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Chapter 12

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As Sonia strutted towards me, I examined her face and body posture. I knew she was mad with me, because when was she ever NOT mad at me? But I was trying to figure out just how much, so I'd have a clue how to respond.

Surprisingly, she looked mad, but not "spitting nails mad." Her eyes were narrowed dangerously and she wore a scowl, but at least her hands weren't clenched into fists... yet.

I also noticed that she was no longer wearing one of the waitress uniforms. She was dressed smartly and professionally, with a black skirt down to her knees, a black blouse, and a dark blue blazer. I don't know why she favored black so much, especially since she had to know that would play right into her "Bat" nickname, but she did.

Despite the danger growing by the second with her striding towards me, I had to take a moment to appreciate the fact that she looked good in dark colors. She looked damn good, period.

She came right up to my booth and put her hands on her hips. "Okay, Daniel Cooper, it's time we sort out once and for all why you come here every day, and how I can get rid of you!"

I had already begun shutting down my laptop. I closed the lid and looked up at her. My heart started racing wildly, which seemed to happen lately most any time I was close to her. However, outwardly I kept my cool. "It's nice to see you too. By the way, I want to apologize for what I said earlier."

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah right! You? Apologize?! That's like getting an apology from Osama bin Laden!" She pretended to quote the al-Qaeda leader. "'Oh, my bad. Sorry about that whole 9/11 thing. We were only trying to kill the soldiers and the Jews. Next time, we'll try not to kill so many innocent Muslims too.'"

I stood up, outraged at the comparison. "What?! What the hell are you talking about?! To compare me to a mass-murdering terrorist because I had a little hanky panky in your restaurant?! Surely you know that's ridiculous! I demand an apology!"

She leaned in with an angry sneer on her face. Her voice was getting louder and louder as her passions rose too. "HA! Fat chance! Why should I ever apologize to a mental rapist?! As far as I'm concerned, you can burn in..."

No doubt, she was about to yell about me burning in Hell. However, at the last second she realized that she and I were standing near the front of her restaurant. And while it was almost three o'clock and thus the middle of the lull between lunch and dinner, there still were a few customers. In fact, there was a young couple sitting just one booth away from mine.

Sonia looked at them and noticed that they were staring with dismay back at her. She turned towards them and tried to do some damage control by blatantly lying. "Sorry. My apologies. This man here is an old friend of mine, and we get into very heated arguments, but it doesn't mean anything. Please pay us no mind."

That seemed to mollify the couple. They nodded and went back to eating. But clearly we'd been brought to their attention and they were going to keep an eye on us.

Sonia realized that. She looked around and sighed. Then she spoke to me in a much quieter voice. "Sorry for calling you a 'mental rapist.' I promised your wife yesterday not to do that, but I can't seem to help myself. You seem to bring out the worst in me, for some reason."

I was still pissed, but I was trying hard to take a more diplomatic approach. "That's okay. I understand. For some reason, you seem to bring out the worst in me too, and I end up saying things I don't mean to say."

Clearly, she was trying hard to control herself, especially with other customers around. She took her hands off her hips and struck a less aggressively hostile pose. "Sorry, too, for comparing you to bin Laden, of all people. You're right, that was out of line. But we do need to sort out why you're here and how to make you go away. Just knowing you're in my restaurant is like fingers on a chalkboard for me, the whole time you're here. I can't stand it!"

She looked all around again. "Look. I'm loathe to do this, but I've got a feeling that we're likely to yell and throw insults before we're all said and done, and I don't want to scare off the other customers. Why don't we go back to my office and sort things out in private, once and for all?"

"Okay, fine. Just let me get my things."

She waited silently and impatiently, with her hands back on her hips, while I put my laptop into its bag and gathered up my things. Then she spun around and started striding away. "Come with me."

I followed behind her. For some reason, I felt very nervous, as if she was going to take me to a private place where she could stab me to death. I realized such feelings were completely irrational, and I fought hard to keep my cool. I had to be on my toes and stay mentally sharp. This could be my one big chance to change her opinion of me.

I had been very curious about the back of her restaurant. I had developed a strong emotional attachment to Mama Mia's, so I was interested in all aspects of it. The bathrooms were up near the front, so there was no excuse for me to go poking around in back. Now, I'd get to go through the "employees only" door and see what lay beyond.

We went through that door and into a hallway. Unfortunately, I couldn't see anything except more closed doors. Sonia quickly unlocked one of the doors and led me into what was obviously her private office.

It looked much like I'd expected. It was a typical messy office, with bulletin boards and even a big dry erase board on the wall, and filing cabinets, storage cabinets, boxes, and so on. There wasn't much free space or blank wall space. The focus of the room was her desk, which had a computer on it, as well as lots of papers, files, and general clutter. One thing that did surprise me was a series of monitors on the wall above her desk. At the moment they were all turned off, but I surmised she had some surveillance cameras hidden here and there in her restaurant and the capability to spy on her employees and customers, although probably only in a limited manner.

