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Chapter 20

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As I walked closer to home after leaving Jane's place, my thoughts turned to who might be there and who might still be awake. Cindy was at the McGrath house, but I figured Mindy, Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen would all still be at "my" house, the Cooper house. Despite the relatively early hour, I expected everyone to be asleep already, due to Cindy's information that all the women hadn't been sleeping much the last couple of nights, thanks to the sex boycott.

That made me remember the sex boycott, which I'd totally forgotten about while enjoying Jane's highly distracting company. Crap! The sex boycott! And that was just the partial ban. The total ban officially starts tomorrow morning. Damn!

Well... kind of. There's no way I'm going to miss out on the date plan with Jane tomorrow night! It was practically insane for me to leave her just now, all naked and hot and bothered, talking about her love of titfucks... Jesus Christ! With those impossibly perfect, huge tits of hers! Lord have mercy! I'm getting crazy horny just thinking about her again. She's such a fox, and she acts just as sexy as she looks! But the only way I had the strength to leave was due to the understanding that we'd soon pick up right where we left off.

But the sex boycott. The sex boycott!

Even with the sex boycott on my mind, I had to keep a hand over my crotch to stop my boner from bouncing wildly in my sweatpants as I walked. That's the most important thing in my life right now, and I didn't give it even a moment's thought when I let things go as far as they did with Jane. Sheesh! Talk about thinking entirely with my dick. But in my defense, it was Jane "My eyes are up here, you know" Corlin. I did pretty well, considering. It's like dealing up close with a siren or a succubus, and yet coming out alive and okay. Man! She's such a sex goddess!

I was tempted to hold and even stroke my boner through my sweatpants. I was walking in the dark, and no one would know, and Jane was so very hot! I couldn't stop thinking about her mention of loving titfucks in particular.

But I forced myself to behave, and tried to stay on track. Anyway, if I'm strict about the total ban, that'll mean I can't resume having fun with her for a week or more, the way things are going. Sorry, I just don't have that kind of willpower. I mean, how can I NOT at least titfuck her once? Or twice?! Heh!

But with Nicky coming home in about ten days, I've GOT to get the girls to break and genuinely give in before then. Fuck! And if I'm honest with myself, I need them to break and sincerely submit to me well before Nicky comes back, because once I start fucking them, they aren't going to want to stop until they're exhausted, and that could take a while!

The very thought that I'd wind up spending not only all night but also the entirety of the next day in bed with Michelle and/or Ruby fucking and fucking and fucking them, and then fucking them even more, was so arresting that I had to stop walking and concentrate on my balance since it suddenly became difficult to remain upright. It was startling yet highly arousing to remember that I hadn't even fucked either of them, not even once. Just thinking of how much cum I'd be pumping into and onto them made my balls churn with anticipation.

Fuck me! I'm going to need at least a FULL DAY with each of them before Nicky gets home, to completely and totally enslave them to my cock! Just ONE fuck isn't going to be enough for them... or me! Hell, ten won't be enough! If I'm not a withered up, comatose husk of a man by the time Muffin comes back, then I won't have fucked them nearly enough! I chuckled gleefully to myself.

Crap! That means I've got eight days at most to push them to the breaking point. And that's a bare minimum. It would be better still to have a mutli-day fuck-fest and then another day or two to recover.

I'm in a real bind, with the clock ticking like that. Even if I don't have sex with anyone in the harem directly starting tomorrow, they'll draw strength to keep holding out just from knowing I'm getting my rocks off with somebody. And if they know it's with Jane, of all people, they'll be over the moon!

Or will they?! Hmmm! Maybe there's a way I can play this so I can have my cake and eat it too. Jane isn't just anybody; she's the one and only "pinch me I must be dreaming" Jane Corlin! If there's one woman that even Shelle feels could be more attractive than her, it's Jane. I could use that to my advantage, and really hype things up by stiring up some jealousy and competition. Jane isn't submissive whatsoever and she doesn't fit into the harem in any way. I'm sure she's not part of the Hellions' larger Plan.

So what if I act like I'm seriously smitten with Jane, to the point that I'm in no big rush to get the harem back on track again? They'd fret that my time with Jane was a sign I was escaping their clutches. Can I let them twist in the wind and stew in their own juices while all too obviously indulging myself with Jane? Boy! Talk about a fun way to improve my strategy!

However, I had to think this through carefully, to make sure that I wasn't letting a desire to fuck Jane soon and often dominate my thinking.

