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Chapter 57

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

About a minute after Josie left, Sue Ellen came hurrying to me. Josie looked very nice in the restaurant's new and more revealing pale blue uniform, but Sue Ellen looked absolutely fantastic in it. Seeing her bursting with happiness made me feel really good.

"Master!" she said quietly as she got near. "You're here! How great is that?!"

I stood up. "It's pretty great, because it means I'm near you." I held my arms out for her.

She squealed with glee at the compliment. "Oh, Master!" She didn't say any more after that, since we French kissed.

"Wow!" I said after the kiss finally ended. "You're full of fire, aren't you?" I sat back down in my booth because I didn't want things to get too passionate here.

Her next words startled me, because she spoke them so earnestly. "I burn for you." It was a good thing I'd just sat down, because the accompanying "come hither" look would have knocked me off my feet.

"Whoa! By the way, Cupcake, ixnay on the astermay in public, okay?"

She did the pig Latin conversion in her head: "nix on the master." She responded, "Ah. Right. Sorry. But it won't do much good at this point. All the other employees know that I call you that."

"Yeah, well... still..." I said, rather lamely.

She brought her notepad up and prepared to take my order. "Mast- er, I mean, Dan, how may I serve you?" She stopped and stared into space. "Oooh! Goose bumps all over!"


"'How may I serve you' is just a phrase with anyone else, but with you... oh boy!"

I chuckled at her enthusiasm. "Well, I can tell how you can serve me." I held my hand out expectantly.

Her eyes bugged out. "NO!" She knew exactly what I meant.


She was so delighted that I thought she was going to dance in place like they did in the old Charlie Brown TV specials. "Ohmigod! This is SO COOL! You just made my day!" She quickly took her bra off from under her uniform and handed it to me.

I conspicuously placed it on the table, right next to my laptop. It would be hard for Sonia Bossi or anyone else walking by to miss it, but I didn't care. In fact, I was curious to test "the Bat" and see how she reacted.

Sue Ellen stared at the bra there. She whispered with awe, "I'm soooo horny for you now, Master! My pussy... UGH! ... Flooded!" Then she thought of something else, and asked me shyly, "Are you going to stop there?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, are you going to stop there, or are you going to demand... all of my undies?"

It didn't take a genius to realize that she very much wanted me to take her panties from her too. I considered it, but I thought that I was pushing my luck already if Ms. Bossi did come by. So I said, "I would, but I can't. I need to bind you with at least some of my Silken Bondage. Right now, my hands are fondling your ass AND your pussy with the panties you're wearing."

Sue Ellen stared into space again while somehow sensing her privates. Then she exclaimed, "You ARE! That's so great!" Clearly, my answer satisfied her, and even made her excited to keep her panties on.

She seemed to finally notice my laptop in front of her. "Mas, er, Sir, what are you doing here?" Her excitement grew. "Is it what I think? Are you going to spend the whole afternoon here, working on one of your novels?"

"That's my plan."

"All right! This is going to be great!" But then she said with less enthusiasm, "Unfortunately, I won't be able to spend much time with you. Even if we don't have any customers at all, I could get in trouble if I spend my time sucking your wonderful cock under the table or even just talking to you. The Bat has been on the warpath lately."

She considered what to say next, and then spoke in a more careful tone. "Master, to be honest, I'm not sure if it's wise if you should be here. I think the main reason she's extra upset is you! Ever since you bested her in that bet, she- ... Oh shit! Here she comes!"

I looked down the hallway leading to the kitchen. Sure enough, Sonia Bossi was walking our way! There was no possible way she'd miss me. My seating location gave me a lot of privacy compared to the other customers sitting in the main part of the restaurant, but I stuck out like a sore thumb sitting here and she would certainly stop and see what was happening.

Sonia Bossi was a very beautiful woman. Even before she looked my way, she was already scowling, yet her angry expression made her even more attractive somehow. Maybe it was because it showed that she was a very emotional and passionate woman. She might be a bitch, but I figured there was no possible way she could be a cold fish in bed!

