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Chapter 14

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I walked out of Sonia's office feeling like the king of the world. But I swear, as soon as the door closed behind me, my elation turned to dread. It was so bad that I almost had to lean against the opposite wall. I was forced to take deep breaths as the implications of what just happened rained down on me like a hail storm.

The problem wasn't the brusque way she'd sent me off, although that was annoying. No, it was the realization that we'd just had sex in a restaurant, and furthermore, we'd been very, VERY loud while we'd done it. How could we not have been detected by at least someone?!

In fact, as this thought hit me like a punch in the face, I was fairly amazed that I wasn't greeted by a crowd of the curious. I actually had to make a double check up and down the hallway to confirm that there wasn't anyone else peeking at me, or camera flashes, or the like. Luckily, there was that "employees only" door one had to go through to get back here, so maybe that had helped keep our privacy.

On second thought, the fact that nobody was there wasn't much consolation. It had been a fair number of minutes since we'd screamed our heads off. Probably, whatever eavesdropper there had been left after all the noise and excitement ended.

It was strange standing there in the hallway with nobody in sight and Sonia seemingly long gone, though she was actually just a few feet away behind her now locked office door. It was as if the momentous events that had just happened hadn't happened. I didn't know what I expected - a snickering waitress, perhaps - but not this.

I couldn't just stand there though. With no other option, I walked back to my booth with my laptop bag in my hand. When I made it back to the main room, I was even more sure that I would get some reaction from somebody that revealed that our "dirty deed" had been overheard.

However, there was nothing. Total indifference. I made it all the way back to the booth I'd been in before without anyone apparently noticing me. Well, maybe not total indifference: Paula was busy with a customer, but she found the time to glance my way and briefly give me the evil eye again. That didn't necessarily mean anything though. I had yet to say a single word to her, but I knew she was Sonia's "enforcer," and she had given me quite a few nasty looks, so she probably would have done that at any rate.

Sitting back down in the booth, I took a careful look around. It was still the "dead time" between lunch and dinner, so there weren't very many customers. However, I could only see two waitresses, Paula and Dolly, and they were both busy. I remembered that Dolly was quite a stunner, but she also was afraid of me, way more than she had any reason to be. She could have heard everything and I'd probably never know, since she seemed to believe she'd burst into flames if she so much as made eye contact with me.

As I continued to scan the room, I thought, Where's Lori? She was here when I left. She's cool. I like how we can talk in a friendly way without any sort of sexual tension between us. She'd be able to give me the straight scoop on whether or not Sonia's screaming carried all the way out here or not. Maybe she's on her break, or her shift ended. Crap, either way, if she's not here now, she might have missed out on what happened not that long ago.

I decided to put the issue of being overheard out of my mind, at least for now, since there didn't seem to be anything I could do about it anyway. I figured no news was good news, considering what had just happened.

Instead, I tried to simply let my mind go blank for a while. I knew there would have to be an emotional reckoning about what had happened between Sonia and me, but I wasn't ready to deal with that yet. So I closed my eyes and tried to focus on nothing but my breathing.

However, I had only been doing that for a minute or two when I heard the click-click sound of high heels on the tile floor. That wouldn't have been a problem, but the sound was coming from the back of the restaurant! That could only mean one thing.

I opened my eyes, and sure enough, Sonia was coming right at me! And despite what we'd done, she still had the same "I'm sorely tempted to smack you upside the head" look she typically had whenever interacting with me.

But, luckily, she just gave me a particularly hateful glare and then walked on by.

Once the initial shock passed due to seeing her again so soon, I wasn't that fazed about her anger. After all, I'd literally been balls-deep in her less than ten minutes ago! How could she truly hate me that much, after all that? Especially considering that she had started it and then demanded that I finish it? Sheesh!

Besides, I was too busy enjoying her walk past to let her get to me. She was wearing a waitress uniform, like she'd had on earlier. And that made sense, since she was filling in for the absent Yuki, who'd gotten fired. Probably, she'd have to do more waitressing later, once business picked up again. But for now, that meant I got to enjoy her walking away in her tight, silky blue uniform.

I was too sexually satiated to get stiff again, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the sight! I recalled my earlier comment that had gotten me into some trouble: "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away." How true! Hot damn! She looked like a stunner before, but now that I know what she's got inside that uniform, she's ten times hotter! Especially those hips, those sashaying hips! Man! The things those hips can do!

