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Chapter 17

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As soon as I got to Cindy's house I went straight to bed and slept the sleep of the dead. Normally, I never went to sleep at this time. It was too late for a nap and too early to turn in for the night. But after that epic fuck-fest in Mindy's office, of all places, I had to make a special exception.

I woke up about an hour later feeling much better, but also very hungry. However, I took a shower next, because that was an urgent need too.

I went downstairs ready to eat a horse. I knew it was slim pickings since most everything had been moved to the other house, including most of the food, but I figured I could scare up something.

I was surprised to find Cindy there, and fully dressed just like I was. But any illusion of normality was shattered when she bowed her head slightly and said, "Welcome back to the living, Master. So... how are you feeling?" She proceeded to ask in a matter-of-fact manner, "Are you in the mood to fuck my ass?"

I stared at her as if her head had swollen up like a balloon and then popped. "Excuse me?! You're kidding, right?!" Seeing her smile and the twinkle in her eye, I breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, you ARE kidding. Thank God. Don't even joke about that. First, Sonia laid me to waste. Then, you two came along and buried me six feet deep in the ground."

She wagged a finger at me. "Please don't mention her name again tonight, or I'll get all kinds of wild and excitable ideas. And I am kidding... for now. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the total sex boycott though, because my ass is going to have an insistent craving to get fucked deep pretty regularly from now on! So please don't forget about that. I sure as heck won't!"

Then switching gears, she said, "Here, I'll bet you're hungry." She walked around the counter to where she'd left a bag.

As she opened the bag, she said, "I just got back from the other house a little while ago. The girls cooked a fine dinner for you, but I didn't want to bring over a doggy bag for you on the very slight chance that might start them wondering why you didn't eat yet. So instead I snuck off and made a phone call to have some Chinese food delivered instead. It just got here a few minutes ago, so your timing is excellent."

I sat down on a stool at the counter, since that's where the food was, while she got the cartons of Chinese food ready for me. As I saw which items she'd selected, I marveled, "Wow. Sweet and sour... mu shu... my two favorites. How did you know?"

She was pleased as punch. "A good slave knows what pleases her master. And one advantage of a harem is that I can just ask someone else."

I had to take a moment and just admire her. Cindy is so underestimated and underappreciated, by us all. She's not in your face like Mindy is with her humor and bold personality. She's not adorable and fiercely devoted to the cock slave lifestyle like Cupcake is. She's not over the top emotional and passionate, like the Gruesome Twosome, not to mention having their "stop the traffic" looks and especially big breasts.

Her attributes are more subtle, since she doesn't want to hog the limelight. But they're many, including her drop dead gorgeous body! Especially for her age! Yeow! And she's really getting into being a cock slave. She showed such passion, devotion, and endless energy tonight. I could tell Min was quietly impressed. With her greater experience and maturity, I think she could be the key glue that holds the harem together.

Man! I know I keep thinking this, but I'm one seriously lucky son of a bitch!

I licked my lips as she finished getting the silverware and such, because I was that hungry. (No, I don't use chopsticks.) "You spoil me, you know that? I'm so fortunate to have you in my life. I was about to guzzle down a bottle of mustard, if that's all that was left in the fridge."

Her smile grew. "There's more than that here, don't worry. But hush about spoiling. That's what slaves do to their masters when they love them. I'm not your normal wife and I never will be, thank God. I don't want a so-called equal relationship. I live to serve you and make you happy, and that's what makes me happy. And you do all kinds of things big and small to show that you love me, including giving me orgasms beyond imagination. So I'm afraid that means you're stuck with me."

"Woe is me," I joked. "You're sounding a lot like Cupcake today, with all this devoted slave talk."

"Maybe I am. That girl knows the deal. She's free of baggage, so it's all very simple and straightforward for her. I still have a lot of baggage to deal with. But all that old bullshit is falling away, washing away, leaving me somehow clean and even... reborn. I know that sounds corny, but that's how I feel."

I just nodded. I would have liked to talk more, but I was stuffing food into my mouth like a pig. Energetic sex is great, but it means you have to refuel.

Luckily, Cindy didn't seem to mind. And after a couple of minutes of putting the trash from the take-out away and cleaning up, she stood across the counter from me again, and said, "Here's an important update for you. The food at dinner was good, but the discussion... not so much. Maybe we were acting rashly, but Min and I decided to make life a little easier for you by breaking the bad news about the total sex boycott to the girls. I hope you're not upset? I figure serving you takes many forms, including lessening your troubles. Mindy said she'd take full responsibility if we screwed up."

I slowed my eating enough to say, "Depends. What did you say exactly?"

"Oh, basically the exact same argument you made to us earlier. How the partial sex ban wasn't working because of the way we talk to each other and live vicariously through what the others do to you. Oh, and also how we all get a lift whenever we hear your big and needy cock has been properly tended to by someone else. That was about it. It was very bare bones, since I didn't know what else you wanted them to hear. The main thing was just getting the basic idea across."

