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Chapter 6

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As I drove home, I thought about the Gruesome Twosome, and in particular about the phone call between them and Sue Ellen during the "Pussymobile" fuck session. Was that the right thing for me to do, letting that call happen? My goal is to get my two stubborn daughters to break by denying them sex. But I obviously can't stop them from masturbating. Is it better to encourage that and thus hopefully increase their desire for the real thing, or is that too much like an adequate substitute for the real thing? Especially that phone call. I suspect they had a peak experience nearly as good as if they'd really been with me. It's a hard choice, but to help them enjoy something THAT intense probably is hurting more than helping. But I'm not sure. It might make them even more cock-hungry and frustrated, which is good.

Thinking about how constantly hungry for my cock they were made my balls churn and kept my dick at least half-hard despite all my mental efforts to will it flaccid. I guess I'm not above lusting after them either, which is only as it should be. I love them, and they love me, and we express that in a very physical manner. Still, I wish there was some way I could really know the best way to handle them right now.

Hmmm. With Cupcake turning out to be such an obedient and loyal helper, maybe I could just ask her to talk to them about the call and try to get a sense on how they feel. That's kind of underhanded, but all's fair in love and war, especially after all the sneakery they've pulled on me. Ultimately, the sooner we resolve this boycott situation, the sooner we'll ALL be happy. So yeah, I think I'll see what I can learn that way. I may have to be more careful with things like that phone call.

Walking into my house, I knew the Gruesome Twosome would be up to something to help my hair turn grey, but I didn't know just what. I didn't have long to find out, because they obviously had been waiting for my arrival and listening for the sound of the car driving up. They were standing in the front foyer when I walked through the front door, so there was no way I could miss them.

They were quite a sight. They had gone back to the "Eskimo parka" strategy they had threatened to use in the morning. Both of them were wearing thick jackets, complete with hoodies pulled over their heads. The last time I'd seen them in those was when we went on a ski trip to the Sierras. Furthermore, they wore what looked like grey sweatpants and had their arms crossed under their enormous racks.

Yet they remained outrageously sexy even through so much padding. For instance, although there wasn't any cleavage showing for either of them, there was no way for them to prevent the "shelf of boobs" effect that their posture enforced on them. I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but I can't deny that it was ego inflating to know that my daughters were outrageously stacked and that their tits were all mine for the taking. Plus, their faces were just as heartbreakingly gorgeous as ever.

They stood side by side, defiantly blocking my way further into the house. Michelle led their "revolt" by loudly exclaiming, "Daddy, we're mad as hell! This sex boycott has got to stop! We've been thinking about it, and while we greatly enjoyed talking to Sue Ellen while you fucked her, we think that was some clever ploy on your part to get us even more sexually frustrated. So we're declaring that we're not going to take it! We're not going to play your little games!"

Ruby added, "Yeah, that was a low blow. That was a kind of orgasmic torture. Ever since that call ended, all we can think about is how much we need to have your huge cock pop our cherries and plow our tight, wet, little cunts deep and hard! It's like you're trying to drive us crazy!"

I thought, Hmmm, interesting. Maybe getting them worked up like that helps more than it hurts after all. Or is this a pose, like Brer Rabbit not wanting to be thrown in the briar patch? I'm really going to have to see what Cupcake thinks about it.

I couldn't resist teasing them a little bit, "Isn't that what you think about most of the time anyway?"

"Yeah, but it's way worse than usual!" Michelle earnestly complained.

I smiled with genuine relief. "Thank goodness! I'm pleased as punch about your outfits, and I'll tell you why in a minute. But first, I feel the need to defend Sue Ellen. That call came about because she was talking about how much she wished she could share her experience with her sister slaves and 'breastest friends.' Since I had my cell phone within reach, I pulled it out and told her to make a call. She's not conniving like you two are. Her main impulse was just to share the joy."

Holding up a hand to forestall any disagreements, I added, "If you doubt me, ask her yourself later. Frankly, you should be ashamed, thinking so badly about her!" I was laying it on a bit thick, since it had occurred to Sue Ellen and me that the call would help with the sex boycott. But still, I felt I was being honest because I knew she would have made the call anyway, simply from wanting to share the joy.

My bombshell daughters looked abashed and even ashamed. Ruby said, "Sorry. I guess that was uncalled for. It's just that we try to put ourselves in her shoes and so we naturally assume that she'll think and act like us. But she keeps acting in ways that, frankly, we find perplexing."

I said, "That's because she's a genuinely loyal and obedient slave. You should aspire to think and act like her. If you could fully convince me that the same could be said for you, then this sex boycott could end tomorrow."

That perked them up, but at the same time they were left consternated, wondering how they could accomplish that.