She looked around and realized there was just the one office chair. There was a sofa, but it could only fit two people and it would be awkward to have to face each other like that. She turned to face me and said, "I would offer you a seat, but as you can see there's only the one chair. I almost never allow anyone else in here. If it's all the same to you, let's just stand. Hopefully this will be short and to the point anyway."

"Fine," I said.

My heart was racing even faster and my palms were starting to sweat. I couldn't understand why I was getting so worked up. Perhaps it was because I'd never had any enemies since at least high school, and we had become enemies. I didn't know how to deal with that.

She looked me over carefully, and let out a heavy sigh. "Look. I'll admit that you're not the devil reincarnated. Probably not, anyway. But you just make me feel... AAARGH!" She clutched her hands in the air in frustration.

I couldn't resist looking her over too. There was something about her that was incredibly sexy, even by my very high standards. Maybe it was her exotic eyes. I had to remember how much we hated each other.

After an awkward pause she was going to say more, but I decided to cut in. "I know what you mean, because I feel the same. So I say we try to clear the air and start over on a new foot."

She bristled, "Or better, don't! Clear the air, fine, but not start over. I want you gone!"

I held my hands out defensively. "Before you say that, just listen to me, okay?"

She reluctantly nodded.

I steeled my resolve. I noticed that she seemed curiously nervous too, even jittery, which meant I wasn't the only one. I reminded myself that I had treated her badly, especially by having sex in her restaurant, and even though she'd been acting like a bitch, it was on me to rise above all the petty bickering.

I put on my best diplomatic and charming face, and said, "For starters, I still haven't properly apologized for my behavior earlier."

She huffed, "Which 'earlier?' Because every time you see me there's fresh reasons for more apologies!" She gave me another nasty look (or maybe I should call it a nastier than usual look).

I ignored that and said, "I'm talking about when I briefly talked to you this morning. First off, I saw you in a waitress outfit, and I said, 'By the way, nice look. Very sexy!' And even though that was objectively true, it wasn't polite for me to say it out loud like that."

She put her hands on her hips and gave me another narrow, suspicious glare. "What do you mean, 'objectively true?'"

I waved a hand in her general direction. "Anyone can see you're a very beautiful woman. I would call that a fact, not an opinion. And, truth be told, the old waitress outfits looked terrible. But if someone with your figure wears one of the new ones, of course you're going to look sexy. That's an undeniable fact too."

She huffed, "You're so pathetic! As if I can't see what you're doing. You're trying to flatter me. You think I'll suddenly melt just because you throw me a few compliments about my looks?! I'm sorry, but you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool me ever! Try again with your so-called 'apology!'"

She was right, I was trying to butter her up a little bit. After all, who doesn't like a compliment or two? I figured I was on solid ground, because she was gorgeous by any measure and she had to know that on some level, so she couldn't accuse me of lying. But clearly it wasn't working. I responded, "Hey, I understand where you're coming from. You're so dead-set against me that anything I say is going to sound bad to you. Trust me, I'm not trying to seduce you or bamboozle you with flattery."

She stiffened up and even leaned towards me threateningly. "You damn well better not be trying to seduce me!" She poked at my chest. "I know your kind! Just because you're handsome, charming, and unfairly well-endowed, you think you can have your way with any woman. You've even turned poor, innocent Sue Ellen into some kind of fucking SEX SLAVE, for crying out loud!" She gesticulated in agitation.

Then she resumed poking at me. "But I see right through you. You're just another disgusting PIG of a man! You make me SICK!" She gesticulated wildly even more, since she was getting quite emotional.

I held my hands up defensively. "I think you completely misunderstand me. I'm not this evil demon you think I am. I don't think men are better than women. In fact, women have it a lot harder in this society. Look at you. I admire you. From what I understand, this restaurant fell into your lap unexpectedly. You had no experience with running a restaurant or even running a business, period. But you're risen to the challenge and single-handedly kept the place going. That's pretty impressive."

She folded her arms under her breasts, and huffed, "You're still trying to 'bamboozle me with flattery.' It's not working!"

I nodded. But in fact, I did sense it was working, at least a little bit. Complimenting her looks didn't help, but complimenting her business success did.

I continued, "Call it what you will, but it's the truth. Sure, I know it won't hurt if I say nice things about you, but what you managed to accomplish with this place is undeniable. That's a big reason why I was giving you my two cents about the organic menu and the like. I'm really rooting for this place to succeed."

She glared at me, ready to bristle, but since I hadn't given her anything to argue against, she held her tongue.

I went on, "I don't understand why we've gotten along so badly. I know we started off on the wrong foot, and that's my fault, but I don't have horns on my head. This may get me in hot water with you, but I suspect that you aren't so much angry at me as you are at men in general."

She cut in with renewed righteous anger. "You couldn't be more wrong! I am very much specifically angry at YOU!" She unfolded her arms to poke towards me aggressively yet again.