Unfortunately, she was walking at a good pace, and I'm sad to say I didn't see any extra wiggle in her hips for my benefit. It wasn't long before she disappeared into the ladies' room.

A-ha. That's why she came out so soon, despite almost certainly not wanting to see me. She probably had to use the bathroom. Aside from having to use the toilet, I'm sure she'll want to tidy up before any of the waitresses get a good look at her. Smart.

I should probably do the same, and soon, but I'm seriously out of it. Fucking Sonia Bossi is one seriously draining Olympian event! Ah, hell, I guess I should go now. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll still be in there when she comes out.

So that's what I did. I took my sweet time washing my face and generally trying to make myself as presentable as possible, given the limitations of using a restaurant bathroom. I hoped that I lingered so long that she'd be back in her office.

But that was not to be. She took another minute or so than I did, which meant there was no way for her to go back to her office without going by my booth again. I could see she saw me there and scowled with annoyance.

She seemed hesitant at first, but she apparently decided to brazen things out, and walked right up to me. This time, she stopped. She looked just as pissed as she had five minutes or so ago, though she was spruced up. She put her hands on her hips and glared. "You!"

I smiled. "Me." I waved in her direction. "You!" Seeing her still just glaring in irritation, I joked as I pointed at things, "Me man. You woman. This... restaurant."

She groaned and rolled her eyes. Then, after checking to see that none of the waitresses were paying close attention to us, she muttered very quietly under her breath, "Let's act normal so the others don't suspect, okay? Which means I hate you and you hate me."

I replied while only kind of whispering, "I don't hate you. Before, I mean, I didn't hate you. From the start, it's more like I've found you... interesting."

She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Then she muttered quietly, "At least act like you hate me. In my case, it won't be much of an act!" She resumed her normal boss voice. "Why do you keep coming here and ruining my life?! What do I have to do to get rid of you?"

I was sorely tempted to subtly tease her with a clever reference to our recent intimacy, but I decided to just play it straight. "I'm sorry, you're stuck with me. I'm going to be here most of the day tomorrow, and the day after that, and so on. I'll be making this my home away from home for the next week or more."

Her eyes went wide with what looked to me like genuine alarm. Then she muttered under her breath, "Really?!"

"Really," I whispered back.

She threw her hands up in exasperation. I got the feeling she didn't have to fake that at all. "UGH! You're ruining my life! Lord, save me from this... this... sleazeball!" With that, she hurried off in a huff, back towards her office.

After once again admiring the sight of her sexy ass cheeks undulating under her tight skirt, I let out a breath I hadn't even realized I'd been holding in.

Then, once she was gone, I tried to figure out what that was all about. Hmmm. I'm sure she didn't want to see me again so soon. But since she couldn't avoid it, she was trying to send me a message that what had happened in her office had been an aberration. Of course, we couldn't go on pretending like that never happened, but she seemed determined to do just that for as long as possible. Secondly, she was also putting on a show for the other waitresses to make it seem that nothing had changed between us, and thus there was no reason to suspect we'd fucked in her office.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Since the only other waitresses to be seen were still just Paula and Dolly, there wasn't much for me to see. Again, Dolly seemed to be going out of her way to avoid making eye contact with me, although my mere presence in the room seemed to make her nervous. Paula was busy with a customer, which was just as well, since she probably would have given me another nasty look anyway.

I was in the middle of wondering what happened to Lori when I saw her come through the front door with a bag in her hand. It took a couple of minutes before Lori settled back into her job, but she made her way over to me.

She gave me a big smile. "So... what did I miss?!"

I asked her, "What do you mean?"

She looked around carefully and then leaned in. "Don't act like you don't know - you were in the middle of it! I was dying of curiosity when you went back to talk to The Bat. My questions were: would the police need to bring one stretcher or two? And who would get the task of wiping the blood off the walls?"

I played along. "Awww, come on. It wasn't that bad."

Her eyes went wide with excitement. "No, it wasn't. Because nobody heard anything for the longest time. No surprise there, since her office is well soundproofed. But then... then... I heard the faintest sound of a scream! And it didn't sound like a normal scream. It was a high-pitched scream of either total agony or total ecstasy! And I just talked to Dolly a minute ago, and she confirmed that The Bat came by a couple of minutes ago, and with a noticeable lack of stab wounds."

I still was trying my best to play dumb. "And?"

"And what?!" Lori asked impatiently. "That's what I'm asking you!"