I noticed that she was wearing a short-sleeved black top that showed just a hint of cleavage, and a short black skirt. Even her high heels were black, and of course she had black hair. No wonder she was nicknamed 'the Bat!' All that was missing was a black cape. Her color choice was especially odd since it was summer.

She must have been alerted to my presence, because she didn't look any more upset to see me than she already was. But when she recognized Sue Ellen was with me, her face went from pissed to shocked and then to livid. She stumbled as she walked and had to stop and regain her balance. Then she stormed the rest of the way to us.

Sue Ellen, bless her, stood strategically to block Sonia from getting to me. I think my Cupcake seriously worried Sonia might try to hurt me and she was ready to physically defend me. What an awesome cock slave!

As a result, Sonia's arrival wasn't as dramatic as she probably wanted it to be. She had to try to look around Sue Ellen as she spoke angrily yet not that loudly. (Undoubtedly, she didn't want to spook the other customers.) "YOU! What the hell are YOU doing here?!"

I must have had some kind of special urge to get her goat, because I was suddenly feeling very cheeky. I smiled and said in a friendly voice, "Oh, hello there, Ms. Bossi. How are you?"

"How am I?! How dare you!"

She and Sue Ellen seemed to be about to get in a tussle. Sonia kept trying to get around Sue Ellen, so she could get in my face, but Sue Ellen kept strategically blocking her by repositioning in a manner that would make any football lineman proud.

Sonia barked at her, "What are you doing?! Get out of my way!"

I said calmly, "It's okay, Cupcake. You can stand aside."

Sue Ellen seemed wary about the wisdom of that, but she did take one step to the side. However, she still stood so that Sonia couldn't really get right up close to me. Instead, Sonia had to lean out over the table.

That's exactly what she did. She poked a finger towards my face. "You! Get out! Now! This is MY restaurant, and your kind is not welcome here!"

I resisted the temptation to ask what she meant by "your kind," since that was bound to lead to insults. Instead, I said, "It looks like you're forgetting the terms of our agreement. Remember our bet? Are you a woman of honor? Are you going to honor the terms of the bet that you made?"

Sonia's eyes narrowed and her face was turning red. She was containing herself, probably because she didn't want to yell with customers nearby, but it looked like she was on the verge of exploding. "Honor?! A scumbag like you speaks about honor?! Ha! That's a laugh!"

She leaned in closer over the table at me. "You're nothing but a filthy piece of SHIT! I want you OUT!" She dramatically pointed in the general direction of the front door. "Right now! Get out now, before I really get mad!"

My heart was beating fast, because I was going into defensive mode with her acting so hostile to me from close up. But I wasn't going to show that outwardly. I shrugged, and tried to act nonchalant. "You may want me out, but by the terms of our bet, you can't kick me out. Can you?"

This was the key point: what would she do.

Sonia stared at me with a look that could kill. She was panting hard, and steam was practically coming out her ears. She was silent for a long moment, but then she relented. "Unlike you, I AM a person of honor. You, on the other hand, are lower than rat piss! If we weren't in my restaurant, I would smack your smug face!"

"That may be," I said, surprising even myself with my calm. "But we are in your restaurant. Which means I can do whatever the hell I want. By the terms of our deal, I could run around naked and fling poo at your customers like a crazed chimpanzee, and you'd have to allow it."

I swear, if Sonia had been holding a steel beam at that moment, she would have snapped it in two, and clobbered my head with one of the pieces! It looked like she was seriously contemplating getting violent. Perhaps she realized she was on the verge of losing all control, because she suddenly stormed off down the hall to the back of the restaurant and disappeared through some door.

As she hurried away, she turned back to me and barked, "You'd better not try any of your usual sicko shit! I'm THIS close!"

I breathed a sigh of relief when she finally disappeared. I was putting up a front, but she had all the cards. I realized with a start that she didn't seem to have even noticed Sue Ellen's bra out on the table, probably because she was glaring into my face the whole time. We dodged a bullet with that one, because I hadn't expected her to be that angry and aggressive.

