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Chapter 10

(Wednesday, June 5th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I woke up to the sound of a muffled but anguished moan. However, it wasn't the sound I heard that woke me up so much as a feeling coming from my crotch, which was all but impossible to sleep through. My penis was unusually stiff, and it felt like it was being squeezed by a hot, wet vice!

I sat up in shock and worry, opened my eyes wide, and looked down in alarm. I half expected to see someone doing violence to my privates. Instead, I saw my boner being slowly enveloped by a pussy! I looked up and realized that Sue Ellen was sitting up on me and slowly impaling herself down onto my rigid pole.

My concern was immediately replaced by delight, and more than a little amusement. I was amused because Sue Ellen was fighting with all her might not to scream out... and losing the battle, even though she had help in the form of two of Cindy's hands covering her mouth. Sue Ellen's eyes were shut tight and she was so overwhelmed by the pleasure and pain that she didn't even realize I'd not only woken up, I'd bolted upright in bed. Cindy didn't realize it either, because she was directly behind my Cupcake.

Both of them were wearing frilly lingerie. I couldn't see much of Cindy except for her arms and hands. But I noticed that Sue Ellen's outfit was light blue and failed to cover any of her private parts. For instance, there was a little curtain under her heaving breasts, which only drew more attention to how round and exposed her magnificent globes were.

When Sue Ellen finally bottomed out on me, she took a heavy breath of relief and then anxiously opened her eyes. Her entire body twitched with shock as she made eye contact with. She unthinkingly exclaimed to Cindy, "Well, hush my mouth! Master is awake! And he's sitting up!"

Then it occurred to her that since I was awake, she didn't need to hold back anymore, and she let loose with a rip-roaring yell.

Somehow, that amused me too, although I had to cover my ears because she just went on and on. Clearly, she was having a powerful climax.

By the time she was done, her face was wet with tears. I wasn't sure if those were tears of joy or tears of struggle, and decided from the pained but ecstatic look on her face that it was probably a mixture of both.

Cindy tilted her head slightly to the side, allowing her to look at me over one of Sue Ellen's shoulders. She smiled, and said, "Good morning!"

I just chuckled and nodded to acknowledge her. To be honest, I wasn't in much shape to think. It was as if I'd woken up to find myself riding on a roller coaster. And not one of the slow parts of the ride to gain elevation, but the "speeding down with your hair blowing in the wind" parts! Once the initial shock and alarm had worn off, I was left with a feeling of incredible pleasure. I was balls-deep in Sue Ellen. Somehow, now that my intial panic faded, it felt like the most natural thing in the world to be inside of her like this, first thing in the morning. And yes, she was damn tight, but in the most delightful way.

I assumed that Sue Ellen felt similiarly thrilled, because even though she'd just had a great orgasm, little aftershocks were continuing to hit her, jerking her body like a cattle prod, causing her pussy to spasmodically clench and squeeze around my shaft, arousing me still more.

Cindy asked me from over Sue Ellen's shoulder, "So... were you already awake then?!"

Before I responded to that, I tried to take stock of my surroundings. I found it remarkable that I'd only been awake for two minutes or so, and yet my heart was thumping and my chest was gasping for air as if I'd just run a race at full speed. My mind was still catching up, but my body was as awake as it could get. I felt energized and truly ecstatic.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Now, THIS is a great way to wake up! This even beats the usual tickle attack! Fuck me, man! I have not one but two awesome cock slaves who are this eager to have sex with me! And not just any women. They couldn't be any more sexy or any more eager! I'm so fucking blessed! I love both of them more than words can say!

Sue Ellen was still out of it. I'd realized that the only reason she was still sitting up on me was because Cindy was holding her sides from behind. Her eyes were closed and she had a curiously determined look on her tear-soaked face, while her body continued to twitch and shudder. I wondered what she was thinking about so intently.

However, before I asked her anything, I felt obliged to answer Cindy. "Um... No. But the, uh... act of insertion... it was kind of hard to sleep through that."

Cindy laughed gaily. "Ha! I knew it! Sue Ellen insisted we could wake you with a fuck as easily as a blowjob or titfuck, but I told her there was no way. You had a better chance of Jesus Christ coming back from the dead and bouncing on your chest with his damn pogo stick, and then sleeping through THAT!"

I had a good chuckle at that. Clearly, Cindy was poking fun at my overuse of my favored "pogo stick" saying. I didn't want to admit that I'd just been thinking it mere seconds earlier, or she would have given me even more shit about it.

