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Chapter 4

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I had called Sue Ellen a couple of minutes in advance to tell her I was on my way, so when I pulled back into the Mama Mia's parking lot, she was already standing there waiting for me. Not only did she frantically wave, she bounced up and down, excitedly causing her big breasts to bounce lewdly in her waitress uniform. If anyone else had been watching, they would have known right away that she was bra-less. Luckily, although there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, nobody was walking in or out.

With the parking lot being rectangular in shape, it was hard to figure out a "safe" place to park. Luckily, there was a big van near the back of the lot, and I was able to park just behind it.

I must admit that I was feeling giddy, almost like I was experiencing my first "puppy love" all over again, except this was more about lust at the moment. Oh boy! My Cupcake is such a BABE! Soon, she'll be slurping and sucking hard on my dick, and she's REALLY good at that! God! Especially when she gets started with the deep throating. I wonder if she'll do that again?!

By the time I had the engine turned off, Sue Ellen already was pounding on the sliding door, eager to get to the back. I crawled between the front seats and opened the door from the inside.

She rushed in like every second counted, but made sure to close the door behind her. While she did that, she exclaimed, "Oh, Master! I'm so thrilled! I can't even put it into words! I need this so very badly!"

Outwardly, I kept my cool. Mostly, anyway. But I was thinking, Me too. Me too! My dick was fully erect and ready for action.

As she finished closing the sliding door, I was hastily tilting the back seats down to make a flat, bed-like space. But I'd also noticed that she was wearing very noticeable cherry red lipstick, which was a change from when I'd left the restaurant less than an hour earlier. I asked, "What's with the lipstick?"

She moaned like I'd just told her something extremely arousing and orgasm-inducing. "HNNG! That's because I'm so very, very eager to suck your cock! I want to use the lipstick to mark just how deep I go down your enormous shaft!"

She'd shifted around in place so she was sitting facing me. She flashed a big smile and then started to pull her uniform off over her head.

But I urgently exclaimed, "No! Don't!"

That gave her pause, though just barely. She froze in place with the top already above her magnificent tanned tits, and asked, "Why?! It's a plain fact that slaves best suck their master's huge cocks while topless, or better yet, completely naked. It's essential!"

"Why?" I asked. Partly I was genuinely curious about her thinking, and partly I simply thought it would be hot to hear her talk about it.

She looked and sounded very impatient. "Master, please! My meal break is only for thirty minutes, and I want to use every last second sliding my lips up and down your huge shaft! Your virile sperm is the only meal I need. There's no time to explain more than to say it helps me feel totally slutty and totally uninhibited, so I don't just want to suck your cock, I need to worship and adore it with every fiber of my being! Please, just trust me on this, okay?!"

I was right, it IS hot to hear her talk about it! I especially like the "every fiber of my being" part, because I know it's true! She really does give her all. God, I'm so excited that I've got butterflies in my stomach!

She was in such a hurry that she pulled her uniform all the way off as she was talking. Since her uniform was a one-piece, that left her in just her shoes, socks, and panties. She got busy removing them too, starting with her panties.

I was going to tell her to stop, because I had a plan that involved the blowjob as just the warm-up act. I worried about her being above window level and having other people see her. But I decided that trying to get her to keep any clothes on right now would be an uphill battle and only waste time. I could just get her to ease off me when the time came. Besides, all the windows were tinted anyway, except for the front windshield.

Sue Ellen was simply ravenous. As soon as I was sitting comfortably against the inner side of the minivan and I pushed my shorts down my thighs, her lips were wrapped around my shaft. She swallowed my thickness so fast that it was remarkable. I still didn't think she'd physically adjusted to my unusual size yet, but that didn't matter because she overcame every obstacle through sheer determination.

Aaaah! That's it! God DAMN! Just look at her staring up at me lovingly while her lips stretch out wider and wider... Fuck me! She's clearly struggling and suffering here at the start, but she doesn't care!

Within seconds, she was bobbing down on me and using lots of tongue to boot!

The resulting surge of pleasure for me was so great that my ass actually lifted up off the floor for a few seconds. I had to struggle just to breathe because she literally took my breath away. I put my hands on her head and thought, Jesus H. Christ! On a pogo stick! Yes, this is a full "pogo stick" situation! Gaawwwd, that feels incredible! She really is something else!

It only took about a minute before tears started rolling down her cheeks. I would have been alarmed except that I'd learned in the last week or so that this was considered a very good thing. In fact, she probably would have felt she wasn't doing a good enough job until she shed at least some tears. That made me wonder exactly how much pain she was feeling compared to how much pleasure, but I figured I could never truly know.

The minutes passed in exquisite rapture for me. She sucked me with such passion and talent that I just about lost my mind. For the first couple of minutes it was touch and go if I would cum or not, because she was so cock-hungry that she couldn't control her own actions. She fingered her pussy and clit as she sucked her way through about three orgasms. Each time she came, she would scream into my boner. The sounds of her muffled ecstasy drove me crazy.

Although I was just sitting there, doing little more than occasionally stroking her hair or clutching at the sides of her head, I found myself sweating and my heart thumping wildly because it was such an intense experience.

But after a while she finally calmed down enough to remember that the only way she could enjoy all thirty minutes of her break time was to keep me from cumming too soon. It was less intense but more enjoyable when I was able to calm down enough to stop constantly squeezing my PC muscle and panting hard.

I had been keeping my eyes closed most of the time, because merely looking at her sexy nude body might be the final straw pushing me into orgasm. However, I was able to look around and take stock of my surroundings. God, what a trip, doing this in the "Pussymobile," in a friggin' parking lot! I doubt anyone can see through the tinted windows, but they sure can see through the front windshield. In the future, I'm going to have to be more mindful of that when I park the car. Or, better yet, I could put up one of those cardboard heat visor things that cover nearly all of the windshield.

