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Chapter 22

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

With my hot pole throbbing between Sue Ellen's sliding fingers, I said, "Let's completely change the topic, to something more family appropriate. Nicky, I noticed you kept saying 'we.' Who's that exactly?"

She seemed to relax at the change of topic. Maybe all this "geography" stuff was making her uncomfortable too. "Kara and Kendall, of course. I know I talked to you about them already. Sue Ellen, I'm not sure if you know about them, but they're these really nice and friendly sisters from Australia. I call them the 'Aussie twins' because they look and even act like identical twins, although they were born a year apart. We became best pals in like five minutes. They've made my vacation special, because I'd probably revert to my introverted ways on my own, but they force me to push myself to be more outgoing just to keep up with them."

She went on, with maybe a hint of hesitation, "Then there's Matt."

I hesitated, and tried not to frown. "Aaaah. Matt." My heart sank just from being reminded about him. Of course, that was in a relative sense, since Sue Ellen's secret handjob kept me flying high regardless.

Sue Ellen asked cluelessly, "Who's Matt?"

Nicky explained, "He's this guy I met out here that I'm kind of sweet on right now. He's very charming and handsome, but a bit fake, kind of like a TV show host or something. I know not to become too serious with him, especially since I'm sure I'll never see him again after my vacation is over. Still, he's a fun guy to spend time with. I insisted he should come with us, which was a bit of a controversial decision, since we didn't have much room in the car and it was otherwise all girls."

I wanted to move the discussion away from Matt already. I asked, "Oh? Who else was there?"

"These two other pretty girls, Dora and Brittany. I think I mentioned them to you before, but only briefly. They're nice, but I haven't clicked with them like I have with the Aussie Twins. They're more their friends than they are my friends. The Aussies are beautiful, outgoing, and fun, so they pick up a gaggle of friends wherever they go. I'm consider myself lucky that I somehow fell into their orbit. Daddy, I totally want you to meet them."

"Um, that's kind of impossible," I pointed out, while wondering why she'd called me "Daddy" just then. "I'm over here and you're over there."

I wasn't doing my best thinking, due to Sue Ellen's constant secret handjob. Plus, I was still wondering if she actually was "totally naked" or not. And Jane never really left my thoughts either. Ugh!

Nicky replied, "Not in person, silly! I mean in one of these video chats. Pleeeaaase?! It would mean a lot to me. I've told them a lot about you, and they're dying to see if you live up to the hype. And you'll understand my vacation way better if you get to see what they're like. I spend nearly all my time with them."

I asked, "'Hype?' What hype?"

Nicky looked abashed. "Did I say 'hype?' Shoot. I guess I've sort of praised you a lot. I'm proud of you!"

"As you should be," Sue Ellen said, suddenly radiating pride for me too. "Nicky, your father is a great man. I don't mean history-books great, I mean it in a more personal way. He's so full of love and care, for one. Loving him is as easy as sliding off a greasy log backwards!"

Nicky laughed, setting off another tit-quake. "How easy is that? I've only ever slid off a greasy log forwards."

Sue Ellen knew she was being gently teased about her colorful expression, but she didn't mind. "VERY easy, trust me. But don't talk to me about sliding forwards and backwards on big ol' greasy logs while I'm sittin' here on Dan's lap wearing my unmentionables. I'll get too excited!"

Nicky laughed. "Oh my! Sue Ellen, you're soooo naughty! I love it! And what are you wearing?!"

Sue Ellen looked down to one of her high heels, since that was all she was "wearing." She quipped, "I can't mention them!"

Nicky laughed some more, along with the rest of us. "Gosh, you two are such fun!... Although,... I thought you were buck naked? I hope he's not doing naughty things to you just out of my view!" Despite those words, her tone of voice made it sound more like she was being encouraging instead of discouraging.

'I AM!" Sue Ellen said. "However, I still have my high heels on. They make me feel soooo sexy, walking around in nothing but high heels for my handsome, wonderful man." Although she was facing forward, she briefly twisted back towards my face and gave me a loving smile. Then, sitting forward again, she told Nicky, "Unfortunately, he is NOT taking advantage! I'm totally bummed! That just shows how much he loves you. He thinks it would be weird and inappropriate, I'm sure. But the second this chat is over... Oh BOY! Watch out!"

