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Chapter 8

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As soon as Cindy and I got inside her house, Cindy began taking her clothes off. She seductively purred, "Master, you seem stressed. Let me lighten your mood by emptying your balls into me. How would you like to take me?"

As she said "take me," she turned around and invitingly wiggled her ass at me. That seemed to strongly suggest where she wanted to get taken.

This is new, I realized. Although I suppose I shouldn't be all that surprised, now that she's one of my cock slaves. I guess I should have realized that sometimes when Cin can have me all to herself like this, she'll make her desires plain enough that even I can recognize them.

However, I just stood there by the front door, still frowning. "I'm not stressed so much as simply sad. I'm thinking about Mindy crying just now. That wouldn't be so bad, but I know that it's just the start, since the boycott is just getting warmed up. There's going to be a LOT of crying and sorrow in the days to come, and not just from her. We know how emotional the Gruesome Twosome get. I imagine that Min has gone upstairs to talk to them and the three of them are crying their eyes out right now."

I looked at Cindy, who already had most of her clothes off. "So it's better if you stop undressing, because I don't see how I can get aroused when I'm in this mood."

She continued to disrobe anyway. She wasn't trying to do a striptease, as she seemed to think it was more important to make her nakedness a fait accompli before I could complain too much. "I understand how you feel, Master. But what's the good of wallowing? I've read that the biggest problem for depressed people is rumination - meaning thinking about their problems too much - and the best cure is keeping their minds busy with other thoughts. As one of your cock slaves, I feel it's my duty to put a smile back on your face, and the best way I know how to do that is through pleasuring your cock."

She timed her undressing with the last of her comments. Once she was nude from head to toe, she struck a sexy, cheesecake pose, with a cocked hip and a hand behind her head.

Unfortunately, I wasn't aroused in the slightest. "Cin, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but this isn't the time or place. There's nothing wrong in wanting to wallow in sadness for a while. I'll agree that excessive ruminating is bad, but sometimes it's good to work through one's feelings, like having a good cry."

"Okay, I'll tell you what. I'll start a fire" - she nodded towards the fireplace in the living room - "and you and I can just cuddle and talk for a while. If you want to vent about your sad feelings, I promise I'll be a great listener."

I asked, "A fire? Why? It's summer time, and we're still on the tail end of a heat wave."

She grinned knowingly. "True, but it's easy to get cold if you're completely naked like I am. And don't think for one minute that I'm going to put my clothes back on. In fact, I want you to get nude too. That's the price I'm going to have you pay in return for me listening to all of your wallowing."

I reacted with pretend shock. "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"

She caught my quote from "The Graduate." She just smiled coquettishly and said, "Well, no.  I hadn’t thought of it." She struck another provocative pose. "Here's the deal. We'll talk, and that'll help you take a load off your mind. And if, at some point, you start to get horny, I'll be able to help you take another kind of load off. And even if you don't, won't it feel nice to just cuddle skin on skin in front of a roaring fire. I think cuddling is highly underrated."

I couldn't help but grin at that. "You've got me there. I'm big on cuddling, and I like relaxing in front of an open fire. But I warn you now that I'm not going to get aroused."

Her grin turned into a knowing smirk that reminded me of Mindy. "We'll see if you're right about that. Why don't you undress and get the fire started. I'll go get us some wine, Oh, and since we never did eat dessert, what about some cheese and crackers?"

"Sounds good."

A couple of minutes later, we wound up sitting together in a big easy chair. True, it wasn't the Dream Chair, but it was a nice one, with just enough room for us to cuddle up side by side instead of her having to sit in my lap. I'd pulled it in front of the fire, which already was burning nicely. Cindy had turned the overhead lights off and wrapped us in a light blanket. At her request, I'd also moved coffee tables to either side of the easy chair, so we had a convenient spot to put our wine bottle, glasses, and food.

I sighed contentedly after taking a sip of the red wine she'd given me. "Aaaah. This is cozy. But I call foul. Clearly, you're using inside knowledge to get to me. You know I've got a soft spot for cuddling in front of a fire with Min. You even knew about how we like to snack on wine and cheese. It's true that we don't do it naked, due to having Satan's Spawn running around the house most of the time, and we don't do it in the summer, but otherwise, this feels like the many times I've done this with Min."

