Chapter 27

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Written by Spacer X (

With Sonia gone, I tried to get back to my swashbuckler novel. But I was rattled and distracted. I couldn't stop thinking about how pleasurable it had been to fuck her, and how much I wanted to fuck her again. Maybe there was something special about anger sex, or maybe it was her seemingly magical hips, but I couldn't deny what we did yesterday was the best fucking session I'd had in years. That's a difficult and tricky thing to admit, when the sex wasn't with my wife! Luckily, I knew I was in no danger of falling in love with her, or her with me, or things could get problematic.

I found myself wondering if I could find a way to insert a Sonia-based character into my novel. That way, I could fuck her vividly in my imagination even if I couldn't do it in real life. I was becoming increasingly convinced that the novel would never be published, because I didn't want to ruin my reputation, and if I went with the uncensored version, that might just come to a halt halfway through as the erotic plot totally took over. But we didn't need the money, and I could just write it for my own entertainment, even though that sounded selfish.

But regardless of whether the novel ever saw the light of day or not, I still had my own writing standards, and I couldn't see any way to introduce a Sonia character into the story without it seeming forced. Maybe later, but right now the plot was pointing to the first meeting of John and Sultana Jana, and I had to see that through before I could even think about introducing new characters.

Thinking about that reminded me of my date with Jane tonight. In fact, I found myself thinking about that so very much that it was hard for me to even think about the novel version of Jane. I wanted the real thing, actual flesh and blood in my hands!

I checked the time on my laptop and realized it was four o'clock, which meant I only had a little while to go anyway.

I gave Mindy a quick call to confirm that she and Cindy would be able to meet at the house at four-thirty.

She said she was, which meant that getting back to writing would be pointless. I couldn't get back into a groove in half an hour, and if I did it would only be frustrating since I'd have to stop again anyway.

She also told me that she'd spoken to Sue Ellen on the phone and conveyed the importance of everyone in the harem attending the meeting. Sue Ellen talked to Sonia about getting half an hour off, and surprisingly Sonia agreed.

I was pleased about that, but also intrigued. Why did Sonia agree to that when she didn't have to? And why didn't Sonia say anything to me about it? Maybe she'd talk to me tomorrow. Probably, she was trying to prove a point that she wasn't jealous of Sue Ellen having sex with me or something along those lines. I figured I'd find out when I talked to Sonia tomorrow (assuming that I did).

I'd been thinking heavily about Jane and everything I knew about her before making the call. While I had Mindy on the phone, I asked in a low voice, since I was still at my booth, "This is a random question, but I want you to be honest. You said you gave Jane a Dando, right?"

"Right. Easy question. Gotta go!"

"Not so fast," I said. "You know that's not the question, just the lead in. You also said that you didn't tell her what it really was, just that it was a gag gift. Right?"

"Right. It's hard not to gag on something THAT big when you really get into-"

"Ha ha, very funny, forgot to laugh. I'm serious here, so stop trying to change the subject. Because that's not really the full truth, is it? I'll bet you told her it was an exact duplicate replica of my erect penis, didn't you?"

She sighed. "I'm so sorry, Honey. I hate to lie to you, but I thought that was a little white lie, so you wouldn't get too mad at me. You're right, I did tell her that."

I sighed too. "I should have known. I should have a new motto: whenever there's a possibility of sexual scheming behind my back, assume it to be true." I sighed again. "What am I going to do with you? You're already deep in my doghouse. I can't even spank you because I'm not supposed to punish you while the sex boycott is going on."

She jokingly suggested, "Why don't you think about it for a few days, then forget about it and not punish me at all? I'll certainly learn my lesson if you do that!"

I just grunted. Somehow, I guessed that's what was likely to happen. It was tough to punish her on top of the sex boycott, and by the time it was over, it would probably slip my mind. I said, "I'll think of something. Oh, hey, I've got it: no more secrets! I want you to empty out your secrets bag. That way, I don't have to keep getting surprised like this."

There was a long pause. Finally, she said, "I'll try. But I'm trying to think, and nothing comes to mind. That bag got a lot lighter lately. There probably are a few more things, but it'll take me a while to get to them. I try hard not to think of secret-y stuff, you know."

"Well, work on it. Meanwhile, I want you to tell me the full story."

She asked, "What, about how she got the Dando?"



"Yes, now."

She made a crackling noise with her mouth. "Honey... sounds like... bad connection..."

I groaned. "This is no time for joking around. Come on!"

Her voice turned serious. "Well... I was mostly honest. It was presented to her as a gag gift of sorts for her birthday."

"Which birthday?"

