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Chapter 46

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The door swung open. It was Mindy. She was fiddling with the key in the door while also trying to hold a large cardboard box. While she was doing that, she happened to look our way (probably due to our fucking sounds), and she very nearly dropped the box in surprise.

However, I have to give her credit. Lately, I'd noticed that she seemed to get some sort of thrill out of pretending like my fucking another woman was such a routine event that it barely deserved mentioning. Sure enough, she quickly recovered from her shock and walked into the living room carrying the box without saying a thing about the way I was fucking Sue Ellen. The only hint to her true mood was her smirky smile about a mile wide.

Then she stopped and stared right at us. She seemed to be searching for the right thing to say, which in her case probably meant coming up with a good joke.

But before she could do that, Michelle walked through the open front door, also carrying a large box.

Shelle's reaction couldn't have been any more different. She took one look at what Sue Ellen and I were doing, and squealed, "Oh my GOD! Check it out! How cool is THAT?!" I hope there wasn't anything valuable in the box, because she dropped it to the ground with a crash and a thud, and then raced past Mindy to us, nearly knocking her mother over along the way in her haste.

It seemed that the closer Michelle got, the larger her eyes grew. She was on us in a flash. I couldn't really see what happened next, since Sue Ellen's body was in the way, but I gathered that Michelle knelt behind Sue Ellen, put her hands on Sue Ellen's hips, and then buried her face in her ass for good measure!

Poor Sue Ellen was forced to bring her body's bouncing to a near standstill, for fear of hurting Michelle. I saw some strange looks on Sue Ellen's face, ranging from surprised to puzzled to aroused, and I could only guess what Michelle was doing to her ass to cause those expressions. Then Sue Ellen giggled, and said, "That tickles!" redoubling my desire to know what was happening.

But before I could ask, Ruby came in through the still-open front door. She was holding a large box as well. She took one look at what Sue Ellen and Michelle were doing, also threw her box down, and took off like a shot for us.

Mindy was prepared this time. She grabbed Ruby's arm before Ruby could build up much speed, and then practically tackled her to halt her progress. "Hey! Hey! Hold your horses! Did you ask your master if you could join in first?"

Ruby didn't reply, but that took the wind out of her sails.

Mindy barked, "And that goes double for you, Michelle! Come here this instant! Or, if Dan doesn't spank you, I will! And I'm talking about a HARSH spanking!"

I was surprised by my wife's behavior. It wasn't unheard of for her to take a hard line like this, but it was unusual, especially lately. It was a welcome change from her "anything goes" cucquean attitude.

By this time, Sue Ellen had propped herself up on me so that a few inches of my boner were outside of her hot cunt. She'd obviously done this in the "share the cock" spirit - Michelle was already eagerly licking our combined fluids directly off my hard-on, as well as lapping along Sue Ellen's puffy and splayed-open pussy lips. Sue Ellen started up her divine pussy squeezing moves again, as best she could in our current circumstances, while allowing Michelle's tongue to continue.

I heard Cindy say in a chiding tone, "Michelle, listen to your mother!" I hadn't realized Cindy had come in too, due to all the other distractions, but there she was standing near the door and still holding a box.

Michelle did pull her face away, only to peek around Sue Ellen's body and ask me, "Daddy, can I please kind of join in and help out?"

I was tempted to say yes, because I knew that would only lead to even greater sexual pleasures. Plus, I knew I only had a limited time to have fun with her before I laid down the hammer tomorrow. But I couldn't let my lust rule me.

So I said, "Sorry, no. You should have asked first. You can't just do whatever you want, whenever you want. I'm trying to break your bad habits so you can become the kind of wonderful, truly obedient slave you say you want to be."

But Michelle didn't seem that swayed. She stood up, and Ruby walked over and joined her. They both just stared at me with sad puppy-dog eyes, hoping that would get me to change my mind.

I wasn't going to give in that easily. Plus, they probably would have been more successful striking sexy poses. In fact, I'd seen them either naked or in revealing "clothes" such as see-through nighties so often lately that it was downright odd for me to see them fully dressed in normal clothes.

Ruby asked, "Master, could I help you, please? You just said we needed to ask first, and I'm asking first."

Before I could answer that, Mindy stepped between me and the girls and said, "Honey, I've had an idea that could make everyone happy. You haven't eaten any lunch yet, have you?"

I realized with a start, "As a matter of fact, I haven't." It occurred to me that I'd been so preoccupied with either talking or sexual fun that I'd completely forgotten about lunch.

