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Chapter 16

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy looked around the room. "Okay, if we're going to do this storytelling, let's make sure we'll all comfy first. You don't look too good with your ass against the edge of my desk. Let's get you to a chair."

She got me a chair and I gladly sat down in it.

Once I did so, Cindy repositioned. She trapped my boner in her deep cleavage. Only then did she crane her head back down and resume sucking and slurping on the tip.

Min sighed blissfully. "Aaaah! A titfuck-blowjob combo! Excellent idea, girl!"

Then she looked up at me, her body suddenly brimming with energy and her eyes on fire. "Hon, look at me! Here I am in my stuffy old office, naked as the day I was born, wearing your cum on my face and eager to start about how you fucked Sonia! And right next to me, my best friend Cindy is worshipping your big cock with her tits and her mouth, like the sex slave she truly is and was always meant to be! I'll never look at this room in the same way again, and I LOVE IT! Does it get any better than this?!"

Somehow, her visible excitement increased even more, until she was practically vibrating all over. "And the answer is YES! It just occurred to me that, yes, it will get even BETTER! Someday soon, I'll be talking to you just like this, except you'll be standing up and Jane will be taking turns with Cindy bobbing on your cock! Yes, Jane! And Sonia will be kneeling behind you and licking your ass crack! And Anjali will be standing in front of you, French kissing your lips while rubbing her oiled up big tits all over your bare chest! And Michelle will be right behind you, her pussy actually resting on Sonia's head as she rubs her oiled up even BIGGER tits against you back! And Ruby-"

I raised a hand, cutting her off. "Enough, please! I get the picture!"

My wild wife was bouncing in excitement. "I don't think you do, since I had lots more hotties to add, including so many waitresses, and total babes you haven't even met yet! But close enough; you get the picture." She chuckled, probably realizing that she was getting too carried away.

I stared incredulously at her and let out a world weary sigh.

But that didn't dampen her enthusiasm much at all. In fact, she continued emphatically, "And my point is, that WILL happen! Okay, maybe not every single one of them, but most of them, for sure! All of us, working as one, to endlessly pleasure YOU! Our master! It really IS going to happen exactly like that someday! DAMN! I think I'm going to be the queen of the cucqueans!"

Cindy obviously approved of Mindy's vision, because she upped her efforts. Her head still didn't move much, but she was doing wondrous things with her lips and especially her tongue.

My mind was fully convinced that vision could never happen. That didn't even happen in most porn videos, and this was real life! But a part of me had to admit that with one wife and four cock slaves, things were actually going to happen to me that were very similar to that. In fact, the Dream Chair was designed for that exact purpose. It was merely a matter of who would be involved. I could definitely object to the inclusion of the likes of Jane and Sonia, but the truth was she was not that far off.

That blew my head clean off. I tried to stay level-headed and not let my thoughts go in that direction, but as aroused as I was, I was much more receptive than usual. It was too amazing to contemplate!

However, even though I knew her vision wasn't completely absurd, I certainly didn't want to further encourage her cucquean sensibilities. I figured it was best to appear to be in denial. "Look. That's not going to happen, okay? I'll admit that this opens the door to me fucking other women, but that's going to be a rare thing. I'm overextended with FIVE freaking cock slaves, as it is!"

I covered my face in my hands, hoping that would distract me from the spermy faces and other sexy sights so I could think clearly. Or at least somewhat clearly. UGH! I swear, Min has no limits! She would arrange that very scene tomorrow if she could get me and everyone else involved to agree with it. Yikes! I'm torn between welcoming that with open arms, and... well... getting exhausted just thinking about that much sex all the time. I'm discovering there really is too much of a good thing!

Before things get even more out of hand with me telling Sonia stories, I've got to at least make a couple of important things clear. At least I made my point about certain names being off limits. And they WILL be punished for that, soon. Not that that'll stop them, but at least it should slow them down some.

What else? Fuck, this talking-while-getting-blown stuff is insane. Oh yeah, keeping secrets.

I opened my eyes and dared to look back down at them and their cummy faces. Surprisingly, Min still wasn't touching me in any way, but she looked like she was a bomb about to go off. Her entire body was brimming with excitement. I realized I needed to talk fast before... Well, I didn't know what was going to happen, except it would be even more highly arousing and distracting.

I spoke firmly to them, "Okay. So. First, to reiterate, certain names are off limits when it comes to sex, especially the 'N' word. Is that clear enough already, and with NO loopholes?"

I got unhappy mumbles and grumbles in response, which given what Cindy was still doing to me were only to be expected. But they both acknowledged that I had indeed been clear on this point.

"Secondly, what the heck are we doing here?! Meaning it has to be well after five by now. Are some security guards going to come by and make trouble?"

Mindy giddily replied, "I can happily tell you there's no trouble on that front. Your timing was ideal. Most people left within ten minutes of you arriving. But you know how the law biz is, with people working crazy hours. There's always at least a few people working late on this floor alone, sometimes very late, so the security guys just wait downstairs. We'd have to be here a couple more hours at least before anyone came poking around."

