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Chapter 51

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Cindy and I continued to walk hand-in-hand along the candlelit path that wound around the pool. Though we were both so high on life that it felt more like we were gliding on air.

Since we were naked and outside at night, I asked her, "Are you cold?"

She was giddy. "I've got goose bumps all over, but that happened before we came outside! Just from seeing all these candles! Fuck the cold, I don't care. I'm with you, and I'm in love, and I've never been so happy!"

I felt a chill up and down my spine, but it wasn't from the cold, it was from my heart bursting with joy after hearing that. There was magic in the silence of the moment, so rather than replying I squeezed her hand in a supportive manner as we kept on slowly walking.

I was pretty sure the candles had to lead us to the deck area. Sure enough, hundreds of candles led us along the winding path through the trees to the deck. But I was in for a surprise when the deck came into view, because there was a party tent on the deck! It was rectangular and about as big as a medium-sized room in our house. But what struck me as unusual was that the plastic roof and walls were entirely see-through. Inside it, there was ANOTHER extra large mattress (although not as large as the two in the house, or it wouldn't have fit), and an umbrella-styled heater, like the kind one sees at outdoor restaurants.

Obviously, Min has masterminded this, and I can see what she was aiming for: we'll be able to have sex outdoors, at the very deck location that has such big personal significance for Cindy's relationship with me, but at the same time, the party tent and heater will allow us to be just as comfortable as if we were still inside the house. Plus, thanks to the see-through plastic, we'll be able to see the stars

Do I have the best wife ever, or what? Letting her talk me into having sex with other women has been the greatest thing that ever happened to me!

Cindy was overjoyed. She stopped and held her hands to her face, as if she simply couldn't believe it. "Oh my God! I think I'm going to cry again. Where's Mindy?! I just want to kiss her and love her all up!"

"That can be arranged." That was Mindy's voice, coming to us from the darkness behind us.

Cindy and I turned around and saw Mindy, Sue Ellen, Michelle, and Ruby. They'd been silently trailing us, but we'd been too transfixed by the candlelit path and then the tent to notice. They were all totally naked too (not counting the high heels), but nobody seemed to mind. Luckily, it was an unusually warm summer in southern California, so it wasn't that cold to begin with, once one got over the shock of stepping outside.

Cindy's voice was full of emotion. "Oh, Mindy! I would rush you and kiss you right now, except I don't want to let go of Master's hand for anything!"

"Maybe I'll just rush you and kiss you, then," Mindy said in a husky, lusty tone. And she proceeded to do just that. Although she walked instead of rushing towards us, since she was tottering along in high heels.

My two beautiful MILFs opened their mouths to each other and I had no illusions about there being a lot of tongue action going on between them, but only briefly. Cindy was too eager to get to the tent to stand around kissing.

Mindy pushed us forward. "Come on, you lovebirds. Let's see some serious 'initiating.' And when I say 'initiating,' I really mean 'fill 'er up fucking!'"

Cindy and I entered the tent through a "door" that was little more than a zipper in one of the walls.

We didn't get a chance to look around inside the tent though, because we were immediately on each other. I pulled Cindy down to the mattress and kissed her like a man possessed.

For the next little while, we necked, fondled, and rolled around the mattress like wild animals going at it. My penis was flaccid at first, due to my getting cold during our walk to the deck, but the heater was already glowing orange, so it was nice and toasty inside the tent and my dick was able to engorge to its full size.

Soon, Cindy and I were literally hot for each other. When I finally skewered my cock into her a few minutes later, I felt like I was sticking a hot poker into a molten core of boiling hot lava!

The others must have stayed outside the tent for a while, since I hadn't bumped into anybody while Cindy and I were rolling around in the relatively confined space. But once I was on top of Cindy and started steadily pounding into her, I sensed the presence of the others around us. Then I started to see and feel hands and other body parts.

Mindy put a hand on my back and her head near my ear, while my entire body moved up and down like I was doing push-ups. "So, Honey... How do you like 'phase two' so far?"

I grunted with approval.

"I hate to say this, but I feel inclined to stop you."

I wasn't happy to hear that, to say the least. "UGH! Why?"

I heard my wife say, "You can definitely keep on fucking, just not so vigorously. I'd like to finish the formal initiation part of things."

"Oh, very well." I reluctantly slowed my thrusting. Then, after some more prodding from Mindy, I got all the way off Cindy so she could rearrange us how she wanted.

