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Chapter 9

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Just to be sure, I asked Cindy, "You mean you want me to start thrusting?"

"Definitely! I'm raring to go!"


I started by thrusting in and out of her ass. However, I was careful to go slow at first. And it was very slow going indeed, because she remained an extremely tight squeeze even after all the waiting and adjusting.

But my task was made easier by Cindy's enthusiastic cooperation. No longer an ultra-relaxed blob, she began humping back at me in wonderful synchrony with my movements. That showed me that she was willing and even hungry for more.

More time passed, and naturally I began to speed up and thrust deeper as the resistance lessened. But what surprised me was that Cindy apparently didn't think I was being aggressive enough. She humped back at me with increasing vigor, and said things like, "Master, I'm not made out of porcelain. Go for it! Give me a good, solid pounding. I like it rough. I can take it! I'm ready for a thorough reaming!"

So I tried to up my game and thrust deeper and harder. But I must admit that this was only the second time I'd ever taken part in anal sex, and I still felt uncertain about just how rough it was prudent to get. I'd heard that injuries could happen if one wasn't careful, and that was probably more than doubly so in my case due to the unusual thickness of my penis. Plus, it was simply very, very difficult to push in and out of her, no matter how much she cried out for me to ram in harder. It was like trying to put on a pair of pants that were a few sizes too small - I could barely fit into her at all!

As a result of my relative caution, she began to do more of the thrusting than me. I still pushed hard, but she pushed back harder. With each minute that passed, I started to realize just how enthusiastic and energized she was. She really, really wanted a good, hard ass fucking!

I tried to increase my efforts still more. I pushed in faster and deeper. And thank God, it was getting easier. We'd used plenty of lube, and that was paying off. However, it still wasn't as easy as vaginal fucking. Her ass remained damn tight. But the excellent news was that the longer we went at it, the more pleasurable it became for me to stroke my thickness into her. And judging from her moans and groans and all-around energetic enthusiasm, it was still more pleasurable for her to receive me.

That was music to my ears. I still had a niggling worry in the back of my mind that I had to be careful so I wouldn't do anything to hurt her, but with her all but screaming in ecstasy, that gave me confidence that I was on the right track and she wasn't on the verge of internal tearing or anything awful like that. So I fucked her still harder and deeper.

We were thrusting in and out in perfect sync, like a well-oiled machine. However, now that we'd worked up to a good rhythmic pace, I was burning up a lot of energy. Since she was thrusting back with such gusto, she had to be running out of energy too. I knew I couldn't keep up that pace for much longer, and she might "cry uncle" at any time too. So it became my goal to give her a big cum before one or both of us needed a serious break.

I did my best to think what I could do or say to somehow step up the arousal level a little more and push her over the edge. Unfortunately, with both of us going at it full blast, extensive talking was out of the question. And although I could have fucked her even harder, that was risky because it would cause me to run out of energy that much faster too. So I was at a loss over what to do.

But then something came to my mind: spanking! I recalled fucking Sue Ellen in the Pussymobile during her lunch break during the day, and how some ass smacks had had a big effect on her. So I decided to try the same thing out with Cindy.

First, I wanted to give my actions some context, in order to arouse her even more. So I slowed my thrusting a little bit in order to ease my panting enough to speak some. Then I proclaimed, "Cin, I'm gonna whack your ass as we fuck! You know why?"

She panted back, "Why?!" She was humping back at me so intently I doubt she was capable of saying more than that.

I spoke dramatically. "For no good reason at all! Just because I'm your master and you're my slave!" Then as soon as I finished speaking, I raised a hand way up and brought it down hard and fast, thwacking her left ass cheek so hard that it made a very loud smacking sound.

She screamed out in surprise.

Mere seconds later, I did the same with my other hand, smacking her right ass cheek just as hard.

Again, she screamed out. But then she managed to add, "YES! Oh, Gaawwwd! YES!"

I was encouraged by that, and I was ready to smack her a lot more. But her second "YES!" never quite ended, and turned into an incoherent wail. Within seconds, it became clear that she was cumming, hard!

