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Chapter 52

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I used a hand to brush Cindy's hair off her neck, and then kissed the back of her neck. I figured her skin would be extra sensitive there, and judging from the way she shivered, I think I was right. As I did that, I whispered lowly, "Remember, no cumming without my permission."

"Oh God! Not that again?!"

"That's the new rule for you. Always assume it to be true, unless I say otherwise."

"But that means... oh God! How will I cope?! When you do that, you make me suffer so much, and then I cum so hard that it's unbelievable!"

"Exactly." I nibbled my way up to one of her ears, and then kissed my way back to her neck.

"Why ME?!" she pleaded.

"Oh, I'm going to be doing that a lot more to everyone, believe me. But it seems to work especially well with you. I tried to do it with Mindy over the years, but the problem is she can't control her urge to cum that well. I expect better of you. And if you fail, well... luckily, someone gave me a nice new spanking paddle today. I believe it's called 'Spanky.' Would you like to meet Spanky?"

As expected, she reacted with lusty alarm. "Oh God! Oh God! Mindy, stop! At least don't go anywhere near my pussy or clit. I lost all my willpower earlier. Now I'm totally helpless!"

I was no longer peeking around Cindy's body, but I could tell Mindy actually did the opposite and went directly to Cindy's clit or pussy lips, or maybe both. It was obvious she did something intense and effective because of the way Cindy immediately squealed in both erotic ecstasy and dismay, and the way her body jerked sharply and then trembled. Cindy's hands went to Mindy's head too, probably in a vain effort to push her away.

But Cindy seemed to resign herself to her fate, because she whimpered helplessly, "Dear God, what have I done?!"

Michelle and Ruby had been inspired by the pussy licking to French kiss each other while also fingering each other's hot cunt. But Michelle broke the kiss to smugly say to Cindy, "It's too late now! Slavery is for life! You've just doomed yourself to endless, brain-melting orgasms, every single day! 10.0 on the Richter scale, every time!"

Ruby ran with that idea. "They're not orgasms, they're epic cunt-quakes!"

Michelle nodded gravely, sending her torpedo tits wobbling. "And then you'll fail to hold out and you'll cum without permission. Daddy will respond by whaling on your ass, which will only make you cum again! Probably without permission that time too, so he'll spank you some more, making you cum illegally even more! And so on. It'll be endless orgasms and ass whackings! You'll be totally incapable of sitting ever again, because your ass will always be cherry red!"

Cindy exclaimed with serious worry, "Fucking HELL! What if that actually happens?!"

Michelle shrugged. "Hey, anything's possible when you're property. You have no ability to say no. There's no safe word! Get ready for the ride of your life, which will mostly involve being ridden. Cock slaves GET FUCKED!"

Cindy seemed overwhelmed by that. She was rushing to orgasm so quickly that she stopped talking and just grunted and panted through obviously clenched teeth. I didn't lift myself up enough to look around her body, but even from where I sat I could tell that she had her hands in Mindy's hair and she was gripping tightly as if her life depended on it.

I did tilt my head this way and that enough to see what the others were doing. Michelle and Ruby looked like happy campers kissing and fondling each other some more. But on the other side, Sue Ellen was sitting alone and just watching everyone else.

She didn't look like she was having nearly as much fun as she could. So I said to her, "Cupcake, don't you want to join in? I've got a mouth here that's doing nothing and wishing it could be nibbling on sweet Cupcake instead."

The resulting eager and adorable look on her face was priceless. "Oh! Can I kiss you?!"

"Of course you can! I like my slaves to have initiative. Besides, as my only current official cock slave, at least for the next little while, you deserve a special place of honor in this ceremony."

"Really?" She looked around nervously, especially to Michelle and Ruby. "I wouldn't want to offend anybody."

"Nonsense. They'll get their official turns eventually. Come here and show me what you've got."

Sue Ellen and I necked for a while, as Mindy kept Cindy on the brink of a forbidden orgasm with her pussy licking. Sue Ellen also liked sliding her big tits up and down my torso. But I was still balls-deep in Cindy the whole time. I don't know if it was a conscious thing on her part or if she was just spasming and clenching as she struggled with what Mindy was doing to her, but the result was that her pussy muscles were doing wonderful things to my cock.