I hadn't noticed until now since I hadn't really given the interior of the tent a close look yet, but there was a chair of sorts in the tent that was roughly similar to the Dream Chair. I say "of sorts" because it wasn't really a chair, but more like a bean bag or stuffed animal in the shape of a chair. It had a back and armrests and a bottom, but there were no legs.

Additionally, there were other pillows small and large scattered around, and sheets and blankets. There even was a mini-fridge!

However, if there was a lamp I didn't see it. We were mostly lit by the moon and the stars, although there was an orange glow coming from the heater too. I liked the atmosphere that the lack of regular electric lighting created. Plus, there was just enough moonlight to see facial expressions and body parts, so it was the best of both worlds.

Mindy said, "Okay, hubby, you sit in the chair, which we'll pretend is the Dream Chair for the duration of the ceremony. Cindy, you sit on his lap... fully impaled on his big cock, of course. It's only proper, after all. Would you like to face him or the rest of us?"

I quickly moved to the chair, because I was eager to get back inside of Cindy again.

She almost beat me there, because she was just as eager to feel me fill her again. She replied, "As much as I love you all, I really want to look my master right in his eyes."

Mindy replied, "Okay, then, make it so. And girls, you know what to do."

Cindy fully impaled herself on me again. Both of us groaned with relief at being reunited again.

Mindy and the others arranged themselves like they'd been earlier when I was on the real Dream Chair, with Mindy and Sue Ellen kneeling on one side and Michelle and Ruby kneeling on the other.

Cindy was obviously extremely excited. Her eyes were fiery and her breathing was heavy as she looked at me from a few inches above me (since she was on my lap). She whispered in awe, "Master, this is it! I'm about to become one of your cock slaves, for real! For life!"

She started squeezing my cock with her pussy moves. But then, almost immediately, she decided that wasn't enough. She switched to alternately churning and rising up and down on my shaft.

Mindy said in a portentous voice, "Indeed. Cindy, it is time. Your body already knows that it is hopelessly enslaved to my husband Dan and his cock. But now, I have one question for you: what are the five rules, in order of importance, that you and his other cock slaves must live by?"

Cindy spoke loudly and proudly: "'Pleasure his cock.' ... 'No jealousy.' ... 'Share his cock.' ... 'Master's needs come first.' ... Mmmm! And... 'wives get first dibs.'"

I thought back to when Sue Ellen had recited the rules during her initiation. Cindy took much longer, because after she said each rule she stopped to bounce up and down once on my cock, and then she make a full-circle churning motion on it.

I must say, I enjoyed this recitation much more!

Mindy was trying to act solemn, but she couldn't stop herself from grinning at all of Cindy's fucking motions. "Very good. And I love the cock-pleasuring way you said them with your entire body. Now, say your oath of devotion to show that you, all of you - mind and body, heart and soul - are ready and willing to be permanently enslaved to him as well."

Cindy seemed not to hear Mindy at first. With her eyes closed, she kept on churning and grinding on my cock while slowly rising up and down on it like a horse on a merry-go-round. She was totally blissed out, tilting her head this way and that, letting her hair fly. She clutched her tits with both hands, pushing them together and also sensuously caressing them.

Just when I thought Mindy would have to say something to snap her out of it enough to respond, Cindy spoke with a deadly seriousness. "With this cock, I shall find my ultimate fulfillment."

She suddenly stopped her sexy hip motions and clenched my cock hard with her PC muscle, like she was trying to squeeze it to death. It was somewhat painful for me, but the pleasure was far greater.

I was surprised when all four kneeling women intoned as one: "So shall it be."

I shouldn't have been surprised, since the exact same thing happened after Sue Ellen said that line during her initiation. But I'd forgotten, especially since Cindy was distracting me so well with her expert fucking motions.

In fact, Cindy seemed to be going into some kind of fuck-trance. Her face looked totally blissed out with her eyes closed, and when they opened they were glazed over and staring into nothing, making her appear even more out of it. Whereas her body seemed to be acting on its own, churning and bouncing on my pole according to some ancient, primal instinct.

Just to make sure she was all there and paying attention, I drew my hand up from her belly button and then tried to wedge a finger through her pressed-together boobs. I whispered, "Cin, remember, you're not allowed to cum without my say so."

That got her attention! She opened her eyes wide and stared at me in shock. "Oh no!" But far from slowing down or stopping to prevent herself from "illegally" cumming, she noticeably sped up her sexy moves. It was like her body simply couldn't help it.

