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Chapter 58

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I drove home alone feeling strangely satisfied. I still didn't understand what I was doing in pushing this confrontation with Sonia Bossi, but it felt curiously enjoyable to tangle with her and leave the restaurant without having let her defeat me.

Plus, I made a lot of progress sorting out which parts out my novel were publishable and which parts were too X-rated. The task wasn't done yet by any means, but I'd be able to send Nicky a safe copy of what I'd written so far in a couple of days.

So, despite everything, I was actually in a pretty good mood when I came home. I arrived just after Mindy and Cindy got home together (they were sensibly carpooling to work), so I didn't have to come home to an empty house.

One surprise waiting for me when I came in was that neither of them had removed their underwear yet, because they were both apparently itching for me to release them from their "Silken Bondage" after being out of the house all day. However, unlike earlier with Sue Ellen and the Gruesome Twosome, this time we weren't in any rush. Actually, I should say that I wasn't in any rush, but I think Mindy and Cindy looked rather antsy for me to get on with it.

To say that I enjoyed myself when I unbuttoned their blouses to bare their shoulders and breasts was an understatement. I didn't need to hear them gasp or feel them quiver with excitement to know that this little ritual was turning them on. After all, I literally had them in the palms of my hands. And seeing them get that worked up had my dick as hard as diamond.

When I unhooked their bras for them, they each arched their backs towards me a thrust their chests forwards while their breath caught and their breasts heaved magnificently. When I "released" them from their "prisons," I gave each of their nipples a "welcome home" kiss and a brief suckling that had them panting for air and hissing for breath as they danced from foot to foot.

Once I'd reclaimed their bras from them, I helped them back into the sleeves of their blouses and did up only some of their buttons on the front, leaving the top buttons undone in a way that I found to be very enticing.

I'm pretty sure that Mindy and Cindy felt the same, because as soon as I was done with their tops, the two of them grabbed me with both hands and mashed themselves against me with an undeniable hunger and passion as they kissed me breathless.

It was only after coming up for a great lungful of air that I was able to fight them off long enough to order them to stand still and drop their skirts for me. I'd thought they'd been turned on before, but now they were wild eyed and staring at me, their bosoms rising and falling mightily as they struggled to contain their raging lust for me.

Then they both stared hungrily at me as their fingers unbuckled their belts and then undid their skirts. They held their breaths so as to let the whispering sigh of satiny fabric sliding down their legs to pool around their ankles be the only sound in the room as they stood perched on their high heels in front of me. They didn't even step out of them. They just stood there with their skirts around their ankles and their chests heaving up and down, waiting for me.

I don't know why, but to my eyes it made them look even more vulnerable, and beautiful, than they had been before.

By this time, both of them were dripping wet. Mindy had a darkening stain on her panties that seemed to be getting larger even as I watched. Cindy though had already soaked her underwear and had a wet spot that was slowly creeping higher towards her waistband. They both looked good enough to eat.

Since Mindy was my wife, I released her from my "Silken Bondage" first. I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her hips. I could feel her trembling with anticipation as I slowly peeled her panties down onto her thighs. To my delight, the wetness in her crotch made the cloth stick to her mound as I pulled the fabric away from her excited flesh.

Unable to resist the temptation, once her I'd "freed" her from her "prison," but while her thighs were still "trapped" within the bands of elastic, I moved in to give my wife's exposed privates a loving lick.

She screamed like a banshee and held my head between her legs. When she passed out, she was lucky that I had the presence of mind to catch her before she collapsed in a heap.

I can't believe Min passed out merely from the act of me taking her clothes off! Holy hell! This is amazing!

Cindy watched wide eyed as I lay my still unconscious wife down on the sofa and pulled her panties the rest of the way off her legs. I left her high heels on, though.

When I looked up at Cindy, who was staring at me with a combination of unbridled lust and fearful anticipation, the first thought that crossed my mind was, My wife tastes so good when she cums hard!


"Y- yes, Master?" she breathed nervously, visibly trembling.

"Turn around." The lack of any talking had been heightening the mood considerably, but I had to say something to get her to understand.

Cindy must have been pretty far gone, because it took her a long time to respond, and when she did, it was clear to me that she wasn't thinking all that clearly. "Turn… around? Master?" she queried, confused.

Looking her in the eye, I tried to use my loving "master" voice, telling her, "Yes, my lovely cock slave. Turn around."

I could see that Cindy was breathing harder, simply from the way her partially open blouse was rising and falling, and I could hear her loud gasping too. But she still seemed to be rooted to the spot.

Getting impatient with her continued failure to comply with my command, I ordered her more sternly, "Show me your ass… butt slut."

That finally got through to her. She didn't exactly pirouette on one toe, especially since she still had her skirt pooled around her ankles, but at least she moved as I'd directed. Although the way she turned was hardly graceful, let alone practiced, it was completely without artifice, and was somehow even more erotic to watch because of how vulnerable it made her look and seem.

"Stick your ass out towards me," I told her, firmly.

I could hardly contain my eagerness as she complied. Sure enough, she jutted her bubble butt out dramatically in my direction. From where I was watching her, she looked unbelievably sexy! The sight made me want to eat her all up.

With Cindy, I had to be a little bit more careful, since I was still learning how to push her buttons. Because Mindy was still out of it, I had the opportunity to "get to know" Cindy more intimately, and I took full advantage. When I pulled her panties down, I did so butt first, and showered her cheeks with kisses while kneeling behind her. Listening to her pant and whine while my hands held her trembling hips was such a joy that I couldn't help running my tongue up her ass crack.

That got a big reaction out of her.

I'm proud to say that Cindy was so wet that when it came time to peel her panties away from between her legs that they clung very persistently to her, until they simply couldn't anymore. Once I'd pulled them down onto her upper thighs, they hung heavily between her legs, laden with her love juices that she was still leaking freely.

When I spread her butt open and stared at her tight little asshole, which was twitching and winking at me, I found myself thinking, My cock goes in there… and she loves it! Looking at her now, I can hardly believe it could be done. And yet last night I actually crammed all of my thick eight inches in there. And we'll do it again, soon! In fact, we'll do it countless times, since we're life partners now!

Cindy was trembling so hard in my hands that it felt like she was getting close to passing out. Taking a deep whiff of her uniquely feminine scent, I pulled her ass towards my face and let my tongue reach out for her wet and ready cunt lips.

Cindy's resulting orgasmic scream woke Mindy up from her stupor. However, Mindy was still becoming alert when Cindy passed out and fell forward into the love seat.