Mindy said, "Remember in the middle of your five-on-one sexstravaganza, I said that we'd feed your lunch right into your mouth while you continued to get pleasured? Well, the situation has slightly changed, but that could still be the plan. The Gruesome Twosome and Cindy can take turns feeding you while you keep on fucking Sue Ellen."

All this pleasure must have been corrupting me, since I wasn't exactly opposed to that. I still didn't see how this would make everyone completely happy even if I knew the girls took being cock slaves seriously. But who was I to complain? However, what was Mindy getting out of this? I asked her, "And what will you be doing?"

"Basking. You know how much I love to bask in cucquean glory. Plus, someone has to make your lunch and bring it to you."

I stammered, "But that's, that's... that's so... decadent!"

Even as I said that, Sue Ellen switched from her pussy squeezing to lightly churning her hips and bouncing on me.

Mindy beamed. "That's true. It's gloriously decadent. Not to mention, grossly unfair!"

"It is," I agreed. "But why do I get the sense from all the smiles in the room that everyone seems to like that?"

Mindy looked to the others to help explain, so it would be clear she wasn't putting words in their mouths.

Ruby took a step closer to me, and said, "Daddy, we know you and love you, in part BECAUSE of your flaws, not despite them. And you're adorably slow to adjust. Yes, lots of things we do are 'unfair.'" She made mocking air quotes with her fingers. "But so what? We love it, you love it - everyone is a winner. So what's the problem?"

Cindy stepped up and asked me, "Would it be wrong for you to give a gift if you felt like you were having too much fun giving it?"

I muttered, "Well, no, but... I really don't see... How is that relevant?" It was hard for me to think, since Sue Ellen was going at it with increasing vigor. She was rotating her hips over my cock like she was churning butter.

Mindy clapped her hands. "Okay, girls. Let's take a fifteen-minute break from the moving. Ruby, you can feed him first. The food isn't ready yet, but get naked and help prep him. Everyone else, to the kitchen."

"Yippee!" Ruby rushed back to the front door, probably to get the high heels she kept there.

I said, "Wait a second. I'm only willing to take this 'Master' stuff so far. I insist on helping with the moving."

Mindy looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Oh, you will, don't worry. But everybody's gotta eat, including big-cocked masters. Once you're done, I've got lots of actual work for you to do."

So that's the way things happened. I did get fed while I fucked! Sue Ellen churned and bounced on my boner with continually impressive energy and dexterity, and Ruby had me suckle on her nipples and generally fondling her nude body. We kept doing that until the food came.

Then Ruby got into rubbing her big tits on me and kissing me everywhere but on my mouth. Of course my mouth was off limits because Cindy had the job of putting bite-sized pieces of sandwich right into my mouth. Before long, Michelle joined in too.

I lost track of who was doing what after that, because it was kissing and fondling and body parts everywhere, and all the while the fucking and my feeding continued. It was a good thing that we had the strong Dream Chair, because all of them seemed to be sitting on me, or the chair, or both.

I certainly had never experienced a meal like that one! What blew my mind was the likelihood that this kind of thing could happen a lot more in the future! Wow!

I was having such a great time that I completely forgot to fight the urge to cum. As a result, I had a big orgasm, shooting my cum deep into Sue Ellen's vagina.

The others moaned and caressed me all over until I was completely and utterly drained of every last vestige of cum.

Mindy clapped.

I'd lost track of her, but I looked around and saw her sitting in a nearby seat. She was fully dressed, but her skirt was hiked up so high that I figured she'd just had her hand at her crotch.

She said, "Bravo! Good show, everybody! But our man has both eaten his lunch and busted a nut, so it's time to get back to work. Come on, we've got a lot of moving to do. That includes you, Honey."

What a comedown. Everyone moaned and groaned unhappily, probably including me. But it wasn't long until we were all fully dressed and ready for serious work.

The next hour and a half was fairly uneventful for me. I was recruited to move the "big stuff" from the McGrath house that no one else wanted to move. It turned out we did move some furniture after all.

For the really big stuff, I used Sue Ellen to help me. Not only was she the fittest of all the girls, if only by a slim margin, but I didn't want to be near Michelle or Ruby, since whenever I was they would stare at me with wanton desire. They knew their "amnesty" time was ticking, and that made them even more eager than usual. Plus, it was dangerous having them look at me like that while we were out in the street.

Because I was doing the most difficult tasks, I worked up a heavy sweat, much more so than any of the others. There were a couple pieces of unusually shaped furniture that didn't fit into our minivan (a.k.a. the Pussymobile), so Sue Ellen and I had to carry them the entire way down the street. After doing the last such trip, I was ready for a break.

Standing just inside my front door, I said to Sue Ellen, "Come on, Cupcake, let's get a drink."

