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Part 2: Chapters 7 to 10
(MF, Mf, humor, rom, fanfic, harem, OM, OF, slow, no sex)
Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Chapter Seven: Death By Teasing

Little did Motoko know, but something was about to change. In fact, it began that very evening. It all started when Mitsune threw yet another one of her parties. At dinner, Mitsune suggested they should all go play cards after dinner, but as a twist they should do it in the hot springs, and have Keitaro join them there as well. Of course, there was resistance to such an unprecedented plan. Shinobu, with her big, pleading eyes, looked at Mitsune and nervously asked, "The h-h-hot springs? With Sempai?!?" She couldn't believe it.

"Of course!" Mitsune replied. "Keitaro has matured a lot lately. You don't think he would do anything perverted now, do you? Would you Keitaro?" Before he could get a word in edgewise, she pressed on, "Of course not! And besides, we'll all be covered up with towels and whatnot."

Naru would have had a fit at the very idea, but she wasn't there. Normally Motoko would have objected too, but it seemed now as if her brain had turned to Jell-O - she found she couldn't speak up at all.

So Mitsune's enthusiasm carried the day. Down in the hot springs with all the others, submerged in the water and wearing just a towel, she thought to herself, Everyone here but me is so innocent and naïve. This is just too much fun! She immediately set to plying Keitaro and even the younger girls with alcohol. Because everyone, especially Keitaro, was so nervous about the situation, soon they all were drinking more than they should.

Before long, everyone was laughing and joking and having a great time playing cards. Mitsune had been teasing Keitaro a lot lately, but decided to up the ante. Mitsune made sure she was sitting directly across from him, to tease him all the better. It seemed everything she said or did was causing him to blush:

"This game is boring. Why don't we play strip poker instead?" <blush>

"No, that wouldn't work, we're all nearly totally naked as it is!" <blush>

"Keitaro, if you're getting too drunk to make it back to your bed, don't worry, you can sleep in mine." <blush>

"Woops! Where did my towel go? Oh, looks like I dropped it again!" <Keitaro's eyes bug out of his head, followed by a double blush>

In the type of accidental innocence that usually plagued him, Keitaro had forgotten to wear a bathing suit, and entered into the hot spring waters wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. All of Mitsune's teasing and frequent close-up towel dropping began to have an effect, and before long his towel tented up in his lap. His face, already red from the alcohol, turned much redder.

Mitsune's mirth doubled. Laughing out loud, she pointed towards his crotch and yelled out, "Keitaro, what's that? It looks like you have some kind of projectile under your towel there. Maybe it's one of Suu's rockets. Hey Suu! Are you missing one of your rockets?"

Keitaro's face turned so red that it would have set off an infrared detector. But he couldn't think of anything to say, and only belatedly did it occur to him to plunge his hands into the water and hide the bulge under his towel as best he could.

But no sooner had he done that, than Mitsune reached behind her back, grabbed a dry towel on a rock, and handed it to Keitaro. "Here, Keitaro, can you hold this towel for a minute?" Keitaro had to take his hands out of the water to hold the towel up and keep it dry. Needless to say, the towel around his waist immediately sprung a tent again, and Mitsune once again doubled over with laughter. Mitsune's wet towel slipped down again, causing Keitaro's brain to give up and completely fail to wonder why he needed to be holding her dry towel up in the air in the first place. But still she kept teasing.

"When I said earlier that you matured a lot lately, I didn't know that you'd grown in more ways that one!"

Keitaro looked around for a hole he could crawl into and die in. No such luck. He sank his body as far down into the water as he could. All the other girls were staring at his face, with varying degrees of befuddlement and/or redness on their faces. Sara, the only one not drinking, had no clue whatsoever what Mitsune was talking about, but she laughed, thinking it was some kind of fun game. Motoko was in shock at her impure thoughts about Keitaro's predicament. If her brain was Jell-O before, it leaked out of her head and fallen into puddles on the ground now.

Mitsune teased Keitaro mercilessly the rest of the evening. With the restraining influences of Haruka, Mutsumi, and/or Naru nowhere to be seen, Mitsune had a field day. She pushed her luck with double-entendres that most of the rest of the group could only vaguely guess the meaning of, but didn't really understand.

