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Chapter 55

(Monday, June 3rd)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I woke up the next morning feeling old and worn out. Before I even opened my eyes, I thought, Ugh. This is just like a hangover, except it's a sex hangover. What a night! Man! If you add it all up, I think Cindy's initiation was the most intense sex of my life yet!

Then I remembered that I'd fucked Cindy in the ass.

Whoa! Did that really happen?! I hadn't even done that with my wife yet! She'd took every inch I had to give her and screamed her head off. So great! And to have that happen right on the heels on her initiation. What a great night for us all!

It was then that I recalled hearing Mindy tell me (or maybe she'd been warning me?) that Cindy had been "quite the little butt slut" when she was younger. Boy, for once, she hadn't been kidding

There's no turning back from our harem lifestyle now. Not that I would want to. I still feel bad that they've actually enslaved themselves to me and are so focused on my pleasure. But then I think about how happy I made Cindy and how many times she came. It's not really about me and my pleasure, despite all the rhetoric. We all benefit greatly. Master and slaves, dominance and submission - we all love it!

As I drifted back to full consciousness, I realized that my hand was resting against someone's upper arm. I opened my eyes to see who it was.

I was surprised to discover the arm belonged to Sue Ellen, since I'd been expecting Mindy or Cindy, or both of them. After all, yesterday I made the announcement that the default rule would be that I slept with Mindy and Cindy.

Sue Ellen was lying on top of the bed sheets, wearing nothing but a light blue see-through negligee that made her look even sexier than total nudity. The negligee was like a bra, with a short dress attached to the bottom of the bra that barely managed to make it far down enough to cover her pussy. She was reading a book, so she didn't realize I'd woken up yet.

I glanced around the room and didn't see anyone else.

Moving my head around to look alerted her that I was awake. She put her book down and greeted me with a big smile. "Good morning, Master!" She repositioned, striking a sexy "cheesecake" pose. She bent one knee up high, and even draped an arm behind her head.

Somehow, and I really don't know how, my penis was already stiff. The best explanation had to be automatic "morning wood," because I didn't feel aroused. Besides, the poor guy had to be totally destroyed after last night. I could feel it twitch in response to Sue Ellen's pose, but I tried to ignore it.

I smiled and said, "Good morning to you, Cupcake. What time is it?"

"It's almost ten o'clock. Master, how may I serve you?" Upon saying that, she suddenly sat up and repositioned into cock slave Position Number Three. She knelt on the bed with her knees spread wide, her tits proudly thrust out, and her hands behind her back.

I honestly didn't want to get all horny. Really! I'd had my fill of that last night, believe me, and I only wanted my erection to go flaccid. But seeing Sue Ellen reposition herself like that sent a surge of arousal rushing through my body.

It's so bizarre that she's acting like an actual sex slave. And with such unfeigned eagerness. I wonder if I'll ever get used to it? Plus, the mere fact that I get to wake up with busty teen bombshells like her. Will I ever get used to THAT?! I have to be the luckiest motherfucker on the face of the planet!

Nevertheless, I was determined to ignore her new pose too. Instead, I considered the time. "Ten, huh? That means Mindy and Cindy must be long gone. Did they get to work on time?"

Sue Ellen was maintaining her extremely titillating position. Her negligee was so short that I could directly see some of her pussy lips. She said, "I'm sure they did, since they left on time. But they weren't exactly looking or feeling sprightly. I'd already gone on my morning run with Michelle and Ruby, so I helped them with breakfast. And they needed help. Between the two of them, I think they drank eight cups of coffee!"

I ran my hands through my hair and sat up, trying to wake myself up some more. "Wait. You went running, even before eight?!"

"Sure thing. And I'm glad to do it. I just think about keeping my body in tip top shape for you. I daydream about you running your hands all over me while my lips steadily slide up and down your great big cock, and it's like the miles fly by and I'm done before I know it. I know your daughters feel the exact same way."

