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Chapter 2

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I walked into my house with Sue Ellen behind me. Sweeping through the living room and the into the kitchen and dining room area, I didn't see any sign of Michelle or Ruby. So I shouted, "Helloooo? Girls, I'm home!"

I figured they were somewhere and would show up shortly. While I was waiting, I told Sue Ellen, "Cupcake, please find a piece of paper and write down your work schedule for this week. Then post it on the fridge."

"Yes, Master. Good idea." She already knew the house well enough to know which kitchen drawer to use to find pen and paper.

"It would be good if you can organize it so there's room for Shelle and Red to put their hours down too. Now that we're a harem, it would be good if we can get more organized."

She nodded without looking up, and said, "I'm already on it."

I also had her write her bank information on a piece of paper so I could deposit the money in her bank account later.

After another minute, I heard Michelle yell from the stairs, "We're coming!" Then they soon appeared walking into the dining room area where Sue Ellen and I were.

I noticed right away that they were surprisingly thoroughly covered. Their tops were just ordinary T-shirts with bras on underneath. That wasn't too unusual, but both of them were wearing long pants, which was unheard of for them on a sunny summer day like this one. However, even more suspicious was the fact that they were both holding what appeared to be heavy jackets.

They came to me without speaking, but once they got close they dropped to their knees, and then said as one, "We surrender!"

Michelle elaborated, "Daddy, you win! We give up!"

Ruby added, "You've beaten us totally and utterly. We have been destroyed by your sex boycott! We'll do anything you say!"

I wasn't impressed. I commented, "Why are you holding those jackets? Wait, let me guess: you say you surrender, but you're already anticipating that I'm not going to be fazed in the slightest. Which I'm not."

The two of them sagged down with disappointment while remaining on their knees.

I continued, "So you've already prepared for Plan B, which is to put on those jackets to protest me being such a 'blockhead.' Am I right?"

Michelle looked up at me and growled, "You ARE a blockhead! GRRR!" She stood up and started to put her jacket on.

But I said, "Not so fast. You two just said you'll do anything I say, and I'm saying no jackets. I understand if you don't want to dress provocatively, but don't be ridiculous with winter wear. I'm still your master, and that's an order!"

Both of them started to grumble and gripe.

However, I cut them off. "Not now! We don't have much time. We've only got five minutes, tops, until Sue Ellen has to go, and I have something to do first. When we're done, then you can grumble all you want. Now please, girls, come with me." With that, I walked to the sliding door leading to the backyard, forcing the three of them to follow.

I walked to the side of the pool and waited until they were within hearing range. Then I said, "I didn't know until recently that Sue Ellen is on a volleyball scholarship, which means she needs to practice volleyball a lot. As a treasured member of our harem, I think it would be nice if we put in a volleyball court for her."

I waved my hand towards the side of the pool I was standing on, an area partially covered by grass, with bushes in the back and a few trees even further back. "I'm thinking there's room to put in a court right here. I figure all we need to do is clear out the vegetation, add in some sand and a net, and have a screen of some kind on this side to prevent stray balls from flying into the pool. What do you think?"

"MASTER!" I was practically crushed, because Sue Ellen just about flew at me and wrapped me in a joyous bear hug. It was a near thing she didn't knock me over. In fact, she was so exuberant that she actually briefly lifted me off the ground, even though I weighed a fair amount more than her.

She screamed, "I love it! I love YOU!" Then she kissed me with so much passion that she nearly knocked me over again.

I actually was forced to push back against her, because she was continuing to crush me in her powerful squeeze even as her tongue tried to tickle my tonsils. Not that I minded, though. I was proud and delighted at how delighted she felt. I forcibly broke the kiss, and said, "Okay, okay, I get it. You approve."

She exclaimed, "Approve?! Are you kidding me?! I'm drunk as Cooter Brown, but I'm drunk on JOY! And LOVE! It's not the court that delights me so much, although that is great. It's that you CARE! This proves to me all over again that you really DO love me! Master, you make me so happy to be your slave! I can't even say!"

I was wondering who the heck "Cooter Brown" was. But I didn't get a chance to ask, because as soon as she finished speaking, she French kissed me again while resuming her bear hug. At the same time, she somehow managed to use one hand to reach for my crotch.

I quickly realized she was trying to unzip my fly. I couldn't allow that, and I broke the hug and the kiss to block her. "Cupcake, I love that you're so happy. But now's not the time for that. Remember, you've only got a few minutes before you go to work."