"Oh, let's see. Two years ago, I think. Yes, that's it. And I didn't present it to her in front of all her friends, since that would have set every tongue in the neighborhood wagging. I did it as kind of an off-handed 'oh by the way here's this' thing when we were alone. By then, I'd been raving about the King to her for years. And she was complaining about how even the most handsome and well-hung men she could date weren't doing it for her. In fact, she claimed that the more physically ideal her boyfriends were, the worse they were in bed, as a general rule. I guess it's the Michelle Effect in reverse."

I looked around. I had to be careful what I said, even though nobody was remotely near me, since I was inside the restaurant. I said, "Are you even remotely implying that you-know-who is bad in bed?" I didn't want to mention Michelle's name in public, just to be safe.

"Of course not! She's going to be the ULTIMATE FUCK, I promise! If you're not twice as excited to fuck her as you are to fuck me, I'm going to be disappointed. And I know that sounds weird, but don't worry about it. It's a cucquean thing. Ruby too, of course. Both of them can't wait to be your buxom little fuck pets!"

I could feel my dick starting to engorge, but I willed it not to.

She went on, "Anyway, I'm talking in a more general sense, of letting one's looks go to one's head. There's no reason that can't happen to a guy too, though probably not to the same degree, since looks aren't as highly valued for men as they are for women."

"Point taken," I allowed. "Please continue."

"Right. Well, I don't think she knew what to do with it at first. She looked at it, and me, rather strangely, and didn't say much. And it's hard to have a frank sexual discussion with her, because her first instinct is to put up her walls. It takes me a long time talking to her to get those walls to come down, if they ever do at all. But I have a secret weapon to get around those walls."

"Which is?"

"Humor! You should try it. She normally wouldn't be able to say anything revealing about her sex life, at least not until I talked her ears off with a few sangrias to help. But I learned that she's got a great sense of humor, again once she loosens up a bit, and she can talk about sex quite openly and honestly if it's done in a jokey sort of way."

"Which you are a genius at, I presume?"

"So I've heard." She snickered. "I don't mean to boast, but that is the word on the street. And in the Kremlin and the White House and other places like that."

I chuckled. "You're nothing if not modest."

"Why thank you. I hate to even mention it, but since you brought it up, I did win the Nobel Prize for Modesty a few years back."

I played along. "Ah. So that's why you went on that trip to Stockholm. I was wondering."

"See? I'm so modest that I didn't even mention it until now. But anyhow, we'd already been 'joking' for years about how much she'd love to have sex with you. I know you can't see my hands, but I'm making air quotes around the word 'joking.' Oops, I did it again. Over the years, it became abundantly clear that she wasn't really joking. By the time the whole Christmas Party Incident happened, she was ready and willing to try a 'friends with benefits' thing with you, but unfortunately she had a serious boyfriend at the time."

"I know all that already. Let's not bring up that unfortunate ball of wax."

"I know, but I just mention it because that was around the time I gave her the Dando. That turned out to be a great means to get her to open up about sex even more than ever before, because everything about the Dando was kind of jokey. It wasn't long before she admitted that she was actually using it! And she claimed that it gave her greater orgasms than any actual fucking with her serious boyfriend at the time, due to the power of her imagination. She was thinking of YOU!"

I hadn't been aroused, but I started getting erect in a hurry as I imagined Jane lying naked on her bed pushing a Dando in and out of her hot, wet pussy. I got a little carried away daydreaming about Jane's muscular vaginal walls clinging to and dragging on my shaft, working my thickness in and out of herself with considerable effort.

Mindy snickered knowingly at my prolonged silence. "That puts an interesting image in your head, doesn't it?"

"You know me too well," I admitted.

"Well then, Mr. Big Cock, try this on for size then."

I said, "I swear, I can hear you smirking through the phone."

She snickered. "You're right, of course, but I'll try not to smirk so loudly. In the interest of full disclosure, and emptying out my secrets bag, here's another juicy secret for you: I actually gave her a second Dando."

I groaned unhappily.

"That was her birthday gift one year later. She was MUCH more appreciative that time, let me tell you." She chuckled.

"A second? Why? It's not like she could use two at once."

"Actually, she could, and did! And probably still does! She's super into titfucking, as I told you earlier. And isn't it great that we can talk about this sort of thing freely, now that you know what a raging cucquean I am? I've been wanting to share that with you for the longest time! Anyway, she likes using one Dando to slide in between her ginormous boobs and lick on the tip, pretending that's the real you. Meanwhile, she uses the other one in her pussy to heighten the whole experience. So it's like there are two of you, fucking her brains out on either end!"

"Jesus H. Christ!" I muttered.

"You forgot the pogo stick," she said. "I'm sure He's bouncing along in Heaven somewhere, thinking about Jane lying there like that. Even He must get horny sometimes."

"Now you're getting too sacrilegious."