I nodded. When my mouth was free again, I said, "Good. Very good. I wish you would have asked me first, but that was the time to talk to them with the total boycott starting tomorrow morning, and I was asleep. And to be honest, I'm still wiped out from before, more mentally than physically, so I don't mind missing all the melodrama. I take it there was lots of crying and screaming and all the rest from our young drama queens?"

She replied, "Yes, but a lot less than I figured. Sure, all three girls cried and soon ran up to their rooms, which kept the discussion short in any case. But the expected Michelle-led anger and indignation wasn't there. It was more of a weary resignation, as if they knew that was coming and they were helpless to stop it. And they probably did anticipate it, since they think about these sorts of matters so much. But mainly I think they were just tired."


"Bone dead tired. Remember Mindy mentioning how they didn't get much sleep last night? They didn't get a lot of sleep the night before either. They were sort of shuffling around with their heads down even before we brought up the bad news. I think they simply didn't have the energy to put up a big fuss."

"Huh. Interesting. I didn't expect that."

"Neither did Mindy or I. Min has had trouble sleeping too, but not like the girls. You know how it is at that age, everything seems ten times as emotionally intense. Plus, they can stay up all night with ease, but it still catches up with them later."

I didn't want to be too encouraging, lest Mindy and/or Cindy do more without asking my permission first, but the more I thought about it, the more relieved I was that I didn't have to break the bad news to the girls. I know I must sound spoiled rotten, but after that intense sex session, all I wanted to do was vege out and relax for the rest of the evening.

I asked, "So, do you think I should go over there and talk to them some more about it, after they've calmed down some?"

"You could. But I think it's a moot point, because I'll bet dollars to donuts that the three of them will be zonked out by the time you get there. Like I said, they're dog tired."

"What time is it?"

"Seven thirty."

"Really?! That's another surprise. What with my napping and showering and whatnot, I figured it would be eight at the earliest. And what about Sue Ellen? Doesn't she want to sleep here with us one last night?"

Cindy furrowed her brow. "Hmmm. She might manage to drag herself here for that. I didn't ask. But what you just said distresses me greatly. 'One last night?' Really? We can't even sleep together anymore?! I hadn't thought about that!"

Again, once my mouth was free, I spoke, "Believe me, I'm not happy about it either. Remember, you and Mindy will be the ones sleeping with me the most in the years to come."

She looked down and spoke glumly. "I know, and that is a wonderful thing, but it almost makes it worse." She looked up to me in anguish. "TEN days! That's so long! Even if they break before then, it's still going to be days and days! I won't be able to sleep well until I know you're lying by my side."

"I know. But let's be realistic. I sleep naked, and so does everyone else. Even if we all wore pajamas or something, that's just asking for trouble. You can still sleep here if you want, but in a different room. It is your house, after all. But that also might just be trouble. I think it's better if you and Sue Ellen sleep here one last night and then over at the other house."

I was about to take one last bite, but then another thought came to me. "Oh, and remember I mentioned that the total sex boycott doesn't begin until tomorrow morning. I figured that since you and Cupcake didn't do anything wrong, I could ease you two into it."


Seeing the suddenly lusty look on her face, I was forced to add, "Mind you, you two basically used me all up earlier, so don't expect big fireworks, 'cos that won't be happening." I could guess what was on her mind, so I had to dampen down expectations. "So, for instance, anal sex is definitely not on the menu."

She was crestfallen. "Damn!"

I chuckled at her predicability. "It looks like I reawoke a monster there. Unfortunately, you know how mentally and physically taxing that is, so there's just no way. But maybe the three of us could just cuddle and kiss and kind of end the night on a lazy but loving note. How does that sound?"

"Excellent!" Cindy went from smiling to alarmed as a thought occurred to her. She quickly moved towards the phone on the wall. "Shit! I'd better give Sue Ellen a call, and right away! If she falls asleep and misses out on all that, she'll never forgive me!"

But before she picked up the phone, another thought occurred to her. "But I'll tell her not to come over for a while, because I forgot to mention that there's an e-mail from Nicky. She wants to talk to you after coming back from her all day trip. She's figuring that'll be about six o'clock her time, which means nine o'clock our time. But she warned us that she might be late, since she's traveling in a group."

I pointed at my chest. "Me? She wants to talk to just me?"

"Just you."

"Why? I spoke to her yesterday."

"Yes, but you've been all over Kauai, and the rest of us have not. She's going to want share the story of her big adventure, and who better to do that than to you, since you'll know the places she's talking about?"

"I was with Mindy during that trip, you know."

"Yes, but she's a 'daddy's girl,' so of course your opinion is extra important to her. Plus, I think she kind of likes you." Cindy winked playfully.

I smiled, fondly thinking about my wonderful older daughter. Thankfully, the vision of her naked and on all fours with her face dripping with my cum didn't immediately come to my mind when her name got mentioned. Although, I then thought of it to see if I'd remember, which was effectively the same thing.

I mentally shook that off and said, "Okay. I can do that. In fact, that sounds nice. Very normal and non-sexual. I could use more of that in my crazy life. But..." I paused, while thinking things over.

"What?" Cindy asked.

