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Chapter 59

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy walked into the bedroom a few minutes later. She was buttoning up her blouse, making it likely that she and Cindy had gotten even more intimate after I'd left. She saw me lying on the bed with my hands behind my head and my eyes open, and said, "That was a dirty trick, making me kiss her like that."

"You should talk. You're queen of the dirty tricks with what you did to me during the chat."

She joked, "No, I'm Smirkarella, queen of the smirky night. I get confused with Queen of the Dirty Tricks a lot since we have very similar skin-tight superheroine costumes."

"Ha ha. I'm not amused. What you did was underhanded."

"No, it was more kind of side-handed, like this." She gestured how she'd been jacking me off from the side.

"Mindy, I am NOT amused. I'm very upset with you right now. Don't think you can just joke this away. The secret handjob AND talking her into changing bikini tops right in front of me."

She walked closer and sat on the mattress next to me. "I'm sorry. That WAS out of line. But I couldn't resist! She just looked so sexy. I had as much fun giving you the handjob as you had getting it, I'm sure. And after seeing her topless so much these past few days, it's like I just had to see her that way some more. So that's how I had to channel my feelings."

"No, you didn't 'have' to do anything. We're both to blame, I'll admit it. But I consider you more to blame, because you were the instigator. Twice with the handjob alone! Even after I pushed your hand away, you went right back a few minutes later."

She sighed. "I'm sorry. That was bad. I guess that kind of thing is why you're planning on lecturing us tonight."

"That's exactly why. You KNOW how clear I've been on keeping Nicky and sexual situations totally separate. Every time something like this happens, it's making it harder to get over my lusty feelings for her. You DO want Nicky to remain simply my daughter and not my lover, don't you? Be honest!"

"I do, on balance."

"'On balance?' What does that mean?!"

"It means I'm conflicted. And in situations like this, I don't think, I just let my lust get the best of me. As you know very well, I'm a VERY lusty woman! For instance, it's not like I plotted in advance to get her to take her bikini top off. But then she mentioned trying on the other bikini and that idea just came to me, and my lust was in total control. It's a real problem."

"Damn right it is! You know, all afternoon, I'd been looking forward to our plan to make love this evening, before tonight's big meeting. But, as of now, I'm cancelling that."

That stopped her in her tracks cold. The surprised shock on her face told me that I'd scored the hit that I'd been needing. "Oh no! You are?! But why?! I've been looking forward to that all day too. Swallowing a load of your cum was fun, but that's nothing compared to the joy of a slow and lazy hour of making love with you."

I said testily, "Do I have to explain why? Right now, you're showing zero willpower. A punishment like this is meant to be a kick in the ass and get you to change."

"But I know you're planning some kind of big punishment for me anyway, which you're going to tell us about tonight. Isn't that enough?"

"No. I have to do something extra in response to this, since the other thing was planned already. Believe me, I'm not happy either. I'd been looking forward to making love to you too. It's been too long."

She said with distress, "And I know with tonight's punishment, you and I aren't going to have sex for who knows how many days. I really need this special bonding time with you before facing that. Can't you please reconsider?"

"No. The roots of our marriage run very deep. We'll get through this rough patch eventually, and we both know it. The tougher I am, the sooner we can get back on track."

She sighed. "I suppose you're right. It's too bad though, because although the girls picked up all the electric candles this morning before you woke up, the party tent is still up and fully furnished on the deck. I got a three day rental on that stuff, so I thought you and I could make love in there tonight before we dismantled it."

I sighed too. "That does sound nice. Boy, I'm tempted. But, no, I have to stay strong. I need to be particularly tough on you regarding Nicky. I can't be any more serious about saying that we can't mix Nicky and sexual situations! But not only did you secretly jack me off, you made her pose, turn around, bend over, change bikini tops in front of me, and generally unwittingly drive me wild. That was wrong, wrong, wrong!"

Then I lowered the boom on her. "And you know it!"

