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Chapter 21

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Nicky said to me, "That Sue Ellen, she's a real character. Such a cutie. And she's such FUN! You get a big thumbs up from me for choosing her!" She gave a thumbs up right as she said that, naturally.

Mentally, I was very relieved to just have my boner rest openly against my thigh, untouched. I had been getting far too overheated. It was hard to keep my breathing under control, as well as maintaining a normal looking face.

I asked with worry, "Be honest with me, please, completely honest. You really don't mind that I'm dating her, even while I'm married to your mother?"

Nicky chuckled knowingly. "Dad, we both know you're not merely 'dating' her, okay? I can already see that your relationship goes a lot deeper than that. She's your devoted mistress, probably kissing you and rubbing her naked body all over your hunky chest more often than not. She's head over heels in love with you! Anyone can see that, just by the way she's always looking at you so adoringly. And I'm okay with that."

My eyes bugged out in surprise... but it wasn't due to what Nicky said. No, what shocked the heck out of me was that although I'd assumed Sue Ellen left the room, she only walked well out of camera range and then took her nightie all the way off, leaving her in nothing but her high heels. She must have gotten down on all fours and crawled back to me, because, keeping her head down, she quickly grabbed the base of my shaft for support and engulfed my entire cockhead!

Good God! Muuuuuffin! My penis needed a prolonged break, not this! Then I did a mental double take as I realized I'd thought the nickname "Muffin." Oh shit! I meant "Cupcake!" Cupcake! I definitely did not mean to think that my darling Nicky is sucking on my dick with her sweet kissable lips! Get that filthy thought clear out of my mind! Not that it's there in the first place! Dammit, why do those two nicknames have to be so similar?!

Sue Ellen wouldn't have been able to stay low enough except for the fact that my chair didn't have any armrests. And she cleverly waited until Nicky said something somewhat startling to give an excuse for my shocked reaction.

I tilted my head down and stared in disbelief at Sue Ellen's head in my lap. Already, she was starting to bob. I brought my hands to the top of her head, but I was too horny to push her away. She'd got me good! I was helpless to resist her charms, since I was still riding high and craving an orgasm since having to abruptly leave Jane.

There was no good reason for me to suddenly devote all my attention to staring at my lap, and that strange behavior didn't slip past Nicky's notice. She asked me, "Dad? Is something wrong?"

Thankfully, I was able to think quickly on my feet. "Um... no. But I have a glass of water here, and I was just reaching for it. You startled me so much that I spilled some in my lap. But don't worry, it's okay."

That appeared to mollify her. "Oh. Good. But what I said really isn't THAT surprising, is it? Now, if Sue Ellen was some kind of selfish gold digger or evil harpy, it would be a very different story. But she's just so... cute and adorable! How anyone could not like her just the way she is is beyond me."

I nodded. I certainly couldn't disagree with that. I thought as if I were talking to Nicky, And if you only knew what a great, devoted cocksucker she is! Aaaah! She's really giving me a hell of a hummer right now. She actually proudly calls herself my "cock slave." And she's not the only one. There's so much you don't know, things you can never know! You think my life is sexually wild, but you don't know the half of it!

Oblivious to my thoughts or Sue Ellen's oral work, Nicky kept talking, "And Mom's totally happy with her, and with Cindy too. Of course, that's the main thing for me, especially how Mom feels about it. Mom and I have been talking some, including by e-mail recently, and she says it's like growing the family by two. I can totally see that. Cindy was practically family already. And Sue Ellen fits like a hand in glove. Like the way we were joking about pastries a little while ago. I feel totally comfortable with her, almost like she's a part of the family already. And I don't say that lightly. That's a BIG deal for me!"

My hands were still on Sue Ellen's head, and I squeezed for dear life, because she seemed to take the "hand in glove" comment to try to make a perfect, tight fit between her hungry mouth and my throbbing shaft. It felt so good that I could hardly stand it! And all the while, I was forced to look at Nicky, my innocent Nicky with her sex goddess body and her enormous bare breasts!

