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Chapter 48

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After some other small talk, we switched to talking about Nicky. That might have been a mistake since Ruby was titfucking me at the time, but it was pretty much unavoidable since Nicky had made such a big impact in the last couple of days.

From the get go, i was clear that I didn't want Nicky in the harem and I expected them to obey my wishes on that.

The girls promised to try their hardest not to say or do anything designed to draw Nicky into the harem.

But Michelle said, "That's going to be a tough and never-ending challenge. I mean, have you seen her body lately? I wanted her in the harem already just because she's family, and family is the most important thing. You love her, and she loves you, and you could love each other that much more on a physical level too. But now she has E-cup boobs too! Just like Ruby's!"

Michelle was sitting just behind Ruby, with her tits on Ruby's back. She looked over Ruby's shoulder down at the way Ruby's sudsy tits were slipping and sliding all over my shaft. In fact, Michelle was the one doing the movement, since she had her hands on Ruby's boobs.

Ruby said, while running her hands over my chest, "Michelle has a good point. I know it seems silly to argue that tit size makes a woman a natural cock slave type, but you have to admit there's some merit to it, right? It's not just that she has huge tits; it's that the rest of her body is so slim and fit, with the exception of her big 'booty' ass. That's a very unusual combination. She could make big money as a model or porn star now that's she's filled out so much."

Michelle added, "And she's not done! She's had this phenomenal late growth spurt. What if she keeps on growing? What if her tits get to be as big as mine - or bigger?! How could you not see that as a sign from God or the fates or whatever that her body was specially built that way for you to fuck and dominate?!"

I complained, "That's absurd and you know it. Big breasts run in my family, and in Mindy's family, so much on my side that I'm probably lucky I don't have man boobs."

Ruby craned her head down, splashed the part of my boner poking out of and above her tits until it was thoroughly washed clean of any soapy taste, and then licked the tip of my cockhead. As she licked, she asked, "Is that why you're such a tit man? Because of your seriously endowed mother, not to mention your super busty sister?"

I groaned lustily, and not just from what the girls were doing to my boner. "That probably has something to do with it," I admitted. There were some visual memories from my teen years I certainly didn't want to recall now. "But please don't sidetrack me. My point is, Nicky's endowment has a perfectly rational genetic explanation, as does yours, Shelle. So there's no special meaning there. She's going to make some future husband very lucky someday, I'm sure."

Michelle grumbled, while resting her chin on Ruby's left shoulder. "Maybe so. But I have to honestly tell you that I really hope that won't come to pass. Keep in mind that we're extremely proud of being your cock slaves. We feel like we're members of a super awesome, super exclusive club, don't we Ruby?"

Ruby stopped licking around the top of my cockhead so she could look up at me. "Totally! Just think if we were both members of Mensa or something like that. We'd want Nicky to join too. How could we not? It would be selfish and un-sisterly not to."

Michelle nodded, and added, "And this is like the Mensa of sex! Only the very most beautiful and sexually talented qualify! But what do you get for belonging to Mensa? Basically nothing. Maybe some bragging rights and you get to hang out at a party with a bunch of nerds. Big deal. But if Nicky were to join OUR club, she'd enjoy the most incredible sexual pleasure humanly possible!"

It was like the two of them were speaking with one voice, because Ruby continued, "She'd have more orgasms than she could ever imagine! She has no idea what she's missing out on."

I said sternly, "And you're going to keep it that way, you hear me? How did this suddenly turn into some kind of 'Let's talk Daddy into wanting Nicky in his harem' session? As your master, I'm officially cutting off this discussion and declaring this topic off limits!"

They both moaned, "Awww!"

But they didn't seem that disappointed. Ruby went right back to licking my cockhead while Michelle kept using her hands to slide Ruby's tits up and down the tight tit-tunnel she'd made.

I looked at them doing that, and said, "Furthermore, enough with the titfuck, please. It's not that I don't enjoy it. In fact, the problem is that I'm enjoying it too much! You get me so horny with all the titfuck action that when you start saying all the wrong things about Nicky, I'm too spaced out to stop you. So please, let's take it easy."

In response, Ruby sat all the way back against the far side of the tub from where I was. Michelle stayed near me by moving to the side. However, my dick didn't get much of a break. Ruby immediately trapped my shaft between her two feet and began giving me a footjob! Michelle assisted by soaping up my cockhead, which was just poking out of the water, and then running her fingers all over it.