Instead, I just said, "Touché. But don't worry about it. I love getting woken up like this. Yes, it was disorienting at first, because the pressure on my boner is just soooo incredible! I thought I was visited by that Bobbitt woman or something!" I chuckled. "But then, once I caught on... phew! I wouldn't want to have slept through any of that anyway!"

Cindy snickered. "Good! But you're talking like it's over. It's just begun! Sue Ellen is going to recover from that gut punch of an orgasm you gave her, and then she's going to ride you like a Mongol horse archer going into battle!"

I laughed at the randomness of that metaphor. "What?!"

Cindy was a bit abashed, but didn't duck her head back out of view. "Sorry. That just came to my head because I was thinking of riding a horse all day, but just saying a horse sounded blah, and then I remembered that Mongol horse archers rode their horses for weeks at a time, even eating and sleeping on them. That's how long and hard she's going to ride you!"

I joked, "What time is it? Did you wake me up a few weeks before you have to go in to work at nine?"

She rolled her eyes, but grinned too. "Very funny. No. I'll have you know it's exactly..." - she paused to look at the clock by my bed - "7:36. We woke you at 7:30 on the dot, to maximize our time. Because first she's going to ride you, then I'm going to ride you, and then... who knows? If we have to walk bow-legged today, with glowing red asses, then so be it! But we're going to stimulate the King every single minute, if we can help it! Because-"

Sue Ellen unexpectedly opened her eyes and finished Cindy's thought. "It's who we are. It's what we do!" This declaration seemed to give her an inordinate amount of joy, so much so that her entire body shook again as another orgasm hit her out of the blue. It wasn't as powerful as the really big one she'd experienced, but it was bigger than any of the aftershocks.

Since she'd been resting and recovering, she hadn't deliberately done anything to arouse my erection. But all those twitches and revebererations of pleasure she was feeling were quite stimulating for me as well, and this series of convulsions made me pant for air.

Once she'd calmed down, I had to ask her, "What was that all about?! And how is it you came so hard when we didn't even have time to get thrusting yet?"

Cindy said, "Let me answer that, while she's getting her breath back. YOU woke up at seven-thirty. WE woke up at six! We've already been running with the Gruesome Twosome and done all sorts of other things. And we've done a lot of talking and planning, and getting ourselves worked up. So you were just getting started, but she was already at a fever pitch!"

Sue Ellen, who wasn't that winded to begin with, added shyly, "Master, not only that, but we got so horny that we kind of wound up kissing and fondling each other when we were showering after our run. I hope that doesn't upset you, if we do that sort of thing when you're not around?"

I had a mental image of the two of them naked and playing with each other in the shower. It most definitely didn't upset me! It gave me goose bumps and tingles down to my toes.

Just then, she started humping up and down on me a little bit. She was doing a lot better, and Cindy was more fondling her sides than holding her up, but she was still surprisingly sweaty and teary, and evidently needed to take things slowly for a while.

I replied, "Um, no. Why should I mind? In fact, I fully approve. There's only one of me and there's five of you. The more sexual energy you burn off, the better, 'cos there just isn't enough of me to go around." Before they could object to that, I distracted them by asking, "Cupcake, now, I get it why you came hard the first time, if you were all worked up already. But why did you cum again after saying, "'It's who we are, it's what we do?'"

Sue Ellen shivered, and her humping increased in vigor. "Because those words mean so very much to me. I don't know if you've noticed, but in the last few days, that has become kind of a motto amongst all your sex slaves."

Cindy clarified, "Like a statement of purpose."

"Yeah, I reckon…" Sue Ellen started to say, except that her eyes got sort of misty.

I felt her vaginal sheath start bearing down on my stiffness a little more forcefully. But I interrupted her to tell Cindy, "Hey, Cin, what are you doing hiding behind Cupcake? Come around her and give me a kiss."


While Cindy was repositioning, Sue Ellen breathlessly resumed, "It's like, we've all moved on from trying to mentally justify why we've enslaved ourselves to you. We don't need to explain it to ourselves or to anybody else. It just IS!"

This seemed to excite her, strangely enough, and she began grinding and churning her hips some. "It's a plain fact, like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. We live to serve your cock. Let me emphasize that: we LIVE to serve your COCK, Master! Period! And we get so much arousal and joy from that, that I can't even tell you!"

Somehow, she continued to express her deep and meaningful thoughts while riding my cock with increasing vigor. "Master, each new day, the fact that I'm your sex slave for life settles deeper into my brain, as well as my heart and soul, and washes away my lingering doubts. Why do we wake you early just to fuck and suck you some more? It's who we are. It's what we do. Why did we prepare your breakfast already, so we can have our hands and mouths free to serve your cock while you eat? It's who we are. It's what we do. Why are we going to shower again, and hopefully spend most of that time sucking and licking your cock together, while the water pours down on us? It's who we are. It's what we do. You see?!"