I bravely went on, despite my racing heart. "I'm sure there's some of that, and rightly so. But you do know you're called 'The Bat,' don't you? Everyone who works here knows you've got a big chip on your shoulder. And the long-time waitresses say you changed with your divorce, big time. It looks like your ex really screwed you over. It's only natural if you feel bitter towards other men too. But I'm not him!"

She seemed curiously thoughtful, but then she snapped back to angry and glared at me, "No, but you sure as hell are a lot like him! He's a cocky asshole too. A snake in the grass. Thinks he can fuck anything that moves!"

I thought, A-ha! My guess there did hit home. Probably he's never around for her to vent her anger on, but I make a good substitute. I don't think that's all of it, but that's gotta be a big part of it.

I spoke from the heart. Yes, I was still trying to flatter her, but I meant every word. "It's sad you think of me like that, because you don't know me. Ask anyone who DOES know me: I'm not an asshole! People think I'm a nice guy."

She growled with even more venom. "The worst kind of assholes come across as nice guys! That's what makes them so dangerous!"

I sighed. "How can I argue with that? No matter what I do or say, you're going to call me guilty. I wish that you and I, well, maybe we can't be friends, but at least we shouldn't be enemies."

She crossed her arms again and gave me the evil eye. "Don't hold your breath! That's never going to happen!"

"Why not?! You really are an extraordinary woman with a wealth of outstanding qualities. Not the least of which is that you are, actually, really beautiful when you're angry. As an author, I find that inspiring. People think you're a bitch, but I think you're passionate and determined to succeed. You're a complete woman, with a fire-filled spirit!"

She shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. She looked down at her feet and complained, "Would you shut up already?!" Then she resumed eye contact with her intense stare. "I demand to know if you think giving me these compliments will really make me think any better of you?! Do you take me for a FOOL?! Especially complimenting my appearance. For fuck's sake! Am I that vain? That easily manipulated?!"

For some inexplicable reason, I felt myself growing even more nervous and worked up. I was on a roll, letting my true feelings out, and it felt good. Even though I kind of hated her, I also admired and liked her at the same time. And I couldn't deny that her gorgeous looks had an effect on me too. What was the harm of letting her know all that?

I replied, "Look into my eyes. Tell me I'm lying! I'm not! Yes, I hate you in a way, but I like you in another way. And I don't see what's so bad about complimenting you, even about your looks, so long as I'm sincere and I'm telling you the honest truth. You ARE a remarkably beautiful woman, and you must know in your heart that's true! Why can't you take a compliment?! I'm not trying to seduce you; I'm just speaking from the heart. I wish we could stop being enemies and come to some kind of understanding, some kind of truce or something."

She put her hands on her hips and gave me a disdainful look. "Humrph! In your dreams!"

To my surprise, she stepped forward into my personal space.

For some reason, that was really intimidating and made me VERY aware of her presence, not to mention her fragrant perfume. (I was surprised she was wearing perfume at all, since it didn't seem like something a work-obsessed "bat" would do.)

I would have stepped backward, except that I'd never gone far into her office and the door I'd come in was right behind me.

Her face was full of anger and passion as she said, "You talk big with all kinds of compliments, but the truth is, you're nothing but a bullshit artist! And an asshole! And a mental rapist! I'm convinced of that even more than before, because you're fucking with my mind right now!"

"I am not!" I'd moved back slightly, putting my back against the door.

But she stepped forward again, putting her face only a few inches from mine. "Oh yeah?! If you really think I'm so fucking beautiful, then prove it!"

With that, her face moved even closer and before I knew what was happening, her lips met mine!

To call me shocked and surprised would have been the understatement of a lifetime! I literally couldn't believe what was happening, so I just stood there with my mouth partly open.

The next thing I knew, not only was she actively kissing me, but she raised a hand behind my head and kissed me as if she was letting out years of sexual frustration. It was the exact opposite of a soft or sweet kiss. She aggressively explored my mouth with her tongue, powerfully channeling her passion into me. She was so demanding and dominating that it almost felt like a hostile physical attack!

I didn't think. I couldn't. Somehow, my body acted on its own. The only way to defend myself against this "assault" was to fight back! I just been standing there frozen in amazement, not kissing back at all. But I suddenly put a hand behind her head too, and started to return the kiss with all the aggressiveness and pent up passion I could muster.

At first, I was operating purely on some kind of "the best defense is a good offense" instinct. However, within seconds, we were locking lips so intensely and passionately that it literally took my breath away! My head was spinning and my heart seemed to be trying to thump its way right out of my chest! My brain simply couldn't register the fact that I was making out with Sonia Bossi, the Bat, my one and only dreaded enemy! It didn't make any sense, especially since she'd started it.