I gave them a stern looking over. "Now, back to your outfits. I must admit, I came home with my dick semi-stiff and threatening to go fully stiff, mostly from thinking about what you two would look like and be wearing when I got here." I grabbed at my crotch through my shorts, carefully outlining the shape of my mostly erect penis through the fabric.

They both gasped with wide eyes. Ruby even moaned and sensually licked her lips. Michelle started subtly wiggling in place, though I doubted she realized she was doing it. She began to reach for her breasts, only to change her mind at the last second, perhaps because she realized her thick parka was in the way.

I was secretly thrilled at how easily they got aroused merely from my dick getting stiff. It was just like one of Pavlov's dogs salivating at the ringing of a bell. That was causing my dick to finish fully engorging in a hurry, because their reflexive responses to my display was such a powerful reminder of how fully dedicated they had become to serving my cock already. I didn't need the reminder that my daughters pretty much literally lived with sex on the brain, but it made me proud to see it nonetheless.

However, despite my rising arousal, I acted as cool as a cucumber. "But of course I don't want to get aroused around you two, because then I'll be all dressed up with nowhere to go, as it were. So imagine my delight to see you two all bundled up like this. I'll be able to go flaccid in no time. And that's especially appreciated because I came here specifically to chat with Nicky between five and six, just as you knew I would. The last thing I want is to be horny and erect when I'm talking to her."

Both of them opened their mouths to say something, then apparently thought better of it.

I concluded, "So I applaud you on your 'winter weather' clothing. I hope you keep it up and dress like that around me all the time."

The two bombshell girls stomped their feet and practically howled in frustration. As they frowned and groaned, they looked to each other and nodded. Michelle asked Ruby, "Plan B?" Ruby nodded with approval.

Then, with the two of them still blocking my way, they suddenly and dramatically unzipped their parkas from the front, revealing that they were wearing absolutely nothing underneath! Just seeing their enormous tanned tits come into view after being fully covered up literally took my breath away. They got their jackets off and tossed them aside as quickly as possible. But they didn't stop there. They yanked down their sweatpants just as fast. Since they were barefooted and without underwear, they wound up buck naked in a fraction of a minute!

Michelle sighed with satisfaction as she reached up and used her hands to stroke her gorgeous long blonde hair back into place. "Aaaah! That's much better. I hated wearing that stupid jacket anyway."

I was careful how I stood, in order to keep my surging erection hidden. I shook my head and told them, "Nice try. Unfortunately, you're my cock slaves, and my word is still law. I'm ordering you to go up to your room right now and put on some reasonable clothes. Not Eskimo parkas, but not nudity either. Just dress like normal teenage girls, for once. That's an order!"

They moaned and groaned in frustration. Michelle stomped her foot again (setting off a delightful tit-quake), and complained, "You can't do that!"

Ruby griped, "You leave us with no leverage. How are we supposed to influence you to get you to give up this ridiculous boycott?!" She clutched at her massive boobs from below, pushing them together. Clearly, she was trying to make the most of her nudity while she still could.

I replied, "You're not. This is a big part of why there IS a sex boycott right now. You're the ones who want to be my cock slaves. You say that you've fully dedicated yourself to serving me, mind and body, heart and soul. And yet you want to be in charge all the time, always having things your own way. You can't have both things at once. Have you ever heard of a harem where the slaves boss the master around?"

The two of them just sheepishly looked at their feet. Neither bothered to answer, since they both knew there could only be one valid answer to that question.

I put my hands on my hips. "I thought not. We ALL want to get this boycott over as quickly as possible, and believe me, that means me as much as it means you. Do your part by showing me that you have that ability to obey me, that you can act like REAL cock slaves and not just pretend ones. This is not, I repeat, NOT, something you can fake. I know you too well, and I'll figure things out eventually, which means I'll just have to start the sex boycott all over again."

They groaned unhappily from hearing that.

"So either you obey me, your master, and live up to your six rules and your general cock slave way of life, or this sex boycott will last indefinitely. If you actually want to serve me and be enslaved to my cock, my balls, AND my cum, you're going to have to show me that you mean it. And that starts right now with you getting out of my way, going upstairs, and putting some normal clothes on."

They frowned and grumbled, but they nodded obediently.

"Then I want you to show me how to do the whole video chat thing, so I can do it on my own in the future. I still haven't mastered the technical aspects of that. Then you're going to leave me alone while I chat with Muffin. There will be no secret handjobs or other tomfoolery this time! And once I'm done with that, I figure I'll head back to the McGrath house."