She grinned impishly as she added, "Not all of us are big-cocked harem masters and best-selling authors who get to sleep in every day like a lazy bones." She giggled playfully.

I protested, "'Best selling' is kind of a stretch. I'm not exactly Stephen King famous."

"Even so, you do pretty darn well, from what I hear." She looked around uncertainly, and then said, "You know, I've read three of your books."

"Really?! Before you met me? Cool!"

She said bashfully, "Actually, after I met you. I've been reading like a book fiend since you conquered me." She beamed brightly. "I can't wait until I've read everything you wrote! I know it's all fiction, and takes place in far away lands in other eras, but I feel like I'm gaining all kinds of insights into your mind. For instance, I've figured out that you like tea but not coffee."

"Really?! How'd you figure that out?"

"Because the characters in your novels drink a lot of tea but never coffee. You see? Unfortunately, between my time here and my time at Mamma Mia's, I don't have a lot of free time lately, but that's okay. It'll prolong the joy. When I read one of your books, it's kind of like you're right there, cuddling with me. And when I get to the racy parts... oh my!" She wiggled her eyebrows playfully.

I asked, "Which books have you read so far, and how do you like them?"

"I've started in on your 'Centurion' series."

"Oh? Do you have an interest in the Roman Empire?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. I love all kinds of history. Growing up in the middle of nowhere, I hardly was able to travel at all, so I traveled through space and time in my mind, with books. But mostly, I have an interest in YOU! So of course I love every single word you wrote! Master, how can you even think otherwise?!"

I grinned widely. I couldn't help but get caught up in her enthusiasm. "Even the boring words, like 'an' and 'the?'"

"Especially those!"

We both laughed that.

She resumed, "Seriously, I love that you're a great author as well as my well-hung and all-powerful master. That's just so cool! Anyway, I always get up and go running every morning. I don't need much sleep. And it's way more fun now, since I get to run with my slave sisters! And we help each other a lot. For instance, whenever one of us starts to fall behind, another will say something like 'the King,' or 'King Dong attack.' And that'll be just like a kick in the pants!"

I asked, "What about strangers overhearing you?"

"Oh, don't worry. We know how to talk in code so that no one else could possibly understand. For instance, how could anyone suspect something sexual after hearing a mention of 'King' or 'King Dong?'"

"That's true, I suppose."

"And we're always moving so it's not like anyone would hear more than a few words in any case. This morning was kind of funny though, because we were all so keen to talk about what happened last night that we kept trying to talk while running, until we ran out of breath!" She giggled. "It kept on happening!"

I thought, Jesus. I don't deserve someone like Cupcake, with her endless dedication to me. And I need to get back to doing more exercise too. It won't do to turn into a flabby and out of breath master. Not to mention, nobody will think of me as a "great author" if I don't actually do some writing at some point. I've been way too slack lately. And even when I do write it all comes out X-rated, which isn't exactly helping to bring home the bacon.

I found myself hungrily eyeing her body, but then I felt bad about her maintaining that uncomfortable pose. So I said, "By the way, you don't have to kneel like that. I didn't ask you to assume an official position."

She smiled. "Thanks, Master. I know. But I do it because I want to. It makes me feel good. Especially after your great victories last night, I'm feeling extra slave-y."

"My 'great victories?'"

"What you did with Cindy! Her initiation AND fucking her ass! Boy, you should have seen her this morning. She was soooo tired, but soooo blissed out and in love. Oh! And I almost forgot to mention... You know what else happened this morning? It was so cool!" She was suddenly brimming with excitement.


"When it came time for Cindy to dress after showering, Mindy put her Silken Bonds on for her! They were both quite excited about it during breakfast."

"That's good to hear," I replied absently. It was a little hard to me to imagine what it must have been like for them.

She continued, "The real treat though was watching them. It was deliciously obvious that they were enjoying the feeling of being 'bound' to you in this way. They also had a sort of morning glow about them that made it obvious they'd started something special with this tradition of yours."

