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Chapter 13

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Sonia looked all around again, and appeared to be thinking intently.

I realized this was another make or break moment. Either we were going to fuck, or she was going to "come to her senses" and kick me out. Given how nearly anything I said to her rubbed her the wrong way, I just held my breath.

Had I been thinking straight, I could have come up with a long list of reasons why having sex with her would be a very bad idea. But I wasn't thinking straight. Lust was in control of my body, and it was like my logical brain could only passively observe what was going on.

She seemed to come to a decision by the way her eyes narrowed with new determination. She definitely had sexy, exotic eyes, and when they were narrowed like this she looked even sexier. (Since she was pissed off most of the time, it was a look I frequently saw from her.)

I don't know what she was thinking, but a big teardrop left her cheek and splattered on her upper chest, and that directed her attention to the condition of her face. She brought a hand up to her cheeks and commented, more to herself than to me, "Shit! My face is fucking soaked with tears. I must look like a horror show." She brought both hands to her face and did her best to wipe it dry. "At least I'm lucky I didn't wear mascara."

I spoke from the heart. "Actually, you look stunning, and the tears make you look even sexier. They show your passion."

She chuckled, but with chagrin. "Yeah, right! You can stop with the bullshit compliments already, you cocky fuck. Look what you've done to me!" She waved a hand down at her flawless and curvy naked body.

I don't know what she was waving at in particular, but I definitely appreciated the view. I started to say, "Hey, they're not bullshit. You're really-"

She cut me off. "I'm really fucking sore, that's what I am. I swear, my jaw is going to hurt for days! No dick should be THAT fucking THICK! DAMN!" She continued to wipe her face even as she said, "I don't even know why I'm doing this, since it's about to get worse. Way worse."

"What do you mean?"

She growled grumpily, "Shut up, you! Just... The less you talk, the better!"

Then she grew silent and that look of intense determination crossed her face again. Like a predator about to consume a meal, she leaned over me and repositioned herself over my lap, with her legs spread around my hips and her naked crotch coming to rest on the lower part of my bared shaft.

I shut my eyes tightly as a surge of excitement ran through me and I realized what was about to happen. As a result, I couldn't see what was happening, but I definitely felt it when her hand held my shaft in place so her sopping wet pussy could make contact with the tip.

I think my heart forgot to beat for a surprisingly long moment. Then I gasped out loud in amazement. Holy... Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! This really is going to happen! I can't be, and yet it is! Hot damn! I have NO FUCKING IDEA how any of this is possible, but the one thing I know for sure is that Sonia is WET and READY for a good HARD fucking!

My heart was racing wildly. The situation was unbelievably exciting to begin with, but she seemed to be torturing me by rubbing her cunt back and forth across the tip of my cockhead without actually pushing it in.

I opened my eyes again to see her facial expression. Was she trying to torture me as some kind of payback? But what I saw was very different. Her face still showed determination, but there was a great deal of fear and apprehension there too. In fact, she looked downright weak and vulnerable, which was an unusual look for her.

I realized then that she was religious, and probably a Catholic like me due to her Italian heritage, because she closed her eyes, tilted her head up as if to the heavens, and began quietly muttering some kind of prayer. She even took her hand off my boner so she could fold her hands in a prayerful gesture right in front of her bare breasts. (My cock stayed in place because her pussy lips were pushing down on it and had opened up slightly around the top half inch of my spongy head.)

She was muttering far too quietly for me to make out words, but whatever she was saying, it appeared to be emotionally intense.

Then, after mouthing the final "Amen," she opened her eyes with a new expression. Her determination was back, with a lot of extra fire and anger.

I didn't understand the anger part, especially when she firmly grasped my boner again and practically spat at me, "Daniel fucking Cooper! The bane of my existence! I hate your guts so much that I can't even say. But I will NOT be cowed by you or your incredible cock! I'll show YOU!"

She locked gazes with me to hold my attention on her face and then growled at me with even more venom, "I'll show you angry!" She lifted her hips up so she was higher up on her knees, which meant my boner lost contact with her pussy. But then she sat back down with renewed force and after maybe half a minute of what seemed like a life-or-death struggle, she guided my raging erection into her overflowing cunt.

She let out a long and ear-piercing scream as her pussy lips stretched around my cockhead and she kept right on pushing down. Within a matter of seconds, she had made it as far down as the widest ridge of my cockhead.

That was the most difficult part, and she knew it. Her eyes opened almost comically wide, like she was doing a convincing Roger Rabbit impression, and she somehow got even MORE vocal! I thought she was screaming at the top of her lungs already, but no! She wailed so loudly that I had no choice but to cover my ears.

But still, for all that effort, she didn't immediately make it past the wide ridge. She wiggled back and forth and humped her hips up and down, doing all she could to make it fit inside of her.

It was then that I realized why she'd suddenly gotten angry with me all over again right before she started to lower herself down on me. She was using her anger as a weapon, in order to psych herself up emotionally enough to dare to try this physically painful challenge. I was reminded of a lyric from a song by The Clash: "The fury of the hour, anger can be power, did you know that you can use it?" That in turn reminded me of Josie, the punk rock waitress, and how I'd discussed Clash lyrics with her.

But such thoughts were quickly wiped from my mind, because what Sonia was attempting was physically painful for me too. To call her pussy tight was an absolute fact. I'd had sex with a surprising number of women lately, especially for a happily married man, but Sonia was definitely the tightest I'd experienced in a long time, if not ever! She was as tight as it felt when I fuckied Cindy in her ass!

It suddenly occurred to me that this was proof Sonia hadn't had sex in a long time. Who knows, maybe she hadn't fucked at all since her divorce three years ago. It was like she was a virgin all over again! Either that, or she was just naturally that way, or both things were true.

Finally, after maybe half a minute of what seemed like a life or death struggle for her, she managed to push past the wide ridge of my cockhead. Her entire body shook because she suddenly slid a full inch or more further down until she reached more thick resistance again.