Considering their enthusiasm, I figured that was about as toned down as they would get. With Nicky still on my mind, I tried to shift the conversation to something safer. "By the way, speaking of Nicky, I overheard this morning that you'd given her some secret gifts. May I ask what they are?"

Ruby snickered, thinking she was in the driver's seat. "Sure, you may ask. But if you want us to ANSWER, that's gonna cost you!"

Michelle immediately picked up on the idea. "Yeah! If you let us play with your cock all the way until the initiation starts, we'll spill the beans."

I thought, These two are far too cocky! They really think they have me wrapped around their fingers, and they're not totally wrong about that. After all, what kind of man can say no while he's getting a handjob and a footjob at the same time? But despite the amnesty, I have to put my foot down. This kind of bribery isn't acceptable, ever.

I said, "Here's another idea. I'm your master, and your obedience to me is total. You will tell me your secret gifts because I'm ordering you to."

The girls frowned. Ruby even stopped sliding her feet around my lower shaft, and Michelle stopped rubbing my sweet spot. "But what about getting to play with your cock a lot more?"

"There are limits to what my body can handle. Don't you want Cindy's initiation to be a big success?"

They both looked away, abashed.


"Yes," they said together in that typical bored teenager voice.

"So let's enjoy this special bath time before Mindy calls us away. Now, what's the story on your gifts?"

They immediately resumed their handjob and footjob efforts. Michelle said with a touch of pride, "I got her laptop and my computer set up so we can conduct video chat while she's in Hawaii. Ruby helped me set it up. We got a high-quality webcam for her and us. It'll be brilliant! Soooo much better than just e-mail or a phone!"

I glared at the girls unhappily. "I'm not stupid, you know."

That took them by surprise, and they stopped playing with my cock again. Ruby asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I can see where you're going with this. This is part of some plot to get Nicky into the harem, isn't it? By having me see her on video, I'll be frequently reminded of what an incredible body she has. Worse, she'll probably be running around in a bikini half the time."

I felt a rush of arousal as I recalled seeing Nicky topless so much, as well as her topless hugs. I added, "Or worse, half a bikini all the time! You're trying to manipulate me."

Ruby said with a bowed head, "There is some truth to that." She looked back up at me and hastened to add, "But it's not as bad as you think! We did it BEFORE you prohibited us not to meddle with her. Think about it: when would we have time to buy the webcams afterwards, much less set them up and all that jazz? And it might kind of help a little bit to make you want Nicky more, but that wasn't the main point! I swear!"

I stared at her hard. Then I looked at Michelle just as skeptically.

Michelle nodded emphatically. "It's true we were scheming, but that was just kind of a possible bonus. The main purpose is that we're trying to get her to fully accept Cindy and even Sue Ellen as your lovers. We haven't actually discussed this with them yet, but our plan is for them to communicate frequently with Nicky in Hawaii."

I nodded reluctantly. That didn't sound so bad, and actually was working with my wishes instead of against them.

Encouraged by my nod, Michelle continued explaining, "With Cindy, it won't be that tough. We'll simply make sure Nicky sees that you're having a lot of loving sex with her, so she can get more used to that. Easy peasy. But with Sue Ellen, we'll set up an entire alternate version of events where she falls more and more in love with you each day. Crucially, Nicky will see that Sue Ellen is here practically all the time, and she's getting fucked by you constantly. So, when she comes back home and sees that Sue Ellen IS here all the time and IS getting fucked every day, that'll be the new normal already instead of a shock."

Ruby added to that. "And it's not really dishonest. We're just getting her up to speed in the least painful way. The sooner she sees you love those two, including carnally, the better. The webcam is key because it's one thing to talk, but it's another thing entirely to SEE. Even if it's just a matter of her looking into Sue Ellen's eyes as she describes her feelings for you, that'll have a big impact. Plus, Sue Ellen has such an adorable face. I'm sure Nicky will totally love her if she can just talk to her face to face some more. Aren't we doing a good thing here?"

I asked warily, "And what about your secondary scheme to make me lust for her more?"

Ruby shrugged. "Like I said, that was just a possible bonus. We would have done the video thing anyway. If you want to be extra careful, just don't use the webcam. Talk to Nicky by phone. You only talk to her once a week or so anyway, so it doesn't make a big difference in any case."

