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Part 6: Chapters 30 to 33
(MF, Mf, humor, rom, fanfic, harem, OM, OF, slow, no sex)
Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Chapter Thirty: The Four-Eyed Threesome

The car pulled up near the Hinata teahouse, and everyone jumped out. Suu, Shinobu, Mitsune, and Mutsumi immediately ran towards the changing rooms so they could swim, while the more restrained Motoko merely walked. Keitaro stayed behind with Haruka and they unloaded the car together. He stayed behind because he was slightly moody, and worried about how the beach trip would go.

He brought a bag into the teahouse and took a look around. The teahouse looked exactly the same as last year. He took a look into the dining area, and saw a packed crowd of late afternoon customers. In fact, the only difference was that the teahouse staff now appeared to be composed mostly of large burly men, who almost looked like Mafia. Haruka sure does know some odd people, he mused.

On his next load back to the teahouse, he dropped his heavy bag halfway back there and scanned the beach. It was full of people, and everyone looked very happy, playful, and ... naked. Nearly naked, anyways. I forgot about the bathing suits! This week is going to be very hard. Er, uh, I mean long! Ah! No, difficult. That's it, difficult.

Okay. Willpower. I have to behave like a monk the whole week. No impure thoughts. Even though I can see Mutsumi right now in front of me, running into the water and jumping up and down, I am NOT going to think about her big breasts! Not at all! And I am not going to notice that Motoko is wearing a surprisingly small two-piece, bright red bathing suit. She certainly didn't wear that one last year! I'm hardly going to notice that, anyways. My thoughts are pure!

Geez, even Shinobu has grown a lot in the last year!

Okay, I just wiped that thought out of my mind. ... Mostly. ... Oh, there goes Mitsune!

New plan: I'm not going to look at the beach; I'm not going to look at anybody. Especially women in bathing suits! I'm just going to move heavy bags. Suffering is good. It builds character!

He picked up his bag and began moving it again. He continued to think . I said to myself a few days ago that I would make my choice between Motoko and Mutsumi before I came to the beach. I sure blew that idea! I was barely even able to have a talk with Mutsumi at all, and Motoko must think I've been ignoring her ever since Mutsumi arrived. This is going to get ugly!

A few trips later, Keitaro decided to take a break, and walked into the teahouse to get a cool drink. Glass in hand, he sat down and took a closer look around him. Those two bespectacled guys in the front of the teahouse, looking over the balcony towards the beach with their binoculars, could they be...? Yes they are!

He got up and walked over to them. "Shirai and Haitani! It's me, Keitaro! How are you doing?"

His two former prep school friends had great difficulty pulling their eyes from the beach. "Huh?" said Shirai. "Oh, it's you, Keitaro! How you doin'?"

"What are you guys doing here?" asked Keitaro.

"Oh, you didn't know?" said Haitani. "Haruka invited us here. She said we did well enough in the play last year, and that she wanted us in the play this year too, as long as we behaved like proper gentlemen during our stay."

"Oh, is that so?" smiled Keitaro. "Then why are you gawking at all the Hinata girls, and with binoculars no less?"

Shirai replied, "We figured we should get in as much prime gawking time as possible, from a safe distance, before they realize we're here and start punching us."

"Yeah, seventh heaven, my friend," said Haitani. "Little Haitani is very happy right now. You should try it." He looked into his binoculars again, and scanned the beach. "The only problem is that I don't see Haruka out there."

<Thwack!> Shirai hit him with the other binoculars. "What is with you and that old broad? Don't you see Mutsumi bouncing around out there?"

"You wouldn't understand, man," Haitani said in response. "There's something about a sophisticated woman like her, for a sophisticated guy like me. Keitaro, I'd love to talk, but let's do that later. This is prime ogling time! I don't know how you can stand to be around all these women all the time. It would have overworked my heart a long time ago." He turned back to his binoculars again.

"Yeah, Keitaro," said Shirai. "If you ever need a replacement for your job, you know where to look! How it is with you at the inn these days, anyways? If the Hinata Inn's rockin' don't bother knockin', I'll bet! Heh-heh!"