She paused to exhale and recover. Her screaming finally stopped, but then she cried out, "THANK FUCKING GOD! UNGH!" I thought she was done, but she opened her eyes and glared down at me with what seemed to be pure hatred. "FUUUUUCCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! I hate you so much! Why do you have to be so fucking THICK! It's inhuman! It's INSANE!"

I was surprised she managed to say that much because she was panting like she'd just run a race. She had to stop her complaining to recover her breath. While she did that, she brought a hand back up to her cheeks. That caused her to speak again, even though she was still desperately gasping for air. "Fuck me! My cheeks are soaked, again! Dammit, this isn't sex; this is TORTURE!"

I was a bit woozy from the sheer intensity of her vice-like squeeze, but I managed to take a good look at her face. Indeed, it was wet with streams of fresh tears pouring down her cheeks, even wetting her neck and chin.

I tried to be reassuring. "Don't worry; that's normal."

She exploded in anger, even though her chest was still heaving to get enough oxygen. "NORMAL?! You sick FUCK! There's nothing about this that's normal! You're making me sit on a fucking TREE TRUNK! You're going to ruin my pussy, and force me to go to the hospital!"

For a second there, I felt a surge of panic. Then I realized she was wildly exaggerating. After all, she still hadn't fully regained her breath or her composure, and yet she was already starting to push herself down some more, trying to slowly impale herself all the way onto me.

Another minute or two passed. I didn't say anything because I figured it would just set her cursing off some more. And she didn't say anything because she was struggling with all her might to grind her hips down on me.

Her breasts weren't Michelle-sized (although whose were?), but it was still a wonder to watch the way they were heaving up and down in time to her ragged breathing. Then she raised both hands above her head and tilted her head back, as if overcome in orgasmic ecstasy.

It was such a sexy sight, especially with her long black hair flowing down behind her, that I had to gasp out loud, and quite vocally too.

But it turned out she didn't notice that, because it wasn't just "as if" she was overcome in orgasmic ecstasy, she really was! She let out another loud scream, although I was glad to hear that it sounded much less like painful torture and much more like erotic pleasure.

Still, it was so loud that it worried me. I was even more worried when I thought back to her screaming of just a couple of minutes ago. How could anyone NOT hear that?! Especially since she'd sounded so agonized, had someone called the police?! Were we about to get interrupted by some concerned waitress, at the very least?!

Before I could ask, she complained some more (with her arms still above her head in that breathtakingly sensual pose), "MOTHERFUCKER! HOLY SHIT!" After some more gasping, she clarified, although again it was more like she was speaking to herself, "I can't believe I just came like that! And I'm not even halfway down the damn thing yet! What have I been missing?! Why?! Why have I gone without this for so damn long?!"

She'd still had her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she lingered in post-orgasmic euphoria. But then she recovered and looked back down at me. Instantly, she went from a blissful daze to a fearsome scowl. "YOU! Why does it have to be YOU?! Why can't it be someone single, and nice?! Why are all the gigantic, mind-bending cocks attached to amoral assholes?!"

I was getting tired of her insults, and I figured she was stuck with me now in both a figurative and a very literal sense. After that orgasm she'd just had, I didn't think she would pull off in a snit. To even try to do so would be tough, since she was squeezing me so tightly.

So I cleared my throat and said, "Hey! I keep telling you that I am NOT an asshole! Think about my wife Mindy, and Cindy. You've met them. Are they not kind, good people? Why would they be with me if I'm such a monster?!"

She looked down towards her crotch. She couldn't actually see my erection since she was sitting on it, but she ran a hand up and down all the inches that weren't in her yet. She purred huskily, "I can think of one very good reason! And it's a monster too!" But then she seemed to have a rethink. She stared into space above me and said in a calmer voice, "Okay, fair point. They do seem nice. I probably am being too hard on you." However, just as she was starting to soften, her irate glare returned. "But the fact that there's two of them! And Sue Ellen! And God knows how many others! Maybe you're not evil, per se, but it fucking sucks that this has to be happening with YOU!"

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, as if she was recentering her mental energy. When she came out of that, she muttered, "Enough talking! This is worse than being half pregnant. I've got you half stuck into me. Dammit, I thought the worst was over, but the middle of this fucking redwood tree is even THICKER than the head! Are you trying to kill me?!"

She was silent briefly as she began rhythmically bouncing up and down. Then she added, "I don't know about your other lovers, but I'm no cream puff! I'm going to get every last fat fucking inch of you in me, even if it kills me! And it probably will!"

Then, even though her eyes stayed closed, I could tell from her facial expression that her determination and anger returned, and with a vengeance. I don't know how conscious she was about it, but she was definitely using her anger as a tool to give herself the emotional energy to press on.

More struggling ensued, much more. I swear, it was just as tough to get all the way inside her as it was to get all the way inside Cindy's ass. Sonia was just too damn tight! And it was very frustrating for me, because with her riding on top of me cowgirl style, and especially due to her bitchy personality, I felt I couldn't do much but just lie there and let her do what she needed to do at her own pace.

At least I could tell she was enjoying herself. It was kind of funny watching her facial expression flip back and forth from angry/determined to ecstatic. The tears continued to stream down her face, and her forehead was wet too, showing that she was sweating just as much. But that only made her more beautiful in my eyes, especially with the way some long strands of hair were out of place and occasionally fell down over her face.

I can't forget to mention that I was having a hell of a time too. At first, her pussy was too tight, painfully tight. But the more she worked down my shaft, the more her body adjusted. I kept comparing the experience with fucking Cindy's ass, due to the overwhelming tightness. But it dawned on me that the vagina was much more capable of changing size than the asshole - consider the miracle of a woman giving birth. Thus, it wasn't long before Sonia loosened up enough so that she was still very tight, but not too tight.

