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Part 7: Chapters 34 to 42
(MF, Mf, humor, rom, fanfic, harem, OM, OF, slow, no sex)
Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Chapter Thirty-Four: Scheme A Little Scheme

Keitaro continued to nap through the morning. While he slept, Mitsune gave Motoko more advice on how to win Keitaro. The two lay on towels on the sand. Mitsune sat exposed to the direct sun, working on her tan, while Motoko sat under an umbrella to protect her milky-white complexion.

"Motoko," chided Mitsune, "You have to loosen up. You may be in love with Keitaro, but you don't act like it. You don't flirt, you don't touch him, and you don't speak to him differently than before. In fact, since we've been here at the beach and you haven't been working with him on kendo practice or in a study group, you haven't been talking to him much at all."

"He's always around Mutsumi," bemoaned Motoko. "I can't just go up to them and pull him away. I've tried to think of things to get his attention, but I can't scheme like you can. And I can't just suddenly become a different person in how I react to him, especially since he's not even my boyfriend. I don't know where I stand with him. He's acting like it's Mutsumi who he wants!"

"I know, I know," said Mitsune with a grave frown. "That's why we have to shake things up a little bit. We need to get you two together, so you have a chance. Let me think about this for a minute...."

My hands are tied, Mitsune thought . I've promised Keitaro that I will keep my hands off of him for the rest of the beach trip. So I've got to throw Motoko and him together in dramatic fashion, 'cos right now he's all googly-eyed for Mutsumi. Not only am I supposed to be helping Motoko, but it also helps my goal, if they two of them can divide his attention and prevent the other from going too far with him. But with Motoko's zero flirtation skills, and Mutsumi's considerable charms and easy manner, about the only thing that would work is locking Motoko and Keitaro naked in a room together!

Hey, that's not the first time I've had that idea, and it's actually not that crazy. If the two really were naked together, things might get a little heated, but there's no way they would actually have sex. Not at this point, anyways. Motoko is still wrapping her mind around the idea of French kissing, and has too much built- in resistance to let him go far. Whereas Keitaro, for all of his pervertedness, is too much of a gentleman when it comes down to it, and too passive anyways. But if the two could get a little bit more intimate... Right now it's Mutsumi's time, as she's freshly back in his life, but that can fade. I just have to keep playing everyone off against each other until my time comes around.

So how to get Motoko and him naked together? Ideally it has to be somewhere I can observe from afar. The lack of condoms or other birth control should ensure that things don't get too heavy, but Motoko's a bit unpredictable. She might just throw all caution to the wind in a passionate fever. It's better that I should observe from afar and make sure my plan isn't too successful! Can I put them in a room? Or, better than a room!

With that last thought, an entire plan suddenly unfolded in her mind. In a matter of seconds, Mitsune had a scheme all laid out. Then she remembered that Motoko was right next to her. "Aha! I think I've figured it out, Motoko-chan. Sorry for keeping you on hold. I have a plan that will get Keitaro kissing you for sure. He'll forget all about Mutsumi! All you have to do is keep an open mind."

"What do I have to do?"

"I think it's best if I don't give you details, but just let it happen naturally, otherwise you'll just get anxious. You'll be anxious enough as it is, believe me. Just keep the simple rules I've given you in mind. Remember, if Keitaro does something quote perverted unquote, let him! That's how things get started. Whatever you do, do not punch him or kick him. No hurting him under any condition - is that understood?"

"Yes," said Motoko in a dull voice, as if she was replying to a heavy-handed teacher.

"Let me hear you say it after me: I vow not to hurt Keitaro under any condition."

"I vow not to hurt Keitaro under any condition."

"Good. Also, do not insult him under any condition. Don't call him an idiot, perverted, dumb, weak, or anything else. You're trying to woo him, so you have to overlook his behavior sometimes. If you really think he's as bad as all those names, then don't try to woo him. But you can't do both."

Motoko rolled her eyes. "Yes mom!"

"Good. I'm going to go now and start checking out if this plan is feasible. I've gotta do some exploring around here. When we get back, we can talk some more about the do's and don't's."

"Not so fast," Motoko chided. "Now it's my turn to be a nag. You're not going anywhere until I observe you do your daily jog!"

Chapter Thirty-Five: Role-Playing

Keitaro finally woke up from his nap. It was nearly noon, but he still felt out of sorts. He'd been too tired to go all the way back up the hill to their hotel just for a nap, so he'd slept in the same teahouse storage room he'd spent the night in.

As he came to, he once again recalled just what a public, drunken spectacle he and Mutsumi had made of themselves. If Kitsune told everyone about my misunderstanding, I'm going to... Ah, I don't know what I'm going to do to her, but it'll be mean!

Keitaro freshened up, took a shower, and made his way to see what everyone else was up to.

As he walked into the main room of the teahouse, full of customers, he heard the cry: "Secret Art: Eternal Moon Beam!" and saw two people go flying over a rail and out onto the sand. Motoko stood there in her usual robes, sword unsheathed and pointing to where she'd just struck a blow.

"Hi, Motoko-chan," Keitaro said. "What was that all about?"

She put her sword away. "Oh, hi Keitaro. That Haitani! Can you believe he actually pinched Haruka on the thigh? The gall!"

"He did? What about Shirai?"

"He was up to no good, too. Ogling the customers. That was more of preemptive strike with him."

Keitaro looked at Haruka, also standing there with cigarette dangling, but she just shrugged in a "what can you do?" gesture. She pointed out, "Motoko, I could have handled the situation myself."

Motoko was still trying to control her anger. She sighed. "Sorry, Haruka. I'll try to be more ladylike. If you'll excuse me..." Motoko wandered off to change into some more alluring, now that Keitaro was finally awake.

Rather deliberately, Keitaro mused out loud, "Haitani pinched Aunt Haruka? What on Earth was he thinking?!?"

Haruka's elbow forcefully slammed into the back of Keitaro's head. She made the adept move without ever moving a muscle on her jaded face. "What's so surprising about that?" she asked him with a challenging tone.

Keitaro rubbed the sore spot on his head and smiled a big, conciliatory smile. "Oh, nothing. Nothing at all."

