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Chapter 56

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I resumed holding and stroking Michelle's and Ruby's constantly moving and bobbing wet heads. Like before, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back to fully luxuriate in the erotic joy.

I wasn't fighting the urge to cum that hard. So, only a minute or two after Sue Ellen left, I lost control.

When my girls sensed my balls were tightening up, they completely stopped what they were doing and sat back right in front of me with their cheeks pressed together, mouths open, and eyes shut. They'd been fingering themselves all along, and they kept on doing that, only even faster.

It was a great pleasure for me to blast my load all over their faces and tits. Normally I was fairly quiet during my climaxes, but this time I let out a loud and lusty roar.

It was a good thing that I'd turned the water off, because otherwise a lot of my cum would have washed on down the drain, and we had a new cock slave rule against that. Instead, as soon as I ran out of cum, they had a fun time rubbing and smearing their cummy tits together, licking the cum off each other's faces, and snowballing still more cum back and forth in their mouths.

I thought they'd totally forgotten about me for a while, but then Ruby remembered that neither of them had actually tickled me yet. So we spent a minute or two all laughing our heads off as they tried to tickle me and I tried to tickle them back. They got the best of me since I was outnumbered and pinned against the side of the shower stall with no easy way to escape. It was strange doing something child-like with them even as my cum was streaked all over their faces and smeared on their remarkably big and very bouncy breasts.

As we recovered, I said in a chiding tone, "You know, that's gonna be the last tickle attack for a while. A reckoning is coming."

Michelle griped, "You said that earlier. UGH! Why do you have to be such a buzzkill?"

I wagged a finger in her direction. "Just don't say I didn't warn you."

She rolled her eyes, but it seemed that she got the message, because she looked pensive about that.

It turned out that there was just enough time to get them out the door so they wouldn't be late at work. I did the honors of putting their "Silken Bonds" on for the first time, and they seemed inordinately happy about that.

Unfortunately, there was no time to savor the Silken Bondage ritual. Everything had been rushed from the time Sue Ellen announced she had to stop and get ready. We were all running around and there was hardly a moment to talk, much less to leisurely fool around while I put their underwear on.

The upside though was that they both made sure that I copped a feel on their sexy bodies during the process.

Ruby was delighted when I wedged the fabric of her panties into her butt crack, and that I got a double handful of her ass while "binding" her pubic mound.

Michelle, by contrast, must have noticed the way I'd been handling Sue Ellen earlier, because she made me lift and tuck her enormous breasts into her straining bra. It made me both self-conscious and inordinately pleased that my daughter had such massive tits and possessed what looked like miles of cleavage once I'd gotten her safely "settled" into her cups for the rest of the day.

And then, all too soon, they were gone and I was left all alone.

It felt strange. Just minutes before I'd had my hands literally filled with warm and full nubile female flesh that almost any man would give up body parts to fondle. I could even still feel the yielding softness of their curves in the palms of my hands, let alone on the tips of my fingers, and wished that we'd had more time together so that I could have held onto them longer. In truth, I wanted to touch them as much as they hungered for me to do so. But now they were gone.

It used to be that I spent a lot of time all alone during the day. Mindy would be at work from nine to six or so, and my daughters would be at school, or having fun with friends, or doing homework. That would leave me in my den alone and able to concentrate on my writing. But lately, it seemed that I was always with at least one of my women, and usually more. It was kind of like being married five times over.

So this felt like a sudden and strange return to the past. I put my clothes on, went to my den, and tried to do some writing. I brought up my swashbuckler novel starring John, Morgana, and Roxanna, and tried to pick up where I last left off. But I couldn't concentrate. Needless to say, it was very tough trying to mentally shift gears from enjoying a three-way blowjob to attempting to write historical fiction - even if the more recent chapters had taken on a decidedly X-rated tone. It didn't help that I had a curiously lonely feeling.

Also, I was feeling sad about what just happened with the Gruesome Twosome. Our shower was definitely the end of their amnesty time. Chances were very good that I wasn't going to have any sex with either Michelle or Ruby for a long time. With Nicky coming home in two weeks, my goal was to resolve this power struggle with them before then, but I wasn't sure if that would happen. Even two weeks seemed like ages, considering how often we'd been having sexy fun lately.