"Pardon my French, but FUCK WORK! And fuck volleyball practice too! I just want to stay with you, and bask in your love, and suck on your great big cock, and generally overdose on total enslavement joy!"

I had to break free from her and hold my hands up defensively. "I understand how you feel, but bottle that up for later, okay? Life goes on and you need to go to your practice and your work on time. That's an order. Understood?"

It was an obvious struggle, but she managed to get her emotions under control. Well, for the most part, anyway. She looked like she was capable of actually flying through the air, but she stood in place and even gave me a nod.

I looked to Michelle and Ruby. As I expected, they were glowering with jealousy. However, they also clearly looked to be simmering with lust! It seemed Sue Ellen's spontaneous and passionate display had affected them. They obviously wanted to throw themselves at me just like she had, and just as obviously they couldn't right now without getting another reprimand.

Still, I had to ask them. "What do you think, girls? Is it okay with you if we turn this area into a volleyball court?"

Michelle immediately complained, "No! It's NOT okay!"

"Why not?" I asked. "Give me one good reason, especially since you've never used that space for anything."

There was a pause, because Michelle knew I had her there but she was reluctant to admit it. Finally, she huffed, "Okay, maybe I don't have a good reason. Except that why does your 'sweet Cupcake' get all this special treatment while we're left as also-rans?! Look at us, standing here wearing far too many clothes, when we should be naked and sucking on your cock! But we can't even do that! We should be official cock slaves already, just like Cindy AND Sue Ellen, but you won't let us! You're turning our Dream into a nightmare!"

Surprisingly, Ruby said, "Daddy, I'm feeling frustrated and jealous too. But, even so, I think it's a sweet idea and Sue Ellen is a sweet person. So of course we approve. Don't we?" She gave Michelle a hard look.

Michelle stared back, but then let out a heavy sigh that lasted at least ten seconds, if not twenty. "UUUUUUUUUUUGH! Fine! Of course I can't say no. I'm not an asshole. Sue Ellen, my beef isn't with you or the court idea, it's with my boneheaded daddy and his stupid sex boycott. The timing of this idea is terrible!"

I spoke before Sue Ellen got a chance. "Shelle, Red, I get that. But this isn't about playing favorites. It's just that Sue Ellen has a need and we have an easy way to fill it. We've got more land in the backyard than we know what to do with, and making a volleyball court is fairly cheap and easy to do. If either or both of you have something special you want to do with another chunk of land, we could do that too. For instance, if you want a tennis court we could probably find a way to squeeze one in. But I can't think of anything you'd want that would involve the use of a chunk of land like that."

Michelle and Ruby were flustered. Clearly, they both were trying to think of something similar to the volleyball court for themselves but were coming up blank.

I made it easier on them by adding, "Think on that for a while and get back to me. There's no rush. I don't want to play favorites. And don't think just in terms on something to do in the backyard. Maybe you want some special equipment to help you with your children's book project. Or whatever. I don't want to spoil anyone, but if it's a reasonable request for a legitimate need, I'm all ears."

Michelle flopped her arms up and down. "Daddy, all we want to do is love you and be loved by you! And love our family, and our harem, and get fucked by you a hell of a lot. In every hole, every day! It doesn't require a bunch of extra stuff to do that. In fact, it's best when we're all naked."

I nodded. "Understood. Although... sometimes 'extra stuff' can help make sex more enjoyable. Which brings me to my second backyard improvement project. This is something that we ALL can enjoy. If you'll follow me..."

I led the three of them down the path from the pool area through the trees and bushes to our deck that overlooked the ocean. I was deliberately silent and mysterious to increase their curiosity. Even when they asked me a few questions, I didn't say anything.

When we reached the deck area, I was glad to see that the party tent that I'd used to fuck Cindy in her ass was still there. Just seeing it, and remembering what had happened in it, caused my penis to twitch, but thankfully not to rise. If I got an erection right then, I'd have a riot over who would get to deal with it.

I waved a hand towards the tent, and said, "I'm sure you all remember this tent from the night before last. You weren't here the whole time, but you were here for part of the time. Wasn't that a fun time, taking our sexual antics out there?"

The three of them all nodded, but their faces showed confusion. Clearly, they were wondering where I was going with this.

