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Chapter 47

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I took my shower alone. That gave me time to finalize some ideas about a new tradition that I'd been mulling over recently. I figured that this time was as good as any to establish it and get it started.

I'd made it clear that I was going to formally say good-bye to Sue Ellen at the front door, so everyone gathered at the foyer to see what I was going to do.

Sue Ellen was already fully dressed in her waitress outfit. I held my hands out and said to her, "Underwear, please."

I got a big kick out of doing that, especially since it made Sue Ellen beam like the Sun and shiver all over. She quickly pulled her panties and bra off from under her clothes. The bra came off quickly. Since her uniform was a dress, she was able to easily pull her panties down her legs and step out of them. Then she handed her undies to me while bowing slightly, "Yes, Master!"

I commanded, "Okay, take off the rest of your clothes while you're at it."

She did so with another "Yes, Master," but there was confusion on her face since this deviated from the tradition, and she knew we didn't have much time for hanky panky.

Once Sue Ellen was nude, I looked around at everyone and said, "Okay, I have an announcement, so please pay attention. I know most of you are keen on the idea of wearing collars, but I have a problem with that. Namely, I love this harem so much that I don't want to put it at risk, and having you wear collars would be suspicious in the extreme. I mean, hello? Even two of my own daughters wearing collars all the time? Could anything be a more obvious clue? And don't tell me some of you could wear collars and not others. That would create more discontent than no collars at all."

It seemed like each woman was about to say something to disagree with me, but I held a hand up and silenced them all. "It's possible that, maybe, down the line, we could experiment with some limited version of that, or something like that. For instance maybe some collars just at home. But let's not push our luck with it now. And no, I'm not open to persuasion, so don't even try."

I continued on a more positive note, "However, it occurred to me that what's really important isn't the object itself so much as the symbolism. That's why I'm going to give underwear a whole new meaning."

I held up Sue Ellen's bra and panties. "Look at these. What do you think they are?"

Nobody said anything because they figured it was a trick question of some sort.

I said, "Sure, they're underwear. But let's look at it in another way. I shall call them your 'Silken Bondage.' And yes, I'm capitalizing that like a proper noun, since people here seem curious about that kind of thing. The way it works is like this. Your bodies belong to me and only me. No other man is allowed to touch you, ever!"

A rapt Michelle asked, "What about the stinky boys you want us to kiss?"

"That will be addressed tomorrow. For now, fuck those boys! You belong to me!"

That passionate declaration resulted in a lot of happy faces and even some raised fists.

I went on, "Now, inside this house, there's no problem. You can run around nude or dressed in something sexy to your heart's content. But when you go outside, I want my precious slaves protected, because you're mine! Thus, I'm going to put Sue Ellen into her Silken Bondage now, before she leaves this house, to remind her that I own her." I held her underwear up.

She asked eagerly, "So, are you saying that my undies are kind of like shackles and chains, symbolizing that I'm forever enslaved to you, and that I live to love you and serve you and your big cock?!"

"That's exactly what I'm saying."

"Well, tie me to a pig and roll me in mud! Master, that's the best idea ever! I swear, I was just thinking what a bummer it was going to be having to go to work and act and dress like a normal, non-enslaved person. Wearing a bra in particular is a total drag. But now, it's all different!"

I handed Sue Ellen's underwear to Mindy, since she was standing next to me, and held Sue Ellen's hefty tits from below. I told her, "Think of your bra as my hands. I'll be constantly holding you, fondling you... possessing you..."

Sue Ellen closed her eyes and briefly bit her lip. "Oh! Master! Don't say that! Please don't say that, or my panties are gonna be wet for my entire shift!"

Without being asked, she put her hands on top of her head and spread her legs straight and wide, as if offering her body up for my inspection.

I brought a hand down to her crotch. I gripped her firmly with my fingers reaching back towards her ass, as if I was about to try to lift her up from there. "Cupcake, speaking of your panties, imagine they're another hand of mine, a third hand, holding you kind of like this."

"MASTER!" She closed her eyes even tighter. She dropped her hands near the sides of her head and repeatedly clenched and unclenched her fists, apparently already on the verge of a climax.

Seeing her reaction, Cindy asked on her behalf, "Master, can you give her permission to cum, please?"

"Of course not," I said matter-of-factly. I told Sue Ellen, "At least, not until you get home and I release you from your Silken Bondage. Whenever you leave, I want to personally put you in your Bondage, and when you return I want to be the one to free you from it. If I'm not there or not awake or whatever, then I trust that my wife will do it for me in my name. And if she's not there, then my mistress Cindy. Does that sound suitable to you?"