Michelle nodded. Clearly, she was feeling chastened and was trying to do her best to act the part of the obedient slave. But it was a real struggle for her. "Understood. Yes, Master." There was a long pause, then she added, "If we do all that... before you go... couldn't we at least suck your cock for a little bit? It wouldn't really count against the boycott if we only do it for a few minutes, right? I just..." She took a deep breath. "I need to taste it again, and feel it completely filling my mouth!"

Ruby eagerly added, "Or you could spank us! We're naked already and we've been bad. Why not just bend us over that sofa there" - she nodded towards the nearest sofa in the living room - "and whack our asses until they're burning red? We deserve it!"

Michelle nodded vigorously, which was enough to set off another tit-quake. "Good idea, Ruby! Actually, a spanking followed by a prolonged double blowjob would be an even better idea! Daddy, remind us that you're the master and we're the slaves by using us for your selfish pleasure!"

I could tell the two of them were starting to get carried away with their lusty desires. I had to hold my hands out in a "stop" gesture. "Stop it! Just stop it already. That's not going to happen. First off, merely putting on some clothes and then showing me how to use the video chat is no major effort that merits a big prize. That's just common courtesy. Secondly, I told you there will be no contact between us, period. Even hugs and kisses are out, until the boycott is over."

Michelle threw her hands up in the air and looked towards the ceiling, which did wonderful things to her knockout nude body. "There you go again with the stupid boycott! Just tell us what we need to do to end it, and we'll do it already!"

I grinned, because that was an ideal set-up for me. "Good. Start by putting on some clothes and then help me get the video chat started. Then leave me alone until I'm done talking to Nicky. That's a very good first step on what is going to be a longer road."

Michelle clutched air in front of her, and growled in aggravation. "ARRRGH! Daddy, you're soooo maddening! You're, like, Mr. Buzzkill! No, worse, you're Dr. Buzzkill!"

I grinned some more. "Doctor? How did I get promoted to doctor?"

She clutched the sides of her head like she had a migraine headache. "Because you're such an expert at being a buzzkill that you must have gotten a post-graduate degree in it!" She clasped her hands together as if in prayer. "Can't we at least eat dinner together, after the chatting is over? We could all be together as a family, and I could kneel under the table and suckle on your cock to help you enjoy the meal. You'd hardly notice, I promise!"

Ruby similarly made a prayerful gesture. "Or I could." She looked to Michelle. "We could flip a coin for it. Or take turns."

I could see the two of them were on the verge of arguing about that. "Sheesh! Didn't you hear me? I might get talked into staying for dinner, if Mindy wants that. But NO touching! Does an under-the-table blowjob count as touching?"

"NO!" Michelle defiantly put her hands on her hips, and seemingly tried to sway me by staring me down. "That's just common courtesy. We're cock slaves. It's who we are. It's what we do!"

I waved a hand dismissively. "Enough already. You're just wasting time with your fantasizing. It's like you don't hear me at all, which is another reason why a sex boycott is necessary. When I got here it was already a little bit after five, and Nicky said the window to chat is between five and six. Plus, I seem to remember ordering two of my cock slaves to go and get decently dressed, twice already, but instead I've got a couple of unruly daughters who would rather stand naked in front of me and stomp their feet and argue over whether or not they have to obey me." I gave them both the "you're skating on thin ice" look and said in my most ominous Dad voice, "Do I need to repeat myself a third time?"

Michelle and Ruby knew what that tone meant when I used it. It was most gratifying to see Michelle blanch and look properly chastened.

"No, Daddy," they chorused, finally bowing their heads in acceptance of the inevitable.

"So let's get cracking. Chop chop!" I clapped my hands.

They bent over and picked up their discarded parkas and sweatpants. Of course, they couldn't help but wiggle their sexy bare asses as they did so. I wasn't sure if they were deliberately trying to provoke me or if that kind of behavior was so ingrained in them by now that they did that without even thinking about it. Either way, I got a close up view of their pussies between their legs, and I could see how very wet they both were.

I tried not to think about what it would feel like to spear them onto my cock and pop their cherries. I tried. I didn't succeed, of course. I had to remind myself to be strong and see the sex boycott through.

Then they glumly turned around and started dragging themselves up the stairs. And it really was like dragging, to the point that it was a wonder they managed to stay standing the whole time.

Good grief. What a couple of prima donnas. Of course, they can't just walk up the stairs like normal people; they have to make a big production out of it. It looks like this is going to be a long and difficult boycott. They don't seem to take me seriously. As if I'd agree to a blowjob or spanking that easily. Sheesh!

I couldn't resist watching their sexy, undulating asses until they were out of sight. I must admit that my dick was as hard as a steel bar, thanks to their nudity and their eagerness to get their lips around my cockhead. But I never had any worry that I would actually give in and let them have their way with me. It wasn't even close.