Mindy came in just after us, carrying a box. She put it down, and said, "Sure, go ahead and do that. But, Honey, you might want to take a longer break than that. Sue Ellen, when do you have to go to work?"

Sue Ellen was sweaty too. She wiped her face with a cloth as she said, "Oh, about an hour or two from now. It's not fixed. The Bat... sorry, I mean Sonia, let me clip off both ends of my shift on the assumption that it wouldn't be that busy during those times. But if I push my luck on the way in, she'll be less likely to let me go early after the dinner rush."

Mindy responded, "As you know, coming back here in the evening is much, much more important, so you don't want to push your luck like that. I say we don't need any more of your help with the moving today. We've completely emptied your apartment, since there wasn't much there in the first place, and you helped Dan move all the big stuff from Cindy's place."

Sue Ellen nodded.

My wife looked to me. "Soooo... that leaves us enough time for a nice sexy spanking session that Sue Ellen can take part in! What do you think?"

I said, "That kind of throws me for a loop, since I'd been planning to do that in the late afternoon, after all the heavy moving is done. I'm sweaty and tired, and it'll just get worse."

Mindy said, "But all the heavy moving IS done. We have everything in this house, and in the right rooms. Next comes the more time-consuming task of organizing and decorating. Normally, I'm all for women's equality, not counting you enslaving nearly every sexy woman you come across, of course..." - she smirked with obvious amusement - "but that's one area where men should NOT tread. Especially YOU." She poked me in my chest. "If I left it up to you, our room would be 'decorated' with blank walls, and most of your clothes would end up on the floor."

I grinned. "Guilty as charged. Plus, I'd make the world's worst interior decorator." I thought out loud, "I'm trying to think of reasons why we can't do the spanking now, but I'm coming up blank. And if we do it now, Sue Ellen can take part."

Sue Ellen raised both her fists up to her shoulders and gave them a few joyous pumps. "Yeay!" Seeing her radiant face made me feel so good that I wanted to give her a hug, so I did, sweat and all.

I hadn't noticed that Michelle or Ruby were nearby, but I found out when they closed in from behind and turned my hug with Sue Ellen into a group hug. They didn't say anything, but it seemed that was because they were so overcome with emotion.

I thought about saying, "Geez! Why does everyone get so passionate about a simple spanking? We need to dial it down a notch or two." But I decided to keep my thoughts to myself. Today was amnesty day after all, a day to have fun and let it all hang out.

Now that the spanking was about to happen, Mindy got busy organizing it. We settled into the living room, since Mindy had replaced our coffee table with one that was the perfect size and height for spanking.

Mindy and Cindy told me they weren't keen on being spanked themselves, since they had to work tomorrow and that meant sitting most of the day. As Mindy put it, "That's not exactly fun after a good spanking." But they were keen to watch and otherwise take part.

I thought getting the spanking started would be simple and quick. But I was wrong. Sue Ellen and I were particularly sweaty, so we went to the bathroom to shower and freshen up. It was fun sharing a shower with my sexy Cupcake. However, I was tired and I knew others were waiting on us, so we actually were fairly quick and efficient getting clean. Still it was much more enjoyable for me to clean Sue Ellen and have her clean mean than to take a shower by myself.

Plus, a nice bonus was that by the end of the shower, I felt reenergized and aroused.

Then, as soon as everyone was gathered near the "spanking table" in the middle of the living room, Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen shot off like a rocket out of the room in one direction, and Mindy hustled away in another direction.

That left me with Cindy, so I asked her, "What's going on?"

Her eyes twinkled knowingly. "You'll see."

I sighed. "Let me guess. You all have been talking with each other and making big, sexy plans on how a spanking should be properly conducted."

"Yep! Although I understand this next idea was yours." She nodded towards the entrance to the kitchen and dining room area.

I turned around and saw Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen naked and crawling on all fours, coming my way! Be still my beating heart, that's a truly inspirational sight! The entrance was just wide enough for all three of them to crawl through side by side.

My jaw hung wide open without me thinking about it. I theatrically pushed it shut with my hand, as if that was the only way to stop it from dropping all the way to the floor. My dick had gotten half-hard with Sue Ellen in the shower, but now it got as stiff as it could possibly get. I whispered in awe, "My God...!"

Cindy straightened herself with pride at her sister slaves. "They really are something, aren't they? I can't even feel jealous over their perfect bodies right now because I'm so happy for them. And that was genius, coming up with the 'crawling to the spanking' idea."

"Thanks," I muttered.

"Are you going to keep that tradition going?"