I'm not sure how that'll go over. The cock slave mentality is so alien to me that I have no idea if they'll be crushed or if they'll think it's the greatest thing ever to have Jane mount herself onto "the King." But it's worth giving it a shot. I should go on that date with her tomorrow and really hype it up. I could give them the blow-by-blow account afterwards, and make it sound like we had the best sex ever. I could particularly emphasize Jane's breasts as being the biggest and the best in the fucking world, and her titfucks are absolutely to die for! And I'm almost certain that's true!

Hell, the titfuck hasn't even happened yet, and I KNOW it's true! Just the fire in her eyes when she was talking about the titfuck is proof that she's a flaming hot titfuck queen!

Just thinking of the jealous looks I'd get for extolling Jane's all too obvious attributes made me start to feel like I might be onto something. The insistent pulsing down inside my sweatpants wasn't exactly disagreeing with this plan either! I was grateful I was walking in the darkness, because it practically looked like I had three legs.

Hot damn! Man, I can't wait! Shelle is going to be soooo jealous! And Ruby too, probably, but the key is Shelle. If she folds, then the "rebellion" is going to be over.

Besides, even if the Gruesome Twosome react in some unexpected way, I can pretty much guarantee Mindy isn't going to like it. Jane's different from any other potential outside lover. She's not just a hot body to fuck, like Anjali or Nina would be. She's intelligent and sophisticated, with a quick wit, and she's just about my age. If I could only break through her aloof barrier and get to know her personality on a deeper level, she could be prime marriage material. And since she's incompatible with the harem, that's definitely going to upset Min's apple cart!

Sure, she'd love for me to fuck Jane. She's been subtly pushing that idea for ages, I have no doubt, and she's done away with the subtlety part lately. But she's been counting on that aloof factor so it'll be a purely sexual experience, like me with one of my daughters' foxy friends who hang around the pool wearing next to nothing. I have nothing in common with them other than the sex appeal. But what if I truly connect with Jane on an emotional level too? That'll drastically change the equation.

I can try to form a deeper connection with Jane on our date tomorrow. Even if it doesn't work, I can act like it did, and who's to know that my feelings aren't genuine but me? That might put a big check on Min's cucquean tendencies in general, as she learns there are unintended consequences to getting new sexual partners. And that's a good thing, because I'm stretched way too thin already.

I'm living in a sexual paradise as it is, especially if things continue to develop with Jane and Sonia. How many more sex partners do I need? None! I'm experiencing the ultimate quality over quantity. Hell, I'm drowning in both quality and quantity at this point - I've gotta be one of the most sexually blessed men in the whole state! I'm in a perfect sexual heaven with the women I love. Letting my wife run wild with adding more partners is likely to only fuck things up.

Besides, what's my other option? Not going on a date with Jane until everything gets settled with the harem? I can say right now that's not going to happen, even if that might be the wisest move. That could take weeks! I'm a human being, and I can't resist temptation. If it were anyone but Jane, then yes. But I've been fantasizing about her for ten long years! I could have fucked her awesome tits tonight, and her mouth, and... Oh man! I'm drooling! But no. I used restraint. Come on! Nobody in my shoes could wait a week or more, with her! It's inhuman!

I was getting too worked up again from thinking about fucking Jane, and multiple times in multiple orifices. I could feel my boner swinging in my sweatpants as I resumed walking through the darkness, almost like I was naked. I had to use my hand to more or less keep the damn thing in place.

I suppose my other OTHER option, my third option, is to go on the date and just not tell anyone else about it. But that probably has no chance of working, given how much Jane and Min talk. Which I didn't even fully know about until tonight. Sheesh! Just when I think I know my wife, she surprises me again. Jane might be able to hold out with keeping a secret for a while if I ask her to, but that secret's going to come out before long.

Plus, I can't lie about something like this. It would be just as bad as keeping what I did with Sonia a secret, even if we don't fuck. The main reason I left her just now with my swinging dick unsatisfied is so I can talk to my wife first. No, it's better I get on top of that news and spin it for maximum effect.

Which reminds me... when am I going to tell Min about what I did with Jane? I'll bet she's asleep, which means it'll have to wait for tomorrow, and thus after the start of the total sex boycott. That's probably for the best. The celebration sex about the Sonia news was great fun, but that did worse than nothing to bring the ban to an end.

And speaking of Sonia, there's the issue of what'll happen with her. I'm not sure how that's going to work out with the total sex boycott, because we have some burning hot chemistry together. Maybe I should avoid Mama Mia's for a while, to sort of dodge that issue for a while? Hmmm. I'll have to think about that later, when I'm not so aroused.

And what about STDs? I'm sure Jane is clean, because she's a smart cookie, but maybe we should exchange fresh test results before we get down to actual fucking? Now that I'm the master of a harem I need to be extra careful, because one screw-up on my part will have a chain reaction.