No way! Two for two! They BOTH passed out, just from that! I fucked Cindy though way more orgasms last night, and she didn't pass out then. Go figure.

Although my stiff dick hadn't been involved in any of the fun, my entire body was tingling with excitement as I pulled Cindy's panties the rest of the way off her unconscious body.

I was starting to dawn on me that I'd made a huge impression on my harem with this first "Silken Bondage" ritual. I couldn't believe so much fun could be had from merely taking clothes off. Plus, there were multiplier effects. I figured word of what happen would soon reach the others, building a hype that would get them more excited when their turns came around again.

Once Mindy and Cindy had recovered from their ordeals, I made a point of hugging and kissing them. They clearly wanted to do more than just that, but I drew the line against additional fun and sexy games, and kept my still very aroused boner off limits.

So the three of us hung out in the dining room making small talk and unwinding from the various stresses we'd had. They were naked and my dick stayed erect, but I was okay with just enjoying a mild erotic buzz rather than getting wild.

Nothing exciting had happened to Cindy and Mindy at work, unless one counted my lunchtime visit, which Cindy did, to Mindy's amusement. But it was Cindy's first full day there, so she'd met a lot of people and done a lot of things for the first time, giving her much to share with me. Cindy listened attentively to my recitation, but Mindy grew thoughtful, and the gleam I kept catching in her eyes had me worried.

But I spent even more time talking to them about the strange events with Sonia at Mama Mia's. I had a lot of explaining to do. My erection finally went down, due to the serious nature of the discussion.

That came to an end when the phone rang and we discovered it was Nicky calling from Hawaii!

We hadn't quite finished the conversation about Sonia, so I hadn't gotten much feedback from either Mindy or Cindy about how I'd handled things and what I should do in the future. But that would have to wait.

Mindy and Cindy immediately had to make themselves presentable in their work clothes again.

Nicky didn't want to talk on the phone, since she was keen to use the webcam instead. But the problem was that, on our side, only Michelle and Ruby knew how to use that. As a result, we were forced to end the call with Nicky and tell her we'd call back soon.

Then I called the Gruesome Twosome at the video shop where they worked. They were delighted by the call, since they were bored to tears by their job. But I didn't have time to chat with them, since I had to get back to Nicky. I went upstairs to Michelle's computer, and had Michelle walk me through what I was supposed to do.

Mindy and Cindy were there to watch and learn too. It was pretty easy to do once it was explained to us, but it would have been tough for us to figure out on our own.

Once we got that sorted out, I wanted to get off the phone. But Michelle said, "Wait! Daddy, before you hang up, Ruby and I have one question that's been on our minds all day. We know you're upset with us and we're going to be punished starting tonight. But what we most want to know is: will that punishment involve spankings? And, if so, will we get one tonight?"

"No. Judging from your eager tone of voice, I'm doubting that even the harshest spanking I can give you is going to be an actual punishment. Although maybe that'll change with the new paddle I have."


"Right. I don't want to give too much away now, but part of your punishment is going to be NO spankings of any kind for many days to come!"

I could hear both Michelle and Ruby gasp in dismay at that.

I added, "Sorry, I've gotta go. Nicky is waiting."

Michelle quickly asked, "Before you go... Putting aside what you just said, that's for after the big meeting tonight. What about before? We'll be home for an hour before Sue Ellen. Couldn't you give us a sexy spanking as, like, the last nice thing before the punishment period begins?"

"Nope. Sorry. You're going to be completely spank-less today. Get used to it."

"Daddy, you're too mean!"

"Sorry. I'll talk to you later." I hung up the phone before she could complain some more.

With Cindy and Mindy sitting on either side of me, I immediately called Nicky back and told her that we'd figured out how to use the webcam. Then I hung up and switched to conversing with her through the computer screen.

Just like when we'd briefly used it yesterday, I was startled at the size and quality of the video feed of her on the extra large monitor.

Cindy and Mindy were impressed too, and they commented on it.

This time, Nicky was sitting further back from the camera, so I could see some of her shoulders as well as her head. I was relieved that she was wearing a white robe instead of a bikini or something sexy like that. Given what had happened during her visit, I had fears she might even want to talk to me topless!

After some small talk, we finally got down to what I was most interested in talking about. I asked, "Muffin, now you've heard a bit of what we're doing. We're dying to know: how are you liking Hawaii?"

She spoke quickly and excitedly. "Oh my gosh! It's so great! I can't even tell you how great. This is like a dream vacation! It's soooo much more than what I expected. I thought I was going to be in some generic condominium complex. But it's not like that at all! This place is a hotel and a totally swanky one at that! It's practically five stars! It's got everything! Tennis courts, restaurants, THREE swimming pools... And it's right on the ocean! There's an AMAAAAZING view of the water from my room, but I have total privacy from my balcony too! It's just like a normal hotel in every way, except people stay here in one-week blocks. And there's so much more. I don't even know where to begin because I have so much to say! You guys got a really nice place for me. I can't thank you enough!"

Nicky proceeded to tell us in detail about where she was staying. She started by describing her room and worked out from there. She loved everything about her spacious room, especially her balcony. Then she went on to describe the hotel complex. Mindy is a very smart shopper, and she'd managed to find a great last-minute deal, so Nicky was really getting near five-star treatment at an affordable price. It was definitely a lucky thing all around.

The hotel was located in Princeville, on the north shore of the island of Kauai. it was a very popular tourist destination, and there were lots of hotels all around. Nicky went on to explain, "Princeville is amaaaazing! In fact, did you know the bay is called Hanalei Bay? That's from the song 'Puff, the Magic Dragon!' Remember? She sang: 'Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea. And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Hanalei.'"

She commented enthusiastically, "Isn't that cool?! It's like I'm living in a magical land!"

Mindy joked to Cindy and me, but so that Nicky could hear, "Uh-oh. I think we've lost her. She go into the cave to find Puff and she may never come back!"

Nicky laughed at that. "You may be right! I'd only come back because I'd miss you so much." She smiled and winked at us. "This place is seriously incredible. Some of beaches right near my hotel are ranked among the very best in the world! And the entire area is beautiful. Heck, the whole island of Kauai is! There's this state park just down the road called the Na Pali Coast that is supposed to be too cool for words. I'm gonna go on a big hike there. They filmed Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and just about every movie with a tropical setting right around here, because it's like paradise! Mom, Dad, thank you SO MUCH for EVERYTHING!"

She continued to describe the places she wanted to visit in glowing terms. Then she said, "There's only one snag. The only way to get around is the public bus, and it kind of sucks. So I'm going to rent a moped."