Despite the fact that my balls were churning in anticipation from the great surge of erotic pleasure I was experiencing, I had to continue to appear normal and keep the conversation going. I couldn't stop myself from grimacing from all the arousal though. So I tried to weave that into the discussion. Instead of fighting the grimace, I exaggerated it, and then I said, "I don't know. You've got to have SOME doubts though. Don't you? Some concern?"

Thankfully, she appeared to buy it. "Well, maybe a tad. But not really. The way I figure, since Mom's gone off on her weird cucquean thing, it's pretty much inevitable that you're going to have a mistress or two. Or maybe even more... Who knows? With your raw sex appeal and virility, anything is possible."

I couldn't disagree that anything was possible, especially given what Cupcake was secretly doing to me!

"So I've got to accept that you're going to have some women throwing themselves at you for, um… you know."

Now it was her turn to blush and squirm a little. The not so subtle resonance of that motion in the movement of her bared breasts was simply mesmerizing. It was all I could to not to openly drool on myself at the sight.

Then she sat up stiffly and continued, "Cindy's a no-brainer, of course. She was practically like a second mom to me already, before you seduced her and claimed her. But if even she and Mom aren't enough for you, then who better than Sue Ellen? You could do a lot, lot worse than a gal like her, believe me. It's my experience that most gorgeous women let that go to their head and thus have reeaaally difficult personalities."

She impishly added, "Like a certain sister whose name I won't mention." She brought a hand to her mouth and fake-coughed, "Michelle!"

I chuckled. Thankfully, the blowjob pleasure had gone down from "extreme" to merely "great" as I adjusted to what Sue Ellen's lips, fingers, and tongue were doing, so I was able to stop grimacing and slightly relax. Talk about being a lucky guy - I was surprisingly accustomed to "great" due to feeling that much pleasure so often. Being a harem master is the absolute best!

Then I said sarcastically, "Gee, thanks for your discretion. Though you only have one sister."

She smirked unrepentantly. "Oh yeah. Although I basically see Ruby as my sister now. We're official 'breastest friends' now and everything." She looked down at her bare knockers knowingly, and giggled. "But in any case, you get my general point, don't you?"

I nodded. With Sue Ellen silently bobbing on my shaft, I was glad for when I didn't have to say something intelligent.

Nicky went on, "Sure, I'm in Hawaii, but it's not like I'm on Mars. I've been talking to everyone before I got here, and since, with e-mails and even some other video chats when you're not around. Mom, Michelle, Ruby, Cindy, you - everyone says the same thing: Sue Ellen is the bee's knees! Everybody loves her. It's like she's family already. Even Michelle, who as I'm sure you know all too well can't stand to be upstaged by anybody, has nothing but nice things to say about her. So how can I go against all that?"

I smiled and relaxed. Instead of worrying about getting caught getting secretly sucked, her answer made me think about all the wonderful aspects of Sue Ellen, both inside and out, and that warmed my heart. I eased my grip on Sue Ellen's head and instead gently caressed her hair. "She is pretty great, I must admit. I'm just playing devil's advocate, because I want to make sure you're not weirded out."

Sue Ellen obviously heard that. So far, she was being remarkably quiet about her sucking. In fact, she was almost totally silent somehow, no doubt to make sure Nicky wouldn't suspect anything. In keeping with that, she didn't react in any sort of audible way. But she did bob with increased suction and speed, going back and forth right over my sweet spot. So although she didn't let out any erotic moan, she made it nearly impossible for me not to!

Nicky replied, "I AM weirded out, big time! But in a good way, if that makes any sense."

"No." I was trying hard not to grimace some more in response to this new surge in pleasure. My Cupcake just wasn't letting up! It was like she was trying her hardest to make me cum to reward me for my "She is pretty great" comment, which she probably was. She even furtively reached to the top of her head and squeezed my hand there, while she continued to suck like her life depended on giving great head. She used her other hand to gently play with my balls.