Or sometimes they did understand, but were too shy to admit it. For instance, Mitsune said to Motoko, sitting nearby, "Motoko-chan, I understand that Keitaro has been practicing his sword skills on you. Keitaro, can you show us your sword, and just what you can do with it?"

Both Keitaro and Motoko vied to see who could be more embarrassed, sinking their heads low into the water while Mitsune guffawed.

But it wasn't all teasing. There was a lot of fun conversation and playfulness all around. But then, more or less all at once, too much alcohol brought on sleepiness, and everyone staggered off to their beds.

Keitaro was so discombobulated from the sake wine, the teasing, everyone's staring, and the impure thoughts he had suddenly found himself having about Mitsune, that he slammed into more than one wall before he found his way back into his room.


In her bed that night, Mitsune still chuckled to herself about the evening. That was just about the most fun I think I've ever had," she mused. "I'll have to be more careful, or else I'll kill myself with fun! Everyone in this bunch is so pure and clueless that only Keitaro really knew what I was doing and saying, and he was powerless to resist my charms. Like putty in my hands! Mitsune, you've still got it, heh - heh!

In fact, why am I just teasing him all the time? It's been months since my last serious attempt to seduce him. What am I waiting for now? Maybe I'm afraid for the first time that I might actually succeed? I've always been in love with him, but never acted. Lately, he's been getting more muscular and handsome. Finally gotten into Toudai - he's a very eligible bachelor. He's probably gonna be a rich doctor or something before long. Hmm.

I've always held back a bit because of Naru, but now she's out of the picture. Of course she told me the other day that she's been trying to forget about him but just can't forget, that maybe she really loves him, blah-de-blah-blah-blah, but she's always going on like that. The two of them were never gonna get it on, even if you locked them together naked in a room. Hmm, not a bad idea, actually! Maybe I should try that idea out with him myself.

Now that I think of it, it would be downright irresponsible of me, and neglectful of my role as the only really experienced woman around here, if I DIDN'T seduce him immediately! He's ready to move beyond kissing, and someone needs to show him the ropes, or that hopeless romantic will be too shy to ever learn. I'll just have to take one for the team, he e- he e- he e .

Hmm, but how to go about it? Seducing Keitaro should be no problem now that he's no longer all moony over Naru, but how to take care of the inevitable fallout? Every single girl here has a passionate crush on him, even if I'm the only one clever enough to notice. Except of course for Sara, and that's only be c ause she's nine years old. Poor Shinobu, the idea that someone else would kiss Keitaro would just about kill her. The idea of someone actually having sex with him would completely blow her gaskets for sure.

Let's see... I have to find some way to get Keitaro in bed and yet have some kind of plausible cover story, some kind of exit strategy, so Motoko won't cut me into pieces, Suu won't launch a host of rockets at me, and Shinobu won't kill herself or something. I'll have my fun and then things'll have to go back to normal for a while, or else people are going to freak out. I know Keitaro might not have feelings for me now, but after I use all my womanly wiles on him, who knows? He's fair game, now.

But I have to make it look accidental. Unavoidable. Nobody's fault. I don't want to get the others all mad at Keitaro either; that would be too mean. He'd have no idea what hit him. Let's see now...

Mitsune rolled around in her futon, restlessly thinking and thinking. Finally, she bolted upright, naked, and thrust a finger into the air. "Aha! Eureka, I've got it!" The perfect solution: an aphrodisiac!

Chapter Eight: Suu's Original Idea

The next morning, Mitsune woke up late as usual and with a bad hangover, as she too frequently did, but soon the excitement of her new idea had her up and pacing around the room. With her usual flair for the dramatic, she even dug up a Sherlock Holmes-type hat and put it on her head, making it the only thing she was wearing. She talked to herself as she paced.

"Planning the perfect crime! What to do, what to do? Using an aphrodisiac to sleep with Keitaro is such a brilliant plan; I've really outdone myself. The beauty of the plan is that it doesn't matter if the aphrodisiac works or not! All that matters is that people think that it works, so that neither Keitaro nor I are to blame. Just blame the aphrodisiac! Ha-ha!"

