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Chapter 11

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I wish I could say that once I was alone with Sue Ellen, I fucked her silly until we were practically fucked to death. But the truth was that I couldn't get erect again. Unfortunately, I already was fairly wiped out and sexually satiated from all the morning fun we'd already had.

Bless her sexy ass, she did her best to try to tempt and titillate me, but after about ten minutes she acknowledged reality and gave up. I suggested she put some clothes on, but she told me, "No way! I might could, but after what you did with Cindy and her Silken Bondage ceremony, how could I miss out on having you do something like that to me too?!"

I grinned and gave her an amused look as I realized the exact words she'd used. "'Might could?' What's that mean?"

She looked adorably abashed as she explained, "Um, I guess that's another of my Southernisms. It basically means the same as just 'might.'"

"So why not just say 'might?'"

"I don't know!" she flopped her hands in frustration. "That's just how we do it."

I had to give her another hug and a kiss, because she was just that lovable and cute.

Now that things had calmed down some, I went to the kitchen for a drink. After she followed me, I asked her about her schedule for today. It turned out she didn't have to work at Mama Mia's, which I knew already, but she did have another volleyball practice at ten o'clock, which I didn't know.

I planned on working on my laptop at Mama Mia's all day, at least if I could prevent Sonia from throwing me out again. I figured I would leave at the same time Sue Ellen did.

That didn't leave us much time, since it was just after nine and I had a few things to do. We did the dishes and generally cleaned up after breakfast together (which is a lot more enjoyable when you're doing it with a nude bombshell). Then we split up to take care of minor tasks.

I considered stopping by my house to check in with the Gruesome Twosome. But I thought it over carefully and decided that if I did that, it would almost certainly lead to highly emotional drama. My two youngest daughters are wonderful people in general, but they can be extremely high maintenance drama queens!

However, I was concerned about them having a rough time tossing and turning last night, and I wanted to give them my love and support, sex boycott or not. So I decided the safe thing to do was to call them. I did so, only to have nobody answer. It dawned on me that they almost certainly were sleeping, since they'd slept so poorly and then had been coaxed into an early morning run on top of that.

I considered calling Mindy, for the same concerned reasons, but it occurred to me that Cindy would have just gotten to her office and it would be good for Cin to fill her in on the latest developments first.

Instead, since I had my laptop with me, I checked a few e-mails. There was one from Nicky that had been sent last night. In it, she didn't say much that I didn't already know. She talked a little bit about her plans to go on a big all-day trip with the "Aussie twins," her possible boyfriend Matt, and a couple of her other new friends. She also warmly thanked me for chatting with her on video last night. That was about it.

So that short e-mail wouldn't have been very notable, except that I was startled to realize that just thinking about last night's video chat with her had given me a hard-on! That was unexpected and remarkable, because I was so very sexually satiated already that not even Sue Ellen with all her considerable female charms and wiles couldn't get me erect again not that many minutes earlier. But just the memory of Nicky's enormous bare breasts lightly jiggling as we'd talked practically had me panting.

I didn't like it one bit, but I couldn't deny the erotic effect she had on me. However, I was determined not to let it get to me. I stood up and put on the clothes I was going to wear at Mama Mia's. Then I went back to my laptop and dealt with some other e-mails from fans of my novels and the like until my stubborn erection finally went away.

I consoled myself that at least I had enough self-control to do that and not wallow in forbidden Nicky fantasies instead.

Then I deemed that enough time had passed, and I gave Mindy a call.

She was delighted to hear from me. I wasn't at all surprised to hear that she and Cindy had a "squishy time" when Cindy arrived in her office and gave her the detailed rundown on everything Cindy, Sue Ellen, and I had done that morning. In fact, they had just finished talking about it a few minutes prior to my call.

I avoided more discussion of that, because I didn't want them to get all aroused again when they actually were being paid to do some work. I mainly wanted to inquire about how she was doing with sleeping without me and the whole sex boycott so far.

I got the sense that she was being somewhat evasive. She didn't want to outright lie to me, but she was trying to put up a brave front. However, with Cindy there listening in on speaker phone, she couldn't gild the lily too much. She admitted that she'd had a rough night trying to sleep, as had the Gruesome Twosome, but she said that it was only natural for it to take a few days to adjust sleeping without me.

I had my doubts about that, but I figured time would tell.