I puttered around, mostly checking e-mail and surfing the web, until it was nearly noon. Then I transferred my latest writing from my desktop computer to my laptop and got ready to leave. I took my laptop with me. My thinking was that, with everyone else out of the house anyway, I might as well try to find somewhere else to work instead of staying at home feeling lonely and sorry for myself.

I'd never really done my writing at a cafe or other place outside of home, but I figured now was a good time to start. Chances were good I wouldn't be doing much work in my den for the next two weeks anyway. I would need to stay away from the Gruesome Twosome as much as possible, because they would undoubtedly attempt to sexually tempt me and break my resolve.

But before I went to find somewhere to write, I had plans to visit Mindy and Cindy during their lunch.

This was a rare event, because I hardly ever visited Mindy at work. She wasn't a lawyer per se if one referred to that as someone who argued legal cases in the courts, but she did have a legal degree and she worked for an important legal firm. I had a hard time understanding what exactly it was that she did, because although she talked about her coworkers and office politics and such, she almost never talked about her actual work. Her main task was to review legal contracts. It was an important and well-paying job, and by her own admission it was also very tedious and boring.

Mindy worked in a sleek, modern office building in a corporate cluster of similar buildings. I took the elevator up to the seventh floor and found my way to her private office. I knocked on the door.

I heard Mindy ask through the door, "Who is it?"

"Land shark." That was an in-joke between us based on an old Saturday Night Live skit.

Mindy immediately rushed to the door and flung it open. "Honey! You came!" I thought she'd give me a kiss and a hug, but instead she pushed me into her office and then closed and locked her door behind her. Only then she did wow me with a big kiss.

But we'd hardly even started smooching when I felt another body pressing against me. I could guess well enough who that was. Sure enough, Mindy pulled back and let Cindy take over. Cindy managed one quick, ebullient "Master!" before our lips locked.

While Cindy and I kissed, Mindy joked, "Uh-oh! You'd better watch out for this one, Cindy. Land sharks are dangerous!" But Cindy was too focused on the kissing to pay her any mind. Also, it wasn't long before one of Cindy's hands not only wandered down to my waist, but went straight inside my clothes to fish for my penis!

Unfortunately for her, my penis was flaccid, due to the way my girls had drained me dry back in the shower. Furthermore, I didn't think that kind of hanky panky was safe in Mindy's office, even with the door closed and locked, since we might get carried away and end up making some loud and erotic noises. So I managed to extricate her hand and put it in a safer place on me.

Then it was Mindy's turn to kiss me again.

While she did that, Cindy said, "Master, I'm so hot for you right now! I've been a total useless wreck as Mindy's assistant on my first full day here, because all I can think about is last night!"

She came in closer, and whispered into my ear with a husky, erotic voice, "Remember how you tamed me and officially enslaved me last night? Do you think about how you forced me to swallow your cock and take it all the way down to the root? Or how you totally humiliated me by having me churn and grind on you while everyone else just watched?"

I knew better to correct her language about being forced and such, as if it was all my fault. Clearly, she got off on that sort of thing.

She went on with increasing passion, "But the worst was after all that! Have you been thinking about how you took my ass last night? The way you made me scream and cry, my face soaked with tears from the agony and ecstasy of having such an unnaturally thick dick plunged deep in my butt hole?! I've been walking funny all morning. It's like I can still feel your big cock filling my ass up, all the way inside me!"

She started sensuously licking my ear as she added, "I'm your slut! Your butt slut! Your slutty slave! You've enslaved me to my own forbidden desires. I need your cock inside me! If you weren't flaccid, I'd be on my knees and deep throating you right now!"

As if that wasn't stirring enough, she breathed hotly, "My cock-hungry ass is yours to fill and fuck, Master!"

I thought, Cin has changed SO MUCH! I always used to think of her as dignified and restrained. Boy, has her libido been unleashed!

Mindy suddenly broke away from me, and pulled Cindy off me too. She looked at Cindy and said, "Okay, that's enough. If you get any hotter, I'm going to have to break out the fire extinguisher and hose you down!"

Seeing Cindy's eyes actually light up at that, she added with an amused grin, "Bad choice of words. But seriously, we're at my office. We have to calm down."

That's a surprise. I'm glad to see Mindy being the responsible one, for once. It looks like she can still control herself in the right situation.

"Darn it!" Cindy forced herself to sit down on a nearby office chair. She pinned her hands behind her back, as if she wouldn't be able to control them otherwise.

