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Chapter 23

(Thursday, June 6th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau, D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I woke up to a sensation of intense pleasure. It took a couple of seconds for me to figure out that my cockhead was completely enveloped in a warm, wet mouth, while one of my balls was inside yet another lovely, warm, wet mouth. Both mouths weren't doing much lip action, but they made up for it with lots of sensual yet busy tongue work.

My cock and balls were being pampered and adored. I was already in heaven!

As I came to full consciousness, I had a nagging feeling that something was wrong, but I couldn't figure out just what it was. I put that mystery aside to first solve another mystery: just who was doing what to me. Normally, I could tell right away due to their individual cocksucking styles, but even after I was wide awake, my brain was still playing catch up. I could tell it wasn't Mindy, since I knew her style the best, but beyond that, I was at a loss.

I opened my eyes, but I still couldn't see. I realized my cock slaves must have put a sleep mask over my eyes. (I wear one from time to time, usually if I'm trying to take a nap in bright conditions.) I reached up and felt it there, just to make sure I wasn't going blind or the room wasn't pitch black. That was strange and new, but I figured they must have their reasons. Perhaps they thought it would help me concentrate on the pleasure they were giving me and eliminate distractions.

I thought, How great is it that I get to wake up to the joy of a double blowjob? But not only that, I have one awesome wife and four equally awesome cock slaves, so I can't even tell at first who's blowing me! Man! With all the awfulness in the world - war, famines, disease, genocides, corruption, cruelty, and on and on - how lucky am I to live this charmed life?! Is this how it's going to be from now on? Man! No way!

I reached out and felt the head of the woman engulfing my cockhead. To my surprise, she was wearing some sort of hat. It had no brim, and felt like it was made out of velvet or felt, which was strange. Even so, I was starting to sense the head belonged to Cindy, mostly due to feeling her haircut below the hat. But then I got another and much more curious surprise: the ears were pointy, like a Vulcan's! I used both hands to check both ears, and sure enough, there was no doubting it.

I heard giggles coming from that head, and then from the other head. Obviously, they'd realized that I was wide awake and had noticed the strange ears. Cindy started using her lips more actively, now that she knew I was up.

The other woman switched to sucking on my other testicle, while also using her hands more actively to stroke my shaft. I had a feeling that was Sue Ellen, though I couldn't be sure.

I brought a hand back to my face and pulled the sleep mask from my eyes. I just had to see what was going on with the hat and the pointy ears, as well as quickly confirm who was doing what to me.

It turned out to be Cindy bobbing on top, with Sue Ellen taking care of my balls. Both of them were wearing green archer's caps, pointy in front and with a feather sticking out in back, like what you'd expect Robin Hood to wear. And both of them were wearing ear prosthetics that made their ears pointy. Other than that, they were completely nude.

I had to chuckle at the strange sight.

Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my balls and lifted her head to make eye contact with me. "Good morning, Master!" Then she pretended to get upset. "Hey! No peeking!"

I chuckled some more. "What's with the hats and ears?!"

Sue Ellen was smiling from ear to ear as she explained, "We're your sex elves."

I was thinking Vulcan ears, but I realized they worked as elf ears too. I had to chuckle some more.

Since Cindy was busy with her talented bobbing, Sue Ellen reached up to my face and pulled the sleep mask back over my face. "There. That's better. Now, Master, please, keep it that way. I know you're the master and give all the orders, but can you give us the freedom to get a little creative in how we lovingly serve your cock?"

I was highly amused, and pleased. I had to chuckle some more. Who can disagree with that? Man, my life is so great! How could things possibly be this good in such a fucked up world?!

I told her, "Okay. I'll let you two run wild. Famous last words, probably. But who let two sex elves into the house? Cindy and Sue Ellen are going to be upset at that. And what is a 'sex elf,' anyway?"

Both women giggled with glee, including Cindy as she kept right on bobbing.