"Good." I was surprised that I hadn't been more concerned by that. Perhaps I'd anticipated her answer, or maybe I was just getting used to these sorts of situations. "I want to get back to my intended main point, about keeping secrets."

Mindy longingly gazed at Cindy's ever-sliding lips. "Do we have to right now? I've been so good and patient, letting her have your cock all to herself. But I'm about to burst with desire! Let's stick with the plan: you tell us hot Sonia stories and we'll fuck and suck the King into oblivion!"

"That sounds pretty damn good, I must admit," I replied. "But I have to at least mention this issue now so you'll understand my concern about timing."

"Timing?" she asked quizzically.

I winced. Good grief. I'm not making myself clear. But then again it's a miracle I can still talk at all! God. Cin's really tired, I can tell. Her jaw must ache pretty bad after all this time, and her cheeks are even more teary than cummy. And yet she keeps right on sucking me, with all kinds of tongue. She really is a wonder!

I patted the top of her head approvingly, and ran my fingers through her hair.

She mewled contentedly, and then began bobbing with even more suction and vigor. It seemed that just that little gesture from me gave her a second wind.

After refocusing, I said, "I mean how much time we might have left tonight. You see, like I was saying before I was blindsided by yet another sexy distraction, the sex boycott isn't working the way it should be, and we're running out of time with Nicky returning in ten days. It occurred to me that even if I'm not having sex with some of you, you hear stories of me having sex with others, and that somehow inspires and sustains you. I don't understand the cucquean mentality, but it is what it is. So I've decided stricter measures are needed. Starting tomorrow, I'm not going to have sex with anybody, period!"

That got their attention! Cindy had been happily bobbing along, tears streaming down her straining face like usual, when she suddenly froze. Then she pulled her lips all the way off and joined Mindy in just gawking up at me in disbelief.

After the longest pause, Mindy asked in a breathless whisper, "Are you serious?!"

I nodded. "Serious as a heart attack. I know it's going to be painful for all of us, including me, but it's the only way. I've been kind of cheating still having sex with you, Cindy, and with Sue Ellen. Not to mention breaking down and having sex with you today, Min, when that definitely shouldn't be happening at all! All of you seem to have caught the cucquean bug to some extent, so when I have sex with any of you, you share detailed stories of that with the others, and it's practically like I've had sex with everyone. That means my boycott has no real teeth."

Cindy was so bummed that she was just holding my boner, not even stroking it. She said glumly, "I haven't been saying much to the others, for that very reason. I want this boycott over and done with already, just like you do."

I pointed out, "Even so, just knowing the bare bones is enough. They can fill in the blanks with their vivid imaginations. It's as if you've all made it your goal to keep my dick constantly throbbing with arousal, and if you're not there in person to do it, just knowing someone else is taking care of it is more than enough to make you happy."

Both Cindy and Mindy made the same incredulous exclamation at the exact same time: "'AS IF?!'"

Cindy sat up stiffly between my legs and added with some righteous indignation, "What the hell do you mean, 'as if?' That's EXACTLY how we feel! 'Pleasure the cock' is rule number one for a damn good reason! We're more than just cock slaves; we're a TEAM of cock slaves!" She raised a fist dramatically, setting off a tit-quake. "A victory for one is a victory for us all!"

Seeing my confused look, Mindy favored me with a particularly knowing smirk. "Hon, I love you so much, but they named a Jethro Tull album after you: you're thick as a brick! I know it's hard for a studly master-type like you to understand the slave mindset, but that's exactly how they feel, all the time!"

Cindy exclaimed, "Yeah!" She looked at her hand and seemed surprised to find that she was still holding my boner. She resumed stroking it, even as her attention was on the discussion. "I take this slave stuff VERY seriously! I gave up my WHOLE LIFE to dedicate myself to serving your cock!"

Transferring her gaze from my face to my stiffness in her hand, she added with heartfelt longing, "Raising Ruby and now my other daughters and de facto daughters is the only other thing that matters to me. The fact that they're your slaves too means that my two main purposes merge into one. It's beyond wonderful that we're all united in the single, simple goal of keeping your stiff dick throbbing with pleasure! So when I hear that someone else has given you a nice long cocksucking or titfucking or the like, I feel a tremendous sense of relief, like you just came on MY face! It's like slipping into a hot bubble bath after a hard day at work. But if I know or suspect your cock has gone untended for hours, I start to get anxious and unhappy."

With that, she leaned forward and began lovingly licking and blowing air onto my highly sensitive cockhead region. I surmised she wanted to do more, but she also wanted her mouth free so she could keep talking.

Mindy chuckled. "It's true. Now that she and I work together, you should hear us talk. Every half hour or so, out of the blue, she'll ask me something like, 'What do you think he's doing now? Who is he with?' If we get a call and hear some news like you fucked Sue Ellen in the Pussymobile, she'll just float in happy land for the next couple of hours, at least."

Cindy was blushing in embarrassment, which let me know just how true that was. The way she looked down shyly with my cum dripping down her face was both adorable and a real dick stiffener.

