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Chapter 1

(Tuesday, June 4th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I woke up the next morning feeling good. Very good, actually. Within seconds, I realized why: I felt a pair of lips sliding up and down over my cockhead and another tongue with some fingers working further down my stiff shaft!

I groaned lustily while keeping my eyes closed.

I heard some gleeful giggles in response. Then I heard Cindy say, "He's up!"

I grunted affirmatively, but I didn't say more because I was still working my way to full consciousness. Keeping my eyes closed, I fought not to completely wake up, even though the pleasure I was experiencing was intense.

I took the time to figure out what was going on. Aaaaah! This is great. I can tell Sue Ellen is the one bobbing on me. My sweet Cupcake! I don't even need to take a peek yet; somehow I can tell. And of course that's Cin licking farther down and stroking me with all ten of her fingers. That makes perfect sense, since I went to sleep with both of them last night.

I felt a sharp jolt of emotional pain as I recalled my big "get tough" speech last night and how I'd left my own house afterwards to sleep over at the McGrath house. What especially hurt was thinking of Mindy sleeping alone. We'd had our fights over the years, but never to the point of one of us sleeping all night on the couch or something like that.

I brought my hands down and put one hand on Sue Ellen's head and one on Cindy's. I stroked their hair as they continually moved over my crotch. Ugh. That sucks, thinking of Min waking up all alone. I feel bad for my sweetheart, especially compared to how I'm waking up here. But it had to be done. And I'm too damn horny to feel very bad with this double blowjob going on. I'm sure my two sexy girls are waking me this way on purpose to help distract me from painful thoughts about this first night of my sex boycott. They're so wonderful, and even though I still can't truly believe it, they're all mine!

I sighed blissfully and luxuriated in the erotic joy. Since there was no longer any doubt I was fully awake from the way I was stroking their hair, their mouths and hands got even more active on my cock and balls. It made me realize they'd been holding back in order to let me wake up at my own pace.

Fuuuuck, this feels great! It's a real heartbreaker that I'll have to keep my hands off Mindy, Michelle, AND Ruby for who knows how long, but as long as I have Cin and Cupcake with me, it's not like I'm going to significantly suffer sexually. Emotionally, yes, but I'm sure they'll take very good care of me sexually.

And that's just the two of them. The world is my oyster these days, now that all options are on the table for me. Maybe I should speed things up with Laura or one of my daughters' friends, just to make the point that I've got options. No, on second thought, not Laura. For one thing, she still has her boyfriend, and we have a deal about her weight. But also, the rule is I can only have fun with her at Mama Mia's, and while I'm kind of getting a kick out of provoking Sonia, I don't want to provoke her THAT much!

I had to pause in my thinking while Cindy's mouth replaced Sue Ellen's bobbing on my cockhead. Good God, that feels fantastic! And she immediately starts in on one of Mindy's favorite moves. UGH! I had to push against Cindy's head slightly to indicate she should take it a bit easier on me.

Anyway, where was I? Hmmm... Maybe Anjali. She's a total babe. And seriously stacked! She would be an eager beaver, literally. But then again, Nicky is under the impression that Anjali and the other friends have boyfriends. They're all so spectacular that it would be odd if they didn't. But how could I know for sure? I definitely wouldn't trust them to tell me the truth.

Or I could try Jane, the one and only incredible Jane Corlin. She's even more of a babe, and even MORE seriously stacked! But the problem with her is that she's soooo beautiful and all around impressive that's she's downright intimidating. If anyone is out of my league, it would be her. What if I come onto her and she turns me down? That could weaken my hand in my sex boycott battle instead of strengthen it.

Nah, I'm fine with just Cindy and Sue Ellen. Besides, it's crazy to think that I'd need more than two incredible cock slaves to keep me sexually satiated in the first place! Heck, my entire adult life I only had sex with my wife, and that kept me totally satisfied until she decided she wanted ME to play around. So it's better if I don't try to get too clever. I should just enjoy the lucky life I'm living.

With that settled, I relaxed and smiled. Thinking about Mindy's recent love of basking, I decided to do a little basking of my own.

Several minutes of talented cocksucking followed. Not surprisingly, Sue Ellen and Cindy changed places every now and then, though there didn't seem to be any set time for each turn. After a while, I opened my eyes and sat up enough to be able to look down on their fantastic nude bodies.

That led me to ponder some more. Just look at them! How lucky can one guy be? Last night started my sex boycott, but I also confessed that the whole "dating stinky boys" thing isn't going to be an issue anymore. There will be NO dating! No sharing. My cock slaves belong to me and me alone! That's as it should be. Sure, we've got a conflict going on now, and even if I "win," I know that won't mean that things will suddenly be all smooth and easy.