Life is good! I can't get over the fact that Mindy volunteered to lick Cindy's cunt without any prodding whatsoever. That bodes very well for the future. Despite all this big talk about me fucking every woman endlessly all day long, I'm only human after all. The more my women can entertain themselves with each other, the less pressure there will be on me. The way Shelle and Red are occupied with fingering and kissing is a perfect example.

Time passed. Every second was total sexual ecstasy for me! I'm sure Cindy felt the same way. I don't know about the others, since I couldn't see much, but Sue Ellen was obviously having a hell of a time necking with me too. She was moaning into my mouth nearly non-stop.

Cindy held out a surprisingly long time before she broke down enough to ask me, "Master, please, may I have permission to cum?"

I was so impressed with her self-restraint that I gave her permission right away. "You may."

I think she was somewhat disappointed by that. She had a nice orgasm, but it wasn't as big or as long as it would have been if she'd held out to the very last.

I made a mental note that this denial of permission thing worked like gangbusters on her, but I couldn't be a softie about it.

The plus side was that Cindy was still in relatively good shape after her climax. Almost immediately, she told me, "Master, is it okay if I pull off you for a little while? Mindy was just so good to me, and I want to return the favor."

Mindy pulled her head out of Cindy's lap. "What?! NO!"

She peered around Cindy's body at me, showing off how wet with pussy juices and cum her face was. "Honey, don't listen to her! I went down on her because of the cream pie. None of your cum is in me. What would be the point?! Tell her no!"

I found it interesting that my wife was keen on going down on Cindy, but was still afraid of another woman going down on her. That seemed counterintuitive to me, but perhaps she was afraid of losing control to her "lesbian urges."

Instead of answering Min with words, I had Cindy pull all the way off me. Then I took my cum-soaked cock and ostentatiously rubbed it all over Mindy's pussy mound while she looked on in dismay.

But after a few seconds, I had a better idea. "Cupcake, you do the honors."

"Can I?" She looked at me like she'd just won a big reward.

"Of course you can."

It took a little longer than expected, since Sue Ellen spent more of her attention jacking me off than smearing my cum on my wife's cunt. But it sure was a lot more enjoyable for me this way!

Once that was done, and with Sue Ellen still stroking my boner, I said, "True, it's not a full load or even close to it, but there's some of my cum in there now, I'm sure. I've been squirting and leaking all the while. So Cindy, please, be my guest. Enjoy your meal!"

Cindy looked at Mindy with a feral hunger in her eyes. "Thank you, Master!" She dove down into Mindy's lap.

Mindy growled at me. "I hate you, you know that? I'm so gonna get you back for that. I'll stick you with no less than EIGHT more new cock slaves, and we'll see how you deal with a baker's dozen of total hotties!"

I taunted her in mock terror, "Oh no, I'm soooo scared!"

Needless to say, all of us had a lot of fun. Mindy resigned herself to getting her box licked. Cindy kept at it until Mindy had her orgasm. Sue Ellen was still happy French kissing me much of the time, as well as generally rubbing her incredible nude body all over mine.

Only Michelle and Ruby weren't directly involved. I hoped that sent them a signal that they needed to learn to behave. I doubt they got the message though, since they were both very hot and bothered playing with themselves and each other.

It blew my mind every single time when I saw their great racks mash together while they kissed. Whoa! What a sight! Knowing that I was watching periodically, they did a lot of that.

But then Mindy sat back up and changed the situation. She teased with a smirky smile, "Okay, Evil Dan, I'm still mad at you, you know. Forcing me to enjoy that fuckin' big climax. Is there no end to your dastardly ways? But anyway, the show must go on. Cindy, if I didn't mention it to you yet, you're a very good cock slave, and I approve of you." She looked at Cindy and they shared a loving smile.

Then Mindy said, "And that takes us to the next item on our agenda. Cindy, technically your enslavement isn't official yet, because Dan hasn't said his vows to you. Which means... you know what."

Cindy exhaled as if she'd just been told bad news. "Oh boy!"

Sue Ellen spoke cheerily, with her tits still plastered to my chest, "Don't worry, you can do it. You proved it today, twice!"

Oh! I get what they're talking about. Sue Ellen deep throated me while I said my vows to her. Cindy is planning on doing the same! Hot damn! I'm not surprised, since she gave me a preview earlier today, but still, it's about to happen right now, and this time it won't just be a brief tease!

