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Chapter 50

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy and Sue Ellen began tending to Cindy, holding and comforting her like she'd been a victimized survivor of some natural disaster. In fact, it was easy for me to imagine she'd just run naked out of a burning building in the middle of the night, because her body and those of her "rescuers" were lit mostly by the fire in the fireplace. It was a curiously entrancing sight.

Michelle and Ruby, meanwhile, seemed determined to make the most of their amnesty time. With the others out of the way, they'd wound up kneeling tightly together between my legs. They started hungrily taking turns bobbing on my boner, with other one licking and stroking everything else.

I didn't want that though, especially because I was still on a hair trigger. I'd been flat on my back while licking Cindy's pussy, so I sat up and turned around to see how Cindy was doing as she was assisted to the ground. That cut off the Gruesome Twosome from my privates. I could hear them groaning in dismay. I actually was forced to pull my knees up to my chest and use my legs to make sure they stopped.

Looking back at Cindy, I could tell she was recovering and getting her breathing under control.

But Mindy saw me looking that way, and she complained to me, "You BEAST! Look at this poor woman. You nearly killed her. That was NOT part of tonight's program." But she was smiling all the while, and I could tell she was pleased as punch that I'd managed to give Cindy such powerful orgasms already.

I shrugged. "Hey, it's what I felt like doing. It just occurred to me that I've been too passive. I keep resisting in general, trying to slow things down, trying to stop things from getting too wild. One result is that I've gone down on each of you far too infrequently. But that's going to change. I don't care if it doesn't jibe with the cock slave philosophy. I like it, and it makes me feel good, so I'm gonna do it!"

Of course I'd gone down on Mindy countless times and she always loved it. But she clutched at her chest, pretending dismay. "That sounds scary! But you are the master, so I guess we're just going to have our tight, wet, little pussies licked into oblivion!"

She looked to the others with mock-panicky eyes. "With his new aggressive attitude, I dare say we might even see more King Dong attacks!"

I grinned widely, but pretended to be nonchalant. "Probably. I can't really control him."

My hilarious wife pretended to swoon. She was a great comedic actress and she really hammed it up.

After another minute or so, Mindy and Cindy whispered to each other, with Sue Ellen listening in. I suppose Mindy was checking to see if Cindy had recovered enough to get the initiation ceremony back on track.

It appeared that Cindy was doing much better, because Sue Ellen and Mindy stood up and tilted the Dream Chair back into its upright chair shape, with me still in it. As they did that, Mindy said, "Okay, everybody, let's get this show back on the road."

Then Cindy stood up. She managed to do it all on her own, but it was a close call. Her face was drenched in sweat and her hair was tangled and wild. (Sadly, the flowers she'd had in her hair were long gone.) But I found her current "just fucked" look even more titillating than when she'd been all prettied up at the top of the stairs.

She staggered around to the front of the Dream Chair, shooed Michelle and Ruby away, grabbed my cock, and then simply sat down on it until she was fully impaled! She didn't ask permission or even give me a clue what she was going to do. She smirked at me with glorious impertinence.

But this was her big night and I was turned on by her aggressiveness, so I just smiled and smirked right back.

She leaned forward until her face was almost to mine, and whispered for my ears only, "I love that you told me, 'Cum, slut,' and not just 'Cum.' I love that I'm your SLUT! Well, one of them, at any rate. I want to spend the rest of my life being one of your slutty slaves!"

Then she pulled back until she was sitting straight up on me. She spoke to me between labored breaths as she settled down on my erection, shifting this way and that to make sure she was fully sheathed on it. "This talk of King Dong had me concerned. I figured I'd better act fast, before he went on a rampage."

Mindy walked around to my front and stood there with her hands on her hips and a big smirky smile on her face. "So you took one for the team, kind of like throwing yourself on a live grenade."

"EXACTLY like that," a very satisfied and amused Cindy said. "Only with less blood and more orgasms."