The truth is, I've got it so good that it's not even funny. Problems and even sex boycotts will come and go, but the bottom line is I have the world's greatest woman and my soul mate as my wife, plus FOUR cock slaves who seem to take keeping me constantly sexually satisfied very, VERY seriously.

Just look at Cin's face right now. Her lips are stretched impossibly wide around my shaft and there are tears streaming down her face. I don't know how she manages to cope with my size at all. But not only does she persevere, she's using her tongue and lips in all sorts of creative ways. And Cupcake is going all out on the rest of my privates. She can't wait to take her next turn. Both of them absolutely LOVE doing this! This kind of lusty enthusiasm simply can't be faked!

More time passed. There was only one thing that was bugging me, and that was that I didn't know what time it was. I'd never woken up in Cindy's bedroom before, obviously, and if there was a clock somewhere, I didn't see it.

So eventually, when it was one of Sue Ellen's turns bobbing on me, I asked, "Cin, I don't see a clock. Do you know what time it is?"

She had been sucking one of my balls, but she pulled her head up enough to make eye contact with me. She wiped her chin of drool and cum (though she seemed unconcerned with the streams of tears running down her cheeks), then flashed me big smile. "Yes, Master. I keep my alarm clock in a drawer by my bedside because the alarm is too loud. It's been a while since I checked, but I'm sure it's a little bit after 8:30."

I thought that over, and then it occurred to me, "8:30? On a Tuesday? Don't you have to be at work by nine?!"

"That's true. It only takes ten minutes to get there though." She didn't sound concerned.

I pointed out, "But you're fondling my balls - I can tell those are your hands - and waiting for your next turn with the double blowjob while lying buck naked between my legs! On merely the second day at your new job. You don't want to be late for that! What if you're late?"

She groaned unhappily. "You're right. I need to be responsible." She tapped Sue Ellen's bare shoulder. "Can I get one last turn? Then he's all yours."

Sue Ellen immediately pulled off and let Cindy take over.

Within seconds, Cindy was bobbing down to choking and gagging levels. Clearly, she was starving for my erection, knowing she'd have to do without it at least until she got back home in the evening.

Sue Ellen sat up and smiled at me. "Master, don't worry. We have it all planned out. We debated whether to wake you up before she had to leave for work, and we decided it might be a little early for you, but we both really, really wanted to be there to cheer you up. So we waited until about as late as we could. Did we do wrong?"

I was forced to resort to PC muscle squeezing, since both the sounds and feelings of all that choking and gagging on my boner really got to me, like it always did. Still, I managed to rally my wits and coherently reply, "No, that was fine. I normally do sleep in longer than that, but I went to bed relatively early last night, so this is okay. And I am glad to wake up and see both of your smiling faces. That means a lot to me, starting off this difficult time with both of you literally right here with me."

Sue Ellen beamed. "Great! Although it's more like teary and pained faces, suffering with the struggle of coping with your delicious thickness!" She seemed exited by that instead of upset.

Just then, I had to gasp loudly. I'd been able to cope with the way Cindy was loudly choking and gagging while Sue Ellen and I were talking, but Cindy somehow pulled up enough to get plenty of oxygen and then slid her lips all the way down. Just like that, she was deep throating me!

I hadn't been close to cumming so far, no doubt due to my stamina training. But the resulting surge of arousal was so great that I had to squeeze my PC muscle even harder and clench my teeth. I'd been stroking Cindy's gorgeous dark red hair with one hand, but I was forced to make a fist with that hand while I clenched at the sheets with my other one.

Not only was she deep throating me, she was milking my boner with her throat muscles in an incredible manner, while also using her lips and tongue to devastating effect. She'd done this to me before, but she was getting even better at it. She was totally blowing my mind!

With my brain on pleasure overload, all I could do was state the obvious. "She's... she's... deep throating me!"

Sue Ellen giggled. "I know! Isn't that peachy? She and I were talking about how we could do a lot of that to you this morning, practicing our deep throating together, taking turns going all the way down your great thickness over and over... It would be so great! But it looks like we've run out of time."

My eyes bugged out and my entire body writhed on the bed as I hung on for dear life. "Gah! No way! Too intense!"

My Cupcake giggled some more, acting as if we were in the middle of a normal conversation. "Anyway, Master, like I was saying, you don't have to worry. She's eaten breakfast and showered and laid all her clothes out and everything. We calculated we could suck on the King together until 8:40. And let's see..."

She stretched way out and reached the drawer of the bed stand. She pulled out an alarm clock and looked at it. "Uh-oh! Cindy, it IS 8:40! Master is right; you don't want to be late!"

There was silence for another ten seconds or so while Cindy continued to milk my hard-on with her throat. Or I should say there was relative silence, because the lewd noises she was making were orgasm-inducing all by themselves.