"Mmmm, I should hope so!"

She looked hungrily at my crotch. "Master, I'm at your command. I'm fixin' to make you happy. Do you want me to pleasure your cock or serve you in some other way?"

I'd been expecting my "morning wood" to fade away now that I'd woken up. But I looked down and realized that my erection was still poking out very obviously, even through the sheets. That was surprising to me, given how much sex I'd had yesterday. I came four times yesterday evening alone! I figured my arousal was being sustained by Sue Ellen's sexy negligee and her eagerness. However, I most certainly wasn't in any kind of mood for more sex. In fact, my dick felt a bit strange, like it had nearly been rubbed raw.

I said, "No thanks on the pleasuring right now. Just because I have a boner, that doesn't mean I'm up for sex. I'm really wiped out from last night. I can't believe you three girls got up so early, after all that happened. And you look fantastic!"

She beamed. "Thank you, Master. You're too kind. But remember, most of the sex was between you and Cindy. Sure, the rest of us had our share of slurping and bobbing on your cock, but it wasn't nearly as tired as all the stuff you two did." She looked at me with a slyly amuses expression. "I understand the anal sex was particularly..." - she paused suggestively - "...exhausting and intense for y'all."

"That it was. Phew!" I felt more tired just from thinking about it.

Sue Ellen leaned forward dramatically, causing her tits to nearly spill out of her negligee, which exposed her tanned skin right down to the edge of her nipples already. Clearly, she was trying to tempt me with her body. "Master, are you SURE you don't need more help? Maybe getting all that cum out of you is exactly what you need."

"I'm definitely sure." I ignored the throbbing in my stiff cock. I talked to my penis in my mind. Go down, already! You damn thing, you. You never know when to take a rest!

She sat back, disappointed. She stared at the lump in my bed sheets as she said, "Awww. Michelle and Ruby will be really disappointed. You promised them they could help out with today's tickle attack, you know."

"I did? When did I do that?"

She looked back up into my eyes. "At yesterday's family harem meeting. Remember? But also, late last night before you went to bed, you told them that their amnesty was over. So that's kind of a contradiction. That's why they're not here right now and I am. I'm kind of keeping guard to make sure your wishes are fulfilled, depending on which way you want to go."

"Thanks for that. But where are they now? And how on Earth did you stop them?"

"They're down the hall in Michelle's room, waiting and hoping you'll change your mind. As to how I kept them out, let's just say it wasn't easy, especially since I had to keep them and me quiet so as to not wake you at the same time. I think they're pretty mad at me right now. They REALLY love their tickle attacks."

I replied, "I do too, for sure, but I have to listen to my body."

She eyed my crotch again, and licked her lips. "I noticed the King still isn't going down."

"How can it, with you sitting here and looking like that? You're too sexy!"

She smiled widely again.

I loved giving her compliments, because I could see how happy a few words could make her.

Not only was she keeping her submissive pose, she stiffened in a way that somehow made her look even better.

I said, "The truth is, I'd love a tickle attack too, especially since it's probably going to be the last one for a long while. But I feel like I just got run over by a truck."

I pondered what to do, torn between lust and wanting to give my penis a well-deserved rest. What's the point of being a harem master if I don't take full advantage? Not everything needs to be strategically thought out. Having the Hellions wanting to help changes things, because that will be my last tickle attack with them for a long time. Plus, let's face it: three-on-one sounds pretty great!

Hell. Why not have my cake and eat it too?

With that in mind, I suggested, "What if I go down and have breakfast now, and if I'm feeling better after I eat, we could have the tickle attack then?"

Her eyes lit up. "I'm sure they'll LOVE that idea, Master. And I do too!"

"Okay, let's do that. Why don't you tell them? They're probably going to be all bouncy and excited, and I don't have the energy to face that right now. I'm going to lie here a little longer and give Mindy a call to see how she and Cindy are doing."