I'm not sure if she would have agreed with my assessment, judging from the way she cursed me for my thickness from time to time. And I could tell she would have cursed a blue streak non-stop, except that she was usually too winded to say more. She was often reduced to just blurting out the likes of "FUCK!" or "DAMN!" from time to time.

After a while, I could tell that she was getting close to full impalement, but her energy was flagging to make that final push after struggling for so long. So I put my hands on top of her thighs and began slowly but very forcefully pushing her downwards some more.

This seemed to piss her off even more, perhaps because she realized that she needed the help and hated having to rely on me for anything. As I gradually forced her all too willing but still resisting flesh onto yet more of my thick shaft, I looked up at her angry face and found it strangely sexy and extra beautiful. I murmured, "Damn, woman! You're SO BEAUTIFUL when you're angry!"

Luckily, she was too exhausted to complain more than one quick "Shut up!"

Then her jaw dropped open, because all my pushing down was gradually having an effect. She cried out, "You motherfucking DEMON! I was thinking I couldn't possibly take any more of this God damned battering ram, but look at me! We're almost there!"

She was crying already, which was no surprise since she'd never stopped, but she started bawling like a baby. She shut her eyes tight and yelled through clenched teeth, "FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! You're driving so deep! I've never... NEVER! Never this far! This thick! ... OH GOD! You're killing me with COCK!"

Finally, mercifully, she made it all the way down. All in all, it took about five minutes of nearly non-stop struggle, since her last prolonged pause, which was a hell of a lot. It was like a tight anal sex ordeal. But she wound up fully impaled on my shaft. She appeared to be nothing but relieved, just like a runner reaching the end of a long race. As soon as she realized what she'd done, she collapsed down onto my chest. She wound up with her teary face soaking my neck and collar bone area, cuddled up to me with her arms hugging me as much as they could, considering I was lying down.

Of course I remained sheathed all the way inside her. After her supreme effort, there was no way either of us were going to let my hard-on slide out. Besides, she was still so very tight around me that it would have taken considerable effort for us to disengage.

We were silent for a few minutes while I let her recover. I tenderly ran a hand through her long, straight, dark hair, trying to show that I was kind and caring and not the bad guy she thought I was.

She seemed to appreciate that. Once she recovered somewhat and her panting calmed down, she purred contentedly while I stroked her.

But it seemed that she couldn't get completely relaxed, because she kept bringing her hands to her face and wiping the teary streaks from her cheeks. However, once she'd more or less gotten her face dry, more tears would flow out, causing her to do it again.

She finally broke the silence to complain, though in a frustrated tone instead of an angry one, "Dammit, what the hell is wrong with me? I'm not sad in the slightest, but I can't stop crying." After a reluctant pause, she admitted, "I mean, sure, it hurts like hell. You're stretching me more than I thought possible. This is worse than my worst case scenario. But the pleasure is even better! GOD DAMN, it feels fantastic!"

Just to be sure, I asked, "Are you okay?"

"Okay?! Are you deaf to my screams of passion?! Yes, it hurts... but it hurts so GOOD!"

I thought she was done, but she had more to say, and even more emphatically. She lifted her head up enough to make eye contact with me. "It's totally worth the effort, and we're just getting started!"

I smiled up at her and continued to caress her hair with one hand, while idly fondling her bare ass cheeks with my other hand. "That's true. Trust me, it'll get much, much better. As for the tears, I don't know. That seems to happen to all my women. I guess the body just does that whenever it's in an extreme situation. Maybe it's like you're too preoccupied with the fucking to control your facial muscles. I don't know."

She bristled unhappily while I was talking, and when I was done, she let me have it. She sat all the way back up on me, while being careful to stay fully impaled on my shaft, then poked a finger towards my face. "That's as may be. But don't EVER call me one of your women! I am NOT one of your women, and I never will be! This is just a one time thing, like a bucket list item of getting fucked by a foot-long cock."

I chuckled. "'Foot-long?' Not hardly!"

She grumbled, "Well, it sure as hell feels like it!" Then she regained her composure and determination. "Anyway, as long as this is my one shot, I'm going to make the most of it! Like I said, I'm not some delicate cream puff, like your other lovers. I've got a steel spine!" She pointed dramatically at my face again. "I'm going to rock YOUR world!"

I was slightly miffed that she was calling my other lovers "delicate cream puffs," when she had no way of knowing how they were like in bed. But I realized that served a psychological purpose for her, just as getting angry did. So I let it slide.

She put her hands on the sides of her head, deliberately striking a very sexy pose. "Okay, by now you've figured out I haven't had sex in a long while. My pussy is super tight because I've been re-virginated due to lack of use."

We both shared a laugh at her "re-virginated" comment. For a brief moment, she smiled and showed a side of herself I hadn't see before: she looked relaxed, kind, and truly happy.

But then her mask of determination quickly returned, and she said, "I'm not going to let you get to me and rock my world, because I'll be too busy rocking YOUR world! I may be out of practice, but fucking is like riding a bicycle - you never forget. And believe me, I know a thing or two about fucking, especially thanks to my hips. My hips don't lie!"

I was puzzled by her "My hips don't lie" comment. If that was some common expression, I'd never heard it. What could that possibly mean?

It turned out I didn't have long to find out. Sonia was still sweaty and teary, but she'd managed to fully recover from the original penetration and now she was raring to go. Furthermore, her time resting her head on my chest had allowed her pussy to loosen up just enough to create the perfect amount of friction.

Still keeping her hands on the sides of her head like some kind of posing belly dancer, she began rising up on my cock until only the head remained inside her. She was trying to look sultry and knowing, but that effect was humorously spoiled by her sudden shock. Her eyes went wide, and she exclaimed, "Hoooooly.... FUCK! God, that feels good!"

I had to agree, and I grunted with approval.

She quickly recovered and impaled herself back down. Again, she was trying to act like she was in charge, determined to impress me, but she was taken aback by the sheer pleasure. She cried out, loudly and wordlessly this time. Then, with her eyes still bugged out, she exclaimed in amazement, "I didn't know it could be this good! I mean... GOD DAMN!"

