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Chapter 15

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When I left Mama Mia's, I had no idea where I would go or what I would do, I just had to get out. Since it was only four o'clock, I had some time to burn before the working day ended and people came home. Reaching my car, it occurred to me that since I'd promised Sonia that I'd get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, there was no time like the present. That was a good thing for me to do anyway, since I'd had multiple sexual partners, even before fucking Sonia, and one could never be too careful.

I went home (meaning the McGrath house) to put my laptop away and look up where to go. Then I went and got tested. Luckily, they were able to get me done right away. It was quick and easy.

It went so quickly, in fact, that I was left wondering what to do to kill time before Mindy got home from work. The sum total of my "things to do" list was having the big talk with her that I'd had sex with Sonia. I wouldn't be able to do much else until I got that off my chest. I figured it would be a rough and heavy talk, but it had to be done. I wasn't looking forward to it because although I didn't think she'd be that upset with me, due to her cucquean tendencies, she'd have a hard time understanding my perspective and I'd have a hard time understanding hers.

I was thinking about where and when to have the talk, and it occurred to me that I had to be careful. I most especially didn't want the Gruesome Twosome or Sue Ellen to even know that we were having a serious talk, because if they learned that much they'd get nosy and pushy until they heard the whole story. I looked at the time and realized that I had enough time to catch Mindy at work and thus head her off at the pass.

Of course, Cindy would be there too, but I figured she was a mature adult and I could at least trust her with the fact that I wanted some one-on-one discussion time with my wife. I'd just take Mindy somewhere private to talk without clueing Cindy in. Plus, if worse came to worst, I could simply use my "master power" and order Cindy to stay quiet. Cindy could safely go back to the McGrath house and the others wouldn't even know enough to start to get curious. I calculated that I had about an hour to talk to Mindy before we'd start cutting into dinner preparation time, possibly raising suspicions.

Or at least that was the plan. Needless to say, things didn't work out exactly as I'd anticipated!

I went straight to Mindy's office. I didn't visit her there all that often, but I'd been there enough times that I had no trouble getting in without her having to be called to get me at the lobby, even though it was near time for most everyone to go home, including the security guards. They knew me and liked me well enough.

Mindy and Cindy naturally were surprised to see me. They were happy at first, and I got enthusiastic hugs and French kisses from both of them. But that changed fast.

Once I was done making out with Cindy, I saw Mindy staring at me unhappily with her hands on her hips. "Okay, buster! What's wrong?"

I tried to play dumb. I had to get Cindy out of the picture before we could seriously talk. "Wrong? What do you mean wrong?"

"I know you. I know how you kiss. That was not up to your usual toe-curling standard. I know how you hug too, and that was a lackluster hug as well. You didn't even grope and clench my ass, and you ALWAYS grope and clench my ass. I love it when you do that, so of course I'm going to be bummed if you don't. And look at what you just did to Cindy!"

She pointed at my hands accusingly, and exclaimed, "Your hands are still in the middle of her back. Her back! That's like a business associate hug, like you're just being polite. She's your COCK SLAVE, for crying out loud! You should fondle her like you own her, which you actually DO!"

I looked around and double checked that the door was closed (which meant it was automatically locked). Naturally, I was worried to hear terms like "cock slave" in my wife's office, but she'd previously told me that as long as the door was closed she could literally scream her lungs out and no one would know, so I figured I could let that slide.

I started to say, "I'm sorry. I guess I'm just not in the mood."

This upset Mindy even more, and she cut in before I could give a longer answer. "'Not in the mood?' I don't think I've ever heard those words pass your lips. You're the horniest guy I know, which is a fact I'm damn proud of, by the way. You're always in the mood, at least for a little ass grope and a titty squeeze or two. Besides, you're also the most loving guy I know. If you wouldn't hug and kiss with lusty intentions, at least you always show your love. And you didn't even do that!"

Cindy broke away from me and said, "She's right. Master, unfortunately I don't have the years and years of getting kissed and ass-groped by you like Min does, but that was a weird hug, coming from you. It's like you're slightly ashamed of us or something."

Mindy was standing a few feet in front of me and closely examining my face. "No, he's not ashamed of us... he's ashamed of himself! Hon, what brings you here, anyway?"

I nervously ran a hand through my hair. "By the way, the two of you look scrumptious. Hon, I've always loved your professional office hottie look, but seeing you and Cindy side by side all dressed up is something else."

She glared at me, even as she struck a more provocative pose, with her legs spread out. "Thanks, but don't think you can dodge the question with compliments. Why are you here?"

I continued to look around, anywhere but right at her. "Um... about that... Cin, I hope you don't mind, but I want to have a one-on-one discussion with Min about something."

Mindy spoke again before Cindy could answer. She still had her hands on her hips like I was on trial. "Is it good news or bad news?"

I rubbed my chin. "Well, it's complicated..." I was afraid to say more with Cindy still there.

My far too clever wife had a Eureka moment, and pointed at me dramatically, "A-HA! You fucked Sonia Bossi!"

My jaw practically dropped to the floor. "How the heck did you figure that out?!" I belatedly looked to Cindy and thought, Oh crap! So much for not telling her that yet! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! What the hell?! That's impossible! Can she read my mind?!

Mindy's concerned expression was gone, replaced by the biggest shit-eating grin, with an extra large side helping of her usual smirk. She triumphantly explained, "Like I said, I know you! We say so much without words. I could tell you had a worried look from the moment you stepped through the door. But then I realized, no, it was more like a guilty look. And what the heck would you have to ever be guilty about that's not small stuff? You're the ultimate Boy Scout, sometimes frustratingly so. The only thing you could possibly do 'wrong' is sexual" - she made mocking quote marks in the air as she said "wrong" - "now that you've started to embrace your natural masterly side. But you'd been at Mama Mia's all day, with Sue Ellen at home."