Mindy quickly cut in, "Over my dead body you're not! Those things are dangerous!"

"But Mom! If I don't have some transportation, I'm gonna totally miss out. I'm here for TWO WEEKS! The area right around the hotel is great, and that'll keep me busy for most of the time, but I'll want to explore too!"

Mindy quickly conferred with Cindy and me, and the three of us whispered about what to do while Nicky anxiously watched us.

Then Mindy announced to her, "We'll work it out with you so you can rent some economy model car for PART of your stay. Part only, mind you. Enjoy what you can access around you right now. I'll do some digging around and find some good deal for you. That'll be a LOT safer than a moped, and probably not much more money."

Nicky gushed, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You really are the best parents ever!"

I asked a question I'd been dying to ask all along. "So have you made any friends yet? You must have, since you said you were going out to dinner last night with some people."

Nicky's face brightened. "Oh, I totally have! That's ANOTHER thing that's so great that it's UNBELIEVABLE! I wasn't even here an hour when I went to the nearest hotel pool to work on my tan and got talking to these two girls from Australia. We became, like, instant friends! They're on this round-the-world, year-long vacation thing, and they're staying at the same hotel as me for the same two weeks! Is that perfect or what? Actually, they've been here for a week already so they already know the lay of the land. It couldn't be more perfect. We're getting along like gangbusters!"

Cindy asked, "What are their names?"

"Oh. Sorry. I forgot to mention that. Kara and Kendall. They're sisters from Sydney, and they're really nice. They're twenty and twenty-one years old, and they're taking a year-long break from their college back home. We've got a lot in common but a lot that's different, so it's like we can't stop talking to each other." She giggled.

Mindy asked a question I was dying to hear, but I was too shy to ask: "Have you met any handsome boys yet?"

Nicky responded with a scoffing look. "MoooooOOOOoooom! I've only been here, like, twenty-four hours. Give me a break! I haven't even started looking yet."

Phew! I'm very relieved to hear that. I'd worried that she'd met someone last night with the dinner plans she'd mentioned. Actually, I want her to meet a good guy, but not that fast! She needs to be selective and not just jump into bed with the first guy she meets.

She went on, "Although, it'll be a lot easier finding some nice guys with my two new friends. They're really beautiful! They're very blonde, but with nice tans. They have the same haircuts as each other, and look exactly like twins. So, the three of us together turn a lot of heads!"

She giggled gaily. "But what's great is they're so outgoing. That's how I met them. I was going to be my usual shy self, but they came over to me immediately and started talking, and before I knew it, I forgot all about being shy. They've already promised they're going to help me with the boys thing."

That did not make me happy! I wanted Nicky to get over her crush on me, and what better way for her to do that than to get romantic with a boy or two in Hawaii? That was easy to say in theory, but in practice I was so jealous that it hurt like a physical pain. I had to struggle to keep a poker face. Luckily, Mindy and Cindy were with me and they were keeping the conversation going.

More questions about Kara and Kendall followed. It did seem like a remarkably fortuitous break for her to fall in with them, and so quickly. It made me a bit suspicious that they were too good to be true, and I said as much.

But Nicky assured me that they were genuine and that she was being careful in general. She pointed out that since Kara and Kendall had been at the hotel for a week already, they'd met other friends, and Nicky had met them too, so it was hard to conclude that they were anything else but normal tourists just wanting to have a good time.

At one point, Mindy asked, "Since you're becoming such fast friends with those two, can I meet them? I'd like to see if they pass the 'Mom test,' meaning if they're a good influence on you."

Cindy added, "I want to meet them too."

Nicky asked, "But how? You're three thousand miles away."

Mindy explained, "Through this webcam, obviously. A phone would work too, but it's much better being able to see someone's face. That's how you can tell what their true emotions are."

Nicky shrugged. "Yeah, I guess I can arrange that. They might think it's kind of weird, but whatever. They just love to talk, period, so I'm sure it'll be fine. Aussies are funny. They're so brash and outgoing! I don't know why they want to be friends with a shy girl like me."

Mindy pointed out, "I do. You said they're beautiful. You're a VERY beautiful girl. Beautiful people tend to stick together. Then I'm sure they got to know you and found you're beautiful on the inside as well as out. Are they busty too?"

"Um, yeah, kinda. What's that got to do with anything?"

"Us busty women generally stick together too. Remember, you're 'breastest friends' with your sisters and Sue Ellen now. You may still things that a silly thing, but this shows how natural and logical it is for the ultra busty to stick together."

Nicky complained, "'Ultra busty?' Now you're just talking crazy."

"Am I? We'll see. In any case, you said when you met them you were at the hotel pool, right? So, were you wearing a bikini?"

Nicky grew a little embarrassed, and actually bowed her head slightly. "Well, yeah. Kinda."

"Kinda?" Mindy pressed. "What does that mean?"

"Well, as you know, since you helped me, I packed a lot of options. I resolved to break from my old habits of covering up so much, and at least I wore A bikini, but I ended up wearing the least revealing one. Actually, I was going to wear the single-piece bathing suit I'd brought, but I couldn't find it."

Mindy said with a smirk, "I might have had something to do with that. I think I kind of accidentally on purpose lost it for you at the very last minute."

"MooooOOOOoooom!" Nicky complained. But she wasn't really that upset. She told me a bit playfully, "Dad, punish her!"

Mindy said with a lewd leer, "Oh, he's gonna punish me later, believe me. He's already agreed to give a very long and thorough 'punishing' tonight." She made air quotes, as if her innuendo wasn't obvious enough.

Nicky rolled her eyes. "Oh, for the love of God! T.M.I.!"

Mindy quipped, "Oh, I remember that one. "Totally massive impaling,' right?"

"MooooOOOOoooom! NO! It means 'too much information!' UGH! And I know you know that. Forget I said anything."

Cindy nudged me, and quipped, "Dan, can I get 'punished' too? Either a spanking or the more usual way. I've been a bad, bad girl!"

Mindy asked her, "What did you do?"

Cindy quipped, "I don't know, but I'll think of something."

Nicky sighed in an exaggerated fashion. "Sheesh. Now I'm really sorry for saying that. Please, stop, you guys, before a full-on orgy breaks out!"

Mindy glanced at a nearby clock. "Don't worry, dear. What time is it? Almost six? The orgy isn't due to start until seven."

Nicky groaned. "Okay, enough with the comedy routine. I was saying about my bikini...?"

Mindy snapped back to attention. "Oh yeah. Right. You were saying?"