'Um, kind of," I replied. I couldn't say more, because by then Cindy has sprawled herself over my upper body, leaving my lower body to Sue Ellen, and she cut me off by planting a scorching kiss on my lips.

Perhaps inspired by the kissing, or maybe just recovering from her orgasmic exhaustion, Sue Ellen began churning and grinding on my erection with more energy. She began bouncing up and down while also rotating her ass in circles. It felt great.

Being the only one able to talk, she felt it necessary to further explain herself to me. "Anyway, Master, my point is, conflict isn't good. When I first fell under your spell, a part of me was screaming, 'No! You can't just enslave yourself to a man you don't even know.' But now, I feel such CONFIDENCE that I've made the right choice. There's no doubt in my mind! And that gives me such a sense of contentment, deep in my heart, for the first time in my life. I reckon it makes being a good and obedient slave as easy as sliding off a greasy log backward. I mean, look at me! How does it get any better than this?!"

Cindy finally broke the kiss and pulled back from my face just enough so I could get a good look at Sue Ellen. For starters, seeing her bombshell, perfectly tanned and toned body bouncing on me was a truly inspiring sight. But I focused on her face, and aside from the streaks of tears and reddened eyes, it looked like the face of someone who couldn't possibly be happier.

That inspired me, and I reached out and grabbed my Cupcake's waist on both sides. I couldn't fondle since she was in constant motion, but just having me hold her made her actually beam and laugh with joy.

Then Cindy distracted me by tickling my sides, saying, "Oh, by the way, we need to put the tickle in your tickle attack!" Surprisingly, she didn't stop there, but went all out tickling me with both hands.

I had no choice but to tickle back, since she'd been too distracted defending herself to attack me. My counter attack wasn't totally successful, but it sure as hell was fun, for both of us.

And all the while, Sue Ellen kept on riding me cowgirl-style. It was a very good thing that I wasn't on the edge of climax yet, because I couldn't control my PC muscle or use other orgasm-fighting tricks while I was so distracted by a genuine tickle attack.

Eventually, Cindy had mercy on me and went back to necking and caressing.

Around the same time, Sue Ellen switched her style. She splayed her knees as wide apart as they could get, and began squatting up and down on me. It was the exact same technique she'd used so effectively on me in the Mama Mia's parking lot yesterday.

Sure enough, she explained as she continued to fuck, "Cindy and I had a big debate before we woke you up on how we wanted to wake you up. We were going to go with the double blowjob, because we can't get enough of that, and the sharing of your cock is such great fun. But then she remembered the squatting fucking style I'd been telling everyone about that I did on you yesterday, and she just HAD to see it!"

I glanced at Cindy, who was no longer looking at me. Instead, she was closely watching Sue Ellen's position and motion with rapt attention. She asked, "Master, do you really like it as much as she says you do? It sure looks like she's got the leverage to go way deep on you each time."

I replied, "I do, and that's why. It feels fantastic! I don't know why this isn't more popular. Mindy and I never did it, not even once!"

Cindy murmured appreciatively, "There's good reason for that. It's not easy for the woman to do. One has to have the strength and flexibility of a really good cheerleader to pull it off. I just hope I can do it when it's my turn. Sue Ellen's got the body of a professional volleyball player, and even she has to stop about every minute or so and take a little break before she can get back to it. Whereas I'm no spring chicken anymore."

I play-punched Cindy's shoulder. "Hey! That's my line!"

Cindy looked back at me and smirked. "Sorry, we're co-opting all your favorite phrases today. You know what we've decided to call Sue Ellen's new fucking style?"


"The 'pogo stick,' of course. Because look at how her body bounces up and down. Plus, historically, Jesus Herbert Christ was the first one to do it!"

I had a good laugh at that, especially because Cindy picked up on how Mindy had been joking that the "H" stood for "Herbert." I was having a great time in every possible way.

I deliberately avoided looking at the clock on my bed stand, because I didn't want to worry about the time. But after a while, and a few more of Sue Ellen's orgasms, my two lovely ladies switched positions. Sue Ellen laid on top of me with her arms wrapped around me, but the fucking had tired her out (since she'd done all the work), so she was content to just rest for a while.