That was great news for me. I'd been working up a sweat for a good while. Ever since I'd started thrusting, I hadn't had any respite at all, and in fact I'd steadily been putting more effort into it with each passing minute. I felt like an out of shape runner with a tiger chasing me. I wanted to stop, but I couldn't, and I was putting absolutely everything I had into going just a little bit longer. But now that she was experiencing a big orgasm, I could finally take a well deserved rest.

I smacked her ass a few more times, and kept on thrusting for another minute, just to make sure that her climax would be as epic as possible. But then, when it became clear that she'd peaked and she was coming back down to Earth, I stopped. Somehow, I wound up on top of her with my head and chest resting on her back.

She had been on all-fours the whole time, but it figured that her orgasm had weakened her, and then when I rested on top of her, she had no choice but to collapse all the way down to the mattress. I wound up lying flat on top of her with my hot boner still buried in her spastically clenching anus.

What was especially thrilling for me was the way that the walls of her rectum kept flexing and involuntarily massaging themselves all around the thickness of my shaft. The inside of her ass was warm and welcoming, and I had no desire to extract myself from the loving confines of her anal embrace.

We'd been working hard, and it was time for a prolonged rest. In fact, for a few minutes we were too out of it to speak or even move much.

Eventually, I rallied enough to stretch out and reach the wine bottle, and take a few chugs directly from it. Then I held the bottle and let her do the same. That was quite a physical feat because I wasn't willing to pull out of her ass for anything! It had been such an effort to get in that I didn't want to risk having to go through something like that again. And despite the lack of action as we rested, my dick didn't go flaccid at all. I was in a great zone where I was highly aroused, but not dangerously close to cumming, and just being able to smell, see, and touch Cindy's glorious naked body kept me that way.

Both of us were thirsty after all that hard and sweaty fucking, so the wine hit the spot. I knew that alcohol wasn't a good thirst-quencher in the longer term, but in the short term it certainly felt refreshing and satisfying.

Cindy was the first one to break the silence. With her face down towards the mattress, I couldn't see her talk, but I heard her say, "Master, that was incredible! You have NO IDEA how much I loved that. And the smacks at the end? Perfect! That drove me absolutely wild! Thanks!"

That made me feel pretty good. "No, thank you. You were ON FIRE! Humping and thrusting back so much, I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco. But it's not over. In fact... what if I do a little bit of this?"

My boner was fully sheathed inside her, so I pulled out a few inches and then slowly pushed back in.

She moaned lustily. "OH! GOD! Daniel, that is... OH! HNNG! So... fucking... GREAT! Do it again, please!"

Naturally, I did it again. Of course, she loved that too, and begged for more. It wasn't long before I was pumping in and out of her some more, at a steady but slowly pace.

However, things were different this time. For one thing, her body was wiped out from her big orgasm, so she was no longer able to fuck back. And although I hadn't cum yet, I'd used up most of my energy reserves. Furthermore, with the way I was lying on top of her, I wasn't in a good position to really drill her deep and hard like before. Instead, I stayed deep inside her and used shorter and shallower thrusts that were more measured and mutually satisfying.

In fact, it hardly qualified as fucking. It was more like making love. It was a luxuriously sensual and unhurried anal reaming. It kept her that kept her deeply impaled on my cock and constantly purring and mewling with pleasure. There was no steady rhythm, and at times, the movement came to a complete stop. Furthermore, I got busy exploring and fondling her body with both hands. That was done in a similarly slow and sensual manner.

Neither of us were in a hurry to cum or have any sort of peak energetic experience. Instead, we were happy to just revel in the intimate, loving contact. Although we'd recovered from our breathless panting, there wasn't much talking because we were saying so much through our non-verbal contact.

We also realized that we both felt a profound "rightness" about what we were doing that was both moving and deeply satisfying, and it was futile to even try to express it in words. Her ass loved my cock, and I loved fucking my cock into her ass. At one point, she told me she needed this, not just wanted it, and I was more than happy to rise to the occasion for her. There was a profound sense of bonding, joining and unity in our actions that felt intensely loving and meaningful. There was nothing wrong about what we were doing. Instead there was only desire, passion, and our mutual succumbing to our lust for each other.