I kept an eye on the clock, because I wanted to give Sue Ellen as much or more time for her Silken Bondage ritual as I'd given Cindy for hers. I knew I wouldn't have time to make a big production out of putting on or taking off their clothes every single day, and in fact most days I figured I probably would "outsource" the task to Mindy. But since I had plenty of time today, and Sue Ellen (and Cindy) had been so great to me all morning, as well as last night, I figured I would go all out.

So that's exactly what I did. I won't go into great detail about it, because I more or less repeated exactly what I did with Cindy earlier. I think Sue Ellen knew that, and liked it that way, because her anticipation built up as to what came next. I maintained the same solemn silent mood, and again it worked to great effect.

Of course, things weren't exactly the same since I didn't have someone helping me. As a result, my penis stayed untouched. And that frustrated Sue Ellen to no end, because she could see through my slacks that I had a hard-on. What she didn't know, and I was reluctant to admit to myself, was that Nicky had a fair deal to do with that, because I couldn't get her perfect body out of my mind after reading her e-mail. But that's also a reason why I didn't let Sue Ellen touch it, because I figured that it would only make matters worse if I climaxed from having an at least partially Nicky-inspired erection.

Since Sue Ellen was due to go to volleyball practice, she was putting on short shorts and a T-shirt over her underwear. After I had all of those things on her, but only in a loose manner that left her privates still exposed, I glanced at the clock again and realized that I still had a fair amount of time. As a result, I decided to give her a "deluxe" Silken Bondage ritual by including spanking too. I bent her over the bed and gave her about twenty hard smacks on her ass.

This made her so very hot and bothered that I thought she was going to attack my pants and deep throat my boner no matter what I did and said. She had a wild, fiery look in her eyes that was sexy as hell!

I must say, I was tempted to let her have her way with me. However, time was running out with her needing to go to volleyball practice, and I would have felt too guilty having sex with her while she blew that off. So I put my foot down and told her in no uncertain terms to behave.

She did, but it helped that I resumed the ritual, and fondled her to a powerful climax. Only after that, with her flopped down on the bed behind her, exhausted, did I finish actually pulling all of her clothes into place.

Luckily, Sue Ellen was young and fit, and she recovered quickly. After about a minute, she sat up and wiped her surprisingly sweaty face. "Master! You meanie! You've got me so hot that I'm about to roast! Gaawwwd, you tamed me good. I've been rode hard and put up wet!"

I chuckled and helped pull her back to her feet. "Sorry, that's how it goes. Such is the life of a cock slave."

She moaned lustily. "Unnngh! Don't say that, or I swear I won't be able to control myself! How the heck am I supposed to play volleyball now?! I'll be staggering around in a daze with a silly smile on my face. They'll think I'm on drugs. And what about you?!"

She looked to the tenting in my slacks with grave concern. "I can't leave you like that!" Letting go of my supportive hand, she gesticulated wildly.

"Don't worry about it," I muttered.

"I would be a BAD slave to leave you with a raging boner! I can't. I just can't!"

I realized that she had taken the "serve the cock" rule to heart so much that she would be a worried mess if I let her leave like this. However, time had run out, and she needed to start leaving right away. I wasn't proud of it, but I figured the best way out of this jam was a white lie. I smiled and told her, "I wasn't going to say anything about this, but the truth is... not long after you leave, I have a plan to meet with a big-breasted hottie who is very interested in taking care of my stiff problem."

A look of tremendous relief crossed her face. "OH! Well, that's different. Thank goodness for that!" Then, she shyly added, "May I ask who it is?"

"Sorry, it's better if I don't kiss and tell. Mum's the word, okay? But maybe I'll tell you later."

She nodded, even as she bit her lip. Clearly, she was dying of curiosity, but she restrained herself from pestering me. "Well... whoever it is, bless her heart!"

I was able to get my Cupcake out of the house without further incident after that. She seemed likely to make it to her practice on time too, although she did have a silly smile on her face, just as she'd suggested.

I didn't like being in the McGrath house all alone. Honestly, it was kind of an eerie and lonely place, since all the little touches that made a house a home had been removed and only the furniture remained. So I gathered up my laptop and other possessions and left too.

Thankfully, as soon as Sue Ellen left, it was like an erotic fog lifted. My penis went flaccid and I could think clearly again. Nicky seems to have some weird effect on me, but so does Sue Ellen (and my other women!). It was good to have some non-sexual time alone.