Damn! Listen to me! I'm talking about fucking Jane like it's a thing that's going to happen! And it will! It will! All signs are go. Short of a meteor hitting the Earth tomorrow, it could even happen tomorrow night! And I'll be able to fuck her tits and her mouth and everything!

Then I had a thought so startling that I almost stumbled. She may even want it up the ass! Jesus! That ass?! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! I can practically picture her lying naked on a bed, face down, with her hands pulling her butt cheeks apart, begging for me to cram my thickness...

Oh MAN! Stop, stop, stop! I can't even go there, or I'll lose the ability to even walk! Besides, she's so high class and dignified. The whole idea of anal sex is probably beneath her. Down, boy!

My thoughts came to an end at that point because I abruptly realized I'd reached the front door of my house. My hands were slightly trembling as I fumbled for my keys and let myself inside.

It was bad timing, because more thoughts of fucking Jane had me especially worked up. I was tempted to stop and masturbate for a while, but that seemed wrong for a variety of reasons. If nothing else, I had so many women to keep sexually satisfied that they'd be upset to hear I ever climaxed on my own, without one of them at least helping out in some way.

I had to devote my full attention to sneaking through the house without waking anyone up. All the lights were off, and I generally kept them that way.

However, I made a quick stop at the first floor bathroom to make myself presentable for the video chat. I would have liked to take a full shower, but I didn't want to miss connecting Nicky since I probably was going to be ten minutes late already. So I just washed my face and hands. Then I used a wet cloth to wash my privates.

Unfortunately, my dick was still as stiff as a steel rod. I was hoping it would get flaccid on the walk home, but in retrospect that was a laughable notion. And once my thoughts turned back to fucking Jane, my arousal rose to an even higher level, affecting my whole body almost like I was still in the same room with her.

Thinking back, she played me like a fiddle, didn't she? She knew I'd be reluctant to get frisky right away, but she slowly seduced me! That whole pool game was just a ploy to drive me crazy with lust. That said, it's never felt so good to get played. I'm kicking myself now for leaving without at least fucking her perfect tits a little bit, looking down at her buck naked on her knees while she slobbers on the tip, staring up at me with fire in her incredible blue eyes... "Dan, please! Fuck my tits again! And then fuck my face so you can cum all over it!" Oh no, there I go again! Too arousing!

Thinking about her was a big problem, given my upcoming video chat with Nicky. With that incredible experience with Jane fresh in my mind, there was no way I could be flaccid for long in any circumstance, short of maybe being in refractory mode right after cumming - and maybe not even then! But there was no way that was going to happen in the few minutes left before the video chat started.

Besides, the odds were good that Nicky was going to get topless on me again, if our last video chat was any indication. She had a special effect on me. Even if I was totally sexually spent after cumming multiple times in a great harem orgy, I was liable to get aroused again soon anyway. Combined with my lingering thoughts about missed opportunities with Jane, I wouldn't have been surprised to see my cock literally grow a few more inches!

I had no choice but to grin and bear it. I resolved to not let my arousal affect our interaction. The key thing was to show restraint and not secretly masturbate as we talked. I'd just left Jane with a bad case of blue balls, so I felt like I was helplessly enslaved by my raging lust.

However, I told myself, I'm a grown adult, with free will and plenty of willpower. I simply HAVE to restrain myself, or I could set a very bad precedent. Okay, my boner isn't going to go away, but I can just sit there and ignore it until the chat is over. NO touching! Then I'll be able to seek out Cindy and get some sweet relief!

I contemplated sneaking back into my bedroom for a change of clothes, but I didn't want to risk waking Mindy up, so I made my way through the darkness to my upstairs office. Once the door was closed, I turned on the light and got comfortable sitting in front of the computer. I checked the angle on my video cam. I was confident that unless I stood up, there was no way Nicky would be able to see my crotch and thus my lewdly protruding boner.

The computer clock said it was 9:10. I worried that either I'd missed Nicky because she had to go eat dinner or she was still on her big all-day Kauai adventure and wouldn't show up for the chat at all. But I e-mailed her and she e-mailed me back right away, confirming she was there.

A minute later, we were connected and I was looking at Nicky. Due to the extra large monitor, she was larger than life if I had my face close to the screen. But if I sat back in the normal way, she was more or less life-sized. I felt a thrill race down my spine just to see someone I loved so much.

Plus, it didn't hurt that she looked damn gorgeous. I could see her upper torso to just below her breasts. She wasn't wearing much at all, though at least she was wearing a bikini top. But I must admit that I was still so very aroused from Jane that I was having a hard time not thinking of her in a carnal way. Good God! Be strong! My innocent and pure daughter!

"Hey, Dad!" She gave me a friendly wave.