When I arrived, Mindy and Cindy were dressed in their usual professional best, like they were about to head off to a board meeting. But while Mindy was talking, she started to undress. At first I thought she was just loosening up a little bit, but by the time she completely unbuttoned her blue blouse in front, I had to interrupt, "What are you doing?!"

"Hush! Let me finish explaining." She kept on quickly stripping as she said, "That's when it hit me: Sonia Bossi! Who else could it be? WOW! You and her! It explains everything! All your mannerisms point to it, even the way you rub your chin!"

I felt my heart sink. "Oh shit. You figured it all out. Are you mad?"

That stopped her from undressing, at least for the moment. "'Mad?' Are you kidding me?! Only in the 'mad with lusty desire' sense of the word! You should know I wouldn't have a problem with this. I gave you general permission to fuck other women, and extra specific permission to make sure you understood it was okay if you fucked her! Remember how I told you she needed your long thick cock to replace that stick she's got up her ass?"

"Um, yeah, but... I was supposed to tell you first."

She waved a hand dismissively. "That would be nice, as a general rule, and of course you need to be careful of things like STDs, psycho bitches, and angry boyfriends. But when it comes to her, I couldn't have been any more clear! I said you could fuck her anywhere, anytime! Period!"

"You did?! I don't remember that."

"I did! And I took the time to remember my exact words, because I was so sure you'd fuck her before long, and I also was sure your usual Catholic guilt would get to you and we'd end up having a conversation just like this. I said, and this is an exact quote: 'So let me tell you right now that you have my permission to fuck Sonia Bossi anytime you like, for as long and hard and thoroughly and deeply as you like! FUCK her! Fuck her GOOD.' Is that not clear enough?!"

I spoke sheepishly, "Yes, but about the permission issue. That's what I see as the problem."

She sighed wearily, even as she resumed undressing. "Ugh! I wish I could call for Smirkarella to fly down here on her sleigh pulled through the sky by her legion of flying butt monkeys so she could smirk some sense into you. Luckily, I remember more of my exact words, because I knew you'd be your usual stubborn self after you gave her a good boning. I also said, and this is another direct quote: 'Not only do you have my permission in her case, I'm giving you an order: go forth and fuckify that poor, poor woman! Heal her with your magic cock!'"

Naturally, she smirked in triumph, proud of her foresight. "Could I possibly have been more clear or more approving?! There's nothing to worry about! This is a cause for celebration!"

I was stunned and amazed, because now that she'd mentioned it, I remembered those quotes. She'd probably deliberately used colorful language like "fuckify" and "heal her with your magic cock" to make sure I wouldn't forget. That did make me feel somewhat better, but somehow I still felt like I'd done wrong. I asked her, "Was it really that obvious that something was going to happen between her and me?! I didn't even realize it until it was happening!"

She smirked knowingly. "No, it wasn't obvious, unless someone with a keen mind was looking for clues. Then yeah, it was pretty clear. I could tell there was a special spark between you two, especially after Cindy and I talked to her yesterday. She tries to put up a brave front, but I could tell she wants you BAD! She tries to hate you to cover up the fact that she craves your big cock in the worst way! In the most carnal way! In the Biblical sense! And now she got you, and you got her!"

By this time, I was holding my hands out in a "stop" gesture, because Mindy had her bra on but her blouse all the way off, and she was pulling her skirt down for good measure!

Then I turned to Cindy. She was starting to strip as well! I stated emphatically, "Stop, please! Both of you!" Then I realized I had a trump card to play. "I'm your master! You must obey me!"

Cindy froze. She looked to Mindy with concern. "Uh-oh! He just played the 'master' card!"

Mindy looked concerned as well, at first, and she did slow down after getting her skirt off her feet. But then her usual smirk returned, and she said, "True. But this is a VERY special occasion! I'm countering that with my 'special wifely privilege' card!"

I groaned in frustration and ran both hands through my hair. "Arrrgh! That's not really a thing! What's the point of me even being a master if you can pull cards like that?!"

She was getting naked in record time. She had her bra off in seconds and was wiggling her panties down her legs even as she dropped to her knees in front of me. "I'm sorry! I know I'm in the doghouse already, and I know you're expecting a big ol' serious discussion! And we'll have that, but later! Think of it from my point of view."

She was acting so fast that she had nothing left on except silk stockings and her low heels. She didn't waste a second before her hands got busy unzipping my fly.

I had been completely flaccid, but seeing Mindy undress in her place of work was changing that in a hurry! She was a total knockout, for starters, and looked even better naked than clothed. But also we'd never done anything like this in her office, for obvious security reasons. The danger was turning me on in a big way, I must admit.

Then I made the mistake of looking at Cindy to see what she was doing. She had gotten a late start undressing, but she was "fixing" that about as fast as humanly possible. Already, she was nearly naked too!

Just as my dick stiffened enough to "stand" on its own, Mindy bent down and ravenously engulfed my cockhead! I was still hardening up, but her eager oral work was quickly taking care of that.

I sighed in frustration. Good Lord! This can't be happening! Where did I go wrong?! On the drive here, I had been busy running through my mind the different things we were likely to talk about. The idea that something sexual might happen never even crossed my mind!

No doubt, Cindy could read the bewilderment on my face. So as she continued to undress, she said, "I'm sure Min was about to explain her point of view, but then she saw your cock stiffening up and she was unable to keep talking. She was so excited, and she was seeing all that Kingly, jaw-busting goodness right in front of her, that it was literally impossible for her to resist! She had to suck your cock, just like she needed air to breathe! Trust me, since you've tamed me, I've known that irresistible feeling often enough! Gaawwwd! And it's so fucking good!"

Mindy moaned loudly and affirmatively. She'd been busy yanking my pants down my thighs, but she finished that and waved in Cindy's general direction. Then she started jacking me off with both hands while her mouth pumped back and forth like a piston.