Mindy dropped her head in defeat. "You're right. I just... I get carried away!" She sighed heavily again. "Okay, fine. The making love plan is off. But what if you and I go to the party tent and simply chill out there anyway? With our clothes on. Wouldn't it be nice to just lie there holding hands, and look at the sky? Especially when there's a gorgeous sunset like this one."

I pondered that, and decided it was safe enough. "Okay, but no funny stuff!"

She grinned. "You know me. Funny stuff? I never do anything funny."

"You know what I mean, Smirkarella."

So we went to the party tent on the deck a few minutes later. There was no time like the present, because dinner would be happening in a while. Cindy was told about our plans, and she generously volunteered to cook dinner for everyone so Mindy and I could have our private chill-out time.

Just as planned, Mindy and I lay side by side inside the party tent and looked at the sky. Since it was summer in Southern California, the sunset came late. The sun was nearing the ocean horizon and the sky was turning red. It was a bit cold, but the heater was still in the tent, so I turned it on.

After a couple of minutes of blissful silence, Mindy said, "This is nice. Very nice. It's not making love nice, but it's still pretty good. I feel like we're reconnecting, just by being together like this."

"I do too. It IS nice. In fact, I've been thinking... we should have something like this permanently built here, don't you think?"

She propped herself up with an elbow so she could look at me. "That is an EXCELLENT idea! Why didn't I think of that, years ago?! Heck, why didn't you think of it before this either?!"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I suppose the place came with the deck like it was, and we were so tickled pink with that we didn't start looking to make changes. But just think: we could make a structure about the exact same size and location as this tent. A kind of walled gazebo, if you will. But I like being able to see the sunset or the stars as if the tent isn't there, so we should duplicate that too. Basically, imagine a very simple square structure with nothing but posts and crossbeams, and then the walls and ceiling could be made out of clear plastic sheeting or glass or something like that. Sort of like a greenhouse. You'd hardly even know it was there when you're in it, except that it would keep you toasty and comfy at night."

"I love it!" Mindy replied enthusiastically. "And we could build the edge of the deck into one of the sides, so we'd have an awesome view of the ocean from inside. Let's do it!"

For the next few minutes, Mindy and I continued to brainstorm on what our ideal structure would look like. Mindy wanted a domed yet see-through roof, if possible, and also walls that slant in to prevent the whole thing from being blown over in a storm.

That sounded okay with me. I suggested we have some kind of retractable roof covering, so it could provide shade during the day but then be removed to expose the starry sky at night. Furthermore, we both agreed that we should keep the interior of this structure furnished like it was now, with the entire floor of it essentially being one big plastic mattress. That would allow all kinds of sexual possibilities for a sex-mad harem family.

We didn't know which of these ideas were possible, or reasonably priced, but we resolved to talk to our favored handyman tomorrow and whip a realistic plan into shape. Mindy wanted to get it built right away.

I considered the politics of building such a thing quickly, while my power struggles with the Gruesome Twosome and Mindy were still unresolved. Would that be sending the wrong message? I decided that it would be okay. If they had an increased desire to have sex with me so we could do it in our new deck structure, that would only put more pressure on them to give in so I could end the sex boycott that much sooner.

Besides, the other option would be to build it afterwards, and there were big problems with that. For one, if all went well, I'd be having sex with Michelle and Ruby, and lots of it! Not to mention all the sex with Sue Ellen, Cindy, and Mindy. I wouldn't want male construction workers coming and going from the house while that was going on. Plus, Nicky would be coming back and things would be generally busy for a while. If we started on it right away, it could be built during a lull in activity, when nobody was having sex here anyway and people were mostly at work during the day.

We weren't sure if we should call it a gazebo, greenhouse, or what. None of the words seemed to fit. Mindy decided to call it the "lighthouse," since it would let in so much light. I agreed that was a good name.