I'd brought a bag of goodies with me and I'd been holding it all the while. Now that the kissing and hugging had stopped, the two women finally took notice of it. Mindy gave me a knowing smirk, and asked, "What do you have there, big boy?"

I said, "Before I answer that, I want to say that both of you look delicious. I love the power suit look." Mindy was wearing a grey business outfit and Cindy was wearing a dark blue one. I was used to seeing Mindy dress like this since she always came home still wearing her work clothes, but I'd hardly ever seen Cindy dress this way. At parties she always dressed elegantly and impressively, but in a different style.

Mindy said impatiently, "Hey, don't stall with compliments. What's in the bag?"

Cindy protested, "Let him stall!" Obviously, she wasn't used to being complimented as much as Mindy was.

To make Cindy feel a little better, I said to her, "You're like a big Tootsie Pop, all dressed up like that. I it makes me want to unwrap you and then lick all the way down to your creamy center."

Cindy suddenly sat up in her chair, like she'd been goosed. "Oooh!"

I hoped my words reminded her of the time I'd gone down on her last night, and it looked like they did.

Then I returned to focus to my bag. "As for this, call it a care package. First off, Cin, I have the Aspirin for you." I pulled a bottle of pills out of the bag and handed it to her.

She smiled broadly. "Thanks! Actually, my headache has pretty much gone away in the last hour, but it's sweet that you cared. I wish there was some club where sex slaves from different masters could meet and trade notes. I'd never stop boasting about what a great master you are!"

I smiled back at that. "Thanks. But let me try to get all those other hypothetical slaves at your club that much more jealous. Let's see what else I have in here."

I pulled more items out of the bag. I knew that Mindy had a hard time eating quality food for lunch, since there was a dearth of good eating options nearby. She usually ended up bringing her own food. I knew exactly what she liked, and I'd brought some of her favorite foods and drinks so that she'd have a delicious yet nutritious lunch.

Then I did the same for Cindy. I had an entirely different selection for her.

This really surprised her. "Master! How the heck did you know?!" She held up a can of Dr. Pepper soda. "This is my favorite! It's kind of my guilty pleasure. Heck, I love all the things you brought me! But I never told you about any of this."

"No," I replied, "but you've always been very special to me. So when you'd come and visit and talk about this and that, I would remember what's important to you. For instance, not only do I know that you love Dr. Pepper, you almost never actually drink any, since it doesn't fit in with your diet plan. But I figured you could splurge this once, and I could help out by sharing the can with you."

Cindy looked amazed. She exclaimed to Mindy, "Holy cow! Where did you find this guy?!"

Mindy quipped, "In a large recycling bin, ironically enough. He was neither paper nor plastic so he didn't belong there, and they let me take him home."

Cindy chuckled and shook her head. "Seriously, Master, you're awesome! I'm so touched! I'm feeling goose bumps all over!" She held up the can of Dr. Pepper. "This is worth more to me than a gold necklace, because it shows how much you care. Especially when I compare you to... Mr. Nameless."

Mindy looked at me and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

I explained, "That's her new name for R-E-X the ex. She says the mere mention of his name brings back bad memories."

"Ah. Gotcha."

Cindy said, "He started out a good husband, but by the end he was a total loser. He just didn't give a shit about me. And when I dated afterwards, they were all selfish losers too. You're the first man since forever to surprise me with thoughtful little gestures. This is SO COOL!" She bounced in her seat just like a little kid.

Mindy proudly put an arm around me. "Yeah, he's alright, I suppose. I've been trying him out for twenty years and I recently decided he's a keeper." She playfully kissed my nose.

Cindy was all smiles as she asked me, "So, my handsome big-cocked Santa, you got any other goodies in that bag of yours?"

"No, I'm afraid that's it. I just wanted to come by and wish you well on your first day of work at your new job. Plus, I wanted to thank you for such a special and memorable evening last night."

"You?! You want to thank ME?!" Cindy started to get out of her chair. It looked like she was going to up and fuck me on the spot!

Luckily, Mindy moved between Cindy and me. She warned her, "Behave! We can't have you fired on your first day for orgasmic screaming. You'll break all the windows and shake the whole building, if last night is any indication."

Cindy sat back in her chair. But she held up a hand and showed off a small gap between her index finger and thumb. "How 'bout just a teeny weeny little bit of orgasmic screaming?"