Cindy was finishing her speed stripping. It looked like she was going to just stand there and fondle her breasts from below while reliving some vivid "it's so fucking good" memories. But then she knelt down next to Mindy, buck naked except for stockings and heels, exactly like my wife.

The lust was burning in her eyes so brightly that I half-expected her to push Mindy away in order to take over. But she was content to just keep talking to me, at least for now. She continued, while rubbing Mindy's bare back encouragingly, "Now, you're probably wondering what the heck has gotten into her."

"YES!" I huffed, exasperated. (Though also far too aroused. My wife was giving me a killer blowjob and we were doing it in her office for the first time!)

Cindy smiled up at me and even tenderly took one of my hands into hers. "Dan, my love, I know where you're coming from. You're feeling bad because you had sex with another woman for the first time in your marriage, and you didn't even ask her for permission first."

"YES!" I exclaimed again. "Exactly!"

Cindy broke into a huge grin. "But look at it from her point of view. You had sex with another woman for the first time in your marriage, and you didn't even ask her for permission first. That's, like, the greatest thing ever!" she declared triumphantly.

As if to underscore the point, my wife growled hungrily deep in her throat, grabbed my bare ass firmly with both hands and started forcefully cramming my thickness into her straining mouth. Needless to say, this didn't exactly help me understand what had gotten into my wife all of a sudden (aside from my cock, that is).

I cried out in confusion, "What?! But you just said the exact same words a second ago!"

I was trying to understand Cindy's words, but my mind was more on Mindy's extraordinary oral attack. I thought, Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! She hasn't sucked on my cock with this kind of desperate hunger in years! Looking at her emotional, straining face, I realized, She's actually shedding some tears of struggle! She hasn't done that in a blowjob in years either!

"I know," Cindy patiently explained. "But I'm making the point that those words have different meanings depending on how you look at them. You're not thinking about what they mean from HER point of view, from a true cucquean perspective. For a cucquean, that's just about the best news ever! It's like..."

She searched her mind for an apt metaphor, even waving a hand in the air in frustration, as if that would help. Then she found one. "Remember when Mindy told you she was pregnant for the first time? I wasn't there for it, but I've heard about how you were flying higher than the moon! This is just like that for her!"

I thought back to the total euphoria I'd felt when I'd been told Mindy was pregnant with Nicky. I truly was walking on air for days, if not weeks! I had a hard time imagining anyone could feel anything remotely like that for something as trivial as this. The ecstasy I was currently feeling from my wife's hot, talented mouth couldn't even begin to compare. This was just sexual pleasure, albeit great pleasure. That event had been utterly life changing.

Mindy moaned loudly around my shaft, trying to express her total agreement. Since Cindy was kneeling next to her, she used one arm to give her a side hug as best as possible, even though that meant taking a hand off my privates. She used her other hand to briefly give the thumbs up sign before resuming stroking her talented fingers up and down my long shaft. Of course, her even more talented lips and tongue never stopped their busy work either.

Cindy smiled from ear to ear. "See?! I guessed right!"

She was going to say more, but I had a stunning realization. "Heeeeeey! Wait a minute! The sex boycott! Mindy shouldn't be blowing me at all!"

Cindy waved a hand dismissively. "True. But if there ever was a time to give her a pass on that, this is the TIME!"

Surprisingly, I wasn't that upset with this blatant sex boycott violation. The extremely emotional way she was reacting showed something extraordinary was happening. Yes, I knew Min had her cucquean tendencies, but she also was supposed to be upset at me breaking my wedding vows without even asking first. I had to admit to myself that I didn't fully understand what was going on. I had to ask, "Why?"

Cindy practically bounced up and down in agitation. "Master, don't you know ANYTHING?! Arrrgh! How can I explain?!" She gesticulated wildly, setting her already jiggling big breasts swaying dramatically. "This is big, like 'event of the year' big! This is like the Super Bowl for her. It's even Chargers winning the Super Bowl big. No, bigger! Much bigger! This is a once in a lifetime victory!"

I flopped my hands around in frustration. "What?! Why?! I've already gotten intimate with FOUR other women! And I've out and out fucked both you and Cupcake!"

I realized I was clutching my hands into fists. God, my wife was bobbing fast and intently! It was making it hard for me to think about anything but the overwhelming waves of pleasure coming from my crotch.

Cindy appeared to be getting increasingly excited herself. "True, but that was all 'in the family' stuff, fully approved in advance."

I cut in, "Cupcake's not in the family!"

"She is now! Heck, you even think of her as 'Cupcake' now, I can tell. Don't you DARE say she's not in the family or you'll break her sweet, loving heart. But in any case, this is different! This is your very first case of fucking some strange pussy fully outside the harem. And you did it just because she's that hot, and just because you can! And you didn't even ask permission first! Did I mention that already?"

"You did!" I realized I was almost shouting due to the fact that Min was sucking me so fast and hard. I looked down at her face and saw so many teary streaks from her struggle with my size that it looked like she'd been bawling like a baby. That was very unusual coming from her, since she'd had so many years to get used to my size. In fact, I couldn't remember the last time she'd cried tears of struggle with me. It showed how she had lost all control over her emotions and was channeling that energy into frantic cocksucking bliss. I had to put my hands on her head in a seemingly futile effort to try to get her to slow down some before she made me bust my nut embarrassingly quickly.

Cindy reached in with one hand and started fondling my balls, since they were hanging free. (Mindy was still hugging Cindy with one arm while her other hand was rapidly stroking my throbbing shaft.) She sighed contentedly, like she really needed to do that, somehow.

Then Cin put her other arm around Min as she said emphatically, "Well, good! Because I can't stress that enough! This isn't just about Sonia; this is about setting precedent! That's what makes it a major milestone in all our lives, just like her getting pregnant. We've broken through a crucial barrier! Look at these balls... these balls in my hand!" she reverently intoned.