The only minor snag was that Cindy expressed her frustration that we weren't face to face, and she was limited in the way that she was able to reach back and touch me. But I told her that I wanted some special time to totally focus on her and her pleasure, and she shouldn't worry about pleasuring me at all. So she did that, and ironically I think we both found it more pleasurable. She couldn't do a lot to further arouse me with my boner buried in her ass anyway, and the more she relaxed and gave in to the experience, the more she enjoyed it. Then the more pleasure she experienced, the more I enjoyed it too.

So we continued like that. What surprised me was how very long we kept at it. Earlier, when she'd been on all-fours, the fucking had been intense, but it couldn't last long. I had no way to keep track of time, but I figured we had only fucked at a good pace for five minutes at the least and ten minutes at the most.

Whereas this slow, making love style could continue nearly indefinitely. Merely having my cock in her ass felt so good to both of us that I didn't have to do much. Just a little bit of movement was enough to keep the situation changing and remind us of how pleasurable it all was. Whenever I wanted to stop and rest, I could just put more of my attention into caressing and fondling her instead.

I was loving it, but she loved it even more. I could tell, because she continued to climax from time to time. True, it wasn't like the epic and prolonged orgasm that had wiped her out and brought her down to the mattress, but what she lacked in peak intensity she made up for with the sheer number of climaxes. She began cumming every couple of minutes or so.

It made me think that her poor needy ass had been starved and neglected for years, but now it was getting the love and attention it both desired and craved. Obviously, anal sex really meant a lot to her.

But we were far from done, and as time passed, she became more and more sensitive. After a while, it seemed to me that practically anything I did that was novel would cause her to at least have a small cum. It became kind of a game, and both of us giggled a lot. For instance, once I was able to reach up and touch her face, and that alone caused her to cum. I could tell that she wasn't faking, because I could feel each orgasm in the way her ass trembled around and suckled on my shaft.

After a good while, maybe twenty or thirty minutes of this, Cindy felt the urge to comment on what was happening. "Master, is it just me, or is this paradise on Earth?"

"It's not just you," I replied, with deep contentment.

"But you're not cumming. And I've had so many orgasms that I've lost count. Are you sure you're having a good time?"

"The best! Cin, trust me. I'm in 'the zone.' Meaning, I'm just the right level of aroused. If I were a tad more stimulated, I'd have to constantly squeeze my PC muscle, and that would tire me out fast. It's like I'm experiencing an endless, great high. Emphasis on 'endless.' I feel like we could do this for hours. Whenever I get a little too overexcited, I can just stay still for a little bit, and then I come back out of the danger zone."

She said, "I'm soooo glad to hear that, because I feel the exact same way. This is endless bliss, emphasis on 'endless' for me too. We can and should do this for hours sometime. Unfortunately not tonight though, because isn't Sue Ellen coming here soon?"

"She is." I never thought I'd be unhappy to see my adorable Cupcake, but due to these special circumstances I was a bit disappointed to realize that we couldn't keep going and going just like this.

Cindy said, "Damn. Even though I feel like I'm floating on Cloud Nine, I feel like I'm tensing up a little bit, just from thinking about her walking in on us like this. I'm sorry, Master, but I have this weird thing about needing total privacy when it comes to anal sex."

I told her, "I don't fully understand that, but I can sympathize, because it is a special, uniquely intimate thing. I'm feeling so very close to you right now. Physically, obviously, yes, but not just that. I feel like the two of us are one."

"YESSSSSS!" she purred lustily and lazily, yet also somehow enthusiastically. "I'm sooooo glad you said that, because that's exactly how I feel. Master, as far as I'm concerned, we ARE one. I mean, obviously we're still separate people, but it's like I'm so in love with you already, and I feel like I'm falling in love with you all over again, on top of that. I've never felt so... so... content!"

"Mmmm," I murmured happily. "I know exactly what you mean."

We continued to fondle and slowly fuck for a couple more minutes, until she broke the mood by giggling.

I had to ask, "What?"

"Oh, I was just thinking. You're in big trouble, mister! Mister master!" She giggled some more.

"How so?"