"I don't mean to seem rude, but until then, I'd like some time alone. Look at me." I raised my hands. "I feel okay again. But mentally, I'm still wiped out, like I said. I worry that Sue Ellen will come over and then the two of you will start in on the cuddling and kissing, and one thing will lead to another. I'm just as bad as you are, to be honest. I can't resist you, or her. I think it's better if we just have a little of that after I came back from the Nicky chat. By then we'll all be fairly beat so things will have to be mellow."

She nodded. "That's okay by me. You're not the only one who's sort of fucked out from earlier. I think I'll just curl up with a good book until you're back. And it's a good thing you told me all that before I called Sue Ellen, so she'll know what to expect."

I soon finished my dinner, and Cindy talked to Sue Ellen and sorted things out with her. I checked the kitchen clock and saw it was only eight. I had an hour to kill before the video chat time with Nicky. That wasn't enough time to really get into something, like a book or a movie. Plus, I wanted to get away from temptation in the form of Cindy's luscious body, not to mention possibly Sue Ellen's too.

So I decided to do something I very rarely do after dark, and that was take a long walk through the neighborhood. That would give me some precious alone time. I hadn't really mentally processed what had happened with Sonia today, much less the events that came later. Fucking her was so arousing that I'd deliberately avoided thinking about it because I didn't want to get all worked up again. But after reenacting everything with my "two Sonias," Min and Cin, I felt I'd gotten most of the lusty part out of my system, at least enough for me to think through the implications.

The one thing that I kept coming back to in my recollections was just how well the two of us "fit" together while we were pounding away in her office, both in terms of the snugness of her vagina and in a larger sense. Plus, her hip moves! Once she got going, Sonia was simply an unstoppable sex machine! Yeah, I had to admit that Mindy had been right that Sonia needed to get fucked, and she needed it bad.

It was the unexpectedly enthusiastic cucquean reaction from Min and Cin that left me scratching my head. I realized I had to do a much better job of understanding Mindy's mindset so I could anticipate her future reactions. I had to at least try to think like a cucquean sometimes, and also think like a cock slave at other times. Yes, both those ways of thinking were alien to me, but if I could get into a very different mindset for a character in one of my books, I ought to be able to do better with that in real life too.

I changed into sweat pants and a different shirt just in case I felt the urge to go jogging. I doubted that would happen since two intense fuck sessions was enough vigorous exercise for one day, but it was good to be prepared for any occasion. Then I found Cindy reading her book already and told her of my walking plans, gave her a good-bye kiss, and went out the door.

Back in my pre-harem days, not that long ago, I used to have a fair amount of "me time." Not anymore. Some people might find this hard to believe, but I'm basically an introvert, and I treasure my "me time." I was also looking forward to having a respite from my non-stop sexual roller coaster ride. Foolish me!

I still had a lot to process and think regarding today's events. Mostly, I was thinking about how both Mindy and Cindy seemed to think that my fucking Sonia was some kind of pivotal and even life-changing event for all of us. Not because of Sonia per se, but for the precedent it set. As Mindy said, it meant the sky was the limit.

A part of me accepted that they had a point, but a part of me fought it. I guess I really am slow to accept change. They say I have some kind of special "gift" and that it's practically my duty to share it with other women, which also means sharing my cum. But I don't feel that special in my heart. I wonder how much of that is their cucquean tendencies talking. I consider myself basically an average Joe, though a very well loved, happy, and sexually satisfied one. Yet how many average Joes have their own harem of cock slaves? None!

Alright, to be fair, if you do have your own harem of cock slaves, you CAN'T be an average Joe anymore, since there's absolutely nothing "average" about a situation like that, but still. I don't feel that different.

So I kept going back and forth, basically trying to psych myself into having the sexual confidence they already seemed to believe I had (or at least ought to have). I was deep in my thoughts, but even though it was a little after eight, the sun had just set, so there was still enough residual light that I didn't have to pay close attention to where I was going. It was getting darker fast, though.

I had only been walking for about ten minutes when I saw someone walking in my direction, though on the other side of the street. And it wasn't just anyone. Even in the darkness and from a distance, I saw the person had to be a woman, and a shapely one at that. No, that was an understatement: just from her hourglass-shaped outline, the woman had to be drop dead gorgeous! Uh-oh! I only know of one woman living in the neighborhood with a voluptuous figure like that: Jane Corlin!

I was dumbstruck. I froze in my tracks, seriously thinking of trying to escape. I wasn't mentally ready to deal with her at all, but especially not tonight of all nights. I had too many wild and crazy things going on in my life already!

However, she'd seen me too, and apparently there was something in my outline that said "Dan Cooper," because she called out my name.

That closed off my options; I couldn't be rude and ignore her. It wasn't that I didn't want to see her. In fact, she was a really nice person and it had been a long time since we'd even talked. But there was just no getting around the startling beauty of her body or her face, which meant this couldn't be anything but a highly charged erotic situation. And to make matters worse, I'd put on sweatpants with no underwear! It was like God was playing some kind of cosmic joke on me.

I crossed over to her side of the street while she kept on briskly walking closer. I called her name out in return and then said the usual "Hey! Good to see you!" pleasantries.