By contrast, Cindy was raring to go. She squatted over me and slowly impaled herself down. Remarkably, she had an orgasm in the very first minute, although it wasn't a huge one like Sue Ellen's first. She recovered quickly, though she began shedding tears just as copiously as my Cupcake did.

Then, saying, "Here goes nothing," she spread her knees impossibly wide and began doing the same "pogo stick" fucking style Sue Ellen had just been using. Clearly, she was relieved that she was able to do it and keep it going. Like Sue Ellen, she could only do it for about a minute, and then she'd have to take a very short break before getting back to it.

At one point, she explained, "It's hard! It's like doing sit-ups or pull-ups or some other strenuous exercise. You have to do it in sets."

I nodded. I spoke as calmly as I could, considering the circumstances. "That reminds me. You mentioned in passing that you two exercised with the Hellions this morning. How are they doing?"

Sue Ellen fielded that, since Cindy couldn't talk much while fucking. She sat up next to me so she could look down and make eye contact. "Permission to speak totally frankly and honestly?"

"Of course!"

"Not good, Master. Not good at all. As we're all official breastest friends and your teen cock slaves, Michelle, Ruby, and I have made a vow to go running together every morning. Cindy or Mindy can join us sometimes, depending on things like their nine-to-five jobs tiring them out. But Michelle and Ruby were totally zonked out. I actually had to go wake them up, and even then they begged off until I reminded them that staying in tip-top shape is a vital duty for any cock slave. Even then, I had to graphically describe the joy of sucking and titfucking your cock to energize them enough to get out of bed!"

She continued with a worried look, "I'm afraid they didn't sleep well at all last night, and they pretty much admitted it once we got out on the road. They also admitted Mindy had a rough night too. The three of them slept in the same bed, for moral support, but tossed and turned the whole night through!"

That distressed me, kind of. I say "kind of" because Cindy was continuing to use the "pogo stick" style alternating with more typical churning and gyrating, so I was highly distracted and even more highly aroused. Still, I tried to focus on this problem, and asked, "Why? I can see with Mindy, but it's not like I have any history of sleeping all night with my girls."

"True," Sue Ellen said, "But you not being in the house has got their feathers all ruffled. I reckon you underestimate just how much their whole world has come to be centered around you. The mere fact that they know you're not sleeping elsewhere in the house, it's left them more lonely than you can possibly imagine!"

Cindy nodded, and muttered between heavy pants, "Tell him about the call!"

Sue Ellen nodded back, then told me, "I don't think they could have slept at all had it not been for your call to Mindy last night. Just letting them know that your cock was being properly taken care of gave them some peace of mind."

She leaned forward, causing her big tits to sway towards my face, and spoke with added urgency. "Master, since you are a naturally dominant, superior sort of man, I reckon it's darn near impossible for you to fully understand the cock slave mind. Because you're not one of us, and never could be. Trust me, for a slave to know her master is being properly tended to, that's the most important thing, by far!"

I looked to Cindy for confirmation.

Even though she was in the middle of a sexy ass grind, she nodded and said, "She's right. That's not just a Sue Ellen thing. ALL your women feel that way. Even Mindy has changed and become a lot like the rest of us when it comes to that."

Sue Ellen picked up that thought, since Cindy was obviously having trouble stringing more than a few words together. "We're a team! A family. Right now, Cindy's the one working your cock, obviously. But just knowing that she's taking good care of it fills me with delight, almost as if I'm the one getting fucked. Yet, even with that, the three of them had a really rough night. I'm sure it's only going to get worse and worse as the sex boycott goes on. You could see the bags under their eyes already. And they had to walk for parts of our run, while Cindy and I kept on going."

I nodded to acknowledge that I understood all that. Then I stared off into space, trying to contemplate this despite getting fucked. However, I quickly realized that my great sexual arousal was warping my thinking too much. So I put the issue to one side and resolved to revisit it as soon as I wasn't tripping out on an erotic high.

The talking died out after that, because the fucking took center stage. Cindy and Sue Ellen kept on doing all sorts of amazing things to me, until I finally got fed up with my own passiveness. I got up off the bed and had both of them bend face down over the lower edge of the bed. Then I fucked both of them doggy-style. Now, obviously I couldn't fuck both of them at the same time but they were side to side, with hip actually touching hip, so I would thrust in and out in one of them a few times and then switch to the other one. Meanwhile, I tried my best to fondle the pussy and ass of whoever I wasn't actively fucking.

I'd never fucked two women at once like this before, and I discovered I really liked it. My physical pleasure wasn't any greater than with regular fucking, but it definitely was an extra thrill to be able to keep two women that aroused at once. It was a great two-for-one deal, because their arousal kept rising even when they weren't the one getting fucked, due to anticipation and my finger work.