I was startled by the intensity of her emotions and commitment. Shoot. I'm starting to realize that I've never fully understood how seriously even Cindy takes this cock slave stuff. And if she feels that way, then Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen do too, maybe even more so!

That was too strange and intense for me to contemplate right now. I tried to stay on target. "Well, hearing that only strengthens my resolve that a total sex boycott is the only way to go. If what you say is true, then you know deep in your heart that I'm right."

Cindy cursed under her breath, "Damn! Me and my big mouth!" Apparently she decided that more talking would only make matters worse for her, so she engulfed my boner yet again and resumed bobbing on it. Or maybe she was trying to arouse me so much that I'd be too distracted to follow through on my threat.

I was highly distracted, but not enough to stop talking, once the initial surge of extreme arousal passed. I said to Min, "So that's how it's going to be for me. No sex for the next ten days, or until you and the GTs break!"

Mindy wailed like I'd just told her I'd broken both my legs. "TEN DAYS?! Good God! Do you realize how terrible that's going to be for everybody?! The girls have been having it pretty rough already, more than I think you know. They hardly slept a wink last night. Just wait until they hear this! We could have a full-on riot!"

"Let them riot," I responded brusquely, trying to be tough.

Then my wife's face lit up with renewed hope. "But wait! What about Sonia?! The Bat! Can't you still fuck her?! That doesn't count, right?!"

Cindy paused with her bobbing and looked up at me with a hopeful expression too. She couldn't seem to stop her tongue from lapping on my sweet spot even then, however.

There was a pause while I tried to figure out how to respond to that one, and how honest I should be. I finally said, "To be frank, I don't know. My goal is to have a total sex boycott, which includes her and every other person on Earth. But I had no plan whatsoever to fuck her today. I just went into her office to talk, and BOOM! Things happened."

Mindy shook a fist at me. "'Things happened?!' That's IT?! I hope that's a joke and not a start of your much-anticipated Sonia story. Because we're going to need a LOT more detail than that! You're a successful author. I expect you to paint a picture so vivid and realistic I'll be tempted to walk into it! I want a count of every bead of sweat rolling down Sonia's forehead!"

I couldn't resist a grin. "Don't worry, I promise I'll be a better storyteller than that. I just mention it to point out that something like that could very well happen again. She's vowed that the sex we had today is going to be a one-time thing, but I don't know."

Mindy snorted derisively. "I do! God, she's a self-deluded fool, if she thinks that! 'Once you've been filled by the King, you'll never be content with any other thing.'"

I asked, "Where did that quote come from?"

She smirked in her usual way. "That's a quote from the famous Smirkarella, Queen of the Smirky Night. I hear she's pretty awesome. And I also hear she made that up just now."

I had a good laugh at that. I told her mirthfully, "Please pass on my compliments to Smirkarella the next time you see her. Which I'm guessing will be very soon."

She was all grins. "Yes, almost instantaneously, in fact." But then she remembered what we were talking about and she let out a heavy sigh, leading to a frown. "Are you SURE you have to go through with this total boycott thing?"

Feeling resolute in my decision, I nodded and emphatically stated, "I am."

She let out another heavy sigh. "I suppose it's the only way. At least the Sonia thing will give Cindy and me some hope. And yes, I know your plan is to crush our hope, so we'll give in entirely. But keep in mind that you're not trying to break Cindy in the first place. She's already being the best cock slave she can possibly be."

My wife looked over to Cindy, still bobbing on my erection. "Just look at her! I'm proud of her. She loves you so much. She loves serving your cock with all her heart and soul. I know she makes occasional mistakes, like mentioning the 'N' word at the wrong time, but that's just because her passion for you is so great. As for me, you know I'm going to break before long in any case, because we both know I can't last very long without you, so a little hope in my case is okay. Your main problem is with the Hellions, and you know it."

I ran a hand through Cindy's hair some more, non-verbally complimenting her on her tongue work, as well as her dedication and love in general. Then I said to my wife, "True. Which is why I'm trying to be as honest as I can about Sonia. I figure the odds are pretty good we'll fuck again if I keep going there to work on my laptop every day, and that's still the plan. But that just makes it all the more important the girls can't know anything about Sonia and me!"

I added, upon reflection, "'Crushing hope' sounds harsh, but I guess that's what I'm doing. A better way to put it is that they have to realize that I can easily get along without their sexual attentions. I can even get along just fine without sex at all, if that's what it takes. So their attempts to sexually manipulate me are futile."

Mindy giggled with even more smirky amusement than usual.


"I definitely believe you, because I know what you're capable of through our years of marriage. But still, you have to admit it's funny to her you say you can 'get along just fine without sex at all' even as you have an actual factual personal sex slave actively blowing you! You have to admit it's a trifle ironic."

I grinned like a naughty kid that just got busted. "Okay, a trifle."

Even Cindy blushed a little bit, though she certainly didn't stop her endlessly varying tongue work or her relentlessly sliding lips.