"I went down there in my most conservatively-cut bikini. Plus, I wore my blue sarong and a T-shirt for good measure. I still don't feel comfortable walking around practically naked in front of total strangers. It's such a weird thing to do! But I'm trying."

Mindy said, "Nicky, that's BIG progress for you. I'm proud of you. But it also pretty much confirms my guess that those two Australian girls saw that you were a total hottie right away, and busty just like them, and that helps explain why they were so friendly towards you so quickly. You haven't experienced life like the rest of us Cooper women have due to the way you've always covered up so thoroughly, but trust me when I say that busty and beautiful women are almost treated like a different species, by both men and women."

Cindy nodded, and added, "You'll find out soon enough if you keep wearing bikinis there. Especially if you hang out with two gorgeous and out going blonde Australian girls. Hang on to your hat, because it's going to be a wild ride!"

Nicky frowned. "But I don't WANT a wild ride. I don't like being the center of attention, I really don't. In fact, I hate it! One good thing about being with Kara and Kendall is that they take care of most of that. When I'm out in public with them, a lot of guys have been coming up to us and trying to chat us up. The two of them politely yet firmly deflect the guys, so I usually don't have to say a word. Unless, of course, if they're handsome and charming hunks. Then that's a different story!" She giggled.

My heart sank. Dammit, I don't want Nicky to be with a "hunk!" But... come on. I know that's good for her overall life development and that my feelings are skewed by the lust I was feeling for her lately, as well as the usual overprotective parent problem. So I've gotta keep my mouth shut. All parents have to deal with the pain of letting their children fly free, after all.

Cindy asked Nicky, "By the way, this conservative bikini you're talking about, just how conservative are we talking?"

Before Nicky could answer that, Mindy asked, "Are you wearing it right now? I'll bet you're wearing it under that robe."

She turned her head away shyly. "Well, yeah, I am, actually. But-"

Mindy said in a no-nonsense tone, "Then show it to us. It's important that Cindy sees. We can kind of be your fashion advisors from afar, thanks to this webcam."

Nicky got even more embarrassed and she blushed slightly. "But... Dad's right there too..."

I hadn't been speaking much, and that was fine by me. But that prodded me to say, "Oh, don't worry about me. I can go and leave you ladies to talk about lady things."

Mindy looked at me crossly. "Hush your mouth! You stay! We're only going to be talking about this for a minute, and then you'll miss out on everything else. Besides, your opinion is the one that matters the most. Why do women bother getting all dressed up and looking sexy? For men. And don't you remember how you dressed around him during your last stay here?"

Nicky blushed even more. She muttered, "Boy, do I ever!"

"Then what's the problem? There's nothing wrong if you want to be topless or even completely nude around him. He's your father, after all, and if you can't trust him and get his honest opinion, then who can you rely on? So, Nicky, please take off your robe and show him your bikini and the rest of your beautiful body."

Nicky's face turned redder still, but all she said was a quiet, "Okay." Then she stood up and took a few steps back to widen the field of view for the webcam, so her body could be seen from head to toe. After a dramatic pause, she shucked her long white robe off her shoulders. The robe fell dramatically to the floor and puddled around her bare feet.

I must say that today had been a very "unsexy" day for me, at least compared to my usual standards. My penis had been flaccid ever since Mindy and Cindy and I had been discussing what happened with Sonia today, but I started to engorge as it became likely that Nicky would take her robe off.

Then, once she did, my dick suddenly achieved "full lift-off." Within seconds, it was as stiff as solid steel! I think I actually quietly gasped a little bit too, and my heart started beating wildly. I had to consciously make sure my mouth didn't hang open because Nicky looked that good! Somehow, the fact that she was terribly embarrassed about the whole thing turned me on even more!

This vividly reminded me of her two bikini "unveilings" that had taken place during her visit home. Few things aroused me more than those memories. I was actually grateful this bikini was white instead of red, or I probably wouldn't have been able to keep myself from gasping and gawking like an idiot.

Actually I probably was doing a lot of gawking anyway. However, I wasn't supposed to perv over my daughter's remarkable, voluptuous body; I was supposed to judge her bikini. So I tried to focus on that.

It was a good thing I did too, because Mindy immediately asked me, "Honey, what do you think?"

I'd never seen Nicky wear this bikini before, she she pretty much had never worn a bikini around me until her most recent visit. I started to factually note, "It is a conservatively cut bikini, like something from the 1960s."

But then a comparison suddenly occurred to me, and it made me more excited. "In fact, you know what it reminds me of? Did you ever see the very first James Bond film, 'Dr. No,' from 1962? In that, there's this gorgeous actress named Ursula Andress, and there's this famous scene where she walks out of the ocean dripping wet while wearing a white bikini. Muffin, your bikini is almost identical to my memory of that one! It cuts across the hips in the same way. It's even white too!"

Cindy asked me, "So, would you say it looks sexy?"

"Oh, yes!" I said, perhaps too enthusiastically. "Very much so! But... it's not the bikini that's sexy, it's the woman. Some ugly woman could wear that and of course it wouldn't be good. But Nicky, Nicky, you could wear ANYTHING and it would look good!"

Nicky still hadn't made eye contact with any of us since taking her robe off, since she was clearly too embarrassed. Her cheeks continued to redden, and that turned me on even more somehow. She muttered quietly, "Thanks, Dad." But at the same time she was smiling, so she couldn't have been too upset.

Mindy said, "So, Honey, you say she looks good in that one, but don't you think she'd look even BETTER in a more revealing bikini? After all, Nicky, how many bikinis did you bring? Five, right?"

Nicky nodded. "Yes. Five, including the ones Ruby loaned me."

Not only did I have a hard-on, but it was feeling particularly sexually stimulated. Suddenly, it dawned on me why: I looked down, and sure enough, I saw Mindy's hand inside my shorts, jacking me off! I don't know how I'd missed something as obvious as that, except that I'd been momentarily stunned to the point that I could barely breathe when Nicky dropped her robe. Nicky looked so sexy that it was like my brain simply stopped functioning for a little while! Mindy must have noticed how distracted I was and made her move then.

There was no way Nicky could see what Mindy was doing to me, since my crotch and Mindy's hand were under the table. Even if Nicky had a wide-angled view of the room, it almost certainly wouldn't have been angled to show any of our table area anyway. Furthermore, Mindy was merely rubbing my sweet spot in a subtle manner, so there was no revealing arm movement.

But, even so, I thought, OH NO! Mindy, please! Not again! I can't let her jack me off while I'm looking at Nicky's body!