"It's not like that, you two!" Keitaro blushed. "Actually, I broke up with, uh, what I mean to say is, Narusegawa and I had a falling out. I haven't even spoken to her for two months, so she's not with us now."

Haitani pulled himself away from the binoculars and briefly looked up at Keitaro, who was still standing. "Damn! Another one missing! She was pretty cute, too, in a younger Haruka kind of way."

Shirai thwacked him on the head again. "'Younger Haruka?' How do I knock some sense into this bozo?" he asked Keitaro.

"Actually, we're being selfish," Shirai continued. "Sounds like you're just as hard up as us. They're always punching you - you must not get too many golden opportunities like this. Although it will make Little Shirai sad, I can lend you my binoculars for a few minutes." He held the binoculars towards Keitaro.

"Uh, thanks a lot for the offer, but please, I'd rather not hear any more about either of your guy's 'little friends.'"

He thought about borrowing the binoculars. Willpower! Must have willpower! Pure thoughts! If they only knew what I was going through, with Motoko, and Mutsumi, AND Mitsune. They would freak out! Speak of the devil, there goes Mitsune now, picking up the beach ball... He gazed at the beach longingly.

Shirai interrupted Keitaro's thoughts. "You want 'em or not?" he said, waving the binoculars around. "These are going, going, gone!"

"Sorry guys, maybe some other time. I've got to get back to moving the bags from the car. You two could volunteer to help at any time."

"Okay, thanks," said Shirai, his eyes back on the binoculars again. He kept talking as he ogled. "Maybe tomorrow. We have to have our priorities here. This week is going to rock! Don't worry, we'll help set you up with someone. Tonight we start with Spin the Bottle!"

Sheesh, thought Keitaro, walking away. I hope I never turn into one of those two!

Chapter Thirty-One: Shinobu's Dilemma

Keitaro finished unloading all the bags from the car, and went to find Haruka to tell her he was done. Passing through the kitchen of the teahouse, he didn't find Haruka, but was surprised to find Shinobu there, helping the hired staff with the cooking. "Shinobu!" he said to her. "I thought you were outside just now, playing in the surf. What are you doing in here?"

"Oh, hello Sempai. I'm helping with the cooking." She seemed very unhappy.

"Yes, I can see that. But why? Unlike last summer, we're here on vacation, and there's no need for you to cook anything."

"But... I want to help."

"Shinobu, can I speak to you for a moment outside?" Keitaro didn't want to discuss private matters when there were other kitchen workers within earshot.

Outside on the sand next to the teahouse, he continued, "Shinobu, you cook every day back home. This is your vacation. I know you like cooking and all, but really! I order you to stop cooking and have fun on the beach!"

"Yes, Sempai." She didn't sound excited by the idea at all.

"Why don't you and I go do something fun right now? We can go for a walk down the beach, and I'll buy you some ice cream."

"No, no!" she responded, while flapping her arms in agitation. Her facial expression looked like he just asked her to rob a bank.

Keitaro was taken aback. "Shinobu, what's wrong with you? Now that I think about it, you've been pretty upset lately. You were more quiet than usual in the car ride here; you didn't do much at Mutsumi's welcome back party. You even seemed glum after we all saw Star Wars, even though you said you enjoyed the movie."

Shinobu didn't say anything, but looked like she was guilty of something, and looking for an opportunity to escape.

Keitaro went on, "In fact, now that I think about it, you've been behaving strangely ever since the day I told you that Mitsune and I had kissed. Is that what this is all about?"

Her face grew even more distraught, if possible, and she bolted off like a deer, shouting "No!" as she ran. Keitaro immediately took off after her, down the beach.

He didn't have a hard time catching up. She gave up the chase, but still acted like a cornered rat.

"What is it?" Keitaro prodded. He had to put his hand under her chin and lift up her head, because she refused to look at him or talk. Once her head tilted up, he noticed tears on her face.

"Shinobu, I hope you consider me a friend. If you're having an important problem, can't you tell me what it is? If it's something about me, something I've said or done, please let me know, so I can fix it!"