Mindy laughed. "Sorry, no dice. Honey, seriously, you'd better get out of here before Cindy and I BOTH just up and molest you!"

I looked back and forth between them. "Seriously? I was hoping to eat lunch with you. Sweetheart, I know what you pack for lunch, and I figured I'd eat the sandwich you made for yourself so you could eat what I've brought you."

Mindy seriously pondered whether to kick me out or not. Finally, she decided, "Okay, you can stay. But I want you to sit on that side of the room, and we'll sit on the other side." She pointed to two distant spots with some furniture between them. "And Cin, BEHAVE!"

Funnily enough, that's how we had lunch. We sat about as far apart as we could get in Mindy's office, just to be on the safe side and remove any temptation to get touchy-feely.

I noticed that Mindy's office was very messy, and at one point I commented on it. "Min, what happened in here? It looks like a tornado blew through." There were books, folders, and papers stacked up on every available space.

Mindy said, "Remember back when our harem-y adventures began, with that 'reasonable bounds' discussion we had that kicked it all off?"

I nodded. "Sure. Best thing to happen to me in years."

"That was the best thing that happened to us EVER! Because it's brought us here, with my new sisters." She looked to Cindy and shared a love smile with her.

Then she continued, "Amongst other things that night, you complained I was working too many hours and you wanted me to cut back. So I did. And this is what happened after just a few weeks. That's why I needed a personal assistant so badly. In fact, once we get this office back in shape, I'm hoping that with Cindy's help I'll be able to cut my hours back even more. I'd like to take an afternoon off or even the whole day off from time to time. There's a whole lot of basking that needs to get done back at home." She winked playfully.

I asked, "And your bosses would let you do that?"

"Well, if I take too many days off, then that'll start to lower my pay. But I don't mind. We're not hurting for money, especially now with the harem pooling our resources together. In fact, even if I were to work 20 percent less, with Cindy's salary added, we'll be making more. And the bosses are fine with that kind of thing."

I joked, "What, harems sharing their finances?"

She chuckled. "Yeah, right. There's such a contrast between this world and my home world that it makes my head spin. But anyway, there's a lot of burnout with what I do because it's just so damn boring, and there's not much in the way of promotion, so they have to reward me in other ways."

I said with genuine happiness, "That would be great if you work less. What's the point of making a lot of money if you never have time to spend it?"

"Exactly. Plus, there's all that basking to do. Not to mention directly taking part in the fun. I gotta say, sometimes it drives me up the wall, being cooped up in here, knowing I'm missing out on all kinds of things. For instance, what did I miss out on this morning?"

I replied with a mock-indifferent shrug. "Oh, not much. Just a fairly long shower that ended in a triple blowjob."

Mindy sighed. "See? Tragic. Three mouths, that's just not enough. Everyone knows no reasonable guy can enjoy a shower without at least FOUR total hotties pleasuring him!" Her eyes twinkled with delight.

I glanced at Cindy and saw she was biting her lip and staring at me with wanton desire. I got the feeling that she was ripping my clothes off my body with her eyes. I tried to redirect the conversation before things got too arousing, because these two were still riding high from last night, and almost anything was liable to get them too horny.

I joked, "So, Sweetheart, what is it exactly that you do for a living, anyway?"

She joked right back, "It involved the fiscal responsibility of the corporate legal entity engendered with the fiduciary responsibility of benefitting the shareholder's proper proportion..." Her voice was becoming increasingly monotone and bored as she spoke. She suddenly closed her eyes and tilted her head, as if she'd suddenly and literally put herself to sleep. Her mouth hung wide open with her tongue hanging out, and she made a sound like she was drooling.

I laughed. I especially liked the fact that she strung together a completely meaningless line of legal lingo. "That exciting, huh?"

She snapped back to life. "Yep. Trust me, you don't want to know the details. But I get off on it in a weird kind of way." She looked to Cindy. "Dan knows this, but maybe you don't yet: finding a loophole or clause that changes everything... It's like finding a needle in a haystack. It's very rewarding. And I'm good at it, so that's why they pay me the big bucks. With your help, we'll hit pay dirt a lot more." She smiled proudly in Cindy's direction.

Then she asked me, "What about you? Are you going to go home and resume writing?"

"That's the plan," I said.

"Good! I can't wait to hear what happens next to John and all his sexy sluts. Hmmm. He reminds me of someone else. Someone in this very room, maybe..."