Nicky explained, "It's like... what if right now, at your age, you picked up a guitar, formed a band, and started writing songs? Then, before you know it, you've got an album out and you're singing on TV! That would be way, way weird, but in kind of a good way, if you know what I mean. I'd have some trouble dealing with the change, but I'd be saying, 'You go for it, Dad! Right on!' That's kind of how I feel about you and Cindy and Sue Ellen. Everyone seems happier than before, including Mom, incredibly enough. Way happier, even. As long as that's the case, it's weird, but in a good way."

I nodded. I was slow to reply, because I was fighting hard to avoid visibly panting. God knows I'm happier! Muffin, you have NO idea! I'm spoiled rotten. Why, the sheer amount of blowjob joy I get to enjoy on a daily basis alone... Including right now! HNNNG! How can I tell her to stop? I can't! It feels too good!

I pulled myself together enough to say, "Okay. I get it. And it makes me really glad to hear you say that, because I've got a hunch that this isn't going to be some temporary kind of thing. You might find yourself with a dad with a wife and two mistresses until we're all old and grey."


Oh shit! Cupcake, NO! It was a big mistake on my part to say those encouraging words, because that was Sue Ellen making that noise in response! Apparently she was so thrilled that she couldn't keep quiet anymore. She might even have had a small orgasm, judging by the lusty, thrilled noise, not to mention the way her lips trembled while staying tightly wrapped around my shaft.

There was no way Nicky could fail to notice that sort of sound. She immediately asked, "What was that?!"

Luckily, I still had the ability to think on my feet, even as I was going out of my mind due to Sue Ellen's talented sliding lips. With remarkable quickness and calm, if I do say so myself, I looked towards the door as if I was looking at someone standing there, and said, "Oh, that's Sue Ellen. She just walked back in the room. Naturally, she wanted to comment about that, but her mouth is still stuffed full, with a cupcake, fittingly enough. Lately we seem to have cupcakes in the house all the time, for some inexplicable reason." I winked.

Thankfully, that seemed to dispel any suspicion Nicky might have had. She said with a big grin. "You bozo brain! That's no accident. I'm sure Sue Ellen is behind that."

I nodded. "You're right." Once again, I looked to the door and pretended to maintain eye contact with Sue Ellen over there. "You caught me, Cupcake. My feelings for you are real. I'm afraid you're stuck with me for a long, long time. Maybe forever!"

Suddenly, Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my pulsing pole. Then she crawled away, while keeping low and out of camera range.

I thought, Uh-oh! What's she up to now?! I knew she wasn't through with me yet.

I didn't have to wait long, because in a matter of seconds she stood up and then she launched herself at me. She sat on my nearest leg, deftly avoiding my boner, and gave me a crushing hug while squealing, "Oh! Dan!"

This was both a good and bad thing. The good part was that her appearing back into webcam view like that fit nicely with my act that she'd just walked into the room from that side. The bad part was that she still was completely naked! I had no doubt that her entire upper body could be easily seen by Nicky. and there was no way to excuse away or hide that fact.

At least she somehow remembered not to call me "Master." That took a lot of restraint on her part, because I knew she was very horny and excited. It actually felt strange and wrong to hear her call me "Dan."

Even as I wrapped my arms around Sue Ellen's bare back and swapped spit with her, I thought with chagrin, Oh, Cupcake, why? It's crazy enough that you dared to blow me just out of range of Nicky seeing. But why did you have to do it naked? I know the popular cock slave opinion these days is that cocksucking is somehow wrong if you're not at least topless while doing it, but come on! You've gotta be a little practical.

You're taking advantage of the fact that I'm too damn horny to resist practically anything. Between you and Nicky and Jane... UNGH! Forbidden thoughts... ARGH! Now I'm in hot water! Must... behave! Use... UNH! ... restraint!

With Sue Ellen trying to shove her tongue down my throat, there was no way for me to talk. That might have been a lucky break, because if my mouth was free I probably would have panted like a winded runner.

But Nicky could talk just fine, and as she watched us neck, she said, "Dad, what did I tell you about things being kind of weird?" She chuckled good-naturedly. "But don't worry, I don't mind. After all, I'm topless too. So I can hardly complain."