Sue Ellen explained, "I don't know exactly. But when we woke up extra early to plan out our cock attack, Cindy mentioned something about sneaking in here as quiet as an elf, so we wouldn't wake you too soon. It kind of spiraled from there." She went back to working on my balls.

About a minute later, they switched positions. That freed up Cindy's mouth so she could talk, and she said, "I don't really know what a sex elf is either, but it makes us feel extra sexy. Master, you make serving the King so much fun!"

I wanted to point out that I didn't do much at all, except to provide the cock. It was all them who make the sexual magic. They're wonderful in every way, and somehow I get the lucky benefit. But I knew that sort of talk would annoy them, so I simply grunted in lusty approval and otherwise stayed silent.

I slipped the sleep mask over my eyes while I decided to do what they wanted me to do: I tried to shut out all my other senses and fully revel in the pleasure they were giving me.

That was great, of course. Maybe it was a psychological thing, since having a sleep mask on was essentially the same as keeping one's eyes shut tight, but I felt I could savor the experience better than usual.

Then I felt something strange... something HOT on my shaft! It wasn't hot in a dangerous way, but in more of a strange and startling way. I realized that Cindy had put on a glove, and that glove must have gotten toasty in the oven or something like that, because it was definitely heated up. I didn't know what to think about that, since it was something new.

A few seconds later, Cindy's other hand disappeared and then reappeared, giving me another surprise. She'd put a glove on that hand too, and it was uncommonly cold! Again as with the hot glove, it wasn't so extreme as to be painful, just startling.

Then, while Sue Ellen continued her bobbing turn, Cindy used both hands to stroke and fondle the rest of my shaft and my balls. Not only had I never experienced anything quite like this in all my years of sex with Mindy, I'd never even heard of it.

After just a few seconds, Cindy asked eagerly, "Well, Master?! What do you think?!"

I searched my feelings to see how much I liked this. I quickly realized I liked it a lot. Cindy kept moving her hands in unexpected ways, taking one hand or the other off my privates and then putting them somewhere new, so I never knew what would happen next, and if I would get a jolt of hot or cold.

I said, haltingly, due to being overwhelmed with so much pleasure, "I... I really like this! It's like... it practically doubles... the intensity of... everything!"

That got a big reaction. Sue Ellen pulled her mouth off my cock, and then I heard a smacking sound. I couldn't see, due to the sleep mask, but I knew exactly what happened: Cindy and Sue Ellen looked to each other and shared a triumphant high five. I loved how excited they got over such little things. Clearly, they enjoyed the sex slave life and took it very seriously.

Then I heard Sue Ellen exclaim, "Master! I'm so happy!" As if I'd given her a diamond necklace or something, instead of them spoiling ME rotten. I felt her body lower onto mine, with her big tits against my chest, and then her lips met mine. We shared a scorching hot kiss, where she practically overwhelmed me with her lusty enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Cindy went back to her cocksucking, while continuing to use her hot-and-cold-gloved hands to drive me wild with her stroking. That actually took up more of my attention than her expertly employed oral skills.

I was just starting to mentally cope with all of these different wonderful sensations when Sue Ellen broke the kiss. However, I sensed her breathing down on my face, and I heard her say, "Master, try this!" She proceeded to feed something into my mouth.

I was shocked to realize that it was the tip of a Payday candy bar. I should make clear that I used to have a soft spot for Paydays, as I enjoyed peanut-y flavor. However, I'd pretty much given up on eating them and any other candy bar a few years ago, as I realized I was getting older and I'd have to take better care of my health. Mindy definitely approved and encouraged me, while she also cooked and ate healthier foods.

So having a Payday candy bar slip into my mouth was a totally unexpected surprise. I bit off a piece and chewed it. I must admit that it tasted damn good, and I wondered why I ever gave it up. Then I remembered, Oh yeah. The sugar. Too much sugar!

After a finished eating a couple of bites, I spoke up. "Okay, slaves, what gives? Not only do you wake me up with a double blowjob sex elf surprise, but then the hot and cold gloves, AND the Payday. How did you even know I have a secret thing for those? You're spoiling me rotten! I'm overwhelmed!"