Sue Ellen stared at me with big eyes, like I'd just offered to buy her a palace. "Um... definitely! So... much!" It looked like she was still struggling not to cum, but she managed to put her hands back on top of her head.

Michelle and Ruby immediately crowded up to me in their eagerness. I was glad they were fully dressed, for once, since I didn't want to get a boner from the way they were pressing against me. Yet, I couldn't stop myself from continuing to fondle Sue Ellen's boobs, now that I had my hands on them.

Michelle asked me very insistently, "This isn't JUST for Sue Ellen, right? This applies to us too, doesn't it? Right?! RIGHT?!"

I said cautiously, "It should... and it will... as long as you behave. If you're in my doghouse, which you will be once this amnesty is over, your undies will be ordinary undies you put on yourself, not Silken Bondage binding you to your master."

The two Hellions deflated. Clearly, they'd already bought into the symbolism I'd intended. I only put my Silken Bonds on good slaves.

Just to make sure they and everyone else got it, I emphasized, "I only put my Silken Bonds on my GOOD slaves. There's a lot more to being a good slave than just having lots of sexual fun."

Michelle and Ruby slumped even more, since they knew they'd been a lot more "naughty" than "nice."

Cindy asked with a surprising eagerness of her own, "Master, what about me? Or Mindy, for that matter? Are we too old for this?"

I brought a hand down to play with Sue Ellen's clit while my other hand continued to fondle her boobs. Then I told Cindy, "First off, you're not old, period. And secondly, it should apply to all slaves equally." I looked at Mindy. "As for you, Sweetheart, since you're both slave and wife, I guess it's up to you to decide which hat you want to put on in this case."

Mindy replied with smirky cluelessness, "Oh, gosh, do I have to wear a hat? I have this cute leopard skin pillbox hat I could go with, I suppose..."

I gave her an irritated look. "Please answer the question."

She got serious. "Sorry. I'm stalling for time, because I don't know. ... Wait, the answer has to be no, because I always get up earlier than you do. It would be too much of a bother for you to get up each morning just to put undies on me, and then go back to sleep again."

I said, "That could be a problem. I was already thinking that, with Cindy, you could be the one to bind her for your work day."

Michelle clapped her hands. "Oooh! 'Bind her.' I love the sound of that. I almost want to go to work right now, just so you could bind me!"

I gave her a funny look.

She pointed out, "I said 'almost.' God, I hate my job so much!"

As I continued to fondle Sue Ellen and drive her to the brink of orgasmic madness, I said to Mindy, "Sweetheart, why don't you think on it for a while? We don't have to decide anything right now. Maybe we'll be able to figure out a solution to the early-in-the-morning issue if we put our thinking caps on."

Mindy joked, "There you go again with wanting me to wear a hat. Am I having a bad hair day or something?" After that got a chuckle from me, she said, "But yeah, that's a good idea. Cindy and I will discuss it, for sure."

I went back to devoting my attention to playing with Sue Ellen. But even as I fondled her, I took her underwear back from Mindy and put them on in the most sensual manner I could manage, gliding my hands up her trembling legs. I could tell from the way she shivered and struggled to hold herself still for me that the sensual way my hands were touching her was really getting to her. Then I "bound" her breasts within her bra, which caused some fantastic heavy breathing! Finally, I let go and stood back.

Sue Ellen was obviously frustrated, since she still wasn't allowed to cum. Boy, that makes her look incredibly tempting. Hell, who am I kidding? She looks good enough to ravish within an inch of her life, just from standing there in her waitress uniform in front of me!

I said to her, as dispassionately as I could, "Take all that sexual energy you're feeling right now and hold it in. Let it suffuse your bound breasts and settle into your chastity belted belly and between your legs. You're in the firm grip of my Silken Bondage now. But save your feelings of desire up so that when I release you later tonight it'll all come bursting out, just in time for Cindy's ceremony."

Sue Ellen whispered with intense longing, "I can't wait! Master!"

Michelle and Ruby helped me put Sue Ellen's waitress uniform back on and make her look presentable for work. To my eye, she looked good enough to eat! I made sure not to continue fondling her that much, because I figured she was frustrated enough as it was. Besides, now that she was wearing panties, I didn't want them to get obscenely wet when she'd have to work in them.

Sue Ellen walked out the door to her car a short time later, after we'd all said our good-byes. I made sure to give her a big good-bye kiss before she left. I wanted to start a tradition of doing that too.

Once the front door closed, Michelle and Ruby turned to me. Ruby said, "Daddy, you're a genius! This whole Silken Bondage thing rocks! That said, it's still not as good as a collar."