I pretended confusion. "Cindy?" After getting the expected groan, I said, "Unfortunately, I'm probably going to work on sorting out that acceptable text from the X-rated. I don't have to do that for my publisher for a while yet, but I promised Nicky I'd send her the text and I definitely can't send her the X-rated bits."

Mindy made an exaggerated pout. "Awwww... Those are the best bits."

"Actually, you're probably right. But in any case, I don't feel like working at home today. It feels weird to be there all alone, especially after the whirlwind of activity in the last few days. So I've got the laptop in my van and I'm going to try working somewhere else. I'm not sure where yet though. Do you know a good cafe for that?"

Cindy immediately suggested, "Why not try Mama Mia's?"

I just looked at her. "Are you serious?"

"Sure. Why not? After everything that's happened lately, and all the great sex, I feel so closely bonded to everyone in the harem. Just being near any of my slave sisters makes me feel good. That's why working here with Mindy is perfect. You should try it. I'm not saying anything sexual should happen, since you're on thin ice with the Bat. But I think just being near Sue Ellen will put a smile on your face and keep it there. Maybe that's why you were feeling so alone at home earlier. Things have changed between us all, and they're never going to go back."

Mindy commented, "That's actually very profound, Cindy. And I suspect you're right. Honey, why don't you give it a try at Mama Mia's? It's quiet and they have good food and drinks. If nothing else, you know you'll make Sue Ellen's day."

"That's true. But it's not like it's a cafe."

Mindy countered, "I've seen people in there working on their laptops. They've got plenty of empty tables, especially in the long down times between meals. As long as you keep buying the occasional drink or snack, they'll be glad to have you. You'd be coming home before their dinner rush anyway."

"Yeah, but what about Sonia? You know, 'The Bat.' She's not going to be happy to have me."

"There is that." Mindy frowned at that.

But then Cindy said, "Don't let her bother you. You won that bet. You have the right to do whatever you want. You could pee in the middle of the entrance way and she can't stop you."

"Cindy's right," Mindy said. "Don't be intimidated by her scowling face."

I pointed out, "Yeah, that sounds good in theory. In reality, that bet has no official weight whatsoever. And she doesn't even need a reason to get rid of me. Legally, a restaurant can refuse service to anybody."

Mindy shrugged. "So what? She's the kind of person who needs to get her nose tweaked, if you ask me."

"Yeah, I agree. But what about Sue Ellen? I don't want her to lose her job because I go in there and cause trouble. At the very least, I should steer clear for a while until Sonia calms down."

"Au contraire!" Mindy said with growing confidence. "You should TRY to get Sue Ellen fired!"

"Come again?" I asked. Cindy also seemed very confused by that.

Mindy explained, "Think about it. We now know how awesome Sue Ellen is, and not just in bed. She's like the perfect waitress, or any kind of customer service employee for that matter. She's beautiful and charming, and that same 'live to serve' thing in her that makes her a great cock slave makes her an ideal customer service employee. She wouldn't be willing to quit, because she feels obligated to the restaurant. I know because I carefully felt out her feelings about it recently."

I pretended to chide her. "There you go again, feeling her up. You're turning into a total lesbian."

Mindy was surprisingly embarrassed by that, and her cheeks turned red.

I felt bad. That wasn't a good joke on my part, since she was extremely sensitive about that topic.

She quickly tried to redirect the conversation. "Ha-ha. My point is, if she were to get fired, I could get her a job within a few weeks, if not days, that would mean more pay for less work. She could be a receptionist in one of the buildings in this complex. Or even in this very building, if we got lucky. Wouldn't that be cool? By and by, we could turn this into the official Dan's Harem Annex."

I was intrigued by the idea (minus the Dan's Harem Annex jokey part, obviously). "So you really think I should try to get her fired?"

"Well, maybe not try, but don't worry about it so much. We don't want to meddle."

I exclaimed, "'We don't want to meddle?!' Who are you and what have you done with the real Mindy Cooper?!"

My wife rolled her eyes. "Very funny again. Don't get too smart or I'll have to sic Smirkarella on you."

"What are her weapons?"

"Why, the power of the smirk, of course! Seriously, whatever happens, it'll work out. Sue Ellen doesn't even need a summer job in the first place. I'd be happy to make sure her expenses are covered, so she can have more cock slave-y fun. I even told her as much. Do you know what she said?"