Sue Ellen had been standing here all the while, still blocking Sonia from getting too close to me. She suddenly turned to me and said, "Wow! You really set her off! You were so brave! I can't believe she didn't kick you out!"

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Josie was standing and watching us from a ways away. She'd probably witnessed most or all of the confrontation, because although Sonia didn't exactly yell, she hadn't been quiet either. Josie saw me notice her and she ducked her head back out of sight.

Sue Ellen quickly went from shocked to irate at Sonia. She clenched her fists and stared daggers at the door Sonia had just gone through. "She has no right to treat you like that! Did you hear the names she called you? I kind of hope she tries to hit you, so I could get revenge! I know I've only had a little bit of self-defense training, but I'm sure I could kick her ass!"

I stood up and gave Sue Ellen a hug. "Thanks, Cupcake. Thanks for being here and blocking her for me. You were brave too."

She was all tensed up, but she relaxed a little in my arms. Then she hugged me fiercely right back. "But of course! You're my master! I'd defend you with my life, if need be!"

I squeezed her even tighter. "You're the best! You're too good for me. I love you so much, my sweet Cupcake! But promise me you won't try to fight her. Violence would backfire badly here. So promise me that, okay?"

Sue Ellen was still staring at the door instead of me, like she was trying to burn a hole through it with her eyes. She sighed in frustration. "Okay. If you insist. I'm not happy about it though! If she keeps insulting you like that, I can't promise I'll be able to control myself!" She shook a fist at the door.

For some reason, I found her anger absolutely adorable. Cupcake is so fiercely loyal to me! I want to love her all up. She always wears her emotions on her sleeve, and there's no faking or even exaggeration for effect. She's the real deal all the way. I love it!

I couldn't help myself. I turned her head to face me and then gave her a heartfelt kiss on the lips.

She kissed me back with a desperate need. But as the sizzling hot kiss went on, I could feel her body relax considerably.

When our lip-lock ended, she was beaming. "Thank you for that, Master! I really needed that! I just decided that no matter what the Bat does to you, it's going to be all right. I have you and all my harem-sisters, and you have me, and us. There's so much love. I'm floating in an ocean of love! Her hate can't do anything against all that love!"

I squeezed her and briefly kissed her again. "That's right. If worse comes to worst, we can just give up on this restaurant. And so what? There are dozens of others nearby, and I'm confident you'd get another job at least as good as this one. Probably better, in fact. So don't let her get under your skin. And promise me you WILL control yourself, no matter what she says!"

Sue Ellen tensed up again, and clenched her teeth. "I don't know. I'll try. It's bad enough when she badmouths you behind your back. She's been doing that a lot, so I already was at my limit. But to insult you to your face! Such disrespect! Doesn't she know who you are, and what a great and loving man you are?!"

I lowered my voice to a whisper. "Cupcake, let me tell you want I'm going to do. I'm going to stay right here and work on my novel, probably all afternoon. Then I'm going to come back tomorrow, and frequently after that. She'll either have to get used to me or kick me out."

Sue Ellen looked at me quizzically. "Why are you going to do that?"

"I don't know, to be honest. But I sense there's something really wrong with that woman. And due to the way I won that bet, maybe I'm the one to bring whatever is bothering her to a head so she can pop it. She needs to get some kind of monkey off her back, that's for sure. I can't imagine she was always like that."

"So you want to cure her?"

"Maybe. Punish her, cure her... maybe both. I'm not sure. It just seems like the right thing to do. Sure, she's got good reason to be angry at me for having sex in her restaurant, but she has no reason to be angry at you waitresses and everyone else all the time. I'm winging it here, trying to learn more, trying to figure out what makes her tick. Maybe she'll come back and kick me out in the next five minutes. Who knows? But until she does... I don't know... I feel something strange... I want to provoke her even more, and I don't know why."