It was true I was keeping my hands to myself. I could have easily played with Sue Ellen's ass in particular without any danger of Nicky seeing at all, but I worried that if I got started, that would just make my sexy Cupcake more aroused and reckless, and the whole thing would soon spiral out of control until there was no way Nicky wouldn't notice what was happening to my dick.

So, just to be on the safe side, I wrapped both hands around Sue Ellen's waist, now that she seemed settled in this new position, to have continual visual evidence that at least I was behaving. I had to be careful not to make sure my hands slipped up or down though. Her entire body was a sexual minefield, and even her taut tummy felt fantastic.

Sue Ellen purred contentedly and cuddled her back into me more, apparently happy that my hands were finally at least doing something to her body. Then she got the topic back on track. "But seriously, Nicky, your dad is the absolute BEST! Men like him are scarce as hen's teeth. And that's not even counting his 'greasy log.' I thought I was in love with a guy or two before I met your wonderful, hunky dad, but that was nothing! Great big empty nothing burgers!"

Nicky smiled widely at Sue Ellen's overwhelming enthusiasm. "I know. I can see it in your eyes when you look at him. That's sweet."

There was a slight pause, making me worry my daughter might hear the sound of Sue Ellen's sliding fingers. It looked like Nicky was about to say something cheeky, but she changed her mind. "Anyway, we had six of us in a rental car that's supposed to only fit five. That didn't work out too well, but we had a great time overall."

I asked her, "What did you wear?"

"Wear? I certainly didn't dress like this!" She looked down at her bare breasts and laughed. Then, to my amazement, she held her huge orbs from below and pressed them up and out yet again!

Hot damn! Sue Ellen saw that and apparently got even more inspired. She repositioned slightly, so that she was sitting fully on my lap, right in the middle. My boner poked up right between her legs, which was dangerously close to a fucking position. But thankfully she was content to keep it right in front of her pussy mound, then reached down and started jacking me off with both hands!

That was bad! I could handle her one-handed method almost indefinitely, which usually just consisted of her rubbing my sweet spot. But it had worked me up to a dangerously aroused state over time, especially due to her blowjob phase, and now she was using both hands! One hand cradled and fondled my balls, while her other one rubbed on and around my cockhead more aggressively.

I didn't even want to think how this looked for Nicky. With the way Sue Ellen was sitting right in the middle of my lap, she could be fully impaled on me! Or, with her arms angled down towards her crotch, she could be masturbating. Or what she was actually doing - going wild all over my cock and balls! It was hard to believe we could maintain this pose and not get frisky in some way, even if my sweatpants were still pulled up, which they were not!

Luckily, Nicky seemed totally oblivious, even as she continued to hold her huge tits up and out for no good reason. "Unfortunately, Daddy, I feel totally comfortable with you. If it's just you, I could even do something like this." She glanced down at her hands, and even slid her perfect melons against each other a bit.

Mind... blown!

Yet she continued as if nothing was unusual, "But with Matt there, I get shy. I know that he's a player, so I get defensive." With that, she slid her fingers over her nipples, as if she was worried Matt or someone like him could see.

I didn't mind, because that was a sexy pose too, with her nipples just barely hidden by her fingertips (again).

"Plus, I'm constantly worried about getting a sunburn. I'm working on a tan, but I have to carefully limit how much sun I get each day, even with lots of suntan lotion. So I wore a long-sleeved shirt, khaki pants, and a wide-brimmed hat."

Sue Ellen commented, "Good idea. You need to cover yourself VERY thoroughly with suntan lotion. That's important!"

It was very subtle, but I suspected that my naughty Cupcake was trying to further arouse me by making me think of rubbing that lotion all over my innocent, forbidden daughter. And it was working! I was determined not to let it show though, even with my cock and balls getting caressed all over.

I shifted my head slightly in hopes that the lower half of my head was hidden by the top of Sue Ellen's head right in front. I had to do that to hide the way I was forced to clench my teeth some more. Things were getting dangerously arousing!

Nicky appeared to be oblivious, thank God. She continued, "I know, especially given my fair skin. And I'm glad I did too. Some of the others got sunburned, especially Dora."

Sue Ellen asked her, "What about your big breasts?"

"What about them?" Nicky looked down at her chest and clutched her tits from below yet again.

I wished she'd stop doing that! It was like she knew that was driving me to distraction!

Sue Ellen clarified, "In addition to looking ginormous and wonderful, I noticed they're just as tanned as the areas around them."

"You think?" Still looking down, Nicky ran her hands here and there. Apparently she was checking out her tan, but it looked a lot like she was just sexually caressing herself!