The two of them snickered and giggled in glee, like naughty schoolgirls who had just gotten away with a sneaky trick.

Sue Ellen put the Payday in my hand and then slipped back down my body to rejoin the fun centered on my cock and balls. As she resumed licking one of my balls, she said, "Master, maybe it's a bit much, but we have SO MANY ideas about the different ways to pleasure your cock. The food-related possibilities could fill a couple of pages! With the sex boycott starting today, we couldn't resist trying out a few, since who knows when we'll get our next chance."

I'm sure she didn't realize it, but her words put a frown on my face. Shortly after waking, I'd sensed there was something wrong, but I'd put it out of my mind due to being so distracted with erotic pleasure. Now I remembered what it was: The total sex boycott! Damn!

But it also occurred to me that Sue Ellen in particular was a very obedient slave, and it seemed totally out of character for her to violate the sex boycott so blatantly. There had to be some excuse or reason. Then I recalled the note Cindy had written me last night, asking me to either wake her up for her promised last time with me before the sex boycott began, or postpone that time until tomorrow morning. I also remembered that Sue Ellen had been there and I told her I'd go for the postponement option.

Thus, there wasn't a problem at all. This was allowed by my own words. True, I'd only given permission for Cindy, but no doubt Sue Ellen figured that if one mouth on my cock was okay, what was the harm of a second mouth? It was pushing the envelope a bit, but I couldn't blame her for wanting to love and serve me one more time. After all, the plan had been that the three of us would fool around before we went to sleep together.

So I wasn't upset with either of them. But I was disappointed to realize that the sex boycott would be starting just as soon as this morning fun was over. And that could go on for days, if not weeks!

Then I thought back to other memories from yesterday. It was almost like getting zapped by a Taser as I thought, SONIA! JANE! WHOA! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! I got intimate with Sonia AND Jane, two of the hottest women on the planet! Man! Sonia, with her magic hips and molten hot cunt! God, that anger sex was the best! And Jane with... well Jane! I didn't actually do much with her, but we played around enough for me to know that she's as sexy as she looks! Damn! Those gigantic tits! So perfect! And what a face!

OH MY FUCKING GOD! I'm going to have a DATE with her tonight! She's all but promised to let me fuck her tits! And she's got a titfucking fetish! AND there's nothing stopping me from seeing Sonia too! I don't know if I'll get to fuck again today. In fact, we probably won't. But frankly, I'd be happy just to see her and even be insulted by her again. She's got such spirit! Now that we've had such a great fuck, I can look at her angry attitude in a new way. It was kind of a foreplay that I didn't even understand!

Boy, today is going to be a great day! I did a bit more thinking, and quickly changed my mind. Hold on, not so fast. True, I do have the date with Jane to look forward to. That'll be the highlight, almost without a doubt. Jane Corlin! Oooh! I'm all giddy! But the rest is generally going to suck. The sex boycott isn't going to exactly be a walk in the park. I predict crying and anguish. Unless I just try avoiding everyone, but that will just make for more trouble later.

Damn! It feels so long since I've had any good times with Shelle or Ruby. It's definitely been too long since we've had sexy fun. And who knows how many more days before I'll even be able to give them loving kisses again? But that's the whole point of the sex boycott. Fuck! God, I'd love it so much to get woken by one of their tickle attacks, and bask in the joy of the two of them taking turns bobbing on...

Wait! What am I thinking?! I'm enjoying a great double blowjob tickle attack at this very moment! Talk about being an ingrate! Sure, it's not the Gruesome Twosome, but could Cindy and Sue Ellen be any more loving or arousing? All the different things they're doing to me...

I realized that I'd been just holding the Payday candy bar in my hand and not actually eating it. I took a bite and thought, Mmmm. Yum. It's probably for the best that stays on my forbidden list, but still, I can enjoy just one. Last chance before the sex boycott, right?