I waited a full minute then I went upstairs and put my laptop bag away and took care of a few minor tasks. I checked the clock and saw it was 5:15. I wondered when Mindy and Cindy would be home. Lately, Min had gotten much better about coming home right at five, but considering that the two of them snuck off to have their talk with Sonia, it made sense that they'd be a little bit late, if they were good about making up for their lost work hour.

I had hoped they would be home by the time I started my chat with Nicky, if only so they could keep an eye on the Hellions and prevent them from eavesdropping and/or somehow conspiring against me. They had shown their cards that they wanted Nicky to join them in incestuous sexual slavery to me, and since they were just as willful as ever, there was no telling what they would do to help make that happen. That was probably the biggest reason I needed to quickly bring them to heel with the sex boycott, to get them under control before Nicky returned from Hawaii.

I waited a couple of minutes in the hope that my erection would go down. But unfortunately that just wasn't happening. The Gruesome Twosome got me stiff in the first place, but it was thoughts of seeing Nicky on the video that kept me that way. I recalled how she'd gone topless for a little while in our chat just yesterday, and visions of her doing that again were so strong and vivid that I knew I could wait an hour and my boner wasn't going to go away. I would just have to grin and bear it.

I went into Michelle's room. Luckily, the Hellions seemed to have settled down and were trying to make a good impression on me. They did dress relatively normally. Well, mostly anyway. Both of them wore short shorts and tight tops without any bras. It would have been scandalous in any normal household, but for them it was fairly restrained. At least all of their private parts were adequately covered by fabric, although a lot of that fabric was being stretched in decidedly lascivious ways.

I tried to ignore the way their F-cups and E-cups wobbled freely in their tight shirts and had them sit me down in front of Michelle's computer and show me the ropes about the video chat. It wasn't hard to learn, especially since I was already computer savvy in general. After just a couple of minutes, I was confident I'd be able to connect and chat without them around.

Then, with everything ready to go, I told them, "Thanks for explaining that. Now, I want you two to go down to the pool and hang out there."

Michelle protested, "The pool? It's cold out there at this hour."

"No it isn't. It's summer time. I don't care what you do; just stay out of the house."

Ruby acted hurt. "Why? Are we that odious to you?" She ran her hands up and down the sides of her upper body. "Are you that opposed to looking at us and even touching us?"

"No, of course not. I love you all up. But I also know you're trouble with a capital 'T', especially when it comes to my relationship with Nicky. I don't want you snooping or meddling in any way, shape, or form. If you stay by the pool, I can check out the window from time to time to make sure you're still there. If you're not, there will be severe consequences. Do you understand?"

They nodded sullenly.

I looked all around the room. "And I know I'm in 'enemy territory' here. Knowing you two, I'm fairly certain you've set up a secret camera somewhere to record any video chat I take part in. Which is why we're going to move all the equipment needed to my office right now instead."

One would have thought I'd announced that I was going to cut my arms off from the way they protested in dismay. That confirmed my guess that they had something set up in the room that they didn't want me to know about. As expected, they vigorously asserted that doing the chat on another computer was impossible. But I knew enough about computers to see through their excuses.

Within five minutes, we had things set up in my office. It actually would have only taken a minute or two since it was mostly just a matter of unplugging the camera from one computer and plugging it into the other, but they dragged their feet and tried to throw up every obstacle. I had to use my "master card" and remind them that the longer they were disobedient, the longer the sex boycott would last.

The only downside of doing the chat in my room was that my computer monitor wasn't as big or as high-res as Michelle's. But I still had one much larger than the standard size, so it wasn't much of a loss.

Right before I started the chat, I had the two Hellions go all the way outside. I had to go to the window and peek down to make sure they were by the pool as they were supposed to be. Then, finally I was ready to see if Nicky would be there.

Sure enough, she was. We exchanged quick e-mails back and forth, and then switched to video chatting. It was startling to suddenly see all of her upper body right in front of me. Although my monitor wasn't as high quality as Michelle's, she still was larger than life, and it still felt like I could reach through the screen and touch her.

She flashed me a big smile. "Hi, Dad!"

I had a hard time keeping my eyes on her face, because her enormous breasts seemed to fill more than half of the screen. Worse, she was wearing nothing but her skimpy red bikini top. It was tough enough for me to handle her showing off that much skin, but that particular top brought back a lot of powerful erotic memories. I'd started the chat with a hard-on, and clearly it wasn't going to go down any time soon.

However, I did my best to hide my forbidden lust. I smiled back. "Hi, Muffin. Is this a good time?"

"Oh, sure. I'm in no hurry. Remember that it's three hours earlier over here. Kara and Kendall - you remember them, the Australian sisters?"

I nodded, trying hard not to let my eyes wander away from her face. "Sure."

