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Chapter 49

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I had just given Cindy a back massage, and she'd given me one. Now we were simply lying side-by-side on our big bed with our eyes closed. Both of us were wearing robes with nothing on underneath. I think we wanted to be covered up so we wouldn't get aroused and do something overtly sexual while we were waiting for Sue Ellen to come home. We knew that we'd have to save our energies for the imminent initiation ceremony.

But while we felt content physically, both of us had worries on our minds. I didn't feel the need to discuss mine, because they were so obvious, like hoping the ceremony would take place without a hitch. Cindy was quite for a while as well, but after about ten minutes of just resting quietly next to me, she opened her eyes and shyly said, "Master? I hate to bother you, but..."

"What is it, love?" I opened my eyes and gently ran my hands through her hair.

"It's just... I'm thinking about how Sue Ellen's initiation went. There was a certain amount of emotional turmoil that burst out in the middle of it, and I want to prevent that from happening again this time. The thing is, this ceremony is a very, very emotional event for all of us cock slaves, even if it's not our turn yet. You may not understand just how much it means, and what it means, for us to embrace our enslavement to you."

I said, "I'm almost positive you're right about that. I'm trying, but so far I can't really understand that mindset at all."

"Yeah, I figured. But trust me, this is a big deal, much bigger than a mere marriage."

There was something about the way she said "mere marriage" that pricked my interest. "Seriously?"

She sat up and spoke with increased passion. "Sure. When I think back to my wedding to what's-his-name, that pales in comparison to this." She giggled a little, because she obviously knew the name of Rex, her abusive ex-husband. "I think you still don't have any idea what we really mean when we say we're your cock slaves. Marriages these days, they're not very serious. You don't have to fully commit because you can back out with a divorce at any time. I have one friend who's been married SEVEN times! It's a disgrace. Whereas slavery is forever. And intensely and explicitly SEXUAL slavery? Do I even need to say more? I know there's no law enforcing it, and you wouldn't force us to stay-"

I interrupted, "I most definitely wouldn't."

"Yeah, I know. And that's sweet, in its own way. But in our minds, this truly is a lifetime commitment. And it's a TOTAL commitment! Again, with marriage, you don't have to bring much into it emotionally if you don't want to. That's not so here! We have a set of rules and expectations that are very strict. And I, for one, wouldn't want it any other way, nor would any of the others in your harem! I feel very privileged to have been chosen to help serve your cock, like I'm one of the elite of the elite."

Staring off into space, she added, "Being a cock slave means the whole world to me! It's something I can put my whole heart and soul into. It allows me to become something larger than just myself. I get to be part of a winning team, winning every single time any of us gets you to have a really nice cum. I was so down when I was married. The mental abuse was even worse than the few times he hit me. I felt all alone, and unloved. Ruby was pretty much all I had. But now, I have the love and support I was missing, and then some. Not to mention all the excitement, and constant sexual pleasure! Thank you for including me!"

I was surprised at how emotionally important this seemed to be for her. I corrected her, "No, thank YOU. You spoil me. All of you do."

She giggled. "it's true, we do. But it's so much FUN! Anyway, that brings me to what I want to talk to you about, if we have time."

"Go ahead," I said. I sat up too. "Even if Sue Ellen shows up this very minute, I'd tell everyone to hold their horses until you get whatever you want to say off your chest."

"Thanks." She cuddled up closer to me and smiled. "You're the best. Actually, all I want is a little reassurance. You've told me before that you truly want me to be one of your slaves, that you love me for me and not just because I'd complete things as Ruby's mother and close family friend." She looked pleadingly into my eyes. "Can you just... tell me that again? As the big moment comes closer, I've got butterflies in my stomach because I'm filled with self-doubt."

I smiled warmly. "That's the easiest task in the world. I don't have to gild the lily in the slightest. Cindy, I truly love you. You're smart, amazing, talented. and beautiful. Being around you puts a smile on my face.  If I am honest with myself, in some alternate reality where I met you at the right time instead of Mindy, I could easily see having you as my wife. I'm the luckiest guy in the world, because, in a way, I'm living in both realities now. You're a total bombshell hottie in my eyes, and you should never doubt it, but this is about so much more than sex. I love YOU, all of you!"

Cindy smiled widely. I could see the worry lines disappear from her face. "I like that! Can you say that last thing again?"

I chuckled. "Sure. I love YOU. All of you! Don't compare yourself to the girls. If they were completely out of the picture, I'd still be over the moon just to have you and Mindy in my life."