As she got closer, I was in for another shock, because the only clothes I could see her wearing were sneakers, socks, short shorts, and a T-shirt. Normally, there's be nothing notable about that, particularly here in southern California, but this was THE Jane fucking Corlin we're talking about! Her body was a work of art! Her curves had curves. If she wore a bikini at the beach, she'd be arrested for public indecency!

Of course, she had two notable and even locally famous features. The first to catch one's eye were her breasts, since they reached you a good minute or two before the rest of her did! Okay, sure, that's an exaggeration, but by less than one would think. I didn't know her breast size, but I would be willing to bet they were even LARGER than Michelle's twin torpedoes! Now, admittedly, proportionally they were probably the same, because Jane was just bigger and taller in general. She's the kind of woman the words "statuesque" or "Amazon" are meant for. "Statuesque" was a better fit, actually, because she was firm and fit yet also somehow still soft and feminine, and not a warrior-type at all.

It's so easy to get distracted by Jane's incredible breasts that I almost forgot to mention her other well-known feature, and that's her face. I'd been fortunate enough to have some true beauties in my harem, but Jane had the kind of face that even the others would jealously grumble about. It's hard to put a finger on what makes it so special, but words like "regal," "classy," and "glamorous" come to mind. But also "sultry." Definitely sultry! She looks like a high-class princess who wants to fuck your brains out. It was an irresistible combination.

Unfortunately for me at that moment, I knew Jane's body and face so well from our years of friendship that I got a physical reaction from knowing what a stunner she was from head to toe, even before she could come out of the darkness enough for me to get a good look at her. And that meant an erection! And given my sweatpants and no underwear, that meant I was fucked! Because how could I avoid the usual welcome hug and kiss without being rude?

My brain must have froze, because I just stood there on the sidewalk grinning like an idiot until she walked right up to me. "Dan, Dan, Dan. You're a sight for sore eyes. Hug!"

The sun had set, but there was still enough light to see her well up close.

I got another shock, because virtually every time I'd seen Jane had been at parties. Our neighborhood was a wealthy one and she wasn't hurting for money. Maybe it was because she looked so naturally classy to begin with, but she always loved to dress to the nines. For instance, she had long, straight dark brown hair, and she liked to pile it up high on her head in ways that are mysterious to men but sexy as all get out, leaving her neck totally bare.

So that was my mental image of her, always done up like a Bond girl that James Bond meets at a Monte Carlo casino. Naturally, she wore lots of jewelry and make-up (though she didn't need it). Thus I was shocked, because the woman before me was a "plain Jane." Not only was she wearing an ordinary T-shirt and short shorts, as I'd mentioned, but her hair was in a ponytail and there was no jewelry or make-up to be seen. But here's the kicker: she looked just as gorgeous as when she was decked out like a fashion model heading to a fancy ballroom dance! Maybe more so, even!

Maybe it was just that she showed such healthy vitality, like a very fit cheerleader coach. Or more like a Hollywood starlet playing the role of a cheerleader coach, because I've never seen a coach in real life look this good! Or maybe it was simply the fact that she showed so much skin, such flawless and nicely tanned skin. She looked great in evening gowns, but they usually covered her up except for bare arms and a respectable amount of inviting cleavage, so I'd never seen this much of her without at least a skin-tight dress in the way.

Anyway, I was taking all that in in a matter of seconds, which left me no time to plan how to deal with her hug request.

Like a lamb to the slaughter, I just stood there. I didn't even try to tuck away my rapidly engorging erection, because there was nowhere to tuck it to. The sweatpants were utterly useless! I could only hope and pray that it had gotten just dark enough for her not to notice that my eight-inch long penis was creating a bulge in those sweatpants that was jutting out in front of me by very nearly eight inches exactly! Like I said, useless!

I couldn't poke her with that during the hug, or she'd freak out. So at the last second, I used my hand to make an all too obvious bulge adjustment. The only problem was, there was nothing I could do with it! Pointing it up could spell disaster, since my cockhead could easily end up poking out the top. I didn't have time to analyze every option with only a second or two to think, but I instinctively figured that if up was bad maybe down was good, and I aimed it down the side of one of my legs.

Phew! With that problem taken care of just in the nick of time I could hug Jane without incident. Right? Wrong! I didn't have enough time to carefully tuck my boner away when Jane gave me a tight hug. So even though it was pointing down, it got trapped between one of her thighs and my thighs.

I didn't see how she could possibly fail to notice that! Hell, it was practically all I could think about, the feel of my suddenly raging boner getting squeezed against her body. But that's not entirely true, because I was simultaneously freaking out about the fact that her famous breasts were suddenly pressed against my chest! (Okay, they weren't famous to the wider world, but they were famous in MY world, and that's what counted to me.)

Jane was something of a flirt at parties, but only a verbal flirt. Touching was out of bounds. Even when it came to kissing hello and good-bye she had a way of leaning in to kiss each cheek with meant minimum or no boob contact. And she had to lean way forward for that to happen, believe me! Probably she'd learned to do that out of necessity, to prevent public scenes and men unexpectedly ejaculating in their pants in her presence.