She was gently rolling my scrotum in her free hand, giving me the curious feeling that what she was doing was almost an act of reverence and devotion. "These balls are so full of cum... powerful, rich, hot, spermy, virile... MASTER cum! And some of that fertile seed has been coaxed from these mighty balls, out through your long and oh so deliciously thick dick, until finally blasting its way into the furthest reaches of Sonia Bossi's steaming… hot… wet… needy… CUNT!"

Cindy brought her other hand back around from Mindy's back so she could fondle my balls with both hands. Her eyes were wide and she gawked like my balls held the key to understanding the mysteries of the universe. Then she looked at Mindy's sliding lips a few inches higher up, and actually shrieked in delight, as if she'd just noticed a blowjob was happening.

I could see Cindy was getting highly distracted. I was getting more than a little distracted too. Still, I managed to prod her, "What was that? About setting precedent?"

That seemed to bring he back. "Oh, right! That's SO important! Because now that you've fucked her, then there's nothing stopping you from fucking lots of other women who need to ride the King too! You're turning into such a masterly STUD, even more than before! You've broken through your own blockheaded mental barrier about so-called 'cheating,' and we couldn't be happier about it!"

Mindy did slow her head bobbing way down, since I'd forced her to with both my hands. But that almost made matters "worse," since up until this point she'd been using a lot of motion but no finesse. Now, she was honing in on my sweet spot with tongue work, driving me wild. She moaned particularly loudly, apparently to show her hearty approval of that last comment.

Cindy was able to lean in, now that Mindy's head wasn't flying back and forth dangerously. She started licking me mid-shaft, just below my wife's stretched out lips. Min immediately noticed and made sure to keep her sliding fingers away from Cindy's territory.

I grunted with some combination of lust and exasperation. I decided I'd definitely increased the danger of cumming by making Mindy slow down, now that Cindy was joining in.

Cindy kept talking as she licked, while also vigorously caressing my balls with two hands. "Think about it! Now that he's fucked Sonia, who's next? Jane Corlin, perhaps?"

"MMMM! MMMM!" That was Mindy. Hearing that spurred her on just like she'd been given a sharp electric shock. She suddenly upped her passion even more. She didn't have much real estate to deal with, given that Cindy was licking only about two inches down, but she began sucking rapidly back and forth over those two inches with such great suction that it was all I could do to clench my teeth and my PC muscle and hang on for dear life!

Cindy exclaimed, "Holy FUCK! The cum in these balls! Some of this very cum is going to end up in Jane's mouth, I just know it! You'll pump your cum into her and she'll hungrily swallow it down into her tummy! Think about her glamorous face, normally so perfect and made up, all sweaty and straining, tears running down her cheeks, as she battles to pleasure our man with her lips and tongue, just like the rest of us!"

Mindy actually yelled some words in response to that. Luckily, her mouth was so full that I didn't have to worry much about people outside the office hearing. But still, I wondered what she was trying to say.

Seeing the effect that her lewd words had, Cindy added with glee, "Or what about Anjali? I've got this picture in my mind of her screaming in agony and ecstasy as she slowly and inexorably impales herself down onto the King! God, that girl has the tits! And her body! What a bod! Not like Jane's though! She's even BIGGER everywhere, especially in the CHEST! GAAAWWWD! Those G-cups are going to get FUCKED!"

Cindy actually had to pause for a few moments to catch her breath, because her chest was heaving wildly. To be honest, all three of us were panting hard like we'd just run a long race. "Mindy, can you just imagine the regal Jane, crawling on all fours with her big milk jugs swinging low, her face full of your hubby's cum, yet still craving another hot and heavy load of baby batter?!"

That affected my wife so much that she actually screamed out loud as she climaxed! Thank God that her mouth was completely crammed full of hot cock-meat, muffling her orgasmic cries.

But still, she made enough noise that it forced me to look around and worry who might overhear. And that in turn hammered home the fact that I was getting blown in my wife's office! I really, really didn't want to hear the sound of someone knocking at the door, interrupting us! I was confident the door was locked. But if anyone heard and unlocked the door to investigate, boy, would that be an embarrassing scene for us all! Both women would be fired on the spot!

Unfortunately, I'd passed some erotic point of no return, because such thoughts only aroused me more instead of giving me pause. Besides, there wasn't anything I could do when they were like this. They were on fire!

After scanning the room and confirming it was empty, I made the mistake of looking down at them. Luckily, I couldn't see much of their lusty faces, because I was dangerously close to the edge. But just seeing their mops of hair bobbing in time to their sucking and licking, as well as their bombshell nude bodies, with all their fancy clothes scattered on the floor behind them, was too much. I had to shut my eyes tight and even clench my fists as I desperately fought the urge to unload into my wife's hungry gullet.

Just when I thought I was out of the woods, Cindy continued, "Or what about Nina? What about Monique? Or Laura? Or Josie? Or Rosanne?"

After mentioning each name Cindy would pause, giving Mindy a chance to moan out a loud muffled approval of the woman.

Cindy went on, "Gaawwwd! There are so many fucking hotties at Mama Mia's alone! Now that Dan's tamed Sonia, she won't be able to stop him from taking over and taming her entire staff, one by one! Every single damn waitress will fall in love with his cock and each time he fucks a new one, The Bat will have no choice but to hold his hot cock and help guide it in into yet another virgin CUNT!"

Cindy had to stop for half a minute at least, because Mindy moaned for so long and with such volume. My wife's lips trembled and hummed as another orgasm overtook her.

It occurred to me that not all the waitresses at Mama Mia's were virgins. In fact, the odds were good that none of them were. But I realized that factual realism wasn't the point. I must admit that I wanted to hear more of Cindy's fantasies, and the wilder the better.

