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Chapter 24

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I drove to Mindy's office building, and soon found myself in her office without incident. Luckily, Mindy is so good at what she does that she goes basically unsupervised, as far as I can tell. So having Cindy show up a little late or having a non-work related visitor (namely, me) would almost certainly go unnoticed, and wouldn't be problems in any case.

Hugging Sue Ellen after the total sex boycott started had been way too tempting and difficult. Of course it didn't exactly help that we were both naked at the time. It felt way too good to be able to put my hands on her anywhere and everywhere while she pressed her body into mine. But I decided that it would be easier to limit any physical contact as much as possible while the ban was on. So I made clear as soon as I stepped into my wife's office that hugs and kisses were not on the menu.

Mindy and Cindy were there working away, just like normal people do. You'd never know that one was a cucquean and the other an honest-to-God sex slave.

Their excitement at seeing me was instantly deflated by the no touching rule, but they understood. I also carefully sat across the room from them, and made clear that there was an invisible line that none of us could cross. It helped that there was a physical desk making the line a physical barrier.

After the usual greetings, I said, "Let me quickly get down to business. I'm going to be as brusque and unemotional as I can, so we don't get carried away while the total sex boycott is on. Understood?"

They nodded unhappily.

"First off, Cindy, I want to thank you for all you did this morning. That was definitely above and beyond what any master would ever expect. Did you tell Mindy about it?"

Cindy grinned. "In pussy-soaking detail, Master! Needless to say, we got-"

I held a hand up. "I'm sure you did, but on second thought it's better I don't hear about it. Again, I want to be brief. But I also want to express my sincere thanks."

Cindy bowed slightly, her cheeks coloring. "It is I who must thank you. You bent the starting hour of the total sex boycott to accommodate my request. How many masters would do that? Not many! I'm so lucky to have the very best master in all of California!"

I smiled at that, because how could she know that? I was nearly 100% positive she'd never met even a single other master. But in the interest of being brief, I let it slide. "Thanks. Let me get to the point. You know that yesterday, I had sex with Sonia. I don't like getting intimate first and then telling you about it later. Especially you, Min. We do have our wedding rings, and I feel bad. It kind of feels like cheating to me."

Mindy smacked her forehead and gave the most exasperated expression she could manage. "UGH! I'm not even going to dignify that with a response! It's not cheating if I approve, and I DO! We all do! Wholeheartedly!"

"I get that, but you know how I'm stubbornly slow to change. I'm trying to set the tradition that I talk to you about these encounters first. I know spontaneous is good, but there are practicalities like STD tests that need to be taken care of which kill spontaneity anyway. That said, I'm afraid it happened again already."

There was a pause while they both processed that.

I continued, "Last night, I went for a walk. As you know, Cin. And who did I run into but Jane Corlin, of all people!"

The smile on my wife's face shone so brightly that it could have been used as a searchlight.

"She invited me back to her house, and... things happened. Not a lot of things, mind you. All we did was some necking and fondling. But a line was clearly crossed. She knows I'm a 'free agent'" - I made quote marks in the air - "and so she's open to having some kind of 'friends with benefits' relationship with me."

"Oh, I'll bet she is!" My wife was in her element, smirking and snickering.

Ignoring that, I continued, "And you know how I've felt for her, for years. Hell, how any guy who's ever seen her feels for her. Namely, hungry and horny!"

Min and Cin were on the edge of their seats, but they were surprisingly quiet and restrained, relatively speaking. I thought Mindy at least would be bouncing around like a rubber ball by now.

I went on, "So, even though we didn't do all that much, the promise is in the air. We've made plans to meet again tonight. In fact, we're going to go on a date of sorts. I don't know what's going to happen, but I tried to restrain myself from going too far last night until I had a chance to talk to you first."

Mindy could hold back no longer. She suddenly stood up and exclaimed, "And now that you've done that, no more restraining yourself! GO FOR IT!" She pumped a fist in the air. "Go wild! FUCK her mouth! FUCK her tits! Oh yes, especially her tits! Such great TITS! FUCK her cunt! Her needy, greedy cunt! Fuck her anywhere and everywhere!"

Her voice was getting louder and louder. I thought, I hope she's right about her office being thoroughly sound proofed. We're going to find out one way or another today!

She went on like a woman possessed. "Use her like a pin cushion! STUFF HER with every FAT FUCKING INCH of your big and meaty COCK! FILL HER with load after load of your CUM! I want her to be so thoroughly fucked by you that you RUIN her for all other MEN, to the point where the only COCK she wants and the only MAN SEED she'll hunger for and accept is YOURS!" She then pumped both fists in the air as if declaring victory in a war.

I shook my head in amusement. I said with a sly grin, "So I take it you approve?"

She stared at me in confusion. Then she dramatically waved her arms in the air, like she was desperately trying to hail a cab. "Yes, yes, yes! A million times yes! If it weren't for your damn sex boycott, I would be all over you like a bitch in heat! Tell him, Cindy!"

Cindy suddenly stood up, bursting with excitement. "YES! Yesyesyesyesyes! So much YES! A basket full of yes, THIS BIG!" She held her arms out as wide as they could go. "God dammit! FUCK HER TITS! That's what I want to see the most!"