So this hug was unprecedented for me in all my Jane Corlin experiences. And it was entirely her doing, since I was standing there like my brain had been wiped clean of any intelligence (which was far too accurate). I wondered if she'd noticed my lewd bulge and given me a tight hug just to check it out?! I couldn't let myself ponder that or I'd get too excited. I'd been in a wild threesome an hour ago, and I was a master with my own harem, yet when it came to the mighty Jane, I tended to get shy.

To be honest, I considered her out of my league. If anyone shouldn't have felt that way about her it ought to have been me, since I now had my very own "league" of drop dead gorgeous women at my beck and call. But most of that success had come very recently, and I'm notoriously slow to change. Besides, Jane was particularly intimidating, even by the standards of extraordinarily beautiful women. She was nice and kind, yet somehow also remained aloof and hard to please. She was smart too, and often had a knowing smirky smile, quite like Mindy's in fact, as if she knew something amusing that you didn't.

My heart was racing wildly and my breath was suddenly very labored, which was how I always reacted whenever I got close to this goddess. Yet I was actually fortunate that I wasn't more affected. I'd been so sexually satiated from my time in Mindy's office that although I was erect and horny as hell, I was able to maintain some control. I was proud that I could simply keep my hands wrapped around the middle of Jane's back without saying or doing anything foolish, such as unthinkingly play "grab ass," which I always did whenever making out with my wife, and now my other lovers.

My task got harder though because Jane maintained the hug. After kissing each of my cheeks, and then having me kiss hers, we simply stayed like that. She kept her hands around the middle of my back too, so it seemed innocent enough. But nothing was innocent when her incredible tits were involved! God help me, but there was nothing else in this world that felt like the soft smoosh of those breasts being pressed into my chest! And furthermore, my boner continued to be trapped between my leg and hers. It may not have sounded that arousing, especially compared to my adventures earlier in the day, but Jane was ALL woman! Her smell, her touch, the naturally sultry sound of her voice - it was as if God spent some extra time making her just to drive men wild!

She pulled back slightly after the kisses and gave me a smile. "So... Dan! Good to see you again. How long has it been? A month? More?"

I nodded. "Um... yeah... More than a month, for sure." Luckily, that was an easy question, since I was having a brain freeze. I was swooning and giddy. Her mouth was so close to mine! And all the that boner-on-thigh and soft-breasts-on-hard-chest contact! It was too much! I felt like a cartoon character heating up like a steam whistle.

"Where have you been hiding yourself? I'm hurt. Have you been hiding from me?" She pouted a little bit, which sent more butterflies to my stomach.

"Uhhh... no! Why would you say that?"

"Oh, I have my reasons." There it was, that knowing smile. In another age, men would have gone to war over having that smile directed at them.

A long pause followed. It was strange, standing on a sidewalk on some random street, hugging like this. I felt like my erection was so hot it would burn through my sweatpants and then it would leave a branding mark directly on her bare leg! And her huge tits felt divine, practically enveloping my chest. My heart was still racing fast, but now that the shock had worn off and she hadn't socked me for having such an obvious reaction, I was increasingly enjoying this. I certainly didn't want the hug to end.

To prevent things from getting awkward, I had to think hard and keep the conversation going. But all I could manage was, "Aaaah... What reasons?"

She looked around past me. "It's complicated. But if we're going to talk, it's awkward to talk here, don't you think? Although it looks like you certainly have been making yourself comfy." She took a hand from my back and brought it around to her backside, placing it on one of my hands.

That's when I discovered to my horror that both my hands had somehow migrated down until I was firmly clutching her ass cheeks! And her shorts were as thin as they were short, so I was getting a really good feel of her firm yet yielding bubble butt. I needed to consciously force myself not to do that, but I'd gotten distracted by all her ample charms and totally blown it.

I immediately blushed profusely and took my hands off of her altogether. "Oh no! Sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't realize! I'm just so used to doing that with Mindy!"

I thought she'd be greatly offended, since she so rarely allowed much physical contact at parties. But she seemed only mildly amused. Smiling in her knowing way, she said, "I've noticed, believe me. So don't worry about it."

Then, to both my great relief and my great disappointment, she pulled back, disengaging from me altogether. Maybe that was a mild admonishment for my hands entering a forbidden area, or maybe the hug had simply gone on too long already, I didn't know. Luckily, she still gave me an easy smile, so if she was upset she was very good at hiding it.

Wanting to distract her from my faux pas by changing the subject, I managed to string more than a few coherent words together. "So, what are you doing walking in the dark, anyway?"

"I could ask you the same," she pointed out.

There was a pause, because although it was getting darker fast, there was still plenty of light for me to check out her body, and now that she'd pulled back, there was a wonderland of erotic treasures laid out before me! I didn't know she had a "sporty" side but it stood to reason that she had to exercise regularly to stay in such great shape. Mainly though, my head was reeling at how great she rocked the sporty look.

Naturally, I had a hard time looking anywhere but at her fantastic rack. Her T-shirt was light blue, which allowed me to see though just enough to catch hints of her sorry bra. And I say "sorry" because the poor thing was going to strain and snap before too long, due to the unreasonable weight it was being asked to hold up! More enticing than that was how tightly the shirt hugged her curves. And it didn't even go all the way down to her shorts, leaving a strip of exposed skin just wide enough to show off her belly button.