Mindy's smirk grew. "Yes, just a teeny tiny trifle. Anyway, you can see how some might doubt your resolve, given that lately one usually needs to sign up on a waiting list to find some space between your legs."

I said sheepishly, "It's not that bad."

"I was thinking we should get one of those machines they have at the local deli where you pull down a paper ticket and wait until they call your number. 'Paging B12, the left side of Dan's crotch is now open...'" She snickered at that. Then she pretended to have a Eureka moment. "Hey! Not a bad idea. Where can I buy one of those?"

"Very funny," I grumped.

She continued more seriously, "So, given your recent history, your actual will to resist is something we all need to be vividly reminded of right now. It's like one can know intellectually that fire burns, but when you've actually been directly burned, you'll never, ever forget."

I nodded back. "Good. I'm glad we're in agreement, because this next week plus is likely to get pretty rough. But, in a roundabout way, I'm still getting back to my point about timing. Lately, you've been getting back home not long after five, and I appreciate that. I remember when all this harem stuff started, how I was having trouble getting you to cut your hours down, and you did."

She was all smiles. "But of course! How could I miss out on all the fun? I'm living in a cucquean paradise."

I went on, "Anyway, that raises a problem for tonight, because what if I get carried away with the Sonia story, and then the general celebratory fucking in response, and you and Cin still aren't home by six or even seven? The girls will get suspicious, and we don't even want to raise their suspicions."

She stared into space as she contemplated that. "Right. Here's an idea. I'm relatively calm right now, since you kind of popped my bubble with your total sex boycott talk. I know this is the calm before the storm, 'cos I'll go bat shit crazy once you start in on the Sonia story."

I teased, "You mean more bat shit crazy than usual."

She grinned unrepentantly. "True. Or make that just Bat crazy, since I'm Sonia's new number one fan. Anyway, I'll call the girls now and make up some bullshit story about Cindy and me needing to work late, so they should fend for themselves for dinner. That'll kill their suspicions before they even get started, and it'll give us an hour or more of fucky fucky story time!" Her eyes lit up in anticipation.

So that's what she did. She immediately got up to use the phone.

While Mindy was calling, I directed all my attention to Cindy. I reached down and held her chin, tilting her face up enough for us to make eye contact without her having to stop her oral attentions. I spoke softly and tenderly, "Cin, in case I don't do it enough, I want to give you a special thanks for everything you do for me and to me every single day. As you know, I can be a stubborn blockhead, slow on the uptake. I'm still catching up to exactly how much this cock slave status means to you and the others."

Clearly, Cindy was torn. She was dying to say something in response, but she also didn't want to stop sucking. To add to that, her face was already streaked with tears of exertion, as well as cum, and any time she engulfed my boner was a particularly serious struggle on her part.

I continued to talk as she bobbed. "I love you, and I love everything you do. I truly mean that. Just look at you now. You've been sucking me so very much since I got here. Your jaw must be all tired out, and yet you push yourself to keep going, just to make me feel great. It's a way you like to express your love for me, isn't it?"

She nodded up and down, in addition to her mostly back and forth bobbing. She couldn't talk, but her eyes were very expressive and full of love and kindness.

I wanted to gently caress her face, but I couldn't find anywhere to touch without smearing my cum. I ended up caressing her neck instead, since that happened to be almost entirely cum-free.

She purred happily in response. Strangely, she blushed too.

I went on, "Yes, you and I will never be a couple in the normal way; you'll always share me with my other cock slaves. I'm sorry about that. But I'd like to think I have a big heart and I couldn't love you more if I tried, no matter what. You're very special to me."

That finally got to her so much that she had to pull off. "Master! I love you too! So much! But please don't thank me; it's almost offensive. Yes, this isn't the 'normal way,' but I don't want the normal way. Fuck normal! Don't be sorry, because I would hate to be your only lover. Too much pressure! It takes a whole harem to keep your cock constantly throbbing with pleasure. This is EXACTLY what I want! Being part of a harem with my daughters and best friend. It's perfect!"

She resumed sucking, but only on the top inch or two, in case she needed to say more. Of course her hands were busy with my shaft and balls, as usual.

I asked her, "What do you mean about being offended by thank you's?"

She tilted my cock up so she could maintain eye contact as she switched to licking on my sweet spot. "Master, I'm not saying never say thanks. Of course when we do something extraordinary, a thank you shows that you noticed the extra effort. What offends me is the idea you'd thank us for what we do as a matter of course every day. 'Pleasure the cock' is hard-wired into my brain! There's a saying gaining popularity in the harem: 'It's who we are. It's what we do.' Look at me!"

She waved a hand down her body. "This is the REAL me! I am one of your many cock slaves, and I have no problem with that. None! Zero! Zilch! It's who I am. It's what I do. I was profoundly unhappy before, just drifting through life. Don't feel bad for not understanding the depth of my submissive feelings, because I'm still coming to grips with it myself. When I decided to give myself to you, it was a leap of faith, a leap into the pitch black. I had no idea what would happen!"