I was getting dangerously close to cumming. My one hope was that she certainly would have to pull off any second, because she'd been deep throating me for close to a minute already. I hoped I could rest and recover while she was forced to catch her breath.

Sure enough, she pulled all the way off. Then she sat up and clutched at her throat.

I didn't like the way she was holding her throat, not to mention the look on her face, which was even more teary than before. Despite being very winded, I gasped out, "Cin! Are you okay?!"

She merely nodded.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen immediately engulfed my cockhead again! I would have been a goner except that she sensed how close I was to cumming and merely kept my cockhead in her mouth without any motion or suction at all.

Even so, it was a close, close thing. It was all I could do to hang in there with clenched fists and clenched teeth.

While I was practically going out of my mind with intense arousal, Cindy got up off the bed altogether. "Dammit! I was having such fun. I wish I could have kept going for another hour or more. Double blowjobs are the greatest! But don't worry about me; I'll get to work on time. Besides, the only one keeping a close eye on me is my new boss... Mindy! Somehow, I've got a feeling she'll cut me slack for being a couple of minutes late if there's cocksucking of the King involved." She laughed.

I couldn't say anything in response because I was concentrating on clenching my PC muscle some more and pretty much clenching everything else. With my eyes shut tight, I lost track of Cindy altogether. But had I been able to speak, I would have said, "Not just cut you slack. Knowing her, that would merit a raise!"

Just when I thought I was starting to come down from the razor's edge, Sue Ellen lost her patience and resumed bobbing on me. She was slow and gentle and without her usual tongue work, but simply the way her lips slid back and forth over my more sensitive areas was almost more than I could handle.

I'd lost track of where Cindy was due to my closed eyes, so I was taken by surprise when she leaned down and kissed the top of my head. "Have a GREAT day, Master. I'll be thinking positive thoughts about you all day, including the many different ways I plan on pleasuring your cock when I get back home!"

I managed to open my eyes and look up at her. She was fully dressed in one of her power business suits. She looked impeccable, sexy yet professional. I smiled and gasped out, "Thanks!"

She smiled back. "Don't worry. I'm confident your sex boycott will work out. It's the right thing to do. We, your cock slaves, really do need to be brought to heel. You ARE our master, and it's key that you assert your authority. I'm with you all the way. Oh, but before I go, let's add a little bit of tickle to this tickle attack!"

I was totally unprepared when she bent further down and began tickling my sides at the same time she started talking about tickling.

Unfortunately, when I switched my focus to warding off her tickling, I was unable to keep my rhythmic clenching of my PC muscle going. I was so close to the edge that even a brief slip up like that was enough to cause me to lose control. All I could manage was to shout, "Oh shit! GONNA CUM!"

Cindy had already stood back up and was about to walk away. But she couldn't resist staying a little longer to watch my climax.

Sue Ellen still had all of my cockhead and then some in her mouth, so the start of my orgasm went straight to the back of her throat. But she quickly pulled off and let the rest of my cum blast splatter all over her face.

Cindy bit her lip in lusty frustration when she watched my ropes of cum fly here and there all over Sue Ellen's cute yet sultry face. It even got into some of Sue Ellen's hair, and down her neck.

When my orgasmic euphoria started to settle down, she commented, "Damn! Dammit! If only I had another ten minutes! Then I could have taken half of that on my face too, and snowballed and licked with Sue Ellen in a spermy wonder land, and so much more. But there's no time. I have to GO! Sue Ellen, take good care of him, okay?" She began to rush out of the room.

Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my already shrinking dick. With her mouth freed, she told Cindy, "You know I will. Give Mindy my regards."

That spurred me to say, "Yeah! Give Mindy my regards too! And all my love! Tell her I'll visit her for lunch!"

"Will do!" With that, Cindy was gone.

Now that I'd climaxed and Cindy had left I pondered what to do next. While Sue Ellen stayed busy, I pondered going back to sleep, but I decided against it. Instead, as I gently caressed her head, I asked, "So, Cupcake, what's your plan for today?"

She was fondling and licking my penis as if it was still erect. "Master, I reckon today is gonna be a GREAT day! First off, I'm gonna get the King fully erect. Then I'm fixin' on spending the next hour or so just sucking and titfucking it. Oh, and I want to practice my deep throating a lot more. That's REALLY important to me. I want to be the best at that out of all of your many cock slaves, cock servants, and other assorted lovers." She purred invitingly, "And if you want to fuck me, you know I'm always up for that!"

She seemed to have stopped talking and was focusing entirely on reviving my penis. So I prodded, "And then?"

"Oh, there's so much more to look forward to! If it's okay with you, Master, I'd like to prepare you breakfast and then serve it to you in a special way."

"Um... Okay... If I can take a wild guess, does that involve you having fun with my penis some more?"

She giggled. "It does!"

"What about responsibilities? Non-cock slave responsibilities, that is."