Michelle shot an angry look at Ruby. It looked like she was going to say something, but then she seemed to think better of it after remembering that I was there. Knowing her, she probably was going to say something sarcastic, such as "Thanks a lot for clueing him in with that damn suggestion!" Being a highly emotional person, she couldn't help but cross her arms under her massive melons and glower a little bit.

I sat there silently, taking this all in.

Breaking the uncomfortable silence, Ruby asked, "You're not mad at us, are you?" Although she'd stopped her footjob, she still had her feet resting around my shaft, and she gave my cock a friendly squeeze.

I said, "Yes, and no. I'm mad that you're not easily giving up this idea of having Nicky join the harem. You're already deep, deep in my doghouse from everything else, and now you add that on top of it? Dammit! How could anyone make a guy's life Heaven and Hell at the same time, like you two do?"

I closed my eyes briefly and took a heavy sigh to calm down. Then I looked at them again and said, "I could go off on a rant right now, but I won't. I'm saving it up until tomorrow. There's going to be a reckoning, I'll tell you that much!" I pointed at them and glared ominously.

Then I lightened up a bit, and said, "That said, I'm not mad at the webcam idea per se. I think it could really help my 'limited hangout' scheme. So that's good. But why didn't you tell me about it first? Why all the sneaking around? We're a family. That isn't just any old gift; it's something that's going to have a real impact over the next two weeks. We should have discussed it as a family and worked out all the pros and cons."

Ruby surprised me by asking, "When? Seriously, when would we have had time to do that? You didn't hit us with the limited hangout plan until like an hour before Nicky showed up, and the idea didn't come to us until later. We barely had time to get it done. And you were always with people, usually Nicky. Usually having her sit naked on your lap!"

"Not entirely naked," I said defensively.

"Close enough. So don't act all lily white. I know you don't want to fuck her, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of titillation and teasing, is there?"

I muttered sheepishly, "Well, not it if stays within reasonable bounds." There's that damn phrase again. The problem is those bounds have kept slipping for me.

"Exactly," Ruby said with a satisfied smile. "So the video link isn't a big deal in any case. You're a big boy and you can handle yourself no matter what comes up. Plus, you said not to discuss anything we wouldn't want Nicky to hear while she was home, so when would we have had a time for a big family meeting on this? We figured it was a no-brainer that you'd approve of it anyway."

I sighed, because it was hard to argue with that. "Point taken. But still, you could have at least found time to tip me off. This is a pattern of behavior. You talk about being my slaves, and sure, we have a ton of sexual fun, but you do whatever the hell you want, like always. Luckily, what you want and what I want is the same thing most of the time, for instance the bathtub play right now. But it's not always the same. You can't have a harem without a harem master! It won't work!"

I realized that I was getting ahead of myself and saying some of the things I was planning on telling them tomorrow. But maybe it was good to repeat the message some anyway.

They bowed their heads slightly, and said together, "Yes, Master. Sorry, Master."

It's uncanny how they did that. They didn't even look at each other! Maybe they pinched one another under the water or something?

Then a different thought hit me, making me say, "Uh-oh! We've been talking about the one gift you gave Nicky, but you actually gave her two. What's the other gift?"

Ruby waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, that's nothing to worry about. It's a private thing, a girl thing. You can let us have at least one tiny secret with her, can't you?"

"Normally, I'd say yes. But given your recent track record, as well as your admitted interest in getting her to join the harem, I'm going to have to put my foot down this time and say no. So what is it? You mentioned some clue about it being 'hanky panky' or something."

Ruby groaned wearily. She shot a look at Michelle, who gave her an approving nod. "We said 'handy dandy,' actually."

"Close enough. What's the gift already? Remember that I'm your master. I'm ordering you to honestly tell me what it is."

Ruby gave Michelle another look, and Michelle replied with another reluctant but approving nod. "If you really MUST know..."

"I must."

"Very well. We got her a dildo. A vibrator, actually, because it vibrates. Can you believe she didn't actually have one already?! She must have been the only nineteen-year-old girl on Earth without one. She didn't even have any kind of sex toy whatsoever, as far as we could tell. The poor thing."

I looked at my daughters through narrow, suspicious eyes. "What's the angle there?"

Ruby held her hands up defensively. "No angle! Honest! Well, there is a slight angle, but it's harmless. Tell him." She looked to Michelle.