I must admit I especially got a rush out of seeing their sexy asses wiggling needfully side by side. It really brought home that I'd fallen far down the sexual rabbit hole, and life would never be "normal" for any of us ever again.

The only problem was that I was so successful in working them into a fever pitch that I also got carried away. I ended up cumming before I'd planned to. I had been hoping to last all through breakfast on just one orgasm, but in retrospect there was just no way. They'd already had me on the verge with all their pogo sticking and sexy churning, and the double doggy-style was the final straw.

I happened to be thrusting into Sue Ellen when I realized I'd crossed the point of no return. I didn't want to play favorites, especially since they both had been so fantastic, so I tried to split my climax between them. That was the idea, anyway. In practice, once I started cumming there was no way I could pull out and coherently find another hole to finish in. Heck, I was lucky to stay conscious, the joy was so intense.

But as soon as my climax started to peter out, I managed to pull out and plunge into Cindy. By then, both of them were cumming too, and screaming their heads off, and I gathered from the sudden rise in Cindy's pitch and volume that getting unexpectedly filled just then kicked her climax into an even higher orbit.

I fucked her for another minute or so, until I finally went flaccid. Then I had no choice but to pull out and drop to my knees.

The rest of our morning time together continued just like that, with more fun, love, and arousal than anyone could have any right to ever expect.

We'd gotten sweaty and cummy due to all the fucking, so we took a shower together next. I didn't think I could get aroused quickly after emptying my balls so thoroughly, but being in close quarters with my two bare-assed buxom beauties proved me wrong, especially once they got soaking wet and started running their hands all over me.

They couldn't use their oral talents on me, since I was using real shampoo and soap to get clean. But they more than made up for that by performing a double titfuck on me instead. It wasn't a "true" double titfuck in that they didn't try to squeeze my boner between tits belonging to different women. Instead, I took turns fucking into the cleavage of one of them and then alternating with the other, the same way I'd fucked both of them doggy-style a few minutes earlier.

That felt like a long shower to me, and I figured we'd fucked in bed for much longer than that. So I was surprised when we left the bathroom and discovered that it was only 8:10.

Cindy smirk-smiled after seeing the surprised look on my face. "See? Master, aren't you glad we talked you into waking at 7:30? If it had been eight instead, we would have felt rushed through everything. As it is, we can have a nice, long, leisurely breakfast."

And that's just what we did. I wouldn't call it that long, since we did feel some time pressure. But they had prepared in advance as much as possible. Not only was the breakfast prepared and just in need of heating up, but they'd even selected and laid out all their clothes to wear.

Speaking of clothes, surprisingly, both of them had kept their lingerie on all the way until the shower. (Probably that was because they'd worn the kind that didn't cover any privates, so there had been no need to get it out of the way.) After the shower, I put on a robe while my two slaves wore nothing but high heels. They insisted on that - not only the heels, but also that I wear a robe. They explained that having me mostly clothed while they were completely naked helped keep them "deliciously humiliated."

I didn't fully understand their submissive thinking, but I had no problem doing that if they got a kick of it. Besides, I got a kick out of it too.

Given what a highly sexual morning we'd had, plus the fact that my dick was still stiff after the shower, I figured we'd have more sexy fun through breakfast. And boy, was that spot on! First, they were all business reheating my food and getting me my pineapple juice and so on. Then BOTH of them simply dropped under the table and began licking my hard-on together!

This surprised me, since I'd figured they would need to eat breakfast at the same time I did. But it turned out they had already eaten before I woke up precisely so they would be able to do this.

It goes without saying that my sexual pleasure was out of this world. And it was a heady feeling to be spoiled rotten in this way. I speculated that even sultans and emperors didn't get blown during their meals, due to propriety with other people being in the room. But it was also odd sitting there at the dining table as if I was alone, when in fact I could hear and feel them but not see or talk to them. Well, I could have talked to them, but it would have been a one-way conversation since they were so intent on their licking and stroking.

I was impressed at how they managed to keep me at just the right level of arousal for virtually the entire meal. At one point I even mused out loud that "You're making this my Goldilocks breakfast, because you're keeping me in the perfect arousal zone, not too hot and not too cold."

Sue Ellen happened to be bobbing down my cockhead and then some, so it was up to Cindy to comment, "I like that name, 'the Goldilocks treatment.' I'm sure we'll use that a lot, because that's what we strive for. But don't think of it in terms of today's Goldilocks breakfast, because it's more like you're going to have a Goldilocks life! This is all part of the new normal!"