"The problem is, if I come up with my own aphrodisiac, that'll look too suspicious, and I'll be blamed for bringing it into the inn in the first place. Someone else has to come up with it, and today, 'cos I'm too excited now to wait around! Plus, the aphrodisiac has to be made before our plans to go to the beach next week. Not only that, but Motoko and Keitaro have been far too chummy with each other lately. And who knows when Mutsumi is going to come back from vacation? She and Keitaro will be in each other's arms in a matter of days once she's back, if I don't do something about it. I don't know if Mutsumi just has accidental luck or if she's even more clever and conniving than I am, but either way, I'll have to act fast if I'm going to make Keitaro mine. Even worse, Naru might decide to come back any day. Then things'll go back to just how they were before, and I can't stand any more of that."

"No, someone has to come up with some aphrodisiac, and today! There's really only one option." She started putting on her clothes.


A short time later, Mitsune walked through Motoko's room, now empty, and walked into the wild jungle garden behind it. "Hello! Suu-chan? Good morning! You in there?"

"Over here!" yelled Suu.

Mitsune walked through the jungle, and finally spied Suu sitting on a giant metal turtle. Suu was wearing a welder's mask, and sparks were flying where she was welding the turtle's seams together.

"What's the Sherlock Holmes hat for?" Suu cried over the noise as soon as she spied Mitsune.

"Oh that? He-he, nothing at all." She grabbed the hat off of her head and held it behind her back. "What are you working on?"

Suu put down her tools and flipped up her welding mask. "Thanks for asking! This is the latest model mecha-turtle! It's going to have precision guidance missiles that hone directly onto the metal in Keitaro's glasses!"

"That's incredible, Suu. I've never understood how you're always able to make all this stuff. In fact, I'll bet you could make just about anything, can't you?"

"Well, I don't know about that, Mitsune, but I try. I love a good challenge."

"I'll bet you do. I'll bet I could think of some things you couldn't make."

Suu sat up eagerly. "Okay, what? Try me!"

"Hmm, what would be really nice to have? How about... Could you turn the hot springs into of sake wine instead of water? Then I'd be in heaven!"

Suu frowned. "I can't do miracles. However... I could create my own still, and make enough sake for you to drown in it. That would be fun! Suu the bootlegger! Working hand in hand with Al Capone!" she said, suddenly smiling. But then, reconsidering, she frowned, "But I think you're got more than enough alcohol as it is, now."

"Yeah, I guess that's true, Suu. And I'm sure you could do it, too. But I'm also sure there are things you can't make. For instance... I know nobody can make an aphrodisiac."

"Aphrodisiac? Is that edible? Sounds yummy!"

"You know, an aphrodisiac. A love potion to get a man and woman to love each other."

"Oh, right. Sure, that would be no problem!"

"How can you say that? There are thousands of fake ones, but no one has ever made a love potion that's been proven to work. It's impossible. If someone could make one, why, they'd make billions of dollars!"

Defensively, Suu responded, "Shows what you know. It's true I don't know much about medicines and herbs and that kind of thing, but I don't have to. Back in my country we have all kinds of love potions. It's really nothing to get excited about. Not like my new cutting-edge mecha-turtle here." Suu patted the turtle's head.

"Really? I wonder if one of those potions would work," prodded Mitsune. "Wouldn't it be interesting to have such a potion here? Imagine if someone had a secret crush on someone, but didn't know how to go about attracting that person. Maybe they're too young, too inexperienced. I'll bet a love potion would really come in handy. It's too bad no such thing actually exists..."

Suu took the bait. She thought of her own crush on Keitaro, just as Mitsune figured she would. "It does TOO exist, and I'll prove it to you! All I have to do is find some herbs and whip them together, and I can have a powerful love potion to show you by this evening!"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Mitsune, suddenly pretending to be concerned. "I mean, a working aphrodisiac, that could cause all kinds of havoc. I don't know if I'm so keen on your love potion idea."

"It's a great idea, Kitsune! Don't knock it! Why, it'll be just the thing the next time the moon..." Suu immediately cut off her sentence. "Well, never mind about that. The point is, it's a great idea, and I'm going to make an aphrodisiac whether you like it or not!"

"Okay, if you feel that way, I guess there's not much I can do to discourage you. I must admit, I am curious if it works or not. We could make a lot of money from this! When you have it ready, let me know, so we can make sure if it works, or if this is just a lot of hot air. I'll be impressed if you can finish it by tonight."