I was dreading seeing Sonia Bossi again. After the wild events that surrounded me literally from the moment I woke up, with only a brief respite to do a few errands before Sue Ellen's Silken Bondage ritual, I was keen to just work on my writing and not have any drama from anybody.

I was disappointed by the waitresses at work when I arrived at Mama Mia's. It was very similar to the waitresses from yesterday, with Dolly, Lori, and Paula working again. I had yet to meet Paula, but she was one of Sonia's enforcer managers, and she'd given me the evil eye. Dolly was beautiful, but she seemed inordinately afraid of me. Lori was happily married, so I couldn't even flirt with her, but at least we were getting along and I was learning valuable information from her.

However, the real shocker was that the fourth waitress was none other than the Bat herself! She was even dressed in one of the new waitress outfits, just like the others.

As soon as I walked through the front door with my laptop bag, she saw me and gave me a nasty look. To call it the "evil eye" would be understating it - it was more like a murderous laser beam of hate and venom.

Luckily, she was busy with a customer, giving me time to react and continue further into the restaurant. I had previously determined what the different waitress areas were, and I was careful to move into Lori's area.

However, while I was still walking to a booth, Sonia rushed towards me. She put her hands on her hips and hissed, "YOU! Not you! Not again! Please!'

I forced a smile. "I'm afraid it's true. I plan on being here most of the day."

"UGH! Lord, spare me!"

I was sure she wanted to use much more colorful language, loudly. However, we were still towards the front of the restaurant, and there were some customers within hearing range. Clearly, she was struggling to retrain herself.

I must have some kind of death wish, because I couldn't resist giving her a look over and commenting, "By the way, nice look. Very sexy!"

She actually raised a fist as she gave me another hateful look. I was half-convinced that she was going to sock me, but she wound up just gritting her teeth and waving her fist a little bit. Then she started to quietly hiss, "God damned mental..."

I could tell that she wanted to call me a "mental rapist." She'd promised Mindy and Cindy yesterday not to call me that anymore, but clearly she didn't have a lot of self-control about that. However, just as she was starting to say the "r" in "rapist," she looked around, saw the nearby customers, and thought better of it.

Just then, I was "saved by the bell" when a customer said, "Excuse me!"

Sonia looked back and nodded at that person. Then she turned back to me and with narrow eyes, muttered, "I'll be watching you!"

Still feeling bizarrely cheeky, I replied, "And I'll be watching you. You know what they say: I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away."

She brought both fists up and shook them. It looked like steam was going to start pouring out of her ears. But then she remembered the customer and turned her back on me.

After she took a step or two away from me, she apparently remembered my "love to watch you walk away" comment and froze in place. Then she covered her ass with both hands as best she could and resumed walking. Clearly, she was trying hard not to sway her hips.

I can't explain it, but even though my heart was racing fast from fear, that little interaction had put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

I found a booth that was still in Lori's section, but also closer to the front than I'd sat in the past. Having Sonia censor her language gave me the idea that if I was in a visible spot with other customers around, she would continue having to be careful what she said to me whenever she talked to me. That definitely sounded like a good thing.

Lori was also busy with a customer, so I had a little while to set up my laptop, turn it on, and generally settle into my seat.

I found myself thinking, Man! What is with me?! Normally, I'm a nice guy to everybody. And when it comes to Sonia, I want to go out of my way to be friendly to her, for all sorts of reasons. But as soon as I start talking to her, it's like I do everything I can to piss her off. I honestly don't understand it, except that... it's fun! God, seeing the look on her face after making that "love to watch you walk away" comment was priceless!

She's so used to pushing everybody around. I'm sure nobody talks back to her, ever, especially her employees. And besides, I have no sexual desire for her whatsoever, but objectively speaking, she's damn hot! It IS a kick watching her walk away. She has a fine bubble butt, that's for sure.

Still, I suppose I need to get my act together and act more mature. I suppose all my wildly successful sexual adventures lately have me feeling cocky and invulnerable. Strangely, I haven't let that go to my head with my behavior with Min or my cock slaves at home. Maybe because they're so over-the-top submissive that I feel like I need to tone things down around them. But then I guess all that cockiness builds up and I end up letting it out on Sonia, the only person I know who really needs to be taken down a peg or two.

But, even so.... behave! Dan, behave!