Sure enough, Cindy crawled between my legs, while Sue Ellen moved partially to the side to make way, with an arm still around my back. I thought Cindy would need a couple of minutes to get psyched up. Plus, I needed some time to think of what to say!

But no. Cindy acted so quickly that Sue Ellen barely had time to shout to her, "Don't forget the thumb trick!" Then... BAM! Cindy swallowed me all the way down to my pubic hair! I guess she decided that the more she thought about it, the more nervous she'd get, so she just did it as fast as possible.

Suddenly, the spotlight and the pressure was on me. I was well aware that the amount of time she could spend like that was very limited indeed, so I had to speak fast.

Luckily, this time I had anticipated having to say some vows, and I'd given the matter some consideration earlier in the day. I spoke quickly, trying to say something similar to what I'd told Sue Ellen last time, for consistency's sake.

"Cindy, my dearest Cindy, the truth is I've loved you and desired you for years. I just couldn't admit that to myself for fear of feeling disloyal to Mindy. But now you're mine. And I'm yours. We're joined together in the holy bond of master and slave. So, yes, I'll gladly accept you..." - I made a deliberate effort to flex my erection inside her throat - "...as my cock slave!"

Cindy suddenly pulled her lips off and gasped for air. She lifted her head up enough to make eye contact with me, and I could see fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. I guessed they were both tears of joy and tears of effort this time.

Once she got enough oxygen, she simply gasped, "MASTER! Tell me more!" Then she dove right back on my cock, deep throating me again all the way!

It occurred to me that that was exactly what had happened with Sue Ellen. But there was one key difference: her request of “Tell me more!” before resuming her deep throating.

SHIT! I'm not prepared for THAT! What am I going to say now?!

I did the only thing I could do, and spoke from the heart with whatever thoughts popped into my head. I didn't have time to do anything more, because I didn't want her to run out of air.

I said, "Cin, I'm gonna love fucking you senseless so often that your cunt will always be leaking cum! And I'm going to use your mouth so much that they'll call you 'sperm breath' at Mindy's office! But I'll also love just being with you and talking to you. You're one of my many cock slaves and sex toys, but you're also someone I truly adore and cherish! I look forward to us growing old together, until the three of us 'old fogies' are side by side in our rocking chairs. And that's all I've got to say!"

I added that last comment because I was getting concerned that she was staying down too long. She started out with active suction and swallowing, which felt fantastic to me. But by the end, she'd stopped doing that and I could sense she wanted to pull off.

Sure enough, she came off right away. She held her neck (like she'd done her previous time with me), and she panted hard for air. She looked like she'd just gone through a trying ordeal. That concerned me.

The others gathered around her, until there was a tight gaggle of nude bombshells. They patted her and cooed positive things, and generally tried to be supportive.

After a minute or two, Cindy spoke. "I'm okay. ... Thanks. ... But I think... I'm done with that for today. ... Phew!"

"Yeah, that's my Dad," Michelle quipped. "He's a thick cock to swallow!"

That got a laugh out of all of us, except for Cindy who could only splutter and cough, even as she grinned.

Sue Ellen had warmed to her privileged position cuddled up close to me. After checking to make sure Cindy was okay, she leaned in with her tits on my chest again, while leaving my crotch clear for others to have fun with. She whispered, "Master, I'm so hot right now! Seeing Cindy deep throat you during your vows reminds me of when I did it, and... God, it's just too exciting!" She laid a scorching kiss on my lips.

Once Cindy had a little more time to recover (and Sue Ellen stopped kissing me long enough to talk), I asked her, "Are you sure you're okay? And was that really worth it? You didn't have to do that if you didn't want to, you know." I looked to the others. "None of you do. Let's make that clear right now."

Cindy could freely talk again, and she said, "But I wanted to! It's an important rite of passage."

I gave her a skeptical look. Then I looked down at my crotch, because my dick, which had been untouched since leaving Cindy's throat, suddenly felt very, very good. I saw that Ruby and Michelle were busy licking it together. Clearly, they weren't going to be left out if they could help it.