Sue Ellen nodded. Then she broke her stiff pose and got up off the bed.

I reached for the phone, but in so doing, I noticed that Cupcake had left her book on the bed. "Hey, don't forget your book. By the way, what are you reading?"

She came back, picked up the book, and showed me the cover. "It's still that same Michio Kaku science book I was reading in your bed the other day. Remember? It feels weird to read your book when you're right there, so this is the book I was reading before you enslaved me. But with all the non-stop sexy fun around here, and reading your books at home, I haven't gotten very far with it."

I thought, Unfortunately, that's going to change, starting today. The days of non-stop sex are over, at least for a good while. But I didn't say it out loud, because now was not the time to get into it.

Instead, I said, "You'll have to tell me more later about what you're learning. It looks interesting. I'm impressed. In my opinion, I'm attracted to smart just as much as sexy. But right now, I'm gonna make that call."

She nodded. "Yes, Master. I'll see you downstairs with your daughters soon. We'll get started on cooking you something, okay?"

"Sounds good."

I called Mindy and talked to her, but the phone call was brief since she had work to do. She confirmed that she and Cindy made it to work on time, but Cindy was tired and draggy, and had a bad headache.

That gave me an idea. I asked my wife if I could stop by during their lunch break and bring Cindy some Aspirin. I added that I also just wanted to see them and especially thank Cindy for being so great last night.

Mindy said that was fine, so we set a time to meet.

Then I went downstairs for breakfast after skipping my usual morning shower. I didn't really feel like I needed one, since I'd had a shower last night right before I went to bed. Plus, I was feeling lazy and groggy.

Michelle and Ruby were naturally excited about the tickle attack possibility, but I asked them to keep their distance from me for now, and they did so. They were dressed in sexy lingerie, just like Sue Ellen still was. But I disappointed all three by asking them to put on some "normal clothes" for breakfast. I pointed out that the tickle attack was more likely to happen if my penis could stay flaccid and recover some more.

Thanks to that, we had a normal, non-sexual breakfast. With the three of them dressed like typical teens instead of my personal porn stars, my penis was able to stay flaccid.

As I sat with them, it was hard for me not to recall how they'd responded last night to the news of my successful anal sex with Cindy. It blew my mind how eager they were for me to fuck their asses, especially Michelle and Ruby. I had to very deliberately force myself not to think about it too much, for fear of getting erect and aroused after all.

I also found myself thinking about the latest "Dando mystery." If Cindy had one for two years, did the Hellions know about it? If they did, that meant they were lying to me, and other Dandos might be out there. However, I couldn't be sure. It was entirely possible that Mindy didn't tell them she'd given on to Cindy. I needed to play dumb on the issue for now and not confront them until after I got a chance to talk to my wife.

Since they'd already eaten, we talked about their plans for the day while I ate the vegetable omelette they'd made me.

Sue Ellen said, "My work shift starts at noon, but I'll have to leave here sooner. I have volleyball practice at eleven, and I can't miss it. Actually, my volleyball practices gives me all kinds of trouble. I try to schedule my work shifts around them, but it doesn't always work out. Like today. The two are actually overlapping some, so I have to leave volleyball a little early, take a quick shower, and drive like mad to Mama Mia's, only to get there right in the middle of the lunch rush. That doesn't make the Bat, I mean Sonia, happy, but she begrudgingly allows it because she thinks I'm a good worker."

I nodded. "I'll bet she does. If you're half as good a waitress as you are a cock slave, then that would make you just about the best waitress ever!"

Sue Ellen blushed at the compliment and demurely bowed her head. "Thank you, Master. Really, I'm not all that."

Michelle huffed, "Ugh! This is annoying. Sue Ellen, I like you a lot, but you're such the do-gooder that it can get downright annoying. Like this morning. Daddy, do you know what she did to Ruby and me?! She blocked the door to your bedroom like she was some kind of ninja warrior! She was striking all these fighting poses like she was Xena the Warrior Princess!"