Then, even as she was trying to crush my cock to puree, she remembered to say her next line. "With and within my cunt and my ass, I shall embrace and worship my one and only master!"

Again, all the other women repeated in unison, "So shall it be."

I couldn't seem to control my body much either. Once I'd started running my hand over her, I couldn't stop. Somehow, I went from "fingering" her cleavage to holding and caressing her breasts with both hands.

Since that part of her body was being tended to, she raised her hands up above her head and slowly waved them around. It was like she was dancing to a tune that only she could hear.

WOW! Good GOD! She looks even more beautiful than ever before. I swear, she's lust personified!

I think, though, she remembered after a while that she was getting carried away, and that could put her in danger of cumming without my permission. So she slowed her hip movement considerably without completely stopping. Then she reverently breathed her next line. "Master, when your balls are full and heavy, I shall drain them for you into and onto my body, with love and devotion. With pleasure! Such pleasure! It'll be my greatest joy! Whenever I see or feel you cum, my heart soars!"

I didn't remember Sue Ellen's recitation word for word, but I was sure Cindy ad-libbed a good portion of that as her passions took control. Clearly, it was coming from the bottom of her heart.

I glanced down at Michelle and Ruby, and saw confusion on their faces at Cindy's unexpected additions. But they quickly recovered and non-verbally communicated with Mindy and Sue Ellen on the other side, because the four of them said as one, "So shall it be."

Cindy's effort to stay calm wasn't successful for long. She stretched her hands as high as they could reach, unwittingly failing to touch the roof of the party tent by only a couple of inches. Indeed, her entire body stretched this way and that. It was like every last inch of her was glorying in the pleasure of riding my cock.

Her words were soaked with lust and love as she proudly proclaimed the next part of her oath: "I shall nourish my soul with the cum from your cock, Master, and in my love for you, I can deny you nothing!"

Then she added what I was sure was another heartfelt ad-lib, "I love you so much! You've made me so happy! And by God, I love it when you fuck me! I love it when you make me your slut!"

"So shall it be," the others intoned. It looked like they were trying to stay solemn, but failing. I saw Michelle and Ruby stare up at Cindy's stretched-out body with wide eyes and open mouths. The frustration that they weren't the one getting fucked that good was written clearly on their faces.

I was tickled pink by that reaction for some reason, especially when I looked the other way at Mindy and Sue Ellen and saw their faces were exactly the same. That inspired me to start thrusting up into Cindy with vigor.

Cindy gasped in surprise. I could see that surprise turn to worry as she remembered she wasn't allowed to cum yet. But she tempted danger by thrusting back down on me even more intensely! We were really fucking up a storm.

When Cindy got to her next line, she yelled it more than spoke it. "My tits are yours! My mouth is yours! My cunt is yours! My ass is yours! Master, my entire body belongs to you, to serve you, to please you, and I FUCKING LOVE IT! Make me your FUCK slave! Pleeeeasse!"

Her hands were still swaying way up high, like she was trying to reach the stars, but then I think she remembered something that happened at this point during Sue Ellen's initiation, and she wanted it to happen too. She brought her hands down to her ass cheeks and gave herself a solid smack on either ass cheek, even as her hips rocked around like a small boat in a storm being tossed around by large, angry waves.

As if her meaning wasn't obvious enough, she deviated from the prearranged script by crying out, "Spank me! Hard! OWN ME! Own me so fucking GOOD! Make me cum against my will!"

I smacked her hard on each ass cheek. It was tough hitting a moving target, but her facial expression showed that she loved it so much that I smacked her a couple more times on each side.

I had to stop though, because I was sure she would cum if I kept it up, and I didn't want her to cum too soon. I was hoping she could hold out at least until she finished saying her required lines.

The other women were so surprised and obviously aroused by this turn of events that there was a long pause because they finally got organized and chanted their line together: "So shall it be."

Cindy closed her eyes and somehow managed to look even more blissed out than she already was. She spoke in a surprisingly conversational tone, considering her tits were bouncing in my hands as her chest heaved for air. "I remember what Sue Ellen said at this point. She said, 'Master, I hope you'll spank me a lot, for any reason, or no reason at all.' Then she said, 'My body belongs to you! It exists for your pleasure!' That's SO TRUE! Master, I know the sheer joy she felt then! Make me your bitch! Your slut! Your personal whore! Your sex toy! Make me beg for the chance to merely lick your balls!"