"I do! I do consider you a friend, Sempai!" she replied with a flash of eagerness. "But, I'm ashamed to tell you about my problem. It's actually about ... about something I did on that day."

"Something you did?" Keitaro tried to recall what she did that day. "Was it when you claimed to have an appointment, and made me look all over for you?"

"No," she replied carefully. "Although I'm so sorry to have you have to worry about me then. It was later. I didn't ... want ... something to happen. So I did something to stop it from happening." She appeared very nervous to even say that much.

Keitaro was puzzled. He didn't realize it, but she was cryptically referring to the phone call she made that night to Mutsumi, when she asked her to come back so that a romantic relationship between Keitaro and Motoko wouldn't develop any further. But Keitaro didn't know or think much about why Mutsumi came back earlier than planned, and had no idea about the call.

"Shinobu, I have no idea what you're talking about. But that's okay. Maybe it's not my business. But I want to help you, if I can. Can I just ask you a few basic questions?" She nodded in reply, while wiping away her tears.

"This thing you wanted to stop - did you stop it?"

"Yes, I guess so. But it was very selfish of me."

"Is there something you can do, to make it happen, after all? Maybe you can make up for it in some way? If you undo what you've done, then that could make you feel better."

Shinobu thought for a minute. I stopped Keitaro from getting together with Motoko! I've hurt both of them! Although Mutsumi is here now, and Keitaro seems very absorbed with her, maybe there's still a chance for Motoko to get together with him. I could do something to help that. But then, I would have to give up my own love for Keitaro, my dream that someday he will want me. Can I do that?

"Yes, you're right, Sempai. You're so smart. Maybe there is something I can do..." It seemed to Keitaro that she liked the idea, but at the same time was very doubtful about something. "Thank you so much. I feel a lot better now. I'll have a lot of fun this week - don't worry about me!"

"Great!" Keitaro said. "Why don't we go get that ice cream, then? We're halfway there already."

Shinobu again look appalled . I'm forcing him again to act like my boyfriend, when he doesn't care about me that way! It's not right. She was deeply torn between the pleasure of doing something fun with him, and feelings of guilt for tricking him with her phone call.

"No, thanks! I need to, uh, think about my problem. Alone. Why don't you go do something with Motoko? Or Mitsumi? I'll be fine now. Thanks for your kind words."

She walked off, away from the teahouse.

That's strange, thought Keitaro. I hope I didn't say anything to offend her. I thought her problem had something to do with Mitsune and me, but I guess not. I really don't understand what she was talking about at all!


On his way back, Keitaro saw the other Hinata women still playing in the surf. They look so much more beautiful than everyone else on the beach - like diamonds surrounded by ordinary stones. Everybody seems to be checking them out, on the sly. Which reminds me...

He walked up to Motoko, standing in the shallow waters, and called out her name. "Motoko-chan?"

"Yes, Keitaro?"

Overwhelmed with her bikini, he partly shielded his eyes with his hand, but still couldn't help looking through the gaps between his fingers. "Do you remember Shirai and Haitani, who were here with us last year?"

"Oh yeah, those two jerks you call your friends?"

He winced a bit at her low opinion of some of the very few people he could call "friend" outside of Hinata Inn. "Yes, that's them. They're here again, to help out with the play. Don't look now, but they're staring at you, Mitsune, and Suu through binoculars from front row seats in the teahouse."

"Thanks. I'll take care of it."

Not that I can really blame them, he considered as he watched Motoko's body sway while she walked away from him and back to the teahouse. Mitsune had bought the bikini for Motoko, and insisted she wear it.

A few minutes later, Keitaro saw two bodies fly far out of the teahouse and land on the sand not far from where he was still standing. Hmm, thanks to my extensive first-hand experience, and judging from the height and trajectory, that looks like Secret Art: Soaring Dragon. Ah, I know that one well, he thought, almost as if fondly recalling a particularly fine wine.

Chapter Thirty-Two: About Last Night

Keitaro woke up the next morning, with his brain pounding. He didn't even know where he was. Everyone was staying at a nice hotel up at the top of a hill overlooking the beach, but this was no hotel.