She said, "You're right, I did take advantage of inside knowledge. I hope you don't mind, because this is fulfilling a very big fantasy for me."

"Really? How? All we're doing is cuddling." I had an arm around her and she had an arm around me, but we weren't actively doing any fondling.

She responded, "True. But not all fantasies have to be about sweaty, wild sex. I've known for years and years about your and Mindy's 'cuddling in front of a fire' tradition, and this has been a daydream vision for me more times than I care to admit. And now it's happening, for real! I don't know if you can tell how thrilled I am, but for me this is about as good as it gets. I mean in my entire life! It may get AS good as this, but I can't imagine it getting any better."

"Wow. Why?"

She snuggled herself up against my side in a way that was both intimate and enticing. "Because of what it symbolizes, and what it shows about how you feel about me. Sure, I love that you use and dominate me sexually. I've more than made peace with the fact that I'm sexually submissive. I wouldn't have it any other way. So if you're offering more of that, my answer is 'more please!' But cuddling like this goes beyond that. This is what two people in love do. We're naked and touching each other, and we could end up having sex, but we don't necessarily have to. It's a joy in and of itself just to be together."

I nodded, and stared into the fire. "Indeed. I like that a lot too. And I would have thought I'd feel guilty doing this with you instead of Mindy, especially tonight, after seeing her cry, but for some strange reason that's not bothering me too much."

Cindy murmured hopefully, "That's because you know that she would want this to happen right now. What would make her madder than a wet hen is if I just left you alone to wallow. Even if you want to feel sad, it's a different thing if you're doing it with someone you love cuddled up next to you."

"Very true. And by the way, 'madder than a wet hen?' Did you get that from Sue Ellen? I've never heard anyone else but her say that."

Cindy grinned. "I suppose I did. I like her colorful Southernisms. They're so her." She turned her head towards me, causing me to turn my head enough to for us to make eye contact. "Anyway, let's let the sadness out, together. You'll feel better later."

"Yes, let's. But before I unload on how I feel about the sex boycott making everybody sad, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about for some time, but for some reason, something always comes up."

She took my flaccid penis in hand and briefly lifted it up and then let go of it. "Usually this. Quite literally. But please continue."

There was a pause as I tried to gather my thoughts. "It's about Ruby. Well, you and Ruby. One day, Ruby was your daughter alone, and then the next day she was my daughter and Mindy's daughter too. How do you feel about that? I mean, yes, we've talked about that some, but I feel like we haven't talked about that enough. As a result, I think we're still walking on eggshells to some extent. For instance, Ruby has refrained from calling Mindy 'Mom' or 'Mother,' and I think that's out of concern that she would hurt your feelings."

Cindy and I had been staring into the fire, but she made eye contact with me again. "I'm perfectly fine with the change. In fact, I see it as a 100% positive. You have no idea how tough it's been on me trying to raise her all by myself. Even when my ex who shall not be named was in the picture, he wasn't much of a father. But another way to look at it is that I didn't raise her alone, because you and Min were there all along. This just formalizes a reality that's existed ever since Ruby was in diapers. For instance, you were her real father figure years and years before I divorced you-know-who. Why do you think she spent so much time at your house since forever?"

I pointed out, "Well, there's the huge crush she had on me, not to mention that she and Shelle are basically joined at the hip."

"Yes, but they could be joined at the hip at my house or anywhere else. And yeah, her crush on you had a big part to do with it, but your house was the de facto hangout spot well before she hit puberty."

"What are you trying to say?"

"You've been her true dad all along! You've been both the best and the only real father figure she's ever known. That's one reason why I'm so overjoyed that this harem has come together like it has. For a long time, I felt it was tragic that our true family would never be truly and formally realized, due to all the social rules against it. But now it is! To me, that's just as great as the sex. We're not just a harem of beautiful women dedicated to serving your cock. We definitely are that, no doubt, but we're also a real family!"

This inspired her so much that she suddenly repositioned, winding up sitting on my lap with her face up to mine. She moved in for a kiss and we spent the next minute or two necking.

However, I wasn't done with the discussion. Once my lips were free again, I said, "You make it sound so easy. And I guess it is when it comes to me, since I'm the only father figure in sight, now that your ex is long gone. But I'm more concerned about a potential bumping of elbows between you and Mindy. What about that? So far, there hasn't been much problem because you two haven't had any serious disagreements. But what happens when you want Ruby to do one thing and Min wants her to do another? I can already see them trying to play you off each other."