I went on, "Last night, before the big meeting, Mindy and I came down here and talked about a few things. This tent needs to be returned. In fact, one of us should take care of that today. But we came up with the idea of building a permanent replacement. We're thinking of calling it 'the lighthouse.' It wouldn't be a real building. If we did that, we'd have to get all kinds of permits and it would take a while to cut through all the red tape. Instead, just think of a scaffolding made out of wood, and then see-through plastic. Kind of like a greenhouse, except to hang out in instead of grow plants."

I could see their eyes widening and smiles coming to their faces as they pictured the possibilities.

I continued, "It would be very much like what we still have here, with a mattress as the floor, pillows, and lights, and whatever else we want. We could even keep the small fridge. It would be great for having sexy fun under the stars, or looking out at the ocean, any time we want. Does that sound like a good idea? Do you approve?"

The three girls all nodded their heads vigorously. They were silent, but it looked like they wanted to shout and dance around. Sue Ellen in particular was just about bursting at the seams, since she was still excited from the volleyball court surprise.

I proceeded to fill them in on the other details Mindy and I had come up with. Then I explained the related idea of building a fence all the way across our property through the trees and across the path from the pool to the deck, so the lighthouse could have total privacy.

They didn't seem excited about that part, but at least they weren't against it. It was hard to tell, because they were all so worked up from the lighthouse idea in general.

I concluded by saying, "Okay, here's the tricky part. Mindy and I agreed that we need to get started in on this right away. We want to have it all finished before Nicky gets back, hopefully with time to spare so we can use it before she gets here. Keep in mind that once she's here, we're going to have to be very careful about what we do when she's around, which will be most of the time. But, if we put the fence back towards the pool, we might be able to have some hanky panky in the lighthouse even when she's here. We'll have to test it and see how much noise we make."

They nodded in understanding. Seeing the lusty looks on Michelle's and Ruby's faces made me very curious about what exactly they were thinking, but I figured it was safer not to ask. Sue Ellen was riding such a wave of happiness at all these developments that it was harder to guess what thoughts she was having.

I said, "So that makes it even more imperative we get this done ASAP. To that end, I'm going to have our handyman Mario meet with Mindy and me on this around lunch time. Hopefully he'll be able to get started in the next few days, and take care of the volleyball court at the same time. The more help I get from you all, the better. That's why I'm squeezing in this discussion right now, so we all can agree before he comes in a couple of hours. And if you have any specific ideas on the details, like the shape and size of the lighthouse, and so on, you need to let me know now."

Michelle and Ruby both raised their hands eagerly, like overexcited school kids wanting to be called on by the teacher. I was reminded of the fact that they'd actually been seniors in high school mere weeks ago.

I had to chuckle. I was particularly amused at how dramatically their moods had shifted again, after their jacket protest and then their jealous volleyball court snit.

Sue Ellen sighed. "Dang! I wish so much I could take part in that, but I've gotta GO! Like, as of a couple of minutes ago already. I'll take an early break and call to get an update on the lighthouse plans, okay? I really want to be a part of that. My mouth is watering already thinking about all the countless hours we'll spend slobbering and choking on our master's huge cock, with the ocean in the distance, and the sunset, and the stars, and everything! Oh my heavenly days! It's too great!"

Michelle rushed to her and gave her a big hug. She muttered, "Sorry for getting so jealous before. I didn't really mean it."

Sue Ellen nodded. "Don't worry, it's cool." She could see Ruby and me lining up for good-bye hugs and kisses too, but she said, "Sorry, I can't even hug, especially Master, or I'll really be late. Bye!"

With that, she turned and ran full speed back up the path and out of sight.

We all watched her go.

I could only admire the sheer athleticism of her running form as she charged up the hill and out of sight. That girl is such a sweet peach, I thought as I stared at her undulating buns until she was out of sight. And such a sweet, peachy ass! I swear, making a move on her at Mama Mia's was probably the best bold action I've ever taken.

I mused out loud, "Too bad she was in such a rush, 'cos I didn't get a chance to do the Silken Bondage ritual with her. And I missed it with Cindy earlier too."

Michelle, suddenly very interested, asked me, "How would that work? She was wearing her undies already."

"I know. But I would have taken them off and then put them back on in the proper manner."

Both girls shivered lustily. Ruby sighed an appreciative, "Oooooh!" Michelle muttered, "Hot fucking damn!"

Ruby stepped forward and struck a sexy pose with a cocked hip and tilted back head. She even made a subtle move that caused one of her bra straps to fall off a shoulder. She spoke in a very sexy voice. "Master, you missed out on Cindy and Sue Ellen, but it's not too late to put us in OUR Silken Bonds. I'd love for you to take my bra and panties off and then put them back on! And if your hands happen to wander wherever they will, then so be it! You are the master and we are your slaves. It's our sworn duty to serve you and pleasure you in every possible way!"