She pinned my boner against the side of her face and slid it back and forth, smearing it through her cum gobs. She smiled blissfully. "It turns out I found the real me! This is exactly where I belong, between your legs with your cock in my hand and on my tongue. And that's not even including between my breasts, or deep in my hot, wet cunt! Or having it force-fed into my needy, greedy ass and made to take every last fat fucking inch of you until I feel like I'm going to burst! Gaawwwd! How could one body part give all of us so much joy?!"

She was panting hard, and had to take a moment to recompose herself before she could go on. "It actually feels a bit like cheating, because you think you love it more than I do, but I'm sure I actually love it even MORE! I do it for you, yes, but I do it for me too!"

I didn't see how that was possible. I enjoyed it so much that there wasn't much "more" left to go to. But she seemed convinced.

She gave me a few more slurpy licks. "Clothes are such a bother. I feel so free, so alive, totally naked like this! And with your cum on my face too? Oooh! Goose bumps all over! I feel like the queen of the world! Serving your cock makes me happier than you can possibly imagine!"

I'd lost track of Mindy, but when Cindy finished saying all that she came back into view, kneeling down next to Cindy where she'd been before.

They locked gazes. Then a beaming Mindy said, "Girl, that was so beautiful! So moving!"

The two of them shared another scorching kiss, while they also jointly jacked me off.

When they finally broke off their lip-lock, after licking some cum off each other's cheeks as well, Cindy squealed with glee, "You see?! You see?! Sharing a loving kiss with my best friend WHILE stroking my master's cock! These are the moments I live for!"

I never did find out how the phone call with the girls went, because Mindy unexpectedly engulfed my cock and spent the next minute or two bobbing on it while Cindy sucked on my balls. My sexy, wonderful wife went dangerously far down, until she was loudly choking and gagging.

Cindy loved that, and actually bounced impatiently as she said, "Ooooh! Me, me, me! My turn next! I want to do that too!"

How could I not love that kind of enthusiasm? Not the mention the lewd sounds and special sensations of the actual choking and gagging.

By the time they switched positions, I forgot asking about the call, but I assume it served its purpose.

I thought the two of them were dying to hear my Sonia story, but apparently they first needed to take turns choking and gagging on my pole for about five turns each. And I deliberately use the word "need" here. They egged on and inspired each other like it was a real contest.

Finally, as if some bell rung that only they could hear, the two of them sat back, feeling very proud of themselves. "Aaaaah!" Mindy said. "After hearing what Cindy said to you, and I think I caught most of it, I kind of had to do that. It's good to be dominated by the sheer size of the King from time to time."

Cindy giggled as she leaned in and licked some more of my cum straight off Mindy's face. "It's good to be dominated by his cock ALL of the time! It's an attitude thing, so I don't even need to touch it to feel that way, although of course that's better. Even when it's far away, I love just knowing how I'm being owned by it."

Mindy ran a hand through Cindy's hair. "Indeed. I love your attitude." Then she looked up at me. "Okay, stud. I think we're ready. Tell us the whole story, lick by lick, thrust by thrust. And we'll try to act it out as best we can."

Cindy looked at her with concern. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, if he's fucking her tits, he'll fuck our tits. If he's fucking her cunt, then he'll fuck our cunts. Won't that be a blast?"

Cindy pointed out, "But there's two of us and only one of her. That won't work. Besides, it could be minutes and minutes before we even get to the action. He could go flaccid by then! I have a better idea: I'll symbolically represent 'General Arousal.' I'll keep him stiff and throbbing with pleasure at all times."

Mindy chuckled. "Yeah, I'm sure you'd like that and plan to do that anyway. But what happens when the action with Sonia begins?"

"You can be Sonia, and I'll still augment with the general arousal as much as I can."

They decided that was a good idea, so that's what we did. I found the most comfortable chair in the office, and they gathered between my legs again.

When I started telling the story, neither of them touched me at all. They explained that was because I needed a strategic break anyway. It turns out that was also why they stopped taking turns bobbing when they did, since they'd sensed me getting dangerously overstimulated. But after just a few minutes I got to where I went into Sonia's office, and that's when "General Arousal," a.k.a. Cindy, got busy, mostly giving me the same oral loving as before.

In the story, as in real life, it wasn't long before I was kissing. I was comfy and content in the chair, but Mindy insisted on greater "realism," so I had to stand up and even lean back against the wall like I'd done with Sonia while I made out with her. I still wore a shirt, but otherwise we were all naked, and Mindy's realism didn't extend to actually putting our clothes back on. And that's a good thing, because having "General Arousal" kneeling between us and bobbing on my shaft non-stop wasn't exactly realistic either.

The fun continued like that for a good long time. I was as accurate and detailed as I could be with my storytelling, and if I missed any detail they almost always asked about it anyway. They insisted on vividness so they could experience the whole event just as if they'd been there.

But when it came to physically acting out what I was describing, we were a lot more flexible. The fact that there were two of them instead of one made an exact mimicking of the events impossible anyway. At times, we got carried away with our own fun and lost the plot altogether. But whenever that happened, they would soon remind me so we'd get back on track.