Anyway, it's not like I'm not totally adoring what my two "sex elves" are doing to me. But I miss my two little Hellions! I'll be so glad when this sex boycott is over. It kind of feels like it's starting today, but that's not really true. It's been going on for a few days already. Plus, I'll still get to have sex with Jane and Sonia, so I'm not exactly suffering. Hell, sexually, between what I'm enjoying now and the date with Jane, today is already guaranteed to be a GREAT day! But still, I miss Shelle and Ruby.

I can't say I miss Mindy all that much, since we had such a great fuck yesterday, and I've been seeing her a fair amount in general. But I'll be sleeping alone from now on, so I'll be missing her more and more. Things are definitely going to get tough, even with Jane and Sonia as very fantastic distractions.

I tried to turn my mind off and just bask in the joy of what Cindy and Sue Ellen were doing to me. While I'd been so distracted thinking, they'd switched positions again.

Not only that, but a few minutes and another position switch later, Sue Ellen put on a pair of hot and cold gloves too. Hers were "fresh out of the oven" - or wherever they came from, which was a real mystery - which meant her hands were even hotter and colder, respectively. That was well timed, since Cindy's gloves inevitably began returning back to normal.

For a while, maybe, five minutes or so, I was so high on lust that I couldn't think at all. The gloves in particular were a real distraction, due to the way that they would leave my privates and then surprise me on a different spot. That distracted me much more than the blowjob action. It was as if the sucking was creating a solid base of sexual joy, and then the hands were building on top of that, constantly creating peaks of particular intense pleasure. Frankly, it was so great that it was a rare moment when I remembered to take another bite of my Payday bar.

But by and by, both sets of gloves returned to normal temperature and then were taken off to allow for tantalizing skin on skin contact. I was able to get back to some thinking, and I finally remembered last night's video chat with Nicky. That was distressing. Clearly, things went too far. But I resolved not to think about it until I was alone, because my "sex elves" were likely to distort my thinking.

The double blowjob continued for a surprisingly long amount of time. After at least half an hour, I began to suspect they covered my eyes at least in part so I couldn't see the alarm clock and figure out what time it was! Clearly, they wanted to prolong the joy as long as possible.

They also wanted to go through an entire bag of tricks. Cindy sat on my face, and I was able to eat her through a big orgasm. Then Sue Ellen took her place and I ate her out too. That made me glad, because not only did I enjoy it a great deal, but I wanted to do more to please them, since they were spoiling me so very much.

But they didn't stop there. Each of them put one glove back on at various times and probed deep into my anus, stimulating my prostate. There was a heck of a lot of that, and it was a wonder I didn't cum from that alone. In fact, I almost came three times, and each time they used the "squeezing the base of the shaft tightly" trick to cheat the result. It turned into a truly epic suck session.

From time to time, they introduced various props. For instance, they pulled out a long feather and proceeded to tickle me with it, reminding me that this was a "tickle attack" after all. But they also used it a lot more to brush my cock or balls, making me shiver and giving me goose bumps.

By and by, I finished my Payday. That was the best candy bar I'd ever eaten!

Eventually, their tongues grew tired, and they switched to more of a titfucking focus. That seemed to give them a second wind. (Whereas I was on about my eighth wind by that point.) They titfucked me in every combination, including trapping my cock between both sets of tits and having one do the titfucking while the other sucked on the top.

I think they planned to keep going all day! At one point, I peeked out from under my sleep mask and noticed a box by the bed, and also an ice cooler. It looked like they had even more tricks and props they planned on using. The ice cooler explained how they'd kept the cold glove cold, but I wondered how they kept the hot one hot. They wouldn't tell me, saying that sex elves have to keep some secrets.

However, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I could only take that much heavy stimulation for so long. It was mentally exhausting, like riding on a non-stop wild roller coaster for hours. Eventually, I told them no more squeezing tricks were allowed. Not long after that, I deliberately let go.

I did give them a few seconds of warning though, so they'd be able to present their faces side by side. I figured that was the least I could do, after they'd worked so hard. Sure enough, they shut their eyes tight and squealed with delight as I blasted my cum load all over their gorgeous facial features.