Mindy picked up on that theme. "The mighty, proud Jane Corlin, naked and kneeling, with the King encased in her cavernous cleavage, being squeezed half to death while her sexy mouth gobbles down more of his cockhead than is humanly possible! That's what I want to see the most!"

Cindy ran with that. "Me too! Oh my God! She thinks she's so great, like royalty. But just you wait!" She aggressively poked towards Mindy's face, while the two of them were literally bouncing around. "Once she starts slobbering on the King, she'll be brought low! So low! She'll discover the joy of SERVITUDE!"

"OH MY GOD, YES!" Mindy shouted. "Jane, enjoy the last of your free will, because-"

I suddenly stood up and began waving my hands. "Whoa! Whoa! STOP! Hold on!"

The two of them we getting completely carried away, literally bouncing and jumping around. I was worried someone outside the office would hear them, since they were rapidly sliding from talking to shouting.

They looked at me and seemed to hear what I said. And while they did stop talking, they turned to each other, then rushed together and started making out.

Now it was my turn to slap my forehead.

But I was secretly pleased. At first, they hadn't shown much reaction, and that was unnerving. They joyous celebration reassured me that they were exactly who I thought they were. Although, on second thought, I worried they might be a little TOO enthusiastic. How long would it take for their feelings of euphoria over this to burn off before jealousy would start kick in? Clearly, I had my work cut out for me there.

I had to hiss "Hey!" and "Stop!' a bunch of times before they broke apart and paid me some attention. It was frustrating because I couldn't get their attention by touch, due to the invisible line, and I didn't want to shout for fear of someone outside the office hearing. Supposedly the room was soundproof, but was it really, 100 percent? I didn't want to test that every time I came for a visit.

Finally, they calmed down, kind of. I contemplated passing on Jane's claim that she actually loved titfucks and was really good at doing them. I figured if I did that, it would be like dropping a lit match on a bonfire soaked in gasoline: instant explosion! Bedlam! My goal was to get out of the office without a ban-breaking orgy, so unfortunately I couldn't do that. It was fun to contemplate though.

I silently stared and stared until they were actually standing still.

Cindy recovered enough to say, "Sorry, Master! It's just that... well, that's the best news ever!"

Mindy told her, "Not true! How much better to find out that he HAD fucked her face last night? And her tits?! Those titanic tits! Can you imagine, Jane's gorgeous face, splattered with one of Daniel's heavy loads?!"

"Or her chest!" Cindy said back, getting increasingly worked up by the second. "What if he kept cumming over and over until-"

"HEY!" I had to raise my voice again, as well as wave my hands. "Let's NOT go there, okay?! I know this is very exciting to you. It's exciting to me too. But get a grip! We're in an office! During working hours. People are walking by, right outside your door!" I pointed towards the door.

Mindy clenched at her chest. "Honey, please! Don't say that! I know you're trying to get us to calm down, but that's only exciting me MORE!"

Cindy nodded emphatically. "Those people - clueless drones! They have no idea how thrilling the harem slave life is!"

I held a hand up. "I'm going to cut you off there. I don't know what you're going to say next, but I can guess well enough it'll be highly arousing and soon both of you will be bouncing off the walls again."

Cindy pondered what she was likely to say, and then smiled widely. "Oops! You're right! I'll be good. See? Hands pinned behind my back, my lips shut tight."

Mindy also put her hands behind her back. But then she said to Cindy, "No! Like this!" She brought her hands around her front side and clutched her hands there. She explained, "If we do it the other way, that'll just get us to thinking of Jane with HER hands pinned behind her back, as she discovers the joy of submission! Maybe even tied behind her back with rope!"

I clutched my head in frustration. I spoke quickly before Cindy could give a lusty reply to that "Enough, you two! Calm. Down! Calm the heck down already, okay?!"

Both tried to be still and quiet, for all of about three seconds. Then Cindy said, "That's easy for you to say!"

I then did a strange but inspired thing. I gave both of them complicated math problems to solve, using large numbers that came to me off the top of my head. I told them they had to answer them within one minute or there would be severe consequences.

They were puzzled, but they quickly got pen and paper and solved the problems in the allotted time.

Then I immediately did the same, two more times.

Finally, Mindy got it. "Clever, Honey. Damn clever. You redirected our attention, and gave us no time to think. Thus calming us down quite a lot."

I nodded. "Yep. And now that I know that works, I'm going to keep that in mind when things get out of hand. And before you say it won't work once you know what I'm doing, I think it still will because there really ARE severe consequences if you fail."

Cindy asked almost defiantly, "Such as?!"

"That's for me to know and you to find out. Anyway, now that we can talk without shouting, that's the news. I'm going on a date with Jane tonight."

Mindy clutched at her head, like she was in agony.

"What?" I asked.

She explained, "It's just... when you say that, it's too much! Like 'ice cream freeze.' I'm so giddy and dizzy! Dan, my man, is going to date Queen Jane!"

Cindy added breathlessly, "And when you say 'date' what you really mean is tame, dominate, and baste her in spermy goo!"