I resolved to turn over a new leaf with Sonia, starting by apologizing the next time I talked to her. But given her animosity towards me, she wasn't about to initiate a conversation with me. I'd have to wait until she came to me.

Lori came over to me, her ordering pad in hand. She smiled and seemed friendly. "Well, well, well, look who we have here. You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you?"

I smiled back at her. "I guess I am. If you see anyone aiming to throw a knife in my back, please try to give me a heads up first, okay?"

"Will do." She looked around carefully, and saw that Sonia was a ways away and taking an order from a family. She whispered, "Dan, I can't talk to you much today. At least not when SHE is nearby. If she sees that I'm being friendly with you, then I'll be on her shit list. So please, just act like a normal customer and keep our interactions to a minimum. Please?"

I nodded. "Sure thing. I understand." Glancing over my shoulder to see that Sonia was still preoccupied, I asked, "But, while we can still talk a little, can you tell me why she's a waitress today?"

Lori frowned. "That's because of Yuki. She's a new hire, and she's a total flake, it turns out. She was supposed to have one of the early shifts today, but apparently there was some kind of emergency. But she's only been here a little while - she was hired at the start of summer the same as Sue Ellen - and it seems she has an emergency half the time. So Sonia has to fill in. I wouldn't be surprised if Yuki is toast, after this."

Then she leaned in and added in an extra quiet, conspiratorial whisper, "Beware! The Bat was already pissed off, big time, before you showed up, due to flaky Yuki. Then you showed up. I worry she might just spontaneously combust in anger!"

I chuckled a little at that. "Understood. Thanks for the warning. Now, why don't you go away for a while and let me think what I want to order. That way, it won't look like we talked too long."

Lori gave me a grateful nod and then walked off.

I looked at the menu and decided on what to order when Lori came back. I wasn't hungry or thirsty, but I figured I'd better get something so Sonia would be more inclined to treat me as a paying customer. Then I set to working on my laptop.

For the last two days, I'd been working almost entirely on marking which parts of my unfinished novel were publishable to the wider public and which parts were too X-rated and would only be for myself and my family. I'd made a lot of progress with that, and I figured I could finish in a couple of hours. I felt a little bit of pressure about it because I promised Nicky that I'd e-mail her all that I'd written so far, allowing her to have some pleasurable reading during her vacation. I would be glad once I sent off the censored version to her and then turned my focus to writing new chapters.

Thankfully, I was able to put my nose to the grindstone and get a lot done. It helped that I had few distractions. Had Sue Ellen, Laura, and/or Josie been waitressing, or had Lori been able to talk freely, things could have been different. But Lori was very brief and professional in her few interactions with me, and all the while she was keeping a wary eye on Sonia.

Dolly was nice eye candy. She really was a looker. But every time I looked her way, I could see it unsettled her. It was as if she believed I was a registered sex offender or something. So I tried to leave her be and not even look.

Looking at Paula wasn't much fun. She definitely was not a looker, and the couple of times we made eye contact, she more or less sneered at me.

Since I didn't want to get Lori in trouble, that left just Sonia. I must admit, I was tempted to ogle her, and I suppose I did from time to time. She was a sexy and classy lady to begin with, and there was something about seeing her in a waitress outfit that was an extra kick to me. She definitely filled it out nicely, especially since it seemed a little tight on her. More than once, I mused what a very sexy woman she would be if only she didn't have such a noxious, bitchy personality. But she did.

I was trying hard to behave and at least not antagonize her further, so most of the time I forced myself to keep my eyes on my laptop. Thus, the mostly unfriendly waitress situation helped me be productive. I made a lot of progress with my marking task.

Time flew by. When lunch time rolled around, I ended up eating another eggplant sandwich. To be honest, they didn't have a lot of good lunch options, since their lunch menu was basically the exact same as their dinner menu. I made a mental note that that was another thing Sonia could improve, if she ever got around to being able to talk more business ideas with me without ripping my head off.

When lunch was done, I felt like taking a little break. I told Lori that I would be back soon (so as to not give Sonia hopes that I was leaving for the day). Then I shut down my laptop and took it outside with me.

I went back to my car and decided to make some phone calls. First, I called the Gruesome Twosome, since I hadn't been able to talk to them earlier. I had no trouble reaching them this time, and we had a long conversation. Luckily, they were in a contemplative mood, so we could have a relatively drama-free interaction.

