuscumbia, Georgia, population two-hundred. It sounded like a totally different country, from many decades ago.

Yet all the while, she kept on either squeezing my cock with her cunt or churning and grinding on it. The key was that she kept at it with the perfect low level of intensity. We were able to easily continue our conversation, and neither of us got tired out (especially me, since I hardly had to move), yet we both rode a very nice and pleasurable erotic high the entire time.

Plus, since her body was right there, I had a field day running my hands all over her. We'd occasionally kiss too, but we didn't do that much because there was so much to talk about.

I'm not sure how long we talk-fucked like that because I lost all track of time, but it had to have been at least half an hour since she'd first sat on my lap. And we could have kept on like that much, much longer, except the front door opened.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Markgr, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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