After some more brainstorming, I came up with a related idea. "You know, as long as we have workers coming here to build the lighthouse, I've got something else for them to build."

"What's that?"

"A fence, all the way from one side of our property to the other, cutting right through that mini-forest of sorts back there." I sat up and pointed back to the trees that were between the pool area and the deck. "Then, put a lockable gate where the path to the deck meets the fence, so this deck area can be completely private and secure if the gate is locked."

Mindy sat up too and stared off into the darkness where I was pointing. "Why bother with all that?"

"You know why: the constant spying that goes on around here! It may not bother you much, but that's because I'm the main target, not you! If we're going to have this new 'love pad' lighthouse, a lot of sex is going to happen here. I've been meaning to dismantle the Gruesome Twosome's little spy operation, but I've been waiting for Nicky to leave, and then I got distracted by other things. I'll probably do that later tonight."

I continued, "But even so, there's no such thing as total privacy in our house. Even if the door is locked and all spying devices are removed, voices carry. Especially with the way some of us scream and carry on, everybody in the whole house pretty much knows what's going on."

I waved my arms around inside the tent. "So that's a big idea why I'd love having something permanent here, and right away. It would be nice for me to have somewhere that's totally spy proof. Sometimes, I want to have moments like this, with sex or without, where I can have a private time without everyone in the harem feeling like they can join in."

Min nodded. "Okay, I could buy that. To be honest, I'd like that too."

I said in a serious tone, "Knowing how determined the Gruesome Twosome can get, just to be sure, we should also install guard towers, barbed wire, and mine fields."

She snorted.

"Not enough? Maybe we should add a moat. With alligators!"

My wife laughed. "Come on! They're not THAT bad."

"Just about. Obviously I'm just joking about those things, but I'm seriously thinking the fence is going to need to be a very high and well built one, and the gate will have to be well thought out and secure too. Anyway, let's add that to the list. Hopefully, both things can be built at the same time, and in only a few days. I don't want the workers here too long."

"Oh, definitely. I'd hate that. I'll get on it tomorrow. We fully trust our handyman, and he can lead this. Hopefully, we can have his guys do all or most of the work while most of us are at work." She put a hand to her chin. "Hmmm... I wonder where we'll be able to get the alligators though." She grinned and winked.

After some more discussion, we resolved that issue as much as we could for now.

I laid back down on the mattress, and Mindy did too. Then I said to her, "By the way, remember how I was talking about my weird encounter with Sonia Bossi today? I never did get to hear your take on that, due to Nicky's phone call. What do you think? I'd love to know. I feel compelled to behave kind of immaturely around her, and I don't understand why. It's like I want to provoke her when I should be befriending her. I can't seem to help myself."

Mindy replied, "You're right that it's very strange. But I think you performed admirably today. You're standing up for Sue Ellen and the other waitresses. Something needs to change there, and I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I have a gut feeling that you're going to be the catalyst that makes things better."

"Maybe so, but how? I feel that winning that bet gives me a kind of immunity pass, but how should I use it?"

"That's easy!" She sat up on an elbow again to look down at me. Then she dramatically declared, "You need to fuck her!"

I rolled my eyes. "Very funny."

"No, really."

"No, not really. That's just your cucquean impulse talking. Whatever the problem is, your solution seems to be 'Have Dan fuck sexy, busty women.'"

Mindy joked, "In my defense, that DID solve the global warming problem last week. More seriously, Sonia is a sexy and relatively busty woman. She's not in the Michelle league, but she's nicely curvy all over. Ergo, 'have Dan fuck her' is the logical solution."

"Would you be serious for a minute? I could really use your advice here."

She replied, "I'm kind of joking, but I'm kind of not. I truly think that the best thing that could happen to her is if you fuck her brains out."