Michelle added, "There's no reason why you can't do both, you know."

I rolled my eyes. "Geez. Some people are never satisfied. Anyway, today's the day for rest and relaxation. I don't know about you all, but between all the heavy lifting I did and the mind-blowing sexual fun, I'm ready for a nap."

Michelle looked at Mindy pleadingly. "Mom, please! Talk to him!"

Mindy was confused. But then she saw the needy looks on both Michelle's and Ruby's faces, and it dawned on her. "Ah. The girls are worried about their amnesty time slipping away."

She said to them directly. "This is a good lesson for you. You're Daddy's cock slaves now. You live to serve HIM, not the other way around. If a nap is what he wants, you have to respect that. There will be plenty of cocksucking time later on, I'm sure."

Mindy went on, "Besides, we still have plenty of work to do, and you're going to help out as MY worker bee slaves. We have a lot to do to get everything ready for Cindy's initiation tonight. And if that isn't enough to do, we've got a lot of boxes upstairs that need to be unpacked."

The girls sighed. Michelle griped, "Do you hear yourself? You snatch the jaw-breaking heaven of slobbering all over Daddy's thick cock-meat just out of reach, and replace that with the boring hell unpacking boxes. Bleagh!"

Ruby huffed, "It sounds like you're just keeping us too busy to lament our amnesty time slipping down the drain."

Mindy tapped her nose. "Spot on. You're too perceptive for your own good. But still, our man needs his rest, and you need your busy work. So let's get to it."

She looked to Cindy, who was just standing back and watching. "As for you, you might want to take a nap too, and rest up for your big night. But if not, I could use your help too."

Cindy shrugged. "I'm tired, but I'm feeling wired too, so I don't think I can sleep. Let me know what I can do."

Mindy led the way around a corner and out of sight. Cindy followed her like a normal person would, but Michelle and Ruby were draggy and mopey, with their heads hanging down.

I couldn't help but grin as I started up the stairs. Man, those two are something else. I love their passion for my dick. I thought it might just be the thrill of the new and the taboo, but clearly it's something much more deep-seated than that. I can't wait until our troubles are over and we'll be able to do a lot more than just titfucking and cocksucking. I'm gonna fuck them into next week every single day! And oh man, do they need it!!

As I lay down in my bed a minute later, it occurred to me, This Silken Bondage idea is not only an adequate substitute to having them wear collars outside the house, but it'll give me another arrow in my quiver to keep them in line for the long term. And that's key, because let's face it, it's not like they're suddenly going to become obedient overnight, no matter what I do in the near future.

I went to sleep right away, feeling good.

When I woke up, I felt even better. I could tell that I'd had a good, long rest. But it was more than that - I was feeling a wonderful sexual buzz. I didn't notice any movement at first. I even opened my eyes and didn't see anything or anyone. But then I sensed some more and realized that I definitely felt lips on my dick!

I took a closer look down my body and saw that the sheets and blankets were bunched up in such a way that one might notice at first glance that there were two bodies hidden underneath. I could guess well enough who they were, and I wanted to give them a surprise. So, with a dramatic flourish, I pulled the sheets all the way off.

Michelle and Ruby were suddenly and completely exposed in their naked glory. I sat all the way up, giving me a great view down to their classic deer-in-the-headlights guilty expressions. Ruby had been subtly sucking on my sweet spot while Michelle had all of one of my balls in her mouth. As a result, they couldn't exactly get in a less compromising position, or even say something in their defense.

I couldn't help but chuckle as I asked, "What do we have here?"

Michelle pulled off first, and said, "Sorry, Daddy. I guess we couldn't help ourselves. Mom sent us up here to check on you and, well, one thing led to another..."

I snickered a little more. "How did one thing lead to another? Did you trip and fall and find my privates in your faces somehow?"

Michelle still looked at me with near dread, fearful I might punish them. "Um, no, not exactly. It was more like, being good cock slaves, we wanted to check on the condition of your cock. And once we saw it was stiff, we couldn't help ourselves. Ruby suggested that if we were really quiet and careful about it, we could help give you pleasant dreams without waking you up."

Since Ruby already had my cockhead in her mouth, she started bobbing on it more vigorously. She let out a sort of muffled "Grrr!" sound while shooting Michelle an angry look. Clearly, she felt like she was unfairly taking the blame. But the urge to suck was stronger than the urge to pull off and explain herself.

I asked Michelle, "How long did I sleep?"

"Over an hour. Mom was hinting we might want to wake you up anyway. The only thing is that she doesn't want you wandering around and stumbling on our initiation preparations."