I looked down at the bra still sitting on the table. For some perverse reason, I still felt inclined to leave it there. I really did seem to be acting out of character, and I couldn't explain why, except maybe that I felt so ultra confident with all my sexual success lately. I was starting to feel that almost anything could be accomplish with brazen, confident behavior.

I looked back at Sue Ellen's adorable face. "Sorry. I'm kind of rambling. But let me put it this way. I think Sonia pushes everyone around because she can. She's the owner, so no one can control her. Everyone is intimidated. But thanks to all of my recent sexual success, I'm bursting with confidence. I can go toe-to-toe with her and maybe humble her a little bit. She needs to be reminded that the way she treats people, and especially her lovely employees, is not acceptable."

Just then, Sonia came back out through the door. Luckily, that was a ways down the hall so there was no way she could have heard our quiet discussion. It looked like she'd been spending a couple of minutes trying to compose herself. Now, she was just very angry, instead of insanely angry.

She stormed back to Sue Ellen and me, with her fists clenched at her sides.

I wasn't going to be cowed. I continued to stand there holding Sue Ellen in a light embrace.

Sonia came right up to me and asked me through clenched teeth. "Just what the hell ARE you doing here? More importantly, how long are you going to stay? And what can I do to get your sicko ass out the door faster?"

I nodded to the laptop on the table. "I'm working on my latest novel. I feel like working here. I'm going to be here all afternoon."

She looked like she was about to pop a vein. "Will you, now?!" There was a long pause as she tried to restrain herself some more. "WHY?! Why are we so lucky that you picked this place? Go find a fucking cafe!"

I grinned. "Isn't the answer obvious? You make me feel at home."

Sonia was NOT amused.

I added, "That, plus my lover Sue Ellen is here. She's an inspiration to me."

Sonia started to say, "Well, go be fucking ins-" She froze mid-sentence, because she finally noticed Sue Ellen's bra on the table. It had been sitting there in plain sight all along, but she'd probably had some tunnel vision focused on me up until now.

She put a hand on her forehead and sighed heavily. "Fuck me! Pardon my French, but FUCK ME! What the fuck is THAT?! Sue Ellen, don't tell me that's your bra!"

Sue Ellen stiffened proudly. "That IS my bra! Master has a tradition of having me hand him my bra whenever he sees me."

Sonia was doing an admirable job of controlling herself, and all she did was sigh heavily again. "Lord, have mercy on me and these perverted idiots! I am so fucked with that stupid bet!"

She glared at Sue Ellen. "And you call him 'Master' to his face. Fuck me! Why don't you just ram a pine tree up my ass while you're at it?"

Sue Ellen bristled. "What's it to you what I call him? It's none of your business!"

Sonia deflected the fact that Sue Ellen had a good point there by pointing at the bra again and saying, "You can NOT leave that there, in plain sight! I run a respectable restaurant!"

I said firmly, "I can and I will. Remember, you're not allowed to interfere with what I do here, nor can you make life hard on Sue Ellen in any way. Nobody comes back here except you and the waitresses, and you know it. Anyway, a bra on the table is a lot better than me flinging poo around."

Sonia threw up her hands. "Why the fuck should I let you do anything here?! I should call the police!"

I laughed. "For what? A bra on a table isn't a crime." Actually, I knew that if the police were to come, we'd be in trouble. But I figured my best chance was to bluff and misdirect.

I continued, "Either you're a woman of honor who stands by her bets, or you're not. I'll have you know I'm not planning on causing trouble. I simply want to sit here and write. I'm not planning on any hanky panky other than leaving the bra there, which is part of an important tradition between her and me. The other customers will probably never even know I'm here. And I'll order some drinks and snacks, and you'll make some money. Certainly you're not so thin-skinned that that's intolerable to you."

She pointed her finger at my face so aggressively that she almost touched me. "No, but YOU'RE intolerable to me! I want you OUT!"

She steamed, but seemed reluctant to actually throw me out. Then something occurred to her. "Okay, I can't directly get rid of you without losing my honor, but I certainly can make your life miserable. I can say and do whatever I want in MY restaurant. Stay if you want. You'll regret it!"

