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Chapter 18

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When Jane came back in, I thought I was mentally and psychologically ready. I braced myself for an overwhelming onslaught of sexiness. A sexy onslaught is exactly what happened, yet I still wasn't ready when the moment arrived. I felt like the chair I was sitting in tilted back and then slid back a foot or two, as if it had been hit by a wave of water. Luckily, there were armrests. I gripped them with all my might as I attempted to appear normal. I somehow managed a smile through clenched teeth, I think.

As I'd expected, she didn't just change clothes because she was feeling "sweaty" - it was obvious she'd gone all out to impress. She'd fixed her long brown hair by piling it up on her head instead of the sporty ponytail she'd had before, and she'd probably put on some subtle touches of make-up.

But I didn't have much time to consider any of that because of the pure white dress she was wearing. The first thing that caught my eye was the sheer amount of cleavage it was showing off.

I'm happy to say that "grand canyons of cleavage" were hardly a new experience for me. I do have a daughter with a pair of obscenely large torpedo tits who flaunts them in my direction every chance she can get. And I don't want to sound like a braggart about the women in my life, but I have three more cock slaves and one wife, and all of them are gloriously stacked enough to make a tit man weep for joy.

But Jane Corlin was in a league of her own! She had a large, Amazon-esque body that could support huge tits, and she was so outrageously curvy all over that they looked like they belonged on her, even though they also somehow looked too big to fit on her chest! I was sure that if she was completely topless there would be no gap between her round melons, because they were that big!

Seeing her in her white dress was a real "pinch me, am I dreaming" moment for me. It was sleeveless, with just one strap of fabric rising from one tremendous breast and narrowing as it rose, then going around her neck and coming back down to cover her other breast. There was no way she could be wearing a bra, because there was a great V of exposed skin in the middle of her chest going down almost to her belly button, as well as lots of skin showing down her sides.

It wouldn't have been so revealing except for the fact that there was a zipper right down between her immense boobs. While the zipper was hidden by a thin flap of fabric, one could nonetheless see that she'd unzipped a daring amount, with the zipper tab pulled below the height of her nipples. It looked like her dress could rip apart if she took a sufficiently deep breath!

As if that wasn't heart-stopping enough, the skirt part of the dress was extremely short, just like a miniskirt. She wasn't just a gorgeous face with huge, flawless breasts - she was the whole package, including legs and ass. I couldn't wait to see her from the backside.

She floated into the room, saying, "Is this a bit too much? Or too little?" She chuckled. "I bought this a ways back, but then I was too chicken to actually wear it in front of people. You're my guinea pig."

I knew this was a critical test for me. My heart was doing somersaults and backflips, and I was so aroused that my head was spinning. I was having to consciously force myself to keep breathing, but to do it without panting hard. Jane was bored of reducing guys to blithering idiots. I'd seen it happen at every party she attended. All she had to do was walk into the room, and all eyes were on her, and the guys would fall over each other to serve her every whim. It was the same way Michelle was treated, only even more so, because Jane had a sultry sophistication that came with years of experience.

Unlike Michelle, who relished the spotlight, it seemed to me that Jane had grown weary of being THE sexy spectacle everywhere she went, but she couldn't stop being who she was, just like a very funny person wouldn't be happy to suddenly stop telling jokes. She still went to parties and dressed to the nines because she was looking for a good man worthy of her. I don't know all of her prerequisites for her future lovers, but it was obvious that she wanted someone who could handle her sexual heat and give as good as she gave.

I had to psyche myself up. If anyone can cope with tremendous female beauty, it's me. I'm accustomed to it, thanks to the women in my family and/or harem that I deal with on a daily basis. I have five remarkable cock slaves, for crying out loud! Plus, I've had so many peak sexual experiences so often these past couple of months that merely looking at Jane in the sexiest outfit I'd ever seen her wear is small potatoes, right?

That's what I told myself, even though I was well aware that she was having a special effect on me. Forbidden fruit is always the most tempting, after all, and she'd been off limits for ten years.

There was a long pause as I tried to gather my wits and then say something clever. Finally, I managed, "We're practically a zoo here."

She raised an uncertain eyebrow. "Come again?"

"You're a chicken and I'm a guinea pig."

She grinned widely, finally getting it. Plus, I could tell she was very pleased that I was keeping my cool. She walked closer to me, and said, "Two animals? That doesn't sound like much of a zoo."