"I've had a very busy day with them already, and we've gone back to our respective hotel rooms for some siesta time. I need a rest after lazing on the beach all morning!" She laughed at her own comment, causing her breasts to jiggle.

I gulped, but I made sure to laugh along.

She went on, "I have to be careful about not getting too much sun too fast, or I'll get a sunburn. I figure I'll chat with you and Mom and my sisters, and then take a little nap. Then I'll go get them and we'll have fun the rest of the day and into the night."

It was hard to ignore the feeling of tightness in my shorts. "Sounds great. So what have you been up to?"

She flashed her pearly whites at me. "So much! I'm having a ball! So many fun things have happened already that I don't even know where to begin!"

As she spoke, I noticed that her hands were going to her shoulder straps. Then, just like that, she started sliding them down both shoulders at once. In a matter of seconds, her straps were nearly down to her elbows and her all too prominent nipples were on the verge of being exposed. She suddenly grew a little shy, hesitated, and asked me, "Do you mind?"

My brain had a hard time processing what was happening. Oh shit! She's going to go topless again! All I could do was mumble, "Um..."

But I think there was some kind of conspiratorial link between my neck muscles and my dick, because I found my head nodding without my brain having much say in the matter!

Her shyness passed and she smiled widely. "Oh, good." She quickly pulled her bikini top the rest of the way off.

Suddenly, my monitor was filled mostly with bared breasts! The webcam was set so that I could see from the top of her head down to just below the bottom slopes of her tremendous E-cups, and not much else.

My mouth was suddenly dry and I gulped. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my stiff boner throbbed almost painfully. Even though I'd just spent some time dealing with my other two similarly endowed daughters while they were fully naked, somehow seeing Nicky's bare breasts affected me much more. Unlike Michelle's distinctively torpedo shaped tits, my oldest daughter had more well rounded globes, but they were similar to her sister's in that they sat firm and high on her chest.

I just hoped against hope that I didn't look as hot and bothered as I felt.

After tossing her top aside, which produced an incredibly sexy shaking of her tits, she settled back down and smiled easily. "Thanks for being so cool about this, well, you know. I need your guinea pig help even more than ever, due to an exciting new development: I've met a boy I really like!"

I was so horny that my head was spinning. Not only had Nicky gone topless, but she had her upper arms pressed tightly against her sides. Since her breasts were so big that they were actually larger than her frame, that caused them to push together, creating a dramatically enticing line of cleavage. Was she doing that on purpose, just to arouse me?! Or was that just a natural pose for her? I didn't know, and frankly, I was afraid to find out.

I had to force myself to pay attention and say something intelligible. "Oh, really? Tell me more."

"His name is Matt, and he's really nice. I wouldn't have met him had it not been for the Aussie twins. That's what I call Kara and Kendall, by the way. They're not really twins, but they look so similar that everyone pretty much thinks they are. They even have the exact same haircuts. Anyway, they've forced me way out of my comfort zone. I feel like I'm riding a wild tiger, and it's scary, but I'm having the BEST time! Luckily, since they were already here before I was, they met a lot of people and knew who was staying a long time and who wasn't. They basically set me up with Matt. He's going to be here the full two weeks, the same as me! Isn't that great?!"

"Um, yeah." I was reeling. A part of me was stunned that she had met a potential boyfriend. I have to confess that while I was happy to hear that, I was also jealous. At the same time, a part of me was so aroused from seeing this close-up view of my topless bombshell daughter that I couldn't hardly think or breathe, period.

So I definitely wasn't feeling loquacious. All I could do was mutter, "Tell me more."

"Sure. Matt is a real dish, AND he's really nice! He's pretty much the top catch around here, according to the Aussie twins and all my new friends. He's my age, and he's going to college too, except up in Seattle. And it's kind of funny, because he's not Hawaiian, but to my eyes he sure looks like one. Ethnically, he's half-Japanese and half-Caucasian. He's got a nice deep tan, black hair, and a winning white-toothed smile. He's really hunky and handsome, even in the same league as you!"

"Um, thanks. What's his personality like?"

"Mostly good. He's charming, but almost TOO charming, if you know what I mean."

"No." God, I'm so horny! Why does she has to keep fidgeting around? Gotta stay focused, like a good dad!

"He's kind of like a male Michelle, if that makes any sense."


"Meaning, he's super attractive and he knows it, so he's kind of full of himself because of that. He's very suave, very confident. Frankly, he's what we call a 'player.' We get along great, but I know he's not interested in me for my intellect. He's a horny young guy, and he can't stop staring at these."

She cupped her enormous breasts from below and hefted them up slightly, then let them fall.