By that time, I was so overcome by extreme sexual arousal that I could barely think straight. I could sense that I was likely to fade into unconsciousness before long. That was a shame, because it meant I was going to miss out on the inevitable face licking ritual. There are few sights I love more than seeing my slaves dreamily licking my cum off each other's faces.

Sure enough, I started to drift off right away. But before I did, I managed to mutter, "Thank you, both of you. I don't deserve you. That was the best!"

Then, just before my mind shut down altogether, I heard Sue Ellen exclaim to Cindy, "Did you hear that?! He said it was 'the BEST!' I think that means it should go in the Book as an eleven!"

I didn't know what "the Book" was, but I had a good feeling that it needed to be capitalized, like other things such as "the Plan" and "the Dream."

I slept for a little while. I'm not sure how long, but when I woke up, I felt refreshed.

Finally taking the mask off, I looked around and saw Sue Ellen sitting next to the bed in a chair, reading a book. Due to the way she was holding it up, I could see it was the same physics book written by Michio Kaku that I'd seen her reading some days earlier.

She was buck naked, except for high heels on her feet and the same archer's cap and pointy ears she'd had on earlier. It made her look even more adorable than usual. I noticed her high heels were green, matching the cap.

Somehow, she sensed my eyes had opened. She dropped the book like it was on fire and knelt next to the bed. She spoke with a bowed head. "Master! Welcome back to the world of the living!" She giggled. "Permission to suck your cock some more?"

I carefully looked her over. Fucking hell! She's so sexy! What the fuck is she doing, enslaving herself to me? And I don't use that word lightly: here she is, kneeling by the side of my bed, waiting for an order, just like a real slave. And she wants to suck my cock even MORE after all she did with Cindy! That's totally nuts!

I said, "Sorry, Cupcake, but permission denied."

She lifted up her head in shock, like I'd just told her a close relative died. "Master! Please don't say that!"

"Why does that upset you so much? I don't know how long I've been asleep, but you must be satiated after all you did earlier. Even you must reach a point where you say, 'Okay, enough cocksucking.'"

She spoke almost angrily, "First off, Master, I disagree! I haven't found that point yet and I doubt I ever will! You have no idea how good it makes me feel, every time. Even the soreness and tiredness hurts in a good way. Actually, imagine how good we made you feel, and figure that we enjoyed it just as much. Why would we ever want that to end?"

Rather than reply, I just stroked her hair gently, silently willing her to understand.

Reading my mood, she slowly turned sad. "But now, it's not just that you said no. It's that this means this is the start of the total sex boycott! Isn't it?!"

I nodded.

She looked like she was going to cry.

So I wagged a finger at her and said, "Come here."

She was up on the bed in a flash.

I took her in my arms and cupped one of her firm ass cheeks, then giving it a possessive squeeze. I gave her a brief French kiss, then said, "Yes, the sex boycott is starting for you too, but consider how much worse it's been for Michelle and Ruby. And although we don't know how long it'll last, it's a fact that it's only temporary. I can guarantee you with total certainty that it'll be over soon. Then you'll have not days or weeks of sexual slavery to look forward to, but years and decades!"

She bit a lip and nodded shyly. Then she just asked, "How soon?!"

I chuckled. "Soon. I'm very hopeful it'll be over before Nicky returns from Hawaii. That's what? Nine days from now? If it lasts longer than that, that's a big problem."

She whined, "Nine days! That's soooo long!"

I know. "If you get upset, channel that energy into getting the Gruesome Twosome to break, and I mean truly break, not pretending. Mindy too, but frankly I'm not so worried about her. And I doubt a direct approach will work. You'll need to take them by surprise somehow."

I could see she was already thinking intently about that problem. She gave me a quick nod.

I tenderly ran a hand along her jaw line as my other hand freely explored her fantastic body. "So. I need to finally get up and get organized. What time is it?"

She replied a bit sheepishly, "Nine thirty."

"And how long did you two suck me off?"