With that, she more or less stopped bouncing on me and actually cupped her hands around her mouth. Then she yelled with all her might, "I FUCKING LOVE THE SLAVE LIFE! I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW THAT DANIEL COOPER OWNS ME!"

I thought, Holy fuck! What if the neighbors can hear that?! A part of me STILL thinks of Cindy as Min's best friend and Ruby's mom. That made her doubly off-limits. For the longest time, I felt bad even fantasizing about her. I thought, 'She looks like a total hottie, but she's probably a cold fish.' How wrong I was! She well and truly loves all this slave life stuff! And just look at her now! She's in her element. That's pure sexual pleasure!

I also wondered if this party tent helped trap the sound at all. If not, would our neighbors actually hear her and even understand her words? God, she was loud! But I was too horny to really care.

The other women were so stunned by Cindy's passionate cries that they totally forgot their "So shall it be" line.

However, I saw Michelle raise a fist and shake it a little as she muttered, "Right on, sister!"

That amused me, despite all the hot fucking going on.

I don't know how Cindy had managed not to cum yet. Her face was starting to show the strain as she grimaced. Suddenly, she reached out and clenched at my shoulders, holding on with a talon-like grip. And yet, her ass was bouncing around like a funky dancer in a nightclub. Every move - up and down, side to side, circles, and every combination thereof - was driving me closer and closer to a delirious orgasm of my own.

It seemed that she suddenly decided she'd better get through the rest of her lines, and fast. Maybe she hoped that I'd let her cum if she finished. She spoke hastily, but no less passionately, "Master, I am, and will always be, your loving and devoted cock slave!"

This time, the others remembered to chant, "And so are we all."

That sent shivers down my spine over again. They ARE! They're all my slaves! And it's all so fucking great! Scream it to the world, because we all love it!

Cindy cried out with even greater urgency, "I am yours, Master! I am yours! Yours, yours, yours! Forever!"

The others were swept up by her mood and chanted with haste and excitement, "We are yours as well! Your slaves! We live to serve! To serve YOU! So say we all!"

Cindy finished by screaming, "Take me, as I am! Any time! Anywhere! At your pleasure! I shall always be yours!" That was the same as what Sue Ellen had said. But Cindy added, "Take me NOW! Let me cum, please! I beg you! Master, please! I need it so bad!"

I screamed right back, "CUM, DAMMIT! YOU SEXY SLUT! CUM!"

It was a good thing I said that then, because Cindy had been holding out with all her might, hoping to make it far enough to finish her lines and ask permission, and then her willpower had completely given out. I think she started to cum even while she was begging for permission. But I was willing to let that slide. She'd held out through such great stimulation that it was downright heroic.

And when she came, oh boy did she cum! At first, her body froze while she was fully impaled on me. But then it was like she was possessed by another being. She started to tremble and shake. Soon, her arms and even her legs started to flail wildly.

The others had to scoot back for fear of getting thwacked or kicked!

At first, there was an eerie silence while all that happened to her. Her mouth hung open, but no sound came out. Then, she made up for the silence by screaming incoherently, even louder than before!

I thought Cindy had completely lost control of her body and her mouth, maybe even temporarily her mind. But she must have still had some resolve through all of that, because, incredibly, she managed to resume bouncing on my cock! Admittedly, it wasn't the talented variety of hip churning moves she was doing earlier. Now, she was just bouncing straight up and down. But it was damn effective!

I hadn't cum yet, I think only because I was so captivated by watching Cindy going into some kind of seizure or fuck frenzy. But with the renewed bouncing, I finally lost the last vestige of control and started cumming too.

Somehow, I was still holding onto Cindy's boobs through all this. It was a good thing too, because although they were bouncing around in my hands, if I wasn't slowing their motion considerably, she could have actually hurt herself.

I blasted my load into the deepest depths of Cindy's vagina. But the funny thing is I wasn't sure who was cumming more, because she was flooding my cock pretty good at the same time.

Her orgasm lasted a lot longer than mine, just as women's orgasms typically do compared to men's. I wanted to make it as good for her as I could to the very last. Luckily, my cock was still stiff, although my cum was gone, so I kept on thrusting up and filling her. And all the while, incredibly, she still managed to bounce on me in some ragged fashion.

Maybe a minute or even two minutes after my orgasm ended, her energy seemed to leave her, just like the air rushing out of a popped balloon. And that was right when my cock started to go flaccid too.