That was shocking enough. But what rocked me to the core was when I realized how very lusty and passionate I was for her. It was like some switch had been flipped. Or, at least, that's what I thought at first. But then I was hit by an epiphany: I'd been lusting for her all along, but I'd been in deep denial about it. She was forbidden and off limits for a variety of reasons, but most especially because she hated my guts. So I'd buried those feelings deep down. But now they were pouring out of me almost uncontrollably.

I didn't understand it. How lusty could I be, considering that I already had five wonderful lovers in my life? Five! And each one was more loving, sexy, and amazing than the next. But there's something about the thin line between hate and lust, and my feeling were going haywire.

Something similar must have been happening to Sonia at the exact same time. She'd shown no attraction or interest in me whatsoever, but now she was kissing my lips like her life depended on it! The only logical explanation was that she also had deeply repressed desires that were suddenly pouring out like a torrent of water rushing through a broken dam.

I would have had all sorts of thoughts about this literally shocking development (our bodily contact felt like an electric shock!) except that I was so swept away by lust that I still could hardly think at all. In less than a minute, I had de-evolved from civilized human to some kind of primal, feral animal. Lust was in total control, for both of us!

At first, it was like the intersection of her lips to my lips was my entire world. I didn't know if my penis was erect, where my hands were, or what the rest of my body was doing. But by and by I became more away what was happening away from my mouth. I realized that I still had one hand on the back of her head, but my other hand had migrated to the inside of her blazer, and had even slipped inside her blouse! I was running my fingers against her bare tummy, and it felt as firm yet soft as I could have hoped.

As for my penis, it was most definitely erect, almost painfully so. Because our bodies were pressed closely together, there was no way she could not be aware of the hardness I was pushing against her. How could I not be that aroused, when she looked, smelled, and felt fantastic!

While I was doing that, she was busy too. She kept a hand on the back of my head too, because our combined focus remained on the explosive kissing. Her other hand slid around my back some, until it made a sudden move down to my ass and she wound up firmly squeezing one of my ass cheeks through my pants!

This produced a reciprocal action from me. I slid my hand around her waist and down onto her skirt to squeeze one of her ass cheeks in return. (As usual, I couldn't break the habit of doing that while kissing, even if I was kissing a "bat!") When she didn't pull away or shake my hand off, I discovered that her butt was deliciously squeezable. Somehow, my touching her ass like that made her even hotter and more ferocious in her kissing.

Our necking went on for a while, but it was impossible for me to say how long, since I was basically out of my mind with lusty madness for this gorgeous and passionate woman. But eventually we broke our lip-lock, if only to regain our breaths and recover a little bit.

As her head tilted back slightly from mine, I could see her facial expression change from a kind of erotic daze to a look of utter bewilderment and even horror. Clearly, she had no idea why she was behaving like that.

I still wasn't thinking clearly, just operating on pure animal instinct. Some part of me must have felt I had to say something fast before she got cold feet. So I spoke my mind. "Spirit AND passion! Impressive!" Then I leaned in to kiss her again.

She let me do it, but it was different than the start of our first kiss, which was almost a physical attack from mouth to mouth. This was gentle and sweet.

At least, that's how it started. But we were still so hot for each other, full of pent-up desire, that it didn't stay that way for long. After about a minute, Sonia went from reluctant to being the aggressor again. She kissed me hungrily and frantically.

I had to increase the intensity of my efforts just to keep up!

Then she hooked one leg around mine, opening up her crotch so that she can rub her pussy mound against my throbbing erection. We were both fully clothed, or things could have spun totally out of control.

Actually, we were out of control by this point anyway. She moaned loudly into my mouth as she all but dry humped me. That must have sent her desire spiraling sky high, because she suddenly broke the kiss again. Except there was no regret or confusion in her eyes this time. Instead, she grabbed my shirt with both hands and tried to rip the buttons off! But, funnily enough, my shirt was well made and the buttons refused to rip.

She groaned in frustration so loudly that it was almost a scream. Then she hopped up onto me and wrapped both of her legs around my waist. Once she was repositioned, she got even more intent about exploring the inside of my mouth with her tongue.

Normally, it would have been troublesome to hold someone off the ground. I consider myself fit and muscular, but I'm far from a weight lifter. However, I was still close to the door, with only a few inches of empty space behind me. I simply tilted back until my back and ass were resting against the door. That supported much of her weight.

We continued to kiss like that, which somehow increased the crazy passion of the moment even more. She got to work on unbuttoning my shirt instead. Again, it was a miracle the buttons didn't just fly off, since she was pulling the shirt open like a wild woman as much as working the buttons. Occasionally, she broke our lip-lock to loudly grunt and groan with frustration, because she was too excited to fully control her hands.

While that was going on, I wanted to explore more of her body, but I was frustrated by the business jacket or blazer she was still wearing. There was only one "soft spot" for me to easily access, and that was the front gap between her jacket. I'd already made some progress getting a hand inside her blouse there, but I'd had to move my hands back to her ass to help keep her up in the air. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the ass grab this time, since I had to simply firmly grasp her there to support her weight.