She had to pause with her movements while she recovered her wits. As she did so, she commented, "You're not my first by a long shot. I wasn't always too busy to have a social life, you know. But this... this is something else! It's like... it's not just fucking. It's better, way better!"

I chuckled. Naturally, I couldn't resist basking in her genuine praise. I knew that so far I hadn't really done a damn thing to improve her fucking experience except having a penis of a certain size. That was just the luck of the genetic lottery. But still, it was a trip to make even the eternally pissed Sonia Bossi feel this good.

And I had to admire her for her determination. She was dead-set on proving something to me, and that seemed to be that she was going to get the best of me with her sex skills instead of the other way around. Thus, it wasn't long before she resumed pulling my boner almost all the way out of her so she could go down on it. And she was able to keep her composure - as well as the sexy pose she still maintained - much better this time, now that she knew what to expect.

Then it was my turn to be surprised. I couldn't figure out what she did that was so special, but then next time she impaled herself down on me, she did something with her hips that surprised and thrilled me.

She saw the startled look on my face and smirked in triumph. "A-ha! Even the great Daniel Cooper and his magnificent Godzilla cock is affected by that move! Well, just you watch out! There's more where that came from. Like I said, I'm no cream puff!"

I liked her competitive spirit. It was definitely different, and it added some extra oomph to the already highly arousing experience. So I smirked right back and said, "So you say. We'll see if that's true or if you're all hot air. Bring it on!"

"Gladly!" She pulled up and started to repeat whatever magical hip thing she did. But the funny thing was, it apparently felt as good to her as it did to me, because she was temporarily overcome. She had to stop and clutch her head. This time, it wasn't a sexy pose, but more like she was suffering through a bad ice cream freeze. She even squealed and shrieked.

But seconds later, she shook it off, including actually shaking her head. She muttered, "Dammit, NO!"

Startled, I asked her, "What?"

A steel-eyed stare returned to her gaze. "I'm not going to go down that easily! Yes, your cock is incredible, but I can handle anything you can dish out! And more! You'll see!" Then she tried to overwhelm me with a whole series of sexy grinding and churning hip moves.

She definitely had great moves! I was impressed. This was totally unexpected, to say the least. It was like fucking a belly dancer or yoga instructor. But her downfall was that, again, whatever she did to arouse me aroused her just as much. And since she was unused to the sheer size of my dick, she was already on the brink.

As a result, she didn't even get to finish the series of moves she was obviously planning to do when her body stuttered to a halt. She tilted her head way back, arching her back dramatically in the process, and let out a great yell.

I was living the life of Riley. I was drowning in a sea of erotic euphoria, and I was also totally blowing Sonia's mind, yet she was doing all the work. I literally hadn't broken a sweat while so much perspiration was pouring down her face that her bangs were matted to her forehead. That was great news for me, because if we were in some sort of "fuck off" competition, I figured it would be a cinch to outlast her.

Sonia somehow managed to make it through her latest obvious orgasm without collapsing back down on me, but it was a close call. Her head lolled around and her entire upper body wobbled so much that I had to hold her sides just to make sure she didn't fall off me, and even the sofa altogether.

Then, while she was still recovering, I figured "while in Rome," and I brought my hands from her sides to her breasts.

It seemed she was too out of it to realize what I was doing, until I pinched both her erect nipples at once. It was as if her head exploded! I was taken aback at how she screamed her head off and obviously had another big orgasm.

When that was over, there was no doubt that she'd need my help to stay sitting upright on me, so I firmly held her sides.

I was a bit impatient, so while she was still in recovery mode, I asked her, "By the way... about all the screaming... I don't mind, but isn't there a danger that someone could hear you and come to investigate? In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't happened already."

That topic shook her out of her lusty daze. She even looked around the room with concern, as if someone could be hiding in a corner. Then she shrugged. "Frankly, I'm kind of surprised too. Luckily, I know this room is VERY soundproofed. But I've obviously never screamed for dear life in here before, so I don't know if it's THAT soundproofed. I guess we'll find out!"

Then she narrowed her gaze at me again and grimaced with yet more renewed determination. When she licked her lips like a predator about to eat its defenseless meal, I couldn't help but gulp in surprise at the sheer sexiness of what she was doing to me. She resumed doing her special hip moves, as if the best defense was a good offense. In other words, she was redoubling her efforts to get me to cum before I made her cum too much to go on.

And I must admit, she was damn good! I had felt that she was a living, breathing example of the "stern librarian" type, the sexually repressed woman who blossoms into a totally uninhibited passionate sex freak. And so far, that guess was right on the money! But I hadn't counted on her hip moves. I didn't know what she was doing exactly, but again the liquid, effortless moves of a talented belly dancer came to mind. She was rocking my world, just like she said!

However, I felt good knowing that I was "fighting back" and rocking her world even more. Plus, I felt smug knowing that I was just getting warmed up. If I could have this effort on her while lying still, I couldn't wait to see how she'd react once I took charge and gave her my all!

So far, we hadn't actually done that much in-and-out thrusting. But now that she'd adjusted to the situation, she finally was able to settle down for some serious humping and/or gyrating without having to stop every minute or two for another big orgasm.

That changed things for me. Due to her frequent breaks, I hadn't been in danger of cumming, despite the fact that she had an extra tight cunt and seemingly magical hips. But once she got in a good groove, that changed. It wasn't long before I was sweating too. I doubt I was actually burning that many calories, but I had to constantly flex my PC muscle to stave off orgasm, and the sheer emotional intensity of such a great sexual high was taking its toll.

My only salvation was that, once again, whatever she was doing to affect me was affecting her just as much, if not more so. In fact, there was a lot of "more so." She didn't have dramatic orgasms like before, where everything had to come to a stop for a while, but instead I noticed that she was having smaller but more frequent climaxes. Time and again I'd watch her body shudder and her eyes roll back into her head. But she'd quickly recover, like we were having a "fuck battle" and only the winner would get to live. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but I can't overstate how determined she was to "rock my world" and thus somehow beat me.