"Oh. Unfortunately, I have a lot of those. I should leave by ten for volleyball practice, which doesn't leave me nearly as much precious solo cocksucking time as I'd like. That'll keep me busy until the lunch hour rush at Mama Mia's. I've got an eight hour shift there, noon until eight, which really sucks. I'm going to have to miss dinner with you and Cindy!"

I asked, "Just how many hours a week do you work there?"

"Forty, pretty much right on the dot. If I work more, they have to pay me overtime."

"Why so many hours?"

She lifted her head up to make eye contact, but kept on fondling my weary penis. "I'm on the razor's edge, financially. My parents don't have any money to help me, at least not anymore - they helped me get started. The only reason I can go to college at all is my volleyball scholarship, but between homework and volleyball practice, I'm busy as a stump-tailed cow in fly time. I don't have any time for a part-time job during the school year. Besides, it'll be illegal for me to work then as long as I have the scholarship."

She saw me about to ask about that, and said, "Don't ask." She sighed. "Stupid rules. Anyway, that means I've gotta save every dollar I can this summer just to squeak by until next summer. There's a lot of things the scholarship doesn't cover. If I run out of money before the school year ends, I'm sunk! It stinks to high heaven. I wish I could work MORE than just forty hours a week, just so I could have more of a buffer."

I sat up in bed and then ran my hand down her neck and shoulder. "Hold on. That sounds like the pre-initiation Sue Ellen talking. Haven't you been arguing that now that I own you, everything you have should belong to me?"

"Yes, but..."

"But what?" I continued to caress the side of her neck and head.

She shyly looked down to her fingers, which were still working to revive me. Somehow, she'd managed to get my dick half-hard, and that encouraged her to keep going. "Well, it's just that everything has happened so fast. I've only known you two weeks, and I've only been officially enslaved to you since Thursday."

I doubt that she noticed that she did it, but when she mentioned being "enslaved" to me, I saw that she subtly spread her knees a little wider, opening her luscious thighs as if to entice me to sample the delightful treasures she held between them. I figured it was an unconscious gesture, but I found it enticing nonetheless.

"That's not even a full week!" she exclaimed, drawing my attention away from thinking about her nether regions and what I could do with them. "I don't mean to doubt you, but a part of me wonders if it really can last in the harem for the long-term. It's like an incredible, impossible dream. I keep pinching myself. I can't believe it's for real!"

I opened my arms wide. "Come here."

She sat up and cuddled against my chest. But she made a point of continuing to hold and stroke my penis. Now that she'd gotten me half-hard, she wasn't going to give up on that progress for anything.

I held her chin so we could maintain eye contact. "Trust me, it's for real. But I understand your doubt. That's smart and prudent. What if you gave me everything and then I dumped you for some reason? Not that I'd do that, especially since if I was going after someone's money, I sure wouldn't pick you. After helping move your things in yesterday, I couldn't help but notice that all your possessions could probably fit into a shoebox."

"That's not true," she protested, but she was smiling. She impishly added, "Almost, but not quite."

"Anyway, I don't want my precious Cupcake to worry. So give me your bank account number, because today I'm going to put $10,000 in it."

"WHAT?!" Her eyes went comically wide, and she feebly pushed against my chest. "NO!"

I laughed. "Yes! Why not?"

"You're my master! I'm your SLAVE! That goes against... well... everything! It violates all the rules of master-and-slave behavior!"

"Even so, I insist."

"No! I'm sorry, Master, but I MUST refuse! If I take that money, then that would make me something less than a full slave! Plus, it would feel like you're paying me for sex, like some whore! Punish me for my defiance, even abandon me or sell me if you must! But when you initiated me, I took that VERY seriously! Please don't render my enslavement nearly meaningless by giving me a safety cushion like that!"

I pointed out, "But you were just talking about saving money for yourself so you'd have a safety cushion."

Her face was anguished. "I know. This is very confusing for me! But talking about it is settling it in my mind. I have to go full slave! I need to give all the money I earn straight to you!"

Still holding her chin with one hand, I tenderly stroked her cheek with my other hand. "I understand your confusion. Listen to me. I'm going to put that $10,000 into your bank account today. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it." She was going to protest, but I put a finger across her lips. "That said, don't consider it a gift, think of it as just me parking my money there for a while, to make you feel good and safe. And even if you disagree with that, it'll make ME feel better, and isn't pleasing your master rule number one?"

She sheepishly pointed out, "Technically speaking, 'pleasure the cock' is rule number one. But in a larger sense, that means pleasing you. So, yes."

"Good. Look at it this way. That money will go there just to make everyone in the harem feel better. It helps reassure me that you're not in this harem for financial gain. If you just think of me as a sugar daddy, you can take that money and run."

She got surprisingly angry. "NEVER! How could you even THINK that?! Master, I'm so hurt! You're going to make me cry!"