Cindy's eyes shone with joy. It looked like she was struggling not to cry tears of joy. "Thank you for saying that. That makes me feel so good, so wanted!"

I gave her a squeeze. "You ARE wanted! And not just by me. Everybody here loves you. If you weren't Mindy's best friend already - which you probably were - then you certainly are now. And more and more, you two are lovers as well. You're Ruby's mother, of course, but you've always been a mom to Michelle too, just as Mindy has been a mom to Ruby. And now the sex draws you even closer to both Hellions. As for Sue Ellen... I'm sure you're going to become her mother of sorts, slave sister, lover, close friend, and more, if you aren't already. Everybody is becoming everyone else's best friend AND lover. It's all great. You fit right in as a vital piece of this magical group thing that's developing. Never doubt it! Savor it, because it's very special, and you're very special."

She let out a long, contented sigh. "Aaaaah! Thanks so much for saying that. That's going to give me the confidence to get through this ceremony, and with verve and style, even. You're right that we're all coming together in such a lovely way. You're obviously having tug-of-war issues right now, but from my point of view, everything about the harem is like a dream come true."

She pondered things for a few moments, and then added, "You know, it's funny. I think a lot of women in my position would be trying to plot to take Mindy's place as number one in your life and your heart, but that's the farthest thing from my mind right now. I couldn't be happier being her assistant of sorts, and not having that spotlight and all that pressure on me. This harem needs her as your wife just as much as it needs you. My goal is to help be the 'glue' that makes this harem stick together: temper down Mindy's excessive cucquean and pushy tendencies, help your power struggle with the Gruesome Twosome, and generally troubleshoot and bridge differences."

I said, "That sounds great. But you've expressed that kind of intention before, and so far you haven't really shown a lot of resolve to get tough when I needed you to. For instance, secretly jacking me off underwater in the hot tub instead of helping me keep things from getting out of hand. Or the way you left me to Anjali, Nina, and Monique during their good-bye kisses."

She winced. "I know. Part of that is because you keep me so damn horny all the time! You try being tough when you're on the brink of orgasm!"

I laughed. "Believe me, I've been in that situation a lot lately."

"That's true," she realized with a grin. "But I've also told you that I've been reluctant to play the 'buzzkill' role when I felt like I was teetering on falling off the edge of the harem. This ceremony is going to help a lot with that, I think. We all know that you're usually a step or two behind when it comes to accepting change, and we love you for your quirks like that. But I understand what a big deal tonight's ceremony is, even if you don't yet. Already, just knowing that it's going to happen, I feel a powerful sense of belonging, and that gives me confidence. I want to be like Sue Ellen - someone who you can trust to always be on your side."

I was so encouraged to hear this that I leaned in closer to give her a big kiss.

To my surprise, she suddenly pulled away and stood up. "Oh no! No you don't!" She walked to a far corner of the room.

I sat up straighter with a puzzled look on my face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just that if we start kissing, I won't want to ever stop. Before you know it, we'll be doing a lot more than just kissing. We have to save it for the ceremony. Plus, I need time to get ready. In fact, I have to go right now, because if I stay in the same room as you I won't be able to control myself!"

I chuckled with relief. "Okay. Be that way. Just remember wherever you go how much I love you."

"Aaaah!" She theatrically put her hands over her ears. "Stop! Or, so help me God, I won't be held responsible for completely draining your balls dry before the ceremony even starts! I have to go. Now!" With that, she rushed out the door and closed it behind her.

She left me feeling amused, amorous, and very happy. Cin is so great. To think that she still doubts herself and her place in the harem. It's such a shame. I'm just going to have to show her over and over again what she means to me, starting tonight.

Luckily, I'm feeling very energized, especially after that talk. I sure hope Sue Ellen gets here soon. I'm raring to fuck everyone and everything in sight! Hell, we might see a full-on King Dong sighting soon!

I chuckled some more at the absurdity of the whole King Dong concept, and also at the fact that I was starting to buy into it a little bit.

I was so worked up about the ceremony that I actually paced around my room in circles. (I couldn't really pace anywhere else, since I wasn't allowed to go downstairs yet, and I didn't want to run into Cindy somewhere upstairs.) I had to force myself to calm down, but I was too pumped up to read a book or even watch TV. I ended up taking a long shower, even though it was entirely unnecessary, just to have something to do.

While showering, I got to thinking some more about these initiation ceremonies. Cindy's right, of course. I am slow to adjust. Even after she and others keep telling me that this initiation is more important than a wedding, I still can't fully grasp that. But if that's what she thinks, that alone makes it true, because things like weddings are all about symbolic meaning anyway.