One great thing about her hip movement was that she had a whole bag of tricks and there was no telling what she'd do next. At one point, she stopped her sexy churning altogether and began rapidly bouncing up and down on me instead. (Happily, the friction had eased up just barely enough to make that possible, though it was still an incredible squeeze.)

But once again her effort boomeranged. She had to stop and scream as a particularly intense orgasm washed through her.

When it was over, she looked down at me in amazement, as if she was truly seeing me for the first time.

Her look was so odd that I had to ask, "What?"

A much more familiar pissed off look returned to her face. "Don't you 'what' me. You know what! I've bitten off more than I can chew, haven't I?" She resumed her wonderful churning motions as she continued, "Here I was, scoffing at Sue Ellen for being your sex slave. And while I would never do that- NEVER!" She stopped again and pointed dramatically at me to emphasize her point, nearly touching my nose. "While I would NEVER do that, I can at least see where she's coming from. God, it's so fucking GREAT! I get it now, okay? I get it!"

She resumed her incredible hip magic, and I was content to bask in that.

But after a minute or so, I finally grew curious enough to ask, "Get what?"

She gesticulated with both hands. "The whole thing. How you can have Mindy, and Cindy, AND Sue Ellen! And who knows how many more! I've heard you have FOUR sex slaves, and I thought that was bullshit, but now I can totally see it. You must have the women lining up to fuck you."

But then, even as she drove me wild with her sexy churning, she said, "That's why this can only be the one time. God dammit, I'm going to hate giving this up, but my freedom and independence is too important to me. I will NOT let you turn me into another one of your sluts or your fucking sex slaves!"

Another minute of nothing but heavy panting from both of us followed, as she wowed me with a whole series of sexy hip moves. I can't even begin to explain what she did, but she was obviously trying to impress me and just as obviously succeeding. Nobody else could do what she could do with her hips, unless Michelle or Ruby had some secret moves that they hadn't shown me yet.

Actually, the more I thought about that, the more I realized that very well might be true. How long had they been practicing their sex moves? There was no telling with them. But still, they wouldn't be able to compete with the actual experience Sonia had.

Having made her point, Sonia eased up and smirked down at me again. "You enjoy that? Of course you did! Get it while you can, because like I said, this is the last time!'

I didn't believe that. I assumed that once we started, we'd keep going. Why the hell not, if it felt this good? But she sounded so convinced that I had to ask, "Are you sure about that?"

"Damn straight! I can't forget that you're still an asshole and a mental rapist and all the rest."

I sighed heavily, despite the highly arousing fucking motions going on. "Come on! I'm not that bad and you know it. You have to know it! What have I really done to make you hate me so much?!"

Somehow, the conversation continued even though we were both on the brink of cumming. She conceded, "Like I said, I'll admit you're not evil, but you're dangerous! The fact that you're ripping my world apart with your huge Godzilla cock confirms that. In fact, you're way more dangerous than I feared! So let's make this a memory to remember forever, because this stops today!"

I wanted to argue that point, but I was so busy huffing and puffing and squeezing my PC muscle that I wasn't capable of continuing the conversation. In fact, I was amazed that she could still talk at all, and I chalked that up to sheer willpower. True, she was a bitch most of the time, but she had the determination and willpower of ten normal people.

We fucked for another minute or two. I was at the very cusp, right at the end of my rope. But just as she was going all out to impress me, I was going all out to impress her. Had I been fucking anyone else I would have cum long ago, but we were really locked in some sort of sex battle, and I was determined not to lose.

Thankfully, right when I was about to give in, she started cumming again. That would have been no big deal, since it seemed she was cumming more often than not by now, with lots of little orgasms. But this one was different, and knocked her like a blow to the head. Her head actually wobbled around and I was forced to hold her sides again.

But I could only do so much since I was fairly out of it too, and when she went completely limp the best I could do was guide her head back down to my chest to prevent herself from falling in some other direction and getting hurt.

Boy, was I thankful! For the next few minutes I was able to recharge and recover while she practically took a nap on my chest. In fact, she very well may have passed out or fallen asleep for a while, I couldn't tell for sure.

But maybe she hadn't, because after about five minutes, just when I'd convinced myself she was zonked out, she spoke up while keeping her eyes shut tight. "Mmmm....! So good!"

I grunted, to let her know I was listening.

She whispered, as if in awe, "Even now... even now... you're filling me... So full! Like I said, hurts so good. John fucking Mellencamp, how did you know?"

That made me laugh, as I recalled John Mellencamp's hit song "Hurts So Good."

She laughed too, but otherwise continued to rest on my chest with her eyes closed. "I feel sorry for him, and for you too, to be a man. Which means you don't know what it's like. You can't know! I thought sex was great, but this... this! Good God! Nothing compares with the overwhelming sensations and feelings of being FUCKED on such an incredibly huge cock!"

She unexpectedly opened her eyes and even poked a finger in the general direction of my face, although she was too exhausted to move it much. "Size fucking MATTERS! Any woman who says otherwise is a LIAR! End of story!"

She waited to see my reaction, and when I didn't dispute that, she closed her eyes and went back to blissfully resting on me, fully impaled. "Mmmm.... Even now, my pussy is practically humming and vibrating with pleasure. I'm STILL trying to adjust to your unprecedented size. I'm never going to get used to it, am I? I feel like I'm going to burst, but in the best possible way! Gaawwwd, I can't even begin to explain. And worst of all, I don't want this feeling to end! It's such a fucking tragedy!"

That last comment puzzled me. Now that I knew she was awake, I resumed stroking her long hair, but more gently than before. "'Tragedy?' Why?"