I realized the silence was stretching on too long, and I was rudely staring. But then, in a clever flash, I thought of something relevant to say that would excuse my gawking. "Yeah, that's true, but I'm a man and you're a woman!"

She chuckled. "I've noticed." She smirked knowingly down my body.

My eyes followed. To my great dismay, I saw that I'd forgotten all about the problem of my sweatpants, compounded by my lack of underwear. Now that there was a gap between us, there was nothing stopping my boner from protruding forward just as lewdly as before! Had she been standing a couple of inches closer, it still would have been poking her!

I was already blushing from before, but my blush deepened. I immediately covered my crotch with both hands, and said, "Oh my gosh! I'm soooo sorry! I didn't realize that either!"

She laughed, but it was a lighthearted laugh of genuine amusement, rather than one of laughing at my expense. She waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. I consider it a compliment, and a very big one at that." She gave my bulge another look, even though it was still covered by my hands.

I was so frazzled that I didn't realize at the time her "very big one at that" comment was almost certainly a knowing reference to the size of my erection.

I tried to get back to the clever, relevant point I wanted to make. "Yeah, but that's the thing. Like I said, I'm a man and you're a woman. Plus, you're no ordinary woman. You're... you!" I waved a hand in her direction, knowing her voluptuous curves could say more than I could through mere words.

Meanwhile, I'd furtively adjusted my stiff erection so it was pointing straight down again. This time I had a better chance to make a proper adjustment, so I was able to trap it in place by clamping my thighs together. That only worked as long as we were standing still, but it would have to suffice for now.

I went on, "What I mean is, these streets might not be safe at this hour. Especially for a woman like you."

She continued to smile in amusement. "What does that mean?"

"Er, I just mean... if I were to harass just one woman, I think it would be you!"

She laughed heartily. "Why, thank you! I believe that's the most rapey compliment I've ever received from you by a good amount, but thank you anyway." She laughed some more.

I think my blush turned redder still. I wanted to apologize, but all her laughing was creating a tit-quake of major proportions. It was at least an eight on the Richter scale! I'm afraid my jaw dropped, but I wasn't sure. However, I soon recovered enough to say, "Oh my God! I'm so sorry! That's not what I meant at all!"

She smiled widely a put a friendly hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry. I understand your sentiment, and I appreciate it. You're concerned about my safety."

I nodded vigorously.

"Don't worry. And you're right, a woman with my figure has extra reason to worry. I've taken some self-defense classes, so I'm not totally helpless. Plus, now I have you, my big strong man, to protect me. You'll protect me from danger, right?"

There was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. I could tell she was having fun flirting with me.

I realized I had to step up my game instead of just blushing, gawking, and talking awkwardly. So I put on a theatrically gallant face and made a little bow. "But of course, my lady! I'm your knight in shining armor!"

"My hero!" Out of the blue, she gave me another hug!

Oh, man! It was a close call that I didn't cum on the spot, when I was suddenly enveloped by so much woman! I know it probably seems crazy that I could be that worked up by another mere hug after all the great sexual adventures I'd been through, but Jane was truly extraordinary, and I'd lusted after her for a long, long time. I'd known her ten years at least, and I believe I got a painfully stiff erection every single time I saw her, without exception!

Thank God for all those great adventures though, because not only had Mindy subtly trained and improved my stamina and other sexual skills in the past couple of years, but in the last month I felt like my dick had gone through some kind of Marine boot camp, whipping my sexual stamina into a whole new kind of shape. I frantically squeezed my PC muscle until the immediate crisis passed.

The challenge not to cum was that much more daunting because my gallant bow freed my hard-on from its locked position between my legs, aided by the fact that I was too blindsided by the hug to remember to keep it there. So the second hug was just like the first, with my boner pointing down and thus pinned between one of her legs and one of mine.

Luckily, or maybe unluckily, the hug was a brief one. After giving me a lingering kiss on the cheek, she pulled back and said with a smile, "Well, Sir Dan... Can I call you that, since you're my knight?"

I smiled with secret relief that she either didn't notice my erection or didn't visibly react to it. On second thought, there was no way she'd miss that hot phallic shape pressing into her skin with just my sweatpants in the way, but she was really cool about it. Gathering my wits, I made another bow. "Of course, my lady. But only if I'm allowed to call you lady, or Lady Jane."

She flashed her pearly whites. "I'd love that! Come, my brave knight. We should retire to a tavern for some grub and ale. Darkness is growing, which means monsters and wolves will soon be on the prowl, and you don't have your sword."

Then she looked down, right at my crotch, and gave me a smirk that would have impressed even Mindy. "Oh, my mistake. You do seem to have something of that general size and shape tucked away under your, er, loincloth." She giggled with glee.

Sure enough, after the hug I was stuck with the same problem as before, which was that my erection tented my sweatpants to an almost comical degree. I was obliged to cover up, but I tried to be more subtle about it this time by simply draping one arm strategically, and attempting to pin the damn thing back towards my body. I would have been greatly embarrassed except that I was already, so I was more able to roll with it.