My smile must have been a mile wide. "Hey, you! It's good to see you again."

"Oh my God, that's so true! I wish I could reach out and touch you and kiss you." She brought a hand up to the camera, as if she was trying to stick her hand through it and reach from Hawaii to California.

Unfortunately, that meant that the view of her was blocked briefly, but I definitely understood and appreciated the sentiment.

Despite the heartwarming moment, I couldn't resist thinking, Why does my Muffin have to be as sexy as Jane? She really is in that same league, which is incredible! If only she didn't cover up and act so shy, she'd be as locally famous as Shelle.

Trying to hide my arousal, I wanted to immediately get the conversation on a safe, non-sexual topic. I asked her, "So, how was the big trip?"

Her face lit up even more than it was already. "Oh my God! Such fun!" Then she grew suddenly shy. "But before I tell you about that, do you mind... if I take my top off again?" Then she grinned impishly, and poked finger at me. "Remember, you're my guinea pig. You're supposed to help me with stuff like this. It's the law!"

I laughed, partially because I was amused and partially to hide my true feelings. She's going to take her top off? Lord, have mercy, here we go again! I pretty much knew this was going to happen, but I didn't know she'd be this fast and eager about it! Yikes!

I also was reminded that Jane had called me her "guinea pig" earlier, and thinking about Jane more overtly was another jolt of intense arousal. "'The law?' What law?"

"My law!" She laughed too. "Cooper family law. It's in our family constitution." She started slipping her straps off her shoulders as she talked. "It's the amendment about you doing everything you can to help your daughters gain confidence."

I laughed some more, while my heart thumped like a drum. I was trying to act cool and not stare at her huge globes being slowly revealed with too much obvious eagerness. "We have a family constitution? Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"There's a lot you don't know." She stuck her tongue out playfully, even as her bikini top fell free. "Plus, I just made it up." She giggled. Then, for no apparent reason, she pushed her tits together by subtly using her upper arms from either side.

It was all I could do not to gasp out loud. I was also tempted to stroke my erection a little bit. It was out of her viewing range, so she'd never know, right? But I decided that being aroused due to her phenomenal looks was okay, but to willingly masturbate in secret in front of her would be crossing a line I was unwilling to cross. I struggled to keep my eyes up on her face... at least much of the time.

Maybe I was staring at her rack too much, but she didn't seem perturbed. In fact, she shyly asked me, "Dad... is it okay if we talk like this? You know... with me just wearing my bikini bottoms? I know it sounds bizarre, and other people would think it's REALLY bizarre, but I truly feel like this is therapy for me. Each minute I'm kind of showing off for you, it's kind of like a week of my old overly shy self disappears. I can feel my confidence surging!"

I replied, "Really? That's great!"

I was trying to maintain eye contact and sound normal. But I was thinking, Good grief! What awful luck, having me leave Jane with titfucking on my mind, only to see my angelic beauty Nicky topless! I would think it's some kind of sneaky, sexual trick by Mindy or maybe the Hellions, but I can't possibly see how they could have arranged it. Too many unknown variables lining up in a lucky way. But the effect is... UGH! Not good! I'm too horny! I'm thinking about fucking my daughter's rack! And that's WRONG!

She smiled proudly. "Yeah, it IS great! I feel so safe with you. I mean..." She looked down at her chest. "Objectively speaking, I'm pretty curvaceous and endowed. I can't deny that. I mean... I should feel good about it, right? Like Michelle does. But I don't! I just feel... weird. All kinds of people staring at me with lust in their hearts and their eyes, total strangers wanting to touch me, to have sex with me. Wanting to grope me and kiss me and do all kinds of naughty, sexual things to every inch of my body! I just want to run and hide!"

Good God! I certainly can't blame ANY of those strangers. "Wanting to grope me and kiss me and do all kinds of naughty, sexual things to every inch of my body..." Gaawwwd! If i wasn't her father... If only!

She hefted her E-cups from below and stared down at them, as if she was puzzled how they got there. "I mean... these damn things are too big. They just give me grief and get in the way. I hate having them!"

She continued to hold them up and even press them together, but she suddenly looked back into my eyes as she did so. "But then I see the look in your eyes! Yeah, it's a lusty look, but a safe one. Like the way you can stare at a beautiful woman walking down the street and just appreciate her as a man enjoying how women are designed by God, to attract a man's attention. That makes me feel good. I makes me feel like a mature woman, not a girl anymore, you know? It makes me feel proud to be... well... genetically blessed!"

Still holding her gigantic tits up, she tilted her head quizzically, "Is that wrong?"