Clearly, she had some kind of plan in mind now, and that gave her some satisfaction. She almost wore a kind of grim smile. She suddenly spun on her heels and marched back to the back of the restaurant. As she went, she spoke over her shoulder, "As for you, Sue Ellen, we'll talk later. Get back to work!"

Once Sonia was gone, I sighed with relief. I said to Sue Ellen, who was still in my arms, "She's a very unhappy person, isn't she?"

Sue Ellen sighed too. "She is. I feel sorry for her, actually. She's not cruel, she's just bitter. It's like she feels the entire world is conspiring against her and trying to force her restaurant out of business. She really needs to take a long vacation or something, cause she's totally wound up."

"Yeah, I can see that." I gave Sue Ellen another kiss, and sat back down. "I'm going to try to be normal and not provoke her."

Sue Ellen's mood abruptly shifted, and she smiled. "Okay. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Sure. I could use a glass of water and a smoothie, for starters. What flavors do you have?"

"Let's see. Strawberry, mixed berry, tropical, mango, and banana. Plus, you can mix them up in any combo you want. We also have really good milkshakes in a variety of flavors."

"I think just a strawberry smoothie will do me."

She nodded. "Very good, Master. I'll make it myself, to make sure the Bat doesn't try to spit in it or something like that."

I was startled. "You think she'd resort to something like that?!"

"To be honest, I'm not sure. I don't know her well at all, since she never lets any of us get to know her as a person. She does seem to value her honor a lot, so probably not, but I wouldn't put it past her. She's madder than a wet hen and she REALLY hates you! Plus, as you saw, she has something sneaky up her sleeve. Whatever it is, I'm not going to let her get away with it!"

I smiled. "Thanks. You're the best!"

She smiled shyly, basking in the praise. "I'm only doing what any good cock slave would do. Speaking of which, is there some way I could serve your cock? I was thinking that once I get you your shake, I could have Josie cover for me for a little while and feast on the King under the table. We're entering a really dead time when there's often no customers at all. I'm sure Josie would help because she knows it'll piss Sonia off."

She added brightly, "I'm talking about some SERIOUS, prolonged cocksucking! I can't wait to bob on your fat cock! I've been salivating since the moment I saw you here!"

I said, "As great as that sounds, we'd better not. I think I've pushed Sonia to her limit. If she saw us doing that - and she would, because she's looking for something to use against me now - she'd almost certainly say, 'screw the bet' and then call the police on us and fire you for good measure."

Sue Ellen pouted. "Darn it. I think you're right. It would be totally worth it though! Just to see the shock on her face!" She giggled.

I chuckled. "I don't know about that. Remember the police arresting us part? Let's play it cool for now, okay?"

"Okay. If you say so. You're the master. But still, I'm going to be longing for your cock so much that I don't know how I'm going to be able to work! And just having you this close but having to serve the other customers is going to drive me crazy! Technically, you're in Josie's area, which is even more frustrating."

I suggested, "Here's an idea. I do want to get some work on my novel done without a lot of interruptions. So go back there and make a deal with Josie. Do a super job so that her work is a lot easier, and in return have her cover for you once an hour so you can come back here and visit with me for five or ten minutes each time. We can't do anything sexual, but we can just talk and be together."

Sue Ellen smiled brightly at that. "I'd like that! A lot! Although it'll be torture being so close to you and not being able to pleasure your cock. A virile man like you, you need sexual relief every hour or two at the very least! What if I just limit myself to secretly jacking you off under the table while we talk?"

"No. Too dangerous. Believe me, I can go all afternoon without sex. Remember, I want to focus on my writing today."

She tried to hide her disappointment. "Right." She suddenly realized how long she'd been away from her other customers. "Oh, shoot! I already owe Josie, big time! I'd better hurry back! It's a good thing there are only a handful of customers right now. I'll get you that smoothie in a few minutes, okay?"