I told them how I just wanted to check in and see how they were doing, and they appreciated that. They admitted that they'd had a rough night and they'd been unproductive and listless all day. They wanted me to come and visit them, but I told them I was on a writing roll (which was kind of true, although it was editing), and that we could all have dinner together. That placated them some.

Then I called Min and Cin just to check in with them too. That was a short and easy call, since I'd talked to them earlier.

Finally, figuring that she'd finished her volleyball practice, I called Sue Ellen. She told me she was feeling "bummed out," because she didn't have to work all day, and yet I wasn't around for her to pamper and sexually serve. I suggested she should go over to my house, the Cooper house, and spend some time with the Hellions. She was still getting to know them and vice versa, and perhaps they could cheer each other up and keep each other busy. I also told her to keep an eye on the one worker who was supposed to be there in the afternoon and start working on the backyard "lighthouse."

She said she would do those things. However, she also told me in no uncertain terms that if I had even "the smallest inkling of a twitch of an aroused feeling in my crotch," I should call her right away and she would come to wherever I was and "take care of it."

I told her I'd keep that in mind.

After about ten minutes on the phone, I took my laptop bag and went back into Mama Mia's, to the same booth I'd been sitting in before. I resumed my work on marking the text to be censored. It took me another hour, but I finally finished. Then I wrote an e-mail to Nicky inviting her to read it and sent the incomplete novel off to her as an attachment. I was very careful to double and even triple check that I was sending her the censored version and not the X-rated one.

Getting that done was a load off my mind. I still wasn't in the mood to write new material, and frankly it was hard to do that in Mama Mia's, especially with Sonia in sight most of the time. So instead I decided to do some more research into what harems really were like in the Middle Ages to improve the historical accuracy and vividness for my novel.

That was interesting. I was particularly fascinated by what was possibly the most famous harem of all time, that of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. For about four hundred years, that was from where sultans ruled the vast Ottoman Empire. Admittedly, that took place a few hundred years after the setting of my novel, but it was a direct continuation of earlier harem traditions, and there was a lot written about the Imperial Harem in Topkapi Palace, so it was a good way for me to learn about the royal harem life in general.

It turns out the harem life was very different from the popularized Hollywood conception. Yes, the harem complex was vast, ornate, and opulent. And it was also true that the very most beautiful and intelligent women in the empire were captured, turned into slaves, and made to serve in the harem. But the activities in it were not all sexy fun and games. It was much more about power struggles than sex orgies, and in fact sex was often a means to power.

At first, the Ottoman sultans were vigorous and powerful. But then they began to fall under the spell of the harem women. For a long time, the sultans were incompetent or children, and real power behind the scenes was held by the sultan's women, usually the sultan's mother or one of his wives, but sometimes one or more of the concubines too. The figurehead sultans were kept weak and incompetent by encouraging every hedonistic vice, especially sex and drugs. If any of the sultans got a spine and started to pay attention to ruling, they often died early.

The Imperial Harem was often nicknamed the "golden cage," and for good reason.

Reading about all this was sobering food for thought. In fact, I had to stop reading altogether and ponder the parallels to my own situation.

Clearly, I'm not in a "golden cage." Everything about the Ottoman harem was extreme, because there was so much money and power at stake. That said, there is a certain similarity, especially if I'm passive and just let things slide. It's hard being the master of a real, honest to God harem! I'm not a naturally take-charge guy. I'm not even a particularly social or outgoing guy. We're bound to have conflicts where it's going to be five against one - me!

It would be all too easy for me to sort of be blissed out by all the fantastic sex and let my supposed slaves take effective control. Especially since they can be so willful and difficult. My Cupcake is the only one who has a truly obedient mindset. Cindy tries, but she's almost forty, she's had a lot of hard knocks, and it's hard for her to completely change her entire mindset and way of life at that age. It's a similar thing with Min. She's an incredible wife, and she's my soul mate, for sure. But she knows me well and knows how to get her way. And I don't even have to mention how difficult truly "taming" the Gruesome Twosome can be!

That's why this sex boycott is so absolutely necessary. I need to establish firm control over the entire harem before habits and traditions harden. It's a "tough love" drastic measure, but I'm convinced there's no other way.

Already I can see signs all around me that I'm in charge but not REALLY in charge. For instance, this morning. I was going to sleep in, but then Cin and Cupcake talked me into waking up at eight. Then they pushed a little more and talked me into waking up at seven-thirty instead. The thing is, I knew exactly what they were doing and I let them, because I knew it would turn out great for me. And sure enough, I had a hell of a time this morning. The whole morning was better than the very best sex most men ever have in their entire lives! So how could I be against it?!