"I'm sure," Cupcake said. "And yet you're in Hawaii, out in the sun. And the sun is strong!"

"Ah. I'm being super careful, because I don't want tan lines. I try to stay covered up, or in the shade, or wear sunscreen with a SPF 1000!" She giggled. "Unless I'm tanning with the Aussie twins on the balcony, in which case I'm comfortable enough with them to wear... how did you put it? 'Nothing but a smile.'" She looked back up while still caressing herself, and smiled directly at me.

My heart was doing backflips on a trampoline! Why couldn't she keep her hands still?! She couldn't have been more tempting with her big boobs than if she was trying to arouse me on purpose!

Sue Ellen then asked, "How did Matt react with you being covered up for your entire day trip?"

"Oh, he was nice enough. He didn't complain. The only snag was that he totally had a wandering eye, since he was with a bunch of mostly scantily clad girls, plus me. But I didn't give him grief. We haven't even kissed yet, so I don't have any hold on him."

"But still, it's bad form, if he's trying to impress you." Sue Ellen asked her, "So are you going to break up with him?"

Nicky finally dropped her hands back to her sides.

I definitely had mixed feelings about that. But I was determined to at least try to think that was a good thing. I kept my hands on Sue Ellen's tummy, equally determined to behave.

Nicky answered, "Nah. Like I just said, I'm not really going out with him so far, so that would be putting the cart before the horse. I haven't had much one-on-one time with him yet, to be honest. But I'm going to keep seeing him and see what happens. As I've been saying about this trip, I'm not looking for Mr. Right, I'm looking for Mr. Right Now. Meaning, I need a rebound boyfriend to get over breaking up with Steve and to try to loosen up some more. Matt happens to be in the right place at the right time for me, but I don't have any illusions about him."

Sue Ellen frowned severely. "I don't like the sound of this Matt guy. He sounds dubious. And dangerous! You need to be careful!"

Nicky waved a hand dismissively, causing a wonderful wobble show. "Oh, come on. I exaggerate his faults because I have extremely high standards. He's a perfectly nice guy, and he's a real hunk. But I don't worry much in any case because I'm with the Aussie twins nearly all the time, and they're always looking out for me. If he does anything they don't think is cool, then he's history."

"GOOD!" Sue Ellen said with surprising passion. Clearly, she felt very protective of Nicky, even though they didn't know each other that well yet.

I didn't know how much longer things could go on like this. All might have appeared normal through the webcam, but it was all I could do not to start panting like I'd just been running laps around a racetrack. And it was another strain to maintain a poker face when I wanted to squint and clench my teeth. Sue Ellen's two-handed fondling felt too great!

I realized, As much as I'm enjoying this video chat, if it ends, I could impale my sweet Cupcake on my cock and get the sexual release I so desperately need. We could fuck like minks without restraint! I've been teetering on the orgasmic edge, or close to it, for way too long. All the way back to Jane's house. I need to cum!

Furthermore, the longer this goes on, the more likely one of us will slip up. This is a totally inappropriate situation. I suppose it's okay being Nicky's "guinea pig" and help her get used to being topless, but not with Cupcake's secret hand work. Not to mention Nicky keeps touching her breasts for one reason or another. Kauai and Oahu! HNNG! Too arousing!

With that in mind, I spoke up to say, "Muffin, this has been great, as always, but don't you have to get to dinner? What time is it anyway?"

Nicky said, "Nah. As much fun as I have with the Aussie twins and their gang, this is waaaay better! It's only been half an hour. As long as I finish around seven o'clock, the others won't mind eating a little late. We talked about it on the way home."

I did some mental calculations. We started at ten after six, her time. Add half an hour to that, and it's still twenty more minutes until seven! Normally, I'd be all over chatting with Muffin for as long as possible, but things are getting too hot! Any minute now, I'm going to start playing with Cupcake's big tits, and there's no way that'll go by unnoticed. It's a wonder it hasn't happened already. I'm walking on a tightrope!

Then Nicky asked me teasingly, "Why, Daddy, are you getting uncomfortable with Sue Ellen sitting naked on your lap? She's so fit and beautiful. I would think it's a very comfy situation!"

I didn't know how to answer that. What did she suspect? Or what did she know?!

Before I had much of a chance to speak, she asked Sue Ellen with a knowing grin, "Or what about you? Are you getting uncomfortable?"