When I started to protest, my wife shushed me by putting her fingers on my lips. "I wasn't there today," she explained, seriously, "but I saw her the other day and I heard all you said about what happened earlier. Call it a sexist or stupid statement or whatever, but I don't care: sometimes a woman just needs a good, hard fucking! I sure know I fall into that category quite frequently! I get grumpy or even bitchy if I go too many days without some Dan lovin', as you well know. Luckily, that never happens anymore unless I go out of town, since you ARE the real life Pepé Le Pew. Plus, you don't smell half as bad as he does." She chuckled.

She sat all the way up, forcing me to sit up. "Look, Honey. I know you think this is just the cucquean within me talking, but I really don't think so. Sonia is a bitch! She's VERY unhappy, and she lets it out on everyone around her. We've been told some of her history. I don't know this for sure, but I strongly suspect that she wasn't always like this. There was a time when she was happily married and content. To, uh, what's his name? Oh yeah. Luigi, right?"

I nodded.

"Right. But then everything went south. He cheated on her, divorced her, and left her with a restaurant that she had no clue how to run. She's been scrambling just to keep the restaurant alive ever since. As a result, she has no time for a love life or a sex life, or indeed any kind of life for herself, and it's made her absolutely miserable. Clearly, she needs love or sex, preferably both. Don't you agree?"

I said carefully, "Well, I imagine those things wouldn't hurt, and they very probably would help a lot."

"Of course they would. She feels like she's all alone, because she is. Love? That takes time. Plus, you're taken five times over in that department." She winked at me. "But lust? You could put a smile back on her face in half an hour. Tell me that she'd still be bitchy to everyone after you fucked her until your cum is dribbling out of her every last orifice - including her ears and nostrils. I dare you!"

I replied, "I don't know her mind. But yeah, I'll admit you have a point. Some satisfying sex probably would improve her mood, if only for a day or two. But not if it came from me! If there's one person in the world she hates the most right now, it would be me. If I so much as touched her elbow, she'd probably cry 'Rape!' and call the police. Sex between me and her is never, ever, EVER going to happen! Period!"

"Do you find her attractive? Is she fuckable?"

"Of course she is! You've seen her. You know she's a hottie. But that doesn't matter, because I would never even so much as flirt with her. Nor she with me. And I can only appreciate her beauty in the abstract. When I think about how mean she is, and how nasty she is to me in particular, that stops any arousal before it can even start. So no. Let's get real and talk about real possible solutions here."

Mindy gave me a long, thoughtful look, and then proclaimed, "I know it seems far-fetched to you right now, but I seriously think you're going to fuck her before too long."

I gesticulated wildly to express how incredulous I was. "WHAT?! Are you mental?! That is so not going to happen! Even if somehow aliens abducted her and me and put us in a room on their spaceship and told us to get it on, I wouldn't, because that would be cheating on you. I know that sounds strange coming from a guy with four cock slaves, but that's different because I had your full permission. Cheating is still cheating, period."

She responded with a toothy smile. "See? Right there, that's one reason I love you so much. Deep down, no matter what happens, you still have your moral code."

"Thank you. Sometimes lately, though, I wonder."

Then she made bedroom eyes at me. "So let me tell you right now that you have my permission to fuck Sonia Bossi anytime you like, for as long and hard and thoroughly and deeply as you like! FUCK her! Fuck her GOOD!"

I tried to cut in, but my wife was on a roll. She continued, "Ditto with Laura, Josie, Lori, and anyone else who works there. And Jane, and all of our daughters' sexy friends. Heck, I'm telling you right now that you have my advance permission to fuck ANY woman you want, anywhere, at any time! The only thing I ask is that you tell me about it shortly thereafter. If you're keeping the fact that you're fucking a particular woman a secret from me, then and only then would that be cheating. Oh, and I trust you to be mindful of STDs and pregnancies."

I stared at her in amazement. "Come on, Mindy, you can't really mean that."

"Oh, but I do! And doubly so for Ms. Bossi! Not only do you have my permission in her case, I'm giving you an order: go forth and fuckify that poor, poor woman! Heal her with your magic cock!"