It was a casual move, like she was pointing out a new haircut or some other innocuous feature, but it very nearly caused me to cum in my shorts! Actually, I realized that wasn't technically true, since my boner had grown so stiff and urgent that it wound up sticking out the bottom edge of my shorts, resting along one of my thighs. I didn't fight that, since I was alone and stuffing it back into my shorts would practically be an impossibility anyway.

Instead, I shifted in place a little bit and let more of the shaft slide free. I knew I shouldn't do tthat, but it felt too good to resist. It felt particularly good to let the air of the room cool the sensitive head and tip, now that it was so hot and engorged.

Meanwhile, she continued to explain, "So that would be a bummer, if I were interested in him as a serious, long-term boyfriend. But I'm not. My goal here in Hawaii is to get over Steve, loosen up, and have some fun. I'm not looking for Mr. Right, I'm looking for Mr. Right Now. So in that sense, Matt is ideal. I like him in a physical kind of way, but I'm not all moony for him. And he feels the same about me. Basically, what I'm looking for is a fun, no-strings-attached fling, and he's a very good fit for that."

She paused, and looked at me in a curious way. "Boy, this is kind of strange, isn't it? I don't think I've ever talked to you like this before. This sounds more like a conversation I'd have with Mom or the Gruesome Twosome. But I feel like you and I made a real breakthrough during my last visit, and we can be more intimate with each other. Do you agree, or is this too weird for you?"

I thought, Too weird! It's so freaky thinking of my darling little girl in the hands of a player like this Matt guy. Even weirder is talking to her while she's so gloriously topless! But I can roll with it. I can be a cool dad.

I smiled warmly, and said, "Oh, it's not weird. Well, not THAT weird." I chuckled a bit nervously. "Let's put it this way: I'm flattered that you feel comfortable enough to talk openly to me like this, and I hope it continues."

Her face went from concerned to jubilant. "Good! Let me finish explaining, then. I realize that he's a bit of a shark, but I've got a shyness problem to overcome, so I need someone to push me forward."

I couldn't help but comment, "You don't look shy to me." I looked down at her immense tits in an even more obvious way than I already had been.

She looked down too. "Oh, this? Yeah!" She giggled. "I suppose I don't exactly look like a shrinking violet right now." She giggled some more, causing more quivering and shaking. "But honestly, this is GREAT therapy for me! Now that I've met Matt, I've gotta push myself out of my shell. I need practice getting out of my comfort zone. If I can be like this with you, it gives me confidence to do stuff with him too."

I had to ask, "So, are you going topless when he's around?"

"Oh, no! No way! Not yet, anyway. We haven't really done anything, yet, as a matter of fact. I only met him yesterday, and I still have my shyness problem going on. But pretty much from the start we paired up, and it's kind of obvious amongst my group of friends that we're a pair."

It was getting more difficult to not think about the hardness of my cock, resting on one of my thighs. But all I could do was grin and bear it. "You have a group of friends?"

"Yeah! Isn't that great?! Actually, it's more accurate to say that Kara and Kendall have a group of friends and they've sucked me into their orbit. They're both so outgoing and fun and beautiful that people tend to flock to them. We have a little group of about seven or eight, and we all kind of hang out together on the beach and for meals and partying and stuff. They're all great people, 'cos the Aussie twins are like the coolest of the cool, so they only pick top notch people to hang out with. Including ME! I've never been one of the 'cool kids' before, so I'm pretty psyched about that."

"Oh, come on. You've always been a top catch."

"Well, yes and no. In terms of a potential date, I guess I've been pretty high up, even before my late growth spurt." She took a deep breath and looked down, to draw my attention to the main area of growth in that spurt.

Ironically, it felt to me like I momentarily lost the ability to breathe myself when she did that, as if she were somehow sucking up all the oxygen in the room from thousands of miles away through a computer screen.

She sighed gustily and ruefully admitted, "But I sort of rejected all the attention and tried to blend into the background as much as possible. I hung out with the 'nerdy girl' clique, as you know."

Wanting to be supportive, I said, "Maybe so, but that was your own choice. You could have associated with the 'A-list' clique if you wanted to."

"Maybe, but they all seemed to be a bunch of fakes and phonies. Whereas Kara and Kendall are totally genuine and fun. They have a great sense of humor. You'd really like them, I'm sure. I suppose I still have an objection against being thought of as one of the 'beautiful people' even though I guess I'm objectively beautiful."

"You are," I said. "There's no doubt about that." Hot damn! My dick is definitely saluting that idea!

She smiled. "Thanks. But I don't like how Michelle and Ruby only associate with other girls of a certain look. I've kind of rebelled against that attitude of theirs, because if you think like that, maybe you're missing out on some really great people who don't fit into that look. But here with this new group of friends I've found, it's like everyone is attractive, smart, AND fun. Like Matt. He's become part of our group, and everybody really likes him. Not just me."