My urge to secretly masturbate was growing by the second. The way she was pressing her melons together while lifting them up was almost as if she was inviting me to titfuck them! At least that's what my fevered brain was thinking, thanks to Jane putting titfucking on my mind.

But I was determined to behave and act normal. "Uh... no! Definitely not! Like we agreed, I'm your guinea pig. So if this helps you, that's what matters."

I wanted to get off this all too arousing topic, and hopefully get her to let go of her squeezable globes before I gave in to the urge to furtively rub myself. So I tried my best to change topics. "That said, I know your time is limited. You have to get to dinner belong long, don't you?"

She nodded, and thankfully let go of her boobs. That set them endlessly bouncing, it seemed. "Yeah."

"How much time have you got?"

She scrunched her nose a little bit, which was cute. "Hard to say. I juuuust got back from our big day trip, like five minutes before we started this chat. My friends and I planned some time to relax and shower and whatnot. Then, I'll go grab them or they'll grab me."


"When the hunger urge gets too strong!" She laughed.

This looked like an ideal segue from talking about her breasts to talking about her day trip. I started to say, "Speaking of your..."

But I had to pause, because I heard a knock on the door. It was partially open, and Sue Ellen stuck her head in. "Dan? Are you having a video chat with Nicky? Can I come in and say hi to her?"

I couldn't say no to that, especially since Nicky had to have heard her. It was weird having Sue Ellen come in with Nicky talking to her father topless, but Sue Ellen saw that on the large monitor and didn't seem fazed in the slightest. I said, "Of course. Come on in."

Sue Ellen walked all the way in, closing the door behind her. In so doing, she revealed that she was wearing nothing but a sexy pink nightie. It was borderline obscene, being semi-transparent in places and covering less than a one-piece bathing suit. But at least there were flowers and swirly patterns made of thicker material, and large flowers were placed strategically over her nipples, effectively covering them. Her pussy mound was covered with thicker material too, though it was plain to see through the swirls and flowers that her bush had been shaven off.

After seeing her sexy nightie, not to mention the suspicious fact that she was wearing high heels, I had second thoughts about the wisdom of having her come in. It occurred to me I was probably thinking with the wrong head, again. But I was so very, very aroused that I was almost looking for trouble. Besides, my Cupcake looked adorable and cute, as always, but also sexy as hell!

So I looked back to Nicky and said, "That is, if it's okay with you, Muffin. Maybe just a brief hello, because it would be nice to have some one-on-one time between us, don't you think?"

Even as I said that, I was thinking as if I could communicate telepathically with Sue Ellen, Please don't mention my erection or even stare at it! Nicky will notice I'm erect, and it's because of her!

Nicky said brightly, "Oh, no, this is great! Sue Ellen, please, join us! Your timing is perfect. I was just saying that I wished I could hug and kiss my dad, and it's super frustrating that I can't. But you can, for me!"

"Okay, sure!" Sue Ellen smiled from ear to ear. "It'll be my pleasure, believe you me!" She quickly pulled up a chair next to mine, sat in it, and then wrapped her arms around me. She acted very fast, probably to make sure I didn't have time to think up an objection. Within seconds, we were kissing on the lips!

This wasn't good, especially since she was supposed to be kissing me on Nicky's behalf. Why not just a peck on the cheek? Sheesh! I didn't want to get lost in a passionate tongue duel with Nicky right there, and with her having nothing to do but to watch us.

So I broke off the kiss after just a few seconds. I had to use both hands to keep Sue Ellen at bay. I told her, "Cupcake, I don't think she meant THAT kind of kiss!"

But Nicky said, "No, Dad, it's cool. I'm not a kid anymore. I know she's your lover. Well, one of your lovers. She's very passionate about it, so she's only doing what I'd expect her to do. Besides, I already saw you two make out - and more - by the hot tub not that many days ago. Remember?"

"I sure do!" Sue Ellen said excitedly. She looked to Nicky, who might as well have been completely nude since we could only see her from the belly button on up. "Wow, girl. You look soooo sexy! I wish I had your curves."

So far, so good. I was grateful that Cupcake was pretending to ignore my stiff pole, even though it was lewdly tenting my sweatpants again in an almost comical manner.

Then she asked with boundless enthusiasm, "Can I kiss him again? Please? Pretty please?!"

Nicky laughed. "Since you said 'pretty please,' how can I say no? But don't get TOO carried away. I have a lot to talk about!"

"Yeay!" Sue Ellen's face had stayed close to mine, and our lips locked again.

I must admit that I didn't put up much resistance, even though it didn't seem right to kiss like this with Nicky watching. My Cupcake was so excited and passionate that I simply couldn't turn her down. Plus, I was horny as a goat, with thoughts of Jane, Nicky, and Sue Ellen all mingled together. However, I resolved to keep it short.