"Hell yeah!" Like Cindy, I was still fully dressed. My dick was throbbing needfully. For some reason, I didn't think to take my shorts off or even unzip my fly, maybe because the sight of my three teen slaves crawling had pretty much short-circuited my brain. My heart was pounding and my entire body was tingling with anticipation.

Right about then, Mindy came back into the room. Clearly, she was tickled pink to see the three girls nude and crawling on all fours, which was even more stunning since she remained fully dressed too. She couldn't take her eyes off of them, but I think she got a kick out of not saying anything about it, as if this kind of thing happened daily, and it wasn't worth mentioning.

Then it hit me: Once we resolve our power struggle, this CAN happen daily! In fact, it probably will! Whoa! There's a heady thought. I'll be able to get worked up spanking them, and then get release fucking them. As if I wasn't aroused enough already. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

Mindy had something behind her back. Standing right in front of me, she asked, "What are you planning on spanking the girls with, Honey?"

I replied, "To give my hands a break, I'm planning on using a ping pong paddle. I did that once, and it worked pretty well. Even though this is going to be a sexy spanking, I'm not planning on giving them limp-wristed love taps."

She said coyly, "You could do that... Or you could use THIS!" With a dramatic flourish, she pulled a paddle from behind her back and handed it to me.

I inspected the wooden paddle. It was a lot longer than my ping pong paddle. In fact, it was shaped much like a cricket bat, although it was considerably smaller than that. It was smooth on one side but it had a mirror image of the word "MASTER" carved in large letters on the other side. In fact, that entire side was filled with sexually-themed ornate carvings. I realized the word and some other things were mirrored so they'd show up the right way as indentions on the skin.

I said, "Hmmm. This is definitely better. I take it that it hurts more to get smacked with the 'Master' side?"

She was bubbling with anticipation as she answered, "I don't know, but let's find out! It'll leave a more interesting mark, I'll bet. But do you like it?"


All the women brightened at that. Michelle and Ruby even high-fived each other. They all started scrambling into action too. The table was just long enough for three teen girls to lean over it, side by side, so that's what Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen did. Mindy and Cindy meanwhile hastily shucked their clothes off.

I stood still in the middle of all the moment, and said, "Let me guess. This paddle dates back to the Dark Years, the time when my cutie Hellions decided they wanted to have sex with me, but they couldn't do anything about it just yet. I'll bet this paddle is filled with history and meaning."

Mindy raised an eyebrow. "That's very perceptive of you. How did you know?"

I spoke while staring at the carved side of the paddle. "It's pretty obvious from looking at these carvings. For instance, near the handle here I can see the outline of both Shelle and Ruby bent over and ready to be spanked, judging from the short spiky hair and huge boobs on this one and the long flowing hair and even huger boobs on this other one. Shelle, did you carve this?"

Michelle was face down on the table and the farthest from where I stood, so I couldn't see much of her other than her fantastic ass and her shapely back (since her blonde mane had fallen to the side). But she tried to turn her head my way, and said, "I did! How did you know?"

"That's easy, since you've always been the best artist in our bunch. Nice work! But I'm eager to get this show on the road."

Michelle held Ruby's shoulders and shook her, even as they both laid there. "Oh my God! He's going to use it! SPANKY!"

Ruby was ecstatic. "I know! Another part of the Dream is becoming real! All that time and effort we put into making it was soooo worth it! I'm so excited that I can't stand it!"

I grinned at their great enthusiasm. I took a step towards Sue Ellen, since her upturned ass was the nearest one to me.

However, my nude wife stood on the other side of the table looking slightly annoyed, with her hands on her hips. "What do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I waved the paddle in the air.

She gesticulated emotionally, "You can't start your spankings like that! For one thing, you're not even naked! We all love it when you demonstrate your power over us by forcing us all to strip while you stay clothed, but there reaches a point when it's downright criminal if you don't at least whip your cock out, and that point is now!"

I chuckled. "Okay, already." I loosened my shorts and let them slide down my legs. That left me with just a T-shirt, since I no longer wore underwear.

That mollified Mindy some, but not totally. "That's more like it. But don't tell me you're going to spank them without your cock being pleasured in some way." She nodded to Cindy.

Cindy was standing just to my side, and she stepped closer.

I said, "Hold on. I've learned from trying it out that a blowjob during a spanking can be tricky, especially since I'm standing up."

Cindy said, "Master, Mindy and I were talking earlier. How 'bout trying to fuck while spanking?"

I shot her a skeptical look. "How would that work?"

"I'd be in front of you. You'd basically take me doggy-style, but I'd keep my head from blocking your view and you'd swing around me."

I shook my head. "That sounds even more problematic than a blowjob. Besides, I'm pretty antsy to get started, and I'm sure the girls are too. We'll try that out some other time, okay?"