He looked around to see if there were any other familiar faces. Before he could turn very far, a foot planted itself in his face.

"Good morning, Keitaro!" It was Suu. "Or should I say 'Good afternoon'? It's one o'clock! Let's go play!"

Keitaro noticed that behind Suu stood Sara and Shinobu, waiting expectantly. "Good morning, you two! I mean, uh, afternoon! You two want to play, too?"

Sara run up and started kicking him in the shins, but in a friendly way (for her) that he took for a yes. Shinobu stood back more demurely, with her arms folded in front of her, but she shyly nodded yes. Keitaro was very glad to see that.

"Okay, great! Let me just grab a bite to eat, then we'll go build a sand castle? How does that sound?" One hand rubbed his sore face, another the back of his head, and he hopped about to make the pain from the kicking go away.


A short while later, Keitaro headed out to the sand in front of the teahouse with the three girls in tow. He was glad to see that Shirai and Haitani weren't hurt too badly. However, he noticed they fled the teahouse, apparently looking for safer ground to do their women watching.

Keitaro and the girls hadn't made it half way across the beach when Sara cried out, "Papa!" They all followed Sara's eyes, and saw Seta's beat up old van. Remarkably, Seta had managed to safely park it in a parking lot just to the side of the teahouse, and he emerged unbloodied and unscathed.

He waved a friendly hello. Sara bounded up to him and jumped into his arms. But Seta wasn't completely out of the woods: he'd forgotten to set the parking brake. The van was parked on a slope pointing down to the beach, so it rolled forwards and fell over a wall onto the sand before he could react. Seta though took it in stride and climbed down the wall to greet the others.

After more hugs and hellos and hand shakes with Shinobu, Suu, and Keitaro, Keitaro said, "Good to see you! I kind of figured the lure of the play might bring you here, unless you were at a far off dig. Are you the mystery person who's going to be our Darth Vader?"

Seta disengaged from Sara, still tightly clinging to him, and struck a dramatic pose. He whipped out an imaginary light saber and slashed his hands through the air as if cutting with it. "That's right!" In an imitation of Darth Vader's voice, he breathed, "The student has now become the master!"

Keitaro giggled with glee. "Cool! You've heard I'm going to play Luke Skywalker?"

Seta remained in his character. "Luke! Come to the Dark Side! Listen to your father!" He held a hand out towards Keitaro with a beckoning, clenched fist.

Keitaro pumped his fist excitedly. "All right! Now that you're here, we should really get cracking on the play! Everybody, can we do the sand castle later? We really should practice."

There was a big chorus of groans from the girls, but they all went back to the teahouse.

The entire Hinata Inn crowd gathered together, Shirai and Haitani too, and they worked on the play for the rest of the afternoon. Haruka led the proceedings. Her policy was, they would alternate between days working on the play and days just having fun. She also had final say over who played what role.

Keitaro, as expected, was given the part of Luke Skywalker. Mutsumi was chosen to be Princess Leia. Beyond that, decisions were difficult, because there were so many females ready to act and mostly male roles in the story. Haruka chose Motoko to play Han Solo, mostly because of her athletic skills for all the fighting scenes. With her breasts bound up and a wig to hide her long dark hair, she would pass for a man reasonably enough. Seta was originally going to play Darth Vader, but upon further reflection Haruka switched him to Obi Wan Kenobi. She figured she should save the Darth Vader role for a woman, because the face and body would be completely covered. She gave that part to Mitsune. Sara was chosen to play R2-D2, because she was the smallest, and Shinobu was given C3P0.

That left Suu to play Chewbacca. At first glance, it was a bad fit, but it actually worked quite well. Suu was a fraction the size of the massive Chewbacca, but she immediately set to making a costume that placed her body high up in his, so she could speak out of the mouth, and then she made platforms and mechanical extensions so she could control all of Chewbacca's movements from inside. Haruka also noticed how Suu had nearly destroyed the play the year before with her control over her mechanical gizmos. She figured the safest place for Suu to be was inside a giant, furry Wookie outfit, unable to reach any missiles or mechanical turtles.

Shirai and Haitani were male, obviously, but to have given them a choice role like Han Solo would have caused a revolt by the Hinata women. So they were relegated to playing bit roles, mostly imperial storm troopers. Several other staffers at the teahouse were also drawn into playing extras in the battle scenes. Haruka didn't take any role this time, but decided the best thing was that she concentrate fully on running things back stage, to make sure nothing went wrong this year.

So the group worked more on building the set and costumes, and memorizing lines. One flaw was that there weren't enough skilled sword fighters for all the roles involving light saber duels. Haruka could have cast Motoko as Darth Vader, but she was afraid of having Seta and Motoko fight each other when it came to the climactic duel between Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Judging from the previous year and they way they fought so intensely against each other in general, that was likely to get out of hand and bring the whole set crashing down. So instead Seta worked with Mitsune to teach her the basics of sword fighting. They would choreograph their moves exactly, blow by blow, so the final battle between their characters would look more impressive than Mitsune's skills actually were. Keitaro meanwhile had luckily been studying kendo for a few weeks now, so he had a head start. But still, Motoko worked with him to improve his skills for the action scenes.

Chapter Thirty-Six: Swords Tomorrow, Watermelons Tonight

Practicing for the play was lots of fun, and the afternoon and evening just flew by. Keitaro had the most dialogue to learn, so he was in great demand with the other major players to practice their scenes. There was a tug of war between Motoko, wanting to practice Han Solo scenes and their action scenes, and Mutsumi, wanting to practice the Princess Leia scenes. It all too perfectly mirrored the same tug of war going on in his heart.

Seta, it turned out, was a huge Star Wars fan and knew the movie backwards and forwards. So he needed very little practice on his lines, and he needed no fighting practice either. He divided his time between teaching Mitsune how to fight, and working with Sara and the other characters with few lines to construct the set.