Apparently, Sue Ellen hadn't consciously realized that she was completely naked, as well as topless from Nicky's point of view, because she was suddenly overcome with embarrassment, and her face quickly turned red. She broke the kiss and covered her breasts with her hands. Then, realizing that she was still facing me and away from Nicky, she decided her safest bet was to stay that way and press her chest tightly against mine.

She exclaimed earnestly while talking into my shirt, "Oh my gosh! Nicky, I'm sorry! I didn't realize! I was going to bed instead of coming back in, so I wasn't exactly dressed. But then I heard Dan talking about me, and I couldn't resist listening in, and then one thing led to another, and... oh gosh! I'm really sorry!"

I had to believe her embarrassment was genuine, because how could she fake blushing?

Nicky laughed. "So that confirms it. You're in your birthday suit from head to toe! Aren't you?"

Sue Ellen's blush deepened. "It's true, there's nothin' between me and the Lord but a smile, Although... I am wearing high heels."

"Oooh! Sexy! But why would you be wearing those, here and now?"

Sue Ellen sheepishly explained, "I know they're as useful as tits on a bull, but I reckon my man really likes them. And I like wearing them for him. A lot! They make me feel... sexy... and horny!" She looked into my eyes with a lusty, loving expression. Then she buried her head in my chest to hide her embarrassment again.

Nicky chuckled some more. "Boy, this is a real hoot. But don't worry, I'm cool. If you remember what happened around the hot tub when I was in town, I've already seen you and Dad get comfy with each other when you were, er, dressed like this. Or maybe I should say 'undressed like this.' So I can roll with it."

Sue Ellen breathed a heavy sigh of relief, even as she continued to blush with embarrassment. "Oh, really?! Thank goodness! I'm much obliged."

Then she seemed to have an epiphany as she searched her feelings. "Gosh, I'm so sorry, but I'm kind of not too, because I get to kiss and hug my man some more!" She pulled her head up and back enough to make eye contact with me again, and she flashed a loving smile. Then she planted her lips on mine again.

Nicky laughed some more. "Geez! Get a room, you two! Or you should stream this on the Internet and charge a fee!" She kept on laughing, which meant more titty-jiggling.

I took stock of the situation. I realized that in fact we weren't really showing anything to the webcam and all Nicky could see was Sue Ellen's bare back. It was the fact that we all knew she was sitting naked on my lap that was so titillating. Of course, if Nicky had a different view that would have changed matters, since Sue Ellen had already resumed jacking me off.

But I figured that it we stayed like this, with Sue Ellen's back to the camera, we'd be okay. I resolved to not give in and play with her pussy, or generally fondle her body. She had a remarkable ability to jack me off without moving her arm in a tell-tale manner, mostly by limiting herself to rubbing my sweet spot. But I didn't think I could effectively stimulate her like that without practice for very long, especially being as highly aroused as I was.

I soon broke the latest kiss so I could talk. I spoke sternly. "Okay, behave. Cupcake, can you control yourself, or do I have to send you out of the room?"

She earnestly stared into my eyes. "I'll be good. Honest!"

I knew that wasn't entirely true, since her fingers were sliding up and down my soaked shaft even as she said it, but I hoped it would be true in a relative sense, anyway. I said, "Okay, I'm going to hold you to that. The minute you start to get too frisky, you're out of here. Understood?"

She nodded.

I looked past her to Nicky. "Muffin, these aren't exactly ideal circumstances for my undivided attention, but I'm still determined to hear about your big day trip, and you haven't said one thing about it yet. Do you mind sharing the story, even while my Cupcake is clinging to me like a leech?"

"Not to mention wearing nothing but a smile," Nicky snickered. "But sure. I'm game. I don't know if you'll believe me, but seeing all this is actually therapeutic for me. I used to be so hung up on intimacy, and especially on showing off my body and public displays of affection. But I see you two having such fun, and you're not getting arrested or hit by a lightning bolt, and it makes me kind of want to loosen up some more too."