Sue Ellen said with her head still bowed, "I've had some self-defense training. And it was important that Master get his rest after fucking Cindy so strenuously last night."

Michelle complained to me, "All we wanted to do was cuddle with you a little bit. And if you happened to have morning wood, maybe wake you up with a nice blowjob. And then, hopefully spend the next hour or two taking turns bobbing on your cock and getting titfucked a lot too. Who could be against that? But noooOOOoooo! Sue Ellen turned into Little Miss Cockblocker!"

Ruby tried to play the peacemaker. "It wasn't THAT bad. Michelle, we do tend to get a little overly excited. Daddy needed his sleep. Besides, maybe we'll still get our tickle attack once Daddy finishes eating. He promised!"

"That's true," Michelle admitted.

Suddenly, both my busty daughters were staring at me and the vegetable omelette on my plate, as if trying to will me to eat it faster.

I chuckled a little at their enthusiasm. Then I asked, "What about work for you two today? You finish your shifts at eight tonight, right?"

Both of them sighed heavily, saddened by the reminder about their boring video shop job. "Yeah," Michelle said in a resigned voice. "Unfortunately, that means we start at eleven, so we've gotta leave at the same time as Warrior Princess here. That leaves us less than an hour for any tickle attack, and time's a-wasting the longer you eat with the speed of a sloth pouring molasses!"

I said, "Shelle, stop trying to push me around. I know you're young, eager, and extremely excitable. That's good. But you're an adult now. You've gotta control your impulses better. That's what my problem with you is really all about. And you too, Ruby. The two of you work each other up into a frenzy. When you push me so hard, that just makes me want to eat slower."

"Don't do that!" both Michelle and Ruby said at once, aghast.

The girls laid off me after that. I ate the rest of my breakfast at my usual pace. To be honest, I was starting to get excited about the "tickle attack" idea too, but I didn't want to encourage their being pushy by rushing through my meal.

When I was done, I sat back in my chair, and said, "Thank you very much for making that. That was delicious. Now, I plan to go out and do some things once the three of you have gone. I haven't taken a shower yet, but I'm thinking I could use one after all. If any of you want to join me getting wet, and maybe even try to tickle me a little bit, you're welcome to try."

"Yeay!" All three girls cheered at once. Ruby nudged Sue Ellen, and said confidentially, "By tickling, he really means cocksucking!"

Sue Ellen chuckled. "Yeah, I kind of figured."

I warned, "This is almost certainly going to be the last tickle attack for a while. So enjoy it while you can."

I was surprised that that didn't dim their enthusiasm much.

A couple of minutes later, I found myself in the shower, with Sue Ellen, Michelle, and Ruby crowded in with me too. All of us were nude, naturally. We had a great time soaping each other off using extra sudsy soap (even though none of us actually needed to get clean again), while the girls took turns having fun with my cock. Due to all the soap suds everywhere, titfucks were favored, at least at first.

Eventually, with the warm shower water still pouring down, the soap got washed away. At that point, I backed up against the shower wall while the three of them knelt in front of me with three tongues lapping on my cock and balls at once.

I hardly need to say it felt fantastic, since that's such a no-brainer. My girls were getting better and better at sharing cocksucking duties without bumping heads or getting upset over sharing issues. I reached down and ran my fingers through their wet hair, moving from head to head.

Generally speaking, one of them would bob down my cockhead while the other two licked elsewhere. But whoever the bobber was tried not to go down very far, leaving some "prime real estate" to the other two. Also, sometimes it was just "freestyle" licking for all three of them at once.

I kept my eyes closed and my held tilted back, because I was so continually overwhelmed by the intensity of the pleasure. I ran my hands over their wet heads, amazed that there were no less than three heads there.