I said, "I'm glad to hear that, but I've also got to wear the 'protective parent' hat. Could he be bad news? For instance, does he do drugs, or encourage you to-"

Nicky interrupted, "Dad, don't worry. I'm a big girl."

I couldn't resist letting my eyes drop down to the magnificent breasts on display in front of me at the bottom of the screen. Damn, you can say that again! My little Muffin has grown up and OUT!

She seemed not to notice my gawking, although her grin turned into a slight smirk. "It's true that I'm not that worldly wise when it comes to picking guys, since I haven't done much dating aside from Steve. But I know I'm covered here because the Aussie twins have got my back. I lucked into them on my first day here, and we've become REALLY good friends in a short time. From literally my first hour with them, I told them my tale of woe about Steve and how I was never that happy with him and my plan to have a summer fling in Hawaii, and they vowed to help. They're VERY protective of me, and they've been screening guys for me. Matt has passed muster so far, but he's on a very short leash with them. And me. I'm not going to be pushed around by some aggressive guy, that's for sure."

"Well, that's good, I suppose." I started to reach for my erection in order to stroke it, only to come to my senses and reconsider.

"It is!" she insisted. "As for drugs, you know me, I'm not interested in that. The only thing is that a couple of the people in our group are over 21, and we do drink some alcohol. But in moderation only. The Aussie twins are looking out for me on that too. You really should meet them. In fact, I think I'd like to introduce them to you and Mom on our next video chat. Once you talk to them, I'm sure you'll worry a lot less about me. They're cool and fun, but responsible. For instance, they're very anti-drug, saying that getting high on life is the best kind of high."

Nicky suddenly brought her hands up and gesticulated to emphasize her strong emotion. "I'm having SO MUCH FUN! I swear, this is turning into one of my best vacations ever!"

My heart leapt to my throat, because her gesticulating set her giant tits wobbling in the most enticing way. And the video quality was so high that I could have counted every last bump on her areolae.

So it was mostly for my own sanity when I waved my hands and said, "Okay, okay! Calm down, please. I get it. You're having a great time."

"I AM! And it's mostly thanks to the Aussie twins. They pretty much arrange everything, and I'm just along for the ride."

"So what have you actually done so far?"

"In terms of activities, not that much. Mostly, we just hang out and chat. We go to the beach a lot, which is RIGHT in front of the hotel. So easy! Or sometimes we'll lie out on the balcony of one of our hotel rooms, or a neat spot on the roof we've found, so we can tan topless."

That raised alarms for me. "You go topless with others?! Who, exactly?"

She giggled. "Don't worry, Daddy. When we do that, it's just with us girls: me, Kara, Kendall, and sometimes Dora and/or Brittany. Those are a couple of other really nice girls who have become part of our group. I'll tell you more about them later, if you're interested."

She continued, "And of course we do a lot of swimming in the ocean or the pool. Plus, sports. Amongst other things, the Aussie twins play tennis at about the same level I do. Talk about a lucky coincidence, right? There are SO MANY fun things to do just within the hotel grounds. We've hardly scratched the surface. And we've hardly stepped off the grounds at all yet. But we're talking about going on a big road trip tomorrow. I'm REALLY excited about that. The Aussie twins have their own rental car, so we're going to pile the whole gang into it and start exploring the rest of the island!"

"Including Matt?" I asked, trying to keep a poker face. I've only heard his name and already I hate him. Why? This is supposed to be the kind of thing I want for her, isn't it?

"Yeah, he'll be coming with us." There was an uncertain pause, and then she asked, "Are you okay with that?"

"Sure. It's fine. It's just that it all sounds too good to be true."

She beamed brightly, and bounced in a way that set off a maddeningly arousing tit-quake. "I know! Can you believe it?!"

I said soberly, "I'm not sure that I do. I mean it DOES sound too good to be true. There must be some downsides you simply haven't seen yet."

She wasn't dissuaded much. "Oh, I know everything isn't perfect. For instance, I already told you that I see some flaws in Matt. And the Aussies aren't perfect either. As an example, I doubt I'd be able to stay good friends with them for the long-term, because they're so energetic and intense, always wanting to check out the next new thing, whereas I'm more laid back. But in terms of getting me to push myself out of my shy ways and make the most of my vacation, it's like a match made in Heaven!"

We talked some more about various things, mostly what she'd done and what she was planning to do, as well as the people she'd met.

It was natural that most of the focus was on her, since she was having an exciting vacation, but she eventually got around to asking about me. Obviously, I couldn't say much about what was really happening to me, since it was nearly all intensely sexual. I dodged that by telling her about our plans for the "lighthouse" in the backyard. She said that was a very good idea, and gave it her full approval.