Inspired, and feeling a surge of confidence from not being struck dumb by her beauty, I said, 'No, I guess not. More like a small petting zoo, perhaps."

She picked up on the innuendo opportunity, just as I'd hoped she would. She kept on floating towards me until she stood right in front of where I sat, still clutching the armrests for dear life. I wasn't nearly as cool and collected as I appeared on the surface.

She cocked a hip and made a show of slowly stroking her luscious curves with her hands, an action that nearly took my breath away all by itself. She smirk-smiled, "Hmmm... A petting zoo? The problem with that is there's nobody there to pet us... unless you're suggesting we pet each other?"

Phew! Yeow! The "come hither" look she gave me hit me like a punch to the solar plexus. It was all I could do not to whip my head back just as if I was staggered from a physical blow. I probably looked a little shell-shocked, but thanks to so much teasing from the Gruesome Twosome and others in recent months, I bounced back quickly. "Hmmm. I'm not suggesting we should do that, but if we did, the amount we charge for attendance to our zoo could skyrocket!"

She liked that, and had a good laugh.

That made her chest jiggle in a way that had me drooling. In fact, to cover for my lewd staring, I had to jokingly and ostentatiously wipe my chin.

She laughed again at that, but then she walked a few steps away to sit in the nearest chair to mine. She scooted it closer until she was directly in front of me, with our knees almost touching. Then she said, "Well, if you're not going to stand for a lady, I'll have to sit."

That caught me out, because I hadn't realized I'd committed a faux pas until it was too late. I struggled for some kind of suave comment to get me out of that jam, but I was stumped. In truth, I was having a hard time just coping being alone with her while she was wearing that dress, especially now that she was sitting right in front of me. And having to hide the raging boner in my sweat pants wasn't making things easier on me.

Luckily, she didn't mind, and waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry, I'm just yanking your chain. Besides, now we can really talk. I'm so excited about everything Mindy's been telling me. I can't wait to hear your perspective."

She leaned forward eagerly in her chair, causing her massive melons to almost spill out of her dress.

Despite the sexy sight, my expression turned sour and chagrined as I considered her words. "Uh-oh. I don't like the sound of that. Please don't tell me my big-mouthed wife has been talking about our personal life with you."

Jane replied without looking apologetic, "Sorry, I can't tell you that. We talk on the phone pretty frequently, as you know, and women love to gossip. Besides, you don't think the fact that you have not one but TWO mistresses is something you can keep a secret for long, do you? That's the sort of juicy news that spreads like wildfire!"

I thought, "Two mistresses?!" Good grief! What the hell was Mindy thinking, telling her that?!

I sighed heavily. My reaction was a bit theatrical, but I was genuinely upset. I grumbled, "I suppose it's not that shocking that you'd find out sooner or later, although I'd much prefer later. I mean, these are VERY recent developments. What if things don't work out? And just what did she tell you, exactly? Please tell me everything, so I'll know how long to exile her to Siberia!"

Jane chuckled at that, while still leaning forward provocatively. "Don't blame her, please. You may not realize it since you and I don't usually share personal secrets, but she and I share practically everything. Swami Jane knows all!" She laughed some more, and I had to look somewhere else until her chest stopped wobbling so invitingly. "I know more about you than... well, let's just say you've been a great source of entertainment for me, for years. You two have such fun, always joking and playing pranks and so much more. Your whole family is practically a comedy troop!"

Despite the concerning topic of conversation, I was having a hard time maintaining eye contact with her. It was just that there was SO MUCH of her to look at! My erection kept threatening to rip though my sweat pants, thanks to the way she was leaning forward and jiggling her tremendous rack at me with all her giggling or laughing.

However, I remained determined not to get distracted, so I could get to the bottom of my wife's latest scheming. I hope to God that's not true, that they share ALL secrets, or I'm dead meat! There's no way she knows even a hint about the incest, right?! I'm going to have to assume that's true because I can't even contemplate my wife being that reckless.

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, great. I hope I kept that phone number of a good divorce lawyer. Seriously, what did she tell you?!"

"I hope I don't get her in trouble, but I suppose it's only fair that I tell you everything, since it's largely about you. She told me all about how you two decided to open up your marriage. Well, sort of. Your side of it, anyway. She's tried to explain to me how she enjoys being a cucquean. I don't get that, like, AT ALL! I'd never even heard of that word before she dropped it on me. If you were married to me and you had sex with another woman, I'd be coming at you with a frying pan in one hand and a knife in the other!"