"She told me that she wanted to work. Not so much for the money, but to help her learn the value of hard work."

Cindy shook her head in amazement. "That's the exact same thing we have been saying to Michelle and Ruby for years. Yet for them, it's like they're being sent to the gallows whenever they go to their job. They'd quit in a heartbeat if we'd let them."

I sighed. "Tell me about it. Min, what about possibly getting them a better job around here too?"

Mindy frowned. "Are you kidding me? No way! I don't want to ruin my reputation by giving out bad advice. Those two probably would keep their jobs here on their looks alone, but they'd be the worst receptionists around. It's sad but true. The video shop job is ideal for them in a way, because it has such limited customer interaction."

I sighed. "Sad but true, for sure. The thing is, I know they can be productive, so long as it's something they enjoy. Or, at least something they're interested in. Take, for instance, this mysterious project they're working on."

Mindy nodded thoughtfully. "True. The problem is, not many paying jobs are fun or interesting. I find my job interesting, but I'm kind of weird that way. What I do would bore you to tears."

I pointed out, "The key is to find work they want to do."

Cindy said, "Don't worry. Nearly everyone their age hasn't found their calling yet. They've got plenty of time."

I said, "True, but in the meantime they need to learn to be capable in jobs that aren't so fun. Everyone has to do things they don't like."

We talked some more. In the end, I was convinced to give Mama Mia's a try. I must admit that just the prospect of being near Sue Ellen put a spring back in my step.

Right as I was about to leave Mindy's office, Mindy came to me right in front of her still-closed door and gave me a hug. Then she whispered, so it was a private discussion between us while Cindy tactfully kept herself busy elsewhere in the room. Mindy said, "Honey, I've been thinking about this big speech of yours coming up tonight. I know I've been bad and irresponsible, and I'm going to deserve whatever punishment you have for me. I take it things are probably going to be rough for some days afterwards?"

I nodded. "Yes, unfortunately. I know we still have a rock-solid marriage, but we have to get things back on the right track, and that could take a while. It might be a week, or two, or three, or even longer."

"Yikes!" Mindy's eyes bugged out. "Shit! What can I do to fix things a lot quicker than that?"

"We'll talk about it tonight. I don't want to get into it right now, when Cindy's here and I've got one foot out the door. Plus, it ties in to the problem with the Gruesome Twosome, so I'm going to address them together."

"Okay, fair enough. But can I ask a favor? I'll bet that if I'm in your doghouse for who knows how long, we might not have sex for a while. And lately I've been doing a lot of basking and not that much actual fucking. Sue Ellen doesn't come home until nine tonight. Can you and I have some private time before then, where we can reconnect, and, well, fuck? That would be really important to me."

I considered that. It would be good if I could effectively start my sex boycott already. However, Min had been doing a lot of basking lately, just watching the sexual fun and not joining in, and that's starting to concern me. I'm glad to hear she wants to fuck, and it's something I very much crave with her too. It would be good to reconnect and have that bright memory in our hearts before the hammer comes down.

So I smiled and said, "Sure. I'd really like that. And I'd like it if you got more involved in general, instead of all this basking. I miss you! I think it would be healthy if we make sure from now on to find time for one-on-one intimacy. You're still my soul mate."

"And you're mine!" With that, she leaned up and gave me a great big French kiss.

A short time later, I found myself in Mama Mia's with my laptop in my hand.

My heart leaped with joy when I saw Sue Ellen, but she was dealing with a table of customers and she had her back turned to me, so I was able to find a table in back near a power outlet and set up my laptop without her noticing me yet.

The other waitress there was Josie, who'd I met before and who knew about my sexual antics in Mama Mia's and didn't seem totally opposed to me. So that was good. It turned out that I was in Josie's section, so Sue Ellen continued not to notice me, despite the fact there weren't that many customers even during the supposed lunch rush hour.

In fact, even Josie didn't notice me at first. I'd gone straight to the little-used back room where I'd had such sexy fun in the past, and picked a table there. There was no direct line of sight between that room and the main front room, so Josie had no way of knowing there was a customer there now, since she also had been busy when I'd first come in the restaurant.

That was okay with me. I wasn't in any hurry to get noticed. I turned on my laptop and got to work. I was too "out of it" to just dive right back into writing after not doing any for several days. So I figured marking the X-rated sections, the parts that would be too sexual for the publishers, would be a good task to work on. Not only did I need to do it eventually anyway, but it would help me refamiliarize myself with what I'd written after getting so very distracted in recent days, especially by Nicky's visit.