"Sure thing. And thank you for being you."

She left with a great big smile on her face.

I soon found out what Sonia's scheme to get rid of me was. Although she felt honor-bound not to kick me out, she decided that simply annoying me until I decided to leave on my own was fair game.

I was alone for about twenty minutes. During that time, I managed to calm down. I was too worked up to do anything really productive yet, but I was skimming over my earlier chapters, trying to figure out what could be salvaged for the published version.

Then Sonia came back. She was considerably calmer. She even appeared to be somewhat polite, at first. Acting like a waitress, she asked me if I wanted anything, and how I was enjoying my smoothie, and so forth. But it quickly became clear that she was really talking to me to distract me from doing my work.

I managed to get her to leave, but she came back about fifteen minutes later. And that started a pattern. I don't know what else she was doing in her back office, but it looked like annoying me was becoming a big part of her day. She started coming by about every fifteen minutes or so. Just when I was starting to get into a groove, she would interrupt me and make me lose my concentration.

At first, she started with a strategy of killing me with kindness. That was pretty clever, because it was hard for me to object, and yet it was making it next to impossible for me to concentrate. Even when I was left along for a while, I was thinking about when she'd show up next. But her great hostility to me couldn't stay bottled up for long. Her words to me became ruder and more aggressive each time she stopped by.

Before long, she was basically doing "drive-by" insults. She would walk by my table and say whatever kind of rude and/or mean thing about me that popped in her head. The only thing that appeared to limit her was that she tried not to use curse words, and tried not to be too loud, for fear of upsetting the other customers.

Luckily, she didn't know me very well at all, so most of her insults missed their mark. For instance, one time she came by and said, "The only reason all these women want you is because they want you for your money. They're gold diggers, and you're a fool!"

I had a good laugh at that, which didn't make her happy.

Another time she came by and said, "You drug your women, don't you? That's so like you, a disgusting pig of a man with no morals. Well, I'm on to your sick game. The police should investigate!"

And so it went. I usually just ignored her and didn't say anything in response, but that didn't stop her.

When I write, I need to get into a certain mindset, a certain groove. Sometimes it's like I mentally enter the fictional world I've created and I write for hours at a time without stopping. Had I tried to do that at Mama Mia's, Sonia's interruptions would have ruined the entire afternoon. But because I was working on determining with parts of my text would have to be removed for the censored, published version, those interruptions weren't really a problem.

I must admit that she bothered me a lot at first. But I was surprised that the more time went by, and the more often she came by, the less bothered I was. I could tell that she was getting increasingly annoyed that I hadn't left yet, and that perversely gladdened me and inspired me to stay longer.

I'm sure Sonia thought she was winning, and that I was only staying out of sheer stubbornness. Actually, I WOULD have stayed out of sheer stubbornness, but I was getting necessary work done too, since I was working on a task that didn't require my full concentration. From time to time, I e-mailed the results of what I was doing to myself, just in case worse came to worst and something bad happened to my laptop. I had no idea what she was capable of, so I was being extra careful.

Sue Ellen's occasional visits weren't nearly as nice as I'd hoped they would be. It seemed that Sonia had some way of spying on us, because usually it wasn't long after Sue Ellen sat down with me when Sonia would come by and complain to Sue Ellen that she needed to immediately get back to work. Sue Ellen would refuse, and the two of them would get in an argument. As a result, the quality time I'd hoped to spend taking a break with Sue Ellen would be ruined.

Undoubtedly, that was Sonia's intention. She was very determined to get rid of me! Probably, she saw me as a potential long-term annoyance and she wanted to nip the problem in the bud before I got the idea to come back again and again.

In short, the whole afternoon was a kind of "Cold War" protracted struggle. At times, I wondered why I was doing this. It seemed childish. But I had some gut instinct that I needed to see this through. I had no idea where it would lead or how long the conflict would last. I had a feeling that something would have to give before long though.