Cindy paid that no mind. She insisted to me, "Being a cock slave isn't for just anybody. You have to show total dedication, total devotion. Being sexy and busty is necessary, yes, but it's not enough. If a woman isn't willing to deep throat you, then she isn't worthy of being your cock slave. Maybe your cock servant, okay, or just one of your many occasional fucks. But cock slaves are the elite of the elite. Am I right, girls?"

There were a lot of high-fives and cheers amongst my women in response to that. Although no one said it out loud, it was pretty obvious that my opinion on this had just been overruled, and I was outvoted five to one.

Since they were all pressed in closely to each other, that turned into some kissing and fondling too. Somehow, my cock wound up in the middle of that. I couldn't keep track of all the tongues and lips that "happened" to get near it during this supposed resting time.

Once they settled down, more or less, I said, "I don't know how many times I have to say this, but there's no such thing as a 'cock servant.'" Looking closer at Cindy's face, I asked, "But anyway, I can see tears pouring down your cheeks. Are those tears of joy or tears of suffering?"

She smiled and wiped her face. "To be honest, some of both. Getting your extreme thickness in my throat isn't easy, to say the least. So I started crying right away. I love crying tears of struggle, and lately whenever I start to suck you or get fucked by you I just let them flow. It's like a badge of honor, and a sign that I'm doing something right with the way I'm squeezing and sliding over your great big cock. Are you with me, girls?"

The others are grunted and murmured in agreement.

She went on, "But my first tears were tears of joy around the time you started to say 'Cindy, my dearest Cindy.' Even though I was crying already, I could tell they turned to tears of joy because I was so totally overjoyed! Just because I knew I'd successfully deep throated you and that made it official! I've passed the last test and I'm truly one of your cock slaves now, now and forever! It's like the moment when the priest says 'You may now kiss the bride.' Everything from there is icing on the cake. But then... you evil bastard! You went and said all kinds of mushy stuff, plus sexy stuff, that pretty much had me bawling my eyes out!"

A smirkily satisfied Mindy said, "I warned you all he's an evil bastard. But did anyone listen? NooooOOOOoooo! He pulls that mushy crap with me all the time."

"Does he do it when he's got his cock fucked all the way down your throat?" Ruby asked, impishly.

Mindy favored Ruby with a tolerantly amused and far too knowing smile. "Sometimes…" she said, without elaborating.

Cindy failed to stifle a laugh at that, and then turned back to me. "That part about us sitting in rocking chairs together was too much! I would have been bawling like a baby just from that alone! In fact, my eyes are getting leaky all over again. Do you really mean it?!"

"Of course! It's taken me some time to accept that this slavery stuff really is forever. But I'm finally starting to get it. Which means 'until death do us part!"

"Oh God!" Cindy repeatedly wiped her cheeks, because she was crying some more. "Tonight has been such a living dream. I can't stand it!"

She took a few moments to gather her wits. Then she attempted to continue her explanation, with fresh tears still rolling down her face. "Anyway, while that was going on, I was suffering, and I think my eyes would flowed with more tears of struggle no matter what. But I LIKE that! I like all the suffering and struggling, because it's a sign that I'm living to the fullest and doing all I can to keep your cock throbbing with pleasure!"

I looked around and saw the others all nodding. Obviously they all felt the same from personal experience.

She went on, "But don't worry about my pain, because at the same time the pleasure was INTENSE! Incredible! It was way better than last time, and not just because of the special occasion. It's kind of like your sexy spankings, where the pain only heightens the pleasure. I definitely want to do it again! And again and again and again!"

I said skeptically, "Well, if you do, let's not have me frantically trying to remember and recite a mini-speech at the same time. What if I was long-winded and rambling?"

Her eyes widened with alarm. "Oh God! Don't even joke about that!" Then her smile returned. "I have this vision of you just kicking back after dinner, maybe watching some TV, maybe reading a book. And all the while I'll be kneeling naked between your legs, deep throating you over and over! Dozens of times! And the great thing is I think it'll actually happen soon!"

Michelle had been surprisingly quiet for her, perhaps because she felt out of her depth on the deep throating topic, But now she said to Cindy a touch testily, "Welcome to the club. We all have that vision. When you fall in love with sucking his cock, it's only natural to go there. And it will happen, to all of us! I guarantee you that!"

Then she pointed at my crotch, and said, "This is all well and good, but may I point out that while we gab about this, Master's cock just rests against his thigh, fully erect but entirely UNTENDED!"