"Sorry. But again in the interest of trying to unburden myself of all my secrets, I didn't know she'd use two at once until she told me she did. The main reason I gave her a second one was because Dando technology, or Dandonology, as I call it, improved greatly over the course of that year."


She started, "Dandonology is the study of busty and beautiful women who crave the ulti-"

I interrupted her with an annoyed groan.

"Sorry. The first Dandos were much as you'd expect. Your basic dildo. Stiff as steel and no frills, but it gets the job done. However, two mad scientists, namely the Gruesome Twosome, worked on it like a new Manhattan Project, striving to create the most perfect Dan cock found anywhere in the world outside of your crotch. They studied and copied all the best dildos on the market, all in the name of science, of course. You should have seen them titfucking themselves with dildo after dildo, while sucking on the tips."

"For science," I said sarcastically.

"Of course! For science!" She giggled. "Anyway, all the intimate research resulted in better texture, feel, flexibility, and even taste. But the major improvement for Jane's second Dando was turning it into a battery-operated vibrator."

My mouth was hanging open and I was having trouble breathing. My erection was throbbing almost painfully.

She snickered, "You should have seen how long they toiled on their 'science fair project.' You remember that? They whipped something off as their actual project in a jiffy and still got an A, because huge teenage boobs plus horny male teacher equals good grades." She chuckled. "Then they spent many, many hours instead perfecting the Dando. I dare say they could probably get job as dildo engineers, if such jobs exist. Dildologists, if you will."

I sighed. "I won't."


"No. How did I miss all that?! I'm so oblivious."

"Yes, yes you are. And we love you for it. But it just goes to show that our Hellions are highly talented, if properly motivated. And nothing motivates them more than thoughts of your big, thick cock!" She snickered some more.

The dawning realization that my wife was telling me the truth didn't settle into my stomach and make it do flip flops, or make my erection throb and stiffen even more, as I would have expected. Instead, the enormity of what she was saying settled down into my balls, making them tighten and churn. I could feel an odd sensation of heat spreading outwards from my groin area, until it slowed and cooled out at my extremities.

She went on, "But I should also note that you kind of owe me, big time. It's true I was a bit sneaky about the whole Dando thing, but who benefits? Me? Actually, yes. All my cucquean buttons get pushed in a big way. But who benefits even more? YOU! Sure, Jane was hot for you already, thanks to a certain someone hyping you for years. Oops, that's me again! But then I took things to a whole new level with the Dandos! I'm actually pretty darn proud of myself. If they gave Nobel Prizes for Cucqueanology, I should win that one too!"

I said with amusement, "I hate to be the one to tell you, but you don't even have the one for modesty. And if you do, I think you just broke it with those comments."

She joked, 'That's what you think, I'm so immodest that it actually comes around to be super modest. It's very complicated and hard to explain, but trust me on this."

I snorted. "Yeah, right." I checked the time on my laptop again. "By the way, shouldn't you be going soon, if you're going to make it to the house meeting on time?"

"Oh yeah. Time flies when I'm talking about Dandos. They're one of my favorite topics. Anyway, before I go, remember the key lesson about all this Dando stuff, and that's that Jane wants you, big time! I know she seems extremely intimidating due to her great stately beauty and her aloof demeanor, but she really is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor once you get her to warm up, and she seriously wants your cock! After all this time, she doesn't just want a Dando, but real Dan-o! So be aggressive! Go for it! No, she's not submissive, but she does love sex."

She went on, "You need to be prepared to be totally drained!"

"Of life or of cum?"

"BOTH! I'll be VERY disappointed if you come home with a single spermatozoa left in your balls. In fact, I want her to drain you so thoroughly dry that you have to borrow sperm from the future, draining you dry for the entire next week!"

I laughed. "How does that work? Time travel?"

"I'm working on it. Actually, I'll put the Hellions on it and they'll probably actually make the first time machine, if it can put more cum in your balls for them to suck out! Anyway, Honey, see you on the flip side, in a few minutes!"

"Okay. Love you, Sweetheart."

After I disconnected the call, I shook my head in amazement. What a weird, weird life I live. I should be mad at Min over the latest Dando twist, but again, I benefit so much. Hopefully, I'll fuck Jane ragged tonight, and I'll feel so great and grateful that I WILL give Min a cucquean of the year award!

And my glorious Gruesome Twosome. So singularly obsessed. I should be concerned, but once again I benefit so much that I can't complain! Man. I'm like the only male doctor in an insane asylum built specially for gorgeous nymphomaniacs. Best. Dysfunction. Ever!

I looked around and saw that I was still alone, and the crowd hadn't picked up yet. Then I looked down at my crotch and saw the all too obvious signs of my delight at discovering just how important I was to my daughters, and how central this specific part of me was to their lives. My erection was desperately needing relief, and there was nothing I could do about it, for once. Curiously, my balls kept slowly churning in anticipation too.