I laughed. "'Heal her with your magic cock?' That's ridiculously over the top, even from you."

She chuckled too. "I know. I kind of got carried away there with the colorful language, but I do mean the gist of it. Your cock isn't THAT magical. You could heal minor cuts and scapes by waving it around, but not full-on healing of broken bones or something serious like that."

I shook my head.

"Kidding! You know I'm kidding."

I sighed wearily. "Since my dick is NOT magical, and we live in the real world, that's going to happen. So what's Plan B?"

To my dismay, she wouldn't give up. "You say that's not going to happen, but need I remind you about your recent history? You thought you'd never have sex with Michelle and Ruby. You thought you'd never have sex with Sue Ellen. You thought you'd never have sex with Cindy. You thought they wouldn't become your cock slaves. You thought you wouldn't wind up with a harem. You've been wrong, wrong, wrong, all along, and that all took place in the quote real world unquote. So now you're suddenly right about Sonia?"

"I am! Okay, I was wrong before, but you have to admit there were some incredibly unusual circumstances, and a mountain-full of luck. Especially with the way things have worked out with Sue Ellen, even leprechauns wouldn't believe someone could be that lucky."

"True. I'll grant you that one. By the way, you should fuck some sexy and stacked leprechauns." She grinned impishly and unrepentantly.

I groaned in frustration at her crazy cucquean fixation. Then I exclaimed, "If I were to have sex with Sonia, it would be ten times more improbable than that!"

Mindy gave me one of her patented "how little you know" looks. "That's where you're wrong. Why do you think she didn't just up and kick you out today? Is it that she's so honorable that she's completely hamstrung by the terms of that bet? I doubt it. At least I don't believe that's the full explanation. Honey, you're a remarkably handsome man! When women see you, their panties get wet. Believe me, I know. I have to stash extras all over the place because you make me leak cum as if I'm incontinent. And you've got charisma too. You have some inexplicable 'it' factor. Why do you think Michelle and Ruby AND Cindy lusted for you for so long, and still do? Why did Sue Ellen fall head over heels for you in a flash? You should hear what some of my other girl friends say about you. Even the regal, stunning beauty Jane Corlin would spread her legs for you in a heartbeat."

I huffed, "You lie!"

"I do not. She's another one who should get the 'Dan cure' soon. But let's stay on topic. You've heard the saying 'There's a thin line between love and hate,' right? Well, there's an even thinner line between lust and hate. Think about what Sue Ellen's been doing at Mama Mia's. She's been going around telling everyone with ears that you're the greatest lover since Casanova. She's told some of the other waitresses that you've got your own harem of goddamned actual sex slaves! I'm sure tales of that have made it back to Sonia. So have anecdotes of your sexual prowess and stamina, undoubtedly. Wasn't that reflected in some of her comments and insults to you today?"

"As a matter of fact, it was. She kept claiming that my reputation was bullshit and my women were only interested in me for my money, or I brainwashed them, or things like that."

"You see? That's telling. She may hate you, and she doesn't understand you, but at the same time, she undoubtedly thinks you're the most sexually impressive man she's ever likely to meet."

She paused to get my response, but I had no response to that. I was stunned, because she was making some good points that I hadn't considered before. Finally, I said, "You know that half that stuff is bullshit, right? Sue Ellen thinks I can walk on water."

Min nodded. "Sure, there's a lot of hype. But hype can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Image becomes reality. Besides, a lot of it IS true! You DO have a harem of sex slaves. How totally amazing and improbable is that? Even if everything else is wrong - which it's not - that one fact makes you a one-in-a-million guy. And while it's true you can't walk on water, I've seen you FLOAT on water. Lots of times!"

I couldn't resist grinning. "Earth to Mindy: everyone is able to do that."