Because she was in my lap, it was easy for me to wrap my arms around her and pull her in close. Had I not done that, she could have slid off in any direction.

I gripped her tightly, and said, "There, there. You did great. How does it feel to be enslaved now, slave?"

That was a bit redundant, but effective. Cindy was panting so hard that I worried she was on the verge of hyperventilating. I was sure she was in no shape to talk any time soon. But she managed to say between desperate gasps for air, "Good! ... So good! ... Heaven! ... Heaven! ... Oh, Master!"

With that, she squeezed me tight and rested her head and upper body against my chest.

I just continued to hold her reassuringly while the both of us recovered. For some reason I wasn't doing too bad, even though it was an extremely intense experience for me. It seemed that this kind of thing happened to me so many times lately that my body was somehow getting used to it! But still, I appreciated a chance to rest, and Cindy definitely needed to rest.

The others were respectfully quiet for a few minutes.

My eyes were closed, but I heard Ruby when she was the first to break the silence. "Remember what I said back in the house, about being able to say to a skeptical stranger, 'THAT! Case closed!'? Well, I have to say it again: 'THAT! The motherfuckin' case is motherfuckin' CLOSED!'"

Sue Ellen spoke softly and thoughtfully. "So true! We are all so lucky to be in this harem, aren't we? Every single day, I thank my lucky stars that I was plunked from obscurity into this magical, wonderful family. The pleasure is never-ending, just like the love. I came hard just from watching!"

Michelle quietly muttered, "We all did, I'm sure. But that's easy for you to say. He's fucked you. I have to watch these spectacles one after another, and ask myself over and over again, when is it going to be MY turn?! When is he going to fuck MY brains out?!"

Mindy chided her, "Now's not the time to complain about your problems. For one thing, he might be able to hear you. You know he's going to fuck you good, and you know it's going to be as great as what you just saw, if not greater. So be patient."

Michelle huffed quietly, "Patient! That's all I ever hear. 'Be patient.' UGH!"

Mindy whispered urgently, "If you weren't so disobedient all the time, you'd have been fucked twenty-seven ways to Sunday already, and you know it! So just hush. Think beyond yourself. Feel good for Cindy. Be quiet for a minute and just send good vibes her way."

"Fine," Michelle grumped. Then she added in a tender voice, "You're right. Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away and forget that family comes first. Cindy, I'm thinking of you and sending good vibes."

So there was a minute of silence. I peeked and it looked like each of the girls was praying, but they were probably just intently thinking.

To my pleasant surprise, the silence ended when Cindy opened her eyes and pulled back slightly from my chest. She smiled at me, and said, "Thank you gals for the good vibes. I feel much better!"

Sue Ellen asked, "Really?!" I'm sure that she'd sincerely been trying with all her might to send Cindy good feeling and energy, because that's the kind of person she is.

"Really," Cindy replied. "Although I wouldn't mind resting here some more. But I'm back amongst the living."

Michelle opened her eyes and smiled. She seemed genuinely pleased for Cindy. I was proud of her for putting her own selfish desires aside, even if it was just for a little bit.

Mindy asked Cindy, "Are my eyes seeing things, or is Dan's cock still inside you?"

My "official" new slave shifted around a little bit. "Oh my! He IS! I didn't notice because he's flaccid and not filling me up like the fat end of a baseball bat, as usual. But he's hanging in there."

"Excellent. Then let me ask you the question I asked Sue Ellen roughly around this point. Would you like for your master to impregnate you?"

I remembered that when Sue Ellen had been asked that, she didn't even hesitate a second before she responded, "Oh YES! God, yes! Yes, yes, yes!"

But Cindy reacted very differently. She was silent and thoughtful at first. Then she said, carefully, "Yes, of course. In theory." She looked right into my eyes as she said, "In theory, I'd love to have a dozen of your babies!"

However, then she sighed and turned away. "But in practice... that's a different matter. As Master always loves to say, 'I'm not a spring chicken anymore.' Well, I'm not one either. After raising Ruby, it would be tough to start all over again. Very tough."

Mindy asked, "Can I summarize that as, 'willing, but wary?'"

"Yes." Again, Cindy looked right at me. "Master, if you told me right now 'I'm going to knock you up,' I would say 'yes.' After all, how can I say no? My body belongs to you. I live to serve you in any way I can. I'm sure I would warm up to the idea quickly enough. After all, what greater honor could there be than to bear your children?"