The rule that Nicky and sex couldn't be mixed that I'd struggled to uphold during her visit certainly still applied now. So, despite how good it felt, I reached my own hand in my shorts and rather forcefully removed Mindy's. Then, since Nicky was still looking away, I gave my wife a very sharp and discouraging glance.

Mindy responded with a sheepish apologetic look. But I also had a feeling that she wasn't really that sorry. Then, as if none of that happened, mere seconds later, she said to Nicky encouragingly, "Don't just stand there. You've got a great body. You should be proud of it! Strike a sexy pose!"

Nicky was just standing there, with her arms at her sides. She seemed uncertain at first, but then she struck a classic cheesecake pose with one leg bent, a hand on her hip, and her other hand behind her head. She looked right into my eyes as she asked, "How's this?"

Mindy asked me, "Honey, how's that?"

I knew Mindy was trying to distract me with Nicky's hot body so I wouldn't get mad at her for her attempt to jack me off. Unfortunately, it was working! I could barely breathe or think. Yet, somehow, I managed to say, "Um... nice! Very nice!" Then, recovering somewhat, I added more naturally, "You look fantastic, Muffin."

"Thanks, Dad." She'd been holding the pose somewhat awkwardly, but she relaxed into it and smiled. That made her twice as alluring as before.

For some reason, I found myself staring at her tummy. She had the smooth abdominal curves on either side of her belly button that only very fit women have. And the lighting was such that the shadow of her boobs was cast down her tummy, making her look even more stacked than she already was.

What a sexual paradise playing with her perfect body would be! Gaawwwd! But I can't think that!

Cindy commented, "Dan, that one bikini must have made a memorable impression on you for you to still remember it. I'm just guessing, but I'll bet you haven't seen that film in many years."

I was opinionated on the topic, which enabled me to recover and converse despite the sexy sight before me that was practically making me drool. I said, "Are you kidding me? Sure, it's been a while for me, but that's one of the sexiest scenes of all time! In fact, I think it was rated in some poll as the very most famous sexy scene in any movie. Now that I think about it, I remember reading in the newspaper last year that that exact white bikini used in the film was recently auctioned off for a hundred thousand dollars or something crazy like that."

Mindy commented, "Wow, the things you learn. Nicky, it looks like you really scored with your dad with that bikini. But unfortunately, I don't think many hunky teen boys in Hawaii are big 'Dr. No' aficionados. This is a good, good start for you, compared to the usual way you cover up, but it's not 1962. You should work up to wearing a more typical, more revealing bikini."

She added, "Oh, by the way, let's see how it looks in the back."

Nicky obligingly turned away from us.

Hot damn! Nicky has such an incredible ass! I'm surrounded by these remarkably beautiful women. Each one is at least as captivating as Ursula Andress was in her prime, if not more so. But none of them have an ass to match Nicky's! God, how I'd love to get my hands on that! And although her bikini covers her ass completely, like "granny panties" do, it's such a tight fit. You could bounce a quarter off those firm butt cheeks!

I wasn't trying to hide my rapturous facial expression, since Nicky was facing away. Mindy must have seen my look and decided to up the ante. She chided Nicky, "Do you still have your robe on the floor? Nicky! I didn't teach you to live like a slob."

"Sorry, Mom." Probably without thinking about the lewd ass display that would result, Nicky bent over to pick up the robe. She tried to get it with one hand, but it was bigger than anticipated, so she had to use both hands and gather it together before pulling it up.

I was in ecstasy! What a sexy display! Even with her bending down to touch the floor, one could still see what a round bubble butt she had. Plus, I could see her big tits dangling down between her legs. Considering the excellent video resolution, this was like professional pornography!

I was so horny and captivated that it took me a few moments to realize that Mindy had a hand in my shorts, AGAIN! She was subtly rubbing my sweet spot with a couple of fingers, AGAIN! And this time I simply couldn't fight it. I was going out of my mind with lusty desire!

It would have been very embarrassing to acknowledge what Mindy was doing to me and then let her keep doing it. So I took the cowardly way out and pretended not to notice. God, it felt fucking fantastic! It was just as stimulating as the triple blowjob I'd enjoyed in the shower this morning, because looking at Nicky's voluptuous body affected me in some special, profound way.

All too soon, Nicky picked up the robe, carried it somewhere off camera, and then returned to the field of view without it. She stood there a bit awkwardly. "So, uh, what do you think?"

Cindy spoke, causing me to look her way. "I think that's a very old-fashioned bikini. You fill it well, sure, but that's something MY mother would wear. You can do a lot better. What do you think, Dan?"

Cindy looked at my face. I had to wonder if she was aware of what Mindy was doing to my erection. Upon consideration, I highly doubted it. My chair was pulled up close to the table and Cindy was sitting on the opposite side of me from Mindy, so she would have to be looking for something suspicious at my crotch to catch what was going on. And why would she do that when we had a large screen, high-res video feed of Nicky right in front of us to keep our attention?

That was a relief, because I didn't want the embarrassment of getting busted. Also, I didn't want Mindy to stop after getting caught!

Since I was so very, very aroused, it took me a few long moments before I managed to reply to Cindy's question. "Um... Ah... I think, Muffin... that you're a very gorgeous girl, front and back. Clearly, you have a derriere that could stop traffic. But I feel weird looking at you and talking to you about this. Let's get back to hearing about Hawaii." I felt proud that I had the willpower to say that.

Nicky's face showed great relief. She walked closer to her webcam and sat back down, but her chair was farther back than before, so most of her upper torso could be seen. "Exactly! This is way weird for me too. Thanks so much for saying that, Dad. But first, about the bikini choice. Mom, you have NO IDEA how tough it was for me to wear even this bikini in public today! I felt completely and utterly naked, in front of total strangers! I was soooo embarrassed. And not a good kind of embarrassed, if you know what I mean."

"I do," Mindy replied.

I wondered what the heck the two of them meant by that, but I didn't get a chance to ask. With my wife secretly jacking me off, my brain was barely working in the first place.

Mindy told Nicky, "Remember, you're not going to overcome your shyness unless you push your comfort zone. An agoraphobic who never leaves the house will never get better. Besides, you expressed a desire to have a nice all-over tan without any obvious tan lines. How are you going to get one of those in a bikini, much less that one?"

"MoooOOOOoooom!" Nicky griped. "Don't talk about that kind of stuff in front of Dad!" Her blush had been fading, but it came back with a vengeance. She even crossed her arms over her huge breasts in an unconscious defensive gesture.

As she furtively jacked me off, Mindy said, "Dad or no, it's still a question that needs an answer."