"Because you've got me hooked! Of course I love it when you fuck me in any orifice. Naturally, I'm still going to spend most of my special slave time with you on my knees, worshipping your huge cock with my mouth. But anal sex does something extra special for me! I dare say it makes me feel like a complete and thoroughly sexual woman, more than anything else. So I've gotta warn you, I'm going to be chasing after you for more of this, whenever I can get you alone. You'll never be safe from my anal hunger for the King!" She giggled some more.

I mock-sighed. "It's a tough life. But such is fate. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and fuck your ass on a fairly regular basis from now on."

She squealed in delight. It wasn't easy, but she managed to twist her upper torso and crane her neck just enough to make eye contact with me. "Master! Do you really mean it?!"

"Of course," I told her sincerely. "Like I keep telling you, I'm loving this too. The only thing is, you know... I am master of the harem, which means I've got five women to satisfy. So it's not like we can have these endless, luxurious anal loving times every single day..."

To my relief, she said, "Don't worry, I understand that. I wouldn't want that. To be honest, I've been kind of trying to show it, but it's taken my ass all of these past two days just to recover from last time. So it wouldn't be physically possible for it to be an everyday thing for me in any case. But it we could do it a couple of times a week, you would have the happiest, happiest, most contented slave in the entire history of sex slaves!"

I chuckled. "You said 'happiest' twice there."

"I know! That's like 'double happiest, times two.' Trust me, we're talking some serious happy here!"

Another minute or two passed, and we continued our special fucking style, but I could feel her body tensing up some more.

I had to ask, "Is something bothering you?"

She admitted, "I'm thinking about Sue Ellen walking in on us like this. I don't want to stop, but I feel like we have to stop. What about you? Are you ready to cum? Or are you trying to save yourself for more fun when she arrives?"

"Both, kind of. I'm thinking I can come now, recharge, and then cum again later. But I'm not feeling like working up to a big, energetic peak like we did earlier. Would it be weird for you if I just let go and cum, like this? Because I'm sure that I'm close enough to the edge that I could come at any time if I just let it happen."

She said, "Oh, please. That sounds really good, actually. I don't need another big intense thing. In fact, that would probably totally overload me and fry my brain. A totally mellow orgasm will be great too."

Then her voice dripped with lustful honey as she passionately confided, "Plus, I NEED a load of your cum in my ass! Give it to me, my Master! Make me take your seed deep inside!"

So that's exactly what I did. It was strange, because it was just about the most anti-climactic orgasm I'd had in years. I simply mentally let go and unloaded in her ass. It didn't feel that overwhelmingly intense for me, but at the same time it was deeply profound in a way that was almost spiritual because it was such an impactful sensation to finally feel all that cum getting pumped deep inside her. In any case, I had been riding an erotic high for a half-hour non-stop, and it was like I'd been on a great amusement park ride and it was finally time to get off. The getting off wasn't the point, the joy of it had been the entire duration of the ride.

Besides, Cindy was still in a hyper-sensitive state, and even my anti-climactic orgasm flooded her bowels and gave her a particularly satisfying orgasm to accompany my unloading into her so deeply. Her sexy groans of satisfaction and desire as I poured my hot seed into her needy depths were simply breathtaking, and kept me panting lustily too.

Afterwards, we needed to take care of a few things. Both of us took turns peeing in the bathroom, and then we went to the kitchen to drink some water, allowing us to properly rehydrate. Then we went back to the living room.

Before we decided what to do next, Cindy felt compelled to tell me how she'd felt while she climaxed when I unloaded into her. She told me that it was such a rush of total euphoria that it was almost like a religious epiphany. She said that merely feeling my cum pooling so deeply inside her afterwards gave her a supreme feeling of satisfaction, and she was still riding high on the afterglow.

I must admit that I was a little bit envious, but it also warmed my heart that I could make her feel that great.

It turned out that normally Cindy had to heat her house some at night, even in summer, or else it would get chilly, and she had deliberately avoided doing that on this night so we would be that much cozier in front of the fire. Thus, after I threw a couple more big logs on the fire, she and I moved the mattress a few feet to the side, pulled her easy chair closer to the fire, and then resumed cuddling on it. With the light blanket helping to keep us warm again, we drank more wine, ate more of the cheese and crackers, and just basked in the silent joy of each other's company.