Michelle was kneeling near my feet, with Ruby next to her. She crossed her arms under her tremendous rack, and sarcastically told Cindy, "Gee, thanks. Ruby and I were looking to get back to bobbing on the King, but you saved us from that horrible fate."

"No need to thank me," Cindy replied with a twinkle of delight in her eye. "It was my pleasure."

Michelle raised her arms and then flopped them down in frustration, causing a nice tit-quake. "I was being sarcastic!"

Mindy took charge. "Okay, girls. Let's get back on track. The plan was for Cindy to sit on his cock after we all tasted him, so we're right back to where we were supposed to be anyway. We just took the scenic route there. Unfortunately, the magical, silent mood was broken with Cindy's glass-shattering screams, so let's try to get back into a solemn mood that is more fitting for such an important ceremony, okay?"

She continued, a bit like a lecturing teacher, "Remember, this is MUCH more important than any marriage ceremony. She's pledging her body, heart, and soul to him for the rest of her life! So NO griping or sniping. There will be PLENTY of cock for all of us before the night is done."

Michelle glowered unhappily, but she seemed to relent some. She asked, "Do you promise? Because I want a lot of cock!"

"I do. Now, let's get back into position, shall we?"

Michelle and Ruby resumed kneeling together on one side of me while Sue Ellen and Mindy knelt in the exact same way on the other side. Cindy was still recovering, so she pretty much plastered herself against my chest and kept her arms around me while making sure that my cock stayed balls-deep inside her.

Cindy spoke to me in a low and sensual purr. "You really did almost kill me, you know. I'm going to need some more time to recover from that."

I brushed her matted down bangs off her forehead. "That's fine with me. We do have all night. I mean, it's not like I have to get up and go to work nine-to-five tomorrow."

"You bastard!" She playfully swatted my chest. We both knew that I was referring to the fact that she did have to start work at nine tomorrow. In fact, it was her first full day as Mindy's assistant, so it would be bad if one or both of them staggered in late.

For the next few minutes, Cindy simply rested in my arms while I whispered sweet nothings in her ear. I told her in different ways how much I loved her and how important she was in my life.

Mindful of her declaration about wanting to be my "slutty slave," I also told her things like, "My love, I consider you my mistress and my de facto second wife. I love you as a person for your smarts and personality and general goodness and much more. But also, you ARE one of my slutty slaves! Emphasis on 'slutty!' AND 'slave!'"

It was like we were in a video game and each word I said gave her energy points, because she went from exhausted to energetic right in front of my eyes! First, she started clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles around my erection. But after only a minute or so of that, she started churning her hips. Not much later, she sat up away from my chest and began very aggressively rising up and down on me while also continuing her awesome churning and grinding motions.

I was having such a great time that I'd pretty much forgotten about the others in the darkness. But Mindy finally spoke up, talking in a quiet and reverential tone. "It is time. The permanent enslavement of Cindy McGrath to Daniel Cooper begins now! Let us formally welcome her to the harem by blessing their union both literally and figuratively. Michelle, why don't you go first?" She muttered under her breath, but just loud enough for all of us to hear, "Before you get in a jealous snit like last time!"

I felt some reshuffling of bodies around and between my legs as they broke from their official poses and crowded near my crotch.

Cindy lifted herself up on hands and feet to spin around on my erection to face the rest of the harem, who would take their turns between our legs.

Mindy suddenly appeared above me with a wet towel in her hand. She was all satisfied and smirky as she looked at my face. "Just look at you. You look like someone smeared a bowl of Jell-O all over your face. Cute!" She wiped my face clean of Cindy's juices as best she could, and then disappeared back out of sight.

I couldn't see Michelle due to Cindy being in the way, but I could hear her annoyance. "Don't worry, I'm NOT going to get in a jealous snit. God knows I wish I was the one bouncing on Daddy cock right now, but that'll come in time. Besides... Cindy, could you switch to just squeezing him with your Kegel moves for a little while?"

Cindy switched styles, which stilled her body.