I'd flirted some with Jane over the years, but never this outrageously. I realized I needed to step up my game to try to keep up with her. So I joked back, "My lady, that is my sword, but I'm afraid a witch has cursed me and cast a spell permanently attaching it to my body, so I'll have to get another blade."

She found that very funny, and her burst of laughter led to another erotic tit-quake. Maybe it was a good thing I needed to keep a hand over my crotch, because it was all I could do not to reach out and steady her trembling globes with both hands! And then I would have kissed her mouth hotly and done a lot more than just steady them!

She took my free hand in hers. "We must hurry then. Night falls, and foul beasts lurk in the shadows. Alas, we're unprotected, due to that cruel witch."

Feeling inspired, not to mention horny as all get out, I managed to quip back, "My lady, we're not totally helpless. If any monsters do come, we'll just have to direct them to a several-inch wide area around here" - I waved my hand that was already on my crotch a little bit, highlighting the area while still trying to cover my boner - "and then I can club them to death!"

She had another hearty laugh. "Oh! This is such fun!" She clutched at me from the side, giving me a sort of side hug - as well as pressing a great deal of side boob into me. Then she pulled back and resumed just holding my hand. "Shall we? Believe me, I've very impressed by the size of your sword, not to mention the stories about how well you wield it. But what if a monster comes at you from behind? That could be... tricky!" She had another hearty laugh.

I hoped she wasn't laughing because she was trying to imagine me sticking my boner between my legs to swipe at creatures from behind. Yikes! I tried not to think about it.

I let her lead me along by my hand. I didn't know where we were going, but I was having such a fun and arousing time - despite all my embarrassment - that I didn't much care.

Unfortunately, walking presented a new set of problems for me. I couldn't just walk down the street clutching at my privates, especially since she was holding one of my hands. But if I didn't do something, my wobbling hard-on would be positively obscene. Worse, my stiff pole could very easily bounce right out the top of my sweatpants! It was a challenge to keep it covered merely standing. I really regretted not wearing underwear, but how on Earth was I to know I'd run into Jane Corlin, of all people?!

In the end, I opted for what I considered a less awkward compromise: I slid my hand just above my privates, almost to my belly button. Then I pulled tightly on the top of my sweatpants, trying to create more tension that would keep my dick close to my body. It wasn't perfect, but it kept it jutting out only three or four inches instead of seven or eight, and kept the bouncing down.

But it turns out I wasn't the only one with a bouncing problem due to walking. I'm sure Jane was wearing some kind of industrial strength bra, and upon closer inspection I could see the shape of two seriously thick bra-straps. However, she was so ridiculously stacked that her bra was fighting a losing battle.

I'd never seen such tit-wobbling in my life! I half-expected comically loud "THUMP" sounds every time her steps caused her mammoth tits to crash down, and "THUNK" sounds when they bonked into each other.

When I wasn't drooling and gawking, I got to wondering why I hadn't noticed such an overt "bouncy" problem from her before, in all of the many parties I'd seen her in. Any bra in the world could only help so much. It occurred to me that she had a way of walking in those parties that was more like gliding or even floating, where her hips didn't move or gyrate much, so her upper torso didn't either. Clearly, it was a skill she'd developed over the years to prevent spontaneous ejaculations from following her wherever she went. But she was walking more vigorously by my side, almost striding, which I'd never seen her do before.

That made me wonder what happened on the other times she walked around the neighborhood, or performed any other sort of athletic activity, for that matter. Her body was built for sex, pure and simple! Even the most basic body motion was like an X-rated porno when her body was involved! I couldn't begin to imagine her playing a vigorous volleyball game like Sue Ellen often did.

It was frustrating having to miss out on such a rare and wonderful titty show, but I forced myself to stare straight ahead. I had enough troubles already, what with my blushing, brain freezes, and lack of sweatpants support. I didn't want to be reduced to a gibbering idiot around her. I knew that she overawed most men with her body, and those kinds of men bored her to death. I had to roll with the punches, such as our enjoyable "knight and lady" talk.

She was content to be silent as we walked, although she was smiling from ear to ear.

I soon got curious though, and asked her, "By the way, where are we going?"

She looked at me with a surprisingly lusty look, and then asked with even more sex in her voice than usual, "Your place or mine?"

Man! She might as well said, "We need to find a bed fast so you can fuck the living daylights out of me!" I'd never flirted with her like THIS before!

However, just when I was starting to think that's what she really meant, she laughed it off good-naturedly. "What I mean is, that tavern you spoke of is closed. Luckily, my castle is nearer than yours, so I'm taking you there."

She seemed to briefly drop our little role-play when she added, "That is, if you don't mind me kidnapping you? Maybe you still want to finish your walk, but I'm basically done with my walk and I'd like to catch up talking to you. You HAVE been avoiding me, and I mean to fix that!" She turned and gave me a pouty look, followed by another knowing and amused one.

I said, "I don't have a problem with that. I was just walking because I was bored, to be honest."

"Good! Then definitely consider yourself kidnapped then!"

I switched back into our role-play. "My lady, how can I be kidnapped when you already are my liege?"