I was frustrated and she was frustrated. I decided holding her was dramatic but not practical. I had been about to lower her back down to the ground, but then I spied the sofa out of the corner of my eye. I quickly realized that it was the one and only place in the room for us to get more comfortable. So I stopped leaning back against the door and walked both of us across the room to the sofa.

To my amusement, Sonia broke our latest kiss and hotly protested, "What are you doing?! Let go of me, you brute!" But she'd finally gotten the front of my shirt open, and she caressed the muscles on my bare chest even as she complained. As we got nearer to the sofa, she did punch my chest a few times, but they were so weak that they were more like love taps. Then she completely undercut her supposed reluctance by planting another scorching kiss on my lips!

That kiss was so unexpected and so hot that it literally staggered me. Meaning, I found myself unable to maintain my balance or continue carrying her. I had to do something fast before someone got hurt. I could have tossed her in the general direction of the sofa, but I wasn't sure if that was safe. So instead, I decided to lead the way. I stumbled the last couple of feet to the sofa, and then crashed down on it, with my backside leading the way.

Luckily, that worked out. It was a bit painful for me, but nothing that wouldn't quickly fade. Without planning it, I wound up lying face up on the sofa, with Sonia on top of me.

If she really thought I was a "brute" who was manhandling her, this was a perfect opportunity for her to get away. I was still out of sorts, much like a turtle that had been flipped on its back. She did sit up on me, which had me concerned. The way she stared down at me with an angry scowl on her face was even more concerning.

However, it turned out she was directing her ire at her clothes. She tugged at her jacket as she cursed, "Fucking jacket! And why the fuck is your cock so fucking huge and your face so fucking handsome?! I hate you!" She gave me a laser-like hate stare. "What are you looking at, asshole? Don't you dare say one word, or I swear by God I'll kill you! Help me take this fucking thing off already!"

I couldn't help much, since I was mentally reeling and my hands and arms were mostly pinned under her legs. And from her lusty yet still very irate expression I wasn't about to make her even angrier by speaking.

But while I got my hands free, she managed to take the jacket off by herself. She dramatically flung it across the room as she cursed again, "FUCK! Finally!"

This was the moment of truth. She'd been distracted by our soulful kissing, and then the problem of the jacket. But now that he had nothing directly occupying her mind, and we weren't in position to keep kissing, what would she do? Would she come to her senses? I was still in a state of disbelief, like this was happening to someone else. I had absolutely no idea what was going on in her mind, aside from the usual insults.

Things were so far beyond anything I could imagine already that I figured nothing could shock me. That turned out to be wrong though, because she slithered down my body a little bit until she was sitting on my thighs. Then, without asking permission or even giving me a questioning look, she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. Within seconds, she had my stiff penis in her hands!

Her bold action was shocking enough, but what was stranger still was how she did it with such confidence and ease, as if we'd had sex together many times before. She didn't even look at my face to check if I was okay with what she'd just done.

Instead, it was as if she was pretending my crotch belonged to someone else. And perhaps that was deliberate, since she probably had the hots for parts of me, but still hated other parts of me. I wish I could describe the shocked yet delighted look on her face. She raised a triumphant fist and exclaimed, as if there were others watching, "A-HA! I knew it! The damn thing IS a monster! A fucking BEAST! Even bigger than I'd hoped and feared! It's absolutely MASSIVE!"

Then, still without looking towards my face, she yanked my pants and underwear down my legs so all of my cock and balls were fully exposed. While doing that she also scooted further down my legs, since she had to be out of the way to make progress with my clothes. I thought she would scoot back up once she was done, but no. I was shocked into sheer disbelief yet again when instead she suddenly dropped her head down like she was ducking from an attack. She only paused for a few seconds, just long enough to mutter "Don't think this means that I like you, you cocky fuck!" Then she enveloped my cockhead in her mouth!

I well and truly could not believe my lying eyes, not to mention the sensations coming from my lying erection. This was impossible for a number of reasons! For one thing, Sonia Bossi, the Bat, simply shouldn't have been doing anything sexual with me in the first place! But even if she was, she should have worked up to oral action.

That was unwise and impractical. I hate to keep being immodest, but it can't be denied that my dick is unusually thick when it's erect. It takes some getting used to. It's possible that some women might not be able to fit it into their mouths at all. But she had only held my shaft for a few seconds and hadn't even had time to start stroking it yet when my entire cockhead wound up inside her mouth!

I'm not dumb by any means, but I must admit that I can be stubborn to change and slow on the uptake at times. This was one of those times. Ever since Sonia's sweet lips met mine, I had been running a few steps behind. Things were so exciting and arousing that I'd had no time to think, much less seriously ponder what was going on. As a result, sure I was maxed out with physical arousal, but I probably wasn't as mentally aroused as I could have been, and should have been. My brain simply couldn't register the fact that the Bat, the infamous bitchy Bat, actually had her lips around my shaft!