I went back to stroking her cheek, trying to calm her. "Relax. That's definitely not how I feel. I'm just saying 'if' in a hypothetical scenario. Anyway, in return for that, I will agree that your future earnings, and Cindy's, and mine and everyone else's, will go into a pot of money that we'll call the harem account. I'll put Mindy in charge of that for the managing of day-to-day expenses. So you'll be a 'full slave' after all."

Sue Ellen looked intrigued. She knew that I'd been strongly against pooling the money together like that. She asked, "What about all previous possessions? Shouldn't they go into your pot too?"

"Let's take this one step at a time. You know that's a big concession for me to agree to this much. Besides, what do you own? A matchbox, some thumbtacks, and a piece of string?"

She grinned. "I own more than that and you know it!"

"Okay, maybe a little more, but in the bigger picture it's nothing. So don't worry about that. But in return, I want you to cut down your hours at Mama Mia's to part-time only."

"What?! Why?!"

"Because... I want to spend more time with you. Look at tonight, how you won't be able to have dinner with Cindy and me. And I know you don't love that job. You do it because you need the money. Well, now you don't anymore. If you're my slave, and you are, then it's my duty to take good care of you."

She seemed conflicted. "I appreciate that, but... Master, I don't want to be a drag on the harem in any way. I'm determined to make more money than I spend. Otherwise, I'd feel like a mooch, and that doesn't feel good. Plus, I like working at Mama Mia's."

I gave her a skeptical look.

She was continuing to fondle my semi-hard penis as she clarified, "Or, at least I don't dislike it. It has its pluses and minuses. But also, I just like to work. I consider my top priority to be serving your cock. Frankly, I wish I could do nothing but that, all day long! You have no idea how GOOD I feel, submissively kneeling naked between your legs with my mouth crammed to the brim with sweet cock-meat! It's like everything in the world is perfect and right!"

She dreamily stared off into space while licking her lips. Then she snapped back to attention and said to me, "But I have to be realistic: the King is only hard so many hours in a day, and I have to share you with a bunch of very sexy and eager girls. Even with lots of sharing, there's bound to be a ton of down time for me. If I sit around like a bump on a log all summer, piddling around, that'll make me soft."

I responded, "I know you feel that way, and I appreciate that attitude. That's why I'm saying part-time instead of quitting altogether. Michelle and Ruby work part-time. If we're all in this together, why should you work more than them?"

She was thinking intently, with a furrowed brow. "Hmmm. That's true..."

"Frankly, the amount of money you earn there isn't much in the larger scheme of things. And you won't be a bump on the log by any means. I want to spend more time with you, and you'll have more time to practice volleyball, plus you can get to know your sister slaves better, exercise more if you want, and work on other self-betterment projects. Doesn't that sound better?"

She tilted her head, as if quizzically pondering, and then nodded.

I prodded, "Well? I'd like to hear your thoughts."

"That does sound better. Mostly though, it's making me hungry."

"For breakfast? Have you not eaten yet?"

"I haven't, but I'm talking about hunger for your cock!" She started slithering down my body, back to my crotch. "If I only work part-time at Mama Mia's, that means I'll have SOOOO many more hours to suck on your cock! Like tonight. If I was there, I could bob on the King all through dinner!"

I had the feeling she wanted to say more, but she didn't because her mouth closed around my dick and she got busy sucking. I was still half-hard, but she quickly sucked me back to full size.

I was amused by her cock hunger. I ran my hand through her dirty blonde hair some more as I aimed for confirmation. "So, it's a deal. I'm going to put $10,000 in your bank account today, We'll put your paychecks in a family pot. And you'll tell the Bat, er, Sonia, that you want to work part time from now on. Agreed?"


I chuckled to myself. I take that as a yes! Phew. That solves a tricky issue. I don't want my new relationship with Cupcake to be tainted with money issues. I hope that eventually we all will be one family in every way, with our finances united, but it's tricky to get there when we've known each other for such a very short time. Hopefully, this new arrangement will put a Band-Aid on things until enough time has passed for all of us to feel confident that our untested and unique harem relationship will endure. And it's only fitting that she works the same amount as the Gruesome Twosome do. I don't want to play favorites. Cindy, of course, is a very different matter, since she has her own house and so forth.

As Sue Ellen continued to bob on my erection, I mentally plotted out what else I was going to do with my day. I was fully awake and eager to get started on my list of things to do, but at the same time, her cocksucking felt so good that I didn't want to get out of bed just yet.

I realized there was one thing I could do without moving at all. I reached to the bed stand, picked up the phone, and called Mindy.

She had caller ID, which is why she answered the phone, "Smirkarella's House of Smirks, where we smirk so you don't have to. How may I help you?"