Fuck, man! What's amazing is that there is going to be a next time. And not just one, but many! I'm a fucking harem master and I love it! Ha! Phew! Damn, every moment feels so good. I wonder what Sonia would think if she came to the parking lot looking for her employee and found us like this. It could happen! Geez, I'd kind of like to see her peer through the windshield and gawk at Cupcake doing all her "worshipping and adoring with every fiber of her being." I'll bet the Bat doesn't even do blowjobs for anybody, or if she does she does them reluctantly and without any enjoyment. Her loss! Look at how Cupcake is having the time of her life!

I was having such a great time that I forgot all about my plan to stop the sucking after just a minute or two and spend the rest of the time fucking her instead. I went into a kind of state where I hardly knew up from down; I was just reveling in the seemingly endless erotic joy.

I was startled out of my reverie when she pulled her lips all the way off my shaft and repositioned so my boner was buried in her cleavage. Then, with her head craning down to lick the tip while she stared adoringly up into my eyes, she said, "Master, you make me so very, very happy! I reckon I could spend the rest of my life slurping and bobbing on your huge cock, and it would NEVER get boring!"

With my lust in control, I growled, "Good, because you will! Every day, for decades to come!"

She reacted like I just slammed my cock up her cunt. "UNGH! HNNG! Just thinking about endlessly serving you for 'decades to come' exactly like this, naked, kneeling, drooling and slurping all over the King... OH! Wow! Shivers and tingles! It makes me so overjoyed that I'm about to cry!"

I knew exactly what she meant, because I was feeling shivers and tingles all over too. Still, I had to point out, "But you're already crying. Tears are streaming down your cheeks."

"I know, but that's just the usual tears of effort from nearly busting my jaw on your sheer thickness! At first I tried hard to resist crying whenever your cock plunges into one of my orifices, but now I love to let the tears flow. Especially when I suck! Somehow, it makes choking on all your hot and throbbing cock-meat even MORE satisfying! I swear, I'm hot as blue blazes!"

I have to admit, I'm kind of getting into the whole teary thing too. Seeing any of my slaves with their faces wet with tears shows the supreme effort they put into pleasuring me. How can that not turn me on? Ironically, Mindy's the only one who isn't much of a crier, since she's gotten so used to my size from years ago.

As Sue Ellen was talking, she was licking all over my cockhead while tightly titfucking the rest of my shaft. It was an extremely effective combination. Then she swallowed down to the ridge of my cockhead and just past it. I figured her talking was done for a good while, since she spent the next minute using her mouth and tits to stimulate every last inch of my erection.

But she suddenly freed her mouth back to just licking, allowing her to say, "Master, permission to deep throat you? Please?! That's why I wore the red lipstick, to see just how far I can go. Then I'm going to work on going a little deeper each time, until I have every last fraction of every last inch of your gigantic cock inside my lips! Oooh! And I'm going to work on endurance too! I'm fixin' to be your deep throating queen! I know all your slaves will be able to do it soon enough, but I want to be the very, very best at it!"

My teeth were clenched, because she was slowly bringing me closer and closer to the cusp of orgasm, continuing the tight titfucking and lots of cock licking the whole time she talked. Still, I managed to point out between my heavy breathing, "Um... your lipstick... it's all gone."

She pulled back enough to free all of my shaft from the depths of her cleavage. She gave my hard-on a good look-over. "Shoot! The King certainly is red, but that's just an all-over red from being so hot and angry and demanding. I can't really see any of the lipstick at all. I guess between the titfucking and all my lip sliding, it got smeared in too much. But never fear!"

Her smiling face was radiant as she pulled further away from my crotch, found her discarded waitress uniform, and fumbled around with it. "I'll betcha didn't know these tight and skimpy dresses have pockets. A-ha!" She pulled a tube of lipstick out and tossed the uniform aside. "Time for a fresh application!"

I should have closed my eyes to let my arousal level come down some. But I couldn't resist watching her put the lipstick on her lips, not to mention ogling the rest of her naked beauty. Sue Ellen had such a natural appeal that she didn't need to wear much make-up, if she wore any at all. I certainly didn't remember seeing her wear bright red lipstick before.

For some reason, it strongly aroused me. Perhaps it was symbolic of how she'd fully given herself to being a slut, my slut, but without any shame or regret. I suspected she never wore that kind of lipstick for Mike or any of her previous boyfriends.

Sue Ellen looked past me, and I realized she was checking her lipstick application in the reflection of the tinted window behind my head. But then her head jerked back towards my boner, and she exclaimed with delight, "Oooh! It's twitching! And bobbing! All on its own! Master, is that because you like my lipstick look?" She carelessly tossed the lipstick away and grasped my boner again.

"It is," I sincerely replied. "It's like you're saying, 'These sweet lips are meant for sucking cock. Your cock.'"

That excited her so much that it was almost comical. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped, though she somehow managed to smile through it all. She'd just resumed stroking my boner, but she took her hand off again so she could shake and gesticulate with both her fists. "Ohmigod! That's EXACTLY what I'm trying to say! Because it's TRUE! Oh, Master, my mouth, my hands, my tits, my cunt, my whole body... it exists to serve you! I love you! I love you so much!"

She still hadn't made any attempt to wipe her face clear of tears, because she apparently wore them like some badge of pride. But she'd stopped shedding new tears for the past couple of minutes, since she'd stopped bobbing on me. As a result, I could see new tears welling up in her eyes as she tried to express the extent of her love and devotion.

I was very emotionally moved, and I tried to share that feeling with her. "Cupcake! I love you too! I've never fallen for anyone so fast. Two weeks ago, I didn't know you from Adam, but now I already feel like I can't live without you. The harem simply wouldn't be complete without you in it."