"Oh. My bad." She smirked gleefully. "Anyway, yeah, she hates you, but she probably thinks you could fuck the bitchiness out of her better than anyone else. I'll bet half the time she's talking to you, she's thinking about your big cock, and wondering what it would feel like to take you balls-deep inside of her velvetly cunt. That's a big part of why she hasn't kicked you out yet."

I exclaimed, "That's so untrue! I'll admit some of the stuff you said earlier had some plausibility to it, but now you're just making things up out of whole cloth."

"Am I? We'll see. Just remember that if the opportunity arises to give her a good solid fucking, don't be afraid to seize the day. And remember that you have my full support. In fact, if you do fuck her, I'd consider it an act of mercy and great kindness. She needs it! If not from you, then somebody."

I asked, "Getting back to reality, what would my Plan B be, then?"

"Just keep on doing what you're doing. Let's see where that goes. If nothing else, by directing her ire at you, I'll bet she'll ease up on everyone else. It's like hydraulics. The flow of her negative energy has to be released and go somewhere."

Then she smirked at me." Besides, I think you're kind of getting a kick out of tangling with her."

I searched my feelings. "I suppose I am."

"So let her target you for a while, and give the waitresses a break. You don't mind the name-calling, and they do. You can fight back, and they can't. You get to be the hero for the waitresses, and that'll give them a much-needed morale boost. So try that out for a while, and we'll continually reevaluate."

We continued to talk about the Sonia problem for a while. Once Mindy got off the crazy idea of me having sex with Sonia, she had a lot of useful insights on how I should deal with her.

I still thought the idea that I might ever have sex with Sonia was totally insane, but perhaps some sexual attraction did help explain how Sonia and I were interacting with each other. I have to admit that I was probably treating her differently because she was so beautiful, although how I would have treated her otherwise wasn't clear to me. And it was probably true that she found me attractive and sexually dangerous, and that was affecting her interactions with me. But the idea that we would ever get intimate in any way? Ludicrous!

After a while, we both fell silent. We went back to simply lying down, holding hands, and staring up at the beautiful sunset while the sky darkened. From time to time, one of us would point out a falling star or a constellation we recognized. But mostly, we were just at peace and enjoying each other's company.

For me, it was the calm before the storm, because I knew we wouldn't be able to share another moment like this until our power struggle was resolved.

Then something else occurred to me. I'd been meaning to ask Mindy about something since yesterday, and now that we were alone and undisturbed, I finally could. "Sweetheart, I've got a random question for you. A couple of 'em, actually."


"First off, why did you give Cindy a Dando? And secondly, who else did you give one to?"

Mindy visibly stiffened and soured. After a pause, she asked, "So... you know about that, do you?"

"I do! And may I remind you that we're supposed to be a married couple. We're supposed to be soul mates, without major secrets like that. How is it you didn't tell me about this before?!"

She sighed sadly. "Uggggh! Boy, this doesn't look good. But you have to understand that I was working FOR you, not against you. Can you please let me explain the full story, and then you can get mad at me if you want?"

"Go right ahead. But remember that trust and honesty is essential for any successful marriage. No more lies!"

She nodded firmly. "Right. No more lies. Although I NEVER lied to you. It's just something that I failed to mention." Knowing I would object to that, she held a hand up and quickly added, "Admittedly, in retrospect, it was something I SHOULD have told you. But still, I didn't lie to your face."

Once she had that out of the way, she explained "Anyway, I suppose it could be said that was the start of my cucquean fetish. But I didn't consciously think of it like that at the time. As you now know, the Gruesome Twosome nagged and harangued me into making the original Dando. They pretended it was for me when they really wanted one for themselves."

"Go figure," I muttered sarcastically.

"Yeah, I'm not exactly shocked either. Anyway, one thing led to another, and I told Cindy about making it, as kind of a personal 'news of the weird' thing. We have very few secrets between us."

I bitterly commented, "Unlike, say, you and me."