"Roger! Just you wait and see!" Suu hopped off the mecha-turtle, and immediately began running around, gathering materials for her new project.

Mitsune, walking off, thought to herself , Perfect! That was too easy! The only problem with getting Suu to make it is that she may actually make an aphrodisiac that really works. I know whom she plans to use it on! Let's hope there's no red moon any time soon. When she's done, I'm going to have to switch the potion with something harmless, to make sure that I'm the only one who uses the real thing.

Sorry, Suu! I'm so naughty!

Chapter Nine: Have Pity On Tama

A few hours later, Keitaro and Motoko were trying to study in the main lobby. Both were tired from the sake and the hot springs party the night before. Motoko was especially out of sorts, because she so rarely drank any alcohol. Her head kept nodding down, and her thoughts kept drifting and drifting...

Suddenly, Keitaro dramatically stood up. "Enough!" he shouted. "What's the point of all of this studying?" He grabbed the low table in front of him, and heaved it over, sending books and papers flying in all directions. "I have no eyes for reading books. I only have eyes for you!" He pulled a stunned Motoko up from where she was sitting, and then dipped her down like a professional dancer would. "Let me kiss you, Motoko-chan." She trembled as his face drew closer and closer. "There's only one word that means anything to me: Motoko-chan! Motoko-chan... Motoko-chan?"

"Motoko-chan?" She woke up to the sound of Keitaro repeating her name and the feel of him shaking her shoulder.

Whaaa? she thought. That was a dream? She looked around, and the table was still in its usual place. Damn, that was so good. No, wait. What am I thinking?

Keitaro was saying to her, "Motoko, you must have really nodded off there for a second. How is it you can fall asleep sitting up? You sure you want to keep studying?"

"What?" She was still fumbling around for the on switch in her brain. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine." She took a good look at Keitaro. He looked particularly geeky at that moment, with his eyes hidden behind his glasses and his nose back in his books. The Keitaro in her dream was decisive, deep-voiced, and ruggedly handsome. I can't possibly be in love with this guy in front of me! It must be the effects of the alcohol from last night. I'm never going to drink again! Motoko, you're a total freak.

She shook her head clear and went back to her book.


Meanwhile, Mitsune sat in Suu's garden, watching Suu put the last ingredients in her love potion. Suu lorded over a giant black cauldron in the middle of her private jungle. It looked exactly like the kind of cauldron that jungle cannibals would place explorers and missionaries in the old movies, except for the drawing of three eyes painted on the side. She stirred the giant body of liquid with a large ladle, making her look just like a witch. Perhaps with an intentional flair for the dramatic, she wore a suspiciously witchy-looking hat too.

"You sure are making a lot, Suu!" said Mitsune.

"Not actually, Mitsune-san. We have to let this boil for several hours. When it's done, there will only be a few bottles' worth of highly concentrated love potion. And I'm afraid that I have to use some special herbs I brought from back home, so I won't be able to make any more until I can get some more of those."

"There goes our money making idea," sighed Mitsune. "For now, at least."

"Yeah, well, we have to make sure it works, too. This is an ancient family recipe, but to be honest, I've never made it before, so I'm not sure if I did it right."

"What's it supposed to taste like?"

"I think like a very bitter tea. Kinda looks like a murky, dark tea, too."

"How much does one need to drink for one to, uh, ... for it to have an effect?"

"I don't know that either. We'll have to experiment. Mitsune, have you thought of how we're going to do that?"

"Yeah, I was thinking... You've made a mechanical Tama that is about the same size as Tama the turtle, and it even moves and acts on its own just like a real turtle, right?"

"Yep. Mecha-Tama Version 4.0!"

"Is Mecha-Tama a male or female?"

"I didn't really give it a gender. With turtles, males and females don't really look or act much differently from each other, you know."

"Okay, but could we get the female Tama to think Mecha-Tama is a male? I'm thinking we don't want to try it on a real human, 'cos we don't know what the effect will be. Plus, the only male around here is Keitaro, and we don't know if it will turn him into a raving sex maniac or what. So I think it's best to try with a turtle."

"I guess that can work, but darn."