However, only a couple of minutes after they started their "three-tongued attack," Sue Ellen suddenly pulled away, and said, "Oh my gosh! I have to get going!" There was a small clock on the bathroom counter, and apparently she'd been keeping an eye on it from the shower stall from time to time. She stood up, grabbed a towel, and started frantically rubbing herself dry.

I asked her, "Do you really have to go now?" I wanted to go after her and at least hug her, but I couldn't really move with the way Michelle was bobbing on me, with Ruby sucking on one of my balls for good measure.

Sue Ellen gave me a sad and regretful look. "Sorry, Master, but I do. There's nothing I'd love more than share in the joy of pleasuring your huge cock with my two breastest friends. But I have to get all my stuff ready for volleyball practice and then work, and I'll be late if I don't start now. But you'll be in very good hands - and mouths - with your daughters!"

I nodded. "Okay. I didn't realize. That stuff obviously takes precedence. We can't let our sexual fun take over everything else."

Sue Ellen smiled warmly. "Don't worry, I plan on having my cake and eating it too."

Michelle pulled her lips off my wet and throbbing boner to say, "Cock! Have your COCK and eat it too. How could you miss such an obvious pun opportunity?!" She waved her hands in exasperation.

But then she saw Ruby take advantage of her withdrawal to swallow my cockhead. "Hey!" she complained as she dove right back in to lick and stroke whatever was left over.

Sue Ellen giggled. "Good point. Bye!" She must have been in a big hurry, because she suddenly ran out of the bathroom with the towel still in her hand.

Michelle and Ruby never even slowed down while Sue Ellen was getting out of the shower, and now that she was gone, they got even busier with a "More cock left for me!" attitude.

I closed my eyes and prepared to bliss out on the endless waves of pleasure some more. But I suddenly remembered something, and cried out, "Cupcake!"

"Yes, Master?" Her voice was distant. She was probably in her new bedroom between Nicky's and the one now shared by Ruby and Michelle.

"Come back here before you dress! I need to put your Silken Bonds on you!"

"OH! Okay! Gladly!"

For some reason, the Silken Bondage mention excited the Gruesome Twosome tremendously. They switched from their "normal" cocksucking style to taking turns bobbing on my cock as deeply as they could, making them choke and gag at times. Whoever wasn't bobbing did damn near everything else, including even probing my ass crack and massaging my prostate at times.

That meant that I was likely to cum soon, as long as they kept going like that. I wasn't at all opposed to that. I couldn't see the clock from where I was leaning against the shower wall, but I figured that if Sue Ellen needed to leave now to get somewhere by eleven, the other two needed to start getting ready too.

They were still going all out when Sue Ellen rushed in. She was naked and holding her panties and bra out for me.

That put me in a difficult spot to make this work. I had to turn the shower head off so as to not get Sue Ellen's undies wet.

Then, a mostly dry Sue Ellen stepped in the shower stall and let me quickly dress her in her skimpy underwear while the Gruesome Twosome kept right on with their sucking, stroking, and anal fingering.

Luckily for me and my effort not to cum just yet, Sue Ellen was in a big hurry, so I put her undies on about as fast as I possibly could. Even though I was doing this hastily, it was still a big thrill for me to skim my hands over her warm skin.

She helped me settle the weight of her breasts into her bra cups, but did so in a way that made me even more aware of her shapeliness than if she'd been jiggling them at me. When I pulled her panties up her thighs, I made sure to pull them tight against her crotch, so as to give myself an excuse to stroke and caress her between her legs, making sure that everything was covered to my satisfaction.

I'm proud to say that my Cupcake was putty in my hands and loving every second of it.

Then she kissed my nose, and said, "Thanks! Now I'm going to feel protected and loved and enslaved all day long. Already, it's like your hands are holding my privates. I'll see you later!" She smiled widely as she cupped her pussy mound and one breast. She closed her eyes and shuddered, as she apparently had a powerful moment imagining those were my hands instead.

Then, in what felt all too soon, she rushed off. She probably went back to her room to finish getting ready.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Jamielynn, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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