"Thanks!" Michelle started licking my boner.

There wasn't much of it to lick since I was nearly fully in Cindy again, but once Michelle started to lick along Cindy's pussy lips, Cindy relented and rose up a few inches.

"Thanks again," Michelle said. "Mmmm! So much cock!" While still licking, and also fondling my balls, she said, "Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Besides... how can I get too jealous when I have all this thick master cock to lick and love?"

With that said, it seemed Michelle forgot that she was supposed to give a speech welcoming Cindy into the harem. Instead, she went all out licking my cock and Cindy's pussy.

Cindy helpfully responded by pulling nearly all the way off me. She held her entire body up with her hands, allowing Michelle to lick all the way up to my sweet spot, which Michelle most certainly did. It was an impressive physical feat, like doing a pull-up and then holding it for a long time.

After about a minute, Mindy realized Michelle probably was too carried away by lust to remember to say more, and Cindy had to be getting tired holding herself up, so she coughed loudly and intentionally, several times.

"Oh yeah..." Michelle finally said. "Sorry, it's just that it's soooo YUMMY! Anyway, Cindy, you're so lucky. We all are. Some other women might scoff if they found out you willingly enslaved yourself to Daddy and his great cock. But they don't know! They can't understand! The sweet, sweet joy of submission... Mmmm..."

With that, my boner somehow popped completely free from Cindy's hot pussy. Michelle immediately engulfed my cockhead and started fervently bobbing on it.

Cindy shifted forward, allowing her body to finally lower down and rest.

But Michelle didn't get to enjoy her slurpy bobbing for more than a couple of seconds. She must have gotten an elbow in the ribs, or something to that effect, because she pulled off, and said, "Ouch! Okay, already! Can't I enjoy this cocky bounty in front of me? Even the smell..." She audibly sniffed. "I love it! Everything about it!"

Suddenly, there was surprise in her voice, as if she'd had a Eureka moment. "You know what? I am totally addicted to serving this cock! I love everything about it, and the man it's attached to! I love how we're all so beautiful and sexy, the best of the best, and yet we're totally enslaved by our lust to our master and his superior cock-meat!" She giggled a little bit, and kissed my sweet spot.

I thought, That's weird. As if that's some big revelation. She proves that every day with her words and her deeds!

Then, as she resumed licking, she said, "And now, Cindy, you'll get to love it and serve it - today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life! We love you, and we love sharing it with you. So... welcome!" She quietly asked someone else with a muffled voice, "NOW, can I? Just for half a minute. I promise!"

She must have gotten a positive response, because she resumed bobbing on me for about half a minute.

It felt so good that I had to resort to my PC muscle clenching. I clenched my teeth too and hung on.

But someone, probably Mindy, was keeping time. I could tell that because Michelle came off my boner and Cindy sat right back on it, sliding all the way down until she was balls-deep again.

Michelle pouted, "Awwww... What a fuckin' bummer!"

Sue Ellen whispered to her, "Now, remember, part of being a cock slave is suffering, especially with waiting. There are five us - and more coming all the time - and only one of him. We have to wait our turn."

Michelle quietly grumbled. "Fine. Whatever. Like I care! UGH!" Clearly, she had trouble waiting.

Then it was Ruby's turn. She said similar things to what Michelle said, and all the while she licked, mostly right where Cindy and I were joined.

But then she said more. "Mom, having you formally join the harem is extra special for me, because of course you gave birth to me and you're my wonderful mother. Isn't it great that he seduced and tamed and enslaved the both of us? Now, we'll be forever joined not just as family, but as his personal fuck toys and sex pets!"

Cindy must have really been affected by those words, because she suddenly squealed like a stuck pig through clenched teeth. Plus her entire body shook and writhed. If it wasn't an actual orgasm, it had much the same effect on her.