Between trying to do my research on my laptop and Sonia's interruptions and disruptions, sexual arousal was the last thing on my mind. I gathered Sue Ellen was of a similar mindset, even though she was doing her waitressing while bra-less.

I must admit that, I was very glad I'd insisted on having Sue Ellen remove her bra and then keep it on the table. Sonia very frequently found herself looking at the bra lying there, and it rankled her to no end. I know that I was supposed to be trying to repair relations with Sonia, but I was having too much fun getting her pissed off.

The only other time Sue Ellen and I engaged in any intimacy was when it came time for me to go. While still standing near the table I'd been using, I gave Sue Ellen a particularly prolonged and intense French kiss.

Sonia was standing by with her arms folded, simmering with displeasure. As the kiss went on and on, she complained to me, "You're disgusting!"

Sue Ellen broke the kiss first, and said to Sonia, "I feel sorry for you. It seems that you don't know what it's like to be head over heels in love, like I am for my master. I doubt you know what true sexual pleasure is either. You don't know anything but running your restaurant! It's sad."

Sonia pointed at her. "Hey! There are limits to my tolerance. I could have you fired for that kind of insolence!"

"Even if it's all true?" Sue Ellen asked flippantly. She turned back to me. "Come on, Master. Let me show you out."

As we walked away, Sonia said to Sue Ellen, "Girl, I feel sorry for YOU! Can't you see how he's exploiting and using you?! You're his slave! Literally!"

Sue Ellen bristled, and I sensed some serious fireworks could ensue. But then she decided to let it go, and kept walking with me.

Once we were away from Sonia and back in the main room, Sue Ellen whispered to me, "She's jealous! She really is. Not about the master and slave stuff; I'm sure that pisses her off. But she can see how much you love me and I love you, and she feels the pain of knowing that she's unloved. That's the cruelest blow."

Josie interrupted us near the front door. She smiled in a friendly way. "Well, Dan... Can I call you Dan?"


"Well, you've made this boring job highly interesting yet again." She looked around carefully, and then whispered quietly, "I don't know what you're trying to do here, but whatever it is, please keep it up!"

I chuckled. "I will."

She said, "We're all going to pay for her getting even MORE bitchy than usual. But it's totally worth it! If you keep coming here, I think she's going to literally burst into flames!"

"Then have a fire extinguisher handy, because I'll be coming back tomorrow afternoon."

Josie smiled almost wickedly. "Oh goody! I'll be working then too. If you need my help with anything, just let me know. Minus the sex stuff, of course. I didn't mind covering for Sue Ellen at all. As long as things don't get too crazy, it mostly just means more tips for me."

"That's very kind of you. We'll see you tomorrow then."

Josie nodded and hurried off. It was already past five, so there were more customers, and it wouldn't do having both waitresses distracted.

I was carrying my laptop as well as Sue Ellen's bra. When we got out to the parking lot, I said, "Cupcake, this pains me to do, but I think it's best if I give you your bra back."

She was all grins, maybe because she liked any kind of bra transfer. "Why does it pain you?"

"Because you're even more beautiful naked than wearing the finest clothes. You should be naked all the time! At least around me." I chuckled at that. "I must say I get jealous. I don't want the other customers to leer at you TOO much."

Even though we were safely outside and with no one around, she whispered in my ear. "Never fear, Master. My body belongs to you and you alone!"

When we reached my car (the "Pussymobile" minivan), I had Sue Ellen get in the backseat and then I closed the door. I wasn't in the mood for fooling around, but I did want to "properly" help put her Silken Bondage back on.

We necked and fondled for a little bit, but it was more of a reaffirmation of loving bonds than something that got us all heated up. I did however take the opportunity to run my hands over her bra and panties to reassert myself to her, and help further the illusion that her underwear was "holding" her for me.

Plus, I'm not too proud to admit, I really did want to feel her up a lot more than we had time for. But she had to get back to work. We reluctantly parted after a minute or two of some lovely kissing.

I have to admit that it was a real pleasure for me to settle her beautiful breasts back into her bra.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Jamielynn, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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