I persisted, "And... what did you hear after that?"

She stomped her foot in aggravation. "That's the most annoying thing! Paula must have heard that strange scream too. She hurried over to me and told me it was time for me to take my break, starting immediately. And I was overdue for my break, so I had no choice but to comply. Argh! So frustrating! By the time I get back, you're sitting here, happy as a clam. So that's why you have to tell me what happened, and what I missed!"

She looked at my face and groaned unhappily. "But you're not going to do that, are you?"

"I'm afraid not. Sonia and I talked. But whatever we talked about, that's between her and me."

Lori leaned forward even more, actually putting both hands on the table like she was aggressively interrogating me. "'Talked?' Is that really all you did? Talk?"

I shrugged. "What else would we do?"

She gave me a disdainful look. "Oh, come on. How naive do you think I am? I'm married, after all. I know what an angry scream sounds like and what a sexual scream sounds like. Furthermore, I couldn't talk long to Dolly, what with Paula breathing down our necks and all, but she told me that Paula basically shooed her to the farthest corner of the restaurant from the Bat Cave, and even so, she heard more suspicious screams."

I spoke cautiously, because I didn't want to outright lie to Lori, since I liked her. "Okay, I'll admit that things got heated in the office. Quite heated, in fact. But at least nobody got stabbed."

She pointed at me accusingly. "A-ha! You're too clever by half! There are two kinds of heated, you know. Which one is it?"

While she was talking, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Paula was walking towards us. I muttered under my breath, "Look who's coming our way."

Luckily, Paula was still a ways away and couldn't hear what we were saying, but she didn't like that we were talking this much.

Lori saw her, and muttered, "Crap. But we're not done. I need answers!" Then she hurried off. She didn't have any customers to tend to, since we were still in the dead zone, but she pretended to get busy tidying up.

Paula gave me one of her nasty looks before turning around. She really had it in for me, even though we had literally yet to speak a single word to each other.

I had a minute or two to think about what to tell Lori. Clearly, she was very suspicious, but she didn't know anything for sure. Dolly likely didn't either. Paula probably suspected more, since she could go closer to the office while blocking the others from doing so, but I was confident she wasn't going to be spreading gossip about Sonia and me getting it on. In fact, it looked like she was doing all she could to stop such gossip.

I waved my hand to get Lori's attention, since I was sitting in her section, after all. Then, under the pretense of resuming our conversation, I quietly told her, "Look. I can't talk about this right now, with Bat Junior over there." I nodded towards Paula. "But let me warn you or maybe assure you that whatever you think happened in her office is probably way off."

Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "What do you mean? Because I'll tell you what I think-"

I held my hand up. "No, don't please. Not yet. I'll make you a deal. I'll tell you what happened, at least in vague terms, but later. Not today. Probably not tomorrow either. But as soon as I can. And in the meantime, I need you to promise not to spread any rumors around, okay? Yes, Sonia and I had a private talk, and yes, there was screaming. But that's it. You don't have to lead people on with your theories about what kind of screaming it was. And please tell Dolly to do the same."

She still stared at me with a narrow gaze. "Why? Why should I do that?"

I was winging it as I talked. "Because, I don't know you well, it's true, but I already consider you kind of a friend. So I'm hoping you can do me a favor. And it's for your benefit. I'm trying to change Sonia's opinion of me. If I can do that, maybe she'll listen to some of the suggestions I've been making, which can help improve this restaurant. I'll have to explain that to you later. But the bottom line is, only bad things can happen if Sonia hears rumors that there was some kind of... whatever... back in her office."

Lori leaned in like she did before. "So wait. There wasn't any kind of 'whatever?!'"

I held my hands up defensively. "Trust me, I'll tell you what I can when I can. It's complicated. But trust me when I say you don't want Sonia to hear those sorts of rumors. And if you start talking, it's just a matter of time until she does."

Lori stood back and grunted unhappily. "Okay, I believe that part. I can easily imagine her going postal. But what does 'it's complicated' mean?! Did you or did you do... 'whatever' with her back there?!"

It wasn't easy, but I fobbed off Lori's questions without giving anything away. Then I ordered a smoothie just so Lori could have an excuse to point to if Paula gave her grief for talking to me for a while.

Lori walked away frustrated, but I was optimistic that she'd be quiet and she'd get Dolly to be quiet. Since Dolly was submissive and easily scared, I figured that part wouldn't be too hard.