I wish I could do something more to show her how I feel. Maybe some kind of grandiose gift? But what does one give a slave who says all her possessions belong to me?! FUCK, this remarkable woman wants to be my SEX SLAVE! No, make that she IS my sex slave! What gesture could I possibly make in response to that that would be significant enough to even begin to compare to that?! She's given me the gift of HERSELF! Forever! Jesus!

I was still showering when Mindy knocked on the bedroom door and gave me the good news that Sue Ellen had arrived earlier than expected and everything was ready to go.

I was extremely glad, because my talk with Cindy had calmed her down, but at the same time it wound me up. I'm getting married again, only more so! Good God! I can't blow this. Everybody looks up to me as this great master with endless sexual stamina and cleverness and power and all the rest. Well, for the rest of the evening, I'm gonna fucking blow their minds by being just that!

A couple of minutes later, I stood at the top of the stairs holding Cindy's hand. I wore nothing but a white robe, while Cindy was buck naked except for her high heels, some jewelry, and a couple of flowers in her hair. She must have spent the time since she'd left my room subtly applying makeup and doing her hair, because I sincerely and quietly told her, "You look even more fantastic than usual. I'm so proud to have you at my side!"

She whispered back, "SHUSH! Master, my heart is racing too much as it is. I love you so much!"

"I love you too."

She quietly growled, "I said SHUSH! Or you'll leave me no choice but to suck and fuck your big cock right here!"

I decided I really did need to shush or we really would get carried away. So I just smiled at her. "Shall we?"

"Yes, Master!" She shivered with delight as we started down the stairs.

We walked into darkness, because all the lights downstairs were turned off. Instead, there were electric candles on the floor starting about halfway down the stairs. They grew in number (and thus brightness) as the trail of lights went around the corner and out of sight.

True, the same candle path idea had been used with Sue Ellen's initiation, but it was proof of the power of tradition and great ideas. Just seeing the candles caused memories of that initiation to flood my brain, and it sent shivers down my spine.

I glanced at Cindy and saw that she was similarly moved. She clutched my hand tightly for support.

Mindy had gone ahead of us a couple of minutes earlier, and we didn't see anyone at first as we reached the bottom of the stairs. But then we looked from the foyer into the living room, and saw a truly breath-taking vision. There was a fire roaring in the fireplace, and there was a path of candles leading to the Dream Chair, with more candles artistically scattered here and there throughout the room. But the room was mostly covered in darkness, with the flickering fire and candles creating a magical and almost mystical atmosphere.

Curiously, there was another path of candles leading from the living room into the dining room. I had no idea what that was for or where it led to, but I figured I'd find out later. There certainly were more candles overall than last time.

There was just enough light for me to see that a huge mattress was positioned in front of the Dream Chair. In fact, the Dream Chair was sitting on it (just like last time). The mattress looked to be exactly the same as the huge one in my bedroom, but I'd just come from there and it was still there. How could that be?! The only logical conclusion was that we had two absurdly huge mattresses in the house now.

However, I didn't dwell on that, because my four other women were in the room too. They were all wearing druid-like, black-hooded robes and bowing so low in a kneeling position that their heads were nearly at their knees. Despite the darkness and the hoods, I could tell from what I could see of their hair styles that Mindy and Sue Ellen were on one side of the Chair, and Michelle and Ruby were on the other.

My penis was actually flaccid due to nervousness, but seeing them bowing in symmetrical formation like that somehow made me erect in a flash.

Cindy had been gaping in wonder at the sight, but she saw movement under my robe, and then watched as my cock grew enough to poke through the gap in the robe. She smiled knowingly. Then she went right back to staring all around the room.

Mindy hadn't given us any instructions in advance, and nobody spoke now. So I just did what came naturally and led Cindy across the room. All the other furniture and even artwork had been removed, so it was easy to follow the main candle-lit path, even though it snaked in an S-shape towards the huge mattress.

My heart was pounding hard and fast. I probably hadn't taken Sue Ellen's ceremony seriously enough, and I was sorry about that, but I was feeling the import of what was happening now.

This isn't just playing around, just some elaborate sex game. This is a lifetime commitment, for Cindy AND me! Realizing that sent shivers down my spine. Maybe I'm finally starting to understand. Maybe! It's about damn time!

Once Cindy and I reached the spot on the bed between where the other four were kneeling, Cindy let go of my hand and subtly pushed me towards the chair. After I took a couple of steps without her, she got down on her knees and bent down low, even lower than the others. Her chin was actually touching the mattress, while her bare ass was thrust high up in the air.