A minute or two later, when the two of them traded places on my cock and Sue Ellen was free to speak, she finally was able to say, "Master, what she said! As far as I'm concerned, from now on, if you're eating a meal and no slave has taken the prime spot between your legs, then I do declare I'm gonna wind up on my knees with the King in my mouth faster than two shakes of a lamb's tail!" She giggled with glee.

I was forced to reply, "Um, that sounds great in theory, but let's get real. You can't possibly spoil me THAT much. It's not sustainable, for starters. How could anyone sustain that level of cocksucking enthusiasm?"

Sue Ellen answered that, since Cindy was still happily bobbing away. "Master, look at it from OUR perspective. You have a wife and four cock slaves, and more on the way."

I exclaimed, "Wait! Stop right there! 'More on the way?!'"

I couldn't see Sue Ellen's face, which was frustrating, because so much communication is non-verbal. So I couldn't tell just if that was teasing or serious or what. As she licked my lower shaft just below Cindy's sliding lips, she said, "Admittedly, that's speculation, but it seems pretty likely to me. At the very least, you'll have cock servants and other women you like to fuck. You're a great, powerful master with movie star looks, and the biggest, bestest cock in all of California! Now that the floodgates have opened, more and more hotties will flock to you."

She continued as she lovingly licked, "But putting that aside, even if it's just us five, none of us are going to get as much sexy fun time with you as we'd like. It's five on one, and even with sharing it's still going to be something like three on one. So we have to make the most of every opportunity, and if you're just going to sit untouched through all your meals, that's a lot of wasted opportunity!"

I didn't know what to say to that. I did know I wasn't about to put my foot down and say no sexual stimulation during meals. There was no way I could say that while they were in the middle of giving me literally one of the most enjoyable meals of my entire life! Maybe it was just my imagination, but even the food seemed to taste a lot better than usual. And that may have been true, since it seemed all my senses were on some kind of extra sensitive "high alert" mode.

I decided to drop the issue for now, since it was futile trying to argue what might or might not happen in the future. Time would tell. But I still thought there was no way this would become some kind of new tradition. Their passion would have to fade back to semi-normal levels before long, or they would literally kill me with too much pleasure!

To my surprise, eating breakfast only took about twenty-five minutes. I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun, and that had to have been my most enjoyable breakfast ever, hands down! That meant we had twenty-five more minutes until Cindy had to be at work, and her office was only five minutes away.

I realized this gave me a good opportunity for a little payback for all the erotic delight they'd given me. I was determined to make the most of it.

We went back upstairs and took another shower, but it only took a couple of minutes of getting wet, in order to get rid of any lingering cum or sex smells. Then we took a couple more minutes getting dry and combing hair and such in the bathroom.

That still left me about fifteen minutes before Cindy had to leave. My girls wanted to spend that having more sexy fun in bed, but I had a different idea.

With the three of us standing in Cindy's bedroom and all of us still buck naked, I told them, "Position Number Two, please."

They immediately complied, putting their hands on their heads with their legs spread wide and their chests thrust out. I loved how they had been standing apart, but they stood side by side, like soldiers on parade.

I put on my best stern face and paced back and forth in front of them, like a superior officer inspecting my soldiers. This got a good reaction from them, and I saw them stiffen up and thrust their tits out even more.

For some long moments, I simply stood there with a frown on my face. I was intrigued to see both their faces start to blush, despite me not saying or doing anything. My silent, stern technique worked so well that I continued to milk it for another minute, causing them to grow more anxious and yet more obviously aroused.

I would have kept doing that, except I had to be mindful of the limited time before Cindy went to work. So I walked to the top of a nearby dresser, where Cindy had laid out the clothes she was planning on wearing. Still without saying a word, I picked up her lacy, white panties and walked back to her.

Sue Ellen's eyes went wide, and she whispered almost inaudibly, "Your Silken Bondage!"

I gave her a discouraging look, indicating to her (and Cindy) that talking without permission was not allowed.

Then I bent down in front of Cindy and slowly pulled her panties up her legs, with her raising her feet at the appropriate times. I continued to pull the panties up, but along the way I fondled her strong yet silky legs as much or more than I bothered with the panties.

Once I got the panties near her crotch, there was a lot less bothering with putting the panties in place and a lot more fondling. In addition to teasing with my fingers all around her pussy lips without quite touching them, I brought my nose almost close enough to touch her labia, and took a big whiff or two.

Cindy couldn't stop herself from whispering, "Master! Please! That's too embarrassing!"