I nodded. That sounded like what Mindy would say. I considered the situation, and said, "Normally, I wouldn't be happy at you two being sneaky like this, but today is amnesty day and I was napping too long anyway. I'm gonna close my eyes and rest here for a little longer. If you two are mellow and restful at what you're doing, I'm not going to stop you."

Michelle hissed triumphantly, "Sweet!" Then she whispered to Ruby, "My turn again! You've been at it for five minutes, if not more!"

Ruby pulled her lips off and Michelle immediately took over. There was a loud, satisfied sigh as her lips slid down my shaft to just below my sweet spot.

Ruby lifted her head up and said, "Sorry, Daddy!"

But I kept my eyes closed and didn't reply, so she got busy licking my balls with a needy urgency.

I must have been more tired than I'd thought, because I drifted in and out of consciousness in a euphoric daze for a while. The girls did a perfect job of keeping me highly aroused, but not so close to cumming that I would have to consciously worry about it and maybe even clench my PC muscle.

Eventually, I roused myself some when I heard Mindy's voice in the room. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? Girls, I sent you to check on Dad ten minutes ago, if not more, and you never came back. I figured what must have happened, and sure enough!"

Michelle happened to be the one working on my balls while Ruby sucked steadily over my sweet spot, although they'd switched places several times. So it was up to Michelle to whisper, "Ssssh, Mom! He totally woke up and he's okay with it. He told us so."

Mindy lowered her voice, and spoke with less snark and more concern. "Is he awake now?"

Michelle whispered back, "I don't know. But he moans with pleasure a lot, and sometimes he tosses and turns a little bit. I think he's kind of halfway there."

I kept my eyes closed, but said, "I'm awake now, thanks."

I could hear Mindy standing a lot closer now, and she spoke in her normal voice, since she knew I was up. "Oh, good. And you fully approve?"

I gave her a thumbs up. But I added, "As long as they don't bring me too close to orgasm. But they're doing a great job so far."

"I'm glad." My eyes were still closed, but I could hear the smile in Mindy's voice. "You should have seen how they were for the last hour plus. They were a big help with the unpacking, but I swear, they were salivating and bouncing on their heels the entire time. Early on, I had to set a rule: no bugging me for permission to wake you up."

I chuckled at that. I reached down and idly ran hand through Ruby's spiky, short hair. "To be perfectly honest, I didn't know it was possible for any woman to be so into blowjobs. I mean, how can they get any enjoyment out of it even when their target is sleeping?!"

Mindy said knowingly, "You probably haven't noticed since your eyes are closed, but Michelle has her fingers on Ruby's pussy and Ruby has her fingers on Michelle's. They've probably been having nice little orgasms all along. That's why they only have one hand each on your cock and balls."

I laughed. "'Only!'"

"Hey, you're the master of a harem. Get used to it. Anyway, all amnesty days aside, you rocked their world so profoundly with that earlier spanking session that they have a strong desire to reciprocate. Right, girls?"

The girls only replied with agreeable moans, since their mouths were full with cock and balls respectively.

Mindy sighed with contentment. "Aaaah. What a beautiful sight. I'm tempted to just stand here and bask for a good long while."

I chuckled. "You're really into this basking thing lately, aren't you?"

"I am. These two have such unbelievably strong libidos that I swear I get tired just from watching them. I'm happy just to see them take care of you. Besides, they're both so HOT! I swear, if I was evil, I could make big bucks just filming this and putting it on the Internet, and they're hardly even moving. That's how good they look!"

I grinned. With my eyes still closed, I said, "Girls, beware of Cindy holding a video camera, because we all know she IS evil!"

Mindy joked, "Just because I have a fiendish plot to take over the world, that doesn't mean I'm evil. Sheesh. We mad scientist wives are so misunderstood. Anyway, I really COULD just stand here and stare all day, especially considering how Ruby looks. She's got her mouth stretched open about as wide as humanly possible, and yet she somehow has this totally blissed-out and contented look on her face, even with her eyes closed. It totally reminds me of how Michelle would look back when I was breast feeding her. Speaking of which, Michelle, you should have your Daddy suckle on your nipples. I'm sure both of you would love that."

Michelle was licking my balls, so she was able to say as she licked, "Oooh! Nice idea! But after my turn on his cock. Ruby's been hogging it for, like, five minutes now."

I could feel it when Ruby sheepishly pulled her lips off. "Sorry."

Michelle immediately took over and started bobbing on me with more vigor than on her last turn, since she knew I was fully awake now.

Ruby, by contrast, decided that my balls has been slathered in their saliva more than enough. She scooted up and started French kissing me.