Michelle quickly caught on. She struck an even more outrageous pose that involved leaning forward to highlight her jutting torpedo tits. "Yeah! What she said. It won't feel right if we have to go all day without being properly bound in our undies. By you!"

She was going to say more, probably much more, but I cut her off with a dramatic wave of my hand. "Enough! Remember the sex boycott. You won't be getting any Silken Bondage treatment from me until it's over."

"Why not?" my youngest daughter challenged, while continuing to give me an eyeful of what looked like acres of mouth-watering cleavage.

"Because you're not worthy of it yet," I answered simply. "I only do my Silken Bondage rituals as a reward for my cock slaves who obey me AND who make the time to allow me to enjoy it. Since you've been and continue to be disobedient, that means no Silken Bondage for you."

A chastened looking Michelle straightened back up.

I was secretly relieved. To be honest, with her protruding F-cups, I didn't understand how managed not to topple over every time she leaned forward.

She complained, "Ugh! No Silken Bondage ritual? What a rip-off! And what's worse is that this would be the perfect time for a celebratory double blowjob. In a better world, you could even fuck us right here in the tent. But nooooOOOOOoooo. Stupid boycott!" She groaned wearily and melodramatically.

I said, "Instead of dwelling on things you can't do, let's get a tape measure and some paper and pencil and come up with a blueprint of what we want."

Michelle put her hands on her hips and huffed, "Then I'm gonna take a piece of paper and draw a gigantic picture of your cock. I'm gonna need really big piece of paper to make it even bigger than life size! And I'll cover it in saliva from Ruby and me, and then draw myself squatting above it, showing the very moment your fat cockhead penetrates my virgin cunt!"

I ignored that provocation, and blandly said, "I'm talking about the lighthouse. It's true that none of us are architects, but the more detailed and accurate we can get with our plans, the easier it'll be for Mario."

So that's what we did. Michelle and Ruby were very enthusiastic participants. Due to Michelle's natural artistic abilities, she handled making sketches while Ruby and I used the tape measure and estimated distances. They also created a wish list of features they wanted to add to the lighthouse, which mostly consisted of items to put in it.

By and by, they stripped down to just their underwear, claiming that they were too hot in their long pants. (Never mind that didn't explain why they took their tops off as well.) Then they picked up on my comment on wanting to test out if sex from inside the lighthouse would be loud enough for Nicky to hear from beyond the fence by suggesting a "live test" while we still had the party tent. Michelle suggested giving me a titfuck-blowjob combo while Ruby stood in the pool area to listen for screaming. But, funnily enough, Ruby preferred being the one to give me the titfuck-blowjob combo while Michelle did the listening.

I cut through the potential dispute by reminding them of the sex boycott and pointing out that we could simply scream without having to perform a real sex act. Needless to say, they insisted on the need for "authenticity," but I put my foot down.

We did try out various screams. I did some listening from the pool area myself. My conclusion was that normal sex acts couldn't be heard from that distance, but particularly loud and/or piercing screaming could be heard. That was about what I'd expected. However, we didn't know what the difference might be in the lighthouse compared to the party tent. Our testing made us want to go for a thicker material to cover the lighthouse "walls," perhaps even glass.

With that accomplished, we spent the next half hour or so taking down the party tent and putting it in my minivan (a.k.a. the "Pussymobile") and most everything in it back into the house. Luckily, the girls stayed in a good mood despite the mundane nature of the work, because they were still riding high from the lighthouse idea.

I had an erection nearly the entire time. For starters, it was somehow extra enticing to see them in just their underwear, especially since they were wearing particularly sexy, lacy kinds. I think it was actually more titillating than seeing them completely naked, since I'd seen so much of that lately, and the fact that we were outside on a beautiful sunny day added something extra.

Furthermore, they knew I was checking them out and they went into "extra flirty" mode. They spent much of the time talking about all the different things they could do inside the lighthouse, which mostly involved very vivid and detailed descriptions of blowjobs at sunset, fucking at midnight, and the like.

I could tell they were testing my ability to resist their charms. But I didn't mind much because I'd cum twice not long before, and even though I was aroused, I also felt mostly sexually satiated. I was ready to put my foot down if they went too far, but they kept their undies on and refrained from touching me. Since we remained productive, I was willing to cut them some slack. Still, I suspected this was just the first salvo in their larger war to get me to break my sex boycott.