The tears welling in her eyes suddenly started streaming down her face. "Oh, Master! Master, Master, Master! Please stop talking like that, before I simply DIE of too much joy! You're gonna make me too big for my britches. I thought I was in love with Mike and a couple of other previous boyfriends, but what I felt with them is NOTHING compared to this! This is true love! Being one of your cock slaves is the absolute BEST! And the best part of all is that I can express my love with my body, and especially my mouth!"

She'd been merely holding my hard-on with one hand while she practically swooned from the unexpectedly emotional moment. So I wasn't expecting it when she lunged her head down, engulfed my cockhead, and then kept going until her lips were very near the base of my shaft! Just like that, in about three seconds flat, she'd deep throated me!

Now it was my turn for my eyes to go wide and my jaw to drop. Sure, she'd deep throated me before, and she was even starting to make a habit of it, but it still shocked the hell out of me. Sure, the physical pleasure was incredible, but what wowed me even more was the way she stared up into my eyes. There was so much love and lust in her expression that it took my breath away.

Then, with all but a fraction of an inch of my thickness in her mouth, she started to apply her considerable oral talents. First, she carefully started "milking" my cock with her throat. I'm not sure what exactly she was doing or how it worked, I only knew the end result felt unbelievably fantastic. I clenched my teeth and waved my fists in the air like I was being operated on without any anesthetic, but it was all joy and no pain.

Thankfully, she waited until that initial surge of lust passed through me. Then, as she kept on milking me with her throat, she used her lips and tongue to devastating effect as well. She somehow managed to bob back and forth about an inch, which improved the milking deep down even more.

GOD! FUCK! I thought we'd have a little "suck and fuck" fun in the car while she had her short break, but this is turning into much more! So much love, so much pleasure! She's gonna wreck me for the whole rest of the day! HNNNG!

She kept at it for a solid minute. At least I'm guessing it was about a minute from the way I kept panting hard, but the truth is I lost all track of time. By the time she pulled off, I was in a daze. I don't know how I managed not to cum, because I was too far gone to think about squeezing my PC muscle or taking any other measures.

She eventually pulled all the way off. Even more streaks of tears flowed down her face and dripped onto her big breasts. She clutched at her throat in a way that concerned me.

I was about to praise her to the high heavens, but I was still in an erotic daze. She practically took the words out of my mouth when she said, "That was amaaaazing! Gaawwwd, I love it so much!"

I managed to gather my wits enough to say, "Are you serious?! That's what I was going to say. I thought deep throats are supposed to be great for the guy but an ordeal for the girl."

There actually was a twinkle in her teary eyes as she replied, "Yeah, but the best possible ordeal!" She winked. Then she sat all the way up and tilted her head back as if overcome by the whole experience, which she probably was. "Master, you have no idea how much I LOVE doing that! I feel like I'm in my element. I mean, I can tell that I'm stimulating every last inch of your cock, all at once! As a cock slave, you have no idea how wonderful that feels to me."

I said, "But deep throating is mainly about pleasing the guy."

"Excuse me for my language, Master, but that's bullshit! Whoever says that is doing it wrong. It's like a non-stop orgasm for me, but better! And the mental rush is ever greater. This is literally what I live for, to serve you and arouse you. It's the perfect symbiotic relationship!"

I marveled at her use of the word "symbiotic." I thought it over, and said, "You know what? You're probably right. And it's great that you love it, because you really are turning into a deep throating queen."

She squealed and clapped her hands. She couldn't have been happier.

I looked down at my boner to see if there was evidence of a lipstick ring. Sure enough, this time not only was there one, but it could hardly have been more obvious if she'd drawn a ring around the base of my shaft with her lipstick tube. I pointed out, "Look! You got your ring this time."

She brought her hands to the side of her head as if she was afraid her brain was going to explode from too much excitement if she didn't keep it in place. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! That's just... TOO GREAT!"

Then, like flipping a switch, she was suddenly all business. Brimming with energy, she pleaded, "Master, please! Can I do it again? And again and again and again?!"

I put my hands over my crotch before she made another surprise lunge. I chuckled. "Now, wait a sec. I love your passion, but we should take it one step at a time. Deep throating isn't easy on your throat, no matter how excited you feel about it. Besides, what about the time?"

That made her frown and even scowl. "FUCK the time!" Then she added more lovingly, "Master, all I want to do is be with you like this, with you clothed and me fully naked to symbolize my humiliating and total submission to your power and virility! Let me play hooky and spend the next couple of hours worshipping and adoring your cock in every possible way! Please?! I can deep throat you some more, and cuddle, and kiss, and you can plunge your-"

I interrupted. "Wait! We don't have to do everything at once. I, at least, need to pace myself. Remember, we have the rest of our lives together."

That moved her so much that she rushed at me and squeezed me in a tight hug. "Master!" She seemingly kissed me all over my face at once, and then planted a really big smooch on my lips. By the time that kiss was over, she was jacking me off with one hand. "Master, please, say that again!"

I was almost afraid of making her too overjoyed, but I risked it anyway by saying, "We're going to spend the rest of our lives together - you, me, Mindy, and the other cock slaves."

I could feel her body shiver in my arms. "Oooh! Goose bumps! Thinking of them and all the sharing we'll do makes it even better!"

I growled as if I was upset, "Yeah, well, I hope you like cum, and lots of it, because I'm going to pump you full of cum, every single day. You'll never know what hole I'm going to pump full of hot cum next, because your body belongs to me and I'm going to use your body like a pin cushion for my own selfish desires!"

Normally, I would never say something that outlandish, but I was so very aroused that I was feeling slightly out of my mind. Besides, I was hamming it up, knowing what she wanted to hear.

Sure enough, she squealed with joy. Then she brought a second hand to my hard-on and began sliding both of her hands up and down it in tandem.