We were like that a good ten minutes when Sue Ellen finally arrived. Cindy had given her her own key, so when nobody answered the doorbell, she let herself in. With the house pitch dark except for the roaring fire visible from the front foyer, she naturally bee-lined to where we were.

I had heard Sue Ellen speak from the foyer, asking if she was interrupting a private moment, and if she could join us. I told her it was fine and we wanted her to join. But then there had been silence for a minute or more, until Sue Ellen suddenly appeared, buck naked, kneeling right in front of me!

Parking herself in the space between the easy chair and the fireplace, she bowed her head way down low, and murmured joyfully, "Master, your humble cock slave is so, so very happy to see you again! I hope you and slave Cindy have been having a good time?"

I shared a meaningful look with Cin. I was thinking about how wonderful it had been to impale her ass all the way down onto the prodigious girth of my cock, and I'm sure she felt the same. "A great time," I responded warmly.

Sue Ellen beamed. "I'm so glad to hear that. I smell your cum lingering in the air, but I don't see any of it. I take it that means you unloaded inside of her?"

"I did. That's very perceptive of you."

Sue Ellen and Cindy shared a look of silent communication with each other.

I almost had to laugh, because I felt I could read their feelings just as if they were talking. Sue Ellen had a triumphant look, as if saying, "Yes! You made our master cum! I can tell from your face and his that it must have been a long and highly arousing sex session." Cindy's look was modest, but she couldn't resist crowing a little bit too. It was as if she was saying in reply, "But of course. That's what we do. We live to serve his cock. His pleasure is our pleasure." Sue Ellen gave her another look indicating that she firmly approved of that sentiment.

Cindy started sliding off of me, and even getting off the easy chair altogether.

I reached for her, wanting to continue to enjoy our intimate cuddling.

But she slipped out of my grasp and quickly wound up kneeling next to Sue Ellen. She bowed her head low too. Then she said, "Master, I'm not Sue Ellen, but as a sister slave, I can guess what she's thinking. And she's just spent eight hours working hard, all the while daydreaming and fantasizing about the joy of adoringly sucking your cock. Sister, am I right?"

Sue Ellen seemed to take being called "sister" in stride. "You are so right! Gosh, I've been salivating and licking my lips non-stop all through the dinner rush. I'm as hot as blue blazes. I can't wait!"

To absolutely nobody's surprise, a lot of cocksucking ensued. I would have complained that I wasn't erect, but seeing the two of them kneeling naked side by side, with their heads bowed low and the light of the fire flickering on their backsides, I grew aroused in no time at all.

Cindy took the "share the cock" rule to heart and let Sue Ellen start out bobbing on me. In fact, she gave Sue Ellen an extra long turn while she just contented herself by licking my balls. Then, after about five minutes, and with Sue Ellen's face soaked with tears of effort, they switched places.

Again, and again, and again!

We had no time limit to worry about, nor any threat of getting interrupted by anything or anyone. I lost all track of time as an epic dual blowjob session ensued. The earlier "making love" mood carried over, and it was more slow and sensual than fast and intense. As a result, the two of them were able to just keep going and going and going! When one of them got tired, the other would take over. And when both of them got tired, they usually switched to titfucking for a while.

The only serious obstacle was my stamina. I had to call for a break from time to time. But that was actually a plus, because it gave us time to chit-chat and enjoy our wine and snacks.

They sucked, stroked, and titfucked me in so many different positions that I can't begin to recount them all. But one event of note was that after about half an hour of total ecstasy, during a much needed break for me to cool down, I thought about how my three loves in the other house were doing. I decided to give Mindy a call, just to make sure everything was okay over there.

I went and got my cell phone. When I got back and told Cin and Sue Ellen who I was going to call, they strongly insisted that I wait until they had me "well taken care of" before I made the call. I liked that idea, especially since I only had to wait about a minute until my penis was fully erect and in Sue Ellen's mouth, while Cindy sucked on one of my balls.

I got hold of Mindy straight away, and to say she was thrilled to find out who was doing what to me at the moment would have been a drastic understatement. She sounded glum and lifeless when she first picked up the phone, but after just minute she sounded like she was ready to jump up and down. Furthermore, I heard Michelle and Ruby in the background, and they were cheering and quite possibly really jumping up and down!