I had to cut in again. "Okay, that's it! Both of you! Back to your seats, and sit on your hands! And be quiet!"

I waited until they did that. Then I waited another full minute before saying, "I'm going to try to sober things up, since I have bad news to deliver anyway. The downside of that is that it means I probably won't see either of you until tomorrow. I'll be out all evening with Jane, and then I'll be sleeping alone."

"Or with Jane!" Mindy exclaimed excitedly. Then she muttered, "Sorry!" and clamped a hand over her mouth.

I had to chuckle at that. "Anyway, I think that's for the best. Look what happens when we get together. We get very emotional, and it's not good for the sex boycott. I'm thinking I can come over for dinner from time to time, but not every night. And that's about it. Cindy, even though I'm at your house, I'd appreciate it if you don't come by, ever, for any reason. Again, that's just asking for trouble. If you need to pick up some of your stuff, call me first to find out where I am. If I'm out for a while, only then make a quick visit. Understood?"

She nodded. This new line of discussion was finally sobering them up from being drunk on lust. "Understood, Master. And I think you're right. It's going to be torture either way, but it's better like this."

"Good," I said. I stared both of them down until I could be sure they weren't going to go off on another lusty tangent. "Okay. Now. I'll bet you're wondering how this date with Jane jibes with the total sex boycott idea."

Mindy said, "First off, don't mention that name, the 'J' name, or we're likely to lose our minds all over again."

Cindy nodded.

Mindy then added, "And no, we haven't been thinking that at all, or anything else, because: of a date with, well you know who!"

Cindy nodded again, much more emphatically.

I smiled at that. "Fair enough. But let's talk about it. Partially, this is just lucky timing that I ran into Jane, er, I mean J., when I did. But also, I've been thinking. The point of the sex boycott is to get you frustrated that I'm not having sex, nobody's having sex. But what if I have sex outside the harem? I can still have plenty of fun, and you'll have to twist in the wind. Yesterday, I had sex with Sonia-"

I had to stop due to the keening moans that spontaneously erupted on the other side of my wife's desk. Now they weren't just sitting on their hands, but also squirming sexily in their chairs. Some panties were getting seriously soaked, there was no doubt about that.

I tried to ignore that, and continued, "Today, it'll be J.,-"

Mindy spontaneously shouted, "You mean J-CUPS!" She released she was getting too exuberant, and covered her mouth with both hands.

I tried again, "Today, I'll be J. Tomorrow, I could call up someone like Anjali or Monique. I've got all kinds of options. I don't need harem sex at all."

I watched the two of them suddenly stop squirming in their seats as the importance of what I was saying landed on them like a proverbial ton of bricks. I was implying I could do just fine without them, possibly even permanently.

Mindy clutched at her head again, like she was trying to keep her brain from exploding. "Arrrgh! I can't believe I'm saying this. I so much want this date with J. to happen that it's agony to get these words out. But I feel obliged to tell you as your loyal and loving wife who very much wants the sex boycott to end that I fear that approach won't work."

Cindy shot Mindy a nasty look.

Mindy continued, "The main thing is that we want to make sure that your cock is being well tended. It's key that someone is serving your big, fat, long, thick, throbbing cock multiple times a day, as much as you need it! Inside or outside the harem, that's secondary. What really needs to happen is some serious cock worship! So long as you're getting your rocks off, that's enough for us!"

I said, "I appreciate you telling me that, knowing that you're cutting against your cucquean instincts to do so. I thought that way too, at first. But I have a twist or two up my sleeve that I think will change matters."

Mindy said with exasperation, "What could that possibly be?! I know I'm basically too horny to think straight right now, but I can't imagine ANY mitigating circumstances, short of maybe Jane having contagious leprosy!"

"It's not that, believe me," I replied with a grin. "But I can't tell you want it is now, or it'll lessen the effect. In any case, this is an experiment. I'm going to try the date tonight, then see how things stand tomorrow. If it turns out my idea is wrong, then we've effectively lost one day in the sex boycott. We don't have a lot of days to lose until Nicky returns, but the loss of one day isn't so bad. We can recover from that."

Mindy considered that, and then nodded. "I suppose. Although, between the one-two punch of Sonia and then J., I think I'm going to be walking on air for a few days. Again, I don't want to tell you that, but I feel I have to. I'm torn, because I want the sex boycott to be over so very, very badly, but I want you to go on that date with Jane tonight so very, very badly too! I can't stand it! I'm ripped in two!"

Cindy nodded like a Bobblehead. "That's exactly how I feel too! But I'm convinced you've gotta go on the date tonight! You've gotta strike while the iron is hot with J.! Frankly, I don't think Mindy is going to hold out for long from any sort of ban. Just the 'no sleeping with hubby' ban is going to get her to break soon. And the Gruesome Twosome talk big, but they'll be caving in a few days at the most, mark my words. Now that they've had your cock, they need their daily dose of fresh sperm worse than the most strung-out heroin junkie."

My wife affirmed, "Those two are such TOTAL cock loving sex addicts, there's NO WAY they can hold out."