Happily, I managed to do that. But it was a Pyrrhic victory, because while I was distracted with the soulful kiss, Sue Ellen stuck a hand into my sweatpants and started jacking me off! Then, when the kiss ended, she kept right on stroking, though at least she was careful with her arm movement so Nicky wouldn't be able to tell what was happening.

I was chagrined, to say the least. Oh, great! Here we go again! Why does this keep happening to me?! This isn't even the first time it's happened during a video chat with Nicky. So much for Cupcake being behaved. She's looking normal for the camera, but I'll bet she was planning this all along, from the moment she saw I was erect! UGH!

But even though I know it's wrong, I'm so very, very, VERY horny from leaving Jane without cumming that I have no resistance whatsoever! And seeing my extremely stacked Muffin sitting there topless certainly doesn't help matters! Ugh! What a disaster! And yet... it feels so damn fantastic!

Heck, this is the last night I get to have sex with my adorable Cupcake for a while - I might as well make the most of it. I plead guilty to getting knocked over by a perfect storm of a sexually irresistible situation!

Sue Ellen had her near arm wrapped around my back while her far arm snaked into my lap. I was sure that from Nicky's point of view it looked like an innocent hug from the side, but I couldn't help but feel nervous about it just the same. The problem was, I was far too horny even before she came into the room, so the danger only heightened my arousal even more!

Sue Ellen, though, was cool as a cucumber. As she got busy rubbing my sweet spot, she said to Nicky, "Please, be honest... seeing me kiss him... doesn't that kind of freak you out? I mean, for your whole life you've only seen him kiss Mindy."

Nicky replied, "Not that long ago, it would have bothered me a lot. But I'm learning to roll with the punches. I mean, look at me! We're talking when I'm dressed like this!" She looked down at herself while waving her hands in the air, which caused her huge boobs to jiggle enticingly. "This is not exactly typical father-daughter behavior!"

Nicky shared a laugh with Sue Ellen over that. I couldn't join in because my face was frozen in a forced smile to try to appear normal despite what was happening to my throbbing erection.

Sue Ellen mirthfully joked, "Well, if it makes you feel any better, your dad is totally naked from the waist on down! Just kidding!"

The two girls shared a big laugh over that.

While Nicky was distracted doing that, Sue Ellen furtively pulled my boner out of my sweatpants, and even exposed my balls for good measure. The sneaky vixen was trying to make her "joke" at least partially true! Of course, she resumed jacking me off. I was grateful she had to keep a hand behind my back as part of her effort to appear normal to Nicky, because I couldn't handle a two-handed "attack" and keep a straight face.

I thought, The cheek! I bet she thinks that's hilarious. But what if my Muffin catches on?! I'll be scandalized! I might be able to play it off as Sue Ellen being overly enthusiastic, but that would only partially work at best. Nicky's trust in me will be ruined! Trust I don't deserve! HNNG! Why do I have to lose all my willpower when I'm this aroused?!

Nicky went on seriously, "I figure it's all part of the sexual awakening I'm going through. Sue Ellen, I used to be soooo baaad! I used to dress like a nun living in Antarctica. I still kind of do, especially whenever I go outside. But I'm trying hard to change, and that means overturning my old ways of looking at things. My dad is a sexual wild man. He's the dictionary definition of 'studly.'"

Sue Ellen interrupted, "I do declare! I reckon you're about as right as right can be!"

The two of them shared a lot of knowing giggles.

"You would say that!" Nicky exclaimed.

"Of course I would! 'Specially 'cos it's true!" Then she added, "I'd love to own a copy of that dictionary. If they have a picture of his studliness, they'd have to sell it in a brown paper bag!"

Naturally, more giggling ensued. Sue Ellen managed to rub my sweet spot all the while.

I groaned, even as I was secretly flattered. "Helloooo? I'm right here, you know."

"I know, and I'm glad!" Sue Ellen leaned in and gave me a loving kiss on the cheek. Then, after some more mutual giggling, she added to Nicky, "Sorry for interrupting. Please continue."

Nicky nodded and composed herself, while still smiling. "For years, I tried hard to be in denial about that, despite the mounting evidence. It kind of feels good to let that go and see him as the highly sexual man he truly is, if you know what I mean. The truth is liberating."

"I do!" Sue Ellen said enthusiastically. "And you're so right! He's a sexual BEAST! A hot-blooded, sexually insatiable dynamo!" She switched from a subtle rubbing style to stroking my shaft from top to bottom, over and over again. "I have no idea how Mindy managed to keep up with him all by her lonely self. He's got Cindy, Mindy, AND me, and we can't keep up with him. At this rate, we're going to have to bring in reinforcements!"