That wasn't true for long, because even while she was speaking, she picked it up and lovingly stroked it from tip to base, and back again.

Mindy said, "You're right. Let's hurry this along." She switched to an official sounding voice. "Our new cock slave has spoken her vows and the master approves with his vows. But now, do the other cock slaves approve? If so, let them demonstrate their approval now."

There was a sudden "pile up" towards my crotch, as all of them went straight for my cock. Heads bumped, resulting in laughter and a need to regroup.

Mindy suggested to me, "Why don't you lie down? You've been sitting in that pseudo Dream Chair for a long time now. That'll allow us to access you better, without the armrests and other problems."

"Good idea." I proceeded to lie down face up. That reminded me where we were, which was startling.

But I couldn't just lie down on the mattress, that would have been too easy. Mindy worked with the others to place some large pillows under my head and all down my back and ass, and then smaller ones down my upper legs. The end result was that my ass was lifted about half a foot above the mattress. They even replicated the "trapdoor" feature of the Dream Chair, so my ass crack was right above where two pillows met. The result was that my ass crack was easily accessible, up to and including my anus.

I can't even begin to accurately recall what happened after that, because it was a long, long session with a variety of bodies all over me. They spoiled me rotten, more so than usual! At any given time, I was usually French kissing someone, while two or sometimes three mouths and even more hands pleasured my cock and balls. A hand seemed to always be under my ass, usually with a finger in my anus, massaging my prostate!

That was remarkable enough. But five women is a hell of a lot of women. Four women could do all of the above. That left one more, who roamed around and did unexpected things. For instance, since the toe sucking earlier in the evening had worked out so well, I had my toes thoroughly sucked some more. I never knew what would happen to me next, but I knew it would feel great.

For instance, at one point they played the "Battle of the Titfucks." Two women would titfuck me at the same time, with my cock squeezed between one pair of tits while the other woman would lick and bob on my cockhead poking out the top. Then they'd switch. I couldn't see any of the action due to someone else kissing me, so after a while I would have to guess who was who. Then the titfuck winner would go up against a new challenger. (Michelle won the final round, by the way, perhaps because she had the most tit to fuck with.)

Like I said, they spoiled me rotten. It was AWESOME! And the rare times I didn't have a face over mine, I could look directly up and see the stars. The tent stayed nice and toasty too, thanks to the heater doing its job in the corner. The fact that we were essentially lit only by the moon and the stars was another unforgettable touch.

I lost all track of time, but this "freestyle fun" definitely lasted a long time indeed. Since I'd already cum twice relatively recently, my stamina seemed to kick into an extra gear. And that was even considering the fact that I was getting my prostate stimulated so much.

But all good things must come to an end. I'd had some well-timed breaks and Mindy even used the trick of squeezing tightly around the base of my shaft to foil an oncoming climax more than once. Eventually, I simply didn't have the energy to hold off anymore, and I announced I was going to cum soon.

While I'd been staring at the stars and enjoying my five women pleasuring me better than any man deserves, I'd given some thought to where my cum should go. It had been declared earlier that all of tonight's cum belonged to Cindy, for obvious reasons. But that didn't seem entirely fair to the others who had worked so long and so diligently to make me feel like a million dollars. I thought up a way to hopefully do both things.

So, when the time came, I had to explain, "I'm gonna cum onto Cindy's face and tits! But then the rest of you are going to lick her clean! Okay? Okay! Let's do it!"

And with that, I let go.

Aaaah! What supreme bliss! Being Master is absolute fucking BEST!

I didn't have to do any aiming, because my naughty wife took control of my boner and did that for me. I looked at her face as much as where my cum was flying, and I got a big kick out of her determined and lusty expression.

My dick naturally went flaccid after all that. But the arousal seemingly had no end, because four women licking Cindy's face and chest clean (and generally kissing and fondling her along the way) was a sight I surely would never forget. Even with my penis down for the count, the sheer mental arousal was so great that I was forced to close my eyes at times.

It was during one time when I had my eyes closed that I heard what sounded like a minor crisis. Cindy cried out, "Oh no!"

A concerned Mindy asked, "What is it?"

I opened my eyes to peek at what was happening.