But how long can I hold Lori off with vague promises to tell her something later? I don't know. But I have a gut feeling that events will take their own course, rendering that promise moot before too many more days pass.

Most importantly, Sonia and I shared such intense sexual chemistry that how could we NOT fuck again? I know she's forcefully insisting on that, but I don't believe it. If we do resume fucking, how long will we be able keep it a secret from all the waitresses? Probably not long. Sonia's office is well soundproofed, but she screamed for dear life. Who's to say that wouldn't happen again? Or some other clue might give us away.

My goal is to keep the gossip from spreading for as long as possible without overtly lying to Lori unless I absolutely have to. The key is to stop Sue Ellen from hearing anything, because if she hears, she's part of what was becoming some kind of harem hive-mind, so it won't be long before Mindy and all the others know.

Oh God! Mindy! My WIFE! My soulmate! Shit! What have I done?! Have I become so used to her cucquean ways that I haven't really considered the fact that I've just cheated on her?! That's what I did! True, she's given me carte blanche to fuck anyone I want at any time. But that's her rule, not mine. I'd sworn to myself that at the very least I'd let her know and get her explicit permission beforehand, and I most definitely didn't do that!

Fuuuuuck! This is bad! Chances are, she's not going to be mad at me because she's so far gone into her cucquean ways. But I'm mad at myself. This isn't how things should go. I can't allow this to become some kind of new precedent. There have to be some sort of reasonable bounds, after all.

I re-ran through my mind how Sonia and I got intimate. Then I concluded, Okay, that came from out of left field. There's absolutely no way I could have been able to get permission from Min beforehand about THAT! Even so, it was wrong. And at the very least, I need to clue her in as soon as I can. Right now!

I was about to get up and go outside to call her, but then another thought hit me: The sex boycott!

Dammit! How can I tell her, now? This is the worst possible time! She's tapped into that hive-mind too. Hell, she's the hive queen. Telling her is the same as telling everyone in the harem, and that'll totally undercut everything I'm trying to achieve with the sex boycott. This could set that back days, and I don't have lots of days to play with, given Nicky coming home soon.


I pondered the situation some more. It wasn't long before I concluded, I HAVE to tell Min. Today! There's no way I can't. Yes, I've got a harem now, but the cornerstone of that is my marriage to Min. Without that, it all falls apart. Even through all the cucquean weirdness, I feel a certain fidelity and loyalty to her, and it's a strong, strong feeling. I'd feel just awful if she doesn't know. And yet... it's key that the others can't know, at least not for a good while. So the only solution is for me to tell her and have her not tell anyone else. I know that'll kill her in a way. She'll literally be dying to share that juicy news.

But then again, she's being punished right now anyway. So maybe this isn't a total disaster after all. This will be a good test for her to prove that she's on my side. And even without the sex boycott factor, it's important for her to prove to me and everyone else in our harem that she can restrain her cucquean urges and maintain some discretion.

I continued to think things though and soon concluded, This is the only way forward. I simply wouldn't be able to sleep at night without sharing this news with my loving wife first. It would eat away at me until I couldn't take it anymore, so I have no option. Plus, I have confidence that when push came to shove, she'll be able to keep the secret from the others. Probably the secret will come out one way or another in a matter of days anyway. For instance, Sue Ellen could hear something at Mama Mia's. But a few days of the Gruesome Twosome believing I'm getting no sex at all could be crucial and take the sex boycott to a whole new level with them.

It was a relief to sort that out for myself. But that raised another issue. I promised Sonia that I wouldn't tell anyone else what we'd done, and that was a lie. I have to tell Mindy, period! I could just lie to Sonia about that, but that's not prudent, because there's a chance Mindy might crack and then Sue Ellen would find out, and then Sonia could trace gossip back to her. And that would be terrible. The more truthful I can be, the better. Besides, I figure Sonia will have to grudgingly admit that since Mindy was my wife, she at least has a right to know.

However, this problem leads to another problem: how do I talk to Sonia again?! The logical solution would be to go back to her office and have another private chat about this very private matter. But frankly, I have no idea what might happen to us if we find ourselves alone in a secure room like that again. We might just talk. Or... we might end up going wild on each other all over again! There's no telling.