Sue Ellen immediately replied with her usual lusty enthusiasm, "No, not at all! Although... I must say... my seat is quite lumpy! And bumpy!"

Nicky laughed. "I'll bet it is!"

Sue Ellen laughed too, encouraged by the response. "Speaking of greasy logs, I think someone left one around here. I reckon I'm sittin' on a gosh-darned redwood tree!"

Both of them yucked it up over that.

I felt obliged to step in. "Okay, girls, enough of that! There will be no more talking of 'greased logs' or anything along those lines! Muffin, you're my daughter! You know we can't talk about certain things, right? Especially with you dressed like that and Cupcake here dressed like, or uh, not so dressed, er, as she is!"

Nicky just chuckled and waved a hand dismissively. "Dad, Dad, Dad, I love you all up, but you're way behind the times. As usual. That horse left the barn looooong ago?"

"What do you mean?" I was having a hard time following, since Sue Ellen wasn't letting up with her two-handed handjob at all. I worried I was starting to sweat in a highly visible manner.

Nicky said, "Sue Ellen, correct me if I'm wrong, but my dad has a big honkin' erection pretty much 24/7. I would bet a million dollars he has one now. Am I right?"

Sue Ellen gleefully replied, "You are so very, very, VERY right!" She giggled. "I'm not kidding about sitting on a redwood tree. If I didn't know that he's so hung up on doing what he thinks is right, it would be out of his sweatpants and in my eager little hands, big time!"

"CUPCAKE!" I gasped. She was getting dangerously close to the truth!

But she just giggled. "What? You know it's true. You have a wife and two mistresses, and even the three of us working together can't keep the King down for long!"

Nicky giggled too. "'The King.' I love that nickname!"

I was going to be upset that Sue Ellen revealed that, except I remembered that name slipped out when Nicky visited not that many days ago.

Nicky went on, "Look, Dad. We're not like normal families. Things are just more overtly sexual. I've seen your bulge countless thousands of times. Rarely a day went by in the last five years when I was home and I failed to notice the big phallic-shaped lump there. So you have nothing to be ashamed of. That's just part of life, like seeing that old sofa in the living room."

"Really?!" I asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Dad, you can be slow on the uptake, to say the least. Really. I just basically assume that your erection is a permanent part of you, like you having hair on your head."

Sue Ellen giggled gleefully at that. "That is soooooo true! He's only erect, like, aaaaaall the time! It's a non-stop strokey, sucky wonderland around here!"

Nicky giggled too. "I can imagine!"

I thought, Noooo! Don't imagine! That means my innocent angel is picturing Cupcake sucking me off! And maybe wishing she could be doing it herself! BAD! Gaawwwd, and she's so damn sexy and stacked and all around gorgeous! I'm so horny that I find myself picturing HER lips wrapped around my... No! I can't go there!

Nicky calmed down some from her tit-wobbling giggling, though she still had a smile a mile wide. "I'll admit that I was weirded out by all the sexuality in our family. Not just you and your ever-present oversized 'banana', but Mom too."

Sue Ellen playfully moaned, "Mmmm! Banana!"

I smacked her shoulder, lightly. That only made her giggle unrepentantly.

Nicky looked at us, amused, then carried on, "And Michelle. I guess that's why I kind of went overboard in the other direction and acted too prim and proper for so long. But look at me now."

I was looking, believe me! Worse, I still had an image in mind of her looking up at me adoringly with her head in my lap and her lips stretched wide with my cock!

She ran her hands over her breasts again, doing everything but pinch her nipples! "I can be like this and not even worry in the slightest that anything is untoward or wrong. Sure, you're aroused, but that doesn't mean anything because you're ALWAYS that way. What matters is that you'd never say or do anything to me that I didn't want. Not in a million billion years. You're the most morally upright man I know! Always!"

Sue Ellen was delighted to hear all that, and didn't even slow down her sliding fingers. She joked, "And that's not the only way he's always upright!"

Nicky laughed heartily. "See? Why try to hide it? Doesn't it feel better to acknowledge the reality? Then we can at least joke about it."

Sue Ellen pipped up with an impish grin. "Hey Nicky, did I tell you how much I love 'banana' flavor? Creamy banana! So yummy!"

Nicky laughed some more, then said, "With Dad, it's so long that you have to call it 'bananananana!'"

Both girls burst into hysterics at that.

I rolled my eyes and tried to act unamused. It was tough, because I was amused, but I didn't want to encourage flirtatious joking this overt.