"Over an hour?" She seemed embarrassed about that, making her answer sound like a question.

"How much over?"

"Um... a lot." She blushed.

I did some time calculations. I decided I must not have napped for long, because they wouldn't have woken me at an ungodly hour. "Wouldn't that have made Cindy late for work?"

"A little, maybe." Then she grinned as she added, "But remember who her boss is: Mindy! She's made it clear that serving your cock is priority number one, so not only is it not a bad thing if she's late, it's a very, very good thing!"

I rolled my eyes at that. Then something else came to me. "By the way, right before I drifted to sleep, I heard you say something about a book and an eleven rating. What was that all about?"

"Oh. You heard that?"

"I did."

"And you want me to explain?"

"I do."

Clearly, she was trying to get out of answering that question, but she didn't see how, since I'd asked her a direct question and I wasn't going to give her any wiggle room.

She sighed, then said, "You're going to think we're weird, but we keep kind of a book. THE Book, in fact. It's where we keep track of all the orgasms we give you. We leave detailed descriptions of what we did to you and where and when. That way, we can learn from each other and be better cock slaves. For instance, what if Cindy takes a shower with you and gives you a soapy, sudsy titfuck? Then if, say, Ruby is the next to shower with you, she'll know that and probably want to do something different."

I nodded, since that made some sense. "That sounds okay. I guess it's good for a harem to have a collective memory of sorts. What's the 'eleven' mean though?"

"Oh. That?"

I grinned at her pathetic attempt to avoid the question. "Yes. That. And by the way, what's your hand doing?"

One of her hands had drifted to my crotch and was trying to fondle my penis back to full size. She grinned impishly. "What hand?"

I just rolled my eyes and waited for her to remove her hand.

She reluctantly did so. "Sorry. I'm not trying to be disobedient, but it's kind of hard for me NOT to do that. It just happens. After all, Rule Number One is 'serve the cock,' and part of that is getting you erect."

I nodded. "That's fine. Just be mindful if you want these kinds of hugs during the ban. Now, back to eleven?"

"Oh. Yeah." Clearly, she was hesitant to answer. But she sighed, and said, "That's kind of a... rating system. It's our guess of how much you enjoyed what we did to you. We rate each session on a one to ten scale, with different systems for different sex acts. We also leave lots of notes, expressing our feelings." She sighed in frustration. "I told you you'd think we're weird!"

I caressed her face some more (while also caressing a breast). "No, you're not weird. The weird part I suppose is making the slavery commitment. The rest logically flows from that. But that still doesn't explain the 'eleven' rating."

She nodded. "Ah. Well, 'ten' is the usual limit, but we allow an 'eleven' for very exceptional sessions." She added with a grin, "We were kind of inspired by 'Spinal Tap.'" She spoke in a silly attempt at a British accent, "You know. This one goes to eleven!" She giggled.

I giggled too, while still tenderly touching her beautiful face.

After a pause, she added, "Actually, in theory, a twelve is possible too, and maybe even higher. For instance, what if, in a few years, we look back at our early sucking efforts and consider them hopelessly amateurish? Hopefully, we WILL get better steadily, year by year!" She stared off into space. "I dream of the day when EVERY blowjob will be a 'ten' or more! We want to take serving you to new heights that even few harem masters ever experience! It's all part of the Plan!"

I thought, If this is "hopelessly amateurish" and it gets way better, they'll actually kill me from too much erotic joy! Seriously!

She very abruptly got off the bed, and resumed kneeling the floor with her head bowed.

I asked, "What?"

"Sorry, Master. Talking about that got me all giddy and horny, and I realized I had to get away from the King, and fast, or I'd be forced to start stroking you again!"

I smiled at her "problem." I said, "I'm constantly astounded by your enthusiasm. I just hope you'll feel some of that a month from now, or even a year."

She looked at me with clear befuddlement. "Why wouldn't I? My sole purpose is to serve you and please you. If I didn't love it, why would I even want to wake up in the morning?"