Finally, Cindy breathlessly resumed, "Think about the possibilities! Our master will fucking OWN the place! Whenever he goes there, the nearest slutty waitress will come up to him and ask, 'How may I serve you and your cock, sir?' Then she'll slip a hand into his pants and start jacking him off as a matter of course! And FUCK IT if any of the customers see!"

Seeing that she was getting a good reaction from the way Mindy and I were panting and moaning, she went on, "I swear, it'll be Grand Central Station under the table, as all the waitresses and Sonia take turns choking and crying on the King! There oughta be a rule: at least two naked young busty sluts bobbing on his cock at any given time, all day long! He'll turn the place into his harem away from home!"

Although Mindy had just experienced a big orgasm, these ideas fired her right back up. Cindy had to speak louder because Mindy was moaning more or less continuously.

Cindy was getting very worked up too. She stopped talking for a little bit. Clearly, she wanted to shove my erection straight down her throat too, but since that wasn't possible at the moment, she fully engulfed one of my balls in her mouth instead. She spent the next minute or two lovingly and thoroughly bathing each of my balls with her saliva.

That felt great, naturally, but it actually was kind of a reprieve for me, because the more she talked, the more both women worked themselves into a lusty frenzy.

The reprieve didn't last long though, because Cindy suddenly pulled her mouth off my balls and looked up at me with a raging fire in her eyes. She resumed, "But why stop there?! Master, the world is your oyster! You've got the charisma, the looks, the personality - the whole package! And you've got the package package!" She giggled as she leaned back in and licked from my balls right up to Mindy's lips, making clear what "package" she was referring to.

She went on, "Having sex with you is the most fun I've ever had in my life, and every woman who's tried it feels the same way! You have a GIFT! You should share it! Fuck every damn hot and tight cunt you so desire! Now that Sonia's been skewered by you, she's a goner! She just doesn't know it yet! God, Master, it makes me so fucking HOT, knowing that even a bitchy, difficult woman like her can't help but cave and crumble, and humble herself just to get fucked by you again! Fuck me! Fuck me! OH! Oooooaaaah! FUCK MEEEEE!"

I felt that one of Cindy's hands had left my balls. Although I couldn't directly see what was happening due to two heads over my crotch, from the angle and motion in Cindy's arm I could tell she was frigging herself to a powerful orgasm.

But, impressively, that didn't slow down her talking much. Even as her voice wavered and her body trembled, she resumed, "Now that you've started with Sonia, nothing should be off limits! For instance, what's wrong with Erica? Fuck the hell out of her too!"

Judging from her screaming moan, Mindy certainly approved, even though she had to know Cindy was referring to Mindy's sister!

Cindy panted as she gave my balls a particularly aggressive squeeze, "Pump some of this cum right into her! So much HOT CUM! So much THICK COCK! Needs to be shared! And Sandy! Definitely Sandy! God, she's got tits for miles! Master, don't lie to me! How many times did you cum as you were growing up, thinking of fucking her in every hole?!"

Cindy was staring off into space as she appeared to direct her comments right at an imaginary Sandy. "Ride 'em cowgirl! Ride him hard! Churn your hips on your BROTHER! Oh, FUCK!"

Now it was my turn to practically scream! I had to take a hand off Mindy's head to cover my mouth, because as Cindy practically screamed to Mindy's entire office building, Sandy was MY sister! And my desire for her was my secret shame, especially since she was happily married. But then again, Erica was married too. It was all so wrong!

I hoped my loud moans and grunts weren't noticed that much, since Mindy was wailing non-stop into my boner. If she wasn't cumming continuously, she was damn close! Yet somehow through all her uncontrollable screaming, her lips continued their relentless attack. I was tipping over the edge.

Then Cindy had to go even further. "And let's not forget Nicky! NO! We can't leave her out! Master, you NEED to fuck her! Please! For her sake! She needs to belong to the harem, and God only knows she has the body to properly pleasure you! Take her! Tame her! Bone her! ENSLAVE her to your COCK! Let her get totally addicted to the taste of your CUM! Pound her in every hole, over and over, until the only thing she knows or wants is the joy of worshipping her daddy's cock for the rest of her life, just like the rest of us! ENSLAVE her, I say!"

That was IT! I wasn't going to last very much longer anyway, especially after her dastardly mentions of the likes of Erica and Sandy. But with her lewd talk of fucking and even enslaving my oldest daughter, my precious and innocent Nicky, I lost my willpower to resist and damn near lost my mind!

Mindy immediately sensed my balls tightening and somehow had the wherewithal to pull her greedy lips all the way off me. Then, still holding and stroking my boner, she aimed the resulting cum blast right at her face! Rope after rope splattered her from forehead to chin and all her other facial features. But even when she was delirious with lust she somehow remembered the "share the cock" rule, or perhaps sharing just came to her unthinkingly by now. Cindy pressed her head directly against the side of Mindy's, and despite the fact that Min could no longer see, soon my boner was being re-aimed directly at the center of Cindy's beautiful face.

I think I unloaded about two gallons of cum on the both of them. One gallon on each! Okay, okay, I know that isn't anywhere close to physically possible, but it sure as hell felt like it. My orgasm went on and on, for at least ten minutes! And yes, I know that's not true either. Even ten seconds would have been wildly improbable for a man, but I'm just explaining how I felt. Time seemed to stop and then stretch on forever, right at the peak of climax!

When I was all done, I staggered backwards, fumbling around for a chair. I didn't find one, but I managed to rest my ass on the edge of a desk, and that would have to suffice. I couldn't believe I'd managed to stay standing that whole time, given the way they'd rocked me and left me quite literally weak in the knees.