Ruby went on, "So, yes, welcome to the harem. I look forward to years and years of slurping and bobbing and slobbering all over his great cock with you, my mother! No, make that decades! Decades of choking and gagging, crying tears of struggle and effort from endless hours of taking turns deep throating him, and so much more! The main thing is that we understand, as mother and daughter, that our wants and needs aren't so important. What matters most is pleasuring and pleasing the man who owns us! And worshipping, yes, worshipping, his magnificent cock with every fiber of our beings!"

I wanted to protest some of that, especially the part about their wants and needed not being as important as mine. But I remembered Mindy's admonition to just go with the flow and not ruin the mood.

Besides, the main thing was giving Cindy a night she would always remember and treasure, and Ruby's words clearly had a big effect. Cindy bucked and jerked like a wild bronco, and she screamed loudly.

However, Cindy must have gotten wise after what happened with Michelle, because no matter how excited she got, she didn't pull nearly all the way out, or anything close to it. Once she calmed down, relatively speaking, she continued to generally keep my boner fully sheathed in her, allowing her erratically squeeze me with her Kegel muscles.

Ruby continued to give a heartfelt and loving speech that praised Cindy more than Michelle's did. It focused on their loving mother-daughter bond, and she emphasized that they would "stick with each other through thick and thin, even when they're sticky from head to toe with gallons of our master's cum!"

I thought she was more than a little over the top, for instance with the "gallons" mention, and it was more about praising me and my dick than really talking about Cindy, but Cindy clearly loved it. When Ruby finished, she was rewarded by Cindy pulling all the way off my boner for a little while, giving Ruby about a minute of bobbing time.

Naturally, Ruby took full advantage! Her own words had worked her up to a fever pitch, and it showed in the way she sucked, like she really was overcome with some lusty fever and she couldn't control or limit her passions.

And so it went. Sue Ellen's turn was next. Her speech was more polite and restrained, with more of an emphasis on the bond between all the harem slaves. She also was rewarded with the same amount of bobbing time at the end.

Then Mindy had her turn, and the same process was repeated.

The speeches were all quite similar, with the exception of Ruby's, since she was Cindy's daughter. I suppose the point wasn't so much to say different things as it was for each member to show they were fully accepting and welcoming Cindy into the harem, and they clearly were. After all, they were all sucking Cindy's juices from my cock before inserting me back into her. What could be more obviously accepting than that?

With that portion of the ceremony concluded, Cindy celebrated by simply turning around to face me again and fucking herself up and down on me for a while. She got a lot more physical and aggressive with her bouncing and churning now that she didn't have a head right next to our privates to worry about bumping into, and I did too, by thrusting back up at her.

However, the others didn't want to simply sit and watch. So Mindy opened what I called the "trapdoor" feature of the Dream Chair. That was the lever that split the cushion under my ass, creating a gap right below my ass crack. The gap was narrow enough so I wouldn't fall through, but it was wide enough for hands and even faces to fit through and reach my ass crack.

It wasn't long before I had a gloved finger probing deeply in my anus, stimulating my prostate, while a tongue licked in and around my (squeaky clean) ass crack. And ANOTHER tongue licked around my perineum (the "taint"), since there wasn't much bodily movement there. I'd never had my ass so thoroughly and pleasurably pampered!

But that still left two women out of the fun. What those unknown two did surprised the heck out of me: they focused on my feet. One woman began licking and fondling my left foot, and the other licked and fondled my right. It was surprisingly pleasurable, especially when both of them focused much of their attention on licking and even sucking on my toes.

Wow! I've NEVER experienced anything like that in all my years of having sex with Mindy. Hell, I've never really thought of the foot as an erogenous zone before. Boy, was I wrong about that! And we must look like quite a picture! To actually TWO sexy naked slaves doing nothing but licking my toes... WHOA! I was wrong before. THIS is the height of harem master decadence!

Between Cindy and I fucking, my ass getting double-licked and probed, and my toes getting sucked, there was no way I could hold out long from cumming. Luckily, I didn't have to struggle to hold out for a long time, since I was confident I'd be able to get erect again quickly.