I ignored that and continued to fondle. In fact, I liked her smell so much that I stuck my tongue out and started to lick her slit.

"GAH!" Cindy was supposed to have her hands on her head, but that hit her like an electric shock, causing her to bring her hands to the top of my head. She moaned helplessly, "Master! Please!"

I would have loved to keep licking her pussy, because she tasted great and I was getting such an ectatic reaction from her. I had my hands on her ass, caressing her firm yet lush rear end more than holding it, and I could feel her entire body was trembling. However, I had to be mindful of the time. So, after another minute, I stood up and went back to get her bra.

Being a fan of round, full breasts, I spent even longer putting her bra on. Or, more accurately, pretending to. Mostly I just felt her up while her face turned redder and redder. Her pussy had already started copiously leaking even before I started licking her down there, but she continued to get wetter and wetter. Between her and Sue Ellen, the entire room soon smelled like aroused pussy!

I was glad that I hadn't climaxed at the end of the under-the-table breakfast fun, because that meant my dick was still raging erect and raring for action. Glancing at the clock, I decided there was time for some more extensive fun. I didn't want to let go of Cindy's magnificent body, especially since I had a hand rubbing her pussy and clit again. (Her panties were still not quite pulled all the way up, and deliberately so.)

So instead of walking away to get the rest of her clothes, I snapped my fingers at Sue Ellen and then nodded towards Cindy's clothes on the dresser.

My cute Cupcake got the message. Dropping the hands from her head, she walked to the clothes, picked them up, and came back to me. Then, after handing Cindy's skirt to me from the side, she dropped to her knees. Still at my side, and with Cindy's blouse in one hand, she grasped my erection with her free hand. Then she looked up at me beseechingly, obviously longing for permission.

I gave her a nod, and she immediately engulfed my cockhead in a ravenously hungry manner. She was careful to come in at a side angle so she wouldn't get in the way of my enjoyment of Cindy's body.

I had to bend down to get Cindy's skirt on, but I managed it, thanks to Cindy's cooperation.

I was delighted that Cindy put her hands back on her head without being told to do so, while I pulled her skirt up her legs. I was quick to do that because I didn't want to stay bent over while Sue Ellen was blowing me. But once the skirt was a few inches below her crotch, I left it there along with her panties and spent more time just fondling her clit, slit, and boobs.

All this activity was having a powerful effect on Cindy (not to mention me and even Sue Ellen). Her hips were writhing as she struggled to stay still and in Position Number Two. It soon got too much for her to take. Clearly, she was loathe to break the silence again, but she whispered very quietly, "Master, please! If you keep going like that, I'm going to cum! Hard!"

I looked into her cherry red face and authoritatively whispered back, "Permission to cum... denied."

She squeaked and moaned in distress, but I knew that would only make her hotter.

Plus, Sue Ellen obviously heard even those silent whispers, because she was suddenly intensely inspired. At first, she lunged deeper down my shaft until she was choking and gagging. But she only did that for a few bobs before she decided even that wasn't enough. Then she pulled her lips all the way off, took a big breath, and then swallowed me again, until she went all the way down! Just like that, she was deep throating me!

My eyes practically crossed, it felt so fantastic. I was somewhat chagrined though, because this was supposed to be all about my pampering Cindy with my Silken Bondage treatment, but Sue Ellen was making me lose my mind with her oral skills.

I could have told her to stop, but I was willing to ride the wild tiger, especially since I knew I would be wanting to cum in a few minutes anyway, right when it was time for Cindy to go. I resolutely kept on. After a little more fondling, I snapped my fingers at Sue Ellen.

Luckily, she understood what I wanted, and she handed me the blouse, while my cockhead was buried somewhere deep inside her neck! I was impressed yet again what a loyal trooper she was.

I already had Cindy's bra on, but I kept it a couple of inches below her fulsome D-cups so I could continue to freely fondle them. I kept her bra like that while I put her blouse on most of the way. Naturally, I left it wide open in front so I could continue to fondle.

I took another glance at the clock. Unfortunately, I would have loved to play with my slave for a lot longer, but time was running out and I didn't want Cindy to be late. I waited until Sue Ellen finished about a minute of deep throating joy and had to pull back up for air. Then, without doing anything extra on top of the way I was fondling her nipples and slit already, I looked Cindy in her eyes and told her in a quiet yet bold voice, "Slave, you have my permission to cum."

Just like that, she came! In fact, she came so hard that I had to let go of her privates and hold her shoulders to prevent her from wobbling too much and possibly falling over.