Sue Ellen looked triumphant. "I think we have a new nickname for... well, you know what. His bananananana!"

I took my hands from around Sue Ellen's waist and covered my face. "I can't believe we're talking like this. Ugh!"

Nicky giggled gleefully. "Oh my gosh! This is such a blast! I'm always so used to being the most prudish and embarrassed person in the room when it comes to sex. But for once I'm not! Here I am, proudly showing off Kauai AND Oahu in all their naked glory, and Daddy's the one who's squirming! Dad, you have no idea how much this is helping me!"

I reluctantly removed my hands from my face. Big mistake, because she was hefting up her two Hawaiian islands from below yet again. "Helping you?"

"Sure! My sexual confidence is growing by the minute. I'm learning there's no reason to be afraid. What am I even afraid of? I don't even know. This is a good way to be. We have such a ball! In fact, this chat has been the best time I've had since... well, since I was home with those hot tub nights and so much more. And that's saying a lot, because this Hawaiian vacation is like a dream."

Still holding and even fondling her big tits from below, she went on, "Daddy, you're my guinea pig, and don't you forget it! In fact, I'm surging with such confidence that I'm ready for phase two!"

I groaned. "Uh-oh! I'm afraid to ask, but I guess I have to. What's that?"

"Flirting! I know you're my dad, but you've got THREE women taking care of you, and you're so moral that even the Pope would tell you to lighten up."

I looked down and around at my situation. My hands had migrated back to Sue Ellen's waist, but that was the only "innocent" touching going on. Currently, my Cupcake was not only pumping her fingers up and down my shaft with BOTH hands, but she had it tilted back so it was resting against her pussy mound. I could even feel the stiffness of my shaft frequently brushing up against her engorged clit! How she hadn't been loudly cumming her head off long ago was a genuine mystery.

Nicky went on, while still holding her E-cups in a highly provocative manner, "Here's the deal. I need to learn how to flirt, and fast. I never did ANY of that before. It drove Steve crazy. He even called me his 'Vulcan hottie.' But no more. I've got to learn how to act flirtatious, like any normal girl my age, or Matt will quickly lose interest. So... you're my guinea pig for that too!"

My heart went to my throat. "Just what are you proposing?!"

She put a hand under her chin, as if pondering deeply. "Well, for starters, I'm wondering if we have enough nana's in our new nickname. What do you think, girl?"

Sue Ellen replied joyfully, "Definitely needs more nana's! I'm thinking more like 'banananananananana! As in, 'Dan, is there room for one more tongue on your banananananananana?"

Nicky clapped her hands in delight. "Oh my gosh! This is such fun!"

I groaned loudly, hoping it would sound like an aggravated one. I did my best to act put out, despite being secretly amused. "Can we please get back on track? Muffin, what's your proposal?"

She had a huge smile as she said, "My SECOND proposal, after my all important 'number of nana's' proposal, you mean."

I waved a hand impatiently, while Cupcake continued giggling (and secretly stroking).

"Simply that we continue like this. Only we try to pretend we're not related. So I can try to get you attracted to me and me to you. Then I can take what I learn from that and use it on Matt."

My heart went to my throat again. Uh-oh! That's a slippery slope! My thoughts about her are already way too inappropriate as it is. That'll just make things worse!

Sue Ellen spoke up. "I think that's brilliant! Let's start right now! Dan, look at how Nicky is, topless and holding her big tits up. How does that make you feel? What does that make you want to do to her?! Not as Nicky, your daughter, but if she was someone else?"

"But she IS my daughter," I complained. "I can't get that out of my mind!"

"Sure you can!" Sue Ellen encouraged. "Oh, I know. We need a name change. From now on, whenever you two are in 'guinea pig practice' mode, you can call her 'Nicole.' And she can call you 'Danny.'"

I had to complain again, "But those are our actual names, or variants of them!"

My Cupcake was undeterred. "I know, but it's different too. Give it a try. Look at Nicky again, but with new eyes. She's not your daughter."

I groaned, and again hoped it didn't sound erotic. "But she IS!"

"Come on! You can do better than that! Try it! For her! Can't you at least try, for a minute?"

I grunted. Why now?! When I'm too horny to think straight?!

I guess they took my grunt as approval, because Sue Ellen said, "Good! Remember, she is NOT your daughter! Instead, you've been walking down a nude beach in Hawaii and you ran into her and started chatting. There's an obvious sexual attraction. Big time! Nicky, er, I mean Nicole, since you're still holding up your twin cantaloupes, why don't you ask him something?"