However, no amount of bullheaded denial could stop the nerve endings in my hard-on from being stimulated. Within a few seconds, a rush of immense pleasure hit me like a slap upside the head. it was as all-consuming and jaw-dropping as if I'd been dropped out of an airplane without a parachute. I probably screamed without even knowing it.

I found myself thinking, This CAN'T be happening! It can't! NO WAY! But it IS! Holy fucking Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! How?! Why?! She hates me! She even just called me a "cocky fuck," for crying out loud. Okay, I could kind of imagine a little kissing, if her anger and lust wires got crossed or something. But THIS?!

However, I didn't have time for any more than those few seconds of contemplation, because she began sliding her lips back and forth. The resulting rush of arousal wiped out the rush I'd already been feeling. It was so overwhelming that I had to clutch my head with both hands, as if my brain would explode in all directions if I didn't keep it contained.

Sonia must have been absolutely starved for sex, because she had forcefully crammed my thick pole into her mouth like she'd gone on a fast for a week and it was a five-course dinner. There was nothing subtle or skillful about what her mouth and tongue was doing to me, only hunger and need, an obvious venting of pent-up lusts she's kept bottled up inside of her for far too long.

I couldn't take it. I wasn't close to cumming yet, maybe because even now I was still feeling more shock than arousal. But I had to close my eyes and do absolutely nothing for a while, so I could come to grips with what was happening. I simply laid there and let Sonia feast on my cock-meat. And boy oh boy did she feast! She still showed no signs of talent or finesse, but that didn't matter because she was slurping and bobbing with such vigor and passion.

That was the key word, "passion." I know it's a cliché that the sexually repressed women are the ones who always turn out to be hot and insatiable tigresses when their true sexual natures were unleashed. However, sometimes clichés are true, and this definitely was one of those times! I remembered Sue Ellen told me once that Sonia was in need of a good fucking. I tried to downplay that at the time, but I think deep down that I must have believed it on some level, and that was a big reason why I was so attracted to her.

Yes, now the truth can come out: I'm attracted to Sonia Bossi, in a very big way! It's a thin line between lust and hate, and anyone who can be that passionate in their hatred towards me can get extremely passionate when it comes to sexual desire too. Good God, is that coming true!

One minute passed, and then another, then another, as she kept on lustily bobbing on my cock. It was like she'd been sexually starved for years and years and now simply couldn't get enough! The fact that she was showing more emotion than skill helped keep me from blowing my load too soon. I certainly didn't want to disappoint her. In fact, the pressure to impress her was intense.

I'd been blessed to enjoy many great blowjobs lately, but this was the first one I'd had in a long time where both of us were basically still fully clothed.

It was true that my dress shirt was unbuttoned, and my pants and underwear were yanked down my thighs. But I was otherwise clothed, including still having shoes and socks on my feet.

While she continued to bob like some demonic yet inhumanly sexy succubus possessed her, I managed to kick my shoes off by rubbing them against an edge of the sofa. Then I used my big toe on each foot to pull my socks off. Next, even though my eyes stayed closed in a kind of stubborn denial that all this was really happening, I used my hands to pull my shirt all the way off while remaining lying on the sofa.

After another minute or two of enjoying fantastic oral pleasure from her, I finally opened my eyes to see what else I could do to take off more clothes. I still worried she would have some regrets, maybe after an orgasmic release, and I figured the more naked we both were, the harder it would be to back out of what we were doing. However, I couldn't get to my pants, since she was in the way. I thought about reaching down past her bobbing head to unbutton her blouse, but it would have been a stretch and I worried that might spook her out of whatever lusty trance she was in.

Thus, I didn't do anything. But opening my eyes was like another few hard slaps on my face, because I wound up staring at the stunning Sonia Bossi with her lips hungrily wrapped around my shaft! Mind blown, again! It was such a sexy sight that I had to frantically squeeze my PC muscle to keep from cumming.

As I continued to stare, I finally began to ponder what the hell was happening. I still didn't look at the bigger picture issues, such as if I wanted this to happen and what the overall ramifications might be. I was too high on lust to even consider backing out now in any case, so coming up with reasons for caution would only have been helplessly frustrating. Instead, I tried to focus on the more narrow question of why she was giving me a blowjob as opposed to taking part in some other sexual activity with me.

I found myself thinking, To be honest, I don't understand that at all, except maybe that she's not thinking straight either. Perhaps once she saw my stiff dick, she felt an uncontrollable urge to suck on it. Besides, doing that prevents her from having to talk, which would be awkward to say the least, seeing how she's been calling me a "mental rapist" and many other names.

Hell, she said "Don't think this means that I like you, you cocky fuck!" a mere second or two prior to taking my hard-on into her mouth! That doesn't exactly bode well for improved relations between us. She's more likely to painfully bite my dick than try to make me feel good. Yikes! I can't think about THAT! Rewind! Erase that thought!