Encouraged by the fire in her eyes, I went on, "The way I look at it, I love you so much that I can't really fully express it with words. So think of my cum as kind of my hot and creamy liquid love for you. Whenever I cum on your face, or your tits, or down your throat, or deep in your cunt, it's like I'm saying 'I love you' millions of times over, one for each spermatozoa that shoots out of me."

This time, she positively screamed, "MASTER!" Then, without any warning, she repositioned and fully impaled my boner all the way in her cunt!

I was just as surprised as when she deep throated me, and just as aroused.

At first, she let out a long moan of supreme satisfaction as she settled into place, sitting and shifting on my boner. But within seconds, her moan turned into an orgasmic shriek. She tilted her head back and let out so much noise that I could scarcely believe it was all coming from her. At the same time, her entire body jerked and convulsed like she'd lost any semblance of motor control.

I had to carefully squeeze her tight to prevent her from sliding off me and collapsing on the floor, or even hitting her head against the other side of the limited backseat area. I also hoped against hope that screams from within this minivan couldn't be heard well outside it, or perhaps they could be but nobody was in the parking lot.

I grimaced and clenched and struggled with all my might not to cum with her. It was very tempting, but I wanted to hang on for the full thirty minutes of her break and then let go right when it was time for her to leave. I didn't know what time it was because neither of us wore a watch and I couldn't see the clock in the front of the minivan from where I was sitting, but I guessed at least half of her break time was over.

I found it kind of funny and ironic that I'd planned to have her suck me for just a couple of minutes and then switch to fucking. Instead, she'd wanted to suck me the whole time, but she'd wound up taking the lead and switching to fucking after all. The truth was, I didn't care much what we did. As long as I was with her, I knew I'd have a great time and I was sure she would too.

For a couple of minutes, not much happened because Sue Ellen's massive orgasm finally petered out and she was simply limp with my arms around her. She looked even more adorable than usual resting with her eyes closed, a big contented smile, and her cheeks soaked with tears. Despite the lack of movement, there was no way my dick was going to go flaccid, especially while I was balls-deep inside of her. I welcomed the respite, since I'd been dangerously close to the brink.

However, I also worried about the time. If my guess was correct, we only had five to ten minutes left, if that, and I wanted to fuck her for a little while before finishing by cumming inside her. I still couldn't see the clock with Sue Ellen on me, but as soon as she started to stir, I started to fix that by saying to her, "That was great, my sweet Cupcake."

She opened her eyes as if coming back from a long night's sleep and smiled at me with blissful satisfaction. She didn't need to say anything because her heart was on her sleeve, as always. Besides, even if it hadn't been, I could feel her vaginal muscles bearing down on my thickness squeezing rhythmically as if to ensure that I wouldn't leave her..

I hastened to add, "That said, we need to worry about the time. Remember that I'm in the middle of a fight of sorts with Sonia, and it won't do to have you be late."

Sue Ellen just mewled and snuggled into me. "Ohhh... Master... please don't say that. All I want to do is stay here in your strong arms, with your massive cock fucked ALL the way inside me. There's literally no place I'd rather be, nothing I'd rather do, than to be fucked balls-deep onto your cock. This is heaven on Earth!"

I ran my hands up and down her bare back. "Mmmm... That sounds nice. But I'm your master and I must insist. Let's start by taking a look at the clock."

She pouted, "Is that in the front seat? Does it mean I have to get off you?"

"Yes, and yes. That would be easiest."

"Awww... But... okay." Just like that, she pulled up and off  me. She somehow managed to exert a powerful suction on my cock when she did that, which resulted in an incredibly lewd and astonishingly wet sounding schlorp and pop when my shaft was finally freed from being imprisoned within her hungry vagina.

I don't know why, but that provocative squishy sound made me both very proud of her and disappointed that she couldn't keep sitting on my erection a lot longer.

Not embarrassed in the least by such lewd noises, she crawled a couple of feet away from me until she had a clear view of the front seat area. Knowing that I was watching, she made sure to wiggle her ass enticingly.

I was surprised and more than a little suspicious at how quickly and easily she got off me. I figured she had to have some angle. But I played along, and asked, "So, what's the time?"

"It's three past time for more fucking!" She crawled back to me, smirking in a very Mindy-esque manner.

I asked patiently, "No, really."

She struck a sexy pose on all fours, letting her big tits droop nearly to the floor. "Really, we've got ten more minutes. So I've gotta redouble my efforts to make you cum! Can I try something new?"

"Certainly." I couldn't wait to see what she'd come up with next.

"Okay. Master, please, lie down. All the way down."

I did so. I actually had to go at an angle to have enough room.

She squatted over my crotch, facing me and with a foot on either side of my torso. She squatted much like a frog, with her knees far out from her body. Then she held my hard-on up to her dripping wet nether lips and slowly impaled herself back down onto my thick pole.

This time, she didn't immediately cum, but just let out one very, very long contented sigh. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Bliss! Pure cock slave bliss!"

I couldn't have agreed more about the pure bliss part. I asked, "Is that why you didn't mind getting off me? 'Cos you wanted to try this position?"

She replied a bit sheepishly, "Yeah. When I'm not with you I like to fantasize about all the different ways I could pleasure your cock, and I think this one has a lot of potential. With my knees way out like this, I can turn my entire body into sort of a bouncy spring. I think so, anyway. I never tried this with Mike."

"Well, let's see how it goes. It's new to me too."

"Oh, really?! COOL!" Her entire face lit up with delight. Then she started rising and falling on me. It was just like she was doing some squatting exercises except that my cock was inside her, and with each squat she went from having me balls-deep in her to very nearly pulling all the way out.

Right away, both of us could tell this was a really great way to fuck. She was mostly going slowly, but sometimes she would surprise me by going faster. It felt fantastic at any speed. I was amazed that Mindy and I had never tried this exact position in all our years together.