And while I relish the idea of more sex with Sonia eventually, I'm not mentally or physically up for it again today. She was too good, too hot. I feel like a worn out husk of a man! And that's saying a great deal coming from me, given the sheer intensity of some other sexual experiences I've had lately. You'd think I'd get used to it after a while, but there are some things you simply can never get used to. Heck, I can't even allow myself to think about the sex we had, 'cos I'll get all worked up and just thinking about getting that horny makes me tired.

In the end, I decided the best way was to get Lori to pass a message to Sonia that I needed to speak to her again before I left, and I wanted her to come to my booth.

So that's what happened. But before it did, I packed up my laptop bag again and moved myself to the seemingly always empty back room. That was the room I'd had some great sexual adventures in before. It definitely wasn't my intention to have something like that happen with Sonia today, but I figured it would be prudent to have our discussion there so the waitresses couldn't overhear. We might even be able to raise our voices some without every word becoming public knowledge.

At first, Sonia begged off speaking to me.

I had to ask Lori to go back with the additional message, "It's not about what you think."

I'm sure that drove Lori bonkers with curious speculation. She pestered me for at least a clue, but I wouldn't budge. That annoyed her, causing her to say, "Very well. But I'm stating for the record that I think you and her got it on. I know it seems wildly improbable, but everyone here knows that you're some kind of notorious super stud. And she seems like a prudish bitch, but my thinking is that underneath that cold exterior is a wild sex tigress just waiting to get out."

Boy, was it tough to keep mum about that! I thought, You don't know the half of it! All that, plus she's got magic hips that just about fucked my dick clean off! It took a lot of self-control, but all I did was smile enigmatically and say, "Interesting theory."

Lori groaned in frustration, but she walked off to deliver the second message.

Finally, Sonia emerged from the back offices.

She was miffed before she even saw me when she found out I'd moved to the more seclusive back room area. She entered that room, but she stood about five feet back from my booth with her arms crossed.

The first words out of her mouth were, "Not here! No way! And no touching of ANY kind! And we're not talking about... you know what. Not even a word! Make it short, too. I'm busy. Hell, I don't even know why I'm here in the first place. This better be good!"

That all came out in an angry rush. Naturally, she was glaring at me like she was looking forward to watching me painfully die.

I just smiled while staying seated in my booth. "Nice to see you too." We were secluded enough that I didn't have to worry about being overheard as long as I kept my voice down, which I did. "But don't worry, I'm on the same page with no touching and all that."

She switched to her hostile hands-on-hips pose. Then she went with aggressive pointing instead. "No compliments, either! No seductive words of any kind, period! You're some kind of snake! An evil, slithering snake, like the one in the Garden of Eden!"

I had to chuckle. "Like I said, nice to see you too. I don't want to get in an argument with you. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to. You see, I promised you earlier that I wouldn't tell anyone about what happened. And I plan to stick to that, of course. But I have to make one very significant exception, and I need to warn you about it."

She stiffened up like I was about to physically attack her.

I was being extra careful to keep my gaze on her face, despite her change in posture. I reluctantly continued, "You see, as you know, I'm married. And yes, I have a weird arrangement with my wife, but I can't NOT tell her what we did. She gives me permission to play around, but we still have rules. I should have gotten permission from her beforehand, but it happened so suddenly and totally out of the blue... At the very least, I need to tell her immediately afterwards."

To my surprise, Sonia didn't immediately explode. Instead, she let out a sigh to end all sighs. "UUUUUGH!" She dropped her head and shook it for good measure. "Thanks a lot for that. As if I don't feel shitty enough already for losing control with a goddamned mental rapist, you have to remind me that you're married too!"

It dawned on me that her ex-husband had probably cheated on her, and she therefore had a special hatred of cheaters. And now she was seeing herself as a cheater.

I tried to help her out. "Look. It's not like that. As I said, she and I have a special arrangement." Seeing her standing there awkwardly with her hands back on her hips in a peeved pose, I interrupted myself to ask, "By the way, don't you want to sit down?"

She looked to the booth I was in and then actually took a step back. "No thanks. I'm fine here. You're dangerous! Finish your fucking bullshit so I can leave already!"

I was trying with all my might just to look at her face. I didn't want to admire her body in her tight blue uniform, because I knew it would be all too easy for me to get aroused, knowing what I now knew about the body under those clothes and what it could do. I had to stay serious and professional.

I decided to plow on, and tell her things she wanted to hear. "Like I said, we have this special thing. So you shouldn't feel bad. You knew I have multiple lovers. This isn't anything like adultery, and I'm sure Mindy won't see it as such. In fact, she'll consider this good news."