I will readily admit that seeing them both prancing around for me in their underwear was quite enticing. It didn't help knowing that all I had to do was snap my fingers and they'd be on me like white on rice. I could easily picture myself standing there with my hands on their heads while they knelt naked in the great outdoors, contentedly licking and slobbering all over my erection. Damn!

At one point, while we were taking a drink break in the kitchen, I had them take a look at Sue Ellen's work schedule that she'd posted on the refrigerator door, and had them add their own work schedules for the week to it. I saw that neither of them had shifts at the video store today, and made my plans accordingly.

Actually, it didn't matter a whole lot if they were working there or not, since my general plan was to spend most of my time away from the house except in the evenings when Mindy and Cindy would be home. I could handle some sexy teasing, but I figured being in the house all day long with the two Hellions was asking for too much teasing temptation trouble.

One important fact they mentioned was that they'd already heard from Nicky, who apparently had sent an e-mail the night before. She conveyed that she wanted to chat to Mindy, me, and others through the video link around eight or nine, our time. She was going to be out all day, but figured she would be back in her room to get ready for dinner around then. They gave her an affirmative reply, but she probably hadn't gotten it yet since it was three hours earlier in Hawaii and she apparently had left her hotel room before they could e-mail her back.

I had mixed feelings about communicating with her again so soon, given how yesterday's video chat with her had gone. Between Mindy giving me a secret handjob and Nicky briefly taking her bikini top off, that had been a fiasco. But I figured it wouldn't be hard to learn from my mistakes for this chat and all future ones. For starters, I'd make sure to talk to her alone so secret handjobs were completely impossible.

Once I had the packed-up party tent in the minivan (which I did myself, since they didn't want to be seen on the street in their underwear), I packed up my laptop and a few other things, and drove away. It was sad having to leave without giving the Gruesome Twosome good-bye hugs or kisses, but I figured it was best to avoid touching them or I could wind up violating my sex boycott already.

My first task was to return the party tent to the store where Mindy had rented it. Once that was done, I found the piece of paper Sue Ellen had given me with her banking information, went to her bank, and deposited $10,000 into her account. Well, almost. At the last minute I remembered there was some government rule about investigating single deposits of $10,000 or more for "suspicious activity." Not wanting any extra hassle, I made the deposit for $9,700 instead. I also recalled a lot of other people did something similar, going just under the threshold.

While driving around town, I also took care of some other errands that had been piling up.

Then I went to Mindy's office. I did give Min and Cin hugs and kisses, but they were in business mode and I made sure it stayed that way by avoiding any kind of sexual discussion and staying all business too. The purpose of my visit was to show them the sketches of the lighthouse made by Michelle, as well as the notes that were mainly full of Michelle's and Ruby's ideas. Happily, Min and Cin liked just about everything and only made few minor changes. That meant we were totally prepared to talk to Mario the handyman later.

That visit turned out to be rather short, due to the easy agreement, so I finally turned to my main task of the day: working on my novel at Mama Mia's.

I was a little bit anxious about how Sonia would react to me showing up again. She'd spent a lot of time and energy trying to get me to leave yesterday, showing up at my booth and pestering me over and over again. I figured she wasn't likely to do that again, since it clearly hadn't fazed me. But I didn't think she would just throw in the towel and let me hang out there without trouble. What would her next line of attack be? Would she simply kick me out?

Since I wasn't going to be able to eat lunch with Mindy and Cindy, due to their lunch break being taken up by meeting with Mario, I decided to eat lunch at Mama Mia's. I figured Sonia would soon find out about that, and she might be more lenient towards me if she saw I was actually spending a decent amount of money there instead of just buying the occasional drink while working on my laptop for hours.

I really did want to get on her good side, but I also couldn't resist keeping to certain "traditions," even if they tweaked her nose a little bit. Heck, I must admit I was having fun tweaking her. I can't explain it except to say that she was so wound up and uptight that she was very tweakable. It was like she was a puffed-up balloon that was practically crying out to be popped.

I knew Sue Ellen was finished with her volleyball practice by then and had started her shift. I was careful to sneak to an out-of the-way booth towards the back - but not the one in the separate room I'd used for previous sexual shenanigans. Then I waited until Sue Ellen was finished with a customer and stood up to get her attention.

Sue Ellen immediately rushed over to me. She bowed her head and whispered breathlessly, "Master! I'm sooooo happy to see you!"