I said, "Good, but don't loosen up too much. Don't take Cupcake here as your guide, or she'll have you streaking naked down Main Street!"

Nicky laughed heartily. "Oooh! Sounds like fun!" Then she added seriously, "But there's no way. Don't even joke about it. Just thinking about it makes me want to cover up."

With that, she put her hands over her erect nipples. But somehow, that only made her look sexier. She kept her hands on her big orbs, mostly pushing them up and together from below, with only her fingertips barely covering her nipples. Plus, she seemed to be breathing harder than normal, almost like she was very sexually aroused. It was like she was deliberately trying to drive me crazy!

After some more joking around, we actually managed to settle down. Though, of course, Sue Ellen continued her secret handjob.

Nicky finally began her story. "It turned out we really only went to one place today - Waimea Canyon! I don't have to tell you about it, because I know you were there with Mom. I remember seeing the pictures."

"That's true," I said. "But humor me. It pleases me to vicariously experience it again through your eyes. Besides, I'm sure Cupcake would love to hear about it too."

"Definitely!" Sue Ellen said with her usual bubbly enthusiasm.

Nicky nodded, and went on, "It's not that far from our hotel as the crow flies, but that terrain is impassable, so we had to go practically all the way around the island to get there. It took an hour and a half each way. But it was totally worth it! It was great. Sue Ellen, do you know anything about it?"

"Nothing," Sue Ellen replied. She'd settled down in my lap, though it went without saying that she was still secretly jacking me off. She also turned slightly so she could look at Nicky talking. But she kept her free arm strategically positioned to cover up her nipple that otherwise would have been exposed to Nicky's view.

Nicky went on, "It's really incredible. They call it the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific,' and for good reason. It's this huuuuge, deep canyon. Three thousand feet deep! It kind of looks like Arizona in places too. That's something that surprised me about Hawaii - it's got all kinds of different climates."

Sue Ellen playfully suggested, "I'm having a hard time imagining what a deep canyon looks like. Can you illustrate?"

Nicky was puzzled at first. But after Sue Ellen knowingly nodded at her enormous breasts, she got the idea. "Oh my God! Girl, you're soooooo baaaaad!"

Sue Ellen beamed. "I know! And don't worry about this big lug." She thumbed towards my face. "I know all about how he's supposed to be your guinea pig to improve your sexual confidence."

"Well, I don't know..." Nicky looked around her room with worry, as if checking for peeping Toms.

"Come on!" Sue Ellen cheered.

Nicky's worried frown turned to a big smile. "Well... okay! You make a convincing argument!"

They both laughed a lot at that, and I did too, because "Come on" wasn't exactly going to win any professional debates.

Nicky's face turned red as she pushed her big melons together from their other sides. "Gaawwwd! I can't believe I'm doing this in front of Dad!"

Sue Ellen playfully commented, "Hey, it's just a geography lesson."

"Yeah, right!" Nicky snickered. "Okay, enough of that." Her hands returned to her sides. Clearly, striking that pose with me watching was quite embarrassing, so she was quick to stop.

"Awww," Sue Ellen playfully pouted.

Nicky made a put out but amused face at my cutie Cupcake. It was obvious she was having a lot of fun. She went on, "Anyway, we did the touristy thing, looking down into the canyon from various scenic spots. But then, since we're young, fit, and adventurous, we did a heck of a lot of hiking. All the way to the bottom of the canyon and back."

Sue Ellen gleefully cut in, "Again, I'm going to need some visual help."

"Oh, for crying out loud!" But Nicky was all smiles as she pressed her massive E-cups together again. However, this time, she used her upper arms to push them against each other. That wasn't as effective, but it left a free hand to "walk" with two fingertips down into her cleavage. She giggled with both nervousness and amusement, "See? We started about here, and walked down to the bottom of the canyon and back."

Her fingers completely disappeared as they "walked" to the depths of her truly canyon-esque cleavage. It made it hard for me to even breathe, much less breathe normally.