But that's kind of what happened to the Ottoman sultans too. They got weak and soft from a life of endless hedonistic pleasures. That could easily happen to me, though in a more benign form. My women aren't power-mad schemers plotting to rule an empire. They just want things to go more their way, especially when it comes to having more sex with me. But still, the end result could be much the same. I'm going to have to constantly strive to stay on top as a true master to them while loving each of them as much as humanly possible.

I sighed, because I already knew how difficult that could be. I also knew that it would be a never-ending task. The more I set firm rules and traditions now, the easier staying in true control of the harem would be. For starters, it was absolutely vital that I had to "break" Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby. I had to see the sex boycott through, no matter what, and time was running out, given that Nicky would return from Hawaii in less than two weeks.

In fact, it was already Wednesday and she was due back the Sunday after next. There was no chance of delaying her for various reasons, including the fact that next Sunday was Father's Day, and she wasn't about to miss that. That gave me just ten days to take real effective control of three extremely willful women.

After a while, I looked around and realized that it had been a while since I had seen Sonia. I waved Lori over to ask about that.

Lori was in a different mood, like a cloud had lifted. She smiled at me as she explained, "Yeah, I think we've seen the last of Bat-Waitress for today. As you can see, the lunch rush is over, and she only needed to fill in while it was busy."

I looked around and noticed very few customers remaining. I'd been so distracted with my pondering that I hadn't paid attention.

Lori continued, "Yuki, the flaky one, had the early shift, so someone else will be in for dinner. With you here, and the Bat in an extra bitchy mood anyway, I'm sure she'll hide out in the Bat Cave, er, I mean her office, for the rest of the afternoon, until Paula the snitch tells her that you've left."

I took that all in, and then said, "Good. I've got no problem with that. I'm trying to get on her good side, but it looks like today isn't a good day for that."

Lori snickered, "'Good side?' Good luck finding that. If you do, let us know where it is!"

I chuckled, and then said, "Yeah, well, don't ask me. Every time I talk to her, I seem to piss her off more. I seem to have some kind of death wish." Then I gave her a description of my earlier Sonia encounter, including how I said, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away."

Lori had such a big laugh over that, she had to cover her mouth. Then she playfully pushed at my nearest shoulder. "You didn't!"

I grinned impishly. "I did. Believe me, I'm not normally like that at all, but she brings out some weird side of me that I didn't even know I had. I can't resist tweaking her nose every time I see her. It's a real problem."

Lori laughed some more while shaking her head. "Boy oh boy, you really are a character. I recommend you come here every day, if at all possible. I'm gonna get a big old bag of popcorn and watch to see who kills who first!"

After some more friendly joking around, Lori left. She didn't have other customers to tend to, but Paula was lingering around, and Lori was worried that Paula would still report to Sonia if she was too friendly with me.

She mentioned in passing that Sonia had decided that Yuki had lost her last chance and would be fired immediately. This just put "the Bat" in an even worse mood, because now she'd have to deal with being shorthanded for a while, as well as hiring a replacement.

I was mildly disappointed that I probably would never get to meet or see Yuki. That sounded like a Japanese name to me, and I was curious if she was as beautiful and/or busty as most Mama Mia waitresses were.

I went back to pondering my situation due to my worries brought on by my harem research.

It feels like we're coming to a critical stage in the sex boycott. It's kind of like going on a serious diet. For the first few days, it's no big deal. But then you really start to feel it. I'm sensing that vibe, especially with the way Min and the Hellions had so much trouble sleeping. But how can I push them over the edge sooner rather than later, so we can get this over with?

I wonder about all the sex I'm having with Cin and Cupcake. In some ways, my cock slaves aren't really slavish or that submissive at all, although my Cupcake is a notable exception. But when it comes to keeping my dick in a constant state of sexual stimulation, boy do they take that seriously! In just a short time, that has become hugely important to all of them. So my having lots of sex with my two currently loyal slaves could be counterproductive. Every time we fuck, they go and tell the others all about it. And the others feast on those stories like they've been starving and they get to eat a hearty meal.