I thought I might be undetected there for a while, but it seems the main way back to the kitchen and offices in back went right past this "overflow" room. So it wasn't long before the "punk rock" waitress Josie walked by on her way to deliver a customer's order to the kitchen, and she saw me.

Josie stopped in her tracks, and exclaimed, "Mr. Cooper! The infamous Dan Cooper?! What are you doing here?!"

I looked up from my laptop and smiled. "Oh, hi Josie. I thought I'd hang out here for the afternoon and do some writing on my computer. Is that okay? I've seen other people do it here, so I figured it is."

She looked around anxiously. "Well, normally I'd say sure, so long as you buy something from time to time. But... uh... everybody knows about the big blowup you had with Ms. Bossi. She'd have a total conniption fit if she knew you were here!"

"Hmmm..." was all I said to that.

To be honest, the prospect of having a fight with Ms. Bossi didn't exactly bother me. My main worry coming here again was causing Sue Ellen to lose her job, but Mindy convinced me that wasn't really a worry. In fact, it could actually end up being a good thing. So I was looking at Sonia Bossi in a new way.

I've discovered that to be a good writer, you have to "write about what you know," as the saying goes. That can be hard to do as a historical fiction writer who is particularly known for books set in the Roman Empire. I can't time travel, after all. However, people are pretty much the same through the ages, so I can use interesting people I meet as fodder for characters in my books. Sonia Bossi seemed like an ideal character study. The fact that she was mad at me was actually a bonus in a way. That seemed likely to lead to some interesting interactions instead of the usual bland small talk.

Josie noticed my lack of a real response, and asked, "You're not worried about her?"

"Should I be?"

She looked around conspiratorially. Then she leaned in and whispered, "We call her 'the Bat,' you know. That's because she dresses in black and flies around undetected. Then, all of a sudden, she's upon us!"

Josie only had a pad of paper in her hand, so she mimed like she was a monster jumping out of the dark with her open hand clenched like a claw in front of her. "YAAAAH! Just like a vampire bat! Except instead of biting us physically, she bites us with her insults."

She looked around even more carefully. Then she whispered still quieter, "I hate her! This would be a pretty okay job, with decent pay, except she ruins it."

I nodded. "Yeah, I've kind of heard that. That's too bad. But she wouldn't insult me, right? I'm a customer."

Josie looked incredulous. "Are you kidding me?! Normally, yes, but after what happened last time you were here, I'd be surprised if she doesn't just up and sock you in the face! She'll kick you out for sure!"

I frowned. "Hmmm. We'll have to see about that. Did you hear about the bet I had with her when I was here last time?"

"No. You'll remember that I was in the restaurant when that big fight went down, but I wasn't within hearing distance. So I could only know what happened from Sue Ellen or Sonia, and Sue Ellen has been surprisingly mum about it. Since then, Sonia has been cursing you like you're the Devil, but I don't remember her saying anything about a bet."

"Yeah, well, that wouldn't surprise me, because she lost. It's a long story, but the upshot is that according to the terms of the bet that I won, I can come and go here as I please and I can do whatever the heck I want, and she can't kick me out or otherwise punish me. Also, she's not allowed to fire Sue Ellen or treat her badly because of anything I might do."

I was glad I'd had to recall the bet in detail, because I'd forgotten the part designed to protect Sue Ellen. That made me feel even more confident about my looming dealings with Ms. Bossi.

Josie stared at me in disbelief. "How the heck did you do THAT?!"

I took a moment to admire Josie while considering my answer. Beneath her tattoos and piercings and make-up, I could see she had a truly impressive body. Especially her extra large tits! And while her name sounded generic American, I guessed she had to be of Middle Eastern origin, possibly Persian.

I told her, "Like I said, it's a long story. But the gist is, I kind of tricked her. She thought we were making a bet that she couldn't possibly lose, and part of the deal was that if she won, I'd never come around here again. But in fact I knew I was right about something and she would be wrong about it, so it was a bet she couldn't possibly win."

"Ah," Josie said after digesting that. "I see. Pretty clever on your part. But she hated you already based on what she'd heard about you, and that's just going to make her hate you even more."

"I know. But do you think she'll actually honor the bet? Does she have a sense of honor?"