Cindy dropped to her knees expectantly. "How about just a handjob then? You don't want your big cock to just bounce around untended. That would distress us all."

"Fine." But then I realized I was sounding arrogant, so I added, "And thank for being so thoughtful about attending to my pleasure."

She waved a hand dismissively. "Pshaw. We're your cock slaves. This is who we are. This is what we do. There's no need to thank us."

"Well, I'm going to thank you anyway. Just because I'm a master doesn't mean I have to be a rude bastard about it."

With that settled, and with Cindy's fingers slipping and sliding up and down my boner, I was finally able to get started. I positioned myself over Ruby's ass first, since she was right in front of me. "Okay, girls, today is indeed sexy spanking time, but just to make it a little more interesting, none of you are allowed to cum until I say so."

Michelle's head popped up. "NONE of us?"

"None of you. And you can't touch yourself either, whether it's your turn or not."

She asked pleadingly, "What if we beg for mercy?"

I shrugged as if I couldn't care less. "Who knows? You can try, and maybe you'll get lucky. You're free to beg and scream as much as you like, of course."

I found it cute that the three girls held hands with each other for emotional support in response to that.

I didn't announce how many smacks I was going to give each girl, since this was my first time using my special paddle, and I didn't know how much each smack would hurt. We just got right to it, with Ruby saying her traditional line each number (the smack number plus "thank you, Master, may I please have another?").

I wasn't in any particular hurry though, since this was a sexual spanking and the point was to take time and enjoy it. It was nice that Cindy knelt to the side of me and stroked my cock. Not only did it feel great, she also helped a lot to get Ruby more aroused by rubbing my cockhead against her ass, thighs, and especially her pussy lips.

Cindy wasn't shy about talking, either. For instance, as she slowly dragged my cockhead up and down Ruby's labia, she purred at Ruby, "It's too bad you still have your hymen, or I'd be tempted to poke this in a little bit. Or maybe I should anyway? What do you think, Ruby? Do you want your Daddy's big huge cock to spear right in and tear your hymen apart? Do you want to be fucked like a good, obedient cock slave deserves to be fucked by her master?"

Cindy seemed to delight in poking a finger into Ruby's anus repeatedly at the same time.

She was doing such a good job of arousing Ruby while also keeping me very horny by the way she was stroking me that, frankly, she didn't leave me that much to do except spank. It was like she had three hands!

However, I realized there was a lot I could do after all. I had a great time running my hand all over Ruby's body. Plus, with Sue Ellen lying next to Ruby so close that their hips were actually touching, I got busy fingering her pussy and generally heating her up in anticipation for her turn. The three girls were so close that at times I even managed to reach across Sue Ellen and play with Michelle some.

The net result was that all three girls were soon whipped into a near frenzy of erotic arousal. It wasn't long before all three of them were begging for permission to cum, even Michelle, despite the fact that I'd barely touched her yet.

Michelle very vocally regretted the fact that she was last in line to get spanked, because she didn't think she'd even last through all of Ruby's turn.

I decided that she had a point. So, after giving Ruby fifteen smacks, I told her I'd be back to finish the job and then moved to spanking Sue Ellen in the middle. This was much better, because now I could easily access Ruby and Michelle as well. Cindy also got into the spirit, and started playing with Ruby a lot (Ruby's ass was practically in her face) while continuing to stroke my cock.

The five of us were having a grand time. The only one who seemed to be missing out was Mindy. She just sat on a nearby sofa watching.

That surprised me, because I thought she'd do more. Certainly she would masturbate, at the very least, especially since she was buck naked. But she just kept on watching.

So I paused from spanking Sue Ellen to ask, "Sweetheart, what the heck? Don't you want to get involved?"

"No thanks. You know me. I'm happy just to bask."

I rolled my eyes. "You've been doing a lot of basking lately. Too much, if you ask me. Why not get more involved? You'll have more fun, I promise you."

She pondered that, and then said, "What if I take some pictures? That'll be fun. Besides, this is a historic event that needs to be documented, since it's the first time with Spanky!"

I raised an eyebrow. "'Spanky?'"

"Oh, didn't we mention that? That's the name of your paddle." She smirked happily.

It occurred to me that Michelle had used that name a couple of minutes ago to refer to the paddle, but I'd misheard her and thought she'd said "spank me."

I sighed. "Why do I have this feeling that you all planned everything out years ago, and you're only revealing things to me bit by bit?"

Her smirk grew. "Because that's exactly how it is! We couldn't reveal everything at once, or you'd be overwhelmed. We're just doing our best to help you adjust."