I would have guessed that it would take me another ten minutes before I could start thinking about getting erect again. But screw all that waiting, because Cindy's answer suddenly had my cock stiff already!

And Cindy noticed that right away, of course, since I was still sheathed inside her. She grinned impishly. She spoke for the others to hear, "Oooh! Guess what? Somebody here likes that answer! He likes it a lot!"

Mindy smirked knowingly. "I figured as much. On a scale of, oh, say, three to eight inches, how much would you say he likes that answer?"

Cindy was all smiles as she replied, "Oh, the full eight. Definitely! If not nine! But it feels like TWELVE! I'm so fuckin' FULL!" She wiggled around on me, luxuriating in that feeling of fullness.

Michelle smacked her face with her hand and kept it covered. "Fuck me! Literally fuck me! As in, 'Daddy fuck me now or I'm gonna die!'"

Ruby seemed much less concerned. In fact, she teasingly asked Michelle, "Oh really? And what would you die of, exactly?"

Michelle was exasperated. With her hand still covering her face like a sprawled-out octopus, she griped, "I don't know... I think it's possible to simply die of being tragically unfucked!"

Mindy was amused. She told Michelle, "That sounds serious. Take two blowjobs and call me in the morning. That'll tide you over."

Then she turned her attention back to Cindy. "Let's get serious, because this is a very serious occasion." (That was surprising, coming from my wife!) "Last time, at this point, I told Sue Ellen that she was a good cock slave and I approved. I want to do that a different way this time. Can you spin around on that pole that's skewered you up to your neck, so I can see you face to face?"

Cindy managed to rotate 180 degrees on me while staying balls-deep. I couldn't see her face anymore, but I could tell she was smiling from ear to ear when she touched her neck and asked, "Is it showing?"

Mindy fell into her trap. "Is what showing?"

"Master's cock! I can feel it coming up to my neck, so I'm thinking you could see the bulge of the cockhead there."

Mindy caught on, and chuckled. "As a matter of fact, I can. Just don't make him cum right now, 'cos it'll squirt out your nose, your mouth, and your ears!"

All of us had a good laugh at that absurdity.

Mindy turned serious. She pulled her head down close to Cindy's crotch. "Like I said, I want to do things a little differently this time. I couldn't help but notice that my hubby must have blown a pretty big load in you. Your thighs are totally soaked!" She pulled in even closer to where Cindy and I were still joined.

Cindy replied, "A lot of that is me. It feels like I gushed out a bucketful or two. God, that was such a fucking great orgasm! But yeah, a lot of that is his creamy stuff too. He filled me to overflowing and then some!"

Mindy ran a finger along one of Cindy's wet inner thighs, and brought the wetness up to her mouth to taste. She looked up to make eye contact with her. "Good. Because this is what I'm thinking. We're going to be even closer than slave sisters. I'm his wife and you're his official mistress, and we'll be sharing his bed most of the time from now on. We already share a very special friendship, and that'll only grow stronger as our insatiable beast of a master makes us do all kinds of wickedly sexy things to each other for his amusement."

Cindy's breath suddenly quickened. "Say that again!"

"What, that he's going to make us get all lesbian on each other, repeatedly, just so his cock can get stiff and he'll fuck us senseless all over again? Better get ready for it, girl, because it's happening!"

I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by Mindy's attitude. Obviously, I'd been trying to get her to come to grips with her bisexual nature. It looked like she was starting to do that, maybe because she was giving herself the fig leaf that I was "forcing" her to do it.

Cindy whispered, "I'm so damn hot and horny right now! Even after all that! And yet my pussy's super sensitive from such a royal fucking!"

Mindy inched her head closer, until she was breathing directly on Cindy's pussy. "Well then, I wonder how your pussy will handle the fact that I'm about to start licking you."

"NO!" That didn't sound like a "No, don't do it!" but more of a "No, I don't believe you!"

Mindy read that the same way, because she said, "Believe it. I think licking this cream pie out of you is going to be very symbolic. It'll show how we're all coming together closer and closer, giving each other great pleasure even as we serve our man like we should."

With that, she stuck her tongue out and started licking. I looked around Cindy's torso and I could surmise from the angle of Mindy's head that she'd given Cindy's super sensitive pussy a break for now by licking one of her inner thighs instead.

I was impressed. Excellent! I didn't even have to push Min that time. She got started all on her own. That tells me she must really be worked up to an extreme state. But each time she does it, it'll get a little easier.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Jamielynn, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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