That caused me to briefly open my eyes. I was startled to see such copious tears of struggle running down her cheeks. As we necked, I tried to wipe her face clean.

Mindy chuckled at that. "I've got a feeling this conversation is done. Girls, I had a few more chores for you to do, but you are Daddy's cock slaves, after all, and your 'work' here comes first. Remember Cock Slave Rule Number One. That comes before unpacking, don't you think?"

Neither girl was able to say "Pleasure the cock," because their mouths were full, but they nodded and moaned to indicate their full agreement.

Min added, "Indeed. Unpacking can always happen later, but your master's cock is stiff now. Just remember that you're NOT allowed to make him cum. We want his cock and balls practically bursting with sperm for tonight's ceremony."

The Hellions moaned in agreement again, though there was a hint of disappointment that time.

I moaned into Ruby's mouth too, but that was involuntary, due to the way Michelle surprised me with a novel move carefully scraping her teeth against the side of my shaft.

Mindy chuckled some more. "Yep, Dan, you're in good hands, and good mouths. But Michelle, what did I teach you? You have a free hand and you're not fondling his balls or his lower shaft?"

"Thorry," Michelle mumbled, while she got busy fondling my balls on top of her great oral work.

My wife said, "That's better. Okay, Honey, I'm going to go back downstairs and help Cindy with some stuff. Dinner will be ready in about half an hour. You might just want to stay in bed until then, but I have a suggestion: what if you take a bath instead? Our bathtub is big enough to fit three, if you catch my drift. Toodle-loo!"

I wouldn't have been able to see anything even if my eyes had been open, due to Ruby's face over mine, but I held a hand up and waved, hoping Mindy would notice.

She must have, because I heard her chuckle in response before she closed the door.

Mindy's bath idea was such a good one that I couldn't turn it down. Just a few minutes after Mindy left, Michelle, Ruby, and I continued our fun in the bathroom. Sure enough, the tub made a snug yet comfy fit for three.

With my dick under water, more blowjob action was pretty much out, even more so once the bubble bath bottle was opened. Instead, the relaxed and easy mood continued from before. There was some kissing and fondling, and there was always at least one of their hands pumping up and down my erection, but we had a nice time talking too.

I tried to keep the discussion on non-sexual matters, but that wasn't easy, since everything in our lives had seemingly turned sexual lately. I asked them how their secret 'big project' was going, and while they couldn't say much about it, they admitted that progress had stalled due to Nicky's visit and other distractions. I admitted that my writing had completely stalled in recent days too (as if they didn't know that already). I was tempted to tell them that starting tomorrow we'd all have plenty of time for non-sexual activities, but I didn't want to give anything away too soon.

At one point I asked, "So what's this about a book?"

"Book?" They asked at once.

"Yes, book. Just after today's spanking, Mindy took some photos of your sexy red asses and said, 'Those'll have to go in the book.' What book?"

"Oh, THAT book," Michelle replied slowly and sheepishly. But that's all she said, and she looked worried. I suspected she didn't know how to answer and was trying to stall for time.

"Yes, that book. Remember that I'm your master and your my slaves. It's your duty to be totally honest with me. Haven't we crossed the point when we can dispense with your secrecy and plotting? You won with your Plan, already! So I'll repeat: what's the story with that book?"

Ruby sighed heavily, and said to her sister, "I'm gonna tell him. He's right; he's our master. He deserves to know."

Michelle reluctantly nodded.

Ruby explained, "It's not a big deal. The Book is just a photo album. It documents our most photogenic moments in our long journey through the Dark Years toward the ultimate realization of our Plan and fulfillment of our Dream."

I said, "Red, somehow by the way you said the word, I take it the 'Book' is capitalized. Am I right?"

She nodded.

I made a slightly amused but also chagrined face. "You two are so dramatic when it comes to capitalizing words. The Book, the Dark Years, the Plan, and so on. Weird. Anyway, please tell me more about the Book. Can I see it?"

The two naked beauties sheepishly looked anywhere but at me. There was a prolonged silence while they continued to jointly jack me off underwater.

After an uncommonly long pause, Michelle said, "The thing is... it's kind of embarrassing. I mean, sure... most of the pictures are fine. I'd have no problem with you seeing them, especially since they're pretty much all sexy, and looking through them could help get your cock stiff and throbbing and then keep it that way."

I pointedly looked down to their joint handjob. "As if that's a problem when it comes to you two. Ever."

Surprisingly, the girls didn't even grin at that. Michelle added, "But there are some that I'd cringe at if you saw. You'd think that we're weird and obsessed."