Cindy teased, "It makes you proud to say that, doesn't it?"

"Of course it does!" Mindy replied in mock indignation. "My daughters have made it their life's ambition to FUCK and SUCK and prostrate themselves before the best MAN in the whole wide world! Why shouldn't I be proud of them for being such impossibly sexy fuckpots that they've become the sex-crazed virgin vixens they are today?"

"Anyway…" I exclaimed, interrupting her increasingly disturbing line of thinking about the Gruesome Twosome, "I sure hope you're right about all that."

I said, "I sure hope you're right. About them not being about to hold out for long, I mean. We'll see. By the way, speaking of Sonia, have you told anyone else about what's happened with her?"

My wife spoke with much emotion, "No! I've been good! So good! Gaawwwd, it's been Hell on Earth staying quiet about that! But it helps that I want this sex boycott over as soon as you do, and telling the Gruesome Twosome about your big success with Sonia isn't going to help. And I'd LOVE to tell Sue Ellen, but since she and Sonia work together, that could cause complications. We need to get together and figure out a strategy on that."

I looked to Cindy.

She said, "Ditto. I'm following your lead on this, Master. And Mindy's lead. I don't want to screw things up for you, so you can trust me."

"Good." I nodded approvingly at both of them.

"Besides," Cindy added conversationally, as if I hadn't said anything, "I want you to fuck your big thick cock balls deep into my ass again!"

Mindy clapped her hands. "Oooh! Let's hear more about that!"

"No, let's not. Now, regarding J., I don't want you to talk to her about what happened last night."

Mindy sputtered, "B-b-b-but! I HAVE to! She's a good friend! And you're my husband! She's going to want to talk to me, for sure! As she should! In fact, I'm surprised I haven't heard from her already!"

I thought that over and realized she had a good point. They really did need to talk. From Jane's point of view, that was a must. I said, "Okay, fair enough. She might think I'm cheating on you if I stop you two from talking. So you can talk, but NO discussion of any juicy details. Is that clear?"

Mindy shot up from her chair, aghast, as if overcome by righteous indignation. "No juicy details?! But that's the whole POINT! I'm a cucquean! I LIVE for the juicy pussy-gushing details!I NEED to hear everything! From you and from her! This is a historic event, like the Moon landing! It needs to be documented for posterity!"

I chuckled at that. "This is slightly less important than the Moon landing."

"No, it isn't! Sure, worldwide, no question. Duh! But on a personal level, this is a million times more important! What did the Moon landing ever do for you? You don't even drink Tang. Whereas adding Jane to your growing list of fuck pets will have a HUGE permanent impact on our lives!"

I said, "Okay, fair point. But note that there is no 'growing list of fuck pets,' and even if there was, J. wouldn't be on it. If anything, I would be on her 'boy toy' list. She doesn't have a submissive bone in her body."

Mindy said with aggressive gesticulation, repeatedly pointing at me, "Not yet! But just you wait and see when she has a dominant bone in HER body! YOUR bone! Once that happens, all bets are off!"

I waved a hand. "Calm down already. As for why you haven't heard from her yet, I suspect that's because she's waiting to hear from me first, so she'll know what to say about our date plans tonight. I'll talk to her in the next hour or so, and then you're free to talk to her too."


I wagged a finger at my wife. "But NO juicy details! That's an order! Clear?"

She groaned like I'd just stabbed her.

"I'll be talking to her again afterwards, and I'm going to make sure to find out exactly what you two will have talked about. So I'm telling you now, in no uncertain terms, that I expect you to just confirm the general outlines of what happened last night and the plans for our date tonight. That's it."

Mindy got up out of her chair again and started stomping around on her side of the invisible line, all worked up. "The 'general outlines?' That's such bullshit! What's the fun in being a cucquean if I don't even get to hear all the juicy, squishy details?!"

I said, "Hey, that's part of what the sex boycott means for you. When it's over, you can pump her for all the details you want."

Cindy spoke up, squirming on her hands again. "Master, please! Don't talk about 'pumping her!' This is difficult enough as it is!"

I chuckled. "Sorry. My bad. Anyway, that goes double regarding the date for tonight. No talking about it with her before, during, or after! And NO loopholes! For instance, you getting details through Cindy or something. I will tell you what I want you to know, when I want you to know it. That's the only way this is going to work. Is that understood?"

Both Min and Cin looked at me glumly, fully chastened. Mindy muttered, "'No loopholes.' Damn. You're no fun!"

I mused out loud, "Sheesh! I've gotta start saying 'no loopholes' for everything I do."

Then Cindy asked, "Master, what should we do about telling the others about Jane? And what about Sonia, for that matter?" She looked to Mindy. "Can I say both names? I think I can handle it."

Mindy grumbled, "Yeah, I guess I can handle it too. Dan pretty much is being Mr. Buzzkill with his 'no juicy details' demands."

Cindy then said to me, "It's very hard to keep any secrets in the harem, even with the best intentions. For instance, Sonia and Sue Ellen work together. Even if Sonia wants to keep you fucking her a total secret, which she probably does, it's bound to come out eventually, one way or another. Mark my words. Ditto with Jane. For instance, the mere fact that you won't be having dinner with the family tonight because you're out on a date is going to have to be hushed up, big time."