She snorted derisively. "'Good news?!' HA!"

"No, seriously, it's true. You talked with her yesterday. She explained some of her cucquean mindset to you, didn't she?"

"Yeah, I suppose," Sonia said warily. "But it was such ridiculous bullshit that it made no sense to me. It's like hearing someone wants to marry the Golden Gate Bridge or some such crap. Which, by the way, is something I heard in the news once. How do you react to that insanity?"

I nodded. "I can relate to your point of view, because I don't understand it at all myself. But I'll swear to you that it's real. Whenever she hears I've had sex with another woman, you should see her eyes light up. It's like I just made her day. No, her whole month! And I know from many different signs that it's not an act. For instance, you should see how horny she gets and the kind of passionate sex we have afterwards."

Sonia put a hand over her eyes, like I was having sex with Mindy right in front of her. "Please. Spare me the details."

"Sorry. But it's true. And if she finds out I've slept with somebody new, that's like the best news ever. Christmas comes early."

Sonia raised her hands up high, as if beseeching God. "What. The. FUCK?!"

I chuckled a little. "I know. It's strange. But that's what it is. Even so, we have rules. It's not cheating if I'm totally open with what I'm doing. But it would be cheating if I do it secretly, behind her back. That's why it's imperative that I tell her what happened, and right away."

Exasperated, Sonia ran a hand through her hair, up above her forehead. "Fuck. Fine. I get it. But can SHE keep a secret? I do NOT want Sue Ellen to find out. Period! That girl is a sweet adorable thing, I'll admit, but she's a blabbermouth. If she starts talking, the whole restaurant will know! I'll have to move to the remote wilds of Alaska and live the rest of my days in a cave! And what about Cindy?! She and Mindy seem like two peas in a pod."

I held my hands out reassuringly. "Don't worry. I share your concern about Sue Ellen. I also very much don't want her to know. I don't think she's a blabbermouth normally, but she's kind of in an excitable honeymoon-like phase."

Sonia rolled her eyes. "God, tell me about it." She mocked Sue Ellen's Southern twang. "Master, this. Master, that. Master, master, master. I'm hot as blazes, just thinking about his huge, stiff erection. My master is the best man in the whole darn universe. I can't wait till I get home so I can suck his cock some more! Oh, my dear sweet master! I love him all up!'"

That startled me. "Whoa! She didn't really say all that, did she?!"

Sonia sighed again. "Technically, no. But close. And once you know enough, you can tell she's thinking like that pretty much all the time."

I couldn't resist grinning. Wow. Cupcake really is the best slave any guy could ever want. I just hope I can live up to her sky-high expectations.

However, I had to stay on target. "So let's not worry about her. I'm definitely not going to tell her anything, and I'll do all I can to make sure Mindy doesn't tell her anything. Same goes for my other lovers. Cindy, on the other hand-"

Before I could say more, Sonia interrupted with some dramatic gesticulation, "For fuck's sake! Just how many other lovers are we talking about, anyway? What have I gotten myself into? Are you the prime vector of every sexually transmittable disease known to mankind?!"

"Don't worry about that. Honestly. We're a small but tight group. In fact, I know you won't believe this, but you're the..." I was about to tell her that she was the first woman I'd ever fucked outside of the harem, but I decided I'd better not, for more than one reason.

She barked, "What?"

A good excuse for a white lie came to me. "Sorry. I was about to compliment you, but you said no compliments. See? I can follow the rules. You don't have to worry about me. Anyway, I can give you my 100 percent assurance that I'm disease-free. But I promise I'll go get tested ASAP just to put any worries you have to rest."

She sighed yet again. "Thanks. I suppose. And I guess I should do the same, although I'm fucking..."

Now it was my turn to ask "What?" since she trailed off.

"Oh, nothing." After a pause, she let out an even more world-weary sigh. "Ah, fuck it, you know already since I was babbling like an idiot before. Let's just say you don't have anything to worry from me since it's been so fucking long that I'm honestly shocked my hymen didn't grow back!" She ran her hand through her hair some more, obviously annoyed and agitated.

I started to say, "Well, you coulda fooled me, 'cos you're one hot firecra... Oh. Sorry. No compliments."

At the same time, I was thinking as if talking to her, No, your hymen didn't grow back, but maybe that helps explain why you were so damn tight! God DAMN! At first you were too tight, but then you were just right. Good God, that's a pussy that's perfect for fuckng!