"I figured as long as I had the cauldron and all my spices out, I could make an excellent turtle stew soup!"

"You're too much!" laughed Mitsune. "But Suu, remember this love potion is a secret just between you and me, right? If someone like Keitaro got his hands on this, who knows what would happen. So we try it on the turtles, and then we put it in a safe place, okay?"

"Okay. In fact, I'm already planning my next invention, which, working in combination with the potion, will... uh... the.... uhhhhhh, well, that's not important." Suu got very red in the face. "The important thing is that we get it to work on Tama-chan here, right? And if it doesn't work, we can still eat her!"

"Yes to the love potion, no to the turtle eating!"

Mitsune smiled inwardly. She thought to herself, Looks like Suu can be as big a schemer as I can. I wonder what she's got planned. All the more reason to act fast with my scheme.


It took Suu many more hours, but by the time it grew dark everything was ready for the experiment to begin. Mitsune had found Tama and Suu had found Mecha-Tama, and the two turtles were on the ground in Suu's garden, facing each other.

Suu, now wearing a white lab coat and acting like a dispassionate scientist, announced to Mitsune, "Witness our test subject and future meal, the turtle Tama-chan. Nose to nose with Mecha-Tama, she shows no interest in 'him' whatsoever. Now, we add our experimental variable, the aphrodisiac."

Mitsune poured the aphrodisiac into a tiny bowl, and placed in directly in front of Tama. She noticed the liquid looked and smelled just like tea, as Suu had predicted. Even better for my plans . Tama began licking up the liquid in the bowl.

Mitsune and Suu sat and waited. And waited. Both turtles just sat there. When one turtle would wander off, it would be pushed back into place. Finally, Suu said, "Look, I think something's happening to Tama-chan's face."

Sure enough, a strange expression began to appear on the face of the turtle. Turtle's faces are not very expressive, but there was no doubt: if there could be a visibly love starved turtle, then it was Tama right then. She looked at Mecha-Tama in a strange way, causing a look of startled concern to cross the mechanical turtle's face.

Now, Tama was trying to look coy and seductive. "Myu," she cooed. She began sidling up towards Mecha-Tama. Mecha-Tama was beginning to look panicky. He began backing away, and she started edging forward even faster. "Myu. Myu-myu-myu!"

Suu cried, "Goody! Look, it's working! I told you it would work!" She clapped her hands together in joy.

"I'll be damned," replied Mitsune in wonder. They gave each other a celebratory hug.

Just then, Mecha-Tama took off in full flight, and Tama lit off after him. Suu and Mitsune ducked as the two turtles began careening around the jungle, flying every which way. Finally, both turtles flew up and out of the garden, and were lost to sight.

Mitsune thought to herself, Damn, I can't believe Suu actually did it. Be careful of what you wish for! And that stuff is damn powerful too!

"Suu," she said out loud, "What will happen to those two?"

"Not much, I think. For starters, Tama is female, and Mecha-Tama has no sex organs, so if Tama catches up with Mecha, nothing CAN happen. No doubt Tama is going to be really frustrated."

"How long are they likely to be chasing each other like that? Your potion is really, frighteningly powerful!"

"I don't know how long - we'll have to keep an eye on them. But such a reaction isn't likely to happen in a person. Remember that Tama drank about half her body's weight of the love drug. A person would have to drink a couple of gallons to get the same effect, and we don't even have that much. I think for a human, a glassful or maybe even a thimbleful should be enough."

"Thank heavens for that," replied Mitsune. "But all the same, this is dangerous stuff. I suggest we immediately lock it up. There's a high shelf in the kitchen that can be locked. I suggest we put it there."

"Okay. You can put that wherever you like. I'm going to go find Tama-chan. But I should let you know that its effect is supposed to wear off after a week or two, but it can remain strong much longer if you keep it cold." Looking into the sky, she began yelling, "Tama, Tama, where are you? I've got a comfy boiling cauldron here with your name on it!" and soon wandered off.

Mitsune stayed behind with the bottle of aphrodisiac. It was about the size of a large pitcher one could fit into a refrigerator . I guess that's where I'll have to put it, in the kitchen's refrigerator. Now I'll have to figure out some kind of new excuse to prevent anyone else from drinking it.