As Sue Ellen rubbed my sweet spot, she made eye contact with me and said, "That sure helps my understanding. What about you, Dan?"

I pretended to be put out, though I couldn't stop grinning. "I think you two are Looney Tunes!"

My thoughts were mixed up with fantasies of titfucking either Jane or Nicky, or maybe both. Maybe even both of them at the same time, even though I knew that was physically impossible. Plus, I was tempted to "walk" my fingers over Sue Ellen's impressive chest, since she was actually within reach. But I was determined not to do that, since Nicky would be able to see.

My Cupcake playfully slapped my chest. "Pay him no mind. He's still a work in progress." She looked back to Nicky. "So is that the end of your... titillating... story?"

We all laughed at that "titillating" joke.

I didn't know Sue Ellen could be such a comedian! It seemed the more time she spent with us, the more she was loosening up, which allowed her sense of humor to flower.

Nicky let her hands fall back to her sides once more. "In a nutshell, yeah. I'm soooo tired and sore, but in a good way, if you know what I mean."

Sue Ellen said, "I know exactly what you mean. Dan makes me feel that way aaaaaall the time, and we don't even go hiking!"

Both Nicky and Sue Ellen shared a knowing giggle, even as their blushes reddened even more from embarrassment at the same time, strangely enough.

I must admit that I got pretty embarrassed by that too, since the sexual implication was so clear. I chided Sue Ellen, "Behave!"

She said "Sorry," but she didn't seem that sorry. In fact, she appeared to be getting more relaxed about her nudity, and was slowly but surely facing more towards Nicky, since it was hard for her to keep looking Nicky's way from the side. Of course, she kept on driving me wild with her secret rubbing all the while.

Nicky said, "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that." But there was a twinkle in her eye and she couldn't stop grinning. "Anyhow, that's what we did. We left right at nine in the morning and got back right before six, which is nine your time. I was adamant that we had to get back in time for this video chat. That left us only six hours there, due to the long drive there and back, but it was totally worth it. Plus, the road was great too, because it gave us a chance to get a lay of the land. Now we have all kinds of ideas of places we want to explore next."

I said, "Sounds like a great day then."

Sue Ellen cut in, "Wait! Maybe I'm a bitty bit slow, but I could use some more visual help to understand that car ride you're talking about." She smirked knowingly. "I recall Kauai is basically a round-shaped island, right? If only there was a round-shaped object in view, like, say, on your chest, that could be a good stand-in for the island..."

Nicky laughed. "Okay, okay, I get the drift! I can't believe you're making me do this with my Daddy watching. But I'll do it, only because you use the term 'bitty bit.' Is that some Southern thing?"

Sue Ellen looked abashed, apparently due to "bitty bit." "I reckon so. I assumed everyone said that, until I came here." On a dime, she turned enthusiastic. "But never you mind that! Let's see the map!"

Nicky shook her head. But she also hefted her right tit up from below as much as she could. That got rid of the gentle slope coming down from the top, making that boob appear about as round as possible. She resumed blushing, deeper than before, but doggedly said, "Okay, so this is Kauai."

Sue Ellen cut in, "Hold your horses! So what's that other island to left? It's a VERY sizable land mass. It must have a name!"

Nicky laughed some more. "Oh, girl! You make this so much fun!" She looked down at her twin peaks and hefted the other one up too. "I guess if it's got to have a name, that must be Oahu."

"Cool! I was hoping you'd say that. Please continue."

Nicky let "Oahu" fall, setting off another amazing tit-quake, but kept holding up "Kauai." She said, "This is so crazy! What if my friends walked in on me, while I'm sitting here totally naked, holding up my breasts in such a ridiculous fashion? God, the things you do for family. Anyway, this is about where Princeville is." She pointed at a spot near the middle of the top edge of her breast. (And there was a "top edge" due to the way she kept holding it up.) "Then... Waimea Canyon is kind of in the middle..."

As she was looking down and deciding where to place her finger, Sue Ellen interrupted again to say, "Oooh! Oooh! Pick the nipple! Pick the nipple! It's close enough for horseshoes, right?"

