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Chapter 19

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Boy, did I have an incentive to win at pool now! True, I didn't want to go "too far" with her. That wasn't clearly defined in my mind, but certainly just looking at her bare chest had to be okay.

It was still my turn, but I missed my shot.

I drank more of my wine to drown my sorrows. I was already tipsy, at least. I hoped that could make me a better pool player by lowering my inhibitions.

Jane sank another solid ball, putting her up four to one. Then she missed. But I got the impression that she'd missed on purpose, because in missing she put the cue ball in a spot that gave me a very easy shot.

I made it, thank God.

She lifted her hands up and rested them behind her head. "Here we go again. Do your worst! And no cheating this time."

I was having more fun as I warmed up to the situation. Jane wasn't made out of moonbeams and fairy dust - she was flesh and blood, and her tits felt fantastic, even through the dress. I wanted more of that.

With the zipper already down below her belly button, I didn't have any excuse to touch her breasts. But I put a hand on the underside of one of them anyway. If she asked, I was going to tell her I was just steadying my position there, but she didn't ask.

The hem lines of the dress dipped down in a V-shape towards her pussy, as if it was a giant arrowhead pointing there. Unfortunately, that meant I still had about three inches to go before I ran out of zipper. I pulled it down another inch, leaving just two.

Rather than mess around, I decided to get back to the game right away, in hopes I could sink another two balls so she'd peel her dress down to her waist!

Unfortunately, I had no easy shot opportunity when my turn resumed, and I missed.

Both of us continued to drink our wine. She was getting tipsy too, I could tell.

She took her turn and sunk another one, leaving just two solid balls to go. Then she missed her next shot.

I missed my next shot too.

Then she missed again, and so did I. This was getting frustrating!

But there was one very nice silver lining. As we moved around the pool table, we kept bumping into each other. Now that the ice had been broken with a little tit fondling, it seemed like we were incapable of getting around the other person without a lot of hip bumping and hand holding. She felt fantastic, everywhere!

Plus, I've failed to mention what a great visual spectacle it was every time she bent over to take her next shot. With the zipper down below her belly button, her huge tits came spilling all the way out, every time! It was a tit lover's paradise, let me tell you!

She would remain bent over for a prolonged period of time as she concentrated intently on her next shot. I was sure she was doing that for my benefit - as if she needed to arouse me even more! Sometimes, her bare tit-flesh would press against the green felt of the pool table. Then, when her shot was done, she'd straighten up and tuck her tits back into her dress, usually with some kind of cheeky comment, like "No fair peeking!" But clearly, she was having a fun time exposing herself.

But I must say the view was just as enticing from the back. Her dress was like a miniskirt in terms of length, so when she bent way over, the white fabric would pull tightly against her ass cheeks and then rise up, exposing half or more of bare ass! I could easily see the white thong she had on that just barely kept her pussy covered.

I was so inspired by this, that the next time she bent over to take a shot, I walked behind her and put a hand on bare ass cheek right when she was on the verge of striking the cue ball. To give myself a thin excuse, I said, "Jane, watch out! Do you realize how much skin you're exposing back here?"

She stood back up most of the way so she could look back and make eye contact. She spoke with heavy sarcasm, "Gee, thanks, for bringing that to my attention."

I played along. "No sweat." With my hand still on her bare skin, and caressing a little bit, I added, "I'm just a concerned friend, trying to help out. You never know when some kind of amoral horndog might come along and take advantage."

Still dripping with sarcasm, she said, "Your concern is duly noted." But I could tell she was having a great time, because the twinkle never left her eyes, and her effort to look disapproving finally faltered and she broke into a wide smile. "Can I take my shot now?"

"Sure. But I'll just keep my hand here, so that the others can't see."

She snickered. "The 'others.' Since there are so many other people in this room with us."

"Hey, better safe than sorry. I'm particularly concerned about that guy over there. He looks shifty." I pointed at a blank wall.

She rolled her eyes, but snickered some more.

I waited until the very second she took her shot, and I put my other hand on her other bare ass cheek.

Naturally, that ruined her shot, and she missed the ball she was aiming for altogether.

I was feeling emboldened by her obvious approval of what I was doing. I even managed to expose more of her ass cheeks as the fabric rode up higher due to my exploring hands.

I thought, Man oh man! What an ass! She's so much more than a movie star face and a massive, perfect rack. She's the full package!

She suddenly turned around and directly faced me, forcing me to let go. But I didn't mind, because she hadn't tucked her tits back in from bending over again, leaving her effectively topless. The dress actually pushed them up and out from below.

She complained with some seriousness, "That's the third shot in a row I've missed. I never do this badly. I think this is an unfair competition!"

"How do you figure?" I put my hands on her hips because I was feeling emboldened and frisky. I was soaring into the stratosphere. I'm staring at Jane's bare breasts and she's letting me! Man! What a great day!

She didn't react to that move or try to cover her huge tits at all. Instead, she said, "You have an obvious incentive to make your shots. Clearly, you want to see and feel these." She cupped her boobs from below, exposing even more of them. "But where's MY incentive?!"

"Good point," I said. I wasn't thinking too well, since all my blood was rushing to my already throbbing little head.

She looked down at my crotch, where my erection was sticking straight out, leaving quite a gap on top. I'd long given up trying to keep it in a "safe" position. I could see a fair amount of my exposed dick looking down on it, due to my sweatpants being pulled away from my body, in the same way it had been in before. It dawned on me that she could probably see some of it directly too, especially if she leaned in close. I was moving from tipsy to drunk, and that didn't bother me much.

She leaned in closer, until her mammoth tits were almost touching my chest. That gave her a great look down towards the exposed base of my boner.

Her voice grew even more husky and sexy than ever before. "Normally, I would say that's fair's fair, and if you get to pull down my zipper, I get to pull down your zipper! But your sweatpants don't have a zipper. Not that I exactly mind right now. Mmmm!" She licked her lips with lust and longing.

Then she wrapped her arms around my back, causing her big tits to press tightly against me. I could feel her rock-hard nipples poking into my chest. I was disappointed that I was still wearing a shirt.

She looked deeply into my eyes. Since she was statuesque to begin with, plus she was wearing high heels, we were eye to eye. She purred in a sultry voice, "So, instead... what if you reward me with a kiss?"

I didn't answer, at least not with words. Our heads were already drawing close, and nature took its course. Our lips locked, and we shared a fiery kiss!

I'd had a small worry that Jane had the body of a sex goddess but didn't have the passion of one, because I so rarely saw any PDA (public displays of affection) from her when she was at parties with one of her boyfriends. But that worry was safely put to rest due to that kiss. It was a real scorcher! Clearly, she was hot to trot, and she was hot for me!

Unfortunately, just as I was getting into it, she broke it off and disengaged altogether.

Naturally, I was puzzled and disappointed, and it showed on my face. I had just been about to bring my hands up to fondle her magnificent bare boobs.

She explained, "Sorry! You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that, but I'm no cheater. I'm only supposed to get a kiss after I make a shot, but I missed, remember?"

"Damn!" I stepped forward, closing the gap between us. "What if I give you an advance on a couple of kisses?"

"I wish! But fair's fair. It's your turn next. And look." She looked down at her body. Her gloriously exposed tits were still being pushed up and out thanks to the dress acting like a shelf below them. They were also pressed tightly together, so she had to crane her head forward to try to look down past them, and even then I'm not sure if she managed.

She said, "All this activity has caused my zipper to pull down even lower. It looks like you got another free bonus of another inch or two, you lucky bastard! Just sink one more ball, and I'll have to pull my dress down to my hips!"

With that incentive in my mind, I was able to put the kissing out of my mind, mostly, and concentrate on the pool game.

First though, she had me pour more wine into her glass and then my own. However, I was careful to only take a sip or two because I didn't want to get so drunk that I lost control.

Luckily, since she'd sunk most of her balls and I had not, that gave me options. I was very, very careful. It was tough, with the sight of the incredible Jane Corlin standing there effectively topless already, but I focused with all my might on my next shot.

And I made it!

Jane was so happy for me that she immediately put down her wine glass and pool stick, as did I. Then she rushed back into my arms. We resumed kissing, even though, technically speaking, that was only supposed to happen after she made her next shot.

This time, nothing was going to stop me. My hands went straight to her tits, and I was able to fondle her bare tit-flesh for the first time! Talk about a long-standing dream come true!

Jane seemed just as eager, because while we necked she undid the last of the zipper for me and then managed to pull her dress down. It wasn't long until the top half was off her arms and hanging uselessly around her waist.

Now, I could really go to town! While we continued to passionately kiss, I fondled her tits with care, yet with gusto. I felt like my hands had shrunk, because I was so used to a certain breast size range, with Michelle's being the biggest. But Jane's were significantly larger than even Michelle's! Partly that was due to the fact that she was significantly taller and thus larger everywhere. But I wondered if she might be the most stacked both in an absolute and relative sense.

Now wasn't the time to ask, though, it was time to enjoy! Hot damn! I'd wanted this for so long! I must admit that the idea of getting permission from my wife before doing anything sexual with Jane completely slipped my mind. I could blame that on being somewhere between tipsy and drunk, but mostly it was because Jane's raw sexuality completely overwhelmed my body and my mind.

Jane was a hell of a great kisser, forcing me to up my game to keep up with her. At the same time, she brought her hands back to my ass and started fondling it though my sweatpants. But it wasn't long before she just slipped her hands inside. Since I wasn't wearing any underwear, that left her caressing my bare ass cheeks.

We were still standing next to the pool table, and I had my legs resting back into it, but I had a good feeling that the pool game was over!

With each passing moment, my sense of being intimidated by Jane diminished. It helped that we were so busy kissing that we couldn't talk and I couldn't get a good look at her face. Whenever I saw her stunning face, I still felt that she was out of my league, even though I knew on an objective level that someone like Michelle was just as gorgeous. At the moment, she was all soft curves and hot lips. I knew exactly how to deal with that.

In fact, I was in my element. I could tell I was getting her increasingly hot and bothered, and that only further emboldened me.

So far, my stiff dick had been out of any direct action. Due to her gigantic breasts, it was as if there were two basketballs on her chest, and that made it hard for our crotches to come close together while we hugged and kissed.

But after a few minutes of sexual bliss, Jane's hands left my ass and drifted around my front side. I wasn't paying close attention, but then I felt a bare hand wrapped around my erection, and suddenly I was paying VERY close attention! She'd finally just stuck a hand into the front of my sweatpants.

Apparently, she realized that crossed a line and she wanted to make sure I was okay with it. So she broke the necking to ask, "Daniel... is it okay if I... you know? Gaawwwd! I've wanted to do this for soooo long! You think my breasts are famous, I know, but I feel the exact same way about your dick!"

Even as she was talking, her hands were taking action. While firmly gripping my boner, she used her other hand to pull my sweatpants down my thighs, until my cock, balls, and ass were all fully exposed. Then she cradled my balls with one hand and began very actively jacking me off with her other one!

Thus, by the time I got a chance to answer, what she meant by "you know" changed quite a lot.

Needless to say, there was no way I could say no to that! It felt far too great! But the interruption to the kiss reminded me that I'd been exclusively exploring her amazing rack for a few minutes now, and there was all of the rest of her body to enjoy. So I brought a hand to her ass, only to find the dress in the way. It was doubly annoying because the top half had fallen down, giving me more clothes to get past.

So in response to her question, I answered, "You may... just as soon as you get naked. Totally naked!"

She liked that, a lot! Even though it meant we had to briefly disengage. She took a step back and shimmied the dress down her hips. She bent forward as she did that, giving me the tit dangle to outdo all tit dangles, at least in terms of sheer weight and volume!

I stood there like a slack-jawed idiot. Fuck me! Seriously, fuck me and then shoot me in the head! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! What a body! She's exactly how Michelle would look if her boobs ballooned even larger after a pregnancy! But the rest of her is just as amazing! Damn! No wonder she's been unmarried for a long time. No man can hope to hold a candle to her!

As the dress slithered down her legs, she said, "You may not believe me, but I've felt for years that this was bound to happen to us someday. We're like the two sex stars of the neighborhood, and beyond. I just didn't want you to cheat on Mindy, who I really like, so I stayed aloof. But now it's all changed and we can do this without guilt!"

I just nodded, still overwhelmed. Just seeing her wiggle out of her dress was going to make my heart thump right out of my chest!

Then, as she stayed bent over, she looked up enough to be at eye level with my crotch. My boner was fully exposed and pointed straight at her. She asked with delight, while talking directly towards my cock, "Well, hello to you too! I take this is a 'yes' to the whole 'friends with benefits' idea?"

Unfortunately, that question was exactly what I didn't want to hear. Pretty much since the pool game began, I'd lost sight of the bigger picture, due to my eagerness to first see her tits, then to play with them, and then to enjoy all of her fantastic body. Plus, my head was spinning from lust and wine. But those bigger picture issues were still there, unanswered, and they needed to be dealt with.

I slammed a hand down onto the pool table. "Dammit! Dammit!" That caused my boner to wildly bounce.

"What?!" She looked up at me with concern. But she already had her dress down to her knees. She assumed that whatever was bothering me was just a minor speed bump to get over, so she kept on pulling the dress down.

I don't know if she was deliberately putting on a sexy striptease for me, or if that's just how she moved naturally. Either way, it was a wonder I didn't cum on the spot, from the visual stimulation alone!

I sighed heavily, even as I checked out her pussy for the first time. She was completely shaved there. Even her pussy lips looked ideal, being neat and symmetrical. She'd won the genetic lottery in every possible way, and yet it hadn't gone to her head as much as it had with Michelle (or perhaps it had and then she'd matured out of that phase). Sure, she could be intimidating and aloof, but I don't think it was done in an intentional or mean way. She was fundamentally nice and modest, and that meant a lot to me.

I reluctantly explained, "We can't do this! Not now! Unfortunately, you just reminded me that I need to speak to my wife about this. This is a big step!"

Jane seemed unperturbed. Probably she assumed that we'd reached the point of no return, and there was no way to stop now, at least not until after we'd had at least a few orgasms each. She took her dress all the way off and tossed it on the pool table. Her thong had come off with it.

As she stood back up, she said, "I appreciate you're not forgetting her feelings. But just give her a call. I'm sure she'll give her full approval faster than you can start to say 'sweetheart.'"

I nodded. But before I answered, I took a moment to savor Jane Corlin in her fully naked glory for the very first time. Good God! Jesus H. Christ! Even He would be falling off his pogo stick in amazement! WOW!

I was particularly impressed with her breasts, even more than before. Up until now, I'd never seen them hanging free. They'd always seemed to ride high on her chest, but I'd assumed they'd been pushed up in some fashion. Nope! With her dress completely gone, there was no way to hide their true shape and position. Admittedly, they didn't jut out as much as Michelle's did, but they showed a remarkable defiance of gravity. It would have been easy to assume that they were fake, but it was well known that they were all real!

But I couldn't just stand there gawking with my sweatpants halfway down my thighs and my boner sticking out. I remembered her suggestion to give Mindy a call, and I finally addressed that. "It's not that easy. I practically have a harem now. I've got to consult Cindy and Sue Ellen too, or they'll feel slighted. And I'm pretty sure they're both asleep already, due to some special circumstances. In fact, Mindy is almost certainly asleep by now too."

"At this hour?!"

The reminder of the time caused me to ask, "Oh SHIT! What time is it?!"

"Oh, about nine, I'd guess. Why?"

"Dammit!" I slapped the pool table again, causing my boner to wildly bounce around some more. "That's another problem! Shit, shit, shit!"

Jane frowned. She was starting to get concerned. "What now?" But in an apparent effort to help me stay, she stepped forward and slipped into my arms. Once I had my arms around her and was actually clenching her completely bare ass cheeks for the first time, she brought both hands back to my boner and resumed stroking it.

She seemed surprisingly excited to be doing that. That was hard for me to fathom, because I'd assumed that she was so aloof and sexually experienced, that she'd be jaded about practically anything.

What her fingers were doing felt so incredible (because it was Jane doing it!) that I could scarcely believe the words coming out of my mouth. "I hate to say this... God knows just how much I hate it! But I hadn't expected to run into you tonight. Nicky's in Hawaii, and I made plans to have a video chat with her right at nine. I would feel like a totally shitty dad if I miss it."

Clearly, that concerned and disappointed Jane, though it didn't get her to stop her two-handed stroking. "Shit! That's bad. I don't want to get between you and your kids."

"I know," I muttered, helpless and frustrated.

Jane unexpectedly broke away and rushed out of the room. As she hurried off, she said, "Stay right there! Don't move a muscle!"

I closed my eyes, trying to calm down. I can't believe I'm seriously contemplating leaving, blue balls and all! God, what torture, having to go! This is the realization of a fantasy ten years in the making. I want to do the right thing, both with being a good dad with Nicky and being a good husband with Mindy. Besides, now that we've gone this far, it'll be easy to pick up where we've left off. I've been waiting ten years for this, so I can wait another day or two, right? Right. But still, it sucks!

Jane seemingly only spent a few seconds out of the room, because she was back in my arms much sooner than expected.

It was an intense erotic trip simply watching her walk to me in the nude. How could anyone handle living with her all the time? It would be too much of a good thing, like eating a five star dinner three times a day. A sexual overdose!

She resumed jacking me off, as if that was a given. She even moaned lustily, like she'd missed being away from it for less than a minute. She said, "Okay, just so you wouldn't worry, I checked the clock. Do you have to be there exactly at nine?"

"Why?" I was reeling from feeling her enormous tits press against my chest, not to mention the thrill of the handjob. I was bummed I didn't think to pull my shirt off while she was away, so I could enjoy her skin to skin. I was glad that I had built up my stamina, because most any guy would have cum already, but I wasn't in imminent danger yet.

She winced. "I can't lie. It's 8:55. How I wish it was 8:30 or earlier! Can't you be a little late?"

I contemplated that, then admitted, "I suppose I can be a little late, but not much. I'm late already, since it'll take me time to get there and get connected and such. But I suppose I can wait another five minutes."

"GOOD!" With that, she locked her lips with mine again.

Again, I was impressed with her enthusiasm. Apparently I wasn't just a curiosity; she seemed to really want me! I thought about what she'd said, that we were the "two sex stars of the neighborhood, and beyond." Maybe she'd been lusting after me for a long time, just as I'd been lusting after her? I had a hard time accepting that, but the evidence pointed in that direction.

What a heady feeling, that she actually wanted me! Maybe it was Mindy, hyping me up over a long time period. How could I get upset at my wife for doing that, even if she did it behind my back? The sexual benefit I was enjoying was so awesome that I didn't even want to know what she'd done.

I necked with Jane some more. The difference from when we'd been making out before she'd left the room to check the time was, even though I still wore a T-shirt, and my sweatpants were down almost to my knees, she was buck naked.

I took full advantage. I didn't think I'd be able to cum before I left. I had been slowly working my way up to it, but the crushing realization that I had to leave soon had ruined the moment for me, and it would take me more than five minutes to get me back to the cusp of ecstasy. But I figured I could and should get her to cum. That would go a long way towards dampening her disappointment at my untimely exit.

With that in mind, I went straight for the "jugular," which meant her pussy. I'd never even touched that part of her before, but within seconds I was working her clit and rubbing her soaked pussy lips. Not much longer after that, I slipped two fingers into her slit and began vigorously fingerbanging her.

Damn, she was hot! Both literally and figuratively. I adored her erotic purrs and moans. She had such a sexy voice to begin with, but when she was like this, just listening to her was practically aural orgasm in and of itself. It certainly gave me an incentive to work harder to pleasure her.

She broke the kissing to arch her back and tilt her head way back. She exclaimed, "Fuuuuuck! Gaawwwd, that feels good! You're going to make me cum!"

I laughed. "That's the general idea!"

Funnily enough, she clenched her fists up in the air, which was a big deal for both of us since that meant she had to stop stroking my hot pole. It looked like she was fighting some invisible monsters higher than my head. Then, as she continued to writhe and stretch in my arms, she actually punched my upper body with those fists, as if she was violently opposed to cumming. Luckily, her punches weren't very forceful, since she was so distracted by her erotic high.

She hissed, "No! No! No!"

I continued to fingerbang her while she continued to struggle. Her mouth might have been saying "no," but her body was screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She was panting hard and making even more sexy and emphatic moans.

I had to use my other arm just to hold her up, because she kept on stretching away from me. I got the impression that she was trying to fight the urge to cum with all her might, but I didn't understand why. Finally, after about a minute of this, she lost control. She tilted her head even further back, so I practically could only see her chin and neck instead of her head, and she let out a strangled banshee wail.

That went on for a good minute or more. She'd given up her strange resistance, and was letting it all out! She just kept screaming and screaming!

Finally, she was done, and she slumped back into my arms.

As soon as she seemed somewhat recovered, I asked her, "What was that all about? It was like you were fighting with all your might NOT to cum."

She was huffing and puffing as she answered passionately, "I was. The guy always cums first. That's my cardinal rule. Point of pride!"

I didn't get to ask her any more about this though, because she recovered enough to resume French kissing me. She still was fairly breathless, but that just made the necking that much hotter and passionate.

Meanwhile, I was able to get back to enjoying her breasts some more. It's a bit redundant to point this out again, but they were just so damn BIG! Despite the fact that they rode so high on her chest, my hands confirmed that they were all natural.

Even with the great titty bounty I got to enjoy every day, I had to adjust how I usually held and kissed a woman to deal with the two soft basketballs between us. But it was the best possible kind of problem to have. If Michelle was an F-cup, Jane had to be an H-cup, at least!

Soon, I was having a field day, mostly alternating between fondling her tits, ass, and pussy with this hand or the other. Her entire body was really was an erotic wonderland. No matter where I caressed her, she purred and moaned appreciatively.

By contrast, she didn't do much more than jack me off. She was still fairly dazed after her big climax, so she could do little more than slide her fingers up and down my shaft, without any special skill or finesse. But I wasn't complaining. I was already high on lust just from having her nude body in my arms, and I appreciated that she was doggedly stimulating me even though she was still reeling from cumming so hard.

I wanted to make a big impression, to help ensure that she was fully sold on this "friends with benefits" idea. I was "all in," already, and I was confident that it was just a matter of time before I got the necessary approval from the others. But Jane was such an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman that I could easily lose her at any time, if she found some new serious boyfriend.

I already had a new goal: to keep her so sexually satisfied that that wouldn't happen, or at least that it wouldn't happen any time soon. But that would be tough, because I was sure that some of her previous boyfriends were great in bed. They had to be, because she could pick the very best of the very best. I'd met some of them at parties, and they were almost always ridiculously handsome and charming, not to mention rich. So it would be a supreme challenge to meet or even surpass her very high sexual standards.

Thankfully, I was off to a good start by giving her one big orgasm already. I concentrated more on her nipples, clit, and slit to bring her to a second big one before I had to go. Believe me, it was no hardship on my part to play with her there. That was especially true as she slowly recovered and thus was able to put more attention and care into her two-handed handjob.

At one point, she broke our kissing to say, "It's too bad you can't stay longer. You know what I really love?"

"What's that?"

"A good titfuck!" Her eyes lit up. "And I'm not just saying that. It's my specialty. I love feeling a big cock sliding between my big breasts, one that's long enough so I can crane my head down and lick and suck on the tip! Gaawwwd, I love doing that! I get so worked up. So very hot! And you've got the perfect cock for it, I can tell!"

She kissed all over my face while she pumped on my shaft. Then, as she licked my ear, she purred into it, "Are you sure you can't stay another ten minutes? I'd like to prove I'm not just a big pair of tits and a pretty face. I'm a pair of tits that you can FUCK! And a pretty face that's going to SUCK on you while you're fucking!"

I didn't get a chance to reply, because apparently she inspired herself so much that she resumed kissing with even more soulful passion.

Her words shocked me, even as they deeply stirred my passions. I could tell she wasn't the submissive type at all. But it looked like she got off on some "nasty" sex talk. I'd have to pay careful attention to figure out what aroused her versus what offended her. That was a dangerous minefield, but the potential rewards were great.

I took advantage of her lusty frenzy to devote nearly all my attention to her pussy and clit. I probed deeper into her slit and found her G-spot. It was a prominent bump, which gave me hope that it would be extra sensitive.

Maybe that was the case, because she began cumming again in short order.

This time, she didn't try to fight it. Although it was similar to her first one in that she tilted her head back, way back, and let loose with more incoherent wailing. I could tell that she was completely transported to some erotic nirvana, totally lost in the moment and screaming her lungs out without shame or restraint.

That made me feel really good. Even though I couldn't cum with her, at least I could leave her with an orgasm or two that she'd remember for a long time.

She already was wiped out from her first orgasm, and working on recovering from that. So the second time, she was like putty in my hands. I had to hold her up to stop her from sliding to the floor, even as it was going on. I kept right on stimulating her G-spot in particular, helping to prolong her climax for an unusually long time. Just when it seemed it was over she'd have a powerful after-climax, so I kept going until she was all screamed out and her head was lolling from side to side as if she'd lost control over it.

I realized this was my chance to make a discreet exit. I slowly eased her down to the floor. A blank wall was close by, so I propped her up against it. Her eyes were closed and she seemed totally out of it, so I sat back against the side of the pool table and tried to recover a little on my own. True, I hadn't climaxed, but it had been an intense experience just the same.

I would have stayed longer, if only to fully recover, but my mind was on the time. We were supposed to only play around for another five minutes, but I figured that it was more like ten. That meant I was already late, and if I was much later I might miss Nicky altogether.

I was sweaty and cummy, not to mention bedraggled and winded, and I didn't want Nicky to see me like that. But I figured I could clean up in a bathroom back in my house. So once I had my sweatpants pulled back up over my still very insistent erection, I went to Jane, bent down, and kissed her head.

I figured that would be my goodbye because she was asleep or at least out of it. But to my surprise, she opened her eyes, looked up at me, and complained, "You bastard!"

"What?" I was hurt by those words.

But it turned out she didn't mean them in a bad way. "You're leaving! Fuck! That was so good! Mindy was right!"

"She was? About what?"

She thought that over, then said, "Never you mind. I don't want you to get a big head." But apparently she couldn't resist adding, "But... dammit! Nobody's ever made me cum that hard just from kissing and fondling! DAMN!"

She looked at me with a newly hungry and eager look. "Are you SURE you have to go already? I feel compelled to return the favor." Despite being sweaty, bedraggled, and exhausted, she brought her hands up to her huge tits and squeezed them together from their outer sides.

A bolt of pleasure raced down my spine. Holy hell! A titfuck! How can I turn THAT down?!

I felt like I was being torn in two. I was severely tempted, to say the least. But it occurred to me that if I gave in now, not only was I likely to miss the video chat with Nicky, I could easily find myself fucking the night away with her. And as awesome as that sounded, tonight wasn't the night. I had to show some self-control at least. I shouldn't have let things go as far as they did without talking to Mindy first.

Apparently, my silence and/or failure to move towards her said it all.

She sighed and dropped her hands back to her sides. "I've never had anyone leave me wanting like this. It sucks!"

"I'm sorry." I squatted down next to her and gently ran a hand through her hair. "Believe me, I wish I could stay too."

She looked up at me with an almost angry expression, even as she continued to pant hard. "Well... I'll let you go, but on one condition."

"What's that?"

"First, you get all the permissions you need. Then you come back tomorrow and finish what you started! We can make a formal date out of it."

I grinned widely. "That sounds really good. I can't make a promise 100%, but there's a more than 99% chance. I'm going to do all I can to make that happen. I think we've both been wanting each other a long time."

She nodded emphatically.

I thought, Foolish me! And here I was fairly convinced all along that it was just me wanting her. What a crazy idea, the mighty Jane Corlin wanting ME! But look at her.

I definitely took a good look at her. She was sexier than ever before, sitting naked up against the wall looking so very sweaty and disheveled. Hot damn! I did that to her! Me! Man, what a day! First Sonia and now Jane! Talk about being the friggin' luckiest guy on Earth!

I gave Jane another kiss or two on her forehead. Heck, I must admit, while I was squatting down I French kissed her a little more and played with her bouncy tits a fair amount. Had I not been dressed and feeling the pressure to get back in time to talk to Nicky, I'm sure we would have wound up doing much, much more. It was practically torture having to leave her like that.

I finally stood up to go.

She was incredulous. "You're really leaving?! I must be losing my touch!"

"No, you definitely have your touch. Let's just say 'to be continued,' okay?"

She nodded, then closed her eyes. But then she opened them again and grinned, "By the way, you suck at pool! I had to throw that game so much to get you to take my dress off that it was awkward!"

We shared a laugh over that. Then I said, "You're right, I do suck at that. I guess we'll just have to find other games to play."

"Mmmm!" She moaned huskily.

The mere sound of that moan almost caused me to lose my willpower and stay, especially since my dick was still stiff and needy. But then she closed her eyes from exhaustion again, and I took that as a sign to go.

I let myself out so she could sit there and rest.

Wow! What a woman! She totally lived up to my high expectations. And she's right: we had that much fun just from kissing and fondling, plus some handjob action. It boggles the mind how good fucking her will be!

As I walked down the street back to my house, my dick showed no desire to go even half-flaccid. How could it? I still had the sight and feel of Jane's nude body on my mind.

Plus, my brain was dizzy with possibilities. "Friends with benefits" with Jane! Jane fucking Corlin! How can that be?! And she knows about Cindy and Sue Ellen, and she's still willing to have sex with me. Talk about an ideal situation! I already know that she's going to be one seriously hot fuck!

And her titfuck talk! Whoa! I know that's not just talk, because why would she have to lie to me? She knows I'm going to be all hot and bothered for her anyway, so why would she make promises she can't keep? Plus, she actually squeezed her tits together in invitation. Or at least she tried to. They're so big on her chest that they press together even when she naked and at rest. Whoa!

Damn! Tomorrow night! I don't know what plans I had already, but clear the deck, because I have a new plan: fuck the hell out of Jane's gigantic tits! And fuck her face too! And then take the plunge and fuck her hot and wet cunt! I've already had my fingers in that hot, tight tunnel of joy. I'm gonna pound that G-spot of hers until she screams herself hoarse! She'll get so hooked on me, and me on her, that she won't ever want another serious boyfriend.

Okay, wait. Hold it right there. That's not part of the plan. I'm way too overextended as it is. Need I remind myself that I have a harem of FIVE incredible women? Five! And that's not even counting Sonia. I'm totally sexually satisfied already.

Sure, there's no way Sonia would ever join the harem, but I sure as heck would love to keep fucking her on a regular basis. And after what happened today, I think there's a real chance of that happening. Yeah, she kind of hates me, but in a good hate-lust way. I can deal with that. Gaawwwd! The woman with the magic churning hips. How did I get so lucky to have women like her in my life?!

And now... Jane! I know I'm stretched thin with five women in my life, going on six, but if there's anyone worthy of stretching out a little more for, it's her! Fuck! Stretch me out on a torture rack and make me walk on hot coals besides! She doesn't just look that hot, she IS that hot! All my fantasies about her... they can ALL come true! She wants me too!

But I've gotta keep my cool around her. She's not the submissive type. She made that clear tonight, and I'd sensed that already. If anything, she's probably on the dominant side. I noticed that she actually got upset when I made her cum first. She likes playing her men like fiddles, and making them cum first is a symbol of that for her.

I'm going to need a new strategy to sexually interact with her. Tonight was easy, because of the thrill of the new for both of us. But if I'm going to make things last so I can enjoy her on a regular basis without her being in a rush to find her next serious boyfriend, I'm going to have to step up my game. That's going to be tough. Her standards are sky-high, I'm sure.

But the rewards! Oh, the rewards! I'm so close to getting to fuck her tits! Why did she have to tell me that she loves titfucks? Now that's all I'm going to be able to think about until tomorrow night. Damn!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and greyshadow, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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