I asked, "Surely not your SOLE purpose? What about your college career, and volleyball, and friends and family, and so many other things?"

She briefly pondered that, and then reluctantly said, "Okay, there is all that. But I like to think of serving you and your cock as my sole purpose. It gives clarity and focus to my life." Her smile returned and grew. "Everything is so simple and so good. I have the Rules, I'm part of the Plan, part of the harem... So many new best friends, so much love... it's all so great I could just scream!"

Something else came to my mind. I finally stretched and got out of bed. "It's not 'all so great.' For instance, I want to talk to you about last night, and the video chat with Nicky. Things got way out of control. Don't you agree?"

Still kneeling and unmoving, even though I was up and walking around, she said, "Definitely. I'm sorry, Master. I don't mean to be disobedient. I knew in a logical way you didn't want that. But when I see the King standing so stiff and proud, I get so excited that I can't control myself! I hope you properly punish me with a severe spanking!"

I replied, "Well, I don't know about that. I think a spanking moratorium will be necessary for the duration of the total sex boycott. Even with a harsh spanking, things could slip, turning it into... something else. You know what I mean."

She nodded. She looked crushed, which further convinced me that any kind of spanking would be too much of a sexual temptation.

"I'll try to think of a way to punish you in some other way, that doesn't involve physical contact."

"Yes, Master. But, to kind of cut off what you're going to say about the video chat, you don't have to tell me what went wrong. I know all too well. But if there's one plus out of the total sex boycott, it's that you don't have to worry about it happening again."

"I don't?"

"No. Because obviously some kind of secret handjob or blowjob is covered by the ban. You don't have to tell me twice. I'm already going to be super careful."

I nodded. "That's good to hear." I had started picking out which clothes to wear from my dresser. But I paused with that and looked down at her, so I could read her eyes. "By the way, you don't think she..."


"She... noticed? That anything was... amiss?"

"Oh, no, Master! If she did, don't you think it would have showed somehow? Certainly she would have said something." Sue Ellen seemed very earnest.

I thought that over and decided she had to be right. "I hope so. By the way, I'm going to take a shower now."

She perked up. "Master, may I please-"

I cut her off. "If it involves you going into the shower with me..." - she nodded eagerly. "...then sorry, no."

She looked down, seemingly crushed. It was heartbreaking.

"Cupcake, please, don't look like that. Stand up and come here."

She did so.

I hugged her, loosely. Looking intently into her eyes, I said, "You can't react like that every single time I tell you no, as if I just repeatedly ran over your favorite pet. There's going to be a lot of 'no,' a lot of doing without. That's the whole point of the sex boycott. Don't make it any harder than it has to be on you, or on me."

She nodded reluctantly. "I'll try, Master, but it's so tough! I love you soooo much! All I want to do you is serve you and love you, and especially serve your cock! Maybe it's not my 'sole' purpose, but it's my chief motivator, by far! I'm one of your willing and devoted SLAVES! I take that VERY seriously!"

"I know you do. And I love that, and I appreciate that. And I love you to pieces too. But either you'll have to control yourself or we'll have to stay physically apart even more than I'm already planning. I can't resist too many of your sad puppy dog looks. They're too effective."

She grinned impishly at that.

I went on, "Today, I'm planning on spending most of the day at Mama Mia's, so I can write." Actually, I wasn't sure if I was going to do that until I just said it. I realized that I was too curious to see Sonia again and see her reaction to me to stay away. "Are you going to be working there today?"

"Yes, Master. My shift starts at noon and ends at eight. And..." She seemed reluctant to tell me something else.


"I've got volleyball practice at ten. So I'm supposed to go straight from that to work."

"Why are you reluctant to tell me that?"

She looked up at me with an almost desperate expression. "Because I want to stay here with you! Even with the ban, I just want to be around you and serve you in other ways! But... you're probably going to say I need to go and live the rest of my life."


She sighed. "You're right. And what really sucks is that means I have to leave, like, right now."