I must admit I tried hard not to imagine what they looked like bouncing around naked, with their huge tits wobbling and swinging, but I failed miserably.

I felt good from lifting their spirits, but it also occurred to me that I might be working at cross purposes. The sex boycott might end up lasting longer if I keep on cheering them up with stories of others taking good care of me and my penis. I must admit I couldn't resist spending a minute or two detailing exactly what Cindy and Sue Ellen were doing to me, including all that happened when they switched positions. But the reaction over the phone was so ecstatic (especially from the Gruesome Twosome, who were obviously listening in on speakerphone), that I firmly announced the sex talk was over and I wanted to hear what they had been doing instead.

Mindy's voice immediately lost its euphoric edge. She told me, "We're hanging in there. Thank God we have each other... and a working DVD player. We decided to watch 'Groundhog Day.' It just ended a little while ago, in fact."

I pointed out, "But I know you've seen that a couple of times already, at least. We all have."

"Yes, but it's a classic. Besides, we could relate really well to the frustration aspect of the plot. It's a good lesson that everything will work out okay in the end, you just have to keep on plugging."

After some more small talk, including discussion of tomorrow's plans, I ended the call. I would have talked longer, but Cindy and Sue Ellen were being a bit naughty, deliberately slurping and slobbering on me so loudly that there was no way it couldn't be heard over the phone. Again I didn't want to work at cross purposes and get my wife and the Hellions all worked up, so I had no choice but to end the call.

Of course, the dual cocksucking went on and on and on!

I would estimate that Sue Ellen arrived around nine o'clock. The two relentless vixens sucked me for a full hour, plus! And they would have gone even longer, except that I eventually announced that I was feeling sleepy, and I could tell they were getting sleepy too. So, much like I did with Cindy earlier, I made a conscious decision to simply stop resisting and let myself cum. Only this time I announced that about five minutes in advance and let them work up to a big, intense cocksucking climax.

The grand finale was when I blasted my load across both of their faces.

The two of them were very, very satisfied. In fact, even as they were busy licking each other's cheeks clean, they started planning for tomorrow. They both agreed that it would be good to get an earlier start, so they could spend two or three hours sucking me "at a minimum."

I was incredulous. "Really? There's no way. Nobody can last that long. I thank you and appreciate your great enthusiasm, but I could tell that both of you were starting to flag near the end there. And not just from the late hour. It's gotta be tough sucking and licking that long, even at a slow and easy pace."

Sue Ellen said, "Master, that's true, but you don't realize just how much FUN it is! You'll see. Both of us have had long, busy days. Tomorrow night, if we're more rested, we'll be able to set a new endurance record that'll make all our harem sisters proud."

Cindy chimed in, "Don't worry about us. The question is how much can YOU handle? For instance, you didn't give anybody a full, proper spanking today. We hope you won't miss out on that tomorrow too. And we'd both LOVE to get fucked! Not to mention the endless joy of bobbing on the King. Heck, I say we should spend the whole evening from when I get home from work until we go to bed at night just fucking and sucking and spanking. Mostly sucking!"

Sue Ellen nodded vigorously. "Hear, hear! Thank God I don't work at all tomorrow. Aside from a little volleyball practice, I'll be able to keep your cock warm and in my mouth off and on all through the day as well!"

I held my hands out. "Wait a sec. Let's be reasonable."

They both giggled at that. Cindy explained, "You love that word, 'reasonable.' We'll show you tomorrow that that's a very reasonable typical daily agenda. The only problem is that it'll be two of us working on you instead of five. But this is gonna be your life from now on."

Sue Ellen nodded her head some more. "This is who we are. This is what we do. We live to serve your cock. It makes us happy, it makes you happy. It's win-win all around!"

I was too sleepy to argue with that. Besides, I was curious to see just what would be possible tomorrow and beyond.

Then Cindy's eyes went wide as she obviously remembered something very important to her. "OH! Master, a KEY question. Should we let you sleep in tomorrow, or wake you up, and if we wake you, what time should it be?!"