Cindy slid the light blanket off and let it drop to the floor. "Excuse me, Master, but I'm plenty warm now that the fire is burning bright. Is that okay with you?"

I ran my hands up and down her sides. "It's fine. Although I think you just want me to see and touch all of your fantastic uncovered body."

She smiled knowingly. "There's that too. To answer your question, sure, there will be problems like the one you mention. But here's the thing: Min and I are VERY like-minded when it comes to parenting. She and I have probably talked to each other as much or more about the difficulty of raising Michelle and Ruby as she and you have. We know all their tricks, including them trying to play us against each other. We know the importance of presenting a united front, which includes you, by the way. Nothing is going to change, except that we'll be officially acknowledging the reality that's been there all along. So I'm not worried at all."

I persisted, "But it's not that easy. Yes, you're got three wonderful daughters now, including Nicky."

Curiously, she growled approvingly, and then fastened her lips to the side of my neck. She applied a powerful suction that I felt all the way down to my toes!

"But!" I hastily added, trying hard not to be distracted from the point I was making. "Ruby is always going to be your favorite. Sure, you can say they're all equal, and you should, but the truth is you'll feel a special connection with her. She's got your genes, you breast-fed her, you spent much more time with her since the very beginning, and so on. That's only natural. I'd feel the same way if I was in your shoes. So aren't you going to want to have a special say in matters that concern her?"

Cindy continued to sit on my lap, and lightly ran a hand over my chest. "Yes, I'll admit there's a special connection there. It would be pointless to deny it. I want that to continue, because there's no harm in us being extra close. But a special say? No. Like I said, we need to present a united front. Furthermore - and I can't stress this enough - I'm part of a harem and you're the master! Which means that YOU are the one with the special say. For instance, if Min and I want one thing for Ruby and you want another, and we're stuck in our positions after talking it out, then what YOU want is what goes."

She lightly poked my chest a couple of times to emphasize her key words. "Because you are the motherfucking MASTER! Yes, I'm the mother of three girls now, but you're the master of us ALL, and that trumps everything!"

I asked, "But what if I insist on something you and Min strongly disagree with?"

"That's already happened, as you well know, with your dating stinky boys stance. But here's the thing. We know you very, very well, and we know that you're a smart, reasonable guy. True, sometimes you take a foolish, stubborn stance, but you come around once you have time to adjust. My point is that on all the big things, you, Min, and I are all in agreement already. I'm sure there will be times when you put your foot down on something that I really don't like, but that's part of the price of being your willing and wanton cock slave."

She made that last comment with evident gusto, as if she liked being forced to do things against her will.

I said, "You say that's part of the price, but what's the benefit?"

She snorted mirthfully. "You're kidding me, right? Just look at me, right here, right now, sitting naked on your lap! Like I said, it doesn't get any better than this. You're my one true love, and you're my master! That's better than having you exclusively as my husband. Much, MUCH better! It's like I get all the benefits of having you as a husband, plus more. I get to share you with my best friend and my daughters, and together we get to live out all our greatest submissive fantasies with you. Just thinking about being dominated by you for years and years to come is getting me worked up."

She looked down at my crotch, and took hold of my penis. "And I can see something is arousing you as well. Is it all this master and slave talk?"

Sure enough, my dick had gotten fully erect. I hadn't even realized it happened until she pointed it out. I protested, "No, of course not. I think it has more to do with the fact that you're sitting naked on my lap in the darkness with the fire behind you and outlining you. So sexy! You look like a nude beauty in some opening musical scene to a James Bond movie. I really mean that."

I brought my hands back to her sides. "Except that I can smell you. So feminine and alluring. And I can feel you too!" I began slowly running my hands over her, mostly exploring her hips and tummy.

She smiled widely. "Thanks for the compliment. I love it! But I also find it adorable how you try so hard to deny how you enjoy dominating us. You think it's unfair or sexist or something. You wonder how I can sincerely love being enslaved to you, I can tell. If only you could tell how great it feels!"