Thinking further, it occurred to her, The way that Suu didn't really care what I did with it means that she must have her own supply that she hid. No doubt she put some away while I was looking for Tama, and I'll never find it buried in her jungle and mountains of things. Clever girl! I'm sure she'll wait until the moon turns red and her body temporarily matures from a 15 year old into someone my age, and then try it on Keitaro. I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it, and figure out how to keep her from him. But until then... She looked at the jar of aphrodisiac in her hand, and grinned a very happy grin.

Chapter Ten: Set Up Like A Bowling Pin

The first thing Mitsune did was put the love potion in a pitcher in the refrigerator of the main kitchen. She stuck a big label on it that read, "Warning: Poison!"

That'll have to do for now, until I can think of something better.

She then sat around drinking sake, and waiting for Keitaro. He had gone to another movie with Motoko. Suu said she was too absorbed in a secret project to go, so Keitaro had asked Sara and Shinobu along instead. As a result, they went to see a cartoon movie, Chicken Run, instead of their usual action fare.

The moviegoers also had dinner out, so Mitsune fixed herself some instant noodles while she waited. Motoko and him have been doing this movie thing more and more. I think that's the sixth or seventh movie they've seen. And in the evening this time, with dinner, too! I don't buy this three or more people going idea, either - these are slowly turning into dates. Grrr.

Things are getting pretty hot and heavy between those two. The only thing temporarily stopping something from happening between them is that they're both so clueless about their own feelings and the other's feelings. I'm sure even Keitaro must be at least dimly aware of his growing feelings for Motoko, but no doubt he's still hoping he can get back with Naru when she returns in early September. Or maybe he's thinking of Mutsumi now, and waiting for her.

If I'm going to win Keitaro for my own, I'm going to have to juggle all those balls. Keep him away from Motoko, Naru, Mutsumi, Suu, Shinobu, and who knows who else. Impossible! It was so much easier when the only real possibility was Naru, and her only reaction to his advances was to punch him!

Just then, Keitaro, Motoko, Sara and Shinobu walked into the lobby, back from the movie. Mitsune came out of the kitchen and glanced at the clock. It was about 10 PM.

"Hey guys, how was the movie?"

Keitaro replied, "It was good, but I thought Wallace and Gromit was better." He turned to Motoko. "That's another thing I'll have to teach you about. Wallace and Gromit is really funny. And Motoko, you didn't really have to teach me what it feels like to be on the receiving end of your 'Secret attack: Red Lotus Flower!'" Keitaro rubbed his freshly bruised head ruefully.

"Someone has to teach you some manners," Motoko huffed.

The shy Shinobu piped up. "I thought it was great, but I feel so sad for the chickens." Her face quickly changed from joy to sadness. "I don't know how I feel about eating chicken now."

Keitaro put his hand on Shinobu's head and mussed her hair patronizingly. "Don't worry about that, it's just a movie. And by the way, thank you all for coming with me."

He gave Sara a big hug, and then gave Shinobu a big hug. Shinobu cried out, "Any time you want, Sempai, any time!" Her face was beaming.

Keitaro and Motoko then closed towards each other as if to hug, but at the last second both thought better of it and awkwardly pulled away. Instead, they gave each other formal bows, and furiously studied objects on far off walls and ceilings, to avoid making eye contact.

Mitsune watched from a detached position and privately mused, I was right. Those two are about ready to go get a room together.

Keitaro tried to think of something to say, to break the awkwardness. "Thank you also for coming, Motoko-chan. Did you, uh, see cartoon movies as a kid?"

"No, not even then. This was a first. The movie was okay, but I really need to watch my budget in the future. Thank you all, and good night. Oh, and Keitaro, sorry about the blow to the head, but you really have to be more careful when you're reaching for popcorn." Motoko walked off towards bed, as did Sara and Shinobu.

That left just Mitsune and Keitaro. Mitsune had to grab his attention before he also walked off. "Keitaro, I'm angry with you!"

That worked. "What did I do?" He used his arms to shield his face from an expected punch. "It was accident! How was I to know that when I was reaching for the popcorn, she would..."

"Don't worry I'm not going to hit you," interrupted Mitsune. "You don't have to hide your face from me."