I must have really gotten wasted last night. I have a hangover like a... like a really bad hangover. I can't think. Oooh, the worst! What did I do last night? I can't remember a thing!

With a sudden panic he woke up and looked all around. Phew! I'm alone! For a second there, I half expected to find Mitsune next to me. That would have be a record pathetic total loss of willpower, even for me!

He looked around the room he was in. He lay on a futon, but all around him there were lots of boxes, and buckets, mops, cleaning supplies and the like. Where am I? This looks like a storage room of some kind. With the futon here, it must mean that someone must have put me here. I'll bet I'm still in the teahouse!

He sat up, and tried to think harder. So what did I DO last night? Let's see - I remember having a talk with Motoko before dinner, to touch base again. That went well, I thought. I talked to Mitsune too, and firmly explained that we couldn't have sex, that I needed some time. Talked about the need for a total ban. That went well, too. Then we had a really yummy dinner. After that, Haruka laid out more detailed plans for the play and the script, finally. That went well too... And then after that, what? Oh yeah. We had a party in the teahouse, with a big crowd of people, and drinking. Lots of drinking. And drinking games. Then it becomes a total blank. He flopped back onto his futon.

So did I pass out? Or got sick? If I was really drunk, it would have been hard for me to go up the hill to the hotel alone, unless someone had to carry me. That was easily the most I ever drunk, 'cos this never happened to me before! Ah well, live and learn. I can't just lie here, feeling sorry. I'd better go discover what time it is, drink lots of fluids, and find out what everyone is up to.

He put on a towel and opened his door. It opened to a hallway in the back of the teahouse. Down the hallway was a shower used after bathing in the ocean. He decided to head there.

Before he could get near the shower door, Mutsumi came in through another door, wearing a towel and obviously planning on showering too.

She kept on walking and had one hand on the door before she looked over and saw him in surprise. "Good morning, my love! Looks like you slept in, too." She walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She looked fantastic, dripping wet from the ocean, and appeared to be completely fresh and energetic. Keitaro was still too dazed and bleary-eyed to speak.

"We finally did it last night, didn't we?" she said. "I've been so looking forward to doing it with you, and now it's happened. And you were fantastic, too! A real manly performance!" she kissed him again happily. "Would you like to shower together? No? Just teasing you. I'm sure you're in no shape for that, after what we did, you crazy guy! I'll only be a short while." She walked into the shower.

Keitaro just stood there, befuddled. " We finally did it"? What did we do? "My love"? "A real man"? "Shower together?" What is she talking about? Oh no, I hope she doesn't mean... Oh no! Did we have sex last night?!?

That can't be! There's no way that can be. I had sex with Mutsumi, and I can't even remember? Me? With her? No way! I can't shower until she's done, so I'll use the time to find out if anyone knows what happened.

Keitaro shuffled off to the end of the hallway, and opened the door to the outside world. He still wore only a towel. The light was painfully bright. He shielded his eyes and tried in vain to stop the hammer pounding inside his brain.

A happy Sara came running up to him. "Keitaro! Good morning! Enough lazing around for you. Let's go play!" She tugged at his arm.

Keitaro backed off, and leaned up against the wall of teahouse. "Later, Sara. I'm still recovering from last night."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot. You and Mutsumi really went at it last night, didn't you?"


"I watched the whole thing, silly. I was really impressed!" Sara smiled happily.

"WHAaaaaa???? You watched the whole thing?" Keitaro turned red.

"I have to go. Now!" he said, and he staggered off towards the beach. She watched? Sara? That can't be possible. I'll be convicted of corrupting minors, or something! I can't ask Sara any more about this; I have to go find some adult somewhere.

He scanned the beach while still shielding his eyes, looking for a familiar face. Ah, there's Motoko, sitting with Suu. I'll go talk to her.


"Hi, Keitaro-san!"

Motoko looked great in her new bathing suit. It was very conservatively cut, but it was still a bikini. Keitaro on the other hand, looked like something the cat dragged in. Motoko sat with Suu under umbrellas, constructing some detailed thing for the upcoming play. Keitaro sat down next to her.

"Motoko, about last night..."