I must have been smiling from ear to ear, because I was so delighted from seeing her so very happy. I swear, she was beaming so much that her face was actually glowing. I said, "We just saw each other, like, an hour ago."

"I know, but you hit me with the volleyball court news, and then the lighthouse news, and then I didn't even get to hug and kiss you good-bye!" She looked around furtively. "Can I do that now, a big good-bye kiss? Then I want to follow it with an even bigger 'welcome back' kiss! And then just a general 'I love you so much' kiss!"

I held my hands out in a stop gesture and sat back down. "I'm sorry. I'd love that, but we'd better avoid all kissing inside Mama Mia's for now. If we could limit ourselves it would be okay, but I'm pretty sure once we get started we wouldn't be able to stop."

"Mmmm!" She licked her lips, seemingly unbothered by that answer. "You're probably right. In fact, I'm salivating like crazy right now. All I can think about is how I could get away with sneaking under the table and sucking your incredible, enormous, master-cock for a long, long time! Are you SURE I can't do that?!"

"I'm sure." I already had an erection, just from having Sue Ellen near me, but I was determined to not to push my luck so far that it would be a no-brainer for Sonia to kick me out.

My adorable Cupcake bit her lip in the most adorable manner. "Darn it! It just... NEEDS to be sucked! So much! UGH!" She stomped her foot. "What if the Bat wasn't here?"

"Hmmm... Then maybe... But she is here, isn't she?"

"Dammit, she is! ARGH! She's ALWAYS here!" She clenched her fists and tilted her head back in supreme exasperation.

I couldn't help but grin as I told her, "That's too bad. But even so, I think there's something important that you're forgetting...." I held a hand out expectantly.

As I'd hoped and anticipated, her eyes went very wide when she realized what I meant. For an extra bonus, her jaw dropped down dramatically too and she even brought her hands up and clutched the sides of her head. "NO!"

I just grinned and kept my hand out. "Yes."

The look on her face was absolutely rapturous, with a good dose of shock added in. One would have thought I'd just given her a large diamond ring. Then, with her smile still splitting her face from ear to ear, she reached into her uniform and soon came out with her bra. She laid it on the table in front of me and whispered, "Master, you're soooo baaaaaad!"

I chuckled. "I probably am."

She looked all around conspiratorially, and then whispered even more quietly, "I want you so very much right now! Are you SURE I can't just duck under the table for a few minutes? Ten minutes, maybe?" Then, somehow, her eyes opened even wider. "Ooooh! Or better! You could take me to the bathroom and fuck the HELL out of me! Please, Master, please!"

I had to shake my head. "Unfortunately, you know my answer. I'd love to, but we can't. Besides, what about your other customers? Isn't this the lunch rush? Today, you spoke about wanting to do your part for the harem and not just be a mooch. So show me how professional and impressive you can be."

It took a few long moments, but her demeanor changed as she gathered her willpower. "Right! You're right. But I'm warning you!" To my surprise, she aggressively pointed her finger at me. "First, I had such a wonderful, tickle attack-y, slurpy, sucky morning. THEN you hit me with the money thing to put me at ease. THEN you hit me with the volleyball court plan, and THEN the lighthouse plan! And now THIS!" She gesticulated wildly, showing how incredulous she felt.

I shrugged. "What? All I did was ask for your bra. I do that every time I come here. That's not such a big thing."

"I know. But it's so totally great! Gaawwwd! It makes me feel so enslaved! And loved!" She wagged her finger at me some more when she added, "I warn you, if you do one more totally awesome thing to me today... well... I don't know what! I'll probably lose control and have to suck you under the table, even if that means defying your orders and losing my job! I can only take so much!"

With that, she suddenly rushed away.

That left me amused and chagrined, because I actually was planning on ordering lunch from her. But she didn't even give me a chance. I also was going to mention to her that I'd already put the money in her bank account, but I figured I'd better wait or that might push her over the edge.

I decided that Sue Ellen was too emotionally worked up and sexually aroused for me to deal with her as a regular waitress, at least for a while. Heck, I was dangerously aroused myself. My penis was very stiff and I found myself extremely tempted by Sue Ellen's suggestion that I take her to the bathroom and fuck her. I figured the odds of getting caught were small, but they weren't nothing, and I didn't want Sonia to "beat me" that way.