Sue Ellen raised a fist in triumph. "YESSSS! It's working!" Then, a bit uncertainly, she asked, "Can you feel it, Master? Is it good?"

I had to laugh at that, and I did, because the answer was so obvious. "Of course! It's great! Why don't people do this all the time?!"

She smiled from ear to ear, after confirming that I was greatly enjoying it. After another couple of quicker squats, she slowed down to answer, "I think... because it's very tiring... on the squatter. It's like doing... a pull-up or sit-up... each  time."

"You make it sound like you're doing 'sexercises' to help you build stamina for even better fucking."

Sue Ellen just threw her head back and groaned lustfully as she kept working herself onto my erection.

"Gaawwwd! 'Sexercises' … with the King! Fucking you to get stronger so I could fuck you even MORE! Wow! That sounds like the perfect daily workout plan! The only problem is, I'm not sure... how long I can manage this. ... I've never done it before!"

Gently, I suggested to her, "Don't tire yourself out. There are many great ways to fuck. Switch to something else when you feel like it, and come back to it later if you want."

"Good idea, Master. Wow! Everything is so great! I don't know how it could get any better. I can't wait until I tell my sister slaves. They're all gonna want to try it!"

It occurred to me that since I was still fully dressed, with my shorts actually still halfway down my thighs, I was in easy reach of my cell phone in my shorts pocket. I pulled it out and grinned impishly. "Why wait? Who do you want to tell first?"

As I'd hoped, her whole face lit up with shock and delight, even as she continued to rise and fall on my pole. "Well, hush my mouth! Can we really do that?!"

"Sure! Why not? Who should we call? I figure the Gruesome Twosome are probably at home together, and Min and Cin of course are at work together."

I was amused to watch her put her hand to her chin and ponder this like it was a deep philosophical question, because all the while she was doing her squats on me like she was an expert at it already. It was pretty impressive how she'd pull out past the crown of my cockhead nearly every single time, and yet she hadn't popped all the way off once.

She stared off into space, seemingly heedless of the fact that she was buck naked in the middle of her employer's parking lot. "Hmmm... Michelle and Ruby are officially breastest friends, so I feel obliged to call them. Plus, they're probably not doing anything that important whereas I don't want to get Mindy and Cindy too hot and bothered while they're at work. But how would that work with your sex boycott?"

I was enjoying the repeated impalements too much to think about that just yet, but I quickly mulled it over and then said, "I think it would help."

Sue Ellen cocked her head to one side while continuing to do her squats impaling herself onto me. "How would that work, exactly?" she asked, puzzled.

"It'll get them frustrated and even more cock-hungry than they are already. As far as I'm concerned, that's a win-win right there."

I must admit I was pleased to hear her sharply indrawn breath upon realizing my plan.

Sue Ellen made up her mind very quickly. "Okay! Call them then!"

So I did. As soon as I heard the phone start to ring, I handed it to Sue Ellen.

That surprised her, and she brought her squatting impalements almost to a complete stop so she could concentrate on the call.

I hadn't thought to put her on speakerphone mode, but luckily she did. "Hey! Michelle?"

"Yeah? Is that you, Sue Ellen?"

"It is. Please go to speakerphone so Ruby can hear this too. Are you two together?"

"Of course. We're tanning in the nude by the pool while we practice our titfuck-blowjob combo technique with our Dandos. Oh, and Ruby is working on some new song lyrics. from time to time. Sex boycott or not, the quest to be Daddy's perfect sex slaves never ends."

"Good for you," Sue Ellen said. "As a matter of fact, I was just doing that a little while ago, on the real thing."

"GRRR!" Michelle growled. "You lucky slut!"

Sue Ellen giggled. "Ruby, you there?"

"Yeah, sure, "Ruby said.

"Hold on to your hats... No, wait. Since you're naked, you don't have any hats, so hold on to your tits instead. Use both of your hands, especially you, Michelle. Are you doing that?"

"We are now," Michelle said, starting to breathe more loudly. "And we're starting to fondle them too, thinking about you titfucking and blowing 'the real thing.'"

"Good, 'cos now I can tell you that was the just warm-up. I'm sitting in the Pussymobile on my lunch break, and I've got the KING all the way in me! In my tight, hot, throbbing... wet... CUNT!"

That resulted in gasps as well as ooohs and aaahs from Michelle and Ruby. I obviously couldn't see them, but I was fairly confident some serious tit mauling was going on too.

Michelle recovered first, and breathlessly asked, "So he's right there with you, right now? Can he hear what we're saying?!"

"Of course," Sue Ellen replied. "I've got you on speakerphone mode too. I just had to call to share in the joy! I've been sucking on his cock, and deep throating it, and I've never been happier in my entire life! To serve and submit to his huge cock is the ultimate joy!"

Michelle practically scoffed, "Well, yeah. Duh! Tell me something I didn't know a thousand times over already. Like, what are you're doing to him right now?!"

Ruby chimed in, "Paint the scene! Vividly!"

Since the call began, Sue Ellen hadn't been moving on me much, though she did churn her hips on my boner some. But she resumed her squatting impalements while she spoke with excitement and pride. "I'm butt naked and Master is nearly fully dressed. I feel so wonderfully humiliated, forced to serve him like this in the parking lot of Mama Mia's! We do have tinted windows, but I'd be doing the exact same even with no windows because nothing is more important than pleasuring my master's cock!"

Michelle and Ruby both moaned lustily at that, practically in stereo. I could hear them starting to breathe heavily as well. Ruby muttered, "God, that's so true. 'Pleasure the cock!'"

"That's what I'm doing! Right now, I'm churning on it, and bouncing on it, but not in the usual way! I'm trying something he says he's never done before, not even with Mindy. He's lying down and I'm squatting over him, facing him, with my knees spread far to each side. It allows me to bounce up and down on him like a human spring! Every time, I'm impaled all the way!"