I turned my laptop off and put it away. Then I went to Sue Ellen. I carefully hid my erection as best I could, since having her see that would only increase her frustration.

"Hey, Cupcake."

She had been sitting alone, doing something on her cell phone. She looked up at me warily. "Hey." Then, after checking to make sure the coast was clear, she added, "Master." That put a smile on her face.

I smiled. "I'm going home now for the meeting. I hear you're coming, which is great. Do you want me to give you a ride?"

"So much! But I probably shouldn't. Being around you just gets me horny, and riding in a car with you gets me a special kind of horny." She didn't explain what that was, unfortunately.

I didn't want to ask since that would almost certainly only further frustrate the both of us.

She went on, "That's not good, to get all worked up right before a big meeting where I won't be allowed to... touch you." She licked her lips longingly. "Besides, I came in my own car, so it's probably best if I use it so I can get back fast."

I nodded. "That probably is for the best. Being close to you would only make me think naughty thoughts too. But don't worry, we'll get through this boycott okay. It just takes patience."

She nodded back sadly.

I went home on my own, after saying good-bye to Josie too.

I still had a serious hard-on, due to Mindy's talk about Jane using a Dando (and not one but two, which only worked me up more). But I just listened to the radio and mentally tuned out during the car ride, allowing my dick to finally go flaccid. That was deliberate, because I didn't want to be in a highly aroused state during the talk I was planning.

I stopped by a grocery store to buy a few items for Cindy's house that I didn't think she had, since I was going to be living there almost entirely on my own for the next few days at least. That was a carefully timed stop. I didn't want to get back to my house too quickly, for fear that I'd be alone with the Gruesome Twosome. That was just asking for trouble and trickery. But I didn't want to take too long and be seriously late to the meeting, since Sue Ellen had a limited time window. So it was a quick shopping trip. I'd have to go back another time to get more things.

Thanks to that stop, I was about five minutes late, which meant that Mindy, Cindy, Sue Ellen, Michelle, and Ruby were all there and waiting for my arrival. I was pleased to see that my instructions given to them both directly and passed on through Mindy had gotten through, that everyone should dress "normally" and not temptingly.

Of course, just as I'd expected, Michelle and Ruby pushed their luck on that. But I'd specified no cleavage (or boob of any kind) showing and legs covered down to their knees, so that severely limited their options. They looked stunning, as usual, but I could cope.

I led the group to the living room and sat down in the Dream Chair.

That caused gasps all around. All my cock slaves, except for Mindy, jerked forward, as if they already had a Pavlovian association to pleasure me somehow while I sat in that chair. And maybe they did, although I couldn't explain how. They seemed pained to watch me just sit there like it was any other chair.

I told them to pull their own chairs up and gather round.

This led to more distressed expressions. Clearly, they would have much preferred to kneel.

Happily for me, they took their seats without complaint. I was slightly amused to see that both Michelle and Ruby rather forcibly sat on their hands, as if they were afraid they couldn't control them otherwise.

I looked from face to face, letting the anticipation build up.

They were trying as hard as they could to be quiet, but Michelle broke right before I was about to speak. She raised her hand. "Master? Permission to speak?"

"I suppose."

"Can you sit anywhere else but there? What you're doing is a desecration to the whole concept of the Dream Chair! You should never sit there without at least three cock slaves taking turns on the King! It's just so... WRONG!"

The others all earnestly nodded.

I responded in a droll voice, "Your concern is duly noted." I looked around once more, as if daring anyone else to speak up.

When nobody did, I formally announced, "Now, let's get this started. As you all know, this is day one of the total sex boycott. It seems that already some of you are not taking it seriously, and barely even understand what its purpose is." I stared pointedly at Michelle and Ruby.

Ruby said, "Master, we DO understand. It's just that we don't like it and are kind of in denial. But we get it. We even agree on a theoretical level that we deserve to be broken, that we should be broken, in order to become better slaves. Shouldn't we?" She looked to Michelle with unusual determination.

Michelle reluctantly nodded.

I thought, Interesting! A crack in the alliance between those two. Clearly, Ruby feels more that way than Shelle does.

Ruby went on, "But knowing on an intellectual level is different than being able to handle it on an emotional level. If everyone did what their head says is right, there wouldn't be fat people in the world, and we know how that goes. We're trying, but it's not easy!"

I asked, "Attempting to trick me on the very first day is trying?" I briefly explained to the others how the Hellions attempted to get me alone at home so they could seduce me.

Ruby hung her head down. "Like I said, it's not easy."

Michelle pointed out, "It's only the first day for SOME people. For Ruby and me, we've been suffering through this boycott for two weeks already!"

"It hasn't been anywhere close to two weeks," I pointed out.