What would happen if I were to just stop having sex with any of them altogether? Full stop. No sex with anyone, not even Cin or Cupcake! Then all the sharing of stories and living vicariously would stop too. That's been in the back of my mind as a sort of "nuclear option" for a while now. Maybe it's time I pull that trigger. It's like taking a Band-Aid off. Just rip it off fast and get it over with!

If I do that, at first, they're going to stress out big time. Things are going to get very dramatic and emotional. But isn't that better than prolonging the boycott? Let's bring this crisis to a head, now! Besides, what option do I have? Nicky is coming back in ten days, and I don't know how long they'll be able to hold out.

I've got a strong feeling that Min will crack before long. She and I are so inseparable that she won't be able to take the boycott for that much longer. I'm not exactly sure what it'll look like when she well and truly breaks, but I'm confident I'll recognize it when I see it.

The main problem, as always, is the Gruesome Twosome. God, they are stubborn! Even with a total sex boycott, they might hold out for a week or longer! I don't have the luxury of a lot of time. Worse, they know it, since they know just as well as I do when Nicky is coming home.

The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing a total sex boycott is a must. Why didn't I think about this before?! I'm confident I can go without any sex for days and days. I'm not even going to break a sweat about it. If worse comes to worst, I can just masturbate. Whereas the Gruesome Twosome in particular have gone all in with their cock slave mindset to the point of brainwashing themselves into believing their own fantasies should be reality.

Ironically, even though they make bad slaves in terms of being so willful and demanding, they've internalized their ideas about the Plan and their Dream and so on for years now. Remarkably enough, I think that to see me go without any sex at all will be just as tough as having them go without food OR water! Well, almost. They're bound to crack!

Besides, it's vital that I can prove that I can go completely cold turkey from all sex any time I want. I know that even after they break, it'll only be a partial and temporary thing. They've had a lifetime of getting what they want, and it's impossible to completely change one's personality overnight. But at long as I have that credible threat of being able to resume a total sex boycott anytime at all, that'll keep them in line.

Of course, one problem with this is that Cin and Cupcake are going to suffer too. And they don't deserve it. Yes, they've been troublesome sometimes, especially Cin when she's encouraged and sometimes seconded Min's most extreme cucquean tendencies. She's even totally flopped when it came to helping me resist Nicky's all too ample charms. But still, even with her, it's orders of magnitude better than the troublesome three.

But I have no choice. I suppose I'll just have to try to make clear that it's not a punishment for anything they did. And I can try to soften the blow as much as possible. I think I'll break the bad news to them tonight, after dinner when we're back at Cin's house. Then I'll have one final night of fucking and sleeping together to help ease them into it. After that, they'll have to move back to my house for the rest of the boycott.

In fact, now that I think about it, I may have to stop eating dinner back at home with everybody and generally socializing with my women sometimes. The more drastic of a break I make, the better! Now, THAT will be tough on me. I can go a week or more without fucking. But I love my lovely ladies so very much! It'll be hard not even being with them and doing little things like hugging them. But as hard as it'll be on me, it'll be even harder on them.

It's time to find out who can hold out the longest! And I have no choice but to win, or my harem, as wonderful as it is, will end up as a kind of "golden cage," just like what happened to the Ottoman sultans. Any harem has to have a master in real and effective charge, or there will be nothing but chaos and trouble. I saw that with my harem research too, with many historical harems turning into a nest of vipers, with endless intrigues and backstabbing. If I truly love my women, and I do, I have to rule them with a firm hand!

I suddenly had a mental image of turning each and every one of my cock slaves over my knee and giving them all a glorious warming of their rear ends with my "firm hand." The fact that such an outcome would be eagerly welcomed by them didn't escape me.

I hadn't realized it, but the sex boycott had been increasingly stressing me out. Once I came to this realization and had decided on a plan of action, it was like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. I knew from that feeling that this was the one way to go. It was just that my usual bull-headedness meant it took a few extra days before I saw the light.

After ordering a vanilla milkshake from Lori, and having some more friendly small talk with her, I went back to my research. I was even more keen to learn about the Topkapi Palace harem and other historical harems, because it wasn't just for my novel. There was the chance I could learn tidbits that could help me with managing the harem in my personal life.

I was deeply absorbed reading harem articles on the Internet when I looked up and saw Sonia bee-lining towards me from the back of her restaurant.

My heart started racing fast. Uh-oh! So much for going to rest of the day without having to see her again. What does she want now?!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Greyshadow, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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