Nicky closed her eyes and shook her head a little bit. She opened them again. "Okay, I'm Nicole now. Danny, I'm laying it all out on the line here. My last boyfriend, he said my looks are average at best. He said I was lucky to have him. He especially hurt me by saying my breasts were 'like the udders of a fat cow.' What do you think?"

Maybe it was the fact that I was close to cumming, thanks to Sue Ellen's two-handed talent, but something snapped and I got genuinely angry at that guy, even though he didn't exist. "WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! Nicky, er, I mean Nicole, your boyfriend is the biggest idiot I've ever heard of in my life!"

"Really?!" Nicky looked hurt. "He told me that he wished I was skinny, like a fashion model."

"Then he really is a fool! My God, Nicole, you're so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at you! It's more than I can take! You're a total knockout all over! Your face! Your eyes! Your mouth!"

Nicky prodded, "What about my mouth?"

"It's a mouth that needs to be kissed! If I were there, I'd kiss you so hard and so long that you'd forget all about that loser! Smoke would pour out of your ears! And mine!"

She asked, "What do you mean, if you were there? You're standing right in front of me. You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?"

Sue Ellen squealed with excitement. "Oooh! I've got this!" Somehow, with great speed, she managed to spin around in my lap. My boner wound up trapped between our bodies but temporarily forgotten, because she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the lips like our lives depended on it!

I was so very worked up that I was helpless to do anything but kiss back. And with a startling passion! I felt ashamed, but a part of me was reacting as if I was kissing Nicky instead of Sue Ellen!

I couldn't see Nicky anymore, due to Sue Ellen's head being in the way, but I heard her happily exclaim, "Great idea! You GO, girl!" Then she giggled and said, "Oops! I can't talk because I'm you and I'm busy kissing now!"

I kind of lost track after that, because I was so carried away making out with my sexy Cupcake. She drove me to distraction even more by resuming jacking me off with one hand pinned between our bodies.

It was all I could do not to reciprocate and let my hands explore all over her body. But I knew the "real Nicole" was watching and if my hands did anything but stay in the middle of Sue Ellen's back, there was absolutely no way she could miss it.

We must have necked like that for five minutes or more. I was all frazzled and too horny to make sense of anything. I didn't know if I was kissing Nicky or "Nicole" or Sue Ellen or what! Sometimes, it even seemed like I was kissing Jane. But I had a tremendous amount of passion I had to let out, and since hand movement was forbidden, it had to come out with the kissing.

From time to time I remembered that I wasn't actually making out with Nicky, which meant she had to just be silent sitting in her hotel room, waiting. That made me want to break the kiss, because clearly she had to be bored and I didn't want to be rude, but it was like I was incapable of stopping the necking. It was simply too hot and passionate!

Finally, after who knows how long, I finally managed to break the lip-lock and say, "Okay! Enough of that!"

That all I managed to say, because Sue Ellen's lips met mine again and we were off to the races once more!

Maybe it was my comment, but Nicky finally spoke up again. "Um, Dad, Sue Ellen, this is great, but I just heard someone knocking on my door! I think it's the Aussie Twins coming to get me for dinner. I don't want them to see me like this, so I've gotta leave in a hurry! But this has been great! The kissing has been great! All the, uh, guinea pig stuff! Let's do more of that next time, okay?! But for now, I've gotta sign off! Okay?!"

She sounded strangely out of breath, but I figured she was panicking at possibly getting caught by her Australian friends. At least, that's what I told myself.

I practically had to pry my lips away from Sue Ellen's to get a word in. I literally had to use both hands to push her face away from mine. "Um, okay! It was good talking to you, uh, Muffin! Love you!"

"Love you too, Daddy! Oh, and good talking to you, Sue Ellen. Take good care of his banananananananana!"

Sue Ellen laughed. "I will! VERY good care!"

"I'm signing off now. Bye!"

Cupcake's lips met mine again and I lost the ability to speak. But I really, really wanted to know if Nicky was still there, because I was dying to at least do something with my hands. So I angled our heads until I could look past Sue Ellen to the computer monitor. (In retrospect I could have done that earlier, but I guess I didn't want to see Nicky while the kissing was going on.)