I nodded. "It's for the best. That's how it's going to be most of the time, during the ban. For instance, I have plans this evening, and we won't be sleeping together anymore, which means that except for seeing you at Mama Mia's, I won't see you until tomorrow."

"NO!" She was downright anguished, and suddenly pulled in close and hugged me with all her might. To my surprise, she started crying. "Master! This is going to be so hard! I hate the sex boycott so much already!"

I thought, There we go, the first tears for today. Probably not the last. I rubbed her back comfortingly. "There, there. We'll get through this."

As she cried, I heard her ask, "Master? Please tell me again WHY I have to be part of this stupid sex boycott?!"

I cooed soothingly, "It's nothing you did wrong. You know that. But the sooner I can get the Hellions to break, the better for everyone involved. Don't you think they'll break faster due to a total sex boycott? Knowing that my dick isn't being taken care of by anyone?"

She shuddered in my arms, as if that very idea was physically repulsive. "Yes. Definitely. UGH! I hate it, but... I understand." She suddenly pushed me away, almost violently. "And now, I have to go! I'm sorry, but sharing a naked hug with you is too much temptation! And I've really got to get my act together, stop crying, and get to volleyball practice. The best way to get through the sex boycott is to be TOUGH!"

As she said "tough" she raised a fist and clenched it dramatically. She also put on a surprisingly stern face. I'm sure it was a genuine outpouring of determination, and she did look tough. But she also looked even more cute and adorable than usual. It was tough for me not to hug her again.. and more.

I nodded. "Good. Remember, I'll be seeing you at Mama Mia's. That is, unless you don't want me to go?"

"No! I want you to go. I can handle it! I want to be the best cock slave I can possibly be, and that means getting tough when it's time to get tough! Now, I've got to go! I love you!"

Just like that, she ran out of the room as fast as her green high heels could carry her.

I finished picking out my clothes and then laid them aside in the bathroom as I stepped in to finally take my shower. I thought, Boy, tough times all around. Her love is so intense. Normally, that's a great thing, but it's going to make the sex boycott even harder. And the crazy thing is that they're ALL like that! True, Cindy isn't as demonstrative, because she's older and more reserved. But all my slaves have that sort of passion. Man! Technically speaking the total sex boycott has just started right around... now-ish, and already I have a heavy heart.

By the time I finished my shower and put on my clothes and so on, Sue Ellen had left. I checked the whole house just to be sure, and I was all alone.

Since I was in Cindy's house and didn't know my way around the kitchen, I decided to eat breakfast out. I considered going to Mama Mia's but they weren't a breakfast-type place in my mind, if they were even open in the morning. Instead, I went to a waffle place, and took a newspaper with me to have something to read.

I suppose I also ate out because I was feeling lonely. I knew it was kind of silly and unjustified. I was no more alone than when I was by myself before the start of the total sex boycott. However, it felt different. As I ate breakfast, I tried to lift my own spirits by thinking about my hot date with Jane tonight. But even that was only small consolation.

But thinking about that was a good thing, because it reminded me that the date wasn't set in stone yet. First, I needed to talk to Mindy and Cindy about what happened with Jane last night, and then get permission for the date tonight.

Partially, I needed to do that to make sure that I wasn't "cheating." Even though Mindy had basically given me a blank check to fuck any woman at any time, I needed to do that for my own peace of mind. But also I wanted them to know about the upcoming date to see if it would have the desired psychological effect on them, and then on the others. If my guess was correct, they would be thrilled to death about it at first. Only afterwards, when I elaborated and exaggerated about the date going "too well," with an unexpected emotional connection kicking in, would they sour on the idea.

That was the theory, at any rate. If I was right, it could help speed the end of the total sex boycott. If I was wrong, then I had probably wasted a day, or two. And time was running out with Nicky coming back from Hawaii.

Only after I talked to Mindy could I then call Jane and make arrangements on the exact where and when. And I needed to do that soon or Jane might blow me off just because nobody kept the extraordinary Jane Corlin waiting.

Thus, once I finished eating breakfast, I knew my next destination: Mindy's office.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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