I said, "That's very true. Regarding Sonia, I'm playing that by ear. This afternoon, I'm going to work on my laptop at Mama Mia's and see what happens. Will Sonia be completely mum, or will what we did somehow show? How would she feel about Sue Ellen finding out? There are all sorts of questions that have to be sorted out. So leave that to me, for now."

They nodded. However, Mindy looked seriously unhappy.

"As for Jane, there's no work complications there, so it's good to let the others know as soon as possible, to see if this idea of mine is going to work, that hearing I'm having sex outside the harem will help them cave faster. If that backfires, it's good to have that happen soon, so I can try something else."

Mindy took a big breath, then sighed. "I hate to say this again, because it goes against every cucquean bone in my body, but I'm pretty damn sure it's going to backfire in an epically spectacular fashion! This could give them renewed resolve to hold out even longer!"

I replied, "Thanks for your honesty. And I would agree, except for that surprise twist I've been telling you about. If things go as I hope they will, my date with Jane could help to shorten the ban."

Min muttered, "That's gotta be one hell of a twist!"

Cindy nodded, her eyes wide. She looked very concerned.

"We'll see. I think it's best if I come over to the house after you two get off from work. We can have a big harem meeting and sort some things out."

My wife pointed out, "Honey, that sounds good, in theory, and luckily Michelle and Ruby aren't working then, but Sue Ellen is. I believe she works until eight."

I frowned. "Oh, shoot, that's right! Damn. That sucks. That talk really has to happen tonight, before my big date with Jane. I have my reasons, but the timing is key."

Cindy asked, "What are you going to do then?"

I rubbed my chin in contemplation. Finally, I admitted, "I don't know. I'll have to work something out. Maybe Sue Ellen can get half an hour off. I'll talk to Sonia about it and see what happens. It would be good if you two could leave work a little early, so we could have it before the dinner crowd hits Mama Mia's. Could you two be at home by five, or even four-thirty, if it comes to that?"

Mindy nodded, since she knew more about that. She even sat down again on her hands again before replying. "My hours are pretty flexible, as you know. It's just that if I work less one day, I have to make it up another day."

I said, "Well, keep that option open. I have no idea how Sonia's going to be. She might want to kill me, or she might be all moony and want to fuck me, or somewhere in between."

My wife said with a smirk, "That's easy to predict: she's going to want to both fuck you AND kill you."

Cindy joked, "She'll probably try to fuck you to death! Best of both worlds!"

The two of them snickered.

Mindy said with a gleeful smirk, "I'll bet she's a KILLER fuck! Literally!"

They chortled and chuckled even more.

I tried to stay focused. "Yeah, well, we'll see. There's no telling with her. She's a fireball of raw emotion. In any case, now that I've had my say, I should go before another outburst of... enthusiasm... hits."

Mindy nodded. "That would be for the best. We're restraining ourselves now" - she looked down at her hands, which were still pinned under her ass - "but as soon as you leave, we're liable to use the 'J' word with abandon!"

Cindy said, "I can guarantee there are going to be orgasms, big orgasms! Lots of kissing and fondling! Pussy fingering, probably. And God knows how many panty changes!"

Mindy laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"That reminded me: I got smart. Mostly due to your highly arousing phone calls lately, not only do I have all sorts of cleaning supplies and a change of clothes stored here, I have a whole drawer of panties. Cindy has her 'sex crisis first aid kit' here too. We could go through a dozen pairs each, and we'd still be okay."

"And we probably will!" Cindy exclaimed. "J.C.! Need I say more?!"

Mindy growled, "Shut up! Can it until he leaves!"

I chuckled and shook my head. "And here at one point I thought I wasn't going to get much reaction. When I first started talking about what I did with J. last night, you two hardly reacted at all."

Mindy raised a hand, as if she was a student getting called on. Then she put her hand back under her ass. "Confession time. I kind of knew this was coming?"

She spoke that statement as a question, as if asking, "Are you going to kill me for this?"

"What?!" I detected more scheming going on behind my back.

She clarified, "Well, I didn't know the details, and I still don't, sadly enough, but I figured something like this would happen any day now. After all, how did she know you're a 'free agent?' From me. And I know how she's been interested in you for a long, long time. So this whole situation between you and her is like the pressure being released from a pressure cooker. It had to happen! And just think: all that passion she's had for you for so very long is going to be coming out! Tonight!"

Now it was Cindy's turn to growl, "Shut up! Ixnay on the ateday!" She was shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

I chuckled at that. I was relieved that there wasn't as much scheming as I'd thought. Mindy didn't say anything Jane hadn't told me already. However, it reminded me of something that I immediately brought up. "By the way, that reminds me. Jane, sorry J., told me last night that you and she have been in very frequent communication, not just lately but for a long time now. That surprised me."

Mindy nodded with her eyes downcast. "Yeah, that's true. I haven't deliberately kept anything from you, Honey. Really. But she's a very private person. Very, very private. I managed to break through her shell, but the stuff we've talked about, she wants it in complete confidence. She had me swear not to tell a soul. Even telling you this much is kind of breaking confidentiality. So that's why."