I looked down at my two wives with what I'm sure was sheer amazement on my face. True, this was hardly the first time I'd shot my load on two faces at once. That was becoming a surprisingly common part of my life. But they just looked so sexy that I couldn't get over it. I knew I'd never get completely used to such a sight, with my pearly seed splattered here and there. And yeah, it wasn't two gallons, but it sure as hell was a much bigger load than usual! I didn't want to admit that Cindy's crazy talk coaxed even more cum out of me than usual, but it was hard to deny that was exactly what happened.

Min and Cin looked at each other with matching expressions I could only describe as "rapturous" and "triumphant." Min exclaimed, "Cin, you're brilliant! I love how you defended me. I couldn't have said any of it better! I love you!"

Cindy didn't get to reply, because they shared a spermy kiss so hot that it's a wonder the two of them didn't spontaneously burst into flames!

I closed my eyes because I couldn't take the arousing imagery anymore, especially right after cumming. However, I was still way too hopped up on my lusty high, and closing my eyes meant I was immediately assaulted by visions of the women Cindy had been talking about. I started out thinking about Cindy's image of "the regal Jane, crawling on all fours with her big milk jugs swinging low, her face full of your hubby's cum." That alone was almost too mind-blowing to imagine!

But somehow her face morphed into Sandy's with her body and breast size not changing much at all! I'd never consciously realized how very similar they were from the neck down. That probably helped explain why I had such strong desires for Jane, since I couldn't let myself ever think that way about Sandy. But then again I would have felt that way about Jane anyway. Hell, any straight man would.

I tried to get Sandy out of my mind, and fast. One advantage to my new harem life was that so many highly arousing things were happening to me in real life on a daily basis that it helped put my forbidden and deeply repressed thoughts about my sister even further to the back of my mind. I didn't want to reopen that door, so I forced her out of my mind. But things only went from bad to worse, because Sandy's face morphed into Nicky's! There she was, my loving daughter, crawling to me on her hands and knees, gloriously naked from head to toe, bending down so low that her massive E-cups were lightly brushing the carpet in my bedroom!

Her face was splattered full of my jism, but her eyes were wide open and she was staring up at me adoringly. Such a lusty and hungry look she had in her eyes! "Daddy! I get it now! I don't know what I was thinking, resisting being one of your cock slaves. Our family is bound together by our devoted service to your cock! I love you so much! How can I love you any better than with all my body?"

Crawling closer to me, her eyes went wide with delight and she sat up on her heels. That freed her hands up and she grasped my boner with both hands. Her massive tits wobbled on her chest, with more of my cum dripping down those outrageously curvy upper slopes. She lovingly fondled and stroked my thickness with all ten fingers, licking her lips. "Ooooh! Impressive! You're still stiff!"

Then something strange happened to me that I couldn't recall happening before, because my daydream fantasy somehow morphed into real life. I realized the words Nicky spoke had really just been spoken by Mindy. I opened my eyes and saw her in virtually the exact same pose Nicky had been in, including holding my erection. It was a jarring jolt back to reality, to say the least.

The major difference though was that while there were two hands on my hard-on, only one belonged to Min. Cin was right next to her, just like earlier, and she was holding me too!

I exclaimed in sheer disbelief, "Good God! I AM stiff again! How did that happen?!"

My sex-mad wife suggested, "Maybe you were thinking about banging Sonia some more." She licked her lips hungrily.

That little gesture sent shivers down my spine, because it accidentally mimicked the way Nicky had been licking her lips in my fantasy mere seconds earlier.

I shut my eyes tight and tried to summon my willpower. Get a grip! Stop thinking about HER! She's off limits! Min's got a good idea: think of Sonia instead!

Luckily for me, Sonia had been such an incredible fuck that thoughts of plowing her tight pussy while she worked her hips with the body control of a belly dancer managed to drive all thoughts of Nicky out of my mind.

Then I heard Mindy ask, "You need to tell us what happened! Was it all fucking, or did she get a chance to suck you too?"

With my eyes closed, I muttered, "Oh, there was sucking. Half of it was that!"

I heard a loud slapping sound, and curiosity forced me to look. I caught the tail end of Mindy and Cindy high-fiving each other. They were smiling from ear to ear.

Mindy exclaimed victoriously, "Oh, she's definitely a goner then! She might as well surrender!"

Cindy was just as psyched. "For sure! How could any woman EVER go back to normal-sized dicks after slobbering on the King?! I know I can't!" She giggled as she lowered her head again.

I had to close my eyes again, since I couldn't bear to look at the far too arousing sight of their cummy faces. So I couldn't see what she was doing, but I definitely felt her tongue lapping on my sweet spot. Mindy and Cindy tilted my boner straight up and then stroked together further down my shaft so Cindy would have enough room to lick.

It seemed as if Cindy was just going to lick for a while. But Mindy put a hand on the back of her hand and pressed her downwards. I heard my wife demand, "What are you being shy for, slave? Why have part of Master's cock when you can have it all? I know your jaw must be sore, but you know you at least want it to fill and rule your mouth!"

Apparently Cindy didn't need much convincing, because I heard her quietly mutter her favorite rule: "Pleasure the cock!" Then she craned her mouth open wide and slid all my cockhead back in, and then some.

I let out a long, blissful sigh that must have gone on for nearly a minute.

Mindy smirked with glee and ran a hand through Cindy's brown-red hair. "You go, girl! You deserve that and more after being such an eloquent spokesslut for me." She chuckled at that.

Cindy tilted her head slightly and gave Mindy the thumbs up sign.

Min reached up and rubbed one of my arms, catching my attention after I was spacing out, tripping on the sheer arousal. She stared at Cindy's face as if in a trance. "Oh, Honey! If you only knew how happy it makes me to see one of your slaves give in to the sucking urge. The urge to SUCK! Just seeing that long strand of cum dangling off her chin threatening to fall down, or the tear streaks meeting more cum streaks on her cheeks... oh my! It's all too much! This reaffirms everything I believe in, about you, and about the joy of getting cucked."