That submissive posture kind of stunned me, especially considering the way the orange and red light from the fire glowed from her naked, voluptuous body. I remembered that last time I'd said "no bowing," and here all five women were bowing low before me. But somehow, I didn't mind. Plus, at least there were no chains this time!

I staggered forward the last step or two and plopped down into the Dream Chair. My heart was thumping so hard that it was good to sit and rest.

There had been a complete eerie silence, except for the crackling of the fire, but now some music began to play. I didn't recognize it, but it was wordless, Enya-like, New Age-styled music that was ideal for some solemn and ancient ritual. Between that, the fire and candles, and the druid-like robes, an outsider might have thought that a coven of witches were about to do something wicked to me!

Okay, now what? I was buzzing with energy, and I wanted something to happen soon, but I didn't know what to expect beyond memories of what happened last time. Mindy hadn't given me any clue about how the initiation would go, saying that I'd have more fun rolling with the punches.

Wordlessly, my four robe-wearing women unzipped their robes down the front and completely removed them.

Maybe it was because I was so worked up already, but this simple act sent more shivers down my spine.

Then the four of them sat up stiffly in a kneeling pose. Like last time, their arms were ramrod straight with their hands between their legs, causing their big tits to push up and out. I noticed they all wore high heels too. (Heels were becoming more and more commonplace by the day, I'd noticed.)

Cindy was still bowing low before me. Without saying a word, she crawled forward between my legs. She slid up until she had her hands on my cock and balls. She slowly lifted her head up and smiled as we made eye contact.

Chills ran down my spine yet again! There was something about the look on her face that powerfully affected me. For one thing, there was a fiery look of intense lusty desire in her eyes. But what hit me even more than that was the total, unconditional love also showing on her face. I could only hope that I was showing half as much love back to her.

Then, still without uttering a single word, she dramatically engulfed my entire cockhead in her mouth. She looked me in the eye as her lips began their long, slow decent, all the way down to the root of my shaft. She didn't stop until her chin was pressed tightly up between my balls

WOW! Incredible! She just took me to the hilt, like a sword-swallower! That can NOT be easy for her, given my thickness! What a RUSH of intense pleasure!

Clearly, she was showing that she was fully capable of deep throating me, just as she'd proved earlier in the day. But apparently this was just a taste of what was to come, because after just a few seconds she pulled up and focused on bobbing back and forth over my sweet spot instead. Her cheeks caved in when she started using a tremendous amount of suction. Both of her hands also got busy fondling my balls and the rest of my shaft.

All of my emotions must have been heightened due to the importance of the ceremony, because her oral efforts affected me much more than usual. Even though she wasn't doing anything that different than usual, except for much more suction, I felt a wonderful tingling throughout my entire body, all the way down to my toes and the tips of my fingers. I was flying high as a kite, and the ceremony had barely even begun!

After a minute or so of expert cocksucking, Cindy pulled her lips all the way off my shaft. I'd had my eyes closed to try to cope with the sheer intensity of the stimulation coming from my crotch. When I looked around again, I saw that the other women had all gathered around her. Mindy was next to her between my legs, and the others were perched just outside my legs but not touching them.

Mindy looked at me and dove down as far as she could on my shaft while Cindy still held and stroked the rest of it. She didn't try to deep throat, since she'd never successfully done it before, but she managed to loudly and lewdly choke and gag on my thickness for about a minute.

I felt a bit shy to break the solemn silence - not counting all the lewd sexual noises and the mood music, of course - so I found myself whispering, "What's the plan here, exactly?"

Mindy pulled off to whisper back, "No plan, exactly. At least nothing firm yet... but this." She gave my cockhead a playful lick. "We've got all night, and this naughty cock looks mighty yummy."

I chuckled at that. Then, even as Mindy engulfed my cockhead again, an idea came to me. "Cindy, I want you to sit on my face. That's an order."

She looked at me with confusion and concern. "What? How? Why? That's not part of the plan."

"Ah. So there is a plan. But never mind that. Consider this just a bump in the road. I'm your master, and I feel like licking your cunt to show you that I love you and that our sexual fun doesn't even have to involve my dick. I'm sure there's some way we can tilt this chair all the way back so you can literally sit on my face. So let's do it! That's an order!"

Mindy didn't respond, since she kept right on bobbing.

But Michelle complained, "This is SO out of bounds! Daddy, a big part of tonight is about adoring and worshipping your cock. I mean, that's true every single night, and day, but tonight especially!"

She was going to say more, but I cut in, "Fine. Go ahead and take turns doing that while I adore Cindy's cunt."