Michelle clearly knew what Ruby meant, because she immediately explained, "Remember how I took Nicky under my wing and promised to help her loosen up? And how I'm her official advisor on that now? This is part of that. For someone who just had a boyfriend for an entire year, Nicky can be awfully sexually clueless sometimes. We made a big breakthrough during her visit, where we can talk about some intimate things we never talked about before. That's why we only just discovered that she'd never owned a dildo. So we took pity on her. I'm just trying to make her a normal girl with normal sexual appetites, instead of Eskimo Nun Woman."

I looked to Ruby, since I trusted her a little more. "Is that true? Or is this part of your scheme to get her into the harem?"

She held up her hands again, as if to show she wasn't crossing her fingers. "How would that help her join the harem?! It's just a sex toy to help her enjoy masturbating as much as every other girl her age does. It's totally true that we just want the best for her. We want her to get over her hang-ups and dress more normally, and enjoy sex, and be happy. We're her sisters. We love her!"

I could see that a sex toy could be a tool to help bring her into the harem, if only indirectly. If shew was fantasizing about me and she had better orgasms from using the dildo, that could increase her lust for me. But it was indirect, and I didn't see anything I could do about it now. Nicky was in Hawaii and I couldn't exactly call her up and tell her to throw her dildo gift away! I would be too embarrassed to even bring up the topic with her.

Michelle added, "If Nicky had a dildo years ago and used it, things could have been very different. Maybe she wouldn't have been satisfied with a tiny-dicked guy like Steve, and maybe she'd already be engaged to a better guy by now. Who knows? The point is, she's way behind the curve, and it's our duty as her loving sisters to bring her up to speed. Don't assume that everything has to be part of a conspiracy."

I said, "Okay, with you two involved, maybe not everything, just most things."

They both grinned impishly at that.

The discussion shifted again, onto much safer ground speculating about what Nicky would do in Hawaii and where she would go.

Now that I didn't have to focus so intently on the conversation, I considered the overall situation. I need to be extremely wary of these two. They push and push until they get what they want. I believe that Ruby is trying hard to obey me about Nicky, but she's teetering on the edge. Shelle is barely even trying to obey. Heck, she can't even hide her true intentions well at all. She's liable to push Ruby into her usual role of being her "right hand woman" before long, unless I stop that from happening.

Thank God that I'm starting the reckoning tomorrow. It's just in time. I have two weeks to bring the Gruesome Twosome under some degree of control, and then Nicky will return from Hawaii. That'll be the big test. I know I can't totally stop their willful ways, but can I curb them enough so they'll cease trying to bring Nicky into the harem?

Two weeks! Shit. I don't know how much I can accomplish in just two weeks. I have to reverse basically an entire lifetime of them getting their way with everyone, due to their remarkable beauty.

Soon enough, Michelle and Ruby resumed our sexual playing around. Michelle insisted that she wanted to give a footjob a try, so she and Ruby switched places. Ruby "augmented" the footjob by thoroughly washing the soapy suds off my cockhead and then continually licking it clean.

After a while, Mindy came upstairs to tell us dinner was almost ready. But she said there wasn't an immediate rush, then she took a couple of minutes to enjoy the sight of Michelle, Ruby, and me having fun in the bath.

When we finally started to get out and towel off, she said, "Remember how I said a while back that we need a bigger shower stall? We need a bigger bathtub too! And a deeper one too. It should be like a mini upstairs hot tub."

I said, "You're joking, right? Tell me you're joking."

"Sorry, I can't do that this time. You have a big harem now. We need to think in terms of harem architecture. The problem is the bathroom is squeezed between our bedroom and Nicky's bedroom. How to expand? Hmmm..."

I shook my head discouragingly. I complained, "Hey, don't even THINK about making any changes like that without getting my approval first."

Luckily, Mindy seemed to give up on the idea, at least for now. She turned to Michelle and Ruby as they dried themselves and each other, and said, "Girls, I want you to put on clothes for dinner. Normal clothes."

But then she had a rethink, and said, "Wait a second. It's not up to me, it's up to our master. Honey, what do you want? It's perfectly fine with me if you want one or two of your slaves to suck you off all throughout dinner. Or you could have them wear sexy lingerie, and maybe just a casual handjob. Personally, I like the idea of continuing with the footjob theme started in the tub."