I decided to play along. "Yeah. My name is Fred. I'm interested in buying your jumbo smirk package which I saw advertised on TV. How much would that cost, and what would I get for that?"

"Ah, yes, Fred. Excellent choice. That's $99 a day, and you would have someone follow you around all day, constantly smirking at you."

I quipped, "Why would I want to pay for that when I already have my wife doing that for free?" We could have gone on like this for a while, as we often did, but I broke character because I was keen to get to serious issues. "Speaking of whom, how are you doing, Sweetheart?"

She chuckled a little at our silly interaction, but then her voice turned serious. "I'm doing... okay. I must admit... last night was rough."

I said, "Yeah, I feel bad, knowing you were sleeping all alone."

There was a long pause. Then she said, "Well... don't feel that bad, because I didn't sleep alone. The Gruesome Twosome, bless their hearts, insisted on sleeping with me, to cheer me up."

"Oh? And just how much 'cheering' went on?"

"Get your head out of the gutter, mister! It wasn't that kind of cheering. In fact, I insisted we all wear nighties, just to make sure things didn't devolve in that direction."

"Awww, shucks." With Sue Ellen still blowing me, it was easy for my thoughts to veer towards the sexual. At the very least, I wished I could have had a photo of the three of them in their nighties.

Mindy responded, "Unlike YOU! Cindy's right here with me. She told me how you woke up with a double hummer."

"That's true. In fact, I haven't gotten out of bed yet. Mostly because I can't get Sue Ellen's mouth off my boner."


I chuckled. "Is that such a surprise?"

"Actually, no! Cindy and I were just speculating about that. But still, to think about it is one thing... to have it confirmed... UNGH!" Mindy sounded like she was close to cumming on the spot.

Even knowing her cucquean tendencies, I still found her attitude hard to believe. "You're not upset?! Not even a little?"

"Upset?! Are you kidding me?! I love it! In fact, can you humor me and bring the receiver to your crotch, just so I can hear the happy slurping?"

"Sure thing." I told Sue Ellen, "Cupcake, I've got Smirkarella on the line, as you probably guessed already. She wants to hear the sounds of your sucking. Can you humor her for a little bit?"

Sue Ellen's head was steadily bobbing up and down already, so she gave me the thumbs up signal to show her approval.

I brought the phone close to my crotch. I was having fun with this, since Mindy was so obviously in approval.

Sue Ellen kept her cocksucking going, but she did her best to be as noisy and slurpy as possible. I kept the phone there for a while, well over a minute, and it wasn't long before she resorted to choking and gagging deeper down my shaft.

My Cupcake was focusing on making noise, but that didn't mean she was slacking when it came to pleasurable technique. In fact, what she was doing felt even better than before. I responded with lusty and loud groans of my own, hoping to add to the lewd sonic symphony.

I finally brought the receiver back to my head. "There you go, Sweetheart. How was that?"

Mindy groaned lustily. "So GOOD! HNNG! Do you really have to pull the phone away?! She's choking and gagging! That's... UNGH! So great! So hot! That's my favorite!"

I chuckled. "Sorry, that was two minutes, at least. By the way, you sound different, and I don't just mean your heavy breathing."

"Oh, that's because I put you on speakerphone so Cindy could listen in too."

Cindy piped up to say, "Hi, Master! Sorry about tickling you."

I chuckled, recalling how her tickling caused me to cum. "That's okay. You can't have a tickle attack without at least some tickling. Besides, I was ready to cum by then anyway."

"Oh, good," Cindy said.

Sue Ellen stopped her choking and gagging and eased up quite a bit in general. I was impressed, because it showed she was anticipating my needs, and right now I wanted to be able to speak freely without constantly struggling not to shoot my load.

I asked, "So how are you two doing?"

Mindy exclaimed, "We're EXTREMELY hot and bothered! This always happens whenever you call, but I never learn. I swear, if we were anywhere else, we'd be naked and cumming already!"

"Whoa, Nelly! This isn't meant to be that kind of call. Sweetheart, I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing, due to the sex boycott and all. You know, even though I'll be sleeping at the McGrath house for the duration of the boycott, we can still carry on normally in all other respects. For instance, I'm assuming we'll eat dinner together tonight and generally spend a lot of time together."

She sighed. "I'd love that, of course. But I don't know if it's going to be that easy. We'll see. Especially with the Hellions. I foresee trouble with them."

I snickered. "Don't quit your day job to become a professional psychic. I see that too. But we'll muddle through as we always do. In fact, I was hoping to see you later, before you get off work. Would you have time? And Cindy too, of course."

"Oh! Well, you know I have my lunch break time, and ditto with Cindy. You sent the message with Cindy that you wanted to join us for lunch, so could we do that?"

"Maybe. You see, I want to get started right away on our 'lighthouse' project. Remember that from last night? To make a permanent structure just like the tent we used for Cindy's initiation?"