Michelle said, "I can field that. Cindy leaned forward for some reason, and this big long dangle of splooge fell straight to the mattress! It's soaked in now and lost forever. And two more tasty gobs slid off her tits and were also lost! All because of that one sudden, tragic move." She gesticulated with both arms to emphasize her points.

Ruby said less dramatically, "It is kind of a shame. I mean, if you measure his loads in ounces, it's really not much. No man's is. Every drop is precious."

Mindy put a hand to her chin. "Hmmm. Well, that cum is gone forever, as Michelle said. But we should be more vigilant about this kind of thing in the future. I say we need a new rule. How 'bout this? Cock Slave Rule Number Six: Never let Master's cum go to waste."

There was general and immediate agreement all around that this was a very good idea.

I was surprised, since new rules were so few, and reserved only for very important concepts. Their quick and easy agreement about the new rule showed treasuring my cum was much more important to them than I'd realized.

They even remembered to ask me for my opinion. I said, "I'll generally leave those rules to you, unless I have an obvious objection. In this case, I don't."

Michelle smacked a fist in an open hand with her usual flair for the dramatic. The tit quake that produced would make any straight man shiver in awe. "It's settled then! We have SIX rules now!"

I don't know why they got all excited over that, but they did. There were hugs and kisses and high-fives all around.

By contrast, I closed my eyes again and tried not to think too much. I was definitely feeling overwhelmed by their enthusiasm, not to mention their busty, naked beauty.

Cindy was so enthused that she commented, "Just think, I got initiated when there were only five rules. Sue Ellen too. In years to come, whenever another new cock slave joins us, we'll be like the old timers. I'll tell the new girl, 'You think you're so great with your firm and high G-cup tits and your tight and needy little cunt, and especially your world-class cocksucking skills. You think you're hot stuff and harem-worthy just because Master has double-fucked you and your twin sister a few times, and he likes to fuck your faces a lot and then cum all over them. Well, let me tell you, he's painted MY face countless thousands of times. In fact, I've been sucking and fucking Master's cock for so long that when I started there were only FIVE rules!'"

All the women giggled with glee. Sue Ellen seemed to particularly like that. She added, "She'll be so shocked. She won't believe it. She's been training for two years already to exclusively serve Master's cock, and she's got the seventeen rules memorized."

Surprisingly, Michelle was the one to add a cautionary note. "Hey, let's not make this new girl TOO impressive." I suspected that she was mainly unhappy with the mention of G-cup sized tits, since that would surpass even the size of her mighty rack.

Ruby brushed that off. "Oh, don't be a buzzkill. Seventeen rules? Awesome! Can you imagine? I have no idea what those all could be, but it just goes to show that we're bound to get better and better at serving and pleasuring his cock as time goes on!"

They continued in that vein for quite some time, while also remembering to resume their task of intimately cleaning the rest of the cum off of Cindy.

I tried not to listen or watch, but without much success. Jesus H. Christ. "Firm and high G-cup tits?" "Twin sister?" "Seventeen rules?" Where the heck do they get this stuff? Their fantasies are actually more arousing than my own! Man, I really hope they understand the difference between fantasy and reality. I couldn't handle an entire harem full of Mindy-esque cucquean types. Tonight is a perfect case in point showing that five women is at the very outer limit of how much sex a man can handle at once. Especially when they're all incredible women like these! I swear, each one has the sex drive of at least two normal women.

Hmmm. Maybe there are a lot more cuckolds than cucqueans because the husbands of cucqueans all die young from being sexed to death? I kid, and yet I wouldn't be surprised!

Eventually, even the cum cleaning came to an end. It looked like a lesbian orgy was liable to break out near me, and I certainly would have enjoyed watching that too.

However, Mindy spoke up. "Okay, ladies, listen up. It may seem like the ceremony is over. But I've got a suspicion that there's another arrow in Daniel's quiver. Honey, am I completely off base there?"

"You're not," I replied. "Definitely not now, or even soon, but eventually. We could take a longer break. I wouldn't mind using the bathroom and having a drink and a snack."

She smiled, proud to be showing off her thorough preparations. "Aaaah. Unfortunately, we don't have a bathroom here. But if you only need to pee, the entire world is your oyster, if you know what I mean." She gestured to the nearby woods. "However, we're more prepared for the other part. We've got all your favorites in the mini-fridge."