Then she looked back up at me and asked in her smirky, knowing way, "It's good to be the master, isn't it?"

"It is," I flashed her a toothy smile while still keeping my eyes shut tight. But I could see the sperm dripping on their faces in my mind, so I didn't matter much if I looked or not.

"I'll bet." Mindy still had a hand around the base of my shaft, and somehow she found room to stroke it while Cindy did the same with her hand just above, thanks to their fingers sliding in tandem. Then of course Cindy was also using her mouth, repeatedly sliding down almost to gagging level.

Giving my hard-on an affirmative squeeze, my wife said, "Especially with a cock this thick and a wife as willing as I am. You can have anyone you want! Starting with The Bat! That's the proof of concept. If you can fuck her even when she despises you, the sky's the limit!"

A minute or two passed as I luxuriated in all the combined hand and mouth effort, not to mention thinking about how good fucking Sonia had been. She's right! I can have anyone I want! Well, within reasonable limits, of course. I'm so blessed with my lucky genetics! I have what women want! It's like I'm the hottest girl in school, the cheerleading captain, the homecoming queen. Except with the genders reversed. Even hotties like that have to desire someone, and they're after ME!

I suppose I'd known that on some level for a long time, but my natural modesty prevented me from truly admitting it to myself. Plus, I'd been in such a great monogamous relationship that the idea was never tested. But after I'd fucked Sonia, I had to admit they were right. It was a whole new ballgame!

I decided it was time to get some more serious discussion going. I complained, "This can't be happening! Look where we are! Look what we're doing!" I gesticulated at her office surroundings. "Look at your face, for crying out loud! We were supposed to have a serious talk!"

With a blissed out look, she brought a hand to her face. She swiped a finger through a large cum streak and sucked it into her mouth. "Mmmm! Yum! Hon, you really outdid yourself. I'm surprised you have this much cum to give after squirting who knows how many cummy loads into Sonia." With that, she squealed in delight, "Oooh! You fucked Sonia Bossi! Pinch me, I'm dreaming!"

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Honey! Get a hold of yourself. I'm truly distressed by what this all means. Especially how it just sort of happened out of the blue, which meant I didn't get a chance to talk to you about it first."

I was going to say more, but Mindy's eyes lit up. "Ooooh! Thanks for reminding me! Gaawwwd, that's SO HOT! That's too exciting for words! I didn't know you would EVER mentally get there, and it happened the very FIRST TIME! Awww, fuck me! Cin, you'd better enjoy all those thick inches while you can, because he's going to have to fuck me with all that throbbing cock-meat in a minute!"

I held my hands out defensively. "No fucking! Not even sucking. Can we just have a serious discussion for one minute without my dick somehow being involved?!"

My wife tilted her head as if curiously pondering that. Then she smirk-grinned widely. "Nope! Sorry, ain't gonna happen!"

I looked down at Cindy's bobbing head and realized she was right, this time. It felt too good for me to seriously resist. Luckily, Cindy wasn't in a sucking frenzy mode like Mindy had been at first. I could cope with her relatively mellow style, especially since I'd just unloaded myself onto both of their faces.

Seeing me frown and sigh as I watched Cindy's sliding lips, Mindy reached out and took my hand. After she resumed eye contact, she said, "Honey, I understand where you're coming from. You DO have legitimate concerns, and we DO need to seriously talk about them. But let us celebrate first! Thinking back to Cin's great pregnancy news metaphor, imagine if when you'd first knocked me up, we'd been dirt poor. Of course that would mean problems that had to be addressed. But would we do that right away? NO! First we'd celebrate the joyful news! Probably with lots and lots of fucking! Which, as I recall, is exactly what we did!" She winked playfully.

I thought back to that time. True, we hadn't been "dirt poor" or close to it, but we did have problems due to her getting pregnant before we'd planned it. Still, we didn't sit down and have a serious talk right away. No, we fucked and fucked until we were all fucked out.

So I could see her point. I sighed.

After a long pause, during which I listened to Cindy's loving slurping, I said, "Hon, I'm starting to get it, just a little. But this whole cucquean mindset is too alien to me. I mean, look at you and me right now, holding hands and sharing a loving moment while Cindy kneels naked next to you with a face full of cum, while still trying to coax another load out of me, and with all those tears of effort rolling down her cheeks. It's surreal!"

Mindy looked to Cindy, but her smile only grew wider. "I know! Isn't it GREAT?!" Then she looked back at my frowning face. "Ah. You said that as if it's a bad thing. God knows why, though! Sometimes I have trouble understanding your reluctant mindset too, you know. Why NOT celebrate, with all three of us?! Doesn't it feel FANTASTIC, having fucked the bitchy and bossy Bat? Come on! Look me right in the eyes and tell me that you didn't love it!"

Her enthusiasm was so great, and Cindy's oral work felt so good, that I couldn't resist cracking a grin. "I can't say that. She was... pretty damn good."

Mindy then asked me, "Sweetheart, was she as good of a fuck as I'm betting she was? I'd be expecting even better than 'pretty damn good.' Any woman with a body like hers but also that attitude of hers has to be seriously repressed. I'll bet she had years of pent up sexual need that she unleashed on you!"

I opened my eyes again, because I had to look at her expression as I said, "Honey, you're so perceptive that it's scary. That's exactly what happened! Of course it was fantastic! Once she snapped into sex mode, she was like an insatiable fucking machine!"

"YES!" My cum-splattered wife actually raised her arms up high, as if she'd just won a boxing match.

Even Cindy raised her hands triumphantly at the same time, despite being so focused with closed eyes on slobbering all over my cockhead that she didn't realize Mindy was doing the same thing at the same time.

I had to laugh, and that eased some tension I didn't even realize I was carrying. "You're fucking nuts, you know that? Both of you!"