"Of course! Great idea! I'm still 200% in favor."

"Good. So I figure after I call you I'll call Mario." (Mindy knew well that was the name of our talented and all-purpose handyman.) "I was thinking you and I should meet him in the backyard so we can be on the same page when we tell him exactly what to do. He might be available around lunch and he might not."

"Excellent. I like getting started on this ASAP. Call him and then call me right back, okay? And whatever you do, make sure Sue Ellen keeps sucking you, all through every phone call and beyond! Or I'll sic my ass monkeys on you. Remember them?"

I chuckled. "How could I forget?"

I heard Cindy's voice again, and louder, as she obviously got closer to the phone. "By the way, Master, I'm upset at you."

"Uh-oh. What did I do?"

"It's what you didn't do." Cindy spoke in a pouty voice. "You didn't put my Silken Bonds on me before I left for work!"

I responded, "How could I have?! You left in a rush."

"I know, I know. I'm just giving you a hard time. Actually, it was my choice. I dressed while there was still time, but I figured it was more important not to interrupt her cocksucking. After all, 'pleasure the cock' is rule number one. And Mindy actually created a small symbolic ceremony when I got to the office by having me take off my undies so she could properly 'bind' me in them for you, which was nice. But I'm bummed that you were right there and I didn't take advantage. I'm mentioning it to let you know that it means a lot to me and hopefully next time we can make time for it."

I said, "Sounds good. Plus, hopefully I'll be home when you get home so I can at least directly take you out of your Silken Bonds then."

She squealed with delight. "Ooooh! Hush! You're making me all wet! Actually, I should say wetter! Min, quick, where's your time machine? Set it to five P.M.! Or, better yet, just konk me on the head and wake me up then!"

I had a good laugh at that.

After a little more small talk, I ended the call and then called Mario. Happily, although he was working on another job all day, it was nearby and he agreed to briefly stop by for an assessment around lunchtime. So I called Mindy back and finalized the arrangements.

And, to my wife's great joy, I was able to truthfully tell her that Sue Ellen sucked me off the entire time, even through the phone call with Mario. It wasn't that big of a deal to me since it was a brief call and I was careful not to make any unusual sounds. But my wife was so thrilled that I worried she would scream loud enough to concern the co-workers outside her office. I had to warn her that she was in her office, but that seemed to arouse her even more.

Sue Ellen was a relentless cocksucking machine. I'm sure I could have stayed in bed with her working my erection for the next hour, until it was time for her to go to her volleyball practice. But I was feeling decadent just lying there, and I wanted to get started on the day. As a result, I managed to get her to stop, and I went to take a shower.

However, she followed me in and kept me erect and horny with the way she washed me and I washed her. In fact, once we were actually all soaped up and clean, she wound up on her knees in front of me again. The only difference was that she mostly titfucked me due to some soap in the water running down my body.

Once she had me on the brink of climax, I had to get her to stop again to take a break. I took the opportunity to "escape" all the way to the kitchen, grabbing a T-shirt to wear as I went.

But she put on a sexy light green see-through nightie and followed me there. Somehow, she managed to keep my boner stiff while we worked together to make breakfast. Without a doubt, she knew how to tease and preen and pose. Furthermore, she took advantage of the fact that I was only wearing a T-shirt and had a hand on my boner more often than not.

We worked together on cooking pancakes on the stove. This left long gaps of inaction while we waited for each batch of pancakes to cook. Each time, she took advantage by dropping to her knees and bobbing on my cock while I stood with my eyes on the pancakes.

At one point, while she was lapping on my sweet spot and sliding her lips back and forth, I joked, "I'm going to have a hard time shaking free of you, aren't I?"

She just gave me the thumbs up since she didn't want to stop her bobbing.

Then I said, "Seriously, you don't have to do this. You don't have to try to impress me. Believe me, I'm plenty impressed! We can just hang out without you sucking my dick, you know. I just like being with my adorable Cupcake."

She was forced to pull off to say, "Master, you misunderstand. I'm not doing this to impress you. I LOVE IT! And I love making you happy and aroused, so I double love it!" She giggled at that. "Really! I feel sad about the whole sex boycott thing. It breaks my heart to see the harem split in two. But, that said, this morning has been a rare opportunity for me to have a lot of one-on-one or two-on-one time with you, and I plan to take full advantage!"

She was about to switch to a titfuck, because she pulled the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and then pushed her round boobs together. But then she remembered the cooking pancakes, and she stood up to check the stove. "Aaaah! Finished. And that's the last batch. Let's eat!"

We sat down to eat at the dining table. I couldn't help but notice she never pulled her nightie straps back up and in fact the nightie dropped down further. She actually wanted to kneel under the table and blow me all through my meal, but I insisted she sit next to me and eat her pancakes while they were still hot.