I carefully studied her gorgeous face. I glanced at Sue Ellen, and she was chomping at the bit too. Finally, I said, "Somehow, I gather from your expressions that there's a certain answer you want me to give. And, using a little bit of logical deduction, Cin, since you go to work at nine, I'm guessing you want me to wake up before then."

Cindy couldn't contain herself anymore. She beamed brightly and exclaimed, "YES! Please!" But then she restrained herself a bit and added, "That is, only if you want to. You are the master after all, and what matters most is what YOU want."

Sue Ellen chimed in excitedly, "That's definitely true, but keep in mind that if you were to wake up at, say, eight, you'd still get over eight hours of sleep. You don't want to sleep a whole coon's age, do you?"

I furrowed my brow. "'Coon's age?'"

"A raccoon," my adorable Cupcake clarified. "They can be really slow. Anyhow, Cindy and I already have all kinds of plans for all the things we want to do to you and your great cock, together! Of course, I reckon I'm gonna be in hog heaven tomorrow regardless, but I'll find it kind of sad if she misses out completely and we don't get to share the joy of worshipping your cock."

I raised a curious eyebrow and looked back and forth between them. "When did you have time to talk about this, anyway?"

Cindy just gave me a mysterious smirk. "We have our ways. Anyway, we don't want to be pushy. What we're saying is just one suggestion. If you want-"

I cut in, "No, I agree. Normally, I do wake up a lot later than that, but I also work on my computer late into the evening. Since I'll be living with you two, I should adjust more to your 'early to bed, early to rise' schedule. That's not a big problem for me, as long as I get my seven or eight hours of Z's. So an eight o'clock wake-up is fine."

That made them very, very happy, almost ridiculously happy. Cindy in particular was over the moon. Had my penis been erect, or if there had been any chance of it even getting erect, I'm sure there would have been a very prolonged and slurpy celebration. I must admit, it made me feel really good to make them feel so good. It would have been different if I felt like I was being manipulated, but I could tell their feelings were totally genuine.

However, it wasn't long before Sue Ellen said, "Master, eight is great! But..." A worried expression crossed her face. "Do you think that's enough time? We'd love to have breakfast with you, and shower with you. And, of course, we have to have a lot of time to simply pleasure your cock as a team! It would be a shame if we felt all rushed and pressured."

Cindy added, "I think what she's trying to say is that seven or seven-thirty would be even better. Of course, she and I will be up long before that, exercising, cooking, and making ourselves pretty for you. And you do need a full night's sleep, but-"

I cut her off with a wave of a hand. "Okay, I get it. You're gonna wear me down until I agree to an earlier time. Let's make it seven-thirty then."

More joyous celebration followed.

I was amused and chagrined. It was fun for me to see how very happy they got simply from my early wake-up time. Truly, they were great slaves, and it was heartening to know they were that excited to spend time with me and especially time with my stiff erection. But I was also chagrined because I could see how I would have countless conversations like this in the years to come, where I was supposedly the all powerful master, when in fact they'd use clever ways to get me to change my mind to what they wanted.

That said, if what they wanted was more to give me a double blowjob or something equally wonderful and arousing, how could I really mind? The challenge would come when they wanted me to do something I didn't want to do. Cindy and Sue Ellen were my most obedient cock slaves, but I was bound to run into trouble even with them.

Minutes later, we were upstairs and lying in bed together. Naturally, Cindy cuddled into me from one side and Sue Ellen cuddled in to me from the other side. It felt comfortable and absolutely wonderful. I noticed the time was ten-thirty, which meant they really had sucked me for well over an hour, with only some strategic breaks along the way.

I thought, Is this the life I'm going to be living from now on? Are evenings like these going to be the norm? Just how much pleasure can one guy enjoy? And that's just with the two of them. Between the anal sex with Cindy, and then Sue Ellen joining us... wow! And that was just part of my day.

What'll happen when the sex boycott ends and I'm going to deal with all five of them all at once, all day long?! Good lord, how demanding are my insatiable Hellions going to be once I let them mount themselves onto my cock too?! I swear, my five loves really are going to kill me with too much joy, too much sexual pleasure!

If there's one thing I know, it's that I can't get seriously involved with any more women, or I really will die from being oversexed.

The last thing I remember thinking before shutting down was, Boy, I can't wait until tomorrow!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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