So I looked around to see who else was waitressing, hoping to see a friendly or at least familiar face. I noticed the closest waitress to me was reasonably slim and shapely but she looked to be in her fifties and didn't have an attractive face. That surprised me, since most of the waitresses at Mama Mia's were exceptionally attractive and often unusually busty. Furthermore, this dark-haired, light-skinned waitress had a sour face. She didn't seem the friendly sort, so I decided to give her pass.

I continued to look around and saw another waitress (besides Sue Ellen, who was dealing with another customer). I didn't recognize her, but she fit the Mama Mia's prototype: young, sexy, and fairly busty. She had short spiky hair in a style very similar to Ruby's except her hair was blonde instead of red. I waited for the right moment and then waved my hand at her to get her attention.

She came to me with pad and pen in hand. But when she got close, her facial expression was strange. When she reached my booth, the first words out of her mouth were, "Ah, the notorious Dan Cooper."

That puzzled me greatly. "'Notorious?' How do you even know who I am?" I could see from her nametag that her name was Lori, and I remembered Sue Ellen mentioning her, but I certainly didn't recall ever meeting her.

"Oh, come on. All Sue Ellen does is talk about you, and I've been here one of the times you came in last week. It's just that you were so busy with your sexual games that you didn't notice me. But before you try to seduce me, take a good look at this." She held up a hand and brought it close to my hand, showing off her wedding ring.

I held my hands up defensively. "Okay, Lori, I get it, you're married." I gave her a brief look, and now that she was much closer I noticed that was probably in her late twenties. I knew some women in customer service wore wedding rings just to ward off advances, but the fact that she was older than most of the other waitresses helped convince me her ring probably was legit. "But what gives you the impression that I'd want to seduce you?"

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. I know the full story. Sonia has warned me about you. Is it really true that you've enslaved poor Sue Ellen into your harem? Your actual factual harem?!"

Worried that Lori might be hostile, I had to be careful with my words. "That's only true from a certain point of view. Sue Ellen is very sexually submissive, and she gets off on talking about calling herself 'enslaved' and calling me 'Master' and such. But that's not my thing. I go along with it because I know she likes it. We have a pretty normal relationship, actually."

Lori rolled her eyes again. "Yeah, right. Just your typical married man who lives with FOUR sex slaves to boot!"

I raised my hands higher. "Sheesh! What is this, some kind of inquisition? I'm just here to eat lunch and work on my laptop. Considering that I don't know you from a hole in the ground, I think it's very unprofessional for you to attack me out of the blue with all kinds of claims about my personal life, especially my sex life!"

That took her aback. She recomposed herself, and then said, "Sorry. My apologies. It's just that I want to be perfectly clear that I'm a happily married woman and I don't want you to so much as flirt with me. After everything Sue Ellen has said to you, I'm kind of... daunted by you."


"Yes! She makes it seems like you have some kind of mind control powers or overwhelming sexual charisma or something. And now that I've seen you up close, I see that you're handsome, sure. In fact, you're uncommonly handsome. But you're just a guy. If you've got some special powers that you haven't used yet, keep them in check around me!"

I'd just put my hands down, but I raised them up defensively again. "Trust me, no special powers. I'm just a very, very lucky guy. And I promise you, I have no intention of flirting with you, or trying to seduce you, or anything else. I take marital fidelity VERY seriously. And before you say what you're bound to say, know that my wife approves of and even vigorously encourages my relationships with Sue Ellen and others. So that's a different thing. But actual cheating? No way! You're perfectly safe with me."

I didn't realize how tensed up she was until I saw her visibly relax after I said that.

I added, "Besides, I don't know what you know exactly, but I've put a stop to any sort of sexual antics inside this restaurant, at least for a while. I'm on very thin ice with Sonia, and I don't want to push her too far. So, now that we've gotten all that out of the way, can you just treat me like a normal customer? I'd actually like to order some lunch."

She sighed, though I couldn't read her facial expression to get what that meant. After a pause, she said, "Sure. And I'm sorry if I came on like I was attacking you, but you have to see it from my perspective. I mean, look at that!" She nodded towards Sue Ellen's bra lying in plain sight on the table. "That tells me you haven't shut down the 'sexual antics' entirely."

I tried to wave a hand dismissively. "Well, that's kind of a tradition we have going. Since you seem to know so much, you probably know all about it already. But I promise you, that's the extent of it. In fact, the reason I called you over is that Sue Ellen is in a very excitable state and I just want to be treated like a normal customer. So I figured it's best if I get another waitress until she calms down."