"It sure feels like it," Michelle huffed. "Two YEARS, more like! If I don't get some thick Daddy cock in my mouth soon, I think I'm going to go crazy!"

"Good!" I said. "What you call 'going crazy' I call breaking. Go ahead and legitimately break - no faking - and this ordeal can come to an end."

Michelle raised her hands up high, as if surrendering to a pointed gun. "I'm breaking already! I officially break!"

I shook my head. "Like I said, no faking. You're not even trying to be convincing. The point is to change your attitude, and Ruby's too. Your attitude hasn't changed one iota."

Michelle lowered her arms with a very sour look on her face.

I looked around the room again, and then said, "Anyway, there's a development tonight that I need to tell you about before it happens. Mindy and Cindy already know, but the rest of you don't. I hope." I looked carefully from Sue Ellen to Michelle to Ruby. They appeared to be clueless.

I went on, "My target with this sex boycott is mainly you two." I pointed about the Hellions. "Mindy is in my doghouse in a big way too for being your enabler and keeping too many secrets and generally running far too wild with her cucquean plans without consulting me first, and all sorts of other things. But the main problem is how you two are so willful and disobedient, despite supposedly calling yourself my cock slaves! You clearly don't understand the meaning of the word 'slave.'"

I stared at them hard.

Ruby timidly raised a hand.

I groaned. "What?"

"Master, we DO understand! It's what we live for, to serve you and to serve your cock! The Rules aren't just rules to us, like traffic rules or school rules. They're written on our very souls! Especially 'serve the cock' and 'share the cock.' Those are soooooo important to me! You have no idea! All I want to do is suck your cock, and titfuck it, and get deeply impaled by it, and cum on it, and generally serve it and you in every possible way, and get spanked by your strong hand, and love you forever! Being in this wonderful harem, being your cock slave, that's all I want! It guides my every waking thought! So don't say we don't understand the meaning of the word 'slave.' Because we DO! It's the very foundation of our Dream, our Plan, our destiny! To lovingly serve you in total submission until the days we die!"

Michelle stood up, turned to Ruby, and started clapping. "Bravo! Bravo! Ruby, that was beautiful! I couldn't have said it any better myself! It's like you were speaking from my heart, from my soul!" She turned to me with a fiery look in her eyes. "Gaawwwd! I so desperately badly NEED to rip all my clothes off, crawl to Daddy on my hands and knees, and suck some serious COCK!"

I held both hands up. "Hold it! Cool your engines! Michelle, sit back down, and that's an order!"

Michelle's eyes were still wild, but she reluctantly sat down.

I saw that their ample chests were heaving up and down. In fact, all the other women were similarly affected. I waited a full minute or more, to give everyone a chance to calm down.

Once all the breathing had returned to normal, I said to Ruby in particular, "That's very moving indeed. I'm touched that you feel that strongly about me. I'm honored. But if that's really true, why are you and your sister so damned difficult all the time?"

She explained, "We don't want to be, really we don't, but it's SO HARD to control our passions!"

I nodded. "I know. That's why I have to take effective control and truly master you. I know you're very emotional, and that's not bad thing in and of itself, but you also let your emotions run wild because you figure there will be no serious consequences. This boycott is starting to teach you that there is. Your pathetic attempt to try to set up an ambush to seduce me shows you still haven't learned a thing. I'm willing to hold out until you show actual learning, even if it takes weeks or months!"

None of my slaves looked happy about that.

I looked from face to face, carefully. Then I said, "Now, at first, I thought that just avoiding sexual contact with the three of you would be enough. After all, why punish Cupcake and Cindy too, when they did little to nothing wrong? But it soon became clear to me that while that almost certainly would work eventually, it would take a long time, and we don't have time to spare before Nicky gets back. Besides, I'm eager to fuck all of you, all the time!"

I continued, "But the problem is, you five are mentally joined at the hip. When one of you makes me cum, you celebrate it as a group victory. So then I went to Plan B. Namely, the total sex boycott. But then it came to me that there's a middle way that I want to try first. That is, a total sex boycott for YOU five, but not for me!"

All five stared at me with rapt interest, even Mindy and Cindy despite the fact that they presumably knew the gist of what I was going to say.

"I've got options, lots of options. Why should I suffer because you five are being difficult and sticking together like peas in a pod? So I want to experiment with sex outside of the harem and see how that works. If the five of you are too heartened and excited about that, then I'll stop and go back to the total sex boycott idea, including me. I'll be watching closely for your reactions, to see just how much you get vicarious pleasure out of this."

I paused significantly, then continued, "To that end, I'm going on a date tonight. With someone else."

I paused again. I wanted to see how the three who didn't know the news yet would react.