I rolled my eyes again. "Gee, thanks."

I wanted to complain some more. I felt like I was a puppet in their play. But then I looked down and I saw Cindy rubbing my cock against Sue Ellen's pussy while stroking my shaft at the same time. (Since I'd fucked Sue Ellen already, Cindy wasn't afraid to poke it into her an inch or two, driving Sue Ellen absolutely wild.) "Spanky" was resting on Sue Ellen's back, because I was playing with Ruby's clit with one hand and fondling Michelle's ass cheeks with my other hand. It all felt so fantastic that I don't know how I could have felt any better if I'd somehow managed to fuck Cindy's cunt, as she'd suggested.

This is a constant problem. I feel like a puppet, yet everything they do makes me more happy and horny than any man ever has a right to be. So how can I get mad? God, I'm feeling so high right now that I could reach up and touch the stars! Should I demand we do something else just as a matter of principle? That seems like an asshole-ish thing to do.

Fuck it! I'm not going to worry about it right now. Tomorrow, everything is going to change anyway. A week from now, I'm sure I'll be looking back and wishing I could be right here. So I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest while I still can!

I didn't really change what I was doing after that, but I had a better attitude, and that made my already great enjoyment even greater still. My frustration over my power struggles had been building up and up, but I somehow managed to let that go, for now.

Mindy also seemed to be in a great mood, without a care in the world. She soon came back with a digital camera, and she took pictures of us all from every conceivable angle. She seemed to get a particular kick out of close-up shots of the girls in the throes of simultaneous ecstasy and agony. And she'd been quiet when she'd been just sitting there, but she became quite vocal.

For instance, as she snapped pictures of Michelle's face from only a foot or so away, she said, "Honey, I wish you could see this! Michelle is suffering so much. The sweat is pouring down her face and she's clenching her teeth like she's awake during an amputation! And you haven't even given her a single smack yet!"

I said, "That sounds bad. Should I-"

Michelle interrupted, "Daddy, don't you DARE! I can handle it! I'm STRONG! I'm NOT going to cum!" She growled, "Sue Ellen thinks she's a good slave? I'll show her! I'm gonna be the best motherfuckin' Daddy-fucking slave EVER!"

It's great that she says that. Now, if she could only follow through on being as good at obedience as she is at arousing me!

Mindy was all smirks and smiles. "You see? She's doing fine, Honey. Don't stop. She LOOKS like she's suffering, but really it's a delightful mixture of pleasure and pain. They live for this kind of thing. Look at how her entire body writhes with need... for you! For your cock! I'll bet if you stop caressing her juicy ass for a minute and touch her clit, she's gonna explode like a supernova!"

Michelle screamed, "NO! DON'T! I... I can't... That would be too much! Please!"

And so we continued. Before long, Mindy wasn't just taking photos, she was teasing and touching the girls in unexpected places. Not much longer after that, she put the camera down and devoted all her attention to saying sexually arousing things and wantonly fondling the girls.

I enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to say anything to push Mindy along, at least once she got started. Clearly, her resistance to bisexual fun was breaking down.

Cindy also never stopped saying sexually arousing things too, and the three girls were generally either panting, or squealing, or begging, or out-and-out screaming. As a result, I hardly had a chance to get a word in edgewise. But I didn't need to. There wasn't anything I could say to raise the arousal level, since it had already blown the roof off.

Michelle was trying so very hard not to cum without permission that I didn't want her to feel like she'd "failed" the spanking. So I gave her the first fifteen smacks in quick order while taking it easy on fondling her pussy or clit. All the while she'd been pleading and begging for permission to cum. Once she said her line after the fifteenth smack, I announced, "Girls, when I say 'now,' all three of you are allowed to cum. ... NOW!"

It was a good thing we live on a large property, because the resulting scream-fest was so loud that I had to plug my ears. I very nearly came in sympathy, especially since Cindy seemed to have that in mind when she took my cock in her mouth and fervently bobbed on it.

But I held out, because I figured the spanking was only half-finished. I'd told both Ruby and Sue Ellen I was only halfway done when I'd ended their turns. I figured I "owed" each of them another fifteen smacks.

The only problem was, they'd cum so intensely already, how could I possibly top that?

I decided not to worry about it and to just keep on keeping on. The goal was for everyone to have fun, after all, and not set sexual records.

Once we got started again, it was all gravy. The girls were allowed to cum whenever they liked, and cum they did! Mindy, Cindy, and I constantly fondled them all over, especially their highly sensitive clits and labia, keeping them in a state of near-constant orgasmic joy. Even Mindy and Cindy had some powerful orgasms of their own.