The only thing was that I wanted to make sure that Cindy had a great, powerful climax too. This was her very special time, after all. So I did what I'd done a short time earlier to such good effect: I made sure she understood that she wasn't allowed to cum without permission, and then I kept on fucking her without giving her that permission yet.

Just like before, it wasn't long before she was desperately begging. It got so bad that she stopped bouncing on me or really doing anything to my cock, for fear that the friction would cause her to go off. I couldn't move much because of the women working on my ass, so I simply put my hands under Cindy's ass and lifted her body up and down on me!

We were both agonizingly close to the edge. Once I started doing that, she screamed, "NO! NO! OH GOD, NO! MERCY! I BEG YOU! MERCY!"

I kept on roughly bouncing her, but I had mercy too. I shouted, "CUM! CUM LIKE HELL!"

She came! And I did too! Once I gave permission, she didn't need to hold back, so she resumed bouncing and grinding on me with all she could give. The sweat flew from her face as her entire body shook with an erotic frenzy.

Blasting a hot load into her cunt felt divine. Some of the other pampering fell away as I did so. For instance, my legs were kicking around so the toe sucking must have stopped at some point, although I was too distracted to notice just when. Similarly, the licking of my ass crack and perineum came to a halt because I was writhing around too much. But a lone finger kept on poking deep in my ass, relentlessly massaging my prostate. Man, what an effect it had! That doubled the intensity of an already absolutely incredible climax!

Phew! It took a long time for Cindy and me to recover from that.

With my eyes closed, I heard Ruby speak. "I just gotta say that I have to add something to my earlier speech. If anyone were to ever ask me 'Why be a cock slave? Why give up all your freedoms and dedicate your life to serving one man's penis?' I wish I could point to what just happened to Cindy and say, 'THAT! Case closed!'"

"Amen, sister!" Michelle agreed. It was neat to see her in the "yes man" role Ruby was usually in, for once. She added, "VERY few women will EVER experience that kind of pleasure even once in their entire lives, but here at Casa Cooper, we practically get it on a daily basis!"

Ruby added, "This harem fucking ROCKS! Mom can't even agree with us because she literally had her brains fucked out of her head." She ostentatiously pretended sound bored as she added, "As usual." She faked a big yawn.

Sue Ellen giggled at that, along with several others. She commented, "I love this place, and all of you, so very, very much!" Then she surprised me by joking, "Shall we help Cindy by gathering up her brains and putting them back in her head?"

My Cupcake didn't really seem the jokey type, but maybe spending time around us, and especially around Mindy, was changing her. I liked it.

Ruby replied, "Good idea. You and I can do that, and Michelle, you can get the mop since Master fucked the shit out of her too. Aaaaas usual." She fake-yawned again.

Michelle joked back, "Awww. Why is it you always get to pick up the pieces of brain and I have to do the brown stain mopping?"

It was true that Cindy and I were too wiped out to say or do anything for a while. I finally roused myself a little bit and opened my eyes a few minutes later, when I felt Cindy kissing my nose, as she said, "Thank you, Master! That was... beyond words!"

I looked into her face and was wowed all over again by her beauty. She was sweating so much that her hair was matted down in places and there were rivulets of sweat running down her reddened face, mixing with rivulets of tears.

What a wasted face! She looks half dead right now. But that just makes her look even more alive and beautiful to my eyes. I had to be pretty sweaty and ragged looking too, but so what? I love that I did that to her. Although, I wonder if her tears are the joyful kind or the struggle kind. Probably some of both, I'd guess.

I grunted affirmatively to her "beyond words" thank you. "You said it! You think that was good? Try it with a finger in your ass!"

She giggled. "I did! Some helper elf was buggering me good. Same as you?"

That surprised and delighted me, that she'd gotten anally fingered too. I nodded. "Gotta love those helper elves. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! I can't believe how wonderfully depraved we all are!" I laughed.