She tilted her head back, as if in sexual ecstasy. "Gaawwwd! The worst sex with you is at least ten times better than any I ever had with my ex, just because we're doing it as master and slave. You could lay there dead as a doornail, doing nothing, and merely thinking about my submissive status would get me hotter than an oven. In fact, I'm sorry, but I just can't take it anymore!"

With that, she slid off my lap. Seconds later, she had my stiff dick in her mouth and she was bobbing on it.

I had been gradually getting more hot and bothered, so I didn't exactly mind. However, once the initial surge of pleasure passed, I found myself thinking, "Dead as a doornail." "Doing nothing." I know she isn't actually critiquing me with those phrases, but unfortunately too often lately I've been relatively passive during sex. I don't want to get lazy and entitled. Cindy makes my heart sing with joy. I need to show her my appreciation!

With that in mind, I told her to stop so I could go down on her instead.

She didn't exactly disobey me, but she tried her best to talk me out of it, even as she kept on licking and stroking all over my boner. After a couple of minutes, we came up with a compromise: she laid down on the floor between the easy chair and the fireplace, and I laid on top of her, then we got busy with a sixty-nine.

That was a lot of fun. For some reason, I was in an olfactory mood, meaning I was getting off on the mere smell of her. Being able to whiff her feminine essence straight from her hot and wet pussy practically overwhelmed my senses. I couldn't get enough of her delicious smell or her taste, and I licked her with energy and passion.

Cindy, in turn, got hotter and hotter, and licked and sucked me with increasing energy and passion too. After a while, I was able to make her cum once, and then again, and again. By her third climax, she was so overwhelmed by pleasure that she had to stop sucking me. She was panting too hard to merely breathe through her nose. She tried to keep licking my shaft, but she was so out of it that she could barely manage to do that.

Eventually, she protested, "No fair! Master, I know it's the man who sometimes needs to take a break in order to keep going, but this time I'm the one who really needs a break! Can I cry uncle? Because I'm crying uncle!"

I chuckled. "Okay. To be honest, I need a break too."

The two of us separated. We wound up sitting side by side, leaning back against the easy chair. We were too wiped out for much talking, so we just cuddled some more and stared into the flickering flames.

I got up to toss more logs onto the fire, since it had been dying down during the long time we'd been sixty-nining.

Then, back in the easy chair with my arm around Cindy again, I thought, I guess there must be something to this idea of distracting someone so they don't have time to be depressed. I was all set to moan and groan about my sadness, and I totally forgot to do that! And sex with Cin has definitely put me in a much better frame of mind so I don't even feel like "having a sad." Yeah, things'll be rocky with Min and the Hellions for a while, but it's absolutely necessary, and we'll get out of this a much stronger group than before.

My dick was still erect, but it was softening from inaction. I looked over at Cindy to see if she was ready for more or still needed to rest. To my surprise, she was staring into the fire, but with a look of intense concentration and even obvious concern.

I gently rubbed her nearest shoulder and quietly asked, "A penny for your thoughts?"

My surprise increased, because that simple question made her blush and shyly look away.

I inquired softly, "What's bothering you? Remember how our lives are forever entwined now. There's no need to feel shy or afraid about anything with me."

She closed her eyes tightly, and took a few slow breaths. "I'm... I'm trying to figure out how to let you know what I really want to do next... without being..." - she bit her lip adorably before breathing hesitantly - "...pushy."

I caressed her with both hands to help put her at ease. "Hey, I'm all ears. I figure we still have about an hour until Sue Ellen arrives, since she's probably going to stop off at the other house first. I'm feeling happy and relaxed. I'm up for anything you want, whether it's more sex, or just talking and cuddling, or anything else. Your wish is my command."

Cindy looked at me and flashed a warm smile. "Thanks." But then she winced and closed her eyes again. "This isn't easy for me to say, so I'm just going to up and say it: I'd... I want... I'd like, no... I need you to..." She took a deep breath to steel her courage, and then blurted out, "I need to feel you, all of you, in my ass again!"

Whatever I'd been expecting her to say, I know it wasn't that! Then I remembered her wiggling her ass at me enticingly when we'd first arrived, and realized I was being slow on the uptake again. I frowned in confusion, not because of what she was asking of me but because of the almost apologetic way she said it. "Sure, let's do that. But why is that so hard for you to say that? Anal sex is just another sex act."