I said, "Let's stick with your first idea: normal clothes and no sex during dinner. Even though I haven't had a climax in a while, I still need to recharge in other ways so I'll be raring to go when the initiation ceremony begins."

The Hellions grumbled and groused a little bit, but they accepted that surprisingly quickly. It seemed they were willing to let dinner slide if the promise of a very fun initiation ceremony was dangling there.

Then something else hit me. "Oh, and Mindy. No rebuilding the bathroom without my permission first! Heck, no rebuilding anything around here without consulting me first."

She snapped her fingers in a gesture of disappointment. "Oh, shoot! You're no fun."

"Yeah, right. If I have any more fun, I'm gonna be funned to death."

She rubbed her chin in contemplation. "Hmmm."


"Oh, nothing. I'm just thinking if it's actually possible to fun you to death, and how close to the edge I should dare take you."

I rolled my eyes.

Dinner passed uneventfully. Cindy came out of hiding to join us, but there was no mention whatsoever about her initiation to come. Apparently there were some surprises they didn't want to spoil for me and/or her.

That idea was strengthened when Mindy banished Cindy and me upstairs as soon as dinner ended. As she did so, she addressed the initiation surprise issue head-on. "To be honest, we're not really going to have a lot of surprises this time around. We have a winning formula from Sue Ellen's initiation, so why mess with success? Tradition is important. But still, pretend like you don't know that. I think the visual impact will hit you in the gut, just the same, when the time comes."

So Cindy and I went upstairs to our bedroom while Michelle and Ruby stayed downstairs to help Mindy.

I was going to read a book or do something similarly low stress, just to pass the time until Sue Ellen came home from work and the ceremony could begin. But only a minute or two after Cindy and I reached our bedroom, Nicky called us on the phone.

That seemed like a very pleasant and ideally timed diversion instead. I sat down and prepared for a long call with Nicky.

But Nicky told me, "Hey Dad, did I catch you guys at a good time? I figure you probably just finished dinner."

"You're spot on."

"Cool. I have some great news! Michelle and Ruby sent me an awesome gift! They got everything needed so we can communicate by webcam instead of phone. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah. They told me about that," I said. My heart raced, because for a second I thought she was going to mention her other gift, the dildo.

Nicky said, "The only problem is, I'm having some trouble getting it all working. Can I speak to one or both of them to get it fixed? And then, hopefully, in a few minutes we can talk via webcam instead."

Naturally, I agreed to that, and I had to put my phone down a short time later.

Cindy hadn't heard about the webcam gift (at least I think she hadn't - one never knows around here!), and she was curious, so I had to explain what I knew to her. I also told her about my concerns that the Gruesome Twosome still wanted to scheme so that Nicky would join the harem.

After I was done, I asked her, "So, what do you think of all that? Most importantly, where do you stand on Nicky joining the harem? Honestly. If you respect and obey me at all as your master, I'm commanding you to tell me your true opinion on this."

Cindy looked at me with worry. She held her hands up. "I'll tell you, honestly. But promise not to get mad or make a judgment until I'm done having my say, because you're not going to be happy at first. Okay?"


"Remember, it gets better. But to start out, I'd say that, in a perfect world, I think it would be a great thing if Nicky were to join the harem. But the emphasis on there is 'in a perfect world.' That means you would be totally in favor of it, and she would be totally in favor of it. She feels like she's missed out on what sex is all about, and wants to know just how good it could be. With you, she'd definitely get that, in spades! You're such a loving family, and including her would allow you to complete the circle and experience that love in a powerful, physical way. There's no doubt the sex would be incredible! Sure, she's not particularly sexually talented now, but she'd come to love and adore your cock soon enough. Once she discovers how great it can be, she'll be bouncing on your fat cock every day, and worshipping it with her mouth on a very regular basis!"

Cindy looked at my unhappy face and realized she'd been getting carried away. She said more soberly, "That said, there would have to be limits. Naturally, she'd continue her studies at Berkeley, so she'd be out of town three-fourths of the year in any case. That would make her time serving you and your big fat cock at home that much more special. And it's not something that would have to last forever, necessarily. She could have fun with you for a few years while going to college, and then realize it's time to settle down and get married and all that jazz. Probably, with all the people she meets at school, she'll meet someone she finds special and things with serving you will run to a natural end at that point."