I thought that over and considered that an acceptable answer. But I said, "That's part of it, but not all of it, right? Because I bet you 'broke through her shell' at least in part to be in a position where you could talk her into having sex with me."

Mindy admitted a bit sheepishly, "Well... that's true. Although, in my defense, we were already sharing secrets years before I even knew what a cucquean was. But in the last year or two, yes, I've definitely gotten much closer to her about sexual matters with that goal in mind."

She looked around the room as if searching for eavesdroppers, maybe even Jane herself. She learned forward and whispered, "Speaking of breaking confidences, I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I can't resist: Jane acts all high maintenance and hard to please, and she generally is. But she has one weak spot she's told me about: titfucks! She well and truly loves them! They make her super horny! So when you started talking about the date, and then titfucks came up, well I kind of lost my mind!"

Cindy said with some chagrin and amusement, "Thanks a lot, Min! Now I'm going to lose my mind! How am I supposed to keep my shit together, after hearing that?!"

Mindy looked at her with what looked to be sincere regret. "Sorry!"

I said, "That is very interesting. But don't worry, you technically didn't break any confidences, because I knew that already. J. told me as much last night."

Mindy's eyes bugged out and she stood up. She started to lurch towards me, only to catch herself, mostly due to the desk being in the way. "She TOLD you?! She TOLD you?!"

I nodded.

"Do you know what that means?! It means that you're going to titfuck her for sure! TONIGHT! Go now! NOW! Get out of here before I lose all control! If we need to talk more, we'll talk on the phone! OUT!"

I got up and beat a quick retreat out of there. The fiery look in my wife's eyes told me she was very serious. And Cindy looked the exact same way.

Once I was out in the hallway with the door safely closed behind me, I had to stop and take some deep breaths.

I thought, Fucking bizarre! Talk about enthusiasm! That went much as I'd expected, except they were even MORE aroused and thrilled than I'd anticipated. And that's downright nuts, because I pictured them jumping around like they were trying to jump to the ceiling, which they did.

This could be bad. How am I going to turn that around to getting them to be AGAINST me dating Jane? It's like trying to turn a cruise ship around with my bare hands. But they're very passionate about everything. Hopefully once I introduce my secret weapon, the jealousy angle, they'll go just as overboard about that.

I don't know though. This might be a big mistake. But come on! Jane fucking Corlin! How can I not date her tonight, no matter what? That's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I made it out of Mindy's office building with a raging boner. I had to carefully shield my crotch with my hands so people wouldn't stare.

Once I was out, I stayed in my car in the parking lot for a while just to calm down. I must admit, talking to them doubled my already great enthusiasm for my date. They made it sound like the greatest thing in the history of the world.

After a couple of minutes, I decided to make some mundane phone calls to help take my mind off sexual matters. For instance, I called up Mario, the handyman in charge of building the lighthouse (gazebo) and fence in the backyard, to discuss some technical matters about what he and his workers were doing today. That took some time and helped a lot. In fact, by the end of the call, my penis had at long last gone flaccid.

I knew my dick wasn't likely to stay that way for long, because the next item on my agenda was to call Jane, and the mere thought of her name was boner inducing. So I quickly dialed her up as soon as the call with the handyman was over.

Jane answered, and as soon as I heard her voice, my dick engorged. It was instant and automatic. I blame Mindy and Cindy, and all their hype.

After a few pleasantries, I started to tell Jane about the purpose of my call, to work out details for our date.

But she stopped me cold by saying, "Maybe I'm old fashioned, but where I come from, if a man wants to ask a woman out on a date for a first time, he does it face to face."

I didn't know what to say to that.

She asked, "Where are you now?"

I told her I was out running errands, near Mindy's office.

"Oh, good. I'm out and about too. Why don't we meet at a coffee shop and share a drink? Then you can pop the question."

I chuckled, relieved. I could handle that. "Jane, this is all so sudden and unexpected, but... will you marry me?!"

She laughed heartily. "Not that question!"

I chuckled too. "Okay. Got it. But why, when you already know what I'm going to ask, and I know what you're going to say in return?"

"There are formalities that must be obeyed. A woman likes to be wooed. And the fun is in the details, the art of the ask. Plus, I just want to see you again, in the flesh. Also, we have much to discuss, to iron out the where and when."

I was even more relieved, because that further confirmed that she was going to say yes. The call ended shortly thereafter, once we picked a coffee shop to meet at.

I was frustrated meeting Jane like this, because I might as well have been wearing oily rags - all I had on was shorts and a T-shirt. No underwear, of course, since I'd stopped wearing those pretty much completely.

By contrast, I knew she'd be dressed in something fantastic, because she always was. Or maybe it was just her. Thinking back, she looked like a fashion model with porn star curves while dressed in her workout clothes when she was on her walk last night. I decided it was 99 percent her.