That seemed to shut them up.

A short time later, my Dream Chair was tilted all the way back, almost as much as a flattened lounge chair, and Cindy sat right on my face. Meanwhile, the four others took turns bobbing on my cock, which I guess had been the plan before I'd added to it. There were a seemingly countless number of fingers all over my cock and balls, and beyond.

The New Age music and the blazing fire provided the only significant noise, and that was some distance from us. So the dim light and fire sounds created a special, slightly spooky mood. No one wanted to break the spell by speaking loudly.

Cindy whispered while I licked her wet pussy lips, "Master, you spoil me too much!"

Hmmm. Right now, I sense Cupcake is the one bobbing on me, and I feel two more tongues further down my shaft. And someone has one of my balls in her mouth and is doing wonderful things to it. And the fingers! So many fingers, even up my ass crack. Plus, I'm getting to feast on Cindy's delicious cunt, which doesn't happen nearly enough. And she says I'm spoiling HER!

But I kept that to myself and merely replied, "Maybe so. But did I mention that you're not allowed to cum without my permission? And you don't have permission yet."


I couldn't see her face, since she was literally sitting on my face, but I was sure her eyes got big and her mouth hung open. She immediately began squirming around, as if trying to escape from my tongue, but she didn't actually move out of the way.

I used my hands to hold her hips and more or less keep her in place, just to be sure.

I kept right on licking. I realized I hadn't performed cunnilingus nearly enough lately, and I was having a blast. Plus, it felt good to give back a little bit after enjoying so much oral attention.

Of course, it didn't hurt that I was getting licked and sucked by FOUR other women at the same time! Mindy, Michelle, Sue Ellen, and Ruby were still busy taking turns bobbing on my cock. I think the plan was for them to each have a minute or so with my cock to show their devotion to it and kind of whet their appetite for more later. That hadn't lasted for long. After each of them took their turn and I was still busy licking Cindy into delirium, they switched to a free-style, with a seemingly countless number of tongues, lips, and hands all over my privates!

Before long, Cindy squealed, "Master! I'm going to cum! Please! Don't make me cum!"

I let her lift her ass up off my face a couple of inches to get away from my busy tongue. That allowed me to ask, "Are you going to ruin your ceremony by cumming without permission?"

"Nooooo! I can't! But it's so hard! I... I... I wasn't expecting this! Good Lord, have mercy!"

I pulled her back down and resumed licking. Soon, I was forced to firmly hold her hips in place, because she was getting more fidgety by the second.

I know I'm going to cum soon if things keep going like this. Hell, I would have blown my load in the first minute had it not been for Mindy's secret training to build my endurance. They're all so sexy and amazing to me! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! SO INTENSE! This is the ultimate in harem master decadence!

I'm not entirely against cumming now. I'm feeling so randy and energized that I bet I can certainly cum twice tonight, and probably three times. Heck, maybe even four! Why not aim high? But I want to give all my cum to Cindy tonight, so I have to do something, and fast, or the others will get all of my load.

Cindy's pleas for permission to cum were growing more desperate. She yelled things like, "Please, someone, help me! I'm really going to cum hard! Soon! I can't... I can't hold out! Heeeeelp!" Also, she was all but fighting me, trying to move her pussy out of my "range of fire" while I fought to hold her in place.

After a couple more minutes, her crisis grew so critical that she started clawing at my hands, hoping she could free herself and lift her ass up long enough to come back from her desperate edge.

It was time. Our struggle ended when I shouted, "Cum, slut! Cum!"

She let out a banshee wail and gave up fighting. As a result, my face was flooded with her gushing juices! She came and came and came, and came some more!

Luckily, it was such a loud and shaky spectacle that the others stopped going to town on my cock and balls to witness it. Because Cindy was facing away from them, Sue Ellen and Mindy came around to the back of the Dream Chair so they could see her facial expressions as she writhed and grimaced in erotic ecstasy. Even Michelle and Ruby sat up in place to watch (and maybe to cover their ears). That meant my cock was completely untended for a while, and it saved me from cumming at the same time.

It was a good thing Sue Ellen and Mindy were where they were, because Cindy was perched up high on the Dream Chair. When her multiple orgasm finally came to an end about a minute or two later, her upper body started to waver and wobble as her energy drained out of her. I wasn't in a good position to stop her from tumbling to the floor and possibly hurting herself. But Sue Ellen and Mindy acted fast and were able to hold her up, allowing me to get out from underneath her. Cindy was carefully guided down until she had her ass on the carpet.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, SeaDawg77, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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