Regardless of why she started, now that she's at it, it's like she needs to suck it like she needs air to breathe! It's starting to dawn on me that she needs this whole sexual adventure way more than I do. After all, I have a wonderful, highly sexual wife and FOUR awesome cock slaves to boot! Whereas I guess that Sonia's gone without sex for a long time. Unless she's had some secret lover or lovers that none of the waitresses knew about, she might not have had any sex at all since her divorce three years ago. At the very least, she couldn't have much sex because she works such long hours at the restaurant, including often until late at night.

I still didn't know what this was all about, or what the larger picture would be. It remained too daunting for me to even start to think about it. But I felt strongly that she had a strong sexual itch that needed to be scratched, and it was important to let that happen. Perhaps after she had a few epic climaxes, a great weight would be lifted from her shoulders and she'd be a much nicer person to the waitresses and others, at least for a while. One could hope, anyway.

It took a while, maybe five minutes, but her frantic cocksucking style calmed down. Perhaps she was trying to best me by getting me to cum embarrassingly fast. Somehow, I got the feeling that even though we were getting intimate like this, she still would love to gloat if she got the best of me somehow. However, it became obvious that I wasn't going to cum that easily, plus I'm sure her energetic pace couldn't be maintained, so she switched styles.

I took a closer look at her face now that it wasn't bobbing around almost like a blur. I wasn't surprised in the least to see streams of tears soaking her cheeks. That was to be expected, because it happened to every woman who sucked me lately, except for Mindy (due to her many years getting accustomed to my thickness). Even so, seeing those tears practically made my heart stop beating, it was such an arresting sight, not to mention a sexy one. It vividly displayed her passion and determination. But why was Sonia of all people putting such effort into something that could give me more pleasure than her?! I didn't understand any of this, but I was espeically flummoxed about that part.

But damn, there was no doubt from her teary cheeks that she was struggling mightily with the sheer size of my erection. Yet she didn't give up. She hadn't even pulled off once yet.

Ever since I had my eyes open, I'd noticed that her eyes stayed closed. I figured she must be embarrassed, since I was supposed to be her enemy. The fact that her cheeks were still blushing rosy red after all this time strongly supported that idea. So I was surprised yet again when, after slowing down for a couple of minutes, she not only opened her eyes, she looked up at me while she continued to suck.

True, she immediately closed them again, and her cheeks got redder still, but it was an encouraging development anyway.

I wanted to encourage her, but when I considered what to say, I was at a loss for words. Given that we had a habit of mostly insulting each other, trying to talk differently at this point would be strange and awkward. Also, saying the wrong thing would no doubt break the wantonly sexual mood she was in right now, so I definitely didn't want to say or do anything that could be construed as gloating. Instead, I reached out and tried to helpfully wipe some of the tears from her face. At the same time, I made approving moans to show that I appreciated what she was doing and that she was having a great effect on me.

However, I felt bad that she was doing all the work and I was just lying there basking in the erotic joy. I decided it was time to get more proactive. I sat up so I'd be able to reach all of her upper body. Then I reached out to work on taking her black blouse off.

Apparently, she misunderstood, because she groaned territorially when my hands came close to my own boner. It seemed she thought I was going to take it out of her mouth so we could do something else, and she very much didn't want that to happen yet.

I continued to reach forward, but I was careful to steer clear of my own privates. I found it amusing and flattering that she was treating my erection like a dog feasting on a slab of steak it didn't want to share with anyone else. My hands kept going until I found her buttons and I got busy unbuttoning them.

She was so preoccupied with her sucking that she seemed to hardly notice. Her eyes were closed again, so it was hard for me to judge how she was feeling.

It was a real challenge for me to get her blouse all the way off, since her cocksucking was driving me crazy, but I eventually managed. Then I got her bra off too.

She seemed to appreciate that. She was holding and sometimes stroking my shaft with both hands, but she briefly took a hand off to wave in the general direction of her skirt.

I got the message she wanted me to take that off too. But it was difficult, since it was out of reach. I leaned way forward and with her assistance, I managed to at least wiggle it down her thighs some.

Then she tugged it a little further down her thighs. But her mind wasn't on that, nor getting her panties off, because she was concentrating so seriously on sucking my dick.

I hate to be critical of anyone doing such a wonderful thing to me, but at first she hadn't been very good at this. She'd begun with more of a "brute force" method, sliding her lips with great speed and force for a solid five minutes. Then, when she slowed down, it seemed that she was still so overwhelmed by my size that she had trouble using her tongue at all.

It occurred to me that it was likely she hadn't given a blowjob in years. She'd been divorced for three years, with no sign of any serious boyfriend during that time. Prior to that, who's to say if she took part in oral sex with her husband at all? From her poor technique, I surmised that she probably hadn't, and if she had it most likely hadn't been frequent or rewarding for her.