I looked around for glove on hands, since whoever had been fingering my ass had worn a glove. But I didn't see any. Probably the mystery prober had taken it off as soon as she finished, leaving me wondering who it was. But then again, it didn't really matter, since my cock slaves were working as a team.

Then my demeanor softened, and I spoke tenderly. "I love you, Cindy. Truly. Deeply. Forever!"

"Oh, Master! I love you too!" With her face almost touching mine it was easy for us to wind up French kissing, and that's exactly what we did.

I could sense Mindy's presence standing off to my left. As Cindy and I made out, Mindy chided, "Hey, you two, don't get too lovey dovey just yet. The ceremony's not even half over. And look, Hon. You're a beastly bastard, as usual. You're making your new slave cry."

"Those are tears of joy, I'm sure of it," I heard Sue Ellen say.

Mindy replied, "Yeah, but still. Her face is soaked with sweat AND tears, and her cunt is still gushing like a raging river. It's like he's trying to dehydrate her by draining her of fluids from every orifice. He'll turn her into a prune!"

Cindy chuckled, and briefly broke our kissing just long enough to mutter, "The world's happiest prune!"

Michelle spoke from somewhere off to my left, "You know, these initiations are so great that we should have them, like, every week. That means five initiations a week, one for each of us. That still gives Daddy two days of relative rest."

Ruby quipped, "Emphasis on 'relative.' He'll still be fucking us silly on those nights too."

Mindy chided, "Now, now, girls, you only get one initiation, so let's make Cindy's the best we possibly can. Daniel, I think it's time for phase two, which takes place... elsewhere. Michelle, Ruby, why don't you assist Cindy to the downstairs bathroom and get her showered and freshened up. Sue Ellen and I will clean Master with wet towels where he rests."

Michelle immediately complained, "Why can't Ruby and I clean him off?"

My eyes were still closed to help me savor kissing Cindy, but I could hear the smirk in Mindy's voice. "Because I know you. Toweling would quickly turn to cleaning his cock, which would quickly turn to rubbing it until it was stiff, which would quickly turn to lots more cocksucking and titfucking. And that's not going to help Cindy have the best evening of her life."

Michelle griped, "Why must our righteous enthusiasm for Daddy-cock always be turned against us?!"

Again, I couldn't see what was happening, but I could easily picture Michelle stamp her foot as she often did, and I also relished a vision of the tit-quake that inevitably followed. Funnily enough, I didn't even have to see it to enjoy it, since I had such a clear vision of her torpedo tits wobbling and bouncing due to that happening so many times a day lately.

Ruby similarly huffed, although maybe more tongue-in-cheek, "And how do you know us so damn well?"

Mindy replied cheekily, "Hey, I'm not just Mindy, your mom. I'm also Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night. As such, I have special smirky powers of knowing."

Michelle groaned. "Mom, you're weird."

"Not really," she chuckled, "all I have to do is think about what I would do in your place."

"Like cocksucking and titfucking?"

"Exactly!" Mindy replied, far too knowingly for comfort. "After all, you're MY daughter, and you take after me when it comes to lusting after your father's cock, balls, and oh-so-delicious cum! And how do I know this? Because I'm his WIFE and I want to do all of those things too! And what is the cock slave rule about that?"

"'Wives get first dibs…'" the Hellions groaned in stereo, surrendering to their defeat.

I couldn't see their expressions around Cindy lying on top of me, but I can only guess that Mindy's far too knowing mom routine had its intended effect, because soon thereafter we went into recovery-and-clean-up mode.

After Cindy went to the bathroom with the Hellions, I stood up and walked around a bit to stretch out. Then some water and an ice cream bar was brought to me, and I snacked while I got toweled clean.

As I finished eating my ice cream bar, I asked Mindy, "So, I see a second path of candles leading out of the room. Is that where phase two is going to be? Why just move things to the dining room?"

She replied with a knowing tease, "Who says it leads to the dining room? And don't peek, or I'm gonna do all kinds of crazy cucquean stuff."

I joked, "I must have peeked already then, starting a couple of weeks ago, and many times a day ever since."