"Oh, with you and Mutsumi? Don't worry, I'm not jealous. I understand sometimes people have fun doing that kind of thing. I'll even admit I kind of enjoyed watching it all. And congratulations, I guess. Just don't expect to ever do that with me!"

Keitaro got up and staggered off, while Motoko returned to some busy project with her hands. She had hardly even looked at him. He felt like the whole world was crumbling around him . What did we DO? Did we have sex in public? Does Motoko not care? Is she ignoring me in anger? What's happening?!?

He looked around, and saw Mitsune lying on a towel some ways away, working on her tan.

"Mitsune! Mitsune!" he yelled, running towards her while now clutching his towel.

She pulled her sunglasses down her nose. "Oh hi, Keitaro! How are you doing? Not well, I'll bet, heh-heh!"

"Mitsune!... Mutsumi! Me! Last night!"

"Oh, you're all worked up about last night, huh? Well, I'll tell you, I'll bet you're thinking you and Mutsumi are hot stuff and make quite the couple, but I'm not impressed. I'll bet you think you and Mutsumi can do it better than I can, but I'd show her a thing or two, if I wasn't under this stupid ban!"

Keitaro fell down onto his knees. Total shock. He was beyond panic now, and into a kind of zoned out acceptance. The ban! Our ban on having sex! So that means me and Mutsumi really didÖ

"So... So you know everything... Everybody knows..."

"Of course! How could we not, when you two did it right there in front of us all? I thought doing it standing up on a table in front of a big crowd like that was a bit much, but you two just wouldn't listen to reason. At first everyone clapped, but you two just went on so long..."

She stopped talking, because Keitaro had completely fainted away.


"Keitaro! Keitaro! Wake up!" Mitsune was sitting over him in her bikini. She had splashed some water on his face, apparently. He slowly, and with great horror, regained consciousness.

"Keitaro, next time you faint, make sure to keep your towel on, okay? While I appreciate the free show, try to restrain yourself a bit when you're in a public place!"

Keitaro thought he had reached the utter low of shame, but with her latest words, realized he could still sink a little lower.

He sat up, with new resolve. "Seppuku! Hara-kiri! It's the only way out! The only way to restore some honor to my name!" The thought had never crossed his mind before, but he felt determined.

Keitaro just laughed. "What the heck has gotten into you? I'm sure this is going to be a real good story." She sat back, ready to be amused.

"Last night! Mutsumi and I... Didn't we...?" He paused, and thought. Mitsune, what exactly did she and I do last night? I can't remember a thing!"

Mitsune began laughing again, and even harder. "Ooooohhhh, I can guess now what you're thinking! Such a dirty mind! You and Mutsumi were partners in a drinking game! That's all! A series of games, actually. The two of you drank so much, a fish would have been impressed. I know Mutsumi is quite a drinker, but you really surprised me! Anyways, the two of you won most every challenge. For the final game, you both stood up on the table, and literally drank everyone else under it! I must admit, you were really amazing. If I wasn't under Motoko's stupid drinking ban, I could have provided some real competition, but she still watches me like a hawk. Anyways, after you won, the two of you still stood there and started singing these silly victory songs, which kind of annoyed everyone, but then finally you completely passed out, and crashed into the table behind you. Then you woke up, got sick, and a couple of us had to carry you to bed. We put you in the storage room 'cos no one could carry you up all those stairs to the hotel. A bit clearer now?"

She began laughing again. His changing facial expressions were most amusing.

Keitaro fell flat back onto the ground. His relief at not having to commit seppuku was offset by new feelings of utter idiocy. "Mitsune!" he cried out, for no real reason. He lay still for a bit. Whoa. I guess that explains everything. For one thing, she meant the DRINKING ban, not the ban with me. Everything that is, except maybe for Mutsumi saying "my love." I guess she was just being her usual, unusually friendly self. I'm such a fool! Seppuku would be too good for me!

He suddenly sat up again, and used his hands to beg. "Mitsune, please, I beg you, don't tell anyone about my misunderstanding! They would kill me! Everyone thinks I'm an idiot enough as it is. I'll never live this down. Please have mercy!"