Basically, I spent about half of my sexual time with Sonia getting blown by her, then the other half of the time fucking her. The first half resulted in an oral extravaganza. Despite the fact that they'd been enthusiastically blowing and/or stroking me pretty much non-stop from the time I arrived, they somehow stepped their efforts up a notch. I think they got an extra kick out of imagining they were Sonia. (Cindy kept up the General Arousal pretense for a while, but it was clear to me she was Sonia in her mind most of the time.)

It was also extra fun and arousing for me for the same reason. I mostly kept my eyes closed and it was like I was right back there with The Bat. The two of them even had fun calling me things like "mental rapist," since they knew Sonia's favorite insults for me after talking to her yesterday. But of course I had two mouths on me instead of one nearly all the time, so my pleasure was even greater than during the real thing!

I get a lot of praise from my women about my sexual stamina, but I must say I was even more impressed with their stamina. Most especially Cindy's oral stamina. I'm sure her mouth had to have been all worn out from overwork, but she'd take a short break and get right back to sucking. There's no way she would have done that much out of a mere sense of obligation; she had to love it as much as she said she did.

And Mindy gave her a run for her money. I think the whole Sonia role-play sent her enthusiasm to another level. I know a lot of longtime lovers imagine their partners are someone else when they need an extra burst of inspiration. But my wife was the exact opposite. Don't ask me to understand her cucquean mind, but she seemed twice as thrilled to do what she always did to me when she could pretend she was someone else.

Then we got to the fucking. I had been mostly physically passive during the storytelling so far, just as I had been in real life during Sonia's blowjob. But when it came to fucking, I had a much more active role. That's also where the "General Arousal" assistance idea stopped working altogether, because I was so very vigorous that it was hard for a third person to chip in.

So our role-play switched slightly. I would fuck Mindy for a while as she pretended to be Sonia. Then after she had a few good orgasms, she'd step aside and I would fuck Cindy while it was her turn to pretend to be Sonia. That meant I had to tell every aspect of this story twice. But nobody minded, least of all me, because by then it was basically all vigorous fucking action anyway. I only had to re-say some dialogue, or at least some rough approximation of it.

At one point during the peak of the oral action, I lost control. I wound up painting a fresh load of cum on both Cindy's and Mindy's faces. But that wasn't a problem since everything was so arousing that I had no trouble getting erect again in a few minutes. We just treated it like another strategic break, only more prolonged.

Then, halfway through the fucking session, I unexpectedly lost control again. I happened to be plowing into Cindy at the time, so I just unloaded into the depths of her pussy. That was a problem, since it didn't fit into the "script." Furthermore, I was concerned that I wouldn't get erect again. After all, I'd cum three times in only an hour or so. I made my usual apologies about not being a spring chicken anymore.

I must admit that the whole Sonia role play was amazing, and just as good as the original event. That was very high praise, since Sonia was such a hot fuck. I pointed out to them how extremely tight Sonia's pussy was at first, almost too tight to fit me in at all, and that drove them wild. I further explained how that was because she hadn't had sex since her divorce and she'd been effectively "re-virginated," and they loved that even more. I added how her pussy eventually loosened up just enough to be the perfect fit for me, and they were over the moon. Obviously they couldn't change their physical body in an instant, but both of them did all they could to squeeze and clench their pussies to create the best possible "Sonia effect." It was very effective, not to mention touching in a curious way.

I didn't fully go into what Sonia's "magic hips" could do, because she did things nobody else had ever done to me and I didn't want either them to feel inadequate. But I hyped up the hip action enough for them to get into their churning and gyrating with extra gusto. That's probably why I came for the third time well before the story was supposed to end.

Thinking that I was done for the night, I started to skip to the post-fucking discussion I had with Sonia, so we could wrap up our role-play.

However, Min and Cin had other ideas. They pestered me with lots of questions, starting with the issue of birth control. Or rather, the lack thereof. When they found out I didn't use a condom, or even think to use one, they breathlessly pronounced that "hotter than the surface of the Sun." Even when I admitted Sonia told me later that she was on the pill that hardly slowed them down. In fact, it possibly aroused them more, since they seized on the fact that I didn't know that until well afterwards.

They wanted to immediately act on the surge of lust this news gave them. Since my penis was down for the count, they basically attacked each other instead. They necked and fondled with great passion. The mutual tit rubbing was quite a sight to see! I'm pretty sure they were emphasizing that for my benefit, hoping to get me erect again. They transferred a lot of my cum from their faces to their racks to help with the lubrication.

Then I suggested to each one that they were actually making out with Sonia instead, and I was surprised to see their lusts kick into a still higher gear, and with even more luscious tit rubbing! Their passion for kissing "Sonia" was an interesting fact to file away for sure, though I couldn't imagine any scenario when they'd ever have a chance to do more than kiss the real Sonia on her cheek.

Clearly, even though Sonia didn't have the biggest breasts or the widest hips, there was something about her, some raw sensuality, that they were picking up on just like I was. Sonia reminded me more than a little bit of Sofia Loren, actually. She might not have been beautiful in a stereotypical California beach blonde way, but her exotic and unusual looks made her even more appealing.