Sue Ellen, Michelle, and Ruby were literally on the edge of their seats. It was funny because they kept trying to check their eagerness, but they were failing miserably. Every few seconds, one of them would remember she wasn't supposed to appear overly interested and try to sit back and stay calm, only to get excited all over again and scoot forward once more.

I have to give them credit though that they at least all managed to stay silent.

I finally put them out of their curiosity misery by saying, "In case you're curious, I'm going on a date with Jane. Jane Corlin."

Michelle and Ruby both suddenly stood up as if they'd been launched out of cannons. It looked like they were going to rush at me and even tackle me. But both of them independently stopped themselves and turned around. Using all their willpower, they managed to stay silent and just slowly walk in circles around their chairs. But anyone could tell they would have screamed and jumped to the ceiling if they'd been free to express themselves.

Sue Ellen, by contrast, looked hopeful but confused.

After about a minute of silence, so the Hellions could more or less calm down, Mindy turned to Sue Ellen and asked, "You have no idea who Jane Corlin is, do you?"

My Cupcake said, "I've heard the name some lately, kind of in a very positive way, but I've never met her. I have no idea what she's like. Is she pretty?"

Ruby was still standing, trying to maintain her cool, but she turned to Sue Ellen and practically exploded, "Pretty?! Pretty?! Jane is a GODDESS! She's a local legend! She should be nationally famous! She's like, if you took the hotness of all five of us and added that together, you'd get her!"

Curiously, Michelle was a tad more restrained. "Well, let's not go that far. There's literally no woman on Earth who could look THAT good. We're not exactly ugly, you know. In fact, I'm damn proud of this harem. But, that said, if there was any woman besides us who deserve that kind of high praise, it's her."

I was hopeful that Michelle in particular would get jealous of Jane being intimate with me. It was encouraging that I could see a hint of that happening already. Clearly, Michelle didn't like the idea that Jane could be more beautiful than she was.

Ruby went on enthusiastically, "She's got a face that you have to see to believe. She somehow looks regal and classy and yet like a total slut whore at the same time! And her tits! My God! She's got tits out to here!" She held her hands a good foot out in front of her own very ample chest.

Again, Michelle was surprisingly restrained, "Well, once again, that sort of exaggeration doesn't help. She is seriously stacked, I'll give her that. Although her tits don't jut out dramatically like mine do."

I thought, Nice! Shelle DOES get a bit touchy about Jane!

Ruby wasn't deterred though. Her eyes sparkled with delight. "Michelle, can you just imagine?! Jane, fucking Jane Corlin, naked and kneeling, with Daddy's big cock enveloped by her gigantic tits? Her face splattered with his cum as she cranes her head down and bobs for more, slurping and slobbering, maybe even deep throating? Falling head over heels in love with our master's perfect cock?"

Michelle let out a long, animalistic groan. "UNNNNRRRNGH! That sounds soooo.... HOT!" She clutched at her own huge tits and started squeezing.

I was chagrined. So much for jealousy! It looks like it's going to take more to push her into that direction.

I clapped my hands. "HEY! Let's not get too excited here. Literally. Don't get excited! Shelle, sit back down and calm the hell down! That goes for you too, Ruby!"

The Hellions reluctantly sat down. I noticed that Michelle was tightly gripping her chair seat instead of just sitting on her hands.

Sue Ellen looked around uncertainly at the other women. "This is great news, right? If we can't serve the King during these trying days, then the best we can hope for is someone like Jane, right? Because our master is the best, so he deserves only the best!"

Cindy nodded.

Sue Ellen smiled, but she still looked confused. She asked Cindy, "Why are you so silent then? And especially you, Mindy. I would think you'd be over the moon!"

Mindy replied, "That's because Dan already told Cindy and me the news earlier today, at my office. So we're not surprised. But we definitely are delighted. In fact, I've been working to make this happen... well... let's just say a long time. A couple of years, at least. But we're not TOO excited, right? We don't want him to get the wrong idea."

Cupcake caught on. "Oh! Right!" She tried to wipe the smile off her face, but without much success.

Michelle and Ruby also tried to put on "everything is normal" faces, but they failed miserably. If nothing else, their mighty chests betrayed them, thanks to their heavy breathing.

I said, "We'll see how it goes. This is an experiment, like I said. My main concern isn't how things go with Jane but how things go with you. So far, I don't like what I see. You all seem way too excited and aroused by this news. I don't want you to be living vicariously through her too!"

Michelle was still sitting with her hands gripping her chair tightly, and her back as stiff as a board. "We're cool, right?" She looked to Ruby.

Ruby was clutching her head with both hands. She gasped out, "We're... cool!" After a reluctant pause, she added, "The main thing is... not to think... how this proves our master-"

Michelle wailed, "Shut the fuck up! I know what you're going to say! Don't even go there!"