To my relief, the screen had gone black, which meant the chat was over. I immediately brought my hands down to Sue Ellen's ass and gave her firm cheeks a good squeeze. I'd been wanting to do that for most of the call.

She let out a loud moan, but I wasn't sure if it was of approval or if she was trying to warn me not to do that with Nicky possibly watching. Her ass was out of view, but the positioning of my arm was clear enough.

To dispel any confusion, I broke the kissing long enough to mutter, "Nicky gone! Chat over!"

Sue Ellen must have been waiting for that, because faster than I could say "one Mississippi," she lifted herself up and guided my cockhead to her cunt! It took a few more Mississippis as she impaled herself down on me, panting and gasping all the way. Pure bliss! I'd been needing to be inside of her so very, very desperately badly! The feeling of being embraced and welcomed by her vaginal sheath was as necessary and needed right then as a life preserver tossed at a drowning man.

I can't even begin to describe what happened next, except to say that there was fucking! Serious, intense, heart pounding FUCKING! We had to stop the kissing due to the way she was bouncing on me, but that was fine because this was even better than our molten hot necking! I don't know why, because she couldn't have been spurred on by thoughts of Nicky and Jane like me, but Sue Ellen was just as worked up as I was. Maybe she was feeding off my lust and energy, but for whatever reason, she was on fire!

She startled the hell out of me when she began crying out, "Master! Oh Master!"

My heart practically stopped due to fear, because I was still in careful mode. Then I realized Nicky couldn't hear, and I let out a laugh of great relief.

For a couple of minutes, it seemed that she couldn't stop babbling "Master, Master, Master!" I was like she'd felt a pent-up frustration at not being able to call me that while Nicky was listening, and she was trying to make up for lost time. Then I realized that it was precisely that way, because that was exactly how I felt about the things I couldn't do, especially the places I hadn't been allowed to touch. I tried to make up for lost time too!

I thought, How crazy is it that I AM her master?! So adorable and young, yet so very, very sexy! She's my sex slave! My cock slave! I've been trying not to even think about that with Nicky there, but it's true! Oh, fuck! If my Muffin only knew the full truth! FUCK!

I wish I could say that we fucked and fucked until we were both sweaty and exhausted. But in truth, "a couple of minutes" was about as long as it lasted, because I was so very worked up. Plus, she started cumming hard and continuously almost from the moment I told her the video chat was over! It seemed she had been holding back a lot more than just saying the word "master."

However long it was, time stretched to infinity as we shared a truly rapturous sexual nirvana. It actually was a good thing I couldn't last long, because a peak that high couldn't be sustained for long. The way it ended was just right, with me pumping all of my hot seed into her burning hot cunt while we squeezed each other tight. It truly was a moment of rapture, of joining. Yes, it was as arousing as you could possibly imagine, but there was so much love being shared too!

The only strange thing was how we were surprisingly quiet through the whole episode. A sexual high like that should have been accompanied by totally unbridled screaming. However, both of us were mindful that we were near other people who were sleeping, so we went to great lengths to stay quiet. I don't know about her, but on my part, my desire to stay quiet wasn't just out of consideration, but also because I really didn't want any of them to wake up, realize what we were up to, and come talk to us!

I must have had a very charmed day all the way through, because we remained undisturbed. Believe me, when it comes to Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby, that was a near miracle. They must have been sleeping the sleep of the dead from getting so little decent rest the night before.

Eventually, after all the quiet yet intense fucking frenzy, both Sue Ellen and I were totally spent. We remained in each other's arms, panting and staring deeply into each other's eyes. It was a special moment, for sure.

Sue Ellen whispered to me, perhaps still unconsciously thinking about forcing herself to stay quiet, "Master! Oh, Master! That was the BEST! The very absolute bestest ever!"

I chuckled. "I think you said that before. Are you sure? Even better than our first time? Or your initiation ceremony?" Strangely, I was compelled to whisper too, even though I was sure that if the others hadn't woken yet, they wouldn't now.

She beamed. "Okay, maybe not, but it's right up there!" She shivered and rested her head against the crook of my neck. "Ooooh! My initiation! Don't even remind me or I'll get too worked up and excited! Master!"

She abruptly pulled back to stare up into my eyes. "I love you so very much! You make me so very happy!"

"I love you too, my Cupcake. That said... what just happened, with Nicky... that wasn't good."

I was going to say more, but she cut me off with so much emotional intensity that it startled me. "HUSH! Before you start with regrets, you HUSH! And that's an order!"