It took about ten minutes, but between the birth control questions (and the resulting wild speculation that I'd knocked Sonia up), seeing the two of them lick my fresh cum off their faces, all the tit rubbing, and too many other arousing factors to count, my dick got erect again!

General bedlam and celebration ensued. It was a kick for me to see them so high on lust and euphoria. Naturally, it wasn't long before the role-play ensued, although at this point the "plot" was basically "Dan fucked Sonia a lot more."

We were totally winging it, but it was still great all the same. Both Mindy and Cindy really got into the spirit of things. Not only did they continue to try to fuck in a Sonia style, with an emphasis on hip action or squeezing their cunts tightly, they channeled her bitchy personality, shouting rude things to me just like she did, but without saying anything that I actually found hurtful. It was almost uncanny, especially considering how little they actually knew her. And it was a wild mental trip for me, because it was like I was fucking two Sonias!

At one point, I had to have a good chuckle with myself when I thought about the later serious conversation I'd had with Sonia and I'd told her how I felt compelled to tell Mindy and possibly Cindy about what we'd done. Clearly, this is not what I'd had in mind. But what I found amusing was the total freak out Sonia would have had if she'd known. This was a case when honesty was not the best policy, or she would have killed me!

Eventually I started running out of steam. I'd been fucking for a long, long time, propelled by all the extra enthusiasm, but my body could only take so much. I finally just let go. But I was careful to wait until I was fucking Mindy, since I'd cum into Cindy earlier.

A splendid time was had by all. The three of us wound up totally satiated and satisfied.

But there were a few problems in the wake of the fuck-fest. One was assessing the "damage" and getting rid of the evidence. Meaning Mindy's office smelled like an orgy had just taken place there, which was basically true if a threesome counted. Luckily, Mindy was used to dealing with such problems due to getting hot and wet when talking to me on the phone from time to time, so she had all the necessary cleaning supplies in her desk. Since I'd done all the vigorous fucking (plus I suppose the fact I was the master), the two of them did the cleaning while I closed my eyes and took a little rest.

That problem was solved quickly, and Mindy assured me that the place would smell "as chaste as a church" by tomorrow morning. So I opened my eyes and asked what time it was. I was surprised to find that it was only 6:20. I would have guessed it was after seven at least, since I felt more than half dead from exhaustion.

However, Cindy pointed out, "You took part in sexual fun for an hour and a half non-stop, with only the most necessary strategic breaks. And it was all so extra intense since we're flying on our cucquean highs. Plus, you fucked like a demon at the end there. That's an impressive performance for any man, even you, Master."

That made me feel better.

Mindy further noted, "This also means we should get home probably before the girls have even finished eating dinner. They'll have no reason to suspect anything. Now, had you not fucked us into total oblivion, we would have been bouncing off the walls all evening, and our general glee would have been impossible to hide. But we're simply too fucked out to do that. So really, this had to happen."

That made me feel even better. But now I was in a more contemplative mood, and it got me thinking too. I asked Cindy, "Cin, question. Are you or are you not a cucquean?"

None of us had put our clothes back on yet, and as Cindy pondered that she came to me and sat on my lap.

I was tempted to push her off because I was so worn out. I warned her, "No way! Don't even THINK about getting my little guy going again! You'll literally kill me!"

She just smiled. "Don't worry, Master. A good slave has to know when to stop. I just want to get cozy and comfy while we talk. Is that okay?"

I replied warily, "Well, okay... but don't get too comfy. I figure we'll be leaving in a few minutes."

She chuckled. "Sure. To answer your question, I don't entirely know. I suppose I am, technically speaking. For instance, look at the way I got all excited mentioning those names earlier, even the names I shouldn't have said."

I said, "By the way, there will be a punishment for that. For both of you. I'm not sure what yet, since we're entering a total sex ban phase anyway, but I'm going to think of something."

Surprisingly, she didn't seem fazed. "As it should be. A master needs to be firmly in command and keep all of his slaves in line." She brought one of my hands to her chest. "That's why you have the very most busty and beautiful ones, because you're the perfect master of my dreams." She cuddled into me dreamily.

"Thanks, I guess, although I'm not really all that."

"You are! Don't even try to deny it, or I'm going to have to get mad!" She giggled.

I found myself cupping one of her D-cups from below. "Um, remember what I said about not getting too comfy?"

"Master, please, humor me. It's for me, not you this time. I just like you casually asserting your ownership of my body like this. Is that okay?"

I relaxed and smiled. "Sure. Just as long as you remember the King has left the building."

Mindy was listening, and joked to Cindy, "Uh-oh! I warned him he shouldn't buy the detachable penis upgrade. Now we're going to have to look for the not-so-little guy. And he's left the building, which means he could be anywhere!"

After some more joking along those lines, including pondering if the King could drive a car to speed his getaway, I got the conversation back on track by saying to Cindy, "You still haven't really explained your cucquean feelings."