I crossed my arms, growing increasingly irritated.

Cindy continued, "That said, I'm simply talking about a 'what if.' Like I said, that's how things would evolve in a perfect world. For a few years, she'd experience sexual highs that not even one percent of one percent of women have the pleasure of knowing, but her career path would continue without pause, and she'd go on to have the two-point-five kids and the white picket fence and all the rest afterwards. Your relationship with her would turn back to normal but with a greater and deeper love from having shared so many intense experiences together. That's the best possible situation."

She added, "However, we both know that the real world is far from the perfect world. You're not in favor, and there's no evidence she's in favor. Sure, everyone can see she has a crush on you, but fantasies are a far cry from action. Pretty much everybody has fantasies or dreams about everybody else they know who are sexually desirable. That's just how people's minds work. The truth is that the harem lifestyle only works for women who are extremely submissive in nature, and all the evidence we've seen indicates she's not like that."

I was feeling relief now that Cindy was talking a little more rationally. I asked her, "How do we know that?"

"Because she's already been tested. Remember, she was right there for the years Michelle and Ruby developed their Plan. We found out that they used her bedroom extensively in their spying operations, so Nicky must have known most everything. I'm sure she was invited to join, repeatedly. And yet she always turned them down. Clearly, Nicky decided at some point, 'My desire for Dad is just a fantasy, and that's how it's always going to stay.' We need to respect that."

I nodded. Phew! I'm glad to be reminded of that! She has been tested and she's passed!

Cindy continued, "Besides, real life is messy. There would be all kinds of problems, and side effects, and long-term consequences. The only reason this harem works without all kinds of trouble is because all of your slaves are so totally in love with you, and so totally submissively committed to you. I know the next week-plus is going to be a rocky road, but you should never lose sight of the fact that no matter how difficult and willful Michelle and Ruby are, they mean well. They really do. They want to be the best possible cock slaves for you that they can possibly be. That's their big Dream with a capital 'D'. It's just that they have trouble implementing that in reality. Nicky doesn't share that dream at all. She'd probably totally freak out if she found out the full truth."

She concluded, "So, I'm with you that having her join the harem is something that shouldn't be. To even approach the idea seriously would be a huge danger. It's far too risky. But, in a perfect world, true love and true lust would conquer. All those problems would melt to nothing and you could love her in every possible way, including physically. If that were to happen somehow, I definitely wouldn't be against it!"

I nodded again. "Thanks for being honest with me. In truth, we're not so far apart. In the last few days I've caught myself fantasizing from time to time about the perfect world situation. But what makes you and I different from, say, Mindy, is that we know when to say no to bringing a fantasy into the real world. You're right that in the real world, there's just no way. Even if I was 100 percent in favor and Nicky was too - an impossibly huge if - there still would be too many problems and consequences to make it worthwhile."

I went on, "There are many, many problems with that. I don't want to go into everything, especially since I could be called to the phone at any time. But as an example, one really big one is that one can't just live that lifestyle for a few years and then go back to normal. She deserves a great job, a great husband, great children, and all the rest of the white picket fence dream. I don't want to risk her losing that for anything!"

Cindy nodded. "Agreed. Absolutely. And yet, the temptation is there. What a body! What a face! Who wouldn't be tempted to have sex with her?"

I sighed. "The Hellions said something similar to me earlier. They were trying to make the preposterous argument that just because Nicky's breasts are large-"

I was interrupted by a yell from Michelle. "Daaaaaddy! Come here! We've got Nicky on video!"

I sighed again. "Speaking of said temptation... I should go. I hope she's fully covered up. But let's discuss this some more later. The Hellions are about a subtle as a freight train barreling down a mountain. They've told me they're going to obey my wish not to get Nicky involved, but I don't trust them. They have to be convinced not to scheme about this sort of thing, or Nicky will find out and everything will be ruined. You and Sue Ellen are the only ones I can trust on this, because Mindy is, well, Mindy. Anyway, we'll talk later."

"Right. Later." Cindy nodded at me, and then at the door.

I got up and hurried to Michelle's room. Walking into her room, I saw her computer with its extra large monitor. That reminded me that I needed to take action to make sure her spying efforts were foiled. I'd been waiting until Nicky was gone to do that, and now Nicky was gone so I had no more excuses to put it off.