She seemed downright disappointed by that, even though I let her jack me off most of the meal. She said, "Drat. I miscalculated. I should have eaten before we woke you up, when Cindy did. Then I could have maximized my very limited time."

"'What do you mean by that?"

She was very emotionally agitated as she explained, "Think about it: today you're practically going to be on your own! Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby can't service you at all due to the boycott, and Cindy and I will be at work most of the day. I'm going to have to leave soon, and I won't get back until late at night!"

"Yes, but you'll be glad to know I plan on spending part of my day writing on my laptop at Mama Mia's."

To my surprise, she didn't even smile at that. "That's nice, but in a way it's bad news because it'll be even MORE frustrating for me! You told me yesterday not to get intimate with you there for fear of offending the Bat. Is that still true?"

"Yes, I don't think anything's changed with her. In fact, yesterday I just made things worse."

"You see?!" She took her hand off my erection to gesticulate. "How frustrating! I totally want you to come to Mama Mia's. Please do! But it'll be kind of a slow torture for me, knowing that you'll go practically the ENTIRE DAY without any loving cock service! That's just not right! At least I still have a little while after we eat to get you to cum before I have to go." She sighed heavily as she resumed jacking me off. This issue was really bothering her.

I had to tell her, "Um... Actually, before you leave for volleyball, I want to stop by my house with you to talk to you and the Hellions about something."

Her eyes widened in panic. "OH NO! That leaves almost NO TIME for you to cum! I'm sorry, but you leave me with no choice!" She suddenly dropped from her chair and crawled under the table. "I can't let you go all morning without cumming even a single time!"

I pointed out, "Wait! I came once, when Cindy tickled me. Remember?"

"Oh yeah. But once is not enough! If I don't make you cum again after having you to myself for the rest of the morning, I'll never hear the end of it from my slave sisters!"

I was going to chide her, but I realized that trying to stop her would be like trying to stop a tornado with my bare hands. For her, this was a very serious issue, and it would be a genuine crisis if I didn't cum before she left! If I didn't let her suck me to completion, she would fret about it all day long.

Luckily, both of us had finished most of our breakfast by then. I tried to keep eating, but it was hard going due to the sheer intensity of her cocksucking efforts. After only a minute or two, she began deep throating me! The pleasure I felt was so intense that there was no way I could continue eating through it.

I glanced around for a clock in the McGrath dining room, but I didn't see one. The house had mostly been stripped bare during the move yesterday, except for the furniture and the food in the kitchen. Nonetheless, I figured we didn't have much time if my task at my house was to take place in time for her to go to her volleyball practice. As a result, after her second deep throat effort (where she stayed all the way down on my throbbing erection for a good minute each time), I warned her that I was on the brink of cumming.

She had pulled her lips all the way off to give her mouth a brief rest after the difficult deep throating, but she immediately engulfed me again and fervently sucked until I began to shoot my load. She kept me in her mouth the whole time, perhaps because she didn't have anyone to share the cum with afterwards, or maybe just for a lack of time to clean up.

Once my orgasm petered out, I insisted she get back to the table and finish eating.

Luckily, now that my penis was flaccid, she was all business and we were able to get things done. Only a few minutes later, we were finished with breakfast, fully dressed, and out the door. She decided to drive us to my house, even though it was less than a block away, because she planned to leave afterwards directly from there.

As we got in the car, she asked me, "So, Master, what's the plan? Why do you need for me to come along for this meeting?"

"There are some practical issues that need to be discussed that involve you. But don't worry, it's not a bad thing or even a controversial thing. It mostly has to do with the backyard project Mindy and I were talking about on the phone. I just hope the Hellions aren't going to get all drama queen on me."

Sue Ellen said confidently, "Don't worry. They might, but it'll just be an act. They're not that upset about your boycott, at least not yet."

"How do you know?"

"We talked about it this morning when we went running together."

I raised an eyebrow at that.

"It was well before you woke up, and even before Cindy woke up. Don't worry about it; we're morning people."

I shouldn't have been surprised since they've been regularly doing that, but I was. Geez! All three of them are up and running at the crack of dawn. There's no way I could do that. I'm no spring chicken anymore. Then again, Cindy's initiation took a lot of out me and Cindy, but less so for them. That makes me feel better.

We'd already reached my house and we were just sitting in the car, so she said, "Since we're short on time, I'll cut to the chase. They got to have a lot of fun with your cock during Cindy's initiation last night, and they haven't done much since but sleep, so they haven't had time to desperately long for your cock. But I'm sure they will. Just give it time."

I nodded. "Thanks for the tip. Let's go."

We walked to the front door hand in hand. Despite what Sue Ellen told me, I was certain that Michelle and Ruby were going to make a big emotional production out of seeing me again. I knew how they operated.

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