The Hellions moaned even louder, much, much louder. Michelle jealously complained, "No fair! That sounds HOT! Way too hot!"

Ruby moaned lustily, "Gaawwwd! Repeated impalements! How many hundreds of times have we fantasized about that?! And she's actually doing it! RIGHT NOW!"

Michelle moaned still louder, like she was already on the brink. "I know! And I haven't even lost my hymen yet!" She squealed orgasmically, "Good god, I… NEED… to fuck myself onto my Daddy's cock so bad! I'm suffering!"

Sue Ellen cleverly said, "Well, you just have to submit to your master. Fully submit to him and the power of his cock! Which is what a good slave does anyway."

I arched an eyebrow at her, but she just smirked and winked at me while continuing to slowly rise and fall on my stiffness.

Michelle complained stridently, "I'm TRYING! He's the one with the stupid sex boycott now. I don't know what he wants from us! I would give absolutely fucking ANYTHING to be exactly where you are right now!"

Ruby griped, "It's cruel, sharing this with us, when you know we're suffering through the boycott."

Sue Ellen spoke earnestly, "Please, please, don't take it that way! I'm only calling you to share the joy. The way I look at it, we're a team. A cock-pleasuring, big-titted, submissive slave-slut team. When one of us is bouncing on his cock, it's like we're all bouncing on his cock, basking in the joy that our master is tripping out on lusty ecstasy! And that's still true, sex boycott or not, because the boycott is just temporary, but we're his devoted slaves for life!" She added more hesitantly, "Is that true, or not true? Please don't tell me I got that wrong."

There was a loud groan from Michelle that sounded like a mix of lust and frustration. "UUUUGGGH! No, you didn't get it wrong. You're totally right! When you put it that way, how can we be mad?"

Ruby added, "'Share the cock,' always. Michelle, she's sharing the cock with us, in spirit, even though we're not there. I'm so very horny right now, pulling on my nipples and diddling my clit. We should thank her, not complain."

"That's true," Michelle replied, "but I love it and hate it at the same time! Gaawwwd! I'm getting so hot and horny right now! I'm totally playing with myself! Sue Ellen, what are you doing to him now?"

Sue Ellen honestly explained, "When you're talking, I rise and fall on him, fully impaling myself each time. But when I'm talking, like right now, I tend to slow down. But also, I've been doing this for a while and it gets REALLY tiring, so I'm thinking about switching positions." Her face lit up as a new idea came to her. "HEY! Why don't you two tell me what I should do to him next?"

Ruby nearly wailed, "OH GOD! Then it'll be almost like he's fucking US! We're fucking through proxy!"

Michelle exclaimed, "Oh shit! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes! The only problem is, what position?! We want to do them all! Wait a sec!"

The sound from the phone went muffled, but we could still hear enough to know that Michelle and Ruby were having very spirited and vocal debate.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen looked at me and giggled while she picked up the pace of her impalings again.

I thought that the Gruesome Twosome might spend several minutes arguing, since they both can be very stubborn. But after less than a minute, Ruby came back on the phone to say, "We've agreed he should fuck you doggy-style, while you're on all-fours!"

My Cupcake giggled with glee, delighting in the sharing of the experience. She pulled all the way off me to get a little rest before moving into the new position. "Okay, sure. But can I ask why that one?"

There was a long pause before Ruby said, "Can't talk much! ... Too horny! ... Busy masturbating! ... Trust us, good reasons!"

Sue Ellen laughed even more gleefully. I could tell that she genuinely enjoyed making the Gruesome Twosome super aroused through the phone call, and it was feeding back, making her more aroused too. "Okay, fair enough. I'm putting the phone on the floor and getting on all-fours!"

As Sue Ellen proceeded to do just that, Ruby cheered, "You go, girl!"

I finally pulled my shorts all the way off. They'd been down toward my knees and vaguely annoying me for a while, so I was glad to get rid of them.

I got behind my sexy Cupcake and positioned my boner back up against her pussy. I was glad that the Hellions had chosen this position, because although I'd had a great time with all the sexual fun so far, I had been passive and I wanted to get active. After bracing myself with a hand on her bubble butt, I pushed in.

Sue Ellen screamed, "He's pushing it in! OH GOD! OH GOD! SO THICK!"

I could hear Michelle and Ruby screaming just as loudly. It occurred to me that they probably were having as much fun as we were, or at least something close to it.

Sue Ellen continued to describe what was happening for the next minute or two. Practically everything she said resulted in euphoric shouts over the phone. Occasionally, Ruby would make some comment back, which would often get Sue Ellen and me even more worked up.

After a while, I was thrusting in and out with a steady rhythm, so there wasn't much to report. But just when I thought things were starting to die down on the other end of the phone line, Ruby unexpectedly shouted out, "Daddy, spank her ass!"

That surprised me, not least because Ruby was breaking some unwritten rule that had somehow arisen during this call where the three girls talked to each other like I wasn't there. As I plowed in and out, I asked her in confusion, "What, now?"

Ruby panted excitedly, "Yes! Now!" Seeing that she probably needed to explain herself more, she added, "Not like a full-on spanking. Just SMACK HER ASS from time to time! She'll love it, trust me!"

Before I could respond to that, Sue Ellen cried out, "She's right! That's GENIUS! Pure genius! Please do it, Master! I'm gonna cum so hard!"

So I fully sheathed myself in her tight cunt and then kept my boner still as I gave her left ass cheek a good smack.

I didn't realize that when Sue Ellen said she was "gonna cum so hard," she meant after just one smack! And maybe she didn't mean that either, but that's exactly what happened. She wailed like a police siren, and shook all over. It was something to see and hear. Hell, it was something to smell too, because the whole minivan was thick with the smell of sex.