Michelle was sitting in front of her computer with Ruby in another chair. She motioned to an empty chair for me, and pointed proudly at her monitor. "We've got our sister right here. Check it out!"

I looked at the screen and was very surprised at what I saw. It was Nicky's face, and just her face. That was a relief, since I'd been afraid she could be wearing a bikini or something skimpy like that. But the surprising part was how large and crystal clear the picture of her face was. Because Michelle's monitor was so large and the data connection was so fast, Nicky looked much bigger than in real life, with almost no noticeable pixilation.

"Wow!" I exclaimed as I sat down. "Muffin, you look great!"

Nicky smiled widely. "Thanks, Dad. You look good too. Can you believe how impressive the picture quality is? I thought I'd be seeing through this little thing." She held up her hands and made a box shape with her fingers about three inches high by three inches wide.

"Me too. That's how most webcams are, I figured. It looks like your sisters really outdid themselves." I looked to Michelle and Ruby.

They were smiling widely.

But on the inside, I wasn't so happy. This high-resolution picture quality would make Nicky look that much more tempting. She had such a gorgeous face that just looking at it was starting to give me an erection. That had never happened prior to her recent visit, since I'd always seen her in a non-sexual way. No doubt that was exactly the kind of reaction my Hellions were hoping to get from me with their video link gift.

I decided to simply push all temptation out of my mind and focus on the conversation. As long as I stayed strong, no Nicky-related sex scheme could be successful in any case. I asked her, "So tell us what's happening in Hawaii!"

"Oh, it's great here. I love it! This time-share condo is fantastic. I have a balcony that looks right out over the ocean. I could practically high-dive into the water from here! But unfortunately, I can't really talk much right now. Remember, it's three hours earlier for me. I've met some cool people and we're going to have dinner together tonight. I've gotta get ready for that. This is more of a 'proof of concept' thing. I wanted to get the webcam set up and make sure it was working."

I was surprisingly disappointed to hear that. I didn't mind the call getting cut off, but I was bummed that she'd met some "cool people." She'd all but told us that she planned to have sex in Hawaii, and I was feeling jealous. Were some of those "cool people" handsome boys?

However, I hid those feelings, and simply said, "Hey, that's great. Let's talk tomorrow, or the next day, or whatever's good for you."

"Okay. I'll send you guys an e-mail to let you know when I'm free. Obviously, I'm not planning on spending much time in my room."

"Sounds good," I said.

"Unfortunately, I thought we could talk longer, but getting everything set up took longer than expected. But at least it works. And check it out. I feel like I'm in the same room as you!" She brought her hand up to screen. At first it looked like her hand was coming at me, but then her hand got blurry as it got too close to her webcam.

I put my hand up to my webcam too, so she could see the same thing and we could symbolically "touch" through the video link. I felt a sudden pang at how far away Nicky was. I longed to hold her in my arms, in a purely fatherly way. I thought back to our special time last night when she'd sat in my lap and we'd talked, and I missed her even more.

Nicky brought her hand down, and said, "Love you, Dad! I'm going to talk to my sisters a little longer before I sign off, okay?"

"Okay. Love you too. Take care!" With that, I got up and went back to my room. As I left, I could hear the girls starting to talk about some technical issues relating to the transmission. I heard a mention of a "T1 line," which surprised me, because we didn't have a connection that good in the house. I made a note to ask about that later.

Back in my bedroom, Cindy was keen to hear all about the call.

So I told her everything I could remember, including a description of the high video quality and what Nicky looked like with her head completely filling the large screen.

After that, we settled into an uneasy silence. Clearly, both of us were growing nervous from waiting for Sue Ellen to arrive so the ceremony could begin. If anything, Cindy looked even more nervous than I was, which was understandable since it was her ceremony. The time couldn't pass fast enough.

Once again, I considered reading a book, but I realized I wouldn't be able to concentrate on it. Then I had a better idea. I said, "Hey, Cin. My back is kind of sore after carrying all that furniture this afternoon. I'll bet yours is too. Why don't we give each other back rubs? It'll help us relax and pass the time."

"What an excellent idea!"

So that's what we did, and without any hanky panky. It felt great, and it helped us relax. But still, the time couldn't pass quickly enough. I don't know why I was feeling so nervous, especially since we'd already gone through an initiation ceremony and nothing could really go horribly wrong with one, but I was.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Johnny Galt, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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