"Hey, funny guy, leave the jokes to me. I'll have you know I have a strict rule of never doing more than eight crazy cucquean things on any given day."

I grinned. "Wow, you're really holding back."

"I am. Smirkarella has incredible willpower. That's just one of the many reasons she's the world's most beloved smirky superheroine, defeating evil mad scientists through the sheer power of her smirk."

"She's also the world ONLY beloved smirky superheroine."

Naturally, my wife smirked. "There is that. By the way, do you think you can get it up again, and soon?"

"No problem!" I said with sincere confidence. "I'm rarin' to go. Cindy better watch out, because I'm bringing my A game tonight, all night long!"

I looked down, because Mindy knelt right in front of where I stood, and she pulled Sue Ellen down with her. My smirk-smiling wife said, "You talk a big talk, but Sue Ellen, I think we'd better make sure he struts a big cock too."

Sue Ellen caught on right away, and her resulting smile lit up the entire dark room. "Definitely!" She took my flaccid penis in hand, and then made some lewd movements with her tongue while she looked up with me. "Better safe than sorry is what I say."

Mindy nodded with glee. "Agreed. I suggest we spend the next, oh, say, ten minutes being safer than sorry. Or at least as long as it takes Cindy and the others to get ready."

Thanks to their sultry, hungry expressions, not to mention their kneeling and nude bodies, my dick was already starting to engorge. But I said with concern, "If you two start blowing me, and then the Gruesome Twosome come in and see that, they're gonna have a hissy fit."

Mindy was already licking and stroking my cock back to full size, and Sue Ellen was helping. My gorgeous wife said, "Let 'em hiss. We'll just buy them off by giving them a turn. After all, we've got plenty of time. It's not like Nicky is going to come in here and see us."

My dick was nearly full size already, but upon the mention of Nicky's name, it instantly grew as hard as a steel bar.

It was so obvious that both Mindy and Sue Ellen giggled.

I worried that my face turned red, but I was afraid to check. I growled, "Don't you dare say a word about that. That's what I call coincidence."

"Yeah," Min scoffed. But luckily she and Sue Ellen got so busy with their licking and fondling that she didn't follow up with any snarky comments. Probably, they noticed my embarrassment and decided to have mercy on me.

That mention of Nicky also put my oldest daughter in my thoughts. While my wife and Cupcake licked my sweet spot together, I thought, I wonder what Nicky would make of all this. Not that there's any doubt she'd have a total freak out, but then what? What about the day after? It's become clear that she has a big crush on me, and she's participated in lots of spying on me and Min, so she can't be THAT appalled, right? But then again, we're so depraved and debauched. Not even King Solomon ever had it this good, and he had 700 wives and 300 concubines!

Seriously, I wonder what Nicky would think. My Muffin! My super stacked and sexy Muffin! UGH! Can't go there!

It took a while, but not as long as I'd imagined, before the other three came back into the living room. Michelle and Ruby saw me standing there with Mindy and Sue Ellen kneeling and bobbing before me, and they were duly scandalized.

But just as she'd promised, Mindy appeased them by letting them have a turn.

However, the others didn't want to just watch, so I soon wound up with all five women draped all over me!

Cindy wanted to neck with me some more, so that's what she did. It was even better than before, since she was fresh as a daisy now, with minty breath.

Between kisses, she told me, "You know, Master, I think we should add this to the initiation tradition, because it seems so fitting. I love the fact that even as you and I stand here and kiss, there are no less than FOUR more total bombshell women all over you, pleasuring you in every possible way! For instance, I can't see back there, but I'll bet one of them is fingering your ass. Am I right?"

"Yep. I can't tell who it is, but prostate probing seems to be really popular tonight. It feels great too!" That was all true, including me not being able to tell who was doing it.