With her eyes still closed and her cheeks red, she spoke emphatically. "No, it's not!" She apparently was quite worked up, because she took another deep breath to try to calm down some. "That is, it's not for me. In my opinion, at least, it's a lot more intense and personal than any other sex act. In order for it to work, I've gotta lay it all on the line and put all my trust in you. There are a lot of ways things can go wrong, and it takes a lot of prep work. I have to totally relax, and put my body, my heart... everything... in your hands."

She finally opened her eyes, although she stared into the fire instead of at me. "But the flip side is... if it's done right, all that difficulty is rewarded with an experience that's better than any other kind of sex, in every possible way! Not only is the sexual pleasure more intense, at least for me, but there's a kind of emotional bonding that goes with it. It's so much more than just fitting tab A into slot B!"

She finally looked my way. "When you took my ass during my initiation ceremony the night before last... good God! When I compare that to anal sex with Rex, er, sorry, with you-know-who, it's not even on the same planet!" Her face went from worried and embarrassed to enthusiastic. "To me, it's the ultimate expression of physical love and bonding. Because my love for you is so much greater, all the feelings were magnified!"

She got shy again. "I can hardly wait to do it with you for a second time. I want that so much! But I'm worried you won't be interested, or you'll think I'm weird or something. I mean, not every woman wants to spread her ass open and be fucked up the butt like, like, some kind of wanton slut!"

I tenderly brushed her hair off her forehead. "Of course you're not weird! And if you're a 'wanton slut' for me, I consider that a very good thing. But don't worry, because like I said already, I'm all in. I had a wonderful time making love to you under the stars, and the fact that you let me take you anally made it that much more special for me. So what are we waiting for? Let's do it right now!"

She nodded, but she still seemed shy and reluctant. "What about... Sue Ellen? What time is it, and when might she get here? Normally, I'd be all over sharing your huge cock with her. Honestly, that doubles the fun and pleasure for me, and I'm sure for you too. But anal sex... it's a very private and intimate act in my mind. That's why I asked Mindy to leave last time. I think I'd just about die of embarrassment if somebody saw us going at it, and not in the good arousing humiliation kind of way."

I took that all in, and then nodded. I didn't understand her need for total privacy during anal sex, but I was more than willing to respect it. I craned my head around, trying to look around the dark room. "To be honest, I don't know what time it is. This room is pitch dark but for the fire, and I doubt there's a clock around anyway, since the walls have been stripped bare."

"That's true," she said. "We could check the oven clock in the kitchen though."

I got up. "Okay, I'll do that. You stay here and get all ready and relaxed for a nice, loving massage, right where you need it. What do you think about that?"

She finally smiled, a great big smile. "Ohhhh... yes, please! Thanks! Master, you really are the best!"

"You make it seem like I'm doing you a favor." I stage-whispered loudly for her, "Just between you and me though, I definitely LOVED being inside your ass that first time. Ever since, I find myself thinking about it when I'm around you, and that makes me want to do it again!"

She playfully slapped my arm, but she left her hand on my chest, tenderly exploring the feel of the muscles under my skin. "Me too," she breathed, shyly. "Just being near you makes me want to know that incredibly sensual feeling of embracing every fat fucking inch of your cock inside my ass again. You make me feel…" she looked boldly at me, "needy… wanton… hungry!"

She pulled my lips to hers to kiss me and we shared another hot, soulful kiss.

When she let me go, she was all shy again, although her fingers were definitely taking liberties. "Master?"

"Yes, my cock slave?"

It seemed merely being called that name made her shiver with desire. "I need your cock... I need you... in my ass," she pleaded quietly, but with a passionate heat.

I cupped her face in my hands and stroked her cheeks while I tantalizingly kissed her lips. "Good," I breathed hotly, "because the massage is just a warm-up to put you in the right mood. I intend to make you take every inch… and cum… like the butt hungry cock slave we both know you to be."

"Yes, Master!" Her face lit up like a neon sign.

"I had a great time fucking your ass for the first time. You made me a total convert to anal sex just with that one experience. We can learn from that and make it even better this time."

She nodded with relief.

I picked up the light blanket and wrapped it around me, because the house was a bit chilly once one stepped away from the fire, and then I walked to the kitchen.

The oven clock showed that it was already 7:30, which was later than I'd expected. And since Sue Ellen was due to get off work at eight, I was concerned that might not leave Cindy and me enough time.