That was the bad news. The good news was that she started to experiment as time went on. She seemed determined to master this skill, even though it was very difficult for her. Tears continually streamed down her face, and she often made frustrated sounding moans.

The one thing she wouldn't do, though, was release my erection from the confines of her hungrily sucking mouth.

I wanted to encourage her, plus I couldn't wait to explore her body. So now that I was sitting up and leaning forward, and her bra and blouse were off, I got busy fondling as much of her body as I could reach.

I was able to touch her bare breasts for the first time! That was exciting, especially since I was high on lust from her oral attentions already. True, her boobs weren't that big compared to my recent standards. I'd estimate she was "only" a C-cup. But still, they were round and flawless, and they went well with her relatively slim frame.

Plus, I'd heard that women with smaller breasts tended to have more sensitive nipples. I don't know if that's true in general, but once I started fondling her erect nipples, her eyes opened very wide and she screamed into my boner.

If she hadn't had an orgasm yet, she had one then.

That made me feel good mentally, to go along with my overwhelming physical pleasure. I should have started fondling her earlier, but at least I was doing it now. I tried to make up for lost time by doing whatever I could to help arouse her. Judging by the looks in her eyes, as well as her occasional emphatic moans, I quickly realized that I couldn't go wrong with lots of breast play, and especially nipple play.

My new approach must have inspired her, because after a couple of minutes of this, she began going further down my shaft with each pass. Apparently, she was trying to deep throat me! She didn't succeed in doing it, or even come close. She had to pull back up to her usual level after choking and gagging several times. But I loved the choking and gagging sensations, as well as the resulting noises. Plus, I was impressed that she would even try. Given how bitchy she was most of the time, I thought she might be a selfish lover. So far, I had no complaints about her on that score!

Her failed deep throating attempt had consequences though, because she tried to keep going in her usual style for about another minute, but then she pulled her lips all the way off my shaft and even sat up in order to recover.

She held her neck and scowled when she made eye contact with me. "FUCK! God dammit, your fucking cock is too damn thick! How the HELL do your other woman cope with that motherfucking MONSTER?!"

I had to chuckle, because any hope that she wouldn't be so foul-mouthed towards me after this dramatic change in our relationship was obviously for naught.

I had been having a grand time, but my nervousness returned now that she could talk again. I had absolutely no idea how she would behave, since none of this had been expected by me in the slightest. My hands came off her body as she sat up, so I just sat there and stayed silent while she tried to recover, taking some big breaths.

Then I noticed that her other hand was still holding and even idly stroking my boner, so that gave me encouragement that she couldn't be mad at me. I said, "Yeah, it can kind of be a problem. They like to call it 'the King' because it's like its own person."

She seemed to be mulling that name over. "'The King.' Yeah, I've heard that from Sue Ellen. I thought that was such a ridiculous name. Little did I know that I'd wind up... FUCK!" She suddenly looked into my eyes with a plaintive expression. "How the HELL did we wind up like this?!"

I held my hands up defensively. "I have no idea."

She looked down at my boner, and her hand still sliding up and down on it. "Fuck me! Seriously, someone come here and SHOOT ME in the head with a gun! I still fucking hate you so much, and yet I'm doing THIS!" She nodded incredulously at her hand. "There's something about your damn cock being so thick that makes it, I dunno... a challenge I can't resist. Once I started sucking on it, it's like I couldn't stop! Like... like... I NEED to suck it That's fucked up! This never happened to me before, with anybody! And it had to happen with YOU, Mr. Asshole of the Universe!"

I just nodded. I didn't want to say anything to piss her off.

But apparently my silence didn't help much, because she glared at me anyway, and complained, "You think I'm angry, don't you? Damn straight, I'm angry! What's happened here should NEVER have happened!" She pointed at me aggressively with her free hand. "You will speak of this to NO ONE! Do you understand?!"

I nodded again obediently. I still had deliberately avoided thinking about what this all meant, and I wasn't ready to start now. I'd have to put her demand for secrecy on the backburner too. I wasn't about to blab to the waitresses and people in general, but Mindy at least would absolutely have to know. I knew I'd have to tell Sonia that, but I wasn't ready to do that just yet, with her in a cursing mood.

She scowled at me even more, even though I'd just agreed with her. "Furthermore, I will NOT be one more of your stupid floozies!"

She was going to rant more, but I had to interrupt. "Hey! I take exception to that! Are you calling Sue Ellen 'stupid?'"

She grumbled defensively, "I don't mean it that way. But let's be serious. Anyone has to be crazy or something to willingly enslave themselves to you. That is NOT going to happen to me, I can guaran-damn-tee THAT! This is the first and last time we're ever going to be intimate, trust me!"

Then her expression changed, suddenly going from angry to lusty. "That said, it's been too fucking long for me, and as long as I've got you here, I'm going to take full advantage!"

The way she licked her lips hungrily while staring at my boner in her hand gave me the shivers!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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