Then, realizing how aggressive she was acting, she blushed. "Oh dear! Master, I'm so sorry! To think that I, merely one of your many cock slaves, would ever deign to give you an order! I don't know what came over me! My sole purpose is to serve you and to love you, and that means total obedience! It's just that I feel so strongly about these things!"

I ran my hand through her hair. "That's okay, my love. I love you for your passion, amongst many other things. You wear your heart on your sleeve."

"I can't help it! How can I not love you with all my heart and soul?! Let that moment we just shared. It was a great orgasmic peak, yes, but so much more! It was like... we became one!"

I leaned in and kissed her forehead. Then, on a whim, I licked a line of sweat running down her skin. "We did."

"Gaawwwd! It makes me so proud to belong to you, to be OWNED by you! To serve the King! You fill me up with joy-"

I quipped, "I think it was more than just 'joy' that filled you up."

She giggled. "True! The banananananananananana! Nananana!" She giggled even more. "Mmmm! So thick! So awesome!" She shivered all over. "Oooh! It's giving me goose bumps all over again, just thinking about it!"

I just smiled and ran a hand through her hair some more. But I had to agree to myself that it was pretty damn awesome.

Then took a deep breath and refocused, as if gathering up her courage. "Master, if I may, let me boldly make a suggestion. I know you're going to be all kinds of regretful about what just happened, and go off on how that was wrong in front of her and all that. If you want to do that, fine. But not yet! Save it for tomorrow. You can talk my ear off then. But for now, let's just silently enjoy each other's company."

I thought that over, while simply relishing the feel her muscular yet feminine body in my lap. Then I said, "Okay. Deal!"

She squealed with glee, though still the whispering version. "Yeay! Master, you're so wonderful! Gaawwwd! I consider it such a HONOR to be enslaved to you! I'd rather share with TWENTY other cock slaves than have any other man all on my own. To dedicate my life to serving you and your cock, it's all I want to do! The more I submit to you, the more joy and arousal I feel! And LOVE! So much love! I wish your cock was stiff and poking against my cheek this very second. I would deep throat you over and over and over just to try to start to show you how very much I love you! And then I'd suck on the King in every possible way for hours and hours! Oh God!"

I chuckled. "Don't get carried away. love. Besides, what happened to just silently enjoying each other's company?"

"Oh yeah!" She giggled. Then she put a finger across her lips.

By and by, we got up and got dressed. She had to sneak into another room and get a robe to put on, because all she had to wear was the sexy nightie she'd discarded earlier.

Then, together, we snuck out of the house in the darkness and walked the short distance from the Cooper house to the McGrath house.

As we got near, I started to get worried, because I'd told Cindy that this was the last time she and/or Sue Ellen could have sexual fun with me before the start of the total sex boycott tomorrow. Sue Ellen had definitely gotten her fill of me tonight (in more ways than one!), but I worried Cindy would want the same. There was no way I could be mentally or physically up for that. Even my supposedly always erect penis was going to have to cry uncle.

But today was truly my lucky day, because my luck held again. Cindy left a note just inside the front door, in a spot I couldn't miss. It read:


If you're reading this note, it means I got too tired and fell asleep. But I don't want to miss out on the sexy fun you and Sue Ellen are going to have when you get home! So please, do one of two things. Either wake me up, no matter how deeply asleep I am, or give me a rain check for tomorrow morning. Please?! I know as a cock slave I shouldn't make a request like this, but if I don't get one last time with you before the ban begins, I'll never stop kicking myself!

Love, your eternal slave (one of them!) Cindy

Sue Ellen read the note over my shoulder. When we both finished, I looked to her and muttered, "Rain check."

Thankfully, my cutie Cupcake nodded in understanding. She was wiped out too.

So my exceptional day finally came to an end. Sure, there were many mundane hours in there, but I got to be sexually intimate with Sonia AND Jane for the first time! That doesn't exactly happen every day.

A few minutes later, I was in bed, with Cindy on one side and Sue Ellen on the other, all of us naked as the day we were born. I loved how Cindy never really fully woke up, but somehow sensed my presence and sighed contentedly as she cuddled into me just the same.

Tomorrow was the start of the total sex boycott, which meant big trouble. I would have a lot to deal with, including my second thoughts about the video chat with Nicky. There also was bound to be good times too, especially if the plan for a date with Jane came to pass. That would have to be a great time! But for now, it was time for a well deserved rest.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, and Concerned, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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