She kept her eyes closed, but seemed more sad than angry, for once. "You know why. Because it has to end today. God knows I love getting fucked by you, but I will NOT share you with five women, or ten, or whatever motherfucking crazy number it is. I have my pride. I'll admit it, I was a fool. For far too long, I've gone without this sensation of being FILLED with a truly MANLY COCK! I can't go back. But luckily, there are other fish in the sea. I'll just have to find some other huge-cocked bastard to scratch my itch. Anyone but you!"

It was strange talking to her about this while her eyes were closed and her vagina relentlessly massaged my thickness, but I supposed she could open up more if we didn't have eye contact. I muttered, "Gee, thanks."

"Awww, poor guy. Such a sad story. You only have a wife and four MOTHERFUCKING SEX SLAVES to keep you busy!"

She suddenly sat all the way back up. Apparently, her body had recovered and she wanted to make eye contact after all. "Is that true?! All of it?! Now that we've been this intimate, you owe me the truth, dammit!"

I answered before she'd get angry and start poking at my face again. I didn't like that. "Yes. Yes, it is."

"But... all of it?! Sue Ellen calls you her 'master.' She actually uses that word. And it seems like she really means it!"

"She does," I admitted.

Sonia often talked with her hands as much as her mouth, like many Italians do. She gesticulated, "But... but... that's crazy! It's like she's internalized that she's your sex slave. Like she really believes it!"

"She does," I admitted again. Since we were this intimate, I figured Sonia deserved to know more of the truth. "Look. She's still the same basic person. She's still going to college and playing on the college volleyball team and such. It's just that she happens to be very submissive and she loves to serve me. It makes her happy and it makes me happy, and we have lots of great sex. And Mindy totally approves. So what's the harm?"

Sonia facepalmed herself. "UGH! Where do I begin?! It's all so wrong!" With her face still covered by her hand, she asked, "But what about the others? Don't tell me they're all like that?!"

"They are. You've met Cindy. She calls me 'Master' too. She's a wonderful woman and I love her more than I can say. But if I snap my fingers and point to the floor, she will drop to her knees and strike a sexy pose because her top priority is serving and pleasing me."

Sonia shook her head in disgust, even as she finally pulled her hand away. "See?! That's what's so fucked up. I don't even have to explain anything, because that says it all right there. Where's her dignity? That behavior is an insult to all women!"

I didn't want to get into a big argument, especially since I was still fully sheathed in Sonia and I was ready for some more fucking. "Why don't you ask her about it? I bet she'll tell you that dignity is highly overrated." As if to prove my point, I deliberately flexed my pelvic muscles to stiffen my cock inside of her.

Sonia just groaned loudly and unhappily. Clearly, this discussion upset her, but she was raring to fuck some more too. In fact, she sat up higher until my cockhead was nearly out of her. Then she resumed her fantastic churning. She also said, "Whatever. Talking to her would probably just frustrate and mystify me. But this is solid proof that what we're doing here has to be a one-time only thing. If there's even a one percent chance of me ending up like that, I want no part of it! I'm going to find some other handsome, horse-cocked stud who doesn't have your... weird... charm and charisma. That'll be way safer!"

I couldn't resist grinning impishly. "'Charm and charisma?' Why, Sonia Bossi, I do believe you just complimented me!"

"UGH!" She groaned loudly in frustration, even as she continued her magical hip rotations. "God knows I didn't want to, but it couldn't be helped. I have to admit that there's something strangely appealing about you. Even as I hate you, I'm inexplicably drawn to you. Which is all the more reason to find some dumb jock to replace you. The dumber the better too, so there's no chance I'll like him! I've realized that I've been an idiot going without sex, but love... HA! Love, I can easily do without!"

I realized Sonia had some love issues. No doubt she'd been hurt by her ex-husband and maybe others. But I didn't want to open up that Pandora's box while we were in the middle of fucking. So I just said, "Suit yourself. It's probably for the best. I'm way overextended as it is. You have no idea what it's like to have five women, all in intense, loving, and very sexual relationships. Truth be told, they run me ragged. So let's pretend this never happened."

"Yes. Let's." She had that mask of intense determination on her face again. But I detected sadness and frustration there too. However, that didn't last for long because her head was in slow but constant motion due to her never-ending sexy gyrations.

We were both left to our thoughts as she continued to fuck us into endless bliss. I don't know what she's thinking, but I definitely have mixed feelings. A part of me believes what I just told her. I truly am overextended. But another part of me feels sad. Sonia does something special to me. I can't put my finger on it, but the way she says she finds "something strangely appealing" about me and feels "inexplicably drawn" to me perfectly describes how I feels about her.

And that was before I found out she's a passionate and talented fuck with magic hips! I have to admit, that's a pretty big factor. In fact, now that we're fucking up a storm, how can we just stop? It doesn't seem right. But then again, the fact that we are so sexually compatible is a good argument that we have to stop before we really get going. It's not like we can just fuck a little, if it feels this great. And I simply don't have the time or energy for it. My wife and cock slaves come first, period!

It was unfortunate that we had this conversation while fucking instead of afterwards, because it made us both feel sad and disappointed. Clearly, we both wanted to fuck again in the future, but we were both thinking that wouldn't be wise.

I decided that some kind of drastic change was needed in order to distract the both of us and quickly change the mood again. Plus, no matter what else was happening, we were still in the middle of a "sex battle" of sorts, and I was determined to win.

So, even as she was in the middle of her incredible hip churning, I said, "Okay, enough! You've had your turn. Now it's my turn."

She stopped, but she was confused. "What do you mean?"

"Just what I said. I've been lying here for the whole fuck, not doing much. You've showed me what you've got, and I must admit I'm impressed. But now I'm going to show you what I've got."

She grinned almost wolfishly. I was afraid that she'd react badly, wanting to maintain her advantageous position. But it seemed she was up for a stiff challenge.