I grumbled, "I know, I know. It's strange. I don't get her mindset either."

She went on, "But I figure as long as everybody's happy, that's what matters. And she's happier than she's ever been lately. Clearly! Just thinking about talking to her perks me up every time, because she's always bursting with enthusiasm. Plus, of course, I've heard all about Cindy and Sue Ellen, and how they couldn't be happier."

Jane had sat back while she talked, only to suddenly lean forward again. "So that only leaves you, and I can't imagine that you're upset at this new arrangement. You're living the life! How many men have a wife like yours who lets you sleep with any other woman you want?"

I'd been bracing myself, wondering just what she'd heard. I breathed a secret sigh of relief that she didn't know anything about the incest. But then again, I would have been totally shocked if Min breathed even a hint of that to anyone. Still, having Jane learn about practically everything else was completely unexpected and I didn't know what to do or say.

After a long pause, Jane asked me earnestly, "Well?! Penny for your thoughts?"

I was practically scowling, even though I was horny as hell from looking back and forth between Jane's stunning face and her round tits. "Sorry, I'm just thinking how deeply my wife is in my dog house. Maybe I'll build an actual dog house in the backyard and force her to sleep there until she learns some discretion!"

Jane spoke with sincere concern on her face this time, "Oh dear! Please don't be mad at her! If it'll make you feel better about all of this, I suppose I should come clean about certain things and let the chips fall where they may. You see, I can pretty much guarantee that she hasn't told anyone else about any of that. I'm a special case. Uh... she and me... we kind of have a special relationship when it comes to this sort of thing. You see..." She trailed off unexpectedly, suddenly at a loss for words.

"UGH!" She sighed heavily as she struggled over what to say, which actually caused her zipper on the front of her dress to zip down an inch or so. Then she stood up and started pacing around right in front of me. She looked forward and decidedly not in my direction as she continued, "Argh! This is hard for me to confess, but I think I have to in order to get Mindy out of a jam she doesn't really deserve to be in. If there's any blame, it should fall on me."

My God! I thought, admiring the exquisitely sexy sight of her impossibly sexy body in motion before me, She's even more ravishingly beautiful than I'd thought before! I thought she'd maxed out on that, but just being with her one-on-one like this is almost too much to take!

Then she lowered the boom on me, stating, "You see, I've long envied her for the fact that she's got you."

Huh?! I'm pretty sure that at that moment, breathing stopped being something I needed to do for a while.

Jane stopped her pacing and grew uncertain and embarrassed. "Not as a life partner, that is, but... you know, someone to have fun with. I've often told her that if she were to ever give you a free pass and I wasn't in a serious relationship at the time, that I'd be open to, well... going on a date with you."

She turned her head down shyly.

I was stunned to see the mighty and regal Jane Corlin was actually blushing! Clearly, she wasn't used to confessing these sorts of feelings to a man. It was the men who were always coming on to her. Furthermore, what she was saying was seriously blowing my mind! I'd always considered her out of my league, but she was basically indicating that she was interested in having sex with me if the conditions were right!

She looked up and boldly resumed eye contact. "Are you still with me?"

I gulped and nodded slowly. My heart was already thumping hard just from being this close to her in a private setting. But it raced much faster and harder, from my knowledge that she wanted to have sex with me.

I found that hard to believe, despite the clear evidence. It could happen, for real! She's not just open to the idea as some sort of mildly amusing diversion for her jaded heart. She actually WANTS to get very intimate with me! She's practically enthusiastic about it, for crying out loud! If she wants it, there's nothing stopping us but ME! Whoa! And I'd never say no to a chance to fuck a living goddess! No fucking way! This is Jane friggin' Corlin! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

She nodded, and seemed to gain confidence. "Good. Anyway, back at the time of the Christmas Party Incident-"

I interrupted, "Wait! You know about that?!"

"Of course. Like I said, us women, we talk. Of course, it's a two-way street. I tell her all about my dating life too. She's kind of my relationships coach. I rarely make any major move without consulting her first."

"Really?! I had no idea you two were that close."

"It's been a gradual thing. You've noticed I'm a pretty private person, but she wore me down over the years." She chuckled.

I chuckled too. "She has that way about her, doesn't she? She's good at wearing people down and getting her way. I of all people should know!"