Sonia hissed, "Very cute. You say 95 percent of a compliment, and then pretend to backtrack. But don't bother, because I'm wise to your game." She unexpectedly covered her face with her hands.

That puzzled me greatly. It didn't follow from what she'd just been talking about.

But then she resumed eye contact, and said, "UGH! I can't believe I have to say this, but since we just mentioned STDs, and since you were such a fucking horny idiot that you didn't even think about wearing a condom, I thought you might like to know that, yes, I'm on the pill."

My jaw just about dropped into my lap, because it hit me like a cold bucket of water dunked over my head that I hadn't thought about birth control at all! I hadn't thought about it while having sex with her, and after it ended I'd tried so hard not to think about what we'd done that I still hadn't thought of it.

Sonia took a look at my shocked expression and briefly facepalmed herself. "God, you really are an idiot, aren't you? I can tell you didn't give that one moment's thought."

She removed her hand so she could resume glaring at me. "You're just like some ooga booga dumbass caveman, except you shave and wear clothes and pretend to be civilized. All you care about is spreading your seed here, there, and everywhere, and who the fuck cares if you get somebody pregnant? If you get ME pregnant! All that matters is that you got your rocks off!"

I wanted to vigorously protest that. However, one problem was that my body was betraying me and proving her at least partially right, because I went from unaroused to fully erect in a matter of seconds! I didn't understand why. Yes, she looked sexy as hell. In fact, in my opinion, the more pissed off she got, the hotter she looked, because I now knew firsthand that her angry face was almost identical with her orgasmic face. But she'd been looking like that the whole time. It seems her mention of shooting my load into her and possibly knocking her up triggered some uncontrollable aspect of my libido. So I probably wasn't a lot better than her prototypical caveman in that respect.

Luckily for me, the table completely covered my crotch from her point of view, so she couldn't see the newly formed bulge straining in my lap. I was determined that she wouldn't get to know how much of an effect she was having on me, so I used all my willpower to recover from my shock and look cool and collected.

I said, "I object. It's true I wasn't thinking about that until you just mentioned it, and I apologize. But you weren't thinking about it either. You didn't say a word until just now. Let's face it: both of us were and still are completely blindsided by what happened. So I think I deserve some slack. If I'm the caveman, you're the cavewoman."

She shook her head in annoyance, and ran her hand through her hair again. But then she said "Fine. I suppose you have a point there. We both fucked up. My point is, I'm covered. And just to be extra sure, since the thought of giving birth to your child is only slightly less distressing than the thought of birthing the Antichrist, I'll be taking a 'morning after' pill as soon as I get home." She put her hands back on her hips, striking a particularly defiant pose. "Enough on that subject!"

I nodded. But I was also thinking, Damn! She's a babe! Her hands-on-hips pose and angry scowl reminded me of some curvaceous superheroine about to kick some serious ass against the bad guys. I wanted my penis to go flaccid, but the memories of fucking her were too fresh.

Still, I had no choice but to brave it out and hide my arousal. I resumed, "Thanks for explaining that. And mum's the word on my side. Anyway, to get back on track on who I have to tell-"

Sonia groaned unhappily upon hearing the reminder that topic was still unresolved. Clearly, she wanted to be done with this conversation already.

I pressed on, "To be honest, I haven't really figured out if I'm obliged to tell Cindy or not. The nature of our relationship is new and very much evolving. She's kind of turning into a second wife in some ways, but she's not in other ways. It's complicated."

Sonia shot me an especially derisive look. "'As the Harem World Turns.' You should get your own reality show. Until then, please spare me the details."

"Sorry, but it concerns you too, doesn't it? Anyway, let me think that over and discuss it with Mindy. I do want to tell Cindy too, but maybe I can put that off, at least. If both of them know, they might talk and that could raise the risk that Sue Ellen could find out, and I'm sure you don't want that."

Seeing that she was still giving me an annoyed and exasperated look, I tried to lighten the mood by asking, "What about you and your harem? How many will you have to tell?"

To my delight, that got a grin from her, though only for a second. "Ha ha. Are we done here? I get it that you have to tell Mindy, and you might have to tell Cindy. And I'm a total fuck up for having sex with a man who has two wives, kind of, plus a whole cult full of crazy sex slaves. So again, are we done? 'Cos I need to go back to contemplating the least painful suicide method."