While my Cupcake kept on cumming, I resumed thrusting in and out of her. I also gave her ass cheeks an occasional smack. My goal was to try to heighten and prolong her climax as much as possible, since it clearly was a big one.

When her orgasm finally petered out over a minute later, I heard Ruby say to Michelle, "She came! She came so hard! After just one smack!"

I didn't hear Michelle reply, and it occurred to me that she hadn't talked in a while. So even though I was fully preoccupied fucking Sue Ellen doggy-style, I still asked, "Red, what happened to Shelle?"

Ruby replied, "Oh, she's still here. But we've been cumming like mad and she had a really big 'O.' She's kind of out of it."

I grunted in acknowledgement and returned all my attention back to fucking. It occurred to me that we probably were running out of time, if we hadn't run out of time already. Thanks to the way Mindy had trained me, I felt I could keep going for a while, even though I had been skating close to the edge for nearly the entire time. But I also was so very aroused that I could give in and cum at any time as well. Now that I was thinking about the time again, and seeing that Sue Ellen just had a very big orgasm, I decided it was better that I cum sooner rather than later.

So I told her, "Cupcake, I'm gonna cum soon. Get ready. Brace yourself!" But I didn't cum just yet. Instead, after I felt her stiffen up, I kept on thrusting while I started to smack her ass cheeks more frequently, and with more force. I wanted to give her one last big orgasm so we could both go out "with a bang," and I figured that would be a quick and easy way to get her worked up all over again.

I was right. I could tell from her breathing and the way she started humping back at me that she was like an animal in heat. It seemed she was beyond talking coherently, but she groaned and growled and wailed, getting louder and louder after each smack.

Finally, after about ten really hard smacks in fairly quick succession, I shouted out, "Okay! This is it! Gonna flood your cunt with cum!" Then I smacked her one more time, hitting both ass cheeks with both hands at once.

She went off like a rocket! Her entire body arched and stretched, and she screamed so loud it seemed she had to have a megaphone in front of her mouth.

I would have definitely put my fingers in my ears, but I had to hold onto her hips because I started cumming hard too. In fact, I must admit that although I'm normally fairly quiet during orgasms, I gave her a run for her money with the loud screaming. I was going out of my mind with pure sexual pleasure!

Things were so intense that I kind of lost track of what happened. The next thing I knew, Sue Ellen was flat on the floor and I was lying on top of her. My dick was going flaccid and it had come free from her hot cunt.

All I could do was rest and cuddle. I slid off her back so we were side by side, and I kept an arm around her. I figured that would be more comfortable for her. She seemed very out of it, but she must have been awake because she mewled and purred in appreciation.

I felt supremely sexually satisfied and on top of the world in general. I was so very relaxed that I was contemplating taking a little nap. But there was something nagging at me, and just before I drifted off to sleep, I remembered what it was: The time! Oh shit! Cupcake has to go back to work!

It took all my willpower, but I managed to lift myself up and scoot forward enough to look into the front of the minivan. I sighed heavily when I saw the clock. Crap! It's five minutes AFTER her break time ended. Plus she's buck naked, sweaty, cummy, and totally out of it. This is not good!

Sitting up, I found my shorts and put them back on. Then I gently shook Sue Ellen. "Cupcake... Cupcake... it's Dan, your master. Time to get up. You're five minutes over your break time already."

"Oh no!" It turns out she wasn't as out of it as I'd thought she was, because she roused herself in a hurry.

I thought we were in a real fix, because it was so very visibly obvious that she'd been just fucked. She really needed a full shower. So I was surprised when she went to the front passenger seat, reached to the drawer under that seat, and pulled out some supplies, including many handi-wipes, plus a full bottle of water and a towel. She poured some water onto the towel and then proceeded to wipe her body clean of all the cum and sweat.

I had to ask, "How did that get there?! And how did you know that was there?!"

I heard giggling coming from the phone on the floor. I'd completely forgotten about the phone call. If I'd given it any thought, I would have assumed the Hellions disconnected a while back. But apparently they hadn't.

Michelle said over the line, "Poor Daddy. Always the last to know. Master, that's Mom's doing, of course. She's some kind of cucquean super genius. She figured that of course you're going to use the Pussymobile to fuck a lot of hot, tight teen pussy, so of course it pays to be prepared. And since Sue Ellen is one of those hot, tight teen pussies in question, it was key for her to know."

I grunted in understanding. It did make perfect sense, now that I thought about it. But I asked, "Okay, but why did she tell her but not me? Wouldn't it be just as good for me to know too?"

Michelle had obviously recovered from her own orgasmic peak, because her voice and spirit were back to normal. "Nah. Isn't it more fun for you to be surprised? We like to think of it like we're leaving little gifts all over the place to surprise and delight you."

I was cleaning myself with a wetted second towel. Mindy really had thought of everything, it seemed. But I said, "Okay, fair enough, but what if I was fucking somebody else. What if I say, ran into Jane and decided to give her a good fuck in the ol' Pussymobile?"

Michelle asked, "Who, Jane Corlin?"


"I wish! Daddy, we would LOVE for that to happen. She's such a sexy, busty knockout! Her tits may even be bigger than MINE, I must admit! I think it's high time a hot cunt like hers starts properly worshipping your cock. And not just her. There are so many others who deserve to take at least one ride on the King. But, sadly, you're not ready for that lifestyle yet. The day will come when you just see a hottie, take her back to the Pussymobile and fuck her brains out, but we've got a long way to go until then. So you didn't need to know of the supplies, as long as your slaves did."

I pondered that while I continued to clean myself up. I had to partially take my clothes off and then put them back on to reach everywhere I needed to reach. "I see. So... is it safe to say that your Plan isn't fully realized yet?"