Mindy winced. "Ouch. But please, let me finish first. You know how I like to joke, and the Dando became the source of much joking, a running gag. But still, I could tell she was very interested. A lot of her jokes to me about it were about how she wished she had one. So, when her next birthday rolled around, I thought I'd up the joke ante, as I often do, by giving her a copy as a gag gift. Which I did, and in private, mind you. She reacted in the appropriately amused way, but I could see that she was very aroused by it and she was going to use it as soon as she got a chance."

She went on, "I must admit... that realization sturned me on! Big time! I don't masturbate much, since you keep me well-fucked nearly all the time. But on the rare occasions I did, I would find myself thinking about Cindy fucking herself with the Dando and really get off on it. So giving her the Dando wasn't part of a fiendish plot to get her to want to have sex with you. Instead, it was a big part of how I got the cucquean fetish in the first place. I didn't tell you not because I was engaged in some 'secret plot against you,' but because I thought the gag gift was a minor thing that would embarrass you."

I asked, "So, what happened after that?"

She got a little more fidgety. "Well... the Dando continued to be a source of joking between us, especially when we were talking about sexual things, which was a fair amount of the time. On one level, it was just light banter, but I secretly got off on any hint that she was really using her Dando and repeatedly masturbating to thoughts about you. Which she pretty obviously was. That kind of fed my cucquean urges in a big way."

She sighed heavily, and said, "That leads me to your second question: who else got Dandos? As you know, I eventually gave Michelle and Ruby their own copies, since they'd secretly made their own 'bootleg' copies anyway. They simply were not going to be denied. You know how they are."

"I sure do," I said with some chagrin.

She broke eye contact and looked down. "I wish I could say that's the full story, but... it's not. About year ago, Jane had a birthday party..."

I felt a chill race down my spine as I guessed where she was going with that. "Not Jane Corlin?!" That was a necessary qualification, since she has more than one friend named Jane.

She nodded. "Yes. The Jane of the stunning face and stunning breasts that make all men drool. Hell, she's just stunning all over. Anyway, I'm not a really close friend with her like I am with Cindy. She never found out that I have a Dando. But at birthday parties for ladies of our age and maturity level, giving gag sexual gifts is fairly common."

I couldn't resist commenting, "Or, in your case, lack of maturity level."

"Yes, there is that. Anyhow, I gave her a Dando. BUT! But! You have to know that she didn't KNOW it was a Dando! I still never told her that. I just packaged it very professionally and presented it as an extra large dildo. Of course, that led to all kinds of jokes from the others about how very large it was and how it would ruin her and so forth."

"Why did you do that?"

She looked back up at me. "Even though she didn't know it was a Dando, I did! I was well into my cucquean 'madness' by then. Just knowing that the great sex goddess that everyone who knows her fantasizes would fuck herself silly with an exact copy of your cock fired my lust like you wouldn't believe! Unfortunately, Jane and I don't have the same rapport that Cindy and I do, one that allows for totally uninhibited sex talk. So I've never been able to totally confirm if she uses her Dando on a regular basis. But I've gotten hints. And you can well imagine how much I love to hear that sort of thing!"

She realized that she was getting excited just talking about it, and made a concerted effort to keep a straight face.

Something occurred to me. "Was Cindy at that party? Was she there when Jane unwrapped her Dando?"

Mindy turned her head again and looked abashed. "Um... yeah."

"And she recognized what it was, didn't she?"

She sighed heavily. "I think so. I'm not sure, since we didn't discuss it. But... I know. I've been bad, even letting that happen."

She looked back into my eyes. "But still, at the time, I thought this was just harmless jokey stuff. Giving jokey sex toy gifts at birthdays. I wasn't plotting to get you to sleep with other women then. Of course, I am now. But I wasn't then. So, if you're going to get mad at me, and you certainly have good reason to, I think this is relatively small potatoes. I could have given out Dandos right and left and told the recipients just what they were. But I didn't! I restrained myself!"