Impressively, Ruby actually managed to keep quiet, though it looked like she was fit to burst.

I surveyed the room with an amused smile on my face. The reactions were almost exactly what I expected. The one surprise was that Mindy and Cindy were much calmer and quieter than I'd anticipated. Of course, the key there was that they'd had time to digest this news. But even given that, they were showing a more mature ability to control their emotions, knowing that I was testing them.

I knew that the initial reaction would be euphoric. What mattered more would be how their feelings about me dating Jane evolve over time. If I was right and I was able to manipulate events in the right way, I could at least get Mindy and Michelle supremely jealous, though for somewhat different reasons. So the real test wouldn't come until later.

I said, "Okay, so that's the big news. Based on the emotional reaction here though, I'm having second thoughts about the wisdom of this date plan. This date is a blank slate. I'm tempted to simply have a nice dinner with Jane, and keep things platonic."

My wife dramatically stood up. It looked like she was going to say something, or even shout something, in response to that. But she seemed to catch herself in the nick of time

I gave her a quizzical look. "Sweetheart? Something on your mind?"

She obviously switched to damage control mode, remembering that an emotional reaction could be the biggest blow to her cucquean cause. "Um... No! I was just... stretching." She plopped her ass back down.

I gave her a disapproving frown, which she noticed.

Then I said, "As to how the date goes, and if I get intimate with Jane at all, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out."

There was a collective disappointed groan.

"Probably tomorrow night," I added.

That created an even louder groan.

I went on, "And that will be the key test. How will you all react when I describe how the date went down? Will you all get uncontrollably horny? Will you be as excited as if I was getting it on with one of you here in the harem, or even more so? If that's the case, then my little experiment will be over right then and there. So we shall see."

Ruby muttered helplessly, "Oh God!" She slumped down with her head in her hands.

Mindy shyly raised a hand. "Can you at least tell some of us a little bit, before then? I'm your wife. Don't I deserve special consideration? I just want to know the general outline of what happens! If I don't know anything at all, how am I going to get a good night's rest?!"

The others all nodded at that. Clearly, they all wanted "special consideration" too.

I said, "Sorry. These are not normal times. We're in the middle of a sex boycott. There shall be no special considerations here. If you don't sleep well, that's probably a good thing from my point of view, since your sleeplessness can help end the sex boycott that much sooner. In fact, maybe I won't reveal how the date went tomorrow night either."

A very chastened Mindy started panting hard. She stared at me incredulously. "Are you serious?!"

"We'll see," I replied flippantly. "Probably not, because I don't want to draw this out too long. I want to know one way or another if a date like this will help or hurt the boycott cause. Now, if this goes as I hope, I could not only date Jane, but some others too. I have the phone numbers of all of our daughter's friends. I could give Anjali a call and date her tomorrow night, for instance."

Michelle perked up at that. She breathlessly whispered in awe, "FUCK HER!" Then, realizing what she said, she covered her mouth with both hands.

Ruby frantically tried to cover for her sister. "What she means is... whatevs! Whatever. We could care less. Do what you want, even if it means fucking her. Right?"

Michelle nodded. She kept her hands in place, apparently afraid to trust herself to speak.

I stayed silent and looked carefully from face to face again.

Bit by bit, that calmed them down. Michelle even took her hands from her face and sat on them again.

I said, "Regardless of how the date goes, I want you all to know that there's a new sheriff in town: ME! I've been far too lax. You're not going to see much of me for a while. I'll come over for dinner from time to time, to check in with everyone in a general way, and in a subdued setting, where there can be NO sexy ambushes." I glared at the Hellions as I said that.

They both obediently nodded, looking duly chastised.

I didn't trust them further than I could throw them on that particular matter, but I let it slide for now. "I might stay in some cases for a video chat with Nicky, since the equipment is here. But other than that, you will be seeing and hearing very little of me. Things are going to get pretty rough from now on. If you're crying... good! If you can't sleep a wink at night... better! If you're feeling utterly miserable... great! I'll take all those things as signs that the boycott is working. Things have to get worse before they get better. Probably a lot worse."

I went on, "So I'm determined to harden my heart for the duration, no matter how long that takes. No more Mr. Nice Guy from me, until this boycott is over. For all of you. Even you, Cupcake, and you, Cindy. I'll be out having fun with Jane and who knows else. I can endure this boycott just fine. Meanwhile, I'm going to put the screws on you. I can take increasingly severe steps if I have to. Right now, you think of me as your master, yes, but your pushover master. You think that I'll basically cave and do what you want if you beg and cajole me enough. No more!"

I glared hard at every member of my harem, and each one in turn bowed her head in shame.