"Oh, that's VERY safe to say! Heck, you haven't even fucked ME yet!"

"Or me!" Ruby added with just as much gusto.

Michelle elaborated, "We've come a long way, but we have a long way to go."

"So what is your ultimate goal?" I asked.

"That would be telling," Michelle said in a playful teasing tone. "But let's just say that you have some bad habits to overcome before you're ready to be the perfect master with the ultimate harem."

I wanted to ask more about that, but just then Sue Ellen said, "Okay, Master, I'm ready to go."

I'd been distracted with the phone and cleaning myself, so I hadn't kept an eye on her. I looked up and was surprised to see that she was fully dressed and looking fresh as a daisy. Well, almost. She had a "just fucked" glow about her that couldn't be cleaned away or covered up. However, I figured there was nothing we could do about that, at least not before she had to go back into the restaurant.

An idea came to me. gave her an obvious and quick head-to-toes glance before letting a self-satisfied smile settle onto my features. Then, brimming with confidence, I rumbled quietly, ""Uh-oh, not so fast. Come kneel before me with your uniform hiked up and your panties pulled down your thighs."

I thought she would complain about the time, and for a brief instant she looked confused, but then she just smiled wickedly and gleefully cried out, "Yes, Master!" Then she immediately obeyed my instructions.

I hunkered down low in front of her so as to get my face in her crotch. I took a deep whiff of her freshly fucked scent before admonishing her. I muttered, "Not so fast. We have traditions to maintain, even if they're new ones. I need to secure you into your Silken Bondage."

Above my line of sight, which I kept firmly on her bared pubic mound, I heard her gasp in delight and astonishment. "OH! OH!"

I leaned forward and licked my way up and down her pussy lips, even swirling around her clit a couple of times. That made her breath catch and her whole body tense up invitingly. I would have done more, but I was worried about the time. I pulled her panties back up, snuggled them into place over her crotch and possessively ran a hand over her mound - simply because I could. Then I sat back up and looked her in the face. "There. NOW you're ready to go back to work."

She was so excited by this that at first she just gasped for air before she managed to exclaim, "Oh my heavenly days! I think I'm going to swoon!"

I heard Michelle's frustrated and excited voice from the phone still on the floor. "What?! What happened now?!"

Sue Ellen recovered enough to sigh contentedly and then explain, "Master just licked my cunt and bound me in my Silken Bondage! He's fit my panties tightly onto my cream-filled cunt, which means that I'm going to be soaking them with his cum mixed with my own love juices for the rest of my shift!"

Michelle gasped, and muttered, "Good God! Ruby, did you hear that?!"

"Of course!" Ruby exclaimed. "Now I see what she means about swooning! It's sort of like a reverse chastity belt. Instead of keeping cocks out, it keeps HIS cum IN us and smeared on our pussy lips to remind us that not only have we been FUCKED, but we're going to STAY fucked and cream pied for as long as possible! Including in public!"

Michelle gasped again. "Holy... Jesus H. fucking Christ, riding on his pogo stick all around the neighborhood! I'm swooning too! Sue Ellen, I am SOOOO jealous of you right now! You lucky, lucky, freshly fucked slut!"

Sue Ellen giggled joyfully. "I know! I'm going to float through the rest of my shift, with my cunt literally basting in his manly sperm!"

I could tell the three of them were likely to go off on this for a while, so I cut in to say, "Okay, girls, that's enough. Cupcake has to go to work. Now!"

There were howls of frustration from all three of them, but to my surprise, even the Hellions managed to settle down into obedience relatively quickly. (For once!)

I ended the call after saying my good-byes to Michelle and Ruby. Before the call ended, I warned Michelle, "We'll be talking more about the ultimate fulfillment of your Plan later." The Hellions also made a point of thanking Sue Ellen for including them in the "epic fuck."

I had to agree with that assessment. Hot damn! That really was an "epic fuck." True, I've had a lot of them in recent days, but I figured that we only had an hour and we'd be lucky to make it a "quickie." Wow, it seems like most every sexual encounter has been pretty "epic" lately. How long can that go on? It can't possibly be sustainable. I suppose we're still in a honeymoon phase, so everything is extra intense.

I didn't have time to ponder such issues, because Sue Ellen was chomping at the bit to go back to work. She explained to me, "Luckily, Lori and Dolly are sharing my shift, and they'll cover for me for being a little late. But I've only been working there since the start of summer, and I'm getting deep into everyone's doghouse. Worse, Paula is there, and she's a total snitch. She's going to go straight to the Bat and tell her everything."

"Uh-oh! Could that get you fired?"

"No, because I'm a very good waitress overall, and this is the down time where having four waitresses is total overkill. The Bat would send two of us home between lunch and dinner if she could, if there weren't laws about shift times. But I will get a stern lecture and deeper into the Bat's doghouse too. And THAT puts me one step closer to getting fired. But it was TOTALLY worth it!" She flashed me the biggest, brightest smile imaginable.

I couldn't help but smile widely back at her, and say, "I agree. But let's not make a habit of making you late. And hurry back, so you don't make it any worse."

She nodded. By then, she was fully ready to go, and she was already standing by the minivan with the side door wide open. "Master, aren't you going to come back in too?"

"Yes, but I'll wait a couple of minutes, just so we're not seen coming in together."

"Right. I love you!" She blew me a kiss and then jogged back towards the restaurant. She had to hold her breasts as she went since she was still bra-less.

I sat back down on the floor of the back seat flat space and watched Sue Ellen hustle off through the open door. Wow. What a woman! Having Cupcake in my life really is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. She's a treasure. But then again, so is Cindy. God, I've got the best wife in the world, and four of the best slaves in the world! Well, as soon as two of them get a major attitude correction. But still... God, I'm so fucking blessed!

Thank You, Lord! I don't deserve any of this, but thank You anyway!


NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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