After the two of us got off the sofa (and my dick actually pulled all the way out of her), I let her pick the position. And what a position she chose! She bent over the sofa in order for me to fuck her doggy style. But she didn't just bend over in the most comfortable way. She bent way over with her ass high in the air, and stretched her arms and legs straight out. The arms were a practical matter, so she could reach both armrest and brace herself. But her legs seemed more for show. She kept her legs perfectly straight and spread out wide, showing off impressive flexibility.

I had to stand back and admire the sight. Wow! Sonia is a BABE! I love everything about her, from her jet black hair to her exotic eyes, all the way down to her feet. Look at those legs. So firm and fit! And that ass! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! She's the whole package! I don't even mind that she's so pissed off all the time, because that emotional fire is what makes her lust burn like an inferno!

I would have done a lot more admiring, but she wiggled her ass cheeks impatiently. "Hey! Mr. Cocky Fuck! I didn't want you to take your massive tree trunk out of me in the first place, but you insisted. So you damn well better stick it back in!"

I groaned silently to myself. On second thought, she could tone that pissed off thing way down. I said, "Sure thing. As soon as you say 'please.'"

That brought her up short. After a quick double take at my audacity, she sourly grumbled a "Please" that convinced no one.

Feeling cockier than usual, I added, "Ask me nicely."

She glared hot murder at me, but in a sexier and sultry voice, she replied, "Okay, please." But then she haughtily demanded, "And don't you dare try to tease me or draw it out any more than that, or I swear I will turn around and sock you a good one!"

I had to laugh out loud. Yikes! She's definitely no shrinking violet. And not exactly submissive either. None of my women would ever say that. But in a weird way it makes me want her more.

I stepped forward and put my hands on her round ass cheeks. I'd never realized what a great ass she had. It looked great in a tight skirt, but it looked even better in nothing at all!

But I was in a hurry to get back to fucking, so I lined my hard-on up and pushed my way on into her wetly hungering depths again with a long, slow thrust.

Considering what a prolonged ordeal it had been to get all the way inside her the first time, I was expecting something maybe easier but still along those same lines. However, I went in with surprising ease. It only took me about a minute until I was fully sheathed in her again. And sure, there was a fair amount of moaning and even shrieking on her part. Plus, I took a peek from the side and saw that she was crying again. But, relatively speaking, that was "easy." Clearly, her pussy had loosened up a lot. It was still tight by any measure, but nothing like before.

She seemed as delighted about this as I was. Once I was all the way in her, she exulted, "Incredible! I was worried it would be like before. But that 'hurt so good' all the way. No, make that 'hurt so great!' It's like I was a virgin again, and you popped my cherry! Me! At my age!" She had a good laugh at that.

I was glad to hear from her laughing and the tone of her voice that she was in a much better mood. Plus, she managed to say quite a few sentences without insulting me once. That was definitely progress.

I felt a lot better too. I decided that when it came to the issue off whether we'd fuck again, que sera sera - whatever would be would be. The main thing was to enjoy this experience to its fullest, since it might not come again. I couldn't read her mind, obviously, but I got the feeling that she was feeling the exact same way.

Now that I was in the driver's seat, so to speak, I was determined to fully enjoy myself while also showing off my sexual talents. I was having such fun that doing both those things was easy as pie. I was surprised that she maintained her lewd, stretched out position, though she did pull her feet in some. It made her a perfect target for me. I put my hands on her ass and started pumping away.

What followed was some of the best sex of my life. True, in this position Sonia couldn't really put her unusual hip talents to use. But we were both riding high from all the fucking before, and I wanted to give it to her hard and fast, so this wasn't the time for finesse anyway.

It soon became clear that hard and fast was just what the doctor ordered, because it wasn't long before she was screaming for me to pound her even harder, faster, and deeper. We were in total sync about what we wanted.

I started slowly, relatively speaking. Meaning, I could have been more energetic, like she was yelling for me to be. But I wanted to make this last. I knew it wouldn't go on that long because we were both too excited for that, but it was my goal to at least prolong the joy a few minutes longer.

As a result, she yelled quite a few nasty names at me. She called me a "limped dick weakling" for not "pounding the shit" out of her right away, and that was just for starters. But I didn't mind. Some of her other insults had stung me, I admit, but I could tell in this situation that there was no real ill will and that was just a colorful way to goad me to fuck her more intensely.

Besides, it was satisfying to slowly increase the pace and watch her reaction gradually change to the pounding I was giving her. Before long, and about the time she started cumming more or less continuously, she was praising me to the high heavens. She yelled things like, "Fucking HELL! That's more like it! You fucking STUD! Ruin me with your damn monster cock!"

Then, it was an even greater compliment when I picked up the pace still more and she lost the ability to say anything coherent at all, except for an occasional word like "YES!" or "MORE!" But mostly she just let it all out by screaming unintelligibly. I was giving it to her at a pace that I liked to think of as being "a hard medium" but it was already beyond obvious that a solid, thorough, hard pounding fuck was exactly what she needed right now to make her head come undone. Then I kicked up the tempo another notch and she just completely lost it. Her orgasms started to blur into each other such that she just wouldn't stop cumming as I continued to pump and pound my way into her orgasmic explosions.

I hoped against hope that what she said about the room being thoroughly soundproofed was true, because we were making quite a raquet. Her screams reached the ear-piercing level again. And I'm normally a fairly quiet guy during sex, but she was having such fun yelling up a storm that I gave in and let it all out too.

With both of us screaming and carrying on, and with my fucking motions eventually as fast, deep, and powerful as they could possibly be, there was only one possible way this could end. This was not the time to take a breather and go another round. No, we were like a runaway train and we had to carry on to the inevitable conclusion.

At some point, she couldn't maintain the sexy but difficult spread out pose. She wound up kneeling on the sofa instead, but I never had to pull out and I just kept right on fucking her doggy style in her more durable pose. When I finally started to cum, she smashed her face into the sofa so her even louder and more piercing screams would at least be somewhat muffled.