Keitaro was impressed with Mutsumi's boundless, upbeat nature. He found out that even though she drank as much or more than him the night before, she seemingly didn't have any hangover at all. She got on with her morning just fine, while he slept hours more in bed. And she was a joy to be with when practicing, always smiling and joking. Whereas Motoko took things very seriously. She practiced her part and her fighting scenes with Keitaro seriously and intently, just as if she was running his kendo practice.

He enjoyed that interaction too, in a different kind of way, but he didn't enjoy the feeling of being split in two. Actually, more than two. As the star of the show, everyone wanted a piece of him. Luckily there weren't really direct scenes between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, or Mitsune would have wanted to practice them endlessly. But he felt torn every which way.

By the end of the evening, although he'd really enjoyed the day, he also looked very much forward to just getting away from it all tomorrow, at least for a few hours. So, at a quiet moment near the end of the day, Motoko came up to him and asked, "I'm thinking of going on a walk tomorrow morning. Would you like to come with me?" Keitaro was in the perfect mood to say yes.

"That sounds good. Where are you thinking of going?"

"I hear there are some ruins to the south of here, near the beach. I understand you can walk along the coast to find them, even though it's a long ways. It could take quite a few hours."

Keitaro considered. Hmm. Many hours. I'm in big demand around here lately with the play, and that might make some people grumble. On the other hand, it's supposed to be our first off day, and if I'm gone that will help ensure that people actually take it easy and not just work on the play the whole time. And I've been spending a lot of time with Mutsumi and not enough with Motoko. This will help balance things out.

"Okay! That sounds great. Let's do it!"

Motoko was delighted, and secretly very pleased with Mitsune, because this walk idea was entirely hers. Mitsune had everything worked out, and had even created a distraction so she could ask Keitaro to the walk in privacy. (Mutsumi was seemingly always at least within earshot of Keitaro, but Mitsune said in a loud voice, "I could really use a snack right now. I wonder where I could find some watermelon." That captured Mutsumi's attention completely and sent both of them to the kitchen.)

Motoko thought, Tomorrow Keitaro and I can spend the whole day together, just us two walking down secluded beaches. It'll be so romantic! I'll be able to finally open my heart up to him and talk to him. Maybe even another kiss, if all goes well. Thank you so much Mitsune! Tomorrow is going to be just perfect!

Knowing that he'd be spending so much time with Motoko the next day, Keitaro felt it would be okay to spend the rest of the evening with Mutsumi.

It was already late when the play practice ended, so everyone walked together up the steep hill to their hotel. Most everyone went to bed straight away, but Keitaro and Mutsumi went to the hotel bar together. The hotel was in a great location, on a cliff about a hundred meters directly above the ocean, and the bar took advantage of this fact. It had an outdoor patio that hung right at the edge of the cliff. Keitaro and Mutsumi took their drinks outside and stood at the railings looking over the water.

They admired the view, dark though it was. The moon was nearly full, so they had a good view of the horizon and the lights of some far off fishing vessels. Mostly they studied the stars in the sky. Keitaro found Mutsumi in his arms without consciously realizing how it happened.

"I really enjoy these kinds of love-love situations with you, Kei-kun," she said with a happy heart.

Keitaro suddenly got nervous, and his heart beat loudly. It occurred to him that was the first time she'd call him the more intimate "Kei-kun." He was also intensely aware of the sensation of her large breasts pressing into his chest, and her fragrant smell so strong and so close. He stammered, "I don't know about this being a love-love situation! Remember what I said about needing more time to sort things out?"

She didn't even break her smile, but just said, "Okay, how about just one kiss then?"

Keitaro didn't even think if that was the right think to do. He just leaned in to kiss. But right as his lips touched hers and their tongues met, both of them spilled their drinks, as they moved their arms into a tighter embrace.

Red wine spilled everywhere. The romantic mood was broken, and Mutsumi had to immediately rush off and clean her clothes.

That was too close! thought Keitaro. For once, I'm glad I'm so clumsy! I'm just not ready to make up my mind.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Shoe Is Not on the Other Foot

Motoko thought everything would be great for her walk with Keitaro, but what Motoko didn't know was that Mitsune only told her a part of her scheme for the day. Mitsune was literally serious about wanting to put the two of them together naked in a room in order to get them romantic. But with there being no such thing as true privacy amongst the Hinata Inn gang, she needed a remote location. That's when she came up with the idea of putting them on a nude beach. The problem was, there wasn't any nude beach nearby. So she had to make one.

The day before, but after she came up with her scheme, she started to put the wheels in motion. While everyone was busy practicing the play, certain things needed to be purchased for the construction of the set. Mitsune volunteered to drive into town to buy some things, and she did, but she also stopped along the way and quickly explored the beaches to the south of the beach they were on. There was a rugged hiking trail along the coast that wound along many coves, cliffs, and beaches. Because of very steep cliffs between the coastline and the main coastal road, there were only a couple access points for many kilometers, and even those were rarely used because the cliffs were so steep.

The next morning, Mitsune woke very early and walked down the beach with some supplies. The beach the teahouse was on was big and wide, and on a nice summer day like this, it would soon fill with huge crowds of people. But Mitsune didn't care about that. At the southern end of the beach the trailhead started, leading into rocky heights high over the water. She hurriedly followed the trail, and passed several small beaches and coves. Those were too close to the main beach - there was bound to be some spillover of tourist traffic. But then finally, she found a beach remote enough for her needs.

She'd brought some signs to warn people away from this beach, and had painted messages on them the night before. Each sign was attached to a long post. She pounded one of the posts into the ground, and admired her handiwork. Perfect! It looks just like an official, government sign. She went to the other side of the long beach and put another sign there. Then she hurried back to the teahouse, so she could be there to make sure Motoko and Keitaro got away on their walk okay. Back where at the southern end of the main beach the coastal road came down close to the water, so she walked back along the road, to reduce the chances of her being seen.

It was a good thing she did too, because the hike to the remote beach and back took longer than expected, and Motoko and Keitaro were leaving right as she returned. She watched in the distance from the road with satisfaction as she saw them leave the teahouse together. Perfect, again! Now, I'll just have some breakfast, and then I'll get my binoculars and spy on them to make sure things don't get TOO heated! Just enough so the Keitaro-Mutsumi love train gets derailed a bit. Heh-heh! Not to mention, I'll get to see Keitaro outside, completely in the buff. Oooh, this is going to be so good! Maybe I should bring a camera.