"For instance?" I prodded.

"For instance... you'd find lots of pictures of us practicing and posing with our practice dildos. All the time we spent working on improving our blowjob technique... who does that? We probably ARE weird!"

I gently asked, "You mean the Dando?"

They gasped in shock. Ruby exclaimed, "You know all about our Dandos?!"

"Sure I do. I thought you knew that already. When you two sexy vixens started sucking my cock, I was struck right away at how good you were at it from the start, yet I'd been assured that you'd never practiced on any other real penises."

Ruby all but shouted, "NEVER! Don't even mention that as an idea!"

Michelle added, "Seriously! Shut up! Just mentioning that is making me think about dirty, sticky boys and their tiny wormy penises. So utterly VILE! You're gonna make me ill!"

Ruby looked down at her hand, which had the top position on my boner. "Yeah, Daddy. THIS is a real cock! Look at how we both have our fists sliding up and down it and there's still some room left over! I can't even get my fingers all the way around it, a fact I totally love. Now, that's a cock that demands respect and obedience!"

The top inch or so of my cockhead was poking out of the water. She bent down and gave it a quick peck. She started to pull back, but then she decided she liked that and gave it a few more kisses and licks. She almost certainly would have kept going, but it was very uncomfortable for her to bend over like that, so she reluctantly sat back up.

I chuckled. "Okay. Fine. Mum's the word on that. Anyway, I asked Mindy how you two got so good so fast, and she told me about your practice dildos. Of course, I couldn't forget about how she'd made a mold of my erect dick a couple of years ago to give her a 'Dan away from Dan,' as she called it. We didn't have nicknames like 'the King' back then, of course. That was very out of character for her, but in light of your practicing on dildos, it made sense. Then, Shelle, I dunno, a week or so ago I heard you mention the word 'Dando' in passing."

That startled and distressed her to a surprising degree. "I did?! Shit!"

I asked, "What's the problem? What's the big secret here? It's just a silly little name. 'Dan' plus 'dildo' equals 'Dando.' That seems harmless enough."

Michelle asked plaintively, "So you're to going to prevent us from calling it that?"

"No, why should I? I don't have problem with mere name like that. So long as you don't mention the name to anyone else, that is."

Ruby exhaled with relief. "Phew! Don't worry; we're not idiots. It's not like we go around talking about our dildos to strangers in the first place. Especially not our precious Daddy dildos! It's a very private matter."

"So why all the secrecy then?"

Michelle shrugged, even as she took the top spot on my shaft. "I dunno. Old habits die hard, I guess. Remember that up until less than two weeks ago, you would have had a total freak out to find out that we were masturbating to a rubber dildo in the exact shape of your penis. We had to live with secrets like that for a long time. If you would have found out too early, our entire Plan would have been at risk!"

I considered that, then nodded. "Okay. Fair enough. But look at us now." I lazily waved a hand, indicating how we were all naked in the bathtub together with a double handjob going on. "Now that your Plan has basically come to be, I'd like to hear the full story of the Dando."

Ruby winced. "Do you really have to ask that? That's super embarrassing too. Even more so than the Book!"

Michelle added, "Besides, there's not much to tell. We got a dildo based on your exact cock to practice on, and then we practiced... A LOT! Practice makes perfect, and we both want nothing more than to be the perfect cock slaves and sex toys for you, so you'll fuck us all the time and continually fill us with your cum. End of story."

"Not so fast," I said. "For instance, how did the Dando come to be, exactly? As I said, having Mindy want to make one was wildly out of character for her. She'd never had any interest in doing that our entire marriage up until then. The logical conclusion is that you two put her up to it. Am I right?"

There was a lot of grumbling and grousing. Michelle sheepishly admitted, "Yeah."

I said, "Good. Why is that so hard to admit?"

Ruby shyly said, "Well... it makes us look bad. Like we were manipulating Mindy to our own ends."

"Which you were," I pointed out. "Do you deny it?"

"Well..." Ruby blushed as she stared down into the water.

To save them from suffering, I said, "Do I look mad? I'm not mad. All's well that ends well. Look at the three of us, happy as can be in the tub together, and the way you two can't keep your hands off my privates. I love this, and the new intimacy we share. I understand you had to break some eggs to get to your omelette."

I went on ,"The spying bothers me much, much more, since that was a creepy invasion of privacy, and many other reasons I won't go into now. The Dando is relatively small potatoes compared to some of the other bold ploys you've done. I've still got a lot of questions about it though. For instance, how did you talk Mindy into making the cast in the first place? And when did that happen exactly? And when did you get your own copies?"