Nicky had another good laugh. "Very well. I suppose it's close enough, although it really would be more up and to the west. Anyway, since there's no direct road, we had to take the coast road, like this..." Starting with her finger on her stiff nipple, she traced a path along the visible edge her breast, going more than halfway around until she got back to "Princeville" at the top.

When she finished, she said, "There! That was weird... but surprisingly liberating. Can I put 'the map' away now?!"

Sue Ellen immediately exclaimed, "Nooooo! It's so beautiful! It's the most perfect map. Don't you agree, er, Dan? In fact, you should leave it out AND the Oahu map!"

Nicky laughed heartily yet again. "Very well. I suppose I have no choice!" She was having a ball.

Then my cutie Cupcake briefly cupped her hands to her mouth and mock-shouted, "ECHO... echo... echo..." Naturally, her voice faded out as if she was shouting into a deep canyon.

I have to admit that I laughed as much as the other two did.

Something had been niggling in the back of my mind, but with the wonderful "geography lesson," I'd been too distracted to think about it. But now that there was a brief pause in the discussion, as well as the titty show, it came to me. It was something Nicky had said, just before she started to point out Princeville on the map: "This is so crazy! What if my friends walked in on me, while I'm sitting here totally naked, holding up my breasts?"

Wait! Whoa! Rewind! "While I'm sitting here totally naked?!" Did she really just say that?! I think she did! WHOA! Whoa Nelly! But did she literally mean it?! She could just say that because she FEELS totally naked. I'm sure she does, compared to her usual standards. But there's that word "totally." Why use it if she doesn't mean it?!

My thoughts were interrupted when Nicky directly asked me, "Okay, enough of that. Dad, do you have any questions?"

I was so stunned by the whole "sitting here totally naked" thing that I was caught flat-footed. The secret handjob I was enjoying didn't exactly help my concentration, nor did feeling Sue Ellen's delectable body on my lap. But after a prolonged pause, I rallied to say, "I'm just thinking. I've got a very big interest in geography, as you know."

Nicky laughed heartily. "Yes, I know! In fact, I'd say you're locally famous for your interest in that topic. Especially island geography!"

Sue Ellen laughed along with that. "He's especially especially interested in BIG island geography!" She turned in place to face the monitor, then cupped her breasts from below with a slightly doubtful look. "I'm not sure if my 'islands' qualify."

That gesture shocked me, because she'd been keeping her tits covered most of the time, due to the way she was usually pressing them into my chest. But it looked like her shyness had gone down, thanks to the non-stop merriment, as well as clear sexual arousal on everyone's part.

I felt things were getting out of hand. The idea that Nicky could be completely nude greatly aroused me, of course, but it also greatly worried me. Where is this all going? I'm still "drunk" on lust, thanks to everything that happened with Jane, but that doesn't excuse me allowing anything to happen. I'm letting my libido run wild, with my pure and innocent daughter taking part! Well, as much as she can from three time zones away. And thank God she's there, or I might be tempted to touch her "islands," and more!

I tried to shudder in disgust at that, but it didn't really work.

Why would Nicky be naked? Why?! One thrilling yet terrifying idea came to mind: What if it's because she wants access to masturbate?! True, I haven't seen any actual evidence of that, such as tell-tale arm motions. So it's probably just my fevered mind thinking sick thoughts. But if Sue Ellen could play with my privates without getting detected, Nicky could do much the same!

I have to do something before things careen completely out of control! I didn't want to end the fun, because I was having a hell of a good time too. But I spoke up to say, "That said, Muffin, I am your dad. So I'm afraid the mysteries of Kauai and Oahu will have to stay... mysteries."

Sue Ellen moped, "Awww! Party pooper!" She continued to brazenly face Nicky, though her hands were back at her sides. That meant the secret handjob continued at full pace.

Nicky stayed silent. I couldn't read her facial expression, maybe because I was spending so much mental energy trying to hide my arousal and generally keep my shit together.

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