The one benefit to meeting Jane on such short notice was that I didn't have time to get all worked up about it. Though the five minutes driving and parking gave me plenty of time to get horny as a Billy goat thinking about her luscious, voluptuous body. I never lost the erection I got at the start of our phone call, and by the time I got to the coffee shop, I could have used it as a hammer to pound a nail into a block of wood.

Jane had picked a European styled cafe, with lots of tables under umbrellas out in front, with trees and bushes on all sides. It was very classy, like a slice of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. It seemed highly fitting, since Jane is so classy, like European royalty.

I saw Jane from afar, wearing a floppy white hat and a lemon yellow dress. In a flash, I decided that yellow was my new favorite color. As I got closer, the visual splendor only got better. Jane was showing a surprising amount of cleavage, given the situation. Of course, with her figure, practically any amount of visible cleavage was an inspiring sight. She typically had to be careful of what she wore in public, since her presence could easily cause a public scene. I had a very good feeling that she'd dressed like that just for me.

Before she saw me, I had to stop and gather my wits. It was very easy to simply get overwhelmed and turn into a gibbering, drooling idiot. I wanted to rush up to her, kiss her hard, and fondle those magnificent melons while humping her leg with my boner like a dog. But I knew I had to walk a fine line with her. Her incredible sexuality caused some men to get shy and speechless, while other men got too aggressive. I had to stay confident and in charge while also staying cool and suave. It was a tall order.

But I reminded myself that I had a secret weapon: my harem! I was used to ridiculous beauty and extreme arousal. I figured if I could sit in the Dream Chair and manage not to cum while my five loves pleasured me from every angle, I could easily handle simply having a coffee with Jane.

Filled with new resolve, I walked towards Jane, who was already sitting at one of the front tables.

When she saw me she smiled and stood up.

I had to decide how to handle this. Would it be too presumptuous for me to give her a hug and a kiss? I thought not, given what we did yesterday. But what kind of hug, and what kind of kiss? I had all sorts of options. If we met in private, I wouldn't have hesitated to give her a long open-mouthed kiss, but since we were in a highly public place and the status of our relationship was in flux, I didn't know what to do. Another factor was that she was well known for not showing public displays of affection.

I decided to wing it and adjust what I did based on how receptive she was.

It was a good sign that she opened her arms wide for me.

I met her embrace and went straight for her lips. However, I leaned in with my body so she wouldn't immediately find my stiff erection poking against her. I didn't want to be that wild humping dog.

She seemed a bit surprised and reluctant. She kept her lips closed.

However, I kept my lips on hers and ran my hands over her body, trying to be sensuous without touching any overtly private places.

That did the trick! Her mouth opened up and we shared a tongue dance.

But, having accomplished that much, I didn't want to go too far, so I broke the kiss not long thereafter.

She seemed puzzled by that, both by my unexpectedly aggressive kiss and then my abrupt ending of it. I considered that a good thing. I wanted to keep her on her toes instead of being predictable and deferential, like most of her boyfriends had been.

Still standing up, she said, "Well! Hello to you too!" She seemed a bit winded.

I was the one who got to smirk, for once. "And what a lovely hello it is."

Before I could say more, she asked, "Do you kiss all your, er, friends, in public like that?"

My smirk instantly turned to a frown as I realized just where I was and what I'd done with someone who wasn't my wife. I spoke my thoughts out loud. "Oh! ... That wouldn't look so good to someone who knows I'm married to Mindy."

"Indeed." She gave me an amused yet tolerant look. "Luckily, I did a quick check around, and only a few people could have noticed us. None of them are people in our social circle."

I took a look around too. My heart was thumping hard for fear that I'd screwed up. But I was relieved to see that our kiss had only mattered to us.

She crooked a finger at me. "Come on, you. Let's go inside to limit the damage in case you can't control yourself again."

I followed. Once we were inside, I looked around and saw only three other people there, including the barista. This was safer.

Once we were sitting at a table, I said, "Good idea, considering controlling myself around you is a dicey proposition. Jane, you're looking stunning today, as usual."

She'd taken her hat off, since we were inside. She gave me a look over. "And you... you didn't have to go all out to dress up for me."

I was unhappy by that sarcasm. I immediately complained, "Hey, that's not fair. I had no idea we were going to meet. If you gave me half a chance, I certainly would have dressed to the nines, because you're worth it."

She smirked. "Nice save. And I'm sorry. I'm just winding you up a little bit. It's a bad habit of mine.

I waved that off. "No worries. How are you doing? And do you want to go out on a date tonight?"

She was taken aback by how abruptly I'd brought that up. She frowned. "Well, yes, but-"

"Okay, cool. I'll see you then. I'm outta here." I stood up to go.

Then I stopped and sat back down. "Kidding! Now I'm winding YOU up!"

She broke into a big smile as she realized what I was doing there. "Nice! Well played. I can see we're going to have a lot of fun together. I like a man who isn't intimidated by me. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to have that problem with you."

I decided to speak frankly. "I hope not. I must admit, I've observed how your boyfriends have behaved with you, and you with them. Most of them had no idea how to handle a woman of your grace, beauty, and intelligence."

She rolled her eyes. "Most of them? Hell, all of them!"