I sat back and shook my head. "Mindy, Mindy, Mindy. You really are a case, you know that? I am miffed, but I guess it's not as bad as I'd feared. Obviously, I'm upset you did all that. A Dando isn't just a joke gift; giving it to someone else could have serious ramifications. In retrospect, Cindy's Dando probably paved the way towards getting her into the harem, didn't it?"

Mindy nodded. "True... but I don't see that as a bad thing, do you? Aren't you glad that happened?"

I brought a hand to my face and covered my eyes. "Ugh! That's just the thing. I keep finding out about unethical, sneaky behavior by you and others. But the result benefits me so greatly that it's hard to get upset. The whole 'end justifies the means' thing is very morally tricky."

I lowered my hand. "Let's put the past behind us. The past is the past and it can't be changed. Instead, we need to move forward on a better basis, without all the sneaking and spying and all the rest. I want you to promise me right now that you will NOT give a Dando to anyone else, no matter what!"

She nodded solemnly. "Definitely." But then she added, "Unless you give me permission to, of course."

"Why the hell would I ever do that?!"

"You may not see it now, but the Dando could be a great foot in the door. I think you're going to love fucking other women, outside of the harem, I mean. And there may come occasions when giving a Dando could make that easier for you."

I grumbled, "I highly, highly doubt that. Once a Dando is out there, it's next to impossible to get back. Already, I'm wishing I could get Jane's back somehow, but the mere act of asking for it back would open a whole can of worms. So I'm very anti-Dando. Even if I were to have sex with other women, I don't want to leave those behind. This may seem irrational, and it probably is, but I don't see them as just sex toys. Because they're exact duplicates of my penis, I feel... I don't know... almost like they're a little piece of me. I wouldn't want one of them to fall into the wrong hands, or for someone to make copies of copies, or who knows what. So no more Dandos! Understood?"

She nodded her head decisively. "Understood. And I'm really sorry about all of this. And for not telling you about any of it. I promise that won't happen again. I'm an unabashed cucquean, it's true, but now that you're on board with fucking other women, I'm determined to be above board with everything. The time of sneaking around behind your back is over."

"GOOD! Unfortunately, my trust in you has been shaken, so I'm not entirely convinced. But I'm hopeful, and I'm going to take a wait and see attitude."

She nodded again. "I deserve that."

There was a long pause. Then she asked quietly and tentatively, "So... are you going to punish me?"

"About the Dandos specifically? No. But there's a reckoning coming, which I'm going to explain to everyone shortly. Things are going to have to change in a big way, and what you did with the Dandos is one more reason why."

She nodded.

We sat there saliently for a couple of minutes, each deep in our own thoughts.

Finally, Cindy came part of the way down the path until she was in hearing range, and she shouted at us that dinner would be ready in a couple of minutes. We shouted back that we understood and we were headed back.

Then we did head back. Walking back hand in hand, I felt sad. The countdown to my planned confrontation was ticking. There was no turning back now.

To lighten my mood, as we walked along, I asked her, "By the way, remember during the webcam today when Nicky said 'As long as it's not in my face when I'm visiting, it doesn't affect me?'"

Even in the darkness, I could see Mindy smiling from ear to ear. "I sure do!"

"What joke were you tempted to make? I could tell you were fit to burst."

"I was! Oh my God, that was pure torture, for me to keep my mouth shut! Talk about an easy setup. But I can't tell you or you'll get mad at me."

"Come on, try me. I'm curious."

"No way!"

I let go of her hand and clenched my hands in front of me like a monster. "If you don't, I'm gonna tickle you!"

"You've gotta catch me first!" She ran back to the house, with me right on her tail.

When we reached the sliding glass patio door, she couldn't open it fast enough, and thus suffered a "brutal" tickle attack. She was rescued when Cindy opened the door and let her in.

Unfortunately, I got distracted by the mouth-watering smell of dinner after that, and I never did get to find out what joke Mindy wanted to tell Nicky.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, Jamielynn, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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