She chuckled. "Good point, Sir Dan. By the way, is that Sir Dan, Knight of the Long... er... Table?" She took another obvious look at my crotch. She seemed endlessly amused, but I wasn't sure if it was because of the verbal banter or the sight of my boner bouncing in my sweatpants, or both.

I couldn't believe how flirtatious she was being! Actually, we'd talked like this before, but it had been different because Mindy had always been right there too. And in fact most of the time she was joking with Mindy, not me. The two of them would often team up and talk about things meant to embarrass me, including frequent jokes about my large penis size. That was a running joke, in fact. But it was very different when we were alone. In all our years of flirting, I never got the idea she might actually want to get physical with me. But now, I was most definitely getting that vibe!

It was scary. My heart was thumping wildly and I was having a hard time keeping my cool. But I knew that if I was going to have any chance with her, I had to be cool. From all those parties over the years, I'd noticed that nothing caused her to lose interest in a guy than if he was fawning or in awe. Clearly, she wanted someone who was her equal. But the problem as far as I could tell, was that everyone was in awe of her to some degree. Maybe that's why she was single (after one marriage that ended years ago).

We walked for about five minutes until we made it back to her place. We continued our friendly banter, with a lot more "knight" and "lady" role-playing. It was a lot of fun, and highly arousing too. The arousal was less from our flirtatious talk and more from the mere fact that I was with Jane friggin' Corlin! I was constantly torn between wanting to look over at her and her endlessly bouncing breasts versus getting overheated and forcing myself to look forward instead. Somehow, merely walking with her like that was almost as arousing as a good blowjob. I guess it goes to show how much of sexual arousal is the mental aspect.

It was fitting that she jokingly referred to her house as a "castle," because it certainly was an impressive place. And that was doubly so since she lived alone. It was no secret that Jane was rich. She owned a boutique that catered to very high class customers, fittingly enough, since everything about her screamed "classy." I'm not sure how much money that made since I didn't usually talk to her about financial matters, but she'd been very wealthy since we first met her about ten years ago, when she was in her mid-twenties.

I suspected she got most of her money from her former husband, and in fact this was the same house she lived in when she'd been married to him back then. They'd divorced about a year or two after we first got to know her, so she'd been single through a lot of her "prime" years.

As soon as we got inside, she started walking away from me while gesturing further into the house. "Make yourself at home in the living room, Sir Dan. You know your way around. If you don't mind me, I've gotten a little sweaty so I'm going to change into something else."

I mock-bowed. "Your wish is my command, Lady Jane."

She glanced back at my bow and laughed as she slowly walked away. "Don't say that, or I might give you some pretty interesting commands!" She was still chuckling as she disappeared down a hallway.

I walked into the living room and sat down on a sofa. I didn't have any interest to look around since I'd been here many times over the years, usually for parties but sometimes for smaller dinner gatherings. Jane was much more Mindy's friend than my friend, and it was easy to see why, since they both loved joking and having fun. Hell, they both loved knowing smirks as well. But if Mindy was invited to something more than one on one, I'd tag along too.

I always enjoyed seeing Jane at such get-togethers, and not just for the obvious visual reason. Sometimes she and Jane would get a laugh riot going that make us all laugh until our sides hurt. But I'd never gotten to know her on a deeper level and almost never talked to her one on one. She had that aloof aspect about her too. For instance, despite knowing her ten years, I knew remarkably little about her because she avoided talking about herself. I surmised from little clues that Mindy knew a lot more, but that was "girl talk" that I wasn't privy to.

Sitting on the sofa, I thought, I wonder if that'll change, because I get the feeling that our relationship is going to shift in some meaningful way. It's all the same, and yet... different. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's just much greater sexual tension? There definitely is THAT! I wonder why though. Maybe... maybe I'm exuding some kind of different aura. Could it be that having a harem and such great sexual success has changed me, giving me a different vibe?

Yes! But also... no. Meaning, I'm sure that's true in general. I can feel the change. My confidence has soared, both sexually and in general. But I don't think it's changed in my interactions with Jane. She still intimidates me, big time. And I've hardly acted like some kind of supremely confident cock of the walk tonight. I've mostly been gawking and struggling to think of something clever to say while covering my bulge. Not exactly Don Juan material there.

Then what is it?! Could it just be the fact that I'm getting all this rare solo time with her?! And if she acts so differently without Mindy around, what does THAT mean?! Could she want to get something physical started with me?!

Phew! Man! I don't know! Jane fucking Corlin! The very idea is absurd. But she made all those jokes about my "big sword" and such. And the hugs! Good God, those jugs! Er, I mean hugs! And the jugs too. Damn! She is such a total BABE! It's weird, because my confidence HAS soared, but when it comes to her all I can think is why the hell would she be interested in me?

And what about the fact that I'm married?! She wouldn't want me to cheat on Mindy, would she?! She's a basically good person. She's had a lot of boyfriends over the years, but I never heard of her taking part in an affair.

I continued to ruminate over these and other Jane-related issues. She was gone for five minutes, which gave my penis enough time to go flaccid.

But then she reappeared.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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