Lori nodded. "Okay. Fair enough. Let's start over." She pondered something for a few moments, and then said, "Look. I'm not... against you. I can see how happy you've made Sue Ellen. Our shifts happen to overlap a lot. When she started working here, about a week before you first showed up, she was her usual smiling, happy self, but I could sense a lot of that was forced. She wasn't happy with her boyfriend Mike, as well as some other things in her life, but she was trying to put on a brave front. Since then, she's just about the most constantly blissed out person I've ever met! Heck, even Laura walks around with a new spring in her step, and I understand you haven't even touched her yet."

I replied, "No, I haven't, but... it's complicated. Actually, I still don't know you from a hole in the ground. I don't know why I should be talking about any of this with you."

She nodded. "Understood. But I think the odds are good our paths are going to cross a lot, even if Sue Ellen only works here through the end of the summer, like she says she will. So there's no point in pretending you're just another customer."

I nodded back. "Okay, fine. Good point. And I'm glad to hear you're not against me. I promise you, I'm not taking advantage of Sue Ellen in some 'love 'em and leave 'em' way. We've made some VERY serious commitments to each other, long-term commitments, and I couldn't be more serious and sincere about that. I'm in love with her and I hope you can see that she's in love with me. I know the whole multiple lover thing throws people for a very big loop, but I hope you'll hang in there and won't be quick to judge. My goal is to keep that big smile on Sue Ellen's adorable face for many years to come."

"Good," Lori replied. "That's what I'm trying to do, be tolerant despite all the weirdness. I definitely don't approve of all this 'sex slave' and 'harem' business, but as long as you're making her that extremely happy, I'm willing to cut you some slack. Now that we've gotten all that out of the way, let's REALLY start over. Would you like to order something?"

"As a matter of fact, I would. I'll take the eggplant sandwich and a vanilla milkshake, please. And could you tell Sue Ellen that I'm not trying to snub her or anything, but I'd prefer for you to wait on me until she calms down?"

Lori nodded, and muttered, "Got it." She was distracted because she scribbled my order down on her pad and then looked up to stare at Sue Ellen. After a long pause, she said, "She really is... I don't even know how to say it. Radiant, maybe. Buzzing. Flying on the ground. Whatever you did to her, she's even MORE jubilant and energized than usual! It's probably a good idea that she stays clear of you for a while, or... I don't know. Sparks will fly and there will be an actual earth-shaking explosion!"

I grinned at that. "Exactly. She really is an amazing woman. And thanks again for being understanding, and getting all this sorted out up front. You are a very attractive woman, but if you have a husband or even a serious boyfriend, that means 'hands off' in my book. So I swear to you, no matter how you may see me treat Sue Ellen or even someone like Laura, you're totally safe with me."

"Good." She smiled back. "Somehow, I actually believe you. To be honest, you don't look like the notorious sex god you're portrayed as. Sure, you're very handsome, as I said, but you come off like an ordinary suburban dad type."

"That's because I AM an 'ordinary suburban dad type!' I'm so glad you said that, because sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind. All kinds of amazing sexual adventures have happened to me recently, but I swear I haven't been the instigator. I'm an ordinary average guy at heart, so please just treat me as such."

She eyed me curiously. "I'll try. Though it's not like I can simply forget that you're an 'ordinary average guy' who just happens to have four sex slaves!"

I winced. "There is that."

She left shortly afterwards, after double checking my order.

Once she left, I thought, I wish I could convey just how sincere I am with all that. Yes, she's attractive, but that wedding ring really is the end of the story. And even if that wasn't the case, I'm not looking for any more lovers! Maybe if she was single AND a total jaw-dropping stunner I might be more tempted, but she's not. Besides, even then, I have too many lovers already! What I do hope for here at Mama Mia's with the other employees is complicity. Meaning employees who know about my sexual antics and are willing to turn a blind eye to them. That's it. And since she knows so much about me and doesn't seem to hate me, perhaps she can at least tolerate me. Well, maybe, if I can get to know her better and make a good impression.

And at least she doesn't out and out hate me, like Sonia! That's a big plus! And frankly, that's more than I deserve, given all the wild stories that seem to be going around. I really need to talk to Cupcake about keeping her lips shut. She told me that she only talks to Laura and one or two others, and that's probably true, but then each of them talk to one or two others, and before long even the Bat knows absolutely everything. Not good!

I was halfway through eating my eggplant sandwich when I saw Sonia headed towards me from the back of the restaurant. If looks could kill, I would have been struck down dead!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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