I would have been concerned about that last comment except she very clearly was exaggerating for effect. I said, "It's not that bad. Like I said, we're a small group. You know already it's just Mindy, plus Cindy, Sue Ellen, and two others."

Sonia waved her hands dramatically while (thankfully) keeping her voice down. "Oh, gee! Glory be! You only have four motherfucking sex slaves! What a model of restraint! Kudos to you! Why, I'm sure that's one of the smaller harems in all of the greater Los Angeles basin. You're practically a eunuch already."

She folded her arms under her breasts. "Can I go already? Seriously, I'm trying to be patient and tolerant, but this is starting to really piss me off."

I nodded. "Yes, I just wanted to be clear and honest about that one thing, since I'd said the opposite earlier without thinking. And since you said you don't want to talk about what happened between us earlier-"

She interrupted, "I most definitely do NOT!"

"Okay then. I guess we're done."

"Good. Finally!" She put her hands back on her hips and looked me up and down. "You really are a case." She shook her head, like she was crazy to even be talking to me.

I had to stifle a grin. She pretends to despise me, but somehow I can tell she wants me. She's treating me like I have the plague because she knows that if we touch, that's all she wrote! We could end up fucking right here in this semi-private room, and damn who hears! Hell, she's even afraid to have me compliment her.

Hot damn! It's just a matter of time before I fuck her again! I can feel it!

Such thoughts weren't helping my erection go down, but thankfully I was still covered by the table.

She was about to turn to go, but then she said, "Oh, just one thing... about earlier. Don't forget what I said, about that being a one-time only experience. I meant it then. And after talking to you just now, and being reminded what a vile excuse for a human being you are, trafficking in sex slaves-"

I started to stand up in protest. "'Trafficking?' What the hell?! You know that's not true!"

She waved a hand, conceding the point. "Sorry. Sometimes my language gets a little colorful, for effect. It was just a word association thing. Let's change that to 'wallowing in your sex slave depravity.' Is that better?"

"Marginally." I sat back down. Actually, I hadn't risen up much, because I didn't want her to see my prominent bulge. "Clearly, you don't understand. But I don't want to argue with you right now."

"Good, because I don't either. Anyway, after talking to you, I've redoubled my feeling that what I let happen earlier was one of the worst mistakes of my life and it will never..." - she paused dramatically, and then pointed aggressively at me - "NEVER happen again! And I do mean 'never!'"

I was tempted to correct that she didn't just let things happen earlier. She was the clear initiator! But this was not the time, since she was on a roll.

She ranted, "Don't even THINK about it! Don't even touch me. Hell, don't even get near me. If I never see you again, that'll make me happier than you can possibly imagine. Do I make myself clear enough?"

"Very clear." Deep down, I felt the odds were excellent that she and I would be fucking again, and soon. The sex was just too hot to resist. But I knew this was not the time or place to try to convince her of that. Hell, I couldn't even let myself think those thoughts, since I was still trying my best not to even think of the fact that we'd had sex. I was trying my best to go flaccid, not get even more aroused.

She nodded, and then stomped off back to her office.

To be honest, I was surprised at how "smoothly" that went, relatively speaking. There wasn't even any yelling, and her name calling was relatively restrained, considering how it could have been. I could tell that she was trying hard to control herself, perhaps so she could end the conversation as soon as possible. Still, for virtually the entire time, it looked like she wanted to give me the finger.

I was even more surprised that she acquiesced so easily about me wanting to tell Mindy. But I figured that related to some complicated cheating story between her and her ex that I could only guess at. The more I thought about it, the more it occurred to me that my insistence that I had to tell Mindy actually raised her estimation of me a tiny bit. Emphasis on "tiny." It showed that at least I had some vague connection to traditional married morality.

I waited a minute or two for my erection to go down. Thankfully, my body finally let that happen once Sonia's sexy body was no longer standing in front of me.

Then I went back into the main room and looked around. I soon figured out that it was only four o'clock. That surprised me. It definitely felt later, since I'd gone through so much emotionally. I decided that I was too mentally worn out to be able to do any more work on my laptop, especially at Mama Mia's. I didn't know where I was going to go, but I decided it was time to leave here.

I sought out Lori and gave her a friendly good-bye - as well as a generous tip. I was careful not to hug her though, since I wanted to be extra careful to respect her married status.

Then, taking my laptop bag, I walked out of the restaurant and back to my car.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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