Keitaro and Motoko set out with a backpack full of gear. Lots of suntan lotion, an umbrella, snacks, water, lunch, and more - they were ready for a fully day of fun. Keitaro wore nothing but his usual bathing suit, and Motoko wore the same bikini she'd been wearing the past two days.

They hadn't even reached the southern end of the main beach when they came across Mutsumi, carrying a similar backpack. She was walking in the same direction as them but going slower, so they caught up to her.

"Mutsumi!" Keitaro cried out. "Where are you going?"

She turned and looked at them with great surprise. "Oh, hello you two. I'm going off on a great adventure. I heard there are ruins to the south of here, and I'm off to find them!"

"Ruins?" Keitaro exclaimed with surprise. "Why, that's just the spot Motoko-chan and I are headed for! What a coincidence!"

Motoko thought, Uh-oh. Trouble.

Keitaro said, "Motoko and I were thinking of going off for the day, just the two of us. You know, to get away from the crowd. I'm sure you can understand."

Phew, thought Motoko. That was a close call.

Keitaro went on, "But since you've going in the same direction, why don't we all go together? Motoko and I can do something just the two of us some other day, right Motoko-chan?"

Damn! Motoko cursed. Utter disaster! But outwardly she forced a smile. "Sure. We'd be happy to have you join us, Mutsumi-san."

Mutsumi brought her hands together before her chest and jumped up and down. "Oh goody! This'll be great!" Keitaro's eyes bounced up and down along with her chest. "What luck!"

Motoko walked along with a fake smile on her face. Must be gracious. Must be lady-like. Smile. Be happy. Can't let Mutsumi out charm me. Grrr! Why does she have to be wearing a bikini three times more revealing than mine? But I'm smiling! Must ... stay ... happy! Her smile was very big, and very obviously forced.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Naked Truth

The three of them followed the same path Mitsune had walked earlier in the morning. They went up and down rocky hills and along cliffs and down through coves. The vegetation to the inland side of the path was very lush; almost jungle-like. After about an hour, they reached a hill that looked over a wider beach. As they headed back down that hill and towards the edge of the sand, they reached a sign.

Keitaro adjusted his glasses and read the sign out loud. It looked surprisingly crudely painted for a government sign. "Let's see. It reads: 'Warning: Nude beach ahead. Flying Turtle Beach is strictly for the use of nudists. The wearing of any clothing whatsoever beyond this point is strictly illegal.'"

Motoko cut in. "Nude beach? Illegal? What is this? I've never seen a sign like this!"

Keitaro rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Nor have I. And that name, Flying Turtle Beach, that's pretty risqué. But I guess it makes sense that nude beaches have risqué names sometimes. What about you, Mutsumi, have you been to a nude beach before?"

Mutsumi was staring at the sign too, very puzzled. "What, a nude beach? No, not an official one. But back in Okinawa us children all ran around naked on the beach until we were teenagers. It was really no big deal."

She read more of the sign for all of them. "Look! The rest of it says, 'Violations of this regulation will be strictly enforced as per the Anti-Voyeurism Act of 1996. The minimum sentence is 100,000 Yen and one month in prison."

Keitaro cried out, "One month in prison?!? Whoever heard of such a thing?"

Mutsumi pointed out, "Since we're still pretty close to Tokyo, if they didn't do that I bet there would be more gawkers than actual nudists."

Keitaro realized that was probably true. "Well, we can't help that. What should we do? Should we go on, or turn around?"

"Definitely go on!" Mutsumi said immediately. "I played on the beach all the time naked as a child, and it was lots of fun. And look at the big green cliffs to the right. There's no other way to the ruins except through this beach."

Motoko was flabbergasted. It suddenly occurred to her, Odds are good Mitsune placed this sign here. Very good. And "Flying Turtle Beach?" Definitely her. She'd strongly hinted about putting me in a sexy situation with Keitaro, and this is what she must have meant. But I can't tell them that, or they'll know I've been party to her crazy scheming! She told me I would be "plenty anxious" - she sure got that right! But I didn't know it was going to be something THIS drastic! Is she completely crazy?!?

Keitaro and Mutsumi were looking at Motoko, gauging her reaction. Keitaro said, "What about you, Motoko-chan? I'll admit the idea of being naked is pretty frightening. But I'm willing to go on if you two are. It's not like we haven't seen each other naked a thousand times or more back at the Hinata Inn, even if it was just briefly. But if you're at all uncomfortable, we should turn around."

Motoko considered her options. I have to admit, if it was just Keitaro and me as it was supposed to have been, I might have been willing to go forward, even though I have half a mind to go back and murder Mitsune for going too far. But with Mutsumi here? That changes everything! She's more beautiful than I am, for one thing. More curvy, busty, freer about her body. But I promised myself that I would do anything to win him. I have to remember Mitsune's wise words: "It's up to you to act. If you act decisively, then you dreams may come true." If I abort this now, the two of them may come back here without me some time later, and that would be a complete disaster. I can't be chicken - I have to rise to the challenge and outdo Mutsumi, no matter what it takes!

She spoke. "I'll admit, this makes me very uncomfortable. I've never been on a nude beach before. Have you, Keitaro?"

"Of course not."

"But I'm willing to try new things. I don't want to ruin our plans for the day before they really begin. It's okay if we go forward, even though it makes me uncomfortable. But only on one condition. Keitaro, you have to keep your eyes closed the whole time."

"Hey!" Keitaro was genuinely delighted. "I didn't think of that! They can't make a law against that. Okay, I can do that, and then we can make it to the other side no problem."

So they were in agreement, and they confirmed it with more nods, to make completely sure. Keitaro asked, "Does anyone have a bandana or something like that, that I can put over my eyes?" But there was nothing, so he just had to use his hands.

As he stood there with his eyes firmly closed and covered, waiting for them to undress, he thought more about the situation. Heh-heh, what will Shirai and Haitani think when they hear about this? They'll die of jealousy. ... Actually, it would be pretty uncool of me to tell anybody. Damn. And now that I think about it, this isn't so great after all. I'm going to have my eyes closed the whole time! It's like I'll be so close but so far. Mutsumi naked on one side and Motoko naked on the other, but I won't see a thing. I could try to steal a peek, but if Motoko catches me, she's going to send me into orbit with the most fearsome punch she's got!

By this time, Motoko and Mutsumi had taken off their clothes, since there wasn't much to take off in the first place. They even took off their sandals. Motoko blushed profusely and covered up all she could with her hands. Mutsumi on the other hand still had her usual happy smile, and didn't seem bothered in the slightest to be naked. She didn't even try to cover up, especially since Keitaro couldn't see.

Mutsumi giggled, held her hand to her mouth, and said, "Okay Keitaro, now it's your turn."

Keitaro nearly had a heart attack. Oh no! I was thinking just of them being naked! I have to get naked too! You pervert! This is what you get for being so perverted! They're going to see EVERYTHING! And if I get aroused... What am I saying," if?" I'm extremely aroused right now! I was so casual about it when I was just thinking of them being naked. "It's not like we haven't seen each other naked a thousand times or more..." But now...

By now, the old Keitaro would probably have bled to death from the world's largest nosebleed. But since Keitaro had sex, his reactions were quite different. He was more confident, more daring.

"Okay!" he cried dramatically. "I'll do it!" But more calmly, he added, "But can you two promise not to look at me, either? I know we can't all have our eyes closed or we can't walk forward, but can you two walk in front of me and not look at you know what?"

Mutsumi giggled more. "Sure. I promise. Don't you, Motoko-chan?"

Motoko was in a bit of a daze, frightened to death. "Oh, what? Yes." She was as frightened at seeing Keitaro naked as she was at having him see her naked. She was incredibly bashful and inexperienced at all things sexual.

But suddenly she said, "Wait a minute! I should know the pervert would try something like this! If we walk in front, he can open his eyes and watch our back sides without us even knowing it. No. You walk in front, and we'll walk behind, thank you very much."

So Keitaro took his bathing suit off, and his sandals too. By feel, he stuffed them into the backpack he was carrying. He had no idea if they were looking at him or not, but he said boldly, "Okay! Ready! Let's go forward!"

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Back at the Hinata Inn, Mitsune ate a leisurely breakfast with the rest of the Hinata bunch. She was just about to go see how her nudity scheme was working when Haruka asked, "Has anyone seen Mutsumi this morning? I know Keitaro and Motoko are on a long walk, but I haven't seen her either. I wanted to ask her about something."

Nobody had seen her. Shinobu volunteered, "We're sharing the same hotel room, and I got up quite early this morning, around six. But she was already gone when I woke."

Suu noted, as she stuffed a banana down her mouth, "That means she's been gone for over three hours! Maybe she's been kidnapped! Or murdered!"

"Now, now," Haruka said calmly. "I'm sure it's not that. But it's odd to be gone so early in the morning for so long and not tell anyone. Why don't we take a look for her?"

Mitsune considered, This is good news and bad news. Bad news, because they'll be wandering all over the beach, looking for her, so someone is liable to see me wander south. I can't have that. The good news is, this is a good excuse for me to get lost for a while. I'll volunteer to check the coastal highway, and then I can walk down the road and come down onto Keitaro and Motoko that way. They'll be even less likely to notice I'm spying on them if I sneak up via the back door.


Meanwhile, at Flying Turtle Beach, Mitsumi, Motoko, and Keitaro were now completely naked, but they still hadn't moved forward more than a couple steps. Keitaro realized a new problem. The path is rocky until we reach the beach, and I can't make my way with my eyes closed. Not at all.

"Um, I just realized there's no way I can walk through the rocks with my eyes closed. Can someone hold my hand until we reach the beach?" He added honestly, but embarrassed, "It's actually kind of frightening to walk in a strange place without being able to see."

Mutsumi and Motoko looked at each other, each one considering who would be the one to hold hands. Keitaro still had his eyes firmly covered, so had no idea what was happening. Cutting off a likely conflict, Motoko said, "We'll both do it."

So Motoko got on one side and held a hand, and Mutsumi did the same on the other. They started forward, finally. The problem with that arrangement was that Keitaro now had no hand to cover his eyes or cover his privates. He kept his eyes tightly shut. The fear of walking blinded had temporarily cooled his passions, but as they walked together down the hill, he couldn't help but get aroused again. And, as Motoko and Mutsumi led the way with him dragging slightly behind, they had little choice but to inadvertently glance at his groin from time to time, as they repeated turned back to make sure his foot falls were secure.

Mutsumi seemed positively mirthful about the whole situation, and not particularly bashful about casting lingering looks at his privates, even though she'd promised not to. Motoko on the other hand was aghast. Her whole face turned red, and she tried to look anywhere else, but she kept accidentally dropping her eyes right to that spot. For her, it was the ultimate rudeness to violate someone's privacy that way, but an intense though deeply repressed sexual curiosity battled with her honorable nature. She was completely frazzled, and more than once she stumbled and fell onto the rocks. Luckily, she didn't get seriously hurt. It seemed that the fact that she was holding Keitaro's hand stopped her from falling much more than it protected him.

But the distance from the sign to the beach was actually fairly short, less than one hundred meters. It was a painful, prolonged one hundred meter walk, though. The sun too was starting to rise in the sky and they were hot and sweaty from their hour walk just to reach the sign.

When they reached the sand, Keitaro suggested, "Let's stop for a water break." The other two liked that idea. Motoko had a bloody cut on one knee, but luckily she brought some band-aids and patched it up.

Now that they were past the rocks, Motoko and Keitaro covered up their privates as best they could. All three of them felt incredibly awkward about the whole situation. There was a lot of nervous laughter and comments like, "Boy, this sure is something crazy, huh?"

Motoko pointed out, "The beach is about half an hour long, and luckily completely empty of people. We'll be past it in no time and onto those rocky hills on the other side. Certainly there will be a sign on that side too, and then we'll put an end to this foolishness." Her face was tomato still red. She didn't know what shamed her more: the thought of Keitaro seeing her naked, or the thought of her seeing him naked.

Since the walking hand in hand didn't work too well, Motoko suggested that Keitaro walk by himself with them behind, since they only had sand beneath them now. The beach was surprisingly narrow, only about five meters across, and more than enough room to prevent Keitaro from falling on anything dangerous, if he fell.

They moved forward, Motoko and Mutsumi keeping a few feet behind Keitaro and telling him when he strayed too far to the right or left. Even Motoko enjoyed the view of his rear as they did this, since it wasn't as dangerously taboo as his front side. But she wouldn't consciously admit this to herself.

However, Motoko forgot to take into account his incredible propensity to always fall right onto women's privates. They hadn't even gone 100 meters down the beach when he wobbled and unexpectedly fell completely backwards, directly into Motoko. His head hit her leg, knocking her down forward into him. They ended up completely sprawled all over each other. In the fall Keitaro gave up any attempt to keep his eyes or privates shielded, and he opened his eyes as well in an attempt to save himself from injury.

He looked up and found himself staring at Motoko's thighs, since she'd mostly fallen on top of him. But within seconds she flew off and away from him, and if he was made of hot iron. Safely clear, she raised a fist, and cried out, "Why, you!"

Keitaro braced for the punch of a lifetime, but it never came. At the last second, Motoko remembered Mitsune's stern command not to hurt or insult Keitaro in any way. Inwardly she cursed, Keitaro, this is all your fault! I blame you for everything! I will get my revenge!

Mutsumi meanwhile was laughing at the whole scene. Motoko covered up as best she could, and yelled at Mutsumi, "Punch him!" She figured if she couldn't punish Keitaro for his indiscretions, maybe Mutsumi would.

But Mutsumi was the last person in the world to punch somebody. She just laughed some more. Then she said, "Oh, Motoko, it's not so bad. That's just Keitaro being Keitaro. Why don't we have a snack?"

Keitaro got a good eyeful of both Motoko and Mutsumi naked before he was belatedly reminded by Motoko to keep his eyes closed. Again Mutsumi didn't even bother to cover her privates, but he was equally interested at looking at Motoko, so cute, all blushing and angry.

They got up to walk again, and this time Motoko made sure she and Mutsumi kept a wide distance from Keitaro. But after only another 50 meters, Mutsumi suddenly passed out, and fell face forward into the sand.

Keitaro and Motoko immediately rushed to her aid, and kneeled beside her. But then Motoko looked at Keitaro with his eyes open, saw him looking at Mutsumi's naked body, and she raised her fist again. "YOU!" she cried. Again she was going to strike, but then she realized his eyes were wide as saucers, and now staring right at her groin. In the rush to help Mutsumi, she hadn't covered up at all. She cried out and covered herself, while Keitaro literally dived away and into the sand as if a hand grenade was going off near him.

Motoko cried out in intense anger, "You! ... You, you!..." She thought of all kinds of nasty things to call him, but then again the admonition not to insult or hit came back. "YOU! GRRR! I'll deal with you later! You stay lying down facing away from us, and let me take care of Mutsumi first."

She looked to Mutsumi's face, and slowly Mutsumi came back to full consciousness. Cradling Mutsumi's head in her arms, Motoko asked, "How are you? Are you okay?"

Mutsumi sat up. She looked over and saw Keitaro splayed out on the sand, and giggled. "I'm okay. Just the heat. You know my fainting spells. Did you hit him?"

Motoko growled. "No. Not yet. But does he ever deserve it! His behavior is unforgivable! If you even so much as move a muscle, Urashima Keitaro, I swear..."

"I know what to do!" Mutsumi suddenly cried out, occupied with a new idea. "Let's go swimming!"

Chapter Forty: Wet And Wild

Motoko nearly fell to the sand in shock. "What did you say? Go swimming? Now? I don't mind swimming, but please, let's get off of this cursed beach and back into our clothing first!"

Mutsumi complained, "But I'm so faint from the heat. And the end of the beach is still so far away. The water is so nice and cool. I'll feel much better after a short swim, and I put on some more lotion. What about you, Kei-kun? Would you like to join me?"

Motoko really did fall over in shock at that. "Mutsumi! What are you thinking? You're naked! He's naked! It's so improper!"

"I know that," Mutsumi replied, "but he's obviously very hot and sweaty too. I thought if I left for this walk early in the morning it would be okay, but it's just so far to go, and so hot. We all could use a swim. Not to mention, out here on the beach anybody can see anything. But in the water, you're completely covered up to your neck. Look how dark and murky the water is."

Motoko looked at the water. It did seem very dark and murky. It looked like it got very deep very quickly. "I don't know. Are you sure it's safe?"

Mutsumi pointed out with her finger. "Look. This beach is in a bowl. It's really just an overgrown cove. It'll be fine."

So the three of them ate some more, put lotion on themselves, and went swimming. Keitaro could scarcely believe his luck. He asked Motoko several times, "Are you sure you're not going to hit me?" He was amazed that while she growled threateningly, she didn't even call him a pervert.

Motoko found that Mutsumi was mostly right about the swimming. Motoko insisted that she and Mutsumi keep a great distance from Keitaro in the water, and she couldn't even see her own waist in the dark water. She made sure to do nothing but bob in the water, so only her head was ever exposed. Keitaro also very carefully bobbed with his head out of the water, because he kept his glasses on so he could see.

They hadn't been swimming long when Keitaro cried out, "Look! Dolphins!"

Sure enough a pod of dolphins had entered the bay and were only a hundred meters from them. "Come on!" Keitaro cried. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Let's swim with the wild dolphins!"

It was a once in a lifetime experience. All three of them swam right up close to the dolphins, and found themselves right in the middle of a pod containing dozens of playful creatures. All worries about nudity were rendered moot in the excitement. They lost track of time swimming, as the dolphins seemed very eager and happy to play. Keitaro was amazed as dolphin after dolphin swam right up to him and literally stared him in the face with intelligent eyes.

But dolphins and humans slowly drifted further out to sea. Perhaps half an hour later Motoko realized what happened and they had to say goodbye to the dolphins. But it was a slow slog - they were working against the tide, which was nearly a rip tide pulling them out. Eventually they gave up trying to directly fight it, and made for one of the sides of the bay, near its narrow mouth.

They made it out of the water okay, but now there was a long walk over rocks to get back to the beach. They actually weren't too far from the nude beach sign where all their troubles began.

With so many rocks everywhere there was no way to keep one's eyes closed, so Motoko ordered Keitaro to get a big head start on them. But still he was seeing more and more of them nude, for instance when they all got out of the water. It just couldn't be helped.

Between the swim with the dolphins and the torturous, careful walk over fields of rocks, it was well over an hour later when they finally reached the beach again. They were hot and tired and ready for lunch.

Keitaro was the first back. He cried out, "Our stuff! It's all gone!" The two women quickened their pace to join him, and sure enough discovered all of their possessions had vanished. The tide had risen, wiped the beach nearly clean, and then turned. There was absolutely nothing left - Keitaro's backpack, Mutsumi's backpack, the umbrella they'd set up when they were snacking - it was all gone. Keitaro went swimming, though not far out because of the strong tide, and the only thing he could recover was one watermelon Mutsumi had brought, bobbing on the surface.

The three sat back on the beach, dejected. They made sure to sit under the shade of an overhanging tree, and Keitaro sat with his back to the other two. They had to be very careful about sunburn now. "What are we going to do?" Motoko moaned. Even Mutsumi looked very worried.

Motoko went on, "The shame! The disgrace! We don't have a stitch of clothing between us, except for Keitaro's glasses. If we go back, we'll have to walk through something like two kilometers of crowded beach before we reach the teahouse! We can't do that!"

Keitaro was thinking similar thoughts, but he couldn't find any solution.

Mutsumi had a suggestion. "There's also the coast road. We could keep walking towards the ruins until we find a path that leads up the cliffs. There's bound to be one sooner or later. Then, we'll wait until it gets dark, and walk back along the road. Whenever a car comes, we can duck down and hide in the bushes. If we wait past dinnertime when all the beachgoers have gone home, there are very few cars at all, I think."

Keitaro answered, "Maybe. But that sounds so miserable, sneaking along like thieves. And everyone will be wondering what happened to us, and looking for us! And what do we do when we finally get back? We'll still be naked! What are we going to do?"

Chapter Forty-One: A Legend in His Own Mind

Mitsune couldn't find Keitaro and Motoko anywhere. It took her a while to reach the nude beach from the road, but she finally did it. Still, they weren't there. Had she stayed she would have seen them before long, but she was impatient. She thought about Mutsumi's disappearance, and considered that wherever they were, it was highly likely all three of them were together. Probably they ran into Mutsumi on the way down the beach, and decided to go do something else. Motoko probably thought the beach walk wouldn't be the same with Mutsumi along. I should go back and tell everyone else. We really shouldn't worry so much.

Keitaro, Mutsumi, and Motoko eventually found a way back up to the road, the same path Mitsune had used earlier when looking for them. The road came close down to a cove that was a ways south from where the nude beach was. It was only about a hundred meters from the cove up a steep hill to the road.

By this time, they figured it was about one o'clock. They had all afternoon and the early evening to go before they could safely head back, and nothing to do and nowhere to go. They figured it was much better to pass the time at the cove instead of hiding near the road. There was a river nearby falling into the ocean so they had plenty to drink, but there wasn't any food except for their one, now precious watermelon.

They'd scrambled up and down so many rocky hills together that worrying about nudity had become a low priority. Motoko and Keitaro both covered their privates wherever they could, but that was about all they did about it. Mutsumi apparently didn't mind at all that Keitaro would look at her. And look at her and Motoko he did . I simply cannot believe it! I still haven't been punched! Motoko's face is constantly flushed and she's always shaking a fist at me, but that's it. The gods must truly be smiling on me today. They're both so beautiful. I don't know which one looks better!

They passed the time impatiently. All three of them took a nap on the beach under the shade. Then they swam some more. Then they played games in the sand, using sticks and stones. At first, they were all bothered, by hunger, by the nudity problem, and by their overall predicament. But over time they started to enjoy themselves more. They had fun swimming some more, talking, and playing games. They carefully doled out the watermelon, enjoying every last drop and bite.

Motoko still went to great lengths to cover herself with her hands at all times. But she was resigned to Keitaro staring at her like that. And she carefully scoped out his body at every opportunity where she thought she wouldn't get caught.

In the late afternoon, Keitaro took another nap. This time, he slept soundly, and dreamed...


Keitaro was lying on the beach, with Motoko sitting up right next to him on one side and Mutsumi on the other. Both scooted in to him closer and closer. Mutsumi put her hand on his arm, and then rubbed his chest. Motoko followed suit on the other side.

Mutsumi said brightly, "Motoko-chan, this has been such a wonderful day, don't you think? I'm getting to know Kei-kun sooo well!" She swept down so she could caress him with both hands, and that caused her boobs to sway forward practically into his face.

Motoko enthused, "Oh, I completely agree! Today has been a lot of fun. Keitaro, please forgive me for saying so many mean things to you, that you're immature, and a weakling. I was wrong. You're so strong. And so BIG!" Her eyes looked hungrily at his crotch and she leaned in over him as well.

"Oh yes!" Mutsumi agreed emphatically. "He may not have the broadest shoulders, but he's big in all the right places!" Her hands drifted down his stomach. "Here Kei-kun, we must have gotten you painfully excited. Let me help you out." Her hands found his member.

"Wait!" cried Motoko. "Let ME help! I want to learn about everything between a man and a woman. Will you teach me?" Her hands also found their way between his legs.

"Me too!" Mutsumi cried even more excitedly. "I've never been with a man before. Please teach me how to make love! Right now!"

"No!" yelled a wildly passionate Motoko. "Teach me! Make love to me first!" Her hands pushed Mutsumi's away as she tried to take sole possession of his privates.

"No, me!" Mutsumi cried back. They struggled for control of him right above his chest. Finally Mutsumi paused and said, "Let's not fight. He can make love to both of us!"

"YES!" Motoko screamed. "Let's all make love! All together!"


Keitaro woke with a start, a giant shit-eating grin on his face. He opened his eyes wide and stared up into a blue sky. Oh no! That was just a dream? But it was so good! We were all naked on the beach and...

He froze and then bolted up into a sitting position. He frantically looked around and saw Motoko and Mutsumi sitting nearby, gaily talking to each other. It was a perfect day: they sat under a brilliant blue sky on pale sands, the deep blue ocean before them and luxurious green forest behind them. It took him a few moments to acknowledge the reality, and then it hit him. His eyes bugged out. They ARE naked! I AM on the beach! ... So maybe I got a little carried away in the dream, but reality isn't too bad either. Not bad at all!

Motoko noticed he'd awoken and commented sarcastically, "What's gotten into you, Mr. Flying Turtle?" His hands flew to his crotch as he realized just what his "Flying Turtle" was showing, even though it had been like that most of the day. "Judging by that look on your face, I don't even want to know what kind of twisted, perverted dream you were having."

He turned beet red. "Aha!" Motoko said triumphantly. "You WERE having some kind of perverted dream. I should have figured!" Motoko was about to launching into a long invective of just how perverted he was, but then again remembered Mitsune's command not to insult.

She looked at Mutsumi. Motoko had belatedly covered her chest with both her arms now that she'd realized Keitaro had awoken, and a bent leg shielded her down below, but Mutsumi once again didn't bother. What's with this woman? If I give him the dressing down he so richly deserves, it makes me look bad, because she's so accepting of everything.

"Mutsumi," Motoko asked, "doesn't it bother you when he acts like this?"

Mutsumi just put a hand to her mouth and giggled. "I think it's cute."

Motoko rolled her eyes. "Cute." I swear. I like Mutsumi, but she drives me crazy. I will not let her outdo me!

Chapter Forty-Two: The Manager's New Clothes

Before they knew it, it was well past dark. Luckily, they hadn't seen a single person all day, except for one far off, tiny silhouette as they were climbing up a hill. It was as if they had found their own private world. All three were almost sad to have to leave the beach and return back to their regular lives. Somewhere along the way, Motoko and Mutsumi put aside their competitive feelings and just enjoyed themselves. They really bonded in a way they'd never done before.

But then came the really unpleasant part. They skulked along the coastal road, nervously waiting for cars and then throwing themselves down wherever they could find some cover. Luckily not many cars came by, as they decided to wait a long time before starting, just to be on the safe side. But they had gone very far south, and it was a long walk back. The temperature was dropping too, and as they were naked, they grew increasingly cold.

The only silver lining came to Keitaro, who saw enough nudity of both Motoko and Mutsumi to last a lifetime of dreaming. He'd been aroused most of the day, and even Motoko got so used to that sight of him naked, after hours and hours, that it didn't faze her much any more. As they snuck down the road the two women kept a hand between their legs at least, and Motoko now had a large piece of watermelon rind that she held in front down there. But anywhere Keitaro looked, backwards or forwards, he was likely to run across someone's boobs or butt.

Keitaro led the way, since it would be less dangerous if he was seen first. They'd passed a few buildings along the way, but didn't dare to make any contact. Finally they came up to their hotel, which was along the road, up on the cliffs just before the beach. The women were very carefully covering themselves now, as the likelihood grew that some stranger would see them.

But now Keitaro was in a real pickle. What am I supposed to do, just walk into the nice hotel, completely buck naked? I lost my room keys too, not that I would ever get as far as my room! Those two are counting on me. I have to do something!

He snuck past the hotel, and went into the bushes near the long staircase leading from the beach to the hotel. He figured that with several hundred guests in the hotel, someone was bound to come up or down the stairs before too long, even though it was already at least eight o'clock, if not nine.

About five minutes later, someone did come. Without getting up out of the bushes, Keitaro cried out, "Excuse me! Can someone help me out! Excuse me!"

A voice answered, "Who is it? Who's there?"

Keitaro recognized the voice and stood up excitedly. "Shirai! It's you!"

Shirai and Haitani were walking together up the stairs and back to their hotel room. They took a look at Keitaro and their mouths nearly fell clear off of their faces. Not only was he completely buck naked (at least he had the wits to still cover his privates with his hands), but he was dirty, sun burnt, sandy, scratched up, and had wild, tangled hair. They might not even have recognized him but for his distinctive glasses.

Both of them doubled over in laughter. He remained in the bushes and crouched back down, miffed that he'd finally made contact and all they could do was laugh.

"What they hell happened to you?" Haitani managed to get out between hearty laughs. "Is this some kind of gag?"

"It's a long story. Can you please get me some clothes?"

They just laughed and laughed. Keitaro thought he couldn't get any redder or more irritated. Haitani eventually added, "They're all worried about you, you know. Where have you been?"

Keitaro finally persuaded them to bring him some of their clothing. He was smart enough not to tell them that Motoko or Mutsumi were also naked in the bushes not far off. Once he had clothes, he was able to get another key to his room, and then found clothes and some food to bring to the two females where they still remained hidden.

The strange ordeal was just about over. Motoko and Mutsumi were as grubby as Keitaro, and the last thing they wanted to see at this point was a familiar face. Word spread that they'd returned. The others had called off the search for Mutsumi earlier in the day when Mitsune got back and told them that all three of them must have gone off together. But when dinner ended and the three of them still hadn't returned, another search was organized. Haitani and Shirai had to wander all over, and find the searchers scattered here and there, and even looking by car in the nearby town.

The three of them holed up in Keitaro's room, since he wasn't sharing a room. Keitaro smuggled them in proper female clothing and more food, and they all showered, ate, and dressed. Now that they were back in civilization, once again it was a big taboo to see any nakedness.

Within an hour of returning, Motoko and Mutsumi retired to their proper rooms and collapsed. Most of the search party still hadn't returned, so thankfully they didn't have to do any explaining just then. It was a long day with far too much sun and walking. All three of them slept very soundly, not pausing to worry about what people might say or ask the next day.

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