Cindy actually squealed with glee at that. "You see? That is SO GREAT! You don't even know who it is because you have SO MANY SLAVES! I must have the most studly master in all of California! This is such an essential part of the enslavement - the sharing. Even as we talk, I have to speak up because of all the slurping and sucking from below. And that makes me a little bit jealous, but a lotta bit hot! I'm part of a cock-pleasuring team. My alone time with you will be extra precious because it will be so rare."

"Not THAT rare," I said.

"No, but rare enough. Don't try to dissuade me, because I get off on it! I love the fact that whenever I'll talk to you, or kiss you, or cuddle with you, more often than not there will be at least one mouth slurping and slobbering all over your great big powerful cock. At LEAST one! God, that's so fucking hot! Master, you're an insatiable sex beast! You ARE King Dong! I need you to fuck me some more right now!"

Cindy took my breath away with an incredibly passionate kiss. It seemed she really meant it when she said those ideas highly aroused her.

Apparently Mindy was the one fingering my ass, because I could feel her breath on my ass crack when she started to speak. "Cindy, hold your horses on the fucking, please. Let's move now to phase two before a spontaneous orgy breaks out."

Sue Ellen was up higher on me and she happened to be licking one of my nipples. She asked with amusement, "And that would be different from what we're doing now... how?"

Mindy chuckled with her nose in my ass crack. "Okay, point taken. But it would be a bit more fucky, I suppose. Anyway, seriously, let's move."

The others pulled off one by one, leaving me with Cindy.

Mindy motioned for us to start walking, so I took Cindy's hand and led her down the candlelit path we'd taken from the foyer to the Dream Chair.

She turned her head to look at me, squeezed my hand, and smiled. Her face was lit up with joy and excitement. It was like we'd both died and we were walking hand and hand straight into Heaven. I found my heart soaring and my excitement climbing just from the energy I was getting off her.

We went back to the foyer, but then we turned and headed down the other candlelit path that led into the kitchen and dining room area.

There were two folding doors between the living room and the kitchen and dining room area, but they were folded open nearly all of the time. However, they were closed now, so Cindy and I couldn't see where the path led. But once we couldn't go any farther forward, our "helper elves" hurried ahead and opened the doors.

Cindy and I gasped with surprise. The candlelit path didn't lead to the dining room as I had guessed. Instead, it went out the sliding glass patio door and continued around the pool and out of sight, winding off towards the lower deck area.

"Holy hell!" I exclaimed. "How many candles did you buy?! A million?!"

Mindy said dismissively, "No. Obviously not a million. Just several hundred thousand." After a well timed pause, she added, "Kidding! Just kidding. Obviously not that much either. But let's just say you'll need to write a few more best sellers to pay for tonight."

Ruby helpfully whispered near my ear, "She's kidding about that too. It really didn't cost as much as you'd think. We bought them in bulk."

"Thank God for that. Jesus Christ, it's like..." I was having trouble putting my thoughts in words.

But Cindy finished my thought for me. "It's like Heaven has come to Earth! Master, my love, just look at it! The stars are on the ground and they're lighting our way!"

I was emotionally moved by all the time and effort put into all these candlelit paths, despite my grumbling.

But Cindy seemed even more moved. I could see tears leaking from her eyes, and she beamed with such radiant joy that I found myself having to wipe away some tears too.

Wow! What a night! What an amazing bunch of women. What a LIFE!

I know one thing. This is a night I'm going to remember to my dying days, so I'm sure Cindy will too. And that makes the initiation a big success already. I feel guilty that they're pampering me so very much, but I have to reconsider when I realize how totally overjoyed CINDY is about that this! Yes, I'm loving every second, but this really is HER night, and she's getting exactly what she wanted. God, I love this family!

But apparently the night isn't even half over. Wow! What else have my sexy and loving elves conjured up that could top this?!

Cindy squeezed my hand.

Mindy went ahead and opened the sliding glass door for us.

Cindy and I stepped outside into the dark night. It was cold, and we were both naked, but I didn't even worry about that. I was confident my magical wife and her "helper elves" had taken care of everything.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, SeaDawg77, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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