I can't really say that we came at the same time, because it seems she had been cumming more or less non-stop for the last few minutes away. But whatever she was doing, she definitely took it to an even higher level when she felt me blasting my load into her.

To be honest, I hadn't given one iota of thought to the issue of birth control, and I don't think she did either. Even during and immediately after my climax, it simply didn't occur to me. I was so far gone that I swear I wasn't capable of any sort of rational thought whatsoever. I had turned into a human fucking machine! It was glorious.

But all good things must come to an end. I had worked up to such an energetic finish that when my orgasm wound down, I was left utterly exhausted. It was like I had started out jogging, but then quickly sped up to running, and then ran faster and faster until I collapsed due to lack of oxygen. That's exactly what I did, I collapsed to the floor.

She collapsed too, I think (I wasn't exactly paying attention to anything at the time). But since she was already sitting up on the sofa, she was able to wind up lying on it without too much trouble.

Time passed. I drifted in and out of consciousness. Man, that was a fuck for the ages!

I don't know how long I was out of it, but when I woke up and looked around, I saw that Sonia was still lying on the sofa, but with her eyes open and looking to be fairly well recovered. At least, she seemed to be in better shape than I was.

I was slightly disappointed by that, since I wanted to so thoroughly impress her that she would pass out and be well and truly wrecked. But then I mentally reviewed what I'd done, and I decided that if that fucking didn't impress her, then nothing could. I had risen to the occasion and even outdone myself. I didn't know who won our "sex battle," but I certainly didn't lose. Perhaps both of us were winners.

However, Sonia seemed to be in a strange mood. I wasn't expecting her to be all lovey dovey, but some kind words would have been nice. But she seemed to be in a business mode, like "The fucking is done so can you please leave already?"

I tried to improve the mood by complimenting her. "Phew! That was something, wasn't it? Sonia, I don't know where you learned to fuck, but you DEFINITELY learned to fuck! I tip my hat to you. Especially what you do with your hips. There's no denying it, those are magic hips you've got. You are one sexy lady!"

She smiled knowingly. "Thank you. It's nice to know I've still got it. Can you believe this is the first time I've had sex since my divorce?! I must have been out of my mind. It makes me even angrier at him for stealing this joy away from me for so long!"

She got that familiar pissed off look on her face, and she even clenched her fists. But then she softened, and switched gears. "But enough about me. You weren't exactly half bad yourself. In fact, though it pains me to admit the truth of it, you were TOO good. It makes me hate you all the more, knowing that you can fuck me THAT good but I won't get to enjoy it."

I sat up and stared hard at her. "Come ON! Do you really still hate me that much, even after what we just did?! What can I ever do to get out of your doghouse?!"

She stood up over me and put her hands on her hips. "That's easy. Stop having any fucking sex slaves! Just live your life like a god damn normal married man! Then at least I could respect you somewhat." She was starting to get annoyed at me, but then she softened and shifted gears. "That said, I must admit, I don't exactly hate you anymore. You kind of fucked that out of me. But don't get any big ideas! I don't like you either."

She asked me with apparent sincerity, "Is it possible to hate and not hate someone at the same time, in more or less exactly equal measure? But a part of me does still hate you. You are a cocky fuck and an asshole, if only for having four motherfucking sex slaves! But another part of me realizes you're not really... a bad guy."

That made me chuckle. "That's not exactly a compliment, but by your standards, I'll take it. And earlier you said I had charm and charisma. Wow, you've given me almost two compliments in one day. What could have possibly come over you, Sonia Bossi?"

She couldn't resist smiling at that. "You see? This is the problem. This is why you're dangerous. If I spend too much time around you, I might end up giving you a full compliment!"

I played along. "And we couldn't have that. That would be a complete and utter disaster of truly epic proportions."

She grinned playfully. "Exactly."

It was nice to get her to show at least a little bit of friendliness, even if I had to pry it out of her with my praise. But she switched right back into her business mode. "Okay, now we have to get you out of here."

Both of us were buck naked, but she started walking around and picking up clothes. Her bare butt waving in the air right in front of me looked so tempting that I was almost inspired enough to get hard again. But nothing could revive me after that epic fuck, so I just stood up to better enjoy the view.

After a minute, and once she'd gathered up nearly all the clothes, she noticed I was just standing there doing nothing. She straightened up and tossed my shirt at me. "Hey! Don't just stand there, you moron. Make yourself useful!"

However, I noticed that she was grinning, and she went right back to bending over and giving me a nice show of her wiggling bare ass.

Seeing her display, the only thing I could think of watching her was, This is one hell of a hot woman!

Things got awkward after that though, as we both put our clothes on and realized that our fucking session was well and truly over. And just as clearly, neither of us wanted it to be over, but it was.

I was touched though when we were both fully dressed and she took a moment to look me over carefully and straighten my clothes to make me more presentable. As she did so, she told me, "Now, it goes without saying that this never happened. Right? Neither of us can tell a soul about this, can we?"

I nodded. "Right. In fact, I don't even know what you're talking about. What happened?"

That made her smile again. I liked making her smile, maybe because it wasn't very easy to do. "Exactly. You're not as dumb as you look."

I had to grin at that. "I'll take that as a half compliment, by your standards. It's a big step up from 'moron.'"

She was silent, but she continued to smile while she fussed with the collar of my shirt, straightening it just so. It reminded me of how Mindy would check me over and straighten my clothes before I had to go to some party or big meeting.

I must admit I was surprised by this. Sure, it was important that I didn't walk out looking tussled and ragged with a freshly fucked aura. But it seemed like there was more to it, almost as if she was showing some actual kindness towards me.

I wondered if we were going to share a final kiss or talk some more about what this all meant, but once my clothes were in order, she grew distant and all business again. In fact, to my disappointment, she actually turned away and waved a hand dismissively as she said, "You may go now."

That seemed unnecessarily harsh considering all we'd just gone through. However, I could sense this was not a time to linger. I gave her a courtly nod of acquiescence and left her office.

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