With that, he pulled his hands from his face and took his first good look at Mitsune since he got back from the movie. She had her arms folded over her chest the whole time, and now she put them back at her side. To his surprise, that revealed an extremely low cut dress that showed more of her tremendous breasts than his mind could properly handle. She even subtly pulled her arms backwards, which thrust her chest out.

Immediately, all the memories of the previous night in the hot springs with the towel-dropping Mitsune flooded back into his mind. Blood simultaneously flooded into a certain part of his lower anatomy, and his nose threatened to bleed.

"Wh-what is it, Mitsune?"

"I think you're avoiding me. I didn't see you at all today, and then this evening you invited everyone who wasn't busy to the movies, except me. I've been sitting here bored all evening." She then got up from the lobby and walked into the kitchen, as if in a huff.

Keitaro followed her. "I'm truly sorry, Mitsune! I didn't think! Please forgive me!"

Mitsune, still acting aloof, went to the refrigerator and poured drinks for Keitaro and herself. "That's okay, I understand. You can't be with everyone all the time. Here have a drink, you must be thirsty."

"Thanks." They both sat down at the kitchen table.

What Keitaro didn't notice was that while Mitsune had pour a glass of iced tea for both of them, half of the liquid that went into Keitaro's glass had come from a pitcher labeled: "Warning: Poison!" Mitsune had no desire to test the strange love potion on herself, and she didn't need a potion to overcome inhibitions in the first place. She had instead been nursing herself on her usual aphrodisiac - heavy amounts of alcohol.

"But the one thing I'm worried about, Keitaro, is that I've offended you. The fact that I didn't see you today - is it because I offended you last night? I must apologize - I teased you so much - you must be angry with me! I just couldn't help it; you're just so fun to tease." She smiled, and even as she was saying this, she folded her arms underneath her breasts, causing them to stick out even more than before. Mitsune had been teasing and tempting Keitaro so much in the past few weeks since he had recovered from his mourning over Naru that she practically did it as a matter of course, without thinking.

"No, no, no! You didn't offend me. It was my fault. I shouldn't have entered the hot springs wearing only a towel. I was asking for trouble." Keitaro struggled valiantly to keep his eyes from drifting down towards Mitsune's chest.

Mitsune drank from her glass of tea, and then brought the glass to her chest, causing Keitaro's eyes to finally lose their battle and settle there. She said, "It wasn't your fault. It was my fault. I really enjoy teasing you - it's a weakness of mine. For the past few weeks, I've been teasing you more than ever before - I just find it fun. But I'll stop if I've offended you." Mitsune was now absentmindedly slowly rubbing the glass of tea against her right breast. The condensation on the glass was causing the thin material to become transparent.

Keitaro realized with an inward gasp, She's not wearing a bra, and I can seeÖ Well, let's just say Naru wouldn't be happy if she could see me right now! He reflexively winced, expecting a blow from Naru.

"Uhhhhhhhhh...." He finally managed to put coherent words in his mouth: "No, its fine." He finally tore his eyes away from Mitsune's chest by putting his hands on his glasses and forcibly turning his head up with his hands. "After all, I'm the perverted guy, right? I can take anything you can dish out," he added, gamely.

Mitsune smiled. "Great! You're a lot of fun. If you're not mad at me then, are you willing to immediately make up for missed time? I've been so bored this evening..."

"Yeah sure."

"All right! Let's play some more gambling games, then. Meet me in my room in five minutes, and I'll have the cards ready. Now drink up that tea and let's get going!"

"Uh, okay." Mitsune closely watched him drink.

Keitaro was still openly ogling Mitsune's body. Damn, what did I just agree to? Keitaro thought to himself. I've never been in Mitsune's room late at night before. Everyone else has gone to bed - it's going to be just the two of us! And I just gave her a green light to tease me again as much as she did last night.

Just then, Mitsune stood up and turned around, causing Keitaro to notice that Mitsune was wearing a skirt so short, that to call it "mini" would have been a gross over exaggeration. Mitsune was tempted to pretend to drop something, allowing him to gawk at her ass, but then it occurred to her that she might frighten him off. The important thing is to get him into my room, and then it 's all over, heh-heh.

She fluttered her eyelashes innocently. "See you there in five minutes?"

"I'll be there." Keitaro drank the last of the liquid in his cup and got up to go.

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