Josie stared off into space as she contemplated that. "I don't know. Hard to say... Thinking about it, I guess she kind of does. I mean, she's a total bitch, but she's not arbitrary or psycho. If she makes an agreement with one of us, she sticks with it, like if we ask some kind of favor to change our work hours or something."

While she was looking away, I had a better opportunity to ogle her boobs. Hmmm. Could she be an E-cup too? It's hard for me to judge because she's so short. I doubt she's two inches over five feet. Still, that's an awesome rack just the same!

She grew more thoughtful. "She's not really a bad person, I think. It's just that she's fighting to keep her restaurant alive and she's unhappy all the time. So anyway, yeah, I think she does have honor in a kind of weird way. It's like she's a character from another century, if you know what I mean."

"No, what do you mean?"

"She's really old school. Traditional. Religious, too. At least I'm guessing that part, because she wears a crucifix on a necklace sometimes."

"Hmmm, interesting. Thanks for that insight."

Given that Sonia is Italian, it's almost certain that she's Catholic. And since I'm Catholic too, perhaps that cam help me in her dealings in some way.

Josie said, "Sure, no problem. I still don't know what to think about your weird sex games with Sue Ellen and all that. I'm on the fence about it. But you've definitely made this job twice as interesting, since you've been the talk of the town lately. And if you're going to get under Sonia's skin and drive her a little bit crazy, then you're definitely okay by me." She whispered really quietly, "I hate her!"

"I know. You said that already. But why? She doesn't seem THAT bad. You just said she's not really a bad person."

"No, but she's upset, like, ALL the time. I don't know if I've EVER seen her smile. And she's like, queen of the bad vibes. Her negative energy rubs off on everybody and makes working here a chore."

"Thanks again for all that." I looked at the notepad in her hand. "Do you have something to pass on to the kitchen there?"

Her eyes widened in alarm. "OH SHIT! Thanks for reminding me!" She started to rush off to the kitchen.

I let her go.

That left me with my thoughts. I must be turning into a horndog with all this harem master stuff, because I should be worrying about Sonia Bossi but what I really want to do is think about Josie! I need to check out more of the waitresses. Between Sue Ellen, Laura, and Josie, they're all sexy and stacked! This place is like a Hooter's, only better, and with much better food!

Now, let me get my mind off Josie's sultry, exotic face and her big tits and figure out what to do about Sonia. Hmmm... Damn. I'm mostly drawing a blank on her. There's so much I don't know. If nothing else, I need to spend more time here and get to know all I can about her. I've gotta find some angle, some edge, that will at least get her to let me carry on with my secret sexual games. But that's a tall order.

I wonder about her being Catholic. Could that help? If there's one thing I know about all of us Catholics, it's that we love to feel guilty. Perhaps I could take advantage of that. But I need to know something that Sonia's done that she feels guilty about. And I hardly know anything about her!

When Josie passed by a few moments later, I stopped her. "Hey Josie, by the way, could you do me a favor?"

She looked at me warily. "I suppose. Within reason." Perhaps she thought I wanted her to do some weird sexual thing.

But I merely asked, "Could you let Sue Ellen know that I'm here? She didn't see me when I came in."

Josie smiled with relief. "Oh, sure. No problem. Boy, is she going to be glad that you're here! She talks about you ALL the time! Is it true you can walk on water?" She giggled.

"I'm a bit rusty on that. I can walk NEAR water though. For instance, on the beach."

She said sarcastically, "I'll bet. Impressive." She giggled some more. "I've gotta go. Talk to you later."

She took a few steps, but then she stopped and turned around. "Shoot. I've been totally forgetting to treat you like an actual customer. Would you like something?" She lifted up her pad and struck a typical waitress pose. "Can I take your order?"

"Thanks, but not right now. I probably kept you from your other customers too long, and I haven't even looked at the menu yet. Ask me again in a few minutes, and I'll have something then."

"Okay. Thanks." She hurried off back to the main room.

I admired her swaying ass as I watched her walk away. Nice! I wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating crackers, that's for sure! And Sue Ellen says she has an oral fetish. God, I'd love to introduce her to my dick. But I need to bide my time. Amongst other things, she has a boyfriend. Worse, I can't do anything provocative here in Mama Mia's until the situation with Sonia is sorted out. And frankly, I have no idea how to win her over. She hates my guts!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Jamielynn, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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