She grew thoughtful again. "Sorry. It's so easy to get distracted with you." She smiled and put a hand on top of my hand idly fondling one of her round boobs. "Just sitting naked in your lap while you have your way with my body makes me feel even more wonderfully enslaved than when you're aggressively fucking my face. And then I think about how you've enslaved Ruby too, and made her so eager to adore your thickness, just like I am... so we can lick and suck it together... OH! Oh my! It's all so... so... ideal! It's like the perfect fairy tale ending. I only wish she was here with us right now."

I quipped, "I'd like to read that fairy tale. I don't think they made a Disney movie of that one. But, getting back to the question..."

She nodded, trying to regain her focus. "Right. Like I said, I think I am a cucquean, sort of, but not like Mindy is. I like that you fuck other women. In fact, I love it! But only certain women. Like I was saying earlier, any time anyone in the harem is serving you, it's almost as good for me as if I'm doing it myself. I'm all for that!"

Then she scrunched up her nose. "But other women? I don't know. It depends. Is she worthy of you? Mindy would be happy if you fucked dozens upon dozens of bombshell hotties. I don't feel that compulsion at all. But if there's someone that we know, and she's physically and mentally worthy, then it's almost a shame if you DON'T fuck her. Remember, I said you have a special gift, and I mean that. It's meant to be shared. And it makes me proud when you've made an impressive conquest. You know how I managed to keep sucking after my jaw practically fell off and my tongue cried for mercy?"


"I'd just think: 'Dan conquered Sonia!' And it would be like, BOOM! Instant surge of energy! I'll be able to use that as inspiration for a long, long time. Years, maybe! Because that tells me I have the best master in the whole state! You're totally unstoppable and irresistible!"

My modesty made it hard for me to handle compliments like that. I tried to downplay it by saying, "Sheesh! You should be my press secretary."

She smiled at that, then went on, "But I also get selfish. I'm mindful that if you're spending some time with someone else, that could mean less time with me. So I'm kind of conflicted. If you never fucked another previously unknown woman, it would be a disappointment for me, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Whereas for Min, she has a craving for that, a deep-seated need for you to spread your seed..."

She pondered that for a few moments before adding, "But then again, Mindy and I talk a heck of a lot, especially now that we're working together, and she gets so excited with her cucquean ideas that it's kind of infectious. So am I a cucquean or not? I don't know. Technically I am, since I get off on you fucking other women, but I also feel like I'm very different than Mindy. She's a bad influence on me!" She looked to find Mindy and then stuck her tongue out at her playfully.

My bombshell wife had finished tidying up after getting rid of the sex evidence, including wiping much of her body clean with handi-wipes, and she'd started putting her clothes on. But she was still listening to every word, and she joked, "Correction. I think you mean good influence."

Cindy laughed. "Yeah, right! 'Mindy' and 'good' are not words I associate together, in the 'well behaved' meaning of the word. Maybe you're a good smirker." She stuck her tongue out again.

Mindy joked back, "You be careful and watch your back. You never know when Smirkarella will sneak up on you and launch one of her devastating smirk attacks!"

Cindy swooned dramatically while staying in my arms. "Ooooh noooo! I'm so scared!"

I felt like the walking dead, but I managed to convince Cindy to get off my lap. Then I stood up, dressed, and started making myself semi-presentable.

Just before we were to leave the office, I said, "Okay, I'll admit I don't exactly regret your 'celebrate first' suggestion."

Min smirked and rolled her eyes. "Ya think? Sweetheart, I'll bet you experienced more sexual pleasure in the last hour than most men experience in a year!"

"True, true. And I thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. But what about having our serious discussion afterwards?"

She asked, "What's there to talk about? Didn't all the things bugging you come up at one point or another and get dealt with?"

I thought back, and said, "You know, you're probably right. But I still can't get over the permission issue. And I know you specifically told me to 'go forth and fuckify' Sonia and all that. But I don't want this to set a precedent. We're still married, and I would be lost without you by my side, no matter how many cock slaves I have."

She joked (I think!), "I like how you think. Hopefully many more! No, but seriously, I know what you're saying, and you're right, we should talk that over some more. But not here, not now. We're all in a sort of post-orgasmic lazy daze, don't you agree?"

I agreed. But I told her I wasn't going to let us forget talking about it some time soon.

It was interesting walking out of the building with Mindy and Cindy. In the ground floor lobby, I saw the same two security guards going out that I saw coming in. I had to wonder if they were curious about what I'd been doing there an hour and a half after the usual end of the business day, especially since they knew me well enough to know that I didn't work there. But they just smiled and wished us good night, like they would do to anyone.

We split up in the parking lot, since I'd arrived in my own car. The good-bye was anticlimactic since I was too wiped out for a proper good-bye kiss, and I thought it was risky to give both of them the kisses they deserved in a public place, especially since it was light outside due to the long summer days. So I just walked my way and they walked theirs.

Before we parted, I told them I was going back to the McGrath house to get some much needed rest. I was hungry for dinner, but after having half a dozen orgasms with three different women in the past few hours, sleep was a more pressing need.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Geezer, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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