Jane smiled brightly and knowingly. "Indeed. But she's not some kind of shrew to you, because she loves you and wants to make you happy. Whenever she 'gets her way,' it always works out to your benefit. You know that, don't you?"

I nodded. I tried to subtly adjust my boner in my sweatpants, because I could feel them making a wet spot due to leaking pre-cum and I didn't want that to get too large and obvious.

I thought, I'll bet half the reason Jane and Mindy got so emotionally close has to do with some crazy cucquean scheme my wife cooked up to get Jane to sleep with me. She burrowed into Jane's confidence to get the inside scoop to help make that happen; I'm sure of it. I wonder how long that's been going on?! Damn, Min is fucking weird!

Jane went on, "Anyway, getting back to the Christmas Party Incident, I knew all about that. It's too bad I was in the middle of a serious relationship at the time, or you could have tried a 'swap' with me instead of the Jensens. Although it wouldn't have really been a swap because there wouldn't have been another man in the picture to cause all that angst. Since then, of course, Mindy's desire to share you has only grown as she's gotten more in touch with her cucquean feelings and wants to see you have sex with even more other women. As if having two mistresses isn't crazy enough!"

"Yes, that's true," I admitted.

"Now, I'll be the first to admit that her whole cucquean fetish thing definitely ISN'T my own personal cup of tea, but I'm not about to complain if she feels that way. Because I happen to be between serious boyfriends, and with you back on the market, so to speak, maybe it's not too late for you and me to... have a go?" She flashed me an extra sexy look.

I sat back in my chair, feeling blown away all over again. It was like I was being hit head on by a tornado and getting sucked into the vortex! "Whoa! It's like you're applying to be mistress number three!"

She grinned at that. "Well, not exactly. Actually, that's not my intention whatsoever. To put all my cards on the table, I'm not interested in something serious with you because you've got Mindy. ... And Cindy. ... AND Sue Ellen! That's getting a little too crowded for me."

I nodded. I actually was somewhat relieved to hear that. Jane was so sexually overwhelming that I had a feeling I could only handle her in limited doses. Besides, I already was near or at the limit of how much sexual joy any single man could physically cope with!

She continued, "I suppose it can be said - and I'm sure it often has been - that I'm a high maintenance kind of gal. I know I've got the face and body that guys go nuts over, and I unabashedly take full advantage. I'm used to having a man who gives his full attention to me, and I'm not keen on sharing like Mindy is. Nor am I submissive-minded and thus willing to agree to most anything, like Sue Ellen is."

That startled me. "You know about that too?"

"I don't know a lot of details. But I was so incredulous that three women could share the same man without tearing each other apart that Mindy had to explain to me how submissiveness plays into it. I understand that, between your wife's cucquean... fetish... or whatever you call it, and how submissive and devoted Cindy and Sue Ellen are, they actually all get along well, despite having to share, well... you. Would you say that's true?"

I nodded. "Definitely. I think they actually prefer sharing, believe it or not." I added in my mind, And that's true for Michelle and Ruby too, generally speaking. Submissiveness is the glue that makes it all work. Well, that and love and family. But those factors alone probably wouldn't be enough to explain the sexual harmony if some of them were dominant types. It's tough enough as it is with Shelle. She's not dominant in the conventional sense, since she clearly loves being my sex slave, but she sure as hell is demanding!

Jane nodded, while staring off into space, probably deep in thought. "Strange. There's no way I could see sharing a serious boyfriend with one other woman, much less two! It simply doesn't compute."

I thought, If she only knew the full truth! She knows Shelle and Ruby well enough. She'd have a full-on freak out if she knew I was having sex with them, much less that they're my willing "cock slaves!" Hell, the mere phrase "cock slave" would blow her head right off her body. Thank God that at least Mindy exercises enough restraint to keep that much a secret!

Jane's demeanor shifted, suddenly becoming more sultry. "But, that said, life is short, and word has it that you're the best of the best when it comes to pleasing a woman." She gave me a saucy wink. "And we're already friends, so as long as I'm between any serious relationships, why not see how 'friends with benefits' works out, so long as everyone is okay with it?"

It was my turn to stare off into space, trying to process the implications of her all too obvious offer. My head really was spinning, and jolts of erotic arousal zapped me all over, like I was being poked by some kind of sexual cattle prod. I'd lost what was left of my "suave reserve." I couldn't think clearly, much less speak coherently, knowing what Jane was proposing!

After a prolonged pause, I stammered, "I... I... don't know what to say!"

She nodded, as if she'd been expecting that. "Don't say anything at all, just yet. We all know you're notoriously slow to change your mind. Just put it in your pipe and smoke it. There's no rush. Meanwhile, I've love to hear more from you on how things are working out between you and your two new mistresses. Not to mention how that came to be. Mindy told me the basic outline, but she didn't want to give out details without your permission."

The change of topic helped me recover from my tremendous sexual shock. I scoffed, "What, Mindy is using some restraint in sharing my intimate secrets? I don't believe it!"

Jane chuckled. "She did. A lot, actually. I only know the broad outlines, despite my great desire to hear the nitty gritty in thrust by thrust detail. Er, I mean blow by blow detail." She gave me another sexy wink, showing that wasn't a mistake at all. "Although, all that blowing sounds like fun too!"

I thought, Hooooolllleeee shit! Jane is talking about having sex with me! Thrusting! And blowing! With me! JANE! Even with all my crazy harem life experience, I feel like a virgin on his first date. She's just so... so... JANE! God, she's too much woman for any man to handle!

She went on, "I hope you can understand, given my long-standing offer to her to be the recipient of your free pass, if you ever got one, that she couldn't resist telling me about your new open relationship status. I'd been pestering her about this very thing for ages. And in order to understand what that meant exactly, how could she not tell me the basics about Cindy and Sue Ellen?"

I thought about that, and then let out a long sigh. "I suppose. I know it may sound weird that I'm looking at a gift horse in the mouth. I mean... a 'free pass?' With YOU?! Good God! Is there a straight man with a pulse who would turn that down?! No way!"

She chuckled and modestly waved a hand in a dismissive gesture, as if to say "I'm not all that." But she didn't actually deny it, because she was "all that," and she knew it.

I went on, sincerely, "But at the same time, it's frustrating for me seeing her run rampant with her cucquean fetish, even if I benefit greatly. It's a strange conflict for me. It's like getting upset with someone for giving you too many lavish presents. In a way, it's hard to complain, but my frustration is real. I love all the extra fantastic sex, but I don't want to be her puppet."

Jane nodded. "I understand more than you know. Just as she's my relationships coach, I try to give her good advice too. She's talked to me quite a bit recently about her problem of letting her cucquean tendencies get out of control. That puts me in the awkward position of trying to encourage her moderation in general while still wanting that free pass with you specifically!"

I just nodded, dazed. "Yeah. Wow!" Good grief! I'm trying to adjust to the fact that not only does Jane want to have sex with me, she's making no bones about it! That means it's going to happen, for sure, because no man could tell her no. So how the hell could I tell her no?! There's no way! She has to know that it's just a matter of time before my stubborn mind will come around to okaying the idea, and then... Lord have mercy!

She looked at me with apparent mild amusement, her earlier embarrassment gone. "Why don't I get us some drinks while you have a chance to absorb all that? It's a lot to take in."

"Um... okay." My heart was still racing and my head was still spinning. I hoped I wasn't sweating or visibly trembling.

"What would you like? Some wine?"

"Wine... good."

She chuckled at my caveman-like response, knowing it was the best I could manage at the moment. "Two glasses of 'wine good' coming up." She stood up and headed to the kitchen.

Actually, "headed" doesn't begin to explain it. She sashayed and swayed her ass as she left the room in a way that could have been a porno film all by itself, even with her dress still on! Had her ass been attached to any other body, it would have gotten a ton of attention. Let's just say that her ass was equally as impressive as her chest! She was the full package, a genetically blessed grand slam!

My eyes were riveted to the rolling movement of her hips under that unfairly short skirt. She was so hot looking that I halfway expected the carpet to have smoking prints of her high heeled shoes left trailing her in her wake! Good God!

While she was gone, I tried to take some deep breaths and calm myself down. I was fairly successful with that. But then I glanced down at my crotch. My erection was protruding out so obscenely that I was astounded she didn't gawk or comment about it. My cockhead was still covered by my sweatpants, but with my boner sticking straight out like a mini-flag pole, there wasn't enough fabric to cover my cock all the way back to my body. If she looked from the right angle, she could have seen most of it!

I quickly readjusted, trying to snake the damn thing down the side of one leg. I still couldn't understand how she'd missed it. Did she just not look at my crotch, or did she, but I was too blown away by her overwhelming sexuality at the time to notice?

When she came back, we just talked about unimportant things while we sipped our glasses of wine. No doubt that was a deliberate effort on her part to give my spinning head a chance to recover, and I was grateful.

I managed to calm down a fair amount, mostly by putting the "free pass" talk aside, as if it had happened to someone else. That was too amazing for me to contemplate, especially while she was in the room wearing her super sexy white dress and generally looking fantastic.

She soon managed to turn the discussion to Cindy and Sue Ellen and my relationships with them. She knew Cindy fairly well, because we were in the same social circles and attended many of the same parties. But she'd never met Sue Ellen, so I mostly explained what she was like.

After a few minutes of this pleasant conversation, our wine was gone. I must admit I'd downed mine pretty fast, due to my general nervousness. Simply being around the "infamous" Jane Corlin was somewhat stressful for me even in a group setting - it was like interacting with a famous movie star. But talking to her one on one, with her in that white dress and me in my inadequate sweatpants, upped the stakes. I wanted to impress her and not screw up. Plus, now there was a sexual tension between us that was orders of magnitude greater than anything between us before.

Once she gave me a second glass, I must confess I downed that one even faster. I realized that I had to be careful not to get drunk. I had to remain in control, because even though having sex with Jane would be one of my greatest fantasies come true, I was determined to talk to Mindy first. I'd already screwed up once today having sex with Sonia on a rash impulse, and I didn't want that to happen again. Besides, if and when I did have sex with her, it was essential that I was in top form, and not some fumbling drunkard!

When I finished giving Jane a summary about Sue Ellen, she commented, "My oh my! She sounds like quite a woman. And so young! Mindy's told me some about her too, of course. She says she's a real stunner, and quite a tigress in bed."

There was a long pause. I didn't know what to say. Of course Sue Ellen most definitely is a "real stunner" and a "tigress in bed," but if I boasted about her, it felt like I'd be boasting about myself for winning such a great catch.

Jane seemed curiously impressed that I stayed quiet, almost as if I'd passed a test. "I must say, I've met a lot of men who thump their chest and boast of their sexual prowess, but they're usually all hat and no cattle. Whereas you're the opposite. You don't say a boastful word, but somehow get total knockouts like Sue Ellen to fall head over heels for you! Is it any wonder then that I've been waiting for the day you'd be back on the market?"

I must admit that I blushed. I hemmed and hawed, "I don't know about that. To be honest, it's all just some kind of crazy lucky streak. I haven't done anything to deserve this. Mindy's the one pulling the strings, as you know."

Jane smirked. "Hrm. We'll see about that. Mindy has praised your sexual talents to the high heavens so many times that, well... we'll see. But first, I've got a suggestion. While we're talking, why don't we play pool too? Billiards. You know how to play, don't you?"

"Um, yeah. I'm not very good though." That was true, and not false modesty. I hadn't played that much over the years.

"We'll see about that. Come with me."

So we went into another room, with our wine glasses and the wine bottle. When we got there, I could tell that Jane was much more serious about pool than I was, because she had an actual "pool room," with a pool table in perfect condition right in the middle of it.

I looked around and said, "I can tell you now that you're going to wipe the floor with me. You obviously know what you're doing. I've never owned a pool table, nor have I ever played much."

"You're probably right; I am pretty good," she admitted. Then she added cheekily, "And not just with pool."

I had to laugh. "Indeed! Now you're channeling Mae West, or Jessica Rabbit."

She smirked. 'Hey, I didn't ask to be 'drawn' this way. But as long as I am, I might as well have fun with it. That's why I'm unabashedly high maintenance. Let's just say I've never had a boyfriend who didn't say I was worth it!" She struck an extra sexy pose, with a hand on her cocked hip.

"Phew!" I playfully fanned my face. "Is it just me, or did it suddenly get a lot hotter in here?"

She liked that, but got the conversation back on track, to the pool game. "I'm a firm believer that people can rise to almost challenge if given the right incentive. So let's raise the stakes. Every time you sink a ball in, you'll get to tug my front zipper down an inch or two." She looked down knowingly towards the zipper between her enormous breasts.

"WHAT?!" I'd just managed to calm down, relatively speaking, thanks to the safe Sue Ellen small talk. My heart started racing wildly all over again.

She smirked. "Don't worry. I know how you think. You're going to want to talk things over with Mindy before we explore my 'friends with benefits' idea. Plus, you may want to get the okay from Cindy and Sue Ellen too."

I nodded vigorously. I did want to do all that first. Plus, it was intimidating to merely consider getting frisky with the mighty Jane Corlin. Even after everything that had happened to me sexually recently, the possibility was almost too hot to contemplate! Not to mention, I had to be on top form, because I didn't want to disappoint and thus fail to earn a repeat performance. I needed time to mentally adjust.

She continued, "Fair enough. But I also know how much you like staring at my breasts in particular. If I had a dollar for every time you gawked at my chest over the years, well, it could pay off the mortgage for this house!" She chuckled.

I grumbled, "Damn! Was I that obvious?"

"Actually, no, not really. You were more subtle than most, and I appreciate that. But a woman always knows when she's being checked out by someone she's interested in." She gave me another winning and sultry smile.

Then, with a mirthful smirk, she looked down at my crotch and added, "Though in your case I usually have a pretty easy way to detect your interest, unless you're wearing a wooden barrel around your waist."

I followed her gaze down to my crotch. Now that I was standing up and walking around, I'd forgotten to carefully guard what I was showing. To my horror, my cockhead and more was poking up above my sweatpants! The top third of my raging erection was on full display!

I quickly tucked it back in, while my face turned cherry red. "Oh my God! I'm so, so sorry!"

She just chuckled, but in a good-natured way. "Don't sweat it. I've had my own wardrobe malfunctions over the years. Besides, there have been so many times I've seen and felt your exact..." She abruptly stopped that line of thought.

Instead, she very quickly switched to saying, "Whoever wins or loses the game doesn't matter much, because the zipper's only going down tonight."

I was trying to keep up with what she was saying even as I struggled to figure out what she'd stopped herself from saying. She must have been on the verge of saying my penis. What else could it be?! But how could she have seen and even felt my penis many times before?! Unless! Oh no! Not the Dando! Oh, hell!

I didn't have any time to think that through though, because she kept talking, and her words were startling.

She said, "So if we play long enough, you'll get the zipper down all the way. And to give you extra incentive, if you make it that far, I'll peel my dress all the way down to my waist!"

My eyes must have bugged out of my head while my jaw clonked onto the floor. I did want to take things slow with Jane, but there was no way in hell I was going to miss this opportunity! I'd longed to see her topless for ten years, since the very first time we'd met. I figured there was no harm in simply looking.

I recovered my composure, more or less, and grinned with new determination. "You're on! I like this incentive idea of yours. I think my billiards skills just doubled, at least!"

She chuckled at that.

We began playing pool. Given the stakes at hand, I was as serious as a heart attack, even as my dick stayed erect and throbbing in my sweatpants. Unfortunately, one could only go so far on determination. She sank three solid balls on her first turn, and I got the feeling she could have kept going but she didn't want to embarrass me.

Luckily, early in the game there were plenty of opportunities on the table and I was able to sink my first striped ball.

She beamed. "Very good. Come and get your prize!" As if she wasn't naturally endowed enough, she arched her back and thrust her massive rack forward enticingly.

I walked uncertainly around the pool table, careful to keep my boner covered. "What, you want me to do the unzipping?!"

"That's what I said, if you were paying attention."

I felt just like a kid in a candy store that had free run of the place, and I couldn't believe that there wasn't some kind of limitation or catch. "Um, are you sure?" I stood right in front of her with my hands held up. My heart was thumping hard. "Because it'll be hard for me to get to the zipper without touching any... forbidden areas."

She chuckled heartily. "We're talking about a 'friends with benefits' arrangement. I approve of it, I can see from the lusty look in your eyes and the sizable lump in your pants that you approve, and we both know Mindy approves. So I've got a feeling you're going to be touching my 'forbidden areas' a lot, just as I'll be touching yours."

She licked her lips hungrily. "The bottom line is, do what you've gotta do to get the zipper down. I don't mind."

Jane Corlin is so much woman! More than any man can handle. And such a sexy voice, that perfectly matches her looks!

Her words just about knocked me over and sent me flying backwards over the pool table. But then to pair that with her lip licking was too much to take! The thought of her luscious lips on her regal face wrapped around my shaft nearly made me crumble to the ground. And I was supposed to touch her breasts and pull down her zipper after all that?! I was a wreck!

I realized I had to get my act together. I talked to myself in my mind, Come on, man! Don't blow it! Yes, she's a sex bomb, but so are all the women in my harem. Mindy, Cindy, Michelle, Ruby, AND Sue Ellen! I can handle it, if any man can! Why be any more intimidated by her? Is it because she's new? Well, look what happened between me and Sonia Bossi today. That sure didn't slow me down! Man up! Go for it!

To stall for time, I asked, "Aaaah... just how much should I pull the zipper down?"

She was having a grand time, perhaps finding some amusement in seeing me lose my cool in the face of her voluptuous beauty. "That's up to you. I said an inch or two, but we don't have any good way to measure that, do we? So we'll have to use the honor system."

"Okay." Before I lost my nerve, I reached forward and held the flap of fabric away from the zipper. Then I used my other hand to pull it down. I didn't want to be too greedy, so I guessed somewhere between an inch or two. Plus, the zipper was fairly far down already. There weren't that many inches left to go in the first place!

I could have used that opportunity to fondle her in a big way, but I chickened out. I know that makes me look bad, but if you knew and saw Jane, you'd understand. It wasn't just her exceptional beauty, it was her aloof and regal nature. I'd spent ten years mildly flirting with her but never being able to touch her intimately. It was hard to overcome a habit that lasted that long.

Plus, most of the women I'd gotten sexually involved with gave off a submissive vibe to some degree. That was a big green light for me. True, Sonia was an exception, but I got so angry and horny about her, all mixed together, that I'd overcome any lingering resistance on my part. Now that I'd seen Sonia totally overcome by sexual ecstasy, I felt I could do no wrong with her. But with Jane, I didn't know anything about her sexual side. I envisioned her in complete control and playing with horny men like they were toys, but I didn't want to be treated like that.

I thought I was done after I let go of the zipper, and we'd get back to the game. But with the extra inch or so I'd pulled down, the zipper tab left the "tension zone" where the fabric was stretched tightly between her massive globes. She took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling. The zipper slid down another couple of inches, to her belly button!

It amazed me that I'd been thinking earlier she could rip her tight dress apart with a heavy breath, and then she did almost exactly that!

She immediately complained, "Hey! You cheated!"

I was going to vigorously protest my innocence, since it was obvious that her heavy breathing had done that. But the way she was smirk-smiling made me realize she wasn't actually upset. Clearly, she'd done that on purpose and she knew it. So instead I joked, "Just never breathe again and it'll be fine."

She liked that, and looked at me with amusement. "Yeah, right. Like I can do that. Can you pull it back up?" She put her hands on the top of her head, as if she was helpless to operate a zipper on her own.

That was such a sexy pose that it pretty much broke whatever lingering reluctance I had to touch her. I put both hands on the top of her taut tummy, where the zipper was, and pulled the zipper back up. As I did so, I let my hands slide up until they were full of tit! True, the dress was in the way, but I got a nice feel of her soft globes just the same.

She left no doubt that she didn't have any problem feeling my hands on her by the way she let out a sexy, contented sigh. Then she said, "That's more like it. I'm not made out of porcelain, you know. But will it stay?"

"Let's find out." I let go of her again.

Still with her hands on her head, she took a deep breath, and then another. Sure enough, the zipper slid right back down! In fact, it wound up even lower than last time.

We shared a good laugh, because clearly she was manipulating the zipper thanks to her heavy breathing, plus the sheer size of her fantastic breasts.

I valiantly tried to pull the zipper back up, though that was a thin excuse for more prolonged caressing of the undersides of her tit-mountains. I still was careful to only touch her through her dress, even though her dress had already opened up so much that her erect nipples could easily be seen from above.

And what lovely nipples they were! A wonderful pink, and just as perfectly formed as the rest of her - not too big and not too small. Already, I longed to fondle and suckle on them.

It amazed me that I actually could play with them right now, and she almost certainly wouldn't mind. But I thought about what I'd done with Sonia earlier. I didn't want to get in the habit of getting intimate with women without even talking to Mindy about it first, much less Cindy and Sue Ellen. I was trying to start a proper protocol here. I considered calling Mindy on the phone, but I was sure she was asleep.

After my second try, Jane simply took some more deep breaths until the zipper was below her belly button again. She said with a knowing grin, "I guess it's your lucky day. You got a bonus that time. I wonder how many more balls you'll have to sink before you have me completely topless?"

With that reminder, we got back to playing pool.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and greyshadow, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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