To show how crazy things got, at one point my erection was partly inserted in Sue Ellen's sopping wet cunt, and just for fun Mindy and Cindy French kissed with their chins resting on my boner. I loved it!

In fact, I very nearly came while that happened. But I decided it wasn't "fair" to cum in Sue Ellen. Instead, I had Min and Cin back off, and I took a step back too. Then I blasted my load onto Ruby's ass, Sue Ellen's ass, and Michelle's ass, all in a line. I had enough cum to "paint" their asses with a "second coating" before my penis finally gave out.

We were all worn out after that. I found a sofa nearby and collapsed on it. Then Mindy collapsed on me, and then Cindy collapsed on the both of us, but I was fine with that. They were too tired to do anything but close their eyes and cling to me for support.

The girls were a different story. I thought they would have been the most exhausted of all, since they had "endured" a lot more sexual arousal than Mindy or Cindy, or probably even myself. But they only lay across the table for another minute or two before Michelle said, "Do you know what just happened?! Our asses... asses... They've been SPERMED!"

With that, the three of them started squealing and screaming with glee. It wasn't long before they were all standing up and checking each other out.

Ruby knelt near both Sue Ellen's and Michelle's asses, and said, "Oh. My. God! FOUR cherry red ass cheeks covered with Daddy cum! And he spanked us with Spanky! I'm so happy I could cry!"

Michelle commanded, "Let me see! Let me see! I have to know if any of Spanky's special designs can be seen on us!" Then it was Michelle's turn to kneel down for a close look while the other two stood.

Mindy surprised them by saying, "You know, there's a floor-length mirror on the backside of the downstairs bathroom door. AND, I left the camera on that sofa over there."

The three teens grabbed the camera and rushed out of the room without even saying a word. They were too busy giggling and squealing.

Us "old fogies" were recovering somewhat, even as we remained sprawled all over each other (and mainly sprawled on me).

Cindy said with amusement, "Master, there they go without so much as even a thank you for all your yummy cum. Boy, I wish I had that kind of youthful exuberance."

Mindy groaned hungrily. "Mmmm. I'll bet they'll lick each other clean. Right off each other's burning red ass cheeks! I wish I had the energy to go and see that."

"Well, I'm sure they'll show you some nice photos of it later," Cindy pointed out.

"That's true. Those'll have to go in the book."

What book? Sheesh. Let me guess. Something else that's been kept from me for years. It must be some erotic photo album the Hellions have been keeping. Figures. Soon, Min and I are going to have a long talk about how keeping secrets can destroy trust in a marriage.

There was a long silence before Mindy added, "God, that was more fun than seeing King Dong destroy downtown Manhattan! Daniel, you really outdid yourself this time. How are you going to top that with Cindy's ceremony tonight?"

Cindy playfully poked at my side. "You'd better, Mister!"

My two women chuckled at that.

I protested, "I didn't mean to. Honest! I thought we'd have a fairly normal spanking. It's just that the three of them are so highly..." - I groped for the right word - "...orgasmic."

I added to myself, And prohibiting them from cumming played a big role in that, I'm sure. I know it may not be original at all, but I'll bet that if I prohibit Cindy in the same way tonight, she'll have the biggest orgasms of her life.

Actually, this sex stuff is super easy. I've heard about women who have great trouble reaching even one climax, but I've never had that trouble with Min. And now, with more women getting involved, they feed off each other's sexual energy, to the point that sometimes they're primed to cum before I even touch them! I'm such a lucky bastard.

God, life is good! Now, I just need to claim my master title for real, and I will truly be the happiest man on Earth. That means hard times ahead for a while. But I think today's spanking is going to help with that. After we're neck-deep in our sex battles, I'll bet the Gruesome Twosome will look back on this spanking so longingly that it'll weaken their resolve. This is what they crave, and this is what I can give them, daily, if they'd only behave!

Michelle came stomping back in from the bathroom to where Mindy, Cindy, and I were still sprawled out on a sofa and recovering. Her fists were clenched and her eyes were narrowed in an angry glare. "Daddy, I'm so pissed at you that I can't put it into words!"

I grinned widely. Any outsider would have thought that she was mad as hell, but since I knew her so well I could somehow tell that she was more pretend-angry. Besides, she was still gloriously naked but for high heels, and the sight of her like that would put a smile on any straight man's face. I asked, "What did I do this time?"

She growled as she came closer, "You made me cum so hard and so much that I feel like I'm completely de-boned! I'm like a wet noodle. It's a miracle I'm even standing!"

Sue Ellen and Ruby followed her into the room too. They were a ways behind, and looking fantastic in nothing but high heels too. Ruby commented to Michelle, "You know what would feel even more killer than being de-boned by Daddy? Being simply BONED by Daddy!"