Nicky came closer still to the webcam, so her body was shown from her head to her E-cups. She sighed. "If you must know, Kara, Kendall, and I have already figured that out. Starting tomorrow, we're going to try some nude sunbathing on my balcony."

Mindy smirk-smiled. "Really?! Wow! You must have made friends with them fast, if you're comfortable doing that."

Nicky said, "It's a totally different thing. I haven't done it yet, but I'm sure it'll be WAY easier for me than wearing this bikini by the hotel pool. They're not strangers; they're friends. That's huge. And they're female. That's even huger. I much prefer my balcony. I hate when everybody's staring at me!"

Cindy couldn't resist asking, "When you say 'nude sunbathing,' do you mean topless, or all over?"

Nicky was even more scandalized by that. "Argh! Why all the weird, personal questions?! But if you really MUST know, we're going to try topless first. And if that works out, we'll try the... rest." She turned her reddened face away.

God, this is so HOT! I don't know why, but seeing Nicky embarrassed arouses me more than just about anything else on Earth! I must be a sicko, just like Sonia says. Hell, I know I am! It's totally wrong and depraved to get jacked off by my wife while talking to my totally innocent and clueless daughter, but that's what's happening. It's so wrong! But so fucking arousing!

For some strange reason, although I was incapable of removing Mindy's hand from my crotch, sometimes I did still seem able to say the parentally responsible thing to Nicky. I knew I had to change the topic. "Sorry to cut in, but enough with the weird, personal questions, already. Look how embarrassed Nicky is. Her face is red."

"THANK you, Dad!" She sighed with relief and dropped her arms. In so doing, she created a Michelle-esque tit-quake that not even her old-fashioned bikini did much to hinder.

Lord, have mercy! Why does she have to be so stacked?!

Trying to sound like a normal father and not a lusty pervert, I asked her, "So, what's the plan for the rest of today and tomorrow?"

Nicky responded, "Well, it's after three o'clock here. Remember the time zone difference. I came inside early because I'm trying to be careful not to get too much sun. Kendall and Kara have their room in the same tower as me, which is nice. You probably saw in photos that the hotel has two tall towers. Anyway, they know I wanted to do this video chat. I wasn't near a computer to e-mail you earlier, so I figured the best time to catch you was right after Mom came home. The Aussies know that I'm doing this, but I'm going to meet up with them again in a little while. And then... who knows? There's so much to do! Maybe we'll go kayaking before dinner, 'cos we talked about doing that."

The conversation continued in a more ordinary way, without Nicky talking about showing off her incredible body or tanning naked. Nevertheless, Mindy kept on subtly yet effectively rubbing my sweet spot, and I kept on letting her! And my voluptuous daughter still filled most of the computer screen, with her round, jiggly breasts literally larger than life!

Her bikini did have a conservative cut, but that mostly made a difference with the unusually large bikini bottoms. She was still showing as much cleavage as most normal bikinis, and I found myself looking at her chest as much as her face. Not that looking at her face helped calm me down, since she had such a beautiful one. I was "damned" to being extremely aroused no matter where I looked.

We continued to talk about safe topics for another twenty minutes or so, and I got jacked off all the while. One great advantage of the webcam was that we didn't have to worry about being charged by the minute like we would on a long-distance phone call, so there was no need to keep the conversation short. Also, since Michelle and Ruby weren't coming home until just after eight, we weren't going to have dinner until late, and we really didn't have anything else to do until then.

Furthermore, I suspected Mindy was having such great fun secretly jacking me off that she was deliberately prolonging the chat just so she could keep on rubbing me. Actually, by and by, it was becoming more accurate to call what she was doing stroking instead of rubbing. Her hand and my cock became soaked with my pre-cum, allowing her fingers to slide all over my boner with ease. Furthermore, she knew she had me, since I was too close to orgasm to have the willpower to want to stop her, so she grew increasingly brazen. She was extra careful never to move her upper arm, but she managed to move her fingers, hand, and even her lower arm plenty!

Cindy still seemed clueless about Mindy's handjob, which was a lucky break for me.

By and by, Mindy decided to try to bring the conversation back around to Nicky's bikini, probably just to arouse me even more. She talked Nicky into trying on a more revealing bikini by using the bullshit excuse of wanting us to judge how it looked on her.

Nicky agreed to change bikinis, and started to leave our picture frame to go do so.

But Mindy complained, "Wait! Where are you going?"

"To get the other bikinis and put one of them on, of course."

Mindy said, "Well, obviously, you need to go get them, but then I insist you change right here in full view."

Nicky clutched at her barely covered breasts, and her blush returned with a vengeance. "What?! Why?!"

Mindy spoke confidently while continuing to secretly stroke my boner. "Think about it. You're going to go topless and maybe even bottomless around your Australian friends, probably starting tomorrow. Are you ready for that?"

Nicky reluctantly admitted, "Well, no... probably not. I've never gone topless in front of two people I just met like that..."

"Exactly! Whereas you spend the greater part of your visit here topless, and in front of Dan. So it would be weird for you to get all shy because of him now. And the more you do it, the more confident you'll be with your new Aussie friends."

Nicky was still covering her chest, even though her bikini top was on. "But... but... it's different! I mean... I get your point, but... what if someone were to see?!"

Mindy asked, "Are you alone in your hotel room?"

"Yes, but..."

"Do your friends have a key to get in?"


"Then how could anyone else see? This is exactly like you being at home, thanks to the miracle of technology. It's just that we can't touch, sadly enough."

Cindy had been silent and merely observing, but she finally spoke up. "Mindy, give the poor girl a break, please. Don't pressure her into doing something she's uncomfortable with. She's not like Michelle. She's shy and conservative with the way she dresses. We have to respect that."

That seemed to irk Nicky. "Now, hold on! I resent being treated like that, like Dad's 'delicate flower' idea of me. It's true that I've been like that, but I'm capable of change. Didn't I show that the past few days?"

Mindy said, "You did, but it looks like you're falling back into old habits."

"I am NOT! I'll show you!" Then, just like that, she undid her bikini top and pulled it away!

I think my jaw fell off my face and clattered to the floor! I hadn't been expecting her to actually go and do that! I should have said something and let her know she didn't have to give in to peer pressure, but I was too dam horny to think straight.

My sneaky wife, damn her, even brought a second hand over to play with the lower half of my shaft. I was a goner!

Nicky's face looked nervous, not to mention red with embarrassment, but she seemed amused too. She giggled. "Daddy, look at you! You're all red and embarrassed. It's cute!" She giggled some more.