Nicky seemed highly interested all of a sudden and leaned in, causing her face and bare breasts to grow in size. "Really?! Oh my gosh! Why does that not surprise me?"

Sue Ellen's eyes were wide as saucers, due to her eagerness. "You have no idea! Why, if the three of us were to wrap our hands around-"

I raised my hands, cutting her off. "Time out! Enough of that already! I'm putting my foot down and demanding a change of topic. Now! First off, what you're saying isn't true, but anyway it's not polite to talk about me like that while I'm right here."

But Sue Ellen remained undeterred. "Why not? It's not an insult. If anything, it's a super big compliment! And speaking of super big, Nicky, he's aroused aaaaaaall the time! I mean, if-"

I interrupted her by raising my hands again and even waving them around. "Cupcake! Please! Did you not hear me? Muffin, I'm really keen to hear about your trip today. Can we please talk about that instead?"

Nicky snickered gleefully. "Sure, Dad. But Sue Ellen, you and I can talk in private later, okay?"

"Sure! Totally!" Sue Ellen looked my way and made a playful and unrepentant face, even as she continued furtively jacking me off.

I groaned in frustration. I tried not to think about what the two of them might end up talking about when I wasn't there, since I had no ability to control that.

I found myself staring unthinkingly at my daughter's enormous breasts. I was so hot and bothered that I wished I could reach through the screen and caress them. If I were to fuck those perfect, huge breasts, I wonder if she'd crane her head down to lick and suck on the tip, like Jane says she does? Oh, Jane! I can't think about her! And I can't think about titfucking my innocent daughter! What the fuck is wrong with me?!

Then Nicky said to Sue Ellen with amused delight her voice, "By the way, it just hit me how he calls you 'Cupcake' and he calls me 'Muffin.' What's with him and pastry nicknames?"

Sue Ellen replied just as happily, "I don't know, but he should call Mindy 'Coffee Cake' and Cindy 'Donut.' Then we can introduce him to a sexy Jewish girl he can call 'Bagel!'"

Nicky laughed, causing a dramatic tit-quake. "Good idea! Then we can hook him up with a French hottie who he can call 'Croissant!"

Both girls guffawed at that. Nicky laughed so much that she had to pin an arm under her big globes from below to limit their shaking.

Then Sue Ellen started to say, "Once he's taken both of them around the block a few times-"

I cut her off. "Enough already!"

Sue Ellen pouted playfully. "Awww. Don't you want to hear my 'Brownie' joke?"

"No!" I complained.

Nicky said while still giggling in a chest-jiggling manner (despite her helping arm), "Spoilsport! Daddy, you can't stop her now, not when she's on a cinnamon roll!"

That caused both of them to break into hysterics. I have to admit I couldn't resist having a good laugh over that. Nicky practically doubled over with laughter, and had to clutch her huge tits from below because they were bouncing so wildly.

Sue Ellen also was so overcome that she had to stop stroking my boner. I can't say she stopped for long though.

Once order was more or less restored, I said to Nicky, "Okay, enough playing around. Can we get back on track? Muffin, I order you to tell me about your day trip already!"

Nicky said, "Okay, if you insist. Boy, you're a tough cookie!" She was still holding her tits in a titillating manner, pushing them together.

That made both girls laugh still more, especially when Sue Ellen gleefully added, "He seems tough on the outside, but on the inside he's got a soft jelly filling!"

I wanted to be annoyed, but I couldn't stop laughing either. Plus, I was practically out of my mind with lusty need. Sue Ellen knew to keep me just aroused enough to be blissed out on pleasure without having to pant or struggle not to cum.

Finally, we all grew serious again, and Sue Ellen let go of my erection to stretch both arms up in the air. "Aaaaaah! Such fun! Nicky, I love your whole family so much, which means you too, since you're a part of it. We have such a great time every day. Your dad keeps my legs wobbly from too many orgasms to count, and then Mindy and the others keep me in stitches all the time too. Everyone is so nice and loving that I just want to give the whole family a great big hug forever! I tell ya, I'm livin' in high cotton!"

Nicky sighed wistfully, while still holding her tits up from below. "I know! I miss it so much. Well, minus the wobbly legs part." She laughed. "Being away for college has been really hard. There's a part of me that wants to strike out on my own and prove my worth, but it's hard to leave home when we do have such fun all the time."

Sue Ellen already had her hand back on my boner. In fact, when she brought her hand back she furtively pulled my sweatpants down even more, because the springy fabric had fallen back to cover my balls again. Knowing I was putty in her hands, she pulled my sweatpants halfway down my thighs, leaving my ass bare as well.