I leaned forward, surging with confidence. "I'd like to think I can do better. And I'm going to prove it to you." I had all that confidence because my little lecture to myself did wonders. I did have my very own harem of drop dead gorgeous women. If I couldn't handle Jane, then nobody could!

She seemed impressed. She sat back and looked at me as if sizing me up for the first time. "Well, well. You know what? I think you might be right. That's one reason I've been waiting for my crack at you."

I grinned. "Tonight, let's get a crackin'! Let me ask you again, in a little more formal manner." I took her hand across the table. "Jane Corlin, you are a truly extraordinary woman. Brains AND brawn! You could be an NFL linebacker!"

She laughed heartily, causing a serious tit-quake in her low-cut yellow dress.

I laughed too, then said, "Let me try again. You're a truly extraordinary woman."

She quipped, "Just keep saying that."

"Okay. You are! Brains and beauty. I would consider myself the most fortunate man alive if you would agree to accompany me to a fine restaurant this evening."

She was all smiles. "Nice! But aren't you laying it on a little thick? 'Most fortunate man alive?'"

"Hey, I call 'em as I see 'em."

She pulled back slightly as if in alarm, though we continued to hold hands. "I don't know! You're such a charmer. And aggressive! Should I worry about my virtue?"

"Yes, you should. Your virtue is going to be in grave danger. I plan on doing all sorts of naughty things to you!"

She mock-gasped, and brought a hand to her very ample chest. "Oh my goodness! You cad! You bounder! You rapscallion! If that's the way it's going to be, then..." - her dismay turned into a broad smile - "of course I accept your challenge!"

We shared a good laugh at that. I commented, "I think that's the first time I've ever heard someone use the word 'rapscallion' in actual conversation."

She quipped, "Oh really? I use it all the time. For instance, try the tempura. It's served on a bed of rapscallion and rice."

I laughed. I had gone from nervous and almost uncontrollably aroused to feeling happy and at ease with her. It helped that she was a joker. I was very comfortable with joking around, since I did it with Mindy all the time. I hadn't noticed this side of Jane at parties that much, because she usually was "holding court," with different people competing for her attention. That Jane was nice, but intimidating. I liked the Jane in private who let her hair down much better.

We proceeded to hash out the details of when and where we'd meet for our date. I volunteered to pick her up. I also suggested only five-star restaurants, so she would know off the bat that money was no object. I knew that when it came to Jane friggin' Corlin, everything had to be top shelf, all the way.

My faux pas of French kissing her in public at least had the silver lining of making me realize we'd have to be careful about that sort of thing on our date. Even if we just sat and talked in a restaurant, that could start tongues wagging if a neighborhood gossip saw us. So I made sure we picked a restaurant that was well out of the usual neighborhood range. Luckily, I already knew of same quality places at the right distance, due to thinking about places I could go with my other women.

We chatted for a little while after that, with a good amount of fun flirtation. Given that she'd spoken openly about her passion for titfucking, I spoke in a courtly manner, but I warned her, "my lady, I fear your chesty virtue may be in danger in particular."

She seemed to like that a lot, especially the combination of flowery language with clear sexual undertones.

We joked and teased along those lines, with her making further knowing references to her "chesty virtue" in particular.

I could have talked to her all day. Just looking at her stunning face was an endless joy. However, I didn't want to overstay my welcome. Sometimes less is more, and it would be good to get out of there before I said or did something dumb.

The highlight though was our good-bye kiss. Since we'd established French kissing in the hello kiss, there was no question we'd do that again with our parting kiss, especially now that we were safely indoors. I continued my approach of being confident and aggressive, but not out of control aggressive. I kissed her fiercely from the get-go. Furthermore, in the earlier kiss I just kept my hands around her waist. But this time, I brought my hands to her ass and gave her ass cheeks a prolonged fondling, even though we were standing in a highly visible public place. I also pressed in close from the front, which meant she could feel my hot erection against her body.

The kiss went on for a minute, if not two. By the time it ended, both of us were panting hard.

I broke the kiss. I longed to keep it going, but once again I figured less was more. Hopefully, that would build up her anticipation for our date.

However, she looked at me with fire in her eyes and spoke in a sultry voice, "I think my 'chesty virtue' is a goner, for sure!"

That excited me so much that I couldn't resist planting another scorcher on her lips. I was tempted to bring my hands up and fondle her huge globes, but I had to remind myself that we were in a public place, after all.

I left her feeling very pleased with myself. True, it was frustrating in that I had a bad case of blue balls. Furthermore, with the total sex boycott in place, I couldn't just visit one of my cock slaves to get quick relief. But I figured it would pay off later on by making Jane and I that much hotter for each other tonight. I couldn't wait!

I had mixed feelings about going to Mama Mia's. Was that wise? Would Sonia rip my head off? I was almost certain she'd be in full-on Bat mode, because she was bound to have second thoughts about what we did yesterday. But I felt I had no choice but to face her wrath. My goal was to wear her down through sheer persistence. I knew she wanted me carnally after our great fuck, and of course I wanted her just as much. I was sure that if I could just endure her hostility, eventually lust would triumph.

That was the plan, anyway.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, greyshadow, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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