I brought a hand to my face and adverted my eyes... mostly. "Okay, enough of that. Please just change into the other bikini already, before... before you make me go blind!"

She frowned slightly (which I could see peeking between my fingers). "Blind? How is that?"

I earnestly complained, "Because you're blinding me with your beauty. And the more of you I see, the more beautiful you are!"

Nicky smiled brightly and even clapped her hands together with glee, which set off a dramatic tit-quake. Due to the huge monitor and high quality picture, it was like my face was mere inches from her curiously erect nipples. "Oooh! I love it! Mom, you're so right. Getting topless for Dad makes my confidence soar. Okay, that's it. I'm gonna go topless for all my future communications back home!"

Mindy raised a fist to cheer. "That's the spirit!"

That hand movement made my heart leap to my throat, because my wife just had that hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, and it was fairly wet with cum! If Nicky saw that and put two and two together, I'd be doomed! And at first I thought that Nicky could see us as clearly as we could see her, before I realized that she had a laptop with a small screen. Plus, Mindy brought her fist back down fairly quickly.

But still, I was freaking out. My heart was thumping wildly, and I was worried that I was almost certainly fretting and even sweating in an "incriminating" manner.

Luckily, after just a few seconds of topless glory, Nicky said, "Okay, I'm gonna go get my other bikini and change the bottom portion out of sight. Can I at least do that?" As she was speaking, she disappeared out of view.

Mindy let out an exaggerated sigh and pretended to be put out. "If you must."

Nicky giggled. "Boy, my parents are weird." But she didn't seem alarmed or upset in the slightest. In fact, it sounded like she was having a very good time.

Although she went out of range of the webcam, she stayed in the same room, so I had no chance to whisper anything discouraging to Mindy. I didn't have much resolve left to be discouraging by this point anyway. All I could do was give her a stern and disapproving look. But it was without teeth considering I was too aroused to get her to stop jacking me off!

When Nicky came back into view, she wore the exact same red bikini she'd worn here at home a couple of days ago. It was the very one that made me so horny that I nearly lost my mind! Seeing that affected my so powerfully that I'm surprised I didn't blow my load on the spot!

And Nicky sat just close enough to the webcam so that her fantastic globes seemed to fill up at least half of the computer screen! Maybe that was an exaggeration, but it sure didn't seem like it. Oh no! Not THAT bikini! That's almost more arousing that toplessness! Worse, I can definitely see her nipples, and just how erect they are! Good God! Please tell me that's the cold or something, and not arousal on her part too.

Right. Cold in Hawaii, in the daytime. Arrgh! This is NOT GOOD!

Mindy could sense how close to release I was. She had to go back to just subtly rubbing my sweet spot a little bit, for fear of making me make a mess in my shorts.

Then, with Nicky still wearing the red bikini that was like my personal Kryptonite, Mindy somehow brought the conversation around to Sue Ellen by mentioning her name "in passing."

Nicky's face brightened, because that's how people react to Sue Ellen. "Oh yeah. How is she doing? How are things developing with her?"

Mindy's face brightened too, because now she could steer the discussion in an even more sexual direction. "She's doing great! And she and your dad are getting along so very well. I hope you don't mind me getting too frank, but you realize that she and he had sex the night before you left, right?"

Nicky rolled her eyes. "Please. Of course. I'm not blind."

"Good. Well, there's been a whole lot more of that since you've been gone. That's all I'll say about that." Mindy looked to me. "Honey, you're insatiable! Rrraawrrr!"

Then she looked back to Nicky. "He really is. He keeps Cindy, Sue Ellen, and me all completely and utterly satisfied. I swear, we're going to have to recruit some more sexy helpers just to keep his, well.. his you-know-what from banging around and knocking over all the furniture!"

Cindy quipped, "Actually, it does a lot of 'banging around.' That's for sure!" She winked at Nicky.

Nicky seemed remarkably unbothered by the sexual tone of the conversation, maybe because it was putting me instead of her in an embarrassing spot this time. Plus, at least she was wearing both parts of a bikini again. Still, she groaned with annoyance. "Oh no. Not that crazy cucquean thing again. Dad, aren't THREE absolutely beautiful and vivacious women enough for you?"

I was fighting a losing battle not to pant or breathe heavily. It was hard to control my breathing and talk, so I was trying to stay silent, but I had to say something here. "Definitely! They're more than enough. They're running me ragged!"

Cindy playfully pushed against my upper arm. "Don't believe him. He's running US ragged!" She said to Nicky in a chummy way, "I've heard rumors that his yoohoo gets flaccid at times, but I have yet to see any proof of that!"

Nicky giggled. "His 'yoohoo?' Could you guys think of a MORE ridiculous word for his penis?"

Mindy joked, "I've got a whole team working on it. That's the silliest we could come up with so far."

Cindy chuckled. "Anyway, it's like living with Pepé Le Pew. You remember him, the horny French cartoon skunk?"

A smiling Nicky seemed amused, not offended. "I remember." She joked, "We should call Dad 'Papa Le Pew.'"

Cindy and Mindy laughed heartily at that, while I frowned.

Cindy said, "Good one! We should. You know how I was talking earlier about my first full day at work? What I didn't tell you is how difficult it is to sit in a chair all day after... well.. you can guess."

I had to speak up. "Hey! Enough of this. Muffin, earlier you said T.M.I. Well, this is T.M.I too."

Mindy joked, "Oh, wait. I know that one, from before: 'tush mounting injury.' Right?"

I groaned. It probably came out far too lustily, because I was still dangerously close to cumming. "Can we talk about something else already please?!"

Mindy said with smirky amusement, "Fine, Papa. But Nicky, you don't mind if Dan and Sue Ellen, well, you know? ... Get it on, is what I'm saying. Kind of a lot! The way things are going, she could end up his second mistress, and with startling speed."

I griped, "T.M.I.! Again!" I glared at my wife, trying to non-verbally pressure her not to come up with another silly explanation for that acronym. I didn't want to speak too much for fear I would give away how breathless I was.

Nicky's tremendous breasts were still right there in front of me. I wished she'd move in closer so we'd only see her face, but no! They stayed just within the frame.

Nicky waved a hand dismissively. "That's okay, Dad. I don't mind. As for Sue Ellen, what can I do? Like I said before I left, I don't feel I have the right to tell you all how to live your lives, especially with your sex life. As long as it's not in my face when I'm visiting, it doesn't affect me."