Sue Ellen had to be aware in a general sense that time was up, and she rightly figured that Cindy cumming was the climax of this little ceremony. So she didn't resume deep throating me, but instead began bobbing with a frantic fervor. And now that she had both hands free, she used one to fondle my balls and then unexpectedly used the other to plunge a finger up my anus.

I was on the verge of cumming already, and all I had to do was stop squeezing my PC muscle. But thanks to that anal fingering move, I had no choice in any case and I began cumming hard, blasting my load right into Sue Ellen's hungrily sucking mouth.

I must admit that I moaned and groaned like a stuck pig, but I doubted Cindy even noticed because she was already screaming her head off. Once her orgasm began, she took her hands off her head and clutched at the sides of my head like she was trying to crush it. I wished she would have grabbed my sides or anywhere else, but one can't have everything.

Happily, as our mutual orgasms kept going, she must have realized she was squeezing my head too hard, so she let go, dropped her hands, and held Sue Ellen's head instead.

There was something special about hardly saying a word through all this. The silence seemed to heighten the tension and thus their embarrassment, making them even more aroused. I made a mental note to use the "silent treatment" more often.

But after all of Cindy's passionate screaming, plus my moaning, plus Sue Ellen's joyous slurping, the silent mood had been shattered. Still, it surprised me that as Cindy's orgasm finally petered out, she dropped to her knees directly behind Sue Ellen. Then, with her hands still on Sue Ellen's head, she spoke right into one of her ears, saying, "That's it! GOOD slave! Suck Master's cock good and hard! Gobble all his spermy seed down into your tummy! Gorge yourself on COCK and CUM, like the wanton cock slave you really are!"

Just like that, Cindy suddenly got very talkative, encouraging Sue Ellen with a steady stream of lewd comments and suggestions.

My orgasm had already ended before Cindy dropped to her knees, since typical male climaxes are over so quickly. Yet my dick still stayed hard. I could tell that it was running on fumes and would go flaccid soon, but between Sue Ellen's oral magic and Cindy's erotic cheerleading, it stayed stiff for a minute or two longer than it otherwise would have.

But all good things come to an end. As I felt my pole finally start to shrink in Sue Ellen's mouth, I took another glance at the clock. There were only eight minutes left until nine!

That was bad. I'd been cutting it far too close, especially since our orgasms at the end had taken a few minutes longer than expected. But I figured there was still time to rescue the situation. I clapped my hands loudly, and proclaimed, "Okay, slaves, that's it! Cin, we've only got eight minutes! Stand back up and I'll finish you off."

"You've already finished me," she observed with amused chagrin. Her voice slurred sexily as she struggled to stand up again.

"You say that now," I responded, "but your Silken Bondage is only beginning for today."

Hearing that made her eyes flutter and her whole body quiver in renewed anticipation. Within moments, she had resumed Position Number Two for me so I could complete my task of getting her dressed for the day.

It took me less than a minute to put her skirt, bra, and panties in place and then button her blouse and so forth. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen finally pulled her lips off my shaft and gave it a few last good-bye kisses and licks.

A sort of mad fire drill followed. Somehow, with the three of us working together, we got Cindy and all her possessions into her car with exactly five minutes remaining. There was no time for good-bye kisses or small talk, beyond her saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Master, the Silken Bondage is... OH! I can't even say!"

Sue Ellen and I were buck naked, so we had to rush out of the garage once the garage door started to open. We peeked our heads through the doorway and gave her some final waves good-bye as she drove down the driveway and out of sight.

My Cupcake then told me, "Don't worry. Cindy and I were talking earlier, because we figured that the odds of her being a little late were pretty good, due to our, um, enthusiasm. She assured me that it's not like someone is going to notice that she's two minutes late or something like that. Remember, her new immediate boss is Mindy, and I reckon it's not like she's gonna mind, given the reason for the delay."

I chuckled as I commented, "If anything, after she hears what you two did to me this morning, she's likely to give Cindy a raise!"

Sue Ellen and I shared a nice French kiss as a sort of celebration for getting Cindy off to work on time, more or less. As we walked back into the house, I commented, "My only worry is that did you see how she looked as she drove off? She was all disheveled and had that freshly fucked look."

My sweet slave reassured me, "Master, you have no idea what us women can do to make ourselves presentable while we're driving. Besides, people will just see her reddened face and think she's exuberant and energized. She'll be fine."

That made me feel better. I had to remember that with Mindy as her boss, far from getting chewed out, Cindy was almost certainly going to have a fun story-telling session that would get both of them hot and bothered. She would be fine.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Greyshadow, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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