"Aawww, this is the best story in the world! Can't I tell just one person?"

"NOOOOOO!" he screamed. "I mean, no! Please!"

"Okay," she said reluctantly. "Since you're so cute there, sitting naked on a public beach..."

Keitaro quickly pulled his towel up again. It was impossible for him to get any more embarrassed.

"However," Mitsune added, "You owe me one, big time."

"Thank you! You saved my life! I do owe you one!" Keitaro stood up, and got ready to walk off. With both hands firmly on his towel this time, he bent down and kissed Mitsune on the top of her head. "Thanks again. At least there's one good thing," he said to her. "All the shock cured my head of the hangover!" She laughed.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Making Plans

Keitaro went back to bed immediately after his embarrassing misunderstanding. I've been up for ten minutes today, he thought, and the best thing that can happen now today, is that I sleep until tomorrow!

Keitaro slept through much of the morning, but he wasn't the only person trying to forget his and Mutsumi's antics the night before. Mitsune continued to lie on the beach, working on her tan, but she periodically eyed Motoko, sitting not far off and working on crafts for the play with Suu. Finally Suu left, and Mitsune walked over.

"Motoko-chan, mind if I sit down?"

"Sure," said Motoko. She kept working on her craftwork.

"That was some drinking contest last night, wasn't it? What did you think about how Mutsumi and Keitaro were acting together?"

"Why should I care about that stupid jerk and what he does?" Motoko kept on working, and didn't even lift her head to look at Mitsune.

"Motoko-chan, it's me you're talking to. You don't have to hide your feelings." She stared at Motoko, and finally Motoko looked back in return.

"Remember," Mitsune continued, now that she had Motoko's attention, "I also have feelings for that 'stupid jerk.' There's no hiding that he and Mutsumi have clicked again since she's returned. It's hurting me, too. The question is, are you and I going to just sit here and do nothing about it?"

Motoko finally let down her guard. "What am I supposed to do?" she asked in an agonized voice. "How can I compete? The two of them already have a history and went on dates months ago. She's so funny and happy and smart ... and beautiful ... and nice... I don't know how she stands up without falling over, her breasts are so damn big..." Motoko grumbled.

She paused, and finally blurted out, "How can I complete with all of that? I was an idiot to think I had any chance at all! Maybe I had some chance before she returned, but I didn't act in time, and now... I'm going to have to go through watching him with her all the time, just like he was with Naru, except it will be much worse, now that my feelings are out in the open!"

"Motoko, don't panic. And don't sell yourself short. I'm here to help. I've been having those same thoughts. But you and I are a team, and together we can overcome this. My goal right now is to stop him and Mutsumi from getting together, and that fits in nicely with the deal I've made with you before." Mitsune added in her own thoughts, For now, that is. If we can overcome Mutsumi, and if I really have a serious chance with him, then it's every woman for herself!

She continued with Motoko, "Let's put our heads together, and see what we can do. We can start with some more training on what you should do, and how to do it. I don't know about you, but I've got some tricks up my sleeve. I haven't even gotten warmed up yet!"

"You're right, Mitsune! I can't let my doubts overtake me. I remember a couple of days ago, you said to me, 'I wish I could be strong like you.' But who is the strong one, really? I may be strong with a sword, but when it comes to ... this kind of thing, I put all my faith in you."

"Alright," said an upbeat Mitsune, "Let's do it!"

"And we're not going to let you skip running today, either," replied a newly smiling Motoko.


Elsewhere on the beach, Shinobu sat alone on the sand, still tormented by the choice of trying to rectify her perceived betrayal of Keitaro by summoning Mutsumi back, or fully committing to going after Keitaro herself.

Meanwhile, Suu also sat alone, but she was busy at work in her room. Easily half or more of all the items brought to the beach were Suu's, and her room was stacked high with boxes containing strange contraptions. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" she laughed, in tribune to her favorite mad scientists. "I just finished my latest invention, and now it's ready to go. And tonight is nearly a full moon. Just a few more days. It won't be too long now!" She rubbed her hands together in gleeful anticipation.

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