Michelle growled some more, like a vicious wolf. "Don't even say that! I'm so orgasmed out that I can't even allow myself to fantasize what it would be like to be completely filled by him. Anyway, Daddy, don't deny it!"

She pointed aggressively at me. "This was some kind of clever plot on your part, wasn't it? Ruby and I were hoping to jointly titfuck, lick, and suck your cock for the rest of the afternoon, to take advantage of our limited amnesty time. But you've got me too tired. Heck, I can barely stand! And then you lay there with Mom and Cindy draped all over you, looking like the Grand Emperor of the Orgies, and just thinking about that makes me so fucking horny that I want to pleasure the King even MORE, but I can't do it! ARGH!"

She stomped her foot in frustration, setting off a nice bouncy titty display.

I couldn't stop grinning as I watched Michelle's jutting torpedoes slowly wobble back into place. I muttered to Mindy, "'Grand Emperor of the Orgies?' Is there an elaborate back story to that one too?"

"Honestly, no. That's the first time I heard it. I like it though." Min smirked with glee.

Michelle stomped her foot again, setting off another particularly delightful tit-quake. "You're not taking me seriously! This is a MAJOR problem! Who knows what'll happen tomorrow?! Every minute we're not slurping and gagging on your fat cock is a minute wasted!"

Ruby stepped forward. She also was trying to look angry, but she was much less convincing. "And I'm mad at you too, Daddy. In addition to what Michelle just said, now you've got me loving you and wanting you even more than before!" She raised her hands above her head and let them flop down with seemingly genuine frustration.

Mindy, Cindy, and I had a good chuckle at that, and even Ruby had to grin. I joked, "I'll try to clamp down on that kind of thing before it gets out of hand. What about you, Cupcake, have I done anything to upset you too?"

Sue Ellen didn't look like the kind of person who could ever get mad at anyone, ever. She put on an angry face, but it was a comically and endearingly inept acting job. She put her hands on her hips too. "Yeah! As a matter of fact. Before you came into my life, I'd never even thought about wanting to get spanked. But if you didn't hook me on them before, you sure did after that!"

I pretended to be cowed by all the anger. "My apologies. I have clearly wronged you all. Please turn around so I can see the shameful result of my dastardly deed."

There were big smiles on their faces as they turned, since they knew I was just joking around.

I loved how the three of them didn't simply turn around as they stood there standing in a line. Without a word being said, they somehow all knew to stand further apart from each other and spread their legs straight. Then they all put their hands on their knees and bent forward provocatively. Their high heels helped make sure their legs remained straight and taut, and incredibly sexy.

But as great as their legs looked, the visual highlight was the sight of their reddened ass cheeks. Mindy and Cindy both actually sat up with rapt attention to get a better look. Despite the fact the three girls were nicely tanned all over, and in Michelle's case deeply tanned, the redness from their spankings was impossible to miss.

I noticed there was no trace whatsoever of the cum I'd splattered over their three butts. Did they wash that off in the bathroom, or smear it in, or even lick each other clean? I was honestly afraid to ask, for fear that I would get too aroused again when my body couldn't handle it.

I heard Min quietly gasp in awe, "Good GOD! What a sight!"

Michelle reached back and sensuously yet gingerly ran her hands over her ass cheeks. "Mom and Cindy, look at what our mean master did to us! Big-titted teen slaves like us deserve to be spanked AND fucked, but he only spanked us. He's such a meanie!"

Mindy asked, "So, how did using Spanky work out for you?"

Ruby and Sue Ellen started carefully caressing their asses too. Ruby answered, "Great! We noticed in the bathroom that if you look really close, sometimes you can see the imprints of some of the carvings. For instance, I have most of the word 'MASTER' stamped on my left ass cheek. At least I hope I still do. I wonder how long it'll last?"

Mindy and Cindy were so fascinated that they quickly found themselves getting off the sofa and kneeling behind Ruby. Mindy exclaimed as she closely examined her red cheeks, "Ohmigod! It IS there! I love it!"

I was tempted to get up and take a good look too, but then I noticed a clock in the room. I asked, "Sue Ellen, what time did you say you should go to work?"

She quickly glanced at the same clock, and gasped. "Oh no! I should leave now!"

That led to a flurry of activity from everyone that broke up the ass inspection. Since Sue Ellen had to shower and change, I made it clear that everyone else needed to clean up and change too, including myself. We were all so wiped out from the spanking session that I highly doubted much more moving would get done today, at least not any heavy lifting, so it was time to take care of our sweatiness.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Markgr, Johnny Galt, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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