I spoke with authority. "You call yourself 'slaves' to my cock, while actually trying to rule me through my cock. You call me 'master' while keeping secrets from me, manipulating me and trying to bend me to YOUR will in pursuit of your own desires. Well, I'm done with being your proverbial chew toy! If you want to be true slaves to my cock and call me your master, then you need to CHANGE, because I'm not going to live my life as a fraud!"

Absolute silence reigned. Each face looked more chastised and downcast than the last.

I stood up and declared, "Now, I have to go and get ready for my date. And Sue Ellen, you need to get back to work. But let me make one thing abundantly clear: this is NOT a democracy, this is a haremocracy! That means total rule by the master. Namely, ME! The alternative is infighting and chaos. So if you have complaints, tough! However, if you have any intelligent questions, I'll give you a chance to speak your mind."

There was a prolonged silence.

Then Cindy asked, "Master, can I ask where you're taking her?"

"No, you may not! And don't attempt to follow me or spy on me, or anything like that! If you do, I'll find out one way or another. You were only able to successfully scheme behind my back because I was totally clueless and trusting. When I'm suspicious you fold like a house of cards because you all wear your emotions on your sleeves. So I reserve the right to spy on you all in every possible way while this boycott goes on, just to be safe. But I hardly even need to, because if you do something like spy on this date, you'll easily give yourself away soon enough, and ruin all chances of future dates. Don't blow it!"

They seemed sufficiently chastened about that idea. However, I was going to remain very wary.

Another thought came to me. "Oh, and don't wait up for me, or even check on Cindy's place. Consider yourself confined to this house until tomorrow, with the exception of Sue Ellen leaving just long enough to finish off her work shift. And that's a master's order!"

That caused a collective disappointed groan.

Then I had another thought. "And here's something else: NO roleplays! I don't want you to pass the time by acting out what happens on my date, or anything like that. In fact, NO orgasms, period! Watch a movie or something normal like that." I looked to Sue Ellen. "Cupcake, right now, I consider you my most loyal slave. I hope you continue to live up to that reputation. I trust you to keep an eye on the others and make sure they don't spend the whole time I'm gone fantasizing and talking about what could happen on my date. I suppose I can't totally stop that, but 'no orgasms for anybody' should pretty much cover it. Understand?"

Sue Ellen nodded obediently. "Yes, Master. We're NOT going to get all excited, because if we do, that'll stop you from going on future dates. Which we definitely want to happen... but not too much." She grinned impishly, seeing the obvious contradiction there.

I grinned too. "Very good."

Michelle and Ruby looked grim and mutinous. Clearly, they weren't happy with the "no orgasms" rule. But they held their tongues.

After another long pause, Mindy shyly asked, "Honey? I know you very well may shoot this down, but I have to ask: can I help you get ready for your date? Help you pick what to wear and give you some tips and so on? I have all kinds of inside knowledge about Jane that can help you that I haven't had a chance to tell you yet."

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'll take my chances. I don't want to encourage your cucquean tendencies during the boycott, and helping me get ready for the date seems like the ultimate cucquean delight."

She said with clear mixed emotions, "It is." She looked like she'd just swallowed a lemon.

I offered, "In the future though, after the boycott is over, who knows? That could be a fun tradition. Assuming I still go on dates like this one."

That cheered her up some. She said with surprising determination, "Oh, you will. You will! I can't even tell you how... with Jane... Damn! I just going to shut up before I stick my foot in my mouth. Go! Go now! Knock her socks off... and the rest of her clothes! I'm sure you're going to be great! Even after all the times I've hyped you to her, she still has no idea what's about to hit her." She grinned knowingly, and smirked.

It was somehow reassuring for me to see my wife smirk again.

I got up out of the extremely comfortable Dream Chair and started to walk away. Then I stopped, turned around, and said, "I would kiss you, all of you... but... the sex boycott. As I said, we'll be having very little contact, including that. Sorry."

That sobered all of them up.

I left a room filled with the sad and silent faces of all the people I loved most in the world (with the exception of Nicky, of course).

After I closed the front door and left the house, I couldn't help but wonder how things would change once I was gone. I figured that they would all let out massive sighs of relief, because they didn't have to restrain their feelings about the Jane date anymore. If my hunch was right, the sad mood would be quickly extinguished as they all got worked up to the Nth degree about my date once I wasn't there to watch them.

I had mentioned in my spiel that I reserved the right to spy on them in any possible manner during the boycott. I made a mental note to look into buying some spying equipment tomorrow. The shit was about to get real. In order to impose my will on the harem, and especially on Michelle and Ruby, I had to get a lot tougher. I was as certain there would be more sexy scheming as I was certain the sun would keep rising and setting. It could be a big advantage to use technological means to get an edge. After all, they'd done it to me first, for years now.

But that was a problem for tomorrow. Right now, I had to turn my full attention to a much more appealing situation: my date with the one and only Jane Corlin!

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