I have to admit that I was impressed by her preparations, especially when I checked out what was in the mini-fridge. I pulled out a bottle of aloe vera juice, and handed other drinks to all the women, depending on their preferences. We all had lost a lot of fluids and needed to get rehydrated.

While we were sorting that all out, Mindy said to the group, "So, Honey, you don't need to go anywhere. But as for the rest of you, I'm afraid this is the end of the line. Excepting Cindy and me, of course."

That was met with a lot of disappointed groans and sighs.

I thought, Sheesh! Don't they EVER get tired? They were all over me for what seemed like a full YEAR, while I just laid there. I'm still okay, and alive, somehow. Phew! But by all rights, they should be too tired to move!

And Mindy jokes about me having thirteen cock slaves. Yeah, right! I swear, even ONE more would utterly KILL me!

Mindy tried to settle down her disgruntled audience. "If you remember how Sue Ellen's initiation ended, Dan fuck-walked her up to our bedroom, and then he proceeded to spend some quality time with her while I assisted."

Michelle grumbled, "Yeah, we heard the 'quality time.' I think the neighbors three streets down stayed up till the wee hours due to all the screaming. Imagine being down the hall and fingering your clit and labia until your hand is too tired to move while imagining that's your Daddy fucking YOU!"

Ruby elbowed her sister. It seemed she didn't appreciate or agree with Michelle's petulant attitude.

Mindy said to Michelle, "Be that as it may, don't you think Cindy deserves some private time with her new master? Remember that when your initiation comes around, you'll have a chance for him to fuck you straight through the mattress in YOUR private time."

"Yeah, I guess," Michelle grumbled. But then she tried to put on a smiling face. "Sure, Cindy. Have a ball. Mom's right. We'll all get our special times."

Mindy nodded approvingly at Michelle's improved demeanor.

But before she could say more, Cindy leaned in towards her and whispered quietly right in her ear.

Mindy briefly looked stunned speechless, then very interested indeed.

More furtive whispering back and forth between them followed.

Mindy then addressed the entire group again. "There's been a slight change. It turns out that Cindy is going to get some truly private time, because I'm going to go back to the house with the rest of you, leaving just Dan and Cindy here. So I don't want to hear anyone complaining about going without, because I'm in the same boat!"

There was some more small talk and good-byes after that, plus some pretty passionate good-bye kisses.

I also took the time to sneak off behind a bush and pee.

When I came back, I took Sue Ellen aside,and whispered in her ear so only she could hear. "Cupcake, I need to ask you a favor. Cindy and I want to have some real private time. But a couple of your sister slaves are as insatiably curious as they are insatiably horny, if you get my drift. Can you make sure that they, and you and Mindy for that matter, stay in the house for the rest of the night?"

Sue Ellen nodded. "Of course, Master. You can count on me."

"That's what I like to hear. You're too good for me." I kissed her forehead.

She blushed at the compliment, and she looked so adorable doing so that I wound up kissing her for a while and also fondling her and fingering her to a nice orgasm.

Mindy, Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen left after that.

I watched their firm, tanned, and juicy asses undulate off into the darkness, up the candlelit path to the house. It was quite a sight, seeing the cum dripping down their thighs glistening in the moonlight.

Then I laid down with a pillow under my head and sighed heavily. "Phew! I'm pooped. If you don't mind, I'd like to just rest for a little more."

Cindy sat down next to me. "Sure. No problem. I want to apologize though, for sending Mindy away. Normally, I would never do that. Not only does it go against the 'share the cock' rule, but it's a lot easier and less stressful for me to share the task of keeping your cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure."

I smiled at her and lovingly stroked her hair. "You spoil me."

But rather than calming her, her nervousness only grew, until she couldn't bear to maintain eye contact with me and shyly looked way. "But... as I explained to Mindy... I have a good reason. It's something that I'm too embarrassed to do in front of anyone else. You see... there's one way to cap off this incredible evening with the ultimate experience that I'll treasure for the rest of my life. You see... I'm embarrassed to admit this, but... I want..."

I waited for Cindy to continue, but she bit her lip instead. Whatever it was she wanted, it was putting her on tenterhooks. As calmly as and gently as I could, I prompted her, "You want…?"

Cindy explosively exhaled the breath she'd been holding and gasped out desperately, "I want you to fuck me in the ass!"

I sat up in surprise.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Jamielynn, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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