I looked to Mindy with concern. I knew how she loved to joke about everything, at any time, so how could she resist making a joke about my penis getting in Nicky's face? But, for once, my comedienne wife decided to use some restraint. I could see she really wanted to joke about that, and she actually bit her lip to stop herself!

I tried to say something to Nicky before Mindy lost her willpower. "I appreciate that, but everything we do affects you, especially since you'll be here most of the summer. We care deeply how you feel. But let's not discuss this now. I think we should wrap up this video chat soon."

"Okay," Nicky said. "But, about Sue Ellen, I've been giving her some thought. I'm not at all surprised to hear that you're getting even more involved with her. She seems kind of irresistible, and she's obviously totally in love with you. Plus, she's already best friends with my sisters. So I figure she's almost certainly going to be around a lot this summer. Wouldn't you say that's safe to say?"

"That's very safe to say," Mindy replied. "She's getting to be a permanent fixture here at home."

I was glad Mindy answered, because I was getting almost desperate about hiding my heavy breathing as well as fighting off the urge to cum. Even though she was trying to take it easier with her rubbing, my will to resist cumming was slowly slipping away. That's the main reason why I suggested we end the call now. It wouldn't do to have my cum suddenly shoot up into my daughter's view like a squirting water gun! I couldn't let that happen, no matter what.

Nicky went on, "Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. So I'm also thinking it would be good to get to know her better. Even though I'm here in Hawaii, what if we schedule some time so that I can talk to her one on one, via this webcam? Can you talk to her about that?"

Mindy said, "I think that's an EXCELLENT idea! Let's do that. I'm sure she'll love to talk to you and get to know you better. She really is a living doll. Such a good, kind person. It's impossible not to like her. It really is."

There was some more small talk and good-byes after that, but our webcam chat soon came to an end.

I exhaled with tremendous relief the moment the screen went black. If nothing else, at least now I could breathe like my body needed to breathe. Plus, I wasn't tempted and tormented by that devilish red bikini! Or worse, her getting topless again!

I wasn't thinking about the probability that Cindy would now notice that Mindy was furtively jacking me off, since she was likely to look elsewhere than the computer screen. But Mindy removed any possible doubt by simply pulling my shorts down past my knees! Then she swiveled the computer chair I was in towards her, dropped to her knees, and engulfed my cock!

Needless to say, Cindy couldn't exactly miss a clue like that! But I was so fucking horny that I didn't care. All that mattered to me was the need to cum.

I had no willpower left, so I didn't even try to fight it. Less than half a minute after Mindy started bobbing on me, I shot my load straight down her throat! She kept right on bobbing and sucking with great suction.

By the time Cindy caught up with what was going on, it was too late for her to join in. She did quickly kneel next to Mindy, but by the time she got settled in place, I was out of cum.

With my dick growing flaccid in my wife's mouth, Cindy asked me with surprise, "What the heck brought THAT on?!"

I sighed. "I don't want to talk about it."

Mindy suddenly pulled her lips off my penis, and said brightly, "I DO want to talk about it." Her face was remarkably completely clean of cum, since it had all gone inside her.

I had an idea that could give me a small measure of revenge against my naughty wife. "Min, do you have any cum left in your mouth?"

"As a matter of a fact I do. It seemed a waste for so much to go straight down my throat. I really enjoy the sweet taste. So I'm savoring some on my tongue." She stuck her tongue out and proved it.

"Good. You've been bad and you know it. So I'm ordering you to give all that cum to Cindy. Right now!"

Mindy was taken aback. "What?! You want me to... snowball...?"

I nodded.

Cindy smiled from ear to ear. She said to Mindy, "Hey, he's the master. What can we do but obey?" She didn't give Mindy a chance to reply. Since they were kneeling next to each other, it was very easy for her to plant her lips on Mindy's. They started making out.

Over the course of a minute, I saw my wife's face go from alarm to something akin to rapture. Clearly, as "punishment," this was a disaster. She would love to be "punished" like this a lot more, especially since she was still too reluctant about her lesbian urges to initiate it on her own and needed me to give these kinds of orders.

So, when it came to me showing resolve and taking firmer control of my harem, I was screwing up left and right. But I was still riding such an erotic buzz that I didn't care. Besides, I knew that my big speech was coming up in a couple of hours. Things would totally change after that. What mattered more was that I maintain my resolve from that point onwards.

At least, that was the best spin I could put on events. The truth was that I was very disappointed in myself. Mindy never should have tried to secretly jack me off in front of Nicky. But that was kind of expected. That's the reason I need to change things dramatically in the first place, because she doesn't have control or sense in such situations. But I never should have allowed her to do it. I had to be doubly strong when everyone else wasn't, and I'd failed.

Worse, I should have spoken up when she pressured to change bikini tops right in front of me. There's no excuse or that! Clearly, my sneaky wife is still trying to push into becoming intimate with my last "normal" daughter. My precious Muffin! There's no way I can let that happen!

But hopefully I can learn something from this experience. Clearly, I have a particular weakness for Nicky. They say the forbidden fruit is always the most tempting, and I'm finding out just how true that is. So I'll have to make sure I avoid situations like this. For starters, it's best if I don't chat with Nicky via webcam very often, period. Who knows, she might decide to go topless again, since we established a kind of precedent. And if and when I do, I can't do it with the likes of my wife sitting next to me, because the same damn furtive stroking is bound to happen!

An interesting twist to watching Mindy and Cindy make out was that they were still wearing their work clothes. True, both of them took off their jackets upon coming home, but other than that, they were smartly dressed like professional businesswomen.

Seeing two formally dressed women on their knees and swapping my cum did something to me. Before long, I got another boner, totally against my will! I suppose that the human body adjusts to almost any circumstance. Over the past two weeks, my body had quickly become accustomed to having lots of sex and cumming many times a day. Most of the day was over, and I'd only just climaxed for the second time. Furthermore, my penis had stayed flaccid nearly all day long. So it probably shouldn't have been that surprising that I got erect again so quickly.

However, I didn't want Cindy and Mindy to know about it. For me to have a threesome with them, and in Michelle's room no less, would make the collapse of my willpower during Nicky's webcam chat even worse in my mind. Luckily, they were into kissing each other with their eyes closed, so I managed to sneak out of the room without them even noticing.

I decided I needed to go to my bedroom and simply rest until my dick went flaccid again. I couldn't lose my mind and let my penis rule me every time I had a hard-on! This disturbing lack of self-control coupled with extreme arousal did not bode well for the sex boycott I was planning.


NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, SeaDawg77, Johnny Galt, Jamielynn, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am. Most of the Silken Bondage material here was written by IBT.

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