So I used the kitchen phone to call Sue Ellen at Mama Mia's. I told her not to come by until 8:30 or later, so Cindy and I could have some more special private time. She was her usual very agreeable and obedient self, so there was no problem.

While I was talking on the phone, Cindy had been busy. She'd gotten some anal lube from somewhere and had the bottle open and ready to go. Furthermore, she was in the middle of moving a mattress from the guest room a couple of rooms away to the living room.

I was surprised that she'd managed to move it as far as she had already all by herself, since it was unwieldy for any one person to carry. I immediately rushed to her and started helping carry it. As we moved it together, I commented, "Boy, you're definitely motivated to make this happen just so."

She was more at ease, and showed a big smile. "Master, you have no idea!"

"You sure you don't want to do it in your bedroom?"

She grinned almost mischievously. "Believe me, that's on the list, soon!" She chuckled. "But we're having such a magical time in front of the fire. That's how I want to remember tonight forever, just you and me, making sweet love before the fire."

We were still carrying the mattress along as I commented, "The first, but definitely not the last."

That made her already big smile somehow double in size. I loved making her feel so very happy.

A couple of minutes later, we were all set, with the mattress placed just the right distance in front of the fire, so we wouldn't be too hot or too cold. We added sheets and pillows, and more logs to the fire, until everything was ideal. Cindy laid face down, still butt naked of course, and I laid on top of her.

To help her relax, I spent several minutes just massaging her neck and back. Bit by bit, my hands migrated down until I was caressing and massaging her fantastic ass. I made sure to fondle and finger her pussy a good deal too, until she was much more relaxed but also much more aroused.

I didn't feel any need to talk, and it was nice to just listen to the crackling fire. Cindy purred and moaned nearly continuously, and the sheer sexiness of her voice kept my dick stiff even though it wasn't being stimulated at all. But from time to time I spoke up to check in on how she was feeling.

I didn't get much in the way of answers beyond lots of long contented "Mmmm!" sounds and a few utterances like, "So good," or "Very relaxed." But that was enough to tell me that I was on the right track.

I wasn't in any hurry, since I figured we had a full hour and there was no way I'd come close to lasting that long once I got into her tight ass. So I took my time getting my cock inside her. It probably took about ten minutes before I managed to get my cockhead in her tauty straining anus, and I must admit that it was a real struggle.

However, it was an order of magnitude easier compared to our first time. Then, neither of us knew if my unusual size would even fit inside of her, so both of us were anxious. I had been even more anxious just doing this "unnatural act" for the very first time in my life, and she also had extra jitters doing it for the first time with me, probably mostly due to my sheer size. I'm sure my attitude was much better this time, but it was her improved attitude that really made the difference. She was so relaxed that she was practically comatose! Furthermore, in one of her few lucid comments, she told me that she could feel her asshole was still partially stretched open from the anal fucking I'd given her two nights earlier. She also told me that she had total trust and confidence in me.

So, although it was far from easy, and I could only gain a fraction of an inch with each thrust deeper in, it didn't feel like the nearly desperate ordeal of last time. We both knew it would work and it was just a matter of time, with me gently yet firmly pushing in and then waiting for her body to adjust to my prodigious girth.

Once I had my cockhead all the way in her, and I was resting for a couple of minutes before making the next series of pushes deeper in, I found myself thinking, This isn't too bad. Last time, it was touch and go for the longest time whether it was worth it to keep going at all. God, I was sweating and struggling and suffering, big time. It took a loooong time before it turned pleasurable for both of us. But this? I can totally deal with this. If the worst of anal sex is going to be like this each time, then sign me up for a lot more of it, because I know the good part is gonna be awesome!

It took another five minutes for me to get all of my shaft into her, and then another five minutes after that to just rest and let her ass adjust to the feeling of fullness she got from taking my entire length inside of her.

Up until that point, Cindy had been so relaxed that nearly all of the action had been up to me. We'd propped her ass up with pillows to some degree, but generally speaking she just laid there grunting and breathing hard.

Thus, I was quite surprised when she abruptly got up on all fours, causing me to rise up with her. Whenever she'd been talking, her voice had been slurred as if she was drunk or half-asleep. But now she spoke with a new resolve. "Okay, Master. I'm ready! Let's do it! Fuck! My! Ass!"

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