My wife grinned impishly, still oblivious to the cum dripping down her cheeks and chin. "Guilty as charged! But so fucking what?" She took my hand again. "Hon, we're so blessed! Cin was right about you having a gift. It's a gift you need to deposit in as many female orifices as you so desire, which in my opinion should be ALL OF THEM!"

I laughed. "All the orifices of all the women in the entire world? All three or four billion women out there?"

She smirked. "No, don't be silly. That would be wildly impractical. Just the 'perfect ten' busty babe types. There are probably well less than a million of those, if we get picky."

I laughed some more. "Oh, gee, thanks. That's much more reasonable."

She laughed too. "It is! And I fully approve and cheer you on, so it's win-win all around! Why not just give in and fully enjoy yourself? Tell us all about how you fucked your 'mortal enemy,' the intimidating and bossy Sonia Bossi! That's got to be a story for the ages! Revel in it! Love it! Ham it up! And we'll take turns blowing and fucking you all the while!"

I found myself staring at her face, my mind adrift. I realized with a start that I was flashing back to the vision I'd had of Nicky on all fours with her face similarly covered in cum. I shook my head, trying to shake those thoughts away.

I forced myself to pay more attention to the conversation. There were important things I still needed to say before I switched to storytelling mode. "That sounds damn tempting. And I can tell that's going to happen, since you two are so incorrigible. But I'm worried about the time. You see, the reason I came to your office is that I wanted to catch you alone so I could break the news to you before you got home."

She looked at Cindy's cummy face and bobbing mouth and her smirk grew still larger. "I guess the 'alone' part didn't exactly work out as you'd planned!"

I sighed. "No, thanks to your far too astute guessing. And that's a problem, because I've already decided we can't let the others know about even a hint of this!"

That set my wife back, almost like a slap on the face. "Really?!"

I finally managed to make Min frown, if only briefly. That was quite a feat, considering how ecstatic she was.


Cindy also froze her lips in surprise. But that only lasted for a few seconds and then her tongue resumed its relentless lapping on my sweet spot.

My wife asked me, "Why?! For God's sake, why?!"

I felt Cindy's head resume its bobbing too, and I realized I had a hand on her head and I was idly stroking her hair. Nothing stops her cocksucking lust. Even bad news only merits a brief pause. God, I'm a lucky man!

I figured if she could keep lapping on me no matter what, I could at least keep talking coherently too. "Because of the sex boycott, that's why! I've decided it's not working... or, at least it's not working well enough yet, and we're running out of time with Nicky coming back home." I felt a jolt of arousal at my own mention of Nicky's name.

My eyes went wide. I was far too aroused! Thinking of Nicky brought back that mental image of her on all fours with her huge tits almost dragging along the carpet, her face full of MY cum... It was too much! I was going to cum within seconds unless I did something fast!

Luckily, I came up with an inspired excuse to suddenly lower the arousal level I was feeling. I exclaimed, "And by the way... Cindy, take your mouth off my boner for a minute so you can fully understand this. That's an order!"

Cindy reluctantly complied, although she kept right on stroking my long shaft. She batted her eyes at me provocatively, her raging lust barely contained. "Yes, Master? I'm at your command!"

I tried to ignore her tempting look, not to mention her sliding fingers. At least Min also let go. That left her just kneeling next to her without touching me.

Phew! Close call! Too close! How am I going to get that image of Nicky of my mind for good? It's not just wrong, it's dangerous!! That could make me cum at any time, in a heartbeat!

I took a few heavy breaths, trying to calm myself and refocus. I told them, "Listen carefully and listen closely, because I'm making a new rule: there are certain names that shall NEVER be mentioned in a sexual context. One of them is Nicky's, obviously. I thought I'd made that clear enough already. And any talk about adding said individual to the harem is right out! And Erica and Sandy are on that list too! Need I remind you that not only are they both family, they're married!"

To my relief, both Cindy and Mindy just bowed their heads remorsefully and nodded obediently. They looked genuinely contrite.

Cindy said, while still idly jacking me off, "Master, I'm the one to blame. I should be punished. You don't need a new rule like that, because it was already plenty clear to me that all three of those names were off limits. It's self-evident, and you'd warned us about Nicky before. But I was so excited in the heat of the moment with the big Sonia news rattling round my brain that it was like I lost all control the words coming out of my mouth. I don't know what came over me!"

To my chagrin, she added, "I'm especially sorry about suggesting you adding her to the harem. We've been over this before, and I know how strongly you feel about that. In the heat of the moment, when I said 'enslave her to your cock' and the like, I just wasn't thinking. It's like the logical part of my brain was turned off. Now that I've calmed down some, I feel ashamed that I said that you should pound her in every hole and let her get addicted to the taste of your cum. Of course I didn't mean all that."

I nodded. I hoped she didn't notice, but I was frantically squeezing my PC muscle. Her apology was far too vivid and got me horny for my off-limits daughter all over again! Damn!

Then Mindy said, "And I need to be punished too. True, I didn't say those names, since my lips were stretched around your impossibly thick and oh-so-tasty cock..." I felt her gaze longingly at my stiffness in Cindy's hand, as if she hadn't been married to me all these years.

She went on, "But I lustily moaned my approval as much as humanly possible. And had my mouth been free, I probably would have gone there if I'd thought of it. Sometimes, a person gets so very aroused that it's like a temporary insanity. I've gotta warn you that even right now, I'm just one step shy of feeling that way. As soon as you start telling us the details of how you fucked Sonia, I know I'm going to lose my freaking mind!"

I thought, Lord, have mercy! Give me the energy to rock their worlds. I'm too close to cumming already, and I haven't even really started telling my Sonia story. I love them so much, but it's going to take all my energy to get through the fuck-fest to come!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and greyshadow, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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