There was much more we could have talked about, but Mindy had come home by then and she walked into my room without knocking, wanting to get in on the call. That was embarrassing, because I had my boner hanging out the bottom of my shorts. Even though I wasn't touching it, she definitely saw it, saw Nicky's round bare breasts, and gave me a knowing smirk.

What distressed me even more than getting caught was knowing that she might well approve. At the very least, she wasn't going to disapprove.

I decided it was a good time to end my portion of the chat anyway. After discretely tucking my still rampant erection away, I told Nicky that Mindy was here and that I'd be handing the computer over to her.

Nicky said, "Okay, but when will we talk again? With the time difference, plus the fact that I'm not in my room much, it's best to arrange these things in advance. And I really want you and Mom to meet the Aussie twins. Since she's there too, let's hash out a time."

So that's what we did. With Nicky planning to go on a possible all day trip tomorrow, it was decided to wait until the day after that, also during her "siesta time," which would be between five and six California time.

With that settled, I waved good-bye and then got up and went to the window. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten about checking on the Gruesome Twosome to see if they were remaining in the backyard and not scheming somehow. At least when I did check, they were where they were supposed to be.

With Mindy taking over the chat, I gave my wife a kiss on the top of her head and retired to my room.

I figured that it was a good idea to stay for dinner, as the Hellions had suggested. However, I wanted some time to be all alone and totally bereft of any sexual stimulation so I could calm down and process what Nicky had told me.

I laid on my bed with my eyes closed and tried to calm down and let my mind go blank. I succeeded in relaxing some, but I couldn't stop thinking about Nicky, which meant my damn penis simply wouldn't go flaccid.

After a couple of minutes, I sighed to myself. It's hopeless! I can NOT avoid being aroused by my eldest daughter. She's just too gorgeous! And what's up with this damn topless chatting stuff?! How am I supposed to cope with that?! Is this becoming set as some new tradition? Doesn't she have any idea how her body affects me?! It's all fine and good for her using me as her "guinea pig" to help her get over her shyness, including getting over her body issues, but what about the effect she's having on ME?!

And what's this about some sneaky guy named Matt?! He sounds like a real asshole. All charming and handsome, but I'm sure that all he cares about is getting some nookie! Fuuuuuck! I know I shouldn't get jealous and possessive. I don't want to get all incestuous and creepy with my darling pure angel. I have to remember that Shelle and Red are naturally submissive nymphos, even with all their bluster and willfulness. If I don't take sexual control of them, then somebody really bad inevitably will. But Nicky is different. She needs this. Okay, maybe not a "player" like Matt, but she needs to date normal guys and go on to live a normal life. I suppose he's harmless enough as long as she doesn't fall in love with him.

What's wrong with her getting some experience with dating and even sex while she's in Hawaii? I need to be mature about this. She's a full adult, off at college, and it's time for me to let go. I have a lovely wife AND four cock slaves! FOUR! I simply cannot sexually desire my innocent Muffin in any way. It doesn't matter how sexy and stacked and all around mouth-wateringly amazing she looks, and even feels... God, why did she had to sit topless in my lap so much during her visit? It's like I can still feel her sitting on my...

UGH! Those are the thoughts I cannot have! Period! And I'm not allowed to have an erection while thinking about this stuff either. Down, boy!

I sighed heavily. Clearly, I have a problem when it comes to Nicky. It's probably just going to get worse once she returns back home. Maybe the best thing is for her to get it on with Matt. The more I hear about that, the better. That'll allow me to get all jealous and upset like a proper protective dad, and let me to burn out my inappropriate lusty feelings. Besides, I need to be supportive, regardless.

But, dammit, why does she have to be having such a great time in Hawaii? The rest of her summer at home is going to seem boring and ordinary in comparison.

I kept my eyes closed as I continued to lie on my bed. By and by, I was able to clear my mind from unwanted thoughts. Well, mostly at any rate. Luckily, and fairly incredibly, the others left me alone. I suppose that's because Michelle and Ruby stayed outside until Mindy finished chatting with Nicky, and then the girls had their own turn chatting with their older sister.

I was grateful. I needed a mental break. Eventually, I was even able to will my penis back to a flaccid state, and I very nearly drifted off to sleep.

Right as I was on the verge of dreamland, Mindy came in and told me that if I was staying for dinner, it would be ready in a few minutes. I grunted affirmatively and forced myself up to deal with whatever would come next. I looked forward to dinner with all of my in-town family, but to be honest I was much more eager about the prospect of seeing Cindy and Sue Ellen after dinner was over. I was certain we'd have great sex without much worry about a time limit, and we'd even get to go to bed together.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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