The Hellions looked surprisingly shocked and distressed again when I asked that last question. Ruby asked in disbelief, "Our... own copies?!"

I responded with mild irritation. "Yes. And don't deny it. It would have been unsanitary and weird for you all the practice on the same one. Plus, Red, just a couple of minutes ago, You asked me, 'You know all about our Dandos?'"

"I did?!" Ruby was even more distressed.

Michelle shot Ruby a murderous look.

Yet somehow they were still jointly jacking me off through all this, although they were basically going on "auto-pilot."

I shook my head and sighed. "Something's going on here. Why are you so defensive and secret about this whole Dando business?"

Michelle responded, "Daddy, I told you, old habits die hard. You have to remember that until not that many days ago, we kept that secret like our lives depended on it! Failure simply was NOT an option! I can't even conceive what life would be like with a failed Plan and a shattered Dream. To think about not being your eternal sex slaves, to not live to worship your cock and be a vessel for your cum squirting into all our orifices... Why, why... it's like staring into a vast, bottomless abyss and feeling like you're falling straight into it!"

Ruby added, "Yeah! I get chills down my spine, and not the usual lusty kind. So there's that, plus the whole thing is embarrassing. If you know how much time we spent practicing sucking and licking our Dandos, and the starry-eyed hopes and dreams we talked about... Frankly, I'd just like to forget about the Dark Years altogether. It was a very trying time."

I said, "Fine. Let's not dwell on the past. But I would like a few answers before we move on. Such as those questions I just asked."

Michelle said, "Fair enough." She looked down at her fingers rubbing my sweet spot while she gathered her thoughts. That she looked back up at me. "It was over two years ago when Mom got you to pose to make the plaster cast for the first Dando. It wasn't easy to talk her into doing that, to say the least. By then, she knew we both had a MAJOR sexual obsession about you, and that we'd had it for a long while by then. But she still didn't want us to act on it. We told her that if we had copies of your cock to play with that would satisfy us and prevent us from going after the real McCoy."

"Which turned out to be total bullshit," I pointed out, nodding obviously towards what their hands were continuing to do to me.

Michelle nodded reluctantly back at me. "Yes. Even then, we knew it would only increase our desire for the real thing, not diminish it. That's a big reason it's not easy to talk about this kind of thing, because we love Mom so very, very much. She's like the awesomest mom ever, even before her cucquean fetish came to light. And yet we lied to her, because we felt like we had no choice."

Ruby was slumped down and hardly moving her hand on my shaft at all. "I feel really shitty about that. But they say that all is fair in love and war, and the Dandos were absolutely essential to our Plan! How could we learn to love every last bump and vein on your huge cock if we didn't practice extensively on a Dando first?! What if you finally let us suck you and we did a piss-poor job of it? You were still on the fence the first day or two. We couldn't take any chances! Besides, any cock slave worth her salt has to be able to suck cock to the very best of her abilities, every time. It's a MUST! Lack of experience is not valid excuse!"

I waved a hand in their direction. "I get it. And I said I'm not mad. I'm more interested in getting answers. So please continue."

Michelle resumed, "So... Mindy soon had the first Dando made. But it was hers, not ours. She wasn't really on board with our Plan back then, so she tried to limit our access to it. She let us practice with it from time to time, but she said she was trying to wean us off it and off our 'infatuation' towards you. Even though she basically never used it herrself, she kept it locked up nearly all the time. Sooooo frustrating!"

My blonde bombshell daughter actually clenched her hands in the air as she relived her frustrations about that time in her life.

Ruby said, "So that's when we acted kind of unethically again. You have to understand that being so close yet so far to the Dando nearly all the time was a painful torture!"

Michelle said, "Actually, it was a torture on top of a torture. We knew we wouldn't get to play with your actual cock until we both turned eighteen and graduated from high school, or you would reject us for being underaged. But then we couldn't even suck or stroke the rubber dildo copy of your great big cock either! We were DYING of frustration!"

Ruby nodded, and explained, "So that's why we went and made our own copies of the Dando. One of the rare times Mindy let us borrow it, we made our own plaster cast of it. True, it was a copy of a copy, but you couldn't really tell. All the precious bumps and veins were still there."

Talking about this reminded Ruby that she was still holding my boner and even stroking it in an unthinking "auto-pilot" mode. She smiled down at it and began stroking it in a much more intentional and arousing way.

Michelle saw what Ruby was doing and also redirected much of her attention to fondling "her portion" of my shaft.

With the two of them smiling at my underwater erection, I had to prod them to continue. "And then?"

"Oh, right." Ruby continued speaking, but while looking at her sliding fingers instead of my face. "Things didn't continue like that for very long. Maybe a few months. Unfortunately, Mindy more or less figured out what must have happened when we stopped bugging her to borrow the Dando most every time we could have a private word with her. She set a trap by pretending to leave the house and then coming back again. Sure enough, she found us with Dando in hand: Actually, Michelle with one in her hand and me with one in mine!"

I was enjoying this story now that they were starting to finally open up.. "Uh-oh! What then?"

Michelle looked into my eyes as she continued the explanation. "Luckily, other events by then had caused Mom to find out more about our Plan and become much more sympathetic about it. She was mad at us at first and confiscated our Dandos."

Ruby interrupted, "We tried to get by with other dildos, even realistic extra large ones to make our Dandos as much as possible. But it just wasn't the same! We knew it wsn't YOU! It sucked all the joy out of our lives!"

I asked, "Aren't you being a little overly dramatic, even by your standards?"

Michelle replied loudly and emphatically, "NO! Daddy, you just don't understand. Once you dedicate yourself to being someone else's sex slave, nothing else will do! To even practice our techniques for you on another dildo felt like cheating! Luckily, we were so miserable that Mom soon bowed to the inevitable. Thank God! Instead of just returning our 'bootleg' Dandos back to us, she made each of us new ones, straight from the original casting!"

I asked, "What happened to your bootleg versions?"

Michelle explained, "She destroyed those. We couldn't let them fall into the wrong hands."

Ruby smiled widely. "Mindy really is an awesome mom. How many moms would be that cool and supportive? It kind of marked a turning point where she began encouraging us instead of discouraging. And, well, you basically know the rest."

I said, "Well, I'm not sure that's the full story. For instance, did you make any other copies?" A distressing thought suddenly hit me. "Please, please, tell me you didn't make one for Nicky!"

Michelle immediately and emphatically responded, "On no! NO way! Daddy, you have to understand that a Dando is very, very precious thing in our eyes! We wouldn't just hand them out willy nilly to anyone. You had to DESERVE a Dando by fully buying into the Plan! Nobody else has done that except us, and definitely not Nicky. I suppose Sue Ellen and Cindy could get Dandos now if they'd really want one, but what would be the point when they've got the real thing to play with instead?"

She gave my boner a friendly squeeze and then leaned down to briefly yet lovingly kiss it, even managing to get in a little tongue action against my urethra in the process

Sitting back up, she said, "Besides, I don't even know if Mom still has the original plaster cast. At this point, our Dandos are kind of historical relics, even though I'll always cherish mine."

I nodded. I was very relieved to hear that. I especially didn't even want to think about Nicky having a Dando of her own. That would be too arousing and distressing all at once! I felt a powerful shiver race down my spine just from thinking about it.

I asked, "What did you do exactly with your Dandos? Just blowjob practice?"

"Oh, no!" Michelle exclaimed, as if that was a stupid question that needed immediate clarification. "It was EVERYTHING practice for us. For instance, one of us would pretend to be you and then titfuck the other one with it. We'd smear fake cum on it and then slide it all over our skin. We did lots and lots of role-plays, of just about every possible sex act and situation. We did all kinds of things! With the obvious exception of anything that could break our hymens, obviously, since we're saving that duty for you! And our asses are still cherry, for the same reason! But we certainly rubbed it against our clits and pussy lips a lot."

I felt goose bumps all over from hearing that their asses were still cherry. That wasn't actually surprise, since they'd never even had any boyfriends. But just hearing it mentioned in passing like that shook me to my core, because it suggested they expected that it was a given I'd be fucking their asses someday!

Ruby sighed blissfully. "I sure do love my Dando. I REALLY got attached to mine. Even now, I wouldn't give it up for anything!"

"Same here," Michelle said. "I wouldn't be where I am today - naked and holding my daddy's fucking huge pussy tamer that I love so much - if it weren't for the courage extensively practicing with my Dando gave me. When we sucked your cock for the first time, it kind of felt like we'd done it many times before, which took a lot of the pressure off... because we had, thanks to our precious Dandos!"

That conversation finally died out once I felt I gotten all the information out of them that I could. However, I was still suspicious that they weren't telling me the full story. They seemed suspiciously alarmed that I knew the mere name "Dando" when it didn't make sense to me that they'd be so secretive and defensive about it.

But I decided to bide my time. I'd learned some useful information about the mysterious origins of their Plan. Once a few days passed and they saw I really wasn't going to punish them for telling me any of that, I could try to probe for more answers.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Johnny Galt, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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