As her fingers slid back and forth over my throbbing shaft, she said, "I consider myself too lucky for words. I don't even mind the sharing. In fact, I much prefer it!"

"No! Really?!" It looked like Nicky was starting to caress her tits instead of just holding them. But maybe it was just my imagination, because she suddenly let go of them altogether.

Sue Ellen passionately replied, "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit, it's true!"

Nicky laughed heartily. "What did you just say?! I thought your nickname is 'Cupcake!'"

My Cupcake blushed in a very adorable manner. "It is. That's just another Southernism I picked up somewhere. I got so emotional sometimes, I don't think about my words!"

Still chuckling, Nicky said to me playfully, "Daddy, you heard her. You have to butter her butt! AND call her a biscuit!"

I was so aroused that I couldn't resist replying cheekily, "The first part will be my pleasure, believe me. But I'm going to stick to calling her 'Cupcake' because she is my Cupcake."

"Awww!" Sue Ellen leaned in and gave me another hot French kiss. As she did that, she repositioned and slipped her hand that had been around my back down to my ass. Somehow, she wiggled a finger up my crack as started poking at my anus.

Good grief! As if I'm not aroused enough already! Of course, her other hand was still stroking my boner, though she was back to mostly just subtle rubbing of my sweet spot.

She resumed talking, "All butt buttering aside..." - she giggled some more - "It's true that I prefer to share him. Partially, yes, it's what you'd expect, that his penis is so big and needy that it takes a lot of hands and mouths to keep it from running wild over the countryside like King Dong!"

I chided Sue Ellen, "Cupcake! You're getting too explicit!"

Nicky giggled. "'King Dong?!' Sounds interesting! Tell me more!"

I sighed heavily. Then I gave my daughter a sharp look. "Don't ask! That's an order!" I gave my cock slave an equally sharp look. "And you! Don't say a word about that!"

Sue Ellen giggled some more. "There's so much I could tell you about that! But I'd better not, or I'd probably get yet another big ol' spanking." She looked to me and stuck her tongue out playfully.

Nicky's breathing seemed to be growing heavy, from the way her globes were slightly heaving up and down. "He spanks you?!"

"Oh yeah, sure. All the time! It's SUCH fun! But I probably shouldn't talk about that either, or that'll get me in trouble too."

I groaned unhappily. This isn't happening!

"Anyway, all that aside, the number one reason I love sharing is because the group dynamic is so great. In bed, sure, but out of bed too. I tell ya, I'm grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato, aaaaall day long!"

She went from a huge smile to something closer to a frown. "Uh-oh! The only fly in the ointment is that all the talk about pastries and now sweet potatoes has got me hungry for a late night snack. Does anyone mind if I pop off in search of something to nibble on?"

Nicky said, "Definitely not. The only problem is, now you've made me hungry too!" She giggled some more. "But not for sweet potatoes as a late night snack. That's just weird!" She kept right on giggling. Her huge orbs were in constant motion, due to all the joking, not to mention her rather labored breathing.

I was so very aroused that I found myself thinking, Nicky's hungry, but not for sweet potatoes. What if she's hungry for my dick?! Oh, Lord! Come on, with the way Cupcake is talking, the thought has to have crossed her mind. She might even be secretly masturbating, at this very moment! UNGH! That's so very, very wrong! Especially if she's doing while thinking about "nibbling" on my dick. With all this talk of sharing, maybe she's imagining licking it with Sue Ellen, each of them taking a side!

NO! I can't go there! I'm just temporarily insane. Thank God Cupcake is leaving, because otherwise I'd have to ask her to go anyway. Things are getting out of hand. What happened to talking about Nicky's day trip? Maybe I should think about fucking Jane's tits instead.

Uh-oh! NO! That's not helping! That was especially true since I was probably staring at my daughter's E-cups far too obviously, again. She hadn't seemed to notice though, maybe because she was busy yakking it up with Sue Ellen.

My sexy Cupcake looked to me, even as she wiggled a finger about a digit's worth up my anus. "Do you want anything, Ma-aaaybe something to drink?"

I could tell that she was starting to say "Master," but luckily she covered that in a non-obvious manner. I said, "No, I'm good." Shit! I'm flirting with danger. What if she calls me that, which she probably will before too long? How will I dodge that bullet?!

Sue Ellen let go of my stiff pole yet again and stood up. This also thankfully took her finger away from my rear end. "Okay. I'll be back soon. You two have fun! But don't have TOO much fun without me!" Then she walked off after sharing good-byes with Nicky.

I breathed a secret sigh a relief that I wouldn